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03-29-2013, 01:57 PM
Hi ladies,

Sorry I didn't get in here to post. I didn't even realize it. Because I was trying to get through the Downton Abbey CDs, I neglected my coursework a bit. One class involves quite a bit of writing, the other involves research and a wealth of information. It's good but takes more time than I thought. I did spend yesterday almost exclusively on my schoolwork and will probably do the same today as new lessons are posted on Wednesdays and Fridays. I also got caught up with my sister and Mum yesterday on the phone. We're getting a hint of spring - weather was a bit nicer yesterday so DH and I went out for a short walk down our road. It's good to get out but you still have to navigate the snow and ice down the long driveway. Rain is moving in later today, it's going to be a mix of rain, gloom and cold for Easter and then they promise better weather towards the end of next week (always subject to change). The water is pouring through the gutters as the snow melts off the roof. That sound as well as the forest full of birds cheeping tell me spring is on the way. :D DH and I will have a hectic week ahead so we decided we are going to an Easter Brunch on Sunday. I'm not a big ham person, I do enjoy a sandwich occasionally but never was big on a large roast. If I have a small piece at brunch, I'm good for another 6 months. :lol:

Michelle - that's a very interesting concept about dying eggs with silk ties. All sorts of new ways to do them I see in articles. Guess they've come a long way since the days of Paas tablets and white vinegar :lol: As for the anniversaries, I'm sure there will always be a bit of melancholy associated to certain dates. That was a long relationship, not easy to let go and as you say there were good times as well as not so good so no reason to trash it or hide it under the bed. It was a point in life that has passed on to other things. I had a dreadful time in Memphis but I realize that those bad times pushed me to where I am now, which is a very good place and I would not give that up for anything so sometimes transistions, while difficult, can be good in the long run. Hope you did well with the interview. I think a phone interview is more difficult because it's hard to stall for a moment to collect your thoughts. The good thing is that they can't see you furrow your brow as to "what the heck are you talking about". :dizzy: Even if this does not lead to something further, be patient that the right thing will come through.

Annie - I save romance for New Years Eve ;) ;) :rofl: God bless you on still doing baskets for the kids. When I was still in Chicago my Mom would do a smaill one for me and my sister. No matter how old we were, it was cute and always made me smile. I imagine Lil Man is big enough to start to understand the fun of an egg hunt or a basket. No family dinner this weekend?

Mel - glad you are back again, we sure did miss you. I hope things dry up, you could use a little sunshine. I'm happy you are taking things slowly, don't need any set backs. Hope Jen (or Ritchie) did some tasty shopping for you until you can get back yourself.

Laura - hibiscus tea eh? I think I might have some of that. Will have to check out the color. Good to hear that your numbers have come into a good range. Keep up the good work. Sure would be nice to get off the b/p meds. Not always possible but always a lofty goal. Hope you decided to make a long weekend of it. Glad you liked the pictures of the campsite. I mentioned a dog friendly place because I have some friends who will not kennel their dogs so they hardly ever go on a vacation.

Ceejay - happy trails and happy travelling. Hope you enjoy that nice long extended time off. Be happy!

Shad - enjoy your park adventure. Take some good pictures and enjoy a hike or two for all of us.

I need to get busy now, have a good weekend all. To those getting off early from work - yippeeeeeee!!!!! :carrot: :broc:

03-29-2013, 02:24 PM
Happy - Easter brunch is a lovely way to celebrate! I got a great laugh from your saving romance for New Years Eve! :rofl: When is DH's procedure (sorry that I forgot) CRS (or as Shad calls it CRAFT) is getting worse. Thanks for your wise words about anniversaries, and the past moving us to where we are now. :) You're right...transitions can be difficult...but I believe it will all be for the better in the long run...and even in the short run. For the most part, I'm fairly happy now and am putting myself first in ways I never would have a year ago. You're right that in a phone interview, a moment to collect your thoughts can create an awkward silence. I do believe the right position is out there for me...and it will all happen in time. I just want to get out there sooner rather than later. I think you asked me if I would take a financial hit for breaking my lease early. Yes. I am essentially responsible for paying the rent through the end of the lease unless and until they can find another renter, which hopefully won't take them long. My ex is suggesting that I tell the landlords now to give them a heads up and enable them to advertise, which I guess is an option. I could say that I'll be moving by end of May, and then just move to San Diego with or without a job. Kind of scary, but I am going to be moving by August when the lease is up anyway...with or without a job. :dunno: Too stressful to think about and since I don't have to make that decision today...I'm not going to. I'll be like Scarlet O'Hara. I'll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. :) As to your comment to Laura, my ex and I were among those who didn't kennel our dogs due to their health we would either take the dogs with us on vacation or take separate vacations (and look how THAT turned out). :(

03-30-2013, 08:54 AM

:cofdate: Good Morning Peepettes!!
I think this is my first Easter without Peeps.
I forgot all about them.:cry:
Happy Saturday/Sunday to all.

Nothing much happened to talk about.
Still going slowly. The regression seems to have truly slowed down.
I feel mostly like my normal self. :dancer:
This weather is weird. Mild but gloomy.
Praying for some sun:sunny:
I am off to eat breakfast.
Have a super Saturday!

Annie....Happy weekend back to you.
Sorry the wedding plans got changed.
Glad the kids will be with you though.
The dress is gorgeous. You will be a beautiful bride.:hug:

Michelle......Glad the roommate could help with the resume.
Keeping my fingers crossed for a good job that lasts!
Hope you find something soon so you can begin making final plans:hug:

Happy...I have been thinking of you & DH the whole time I was away.
I truly pray this is the answer for him:hug: :crossed:
We are having ham steaks.
This way there are no leftovers or swollen feet!
But I would be happy to go to the brunch with you guys:hun:
Richie was a big help.You were right.
Every Friday he picked up Jen and they bought our dinner & my groceries.
It was a real treat. He's a good kid.
Hope your snow continues to melt!! We can do a Summer Solstice dance soon:belly:
I agree with you about hating some DA characters. I yelled at the TV a lot!
did I tell you about the father figure??
When he wasn't a good Dad or man, he got death threats!!
He told the newsmen he must be a good actor them!!:yikes:
Good for you & the online classes! Wow. Great idea. Good luck too.

Ceejay....will you be with the uncles again this weekend?
Glad you had a good time as usual with them last time.
Get rid of that neighbor!! She's a PITA!! Fainiting??? :rofl:
Hope the job is still going well too:hug:

Shad.....the next trip home should be a good time for a chat.
Sorry this took so long.
I could barely scratch my own nose or wipe my butt this time!!:lol3:
Imagine if I had to wait on the kids for that????:rofl: :rofl:
Hope the weekend is a nice one. Enjoy. :hug:

Laura.....I have the VCR tapes I made of MOTG.
I should make a weekend of it.
I love the guy in the kilt!!:belly: Hope you like it.
I had other things to say to you but now I forgot them:crazy: Sorry.
Oh yes....I loved the pic of the plants on the fence.
We have a wire fence but it's behind bushes.
I have always loved that idea you posted!!!
Please don't feel gloomy ( I forgot the word you used)...we cannot both be deprressed at the same time.:rofl:
And I have seniority anyway!!
There's a rule on 3FC about that somewhere:encore:

03-30-2013, 05:57 PM
Hi there Peepettes - Melody and the Peepettes :rofl:

The rains have finally come, making a mess all over but at least it's not snowing. Pity the ladies who are dressing up in strappy heels for Easter services tomorrow. Going to be darn near impossible keeping the shoes clean.

Not much going on in my side of town. I am trying to get housework done because my dear grandma would rise from the grave and walk 400 miles (or would it be float???) to whack me with a dishtowel and a wooden spoon if I was to do work on Easter Sunday. DH's procedure is next week so I'm trying to get things in order for that too. Always a list of things to pack but I'm trying not to take more than I can haul myself since I'll be checking out of the hotel alone. I am looking forward to Easter Brunch tomorrow. We're eating early, I hope it will tide us over through the day as I have nothing planned for supper. Not even sure I have a light snack unless we eat pizza breads :lol:

Mel - I love your bowl of peeps. However Peeps bunnies are not as classic as yellow peeps. I noticed in one store last week they had 3 shelves (SHELVES :yikes: ) of Peeps marshmallow treats in every color and shape one could imagine. I'd send you some sunshine but it disappeared yesterday and is nowhere to be found. Thank you for reminding me that I need to order season 3 of DA from the library. I think the ham steaks are a great idea, just enough for a nice meal and then no temptation on leftovers. Is Ritchie cooking?

DH and I went into town to go pick up some books from the library. We decided to stop for lunch at a local restaurant. We were at the register waiting to be seated and he said to me "You paying?" (he often forgets his wallet). Not missing a beat I turned around and said "yes... you puttin' out?". I thought the young hostess was going to bust a gut. She was red faced for a minute and then started laughing so hard she got the girl next to her laughing. "Good one" she said and winked. I didn't think teenagers would understand the term "putting out" but apparently that's still in use. :lol:

Michelle - think carefully before you jump the gun - although I know you will. If you let the landlord know you will be leaving early, will you have to get out as soon as they find someone else? I think the biggest concern I would have being in "limbo" would be the health insurance issue. You can pretty much work around anything else. I guess too you can get a feel now for how the job situation is out that way, this way if you left before you had something concrete, you'd know it wouldn't take long to get settled, or on the flip side, if you had to stay a little longer to squirrel something away in the savings, you could do that too.

Well I have been dabbling with a writing assignment I am having trouble with. I think I might have an idea so I'd better go finish it out. Later Peepettes.

03-30-2013, 06:27 PM
Quick check in -

I got my workout in first thing this morning, did my laundry, went to an interesting workshop. I have a phone interview in about 30 minutes. Keeping my fingers crossed that this one will go well enough to land me a job. :crossed:

Happy - I got a great laugh about the "putting out" line! Too funny! :rofl: And you are right...I shouldn't jump the gun...either on telling the landlord or on moving out before I have at least a contract job offer. I know there are insurance drawbacks with a contract job I'm hoping for permanent. I will get a job in the next few weeks. I can feel it. :D I want to be living in CA before my niece has her baby (the baby boy is due on May 22).

UPDATE: The recruiter called me early! I'm so glad I was home and relaxed and ready to go. The conversation went great. He has 2 or maybe 3 positions he wants to submit me for. :crossed: I'm not just California dreamin', I'm California hoping and praying too!!

03-31-2013, 09:09 AM


Have a great day everyone.
A quick Easter post. The kids just called.
They're on their way down. Movie day.
Easter cartoons are first:rofl: :rofl:

03-31-2013, 09:27 AM
OK....Richie is in the shower. I have time yet.
The Easter bunny left me a clogged nose!! Woe is me.
Then the minute I begin feeling better, the alarms begin to ring!!
WTF! When Jen had the phone....dead silence. She has all the luck.
OOPS....are we allowed to curse on Easter Sunday??? Too late.
I weighed in at 183. That's 10 lbs gone so far.
Wondering if this will keep up. It's VERY slow going though.
I am on week 12 so guess we will see as the weeks go by.
I should get finished dressing.
We're just wearing new jammies for the day.
I do this for Christmas with Jen & thought it would be a good idea for today.
Richie loves our customs!! :rofl: :rofl:
No cooking & jammies. It's all good stuff.
Have a Blessed day Chicks.

:bunny: Shad...sorry I missed your Easter Sunday...Hope you had a grand time of it:hug:

Happy....Melody & the Peepettes!! :rofl: :rofl:
You are too frassing funny.
AND....good thing I am not drinking my coffee yet....
The girls must have cracked up. are not safe to go out in public.
We can put nice clothes on you but can't take you anywhere!!!
Hugs for DH :hug: I said above....good luck and my fingers are :crossed:

03-31-2013, 10:14 AM

03-31-2013, 11:14 AM
Morning all :easter3::easter2: to the Peepettes :bunny2::egg:

Don't know about you but I woke up to big, fluffy snowflakes in the air. Yesterday everything was dripping and melting. Ah well, we aren't quite done with winter yet, no matter how much we wish it.

I hope brunch will be good. Will have to find something warmer to wear while still dressy. That restaurant has high ceilings and it's always chilly in there.

Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Enjoy the day...

Glad I could make you smile Mel ;) :D

03-31-2013, 02:47 PM

Happy Easter all!

Mel - Glad you're feeling better, and good job on the weight loss!! No cooking and jammies sounds fun to me!!! :D Enjoy. :) Love the pics. I just came across the tiny basket from last year that has two dried out yellow Peep bunnies in it - one bunny's ear cracked off - oops. :lol:

Happy - Putting out - toooo funny! I hope you're enjoying your brunch today. Did you get your writing assignment done?

Michelle - Glad the interview went well. I just know you'll find a great job in CA pretty soon. It would be so nice for you to be there before your niece's baby is born, but that would be a real whirlwind schedule for you and Santa. :faint:

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! Enjoy your day today. :flow2:
Did a circuit class yesterday morning and a Zumba class this morning. Food's been less than stellar, okay - a lot less. Hope the movment makes up for it. As usual, did less housework than I'd planned, but I did have a good Mad Men Season 1 marathon yesterday. It was nice and sunny and mild yesterday and doggy and I had a nice walk by the creek.

I finally got going on taxes. Sorted and arranged my tax docs. Gave my friend some advice about using Turbo Tax - she's a newbie with it. I'll get in there and get started on it this week.

Meeting bf's mum at a nice Greek restaurant at 3:30 today. I'd be satisfied with a giant tub of egg-lemon soup and bread with butter, but I doubt that's what I end up with.

Boiled some eggs, but didn't dye them. Might not have time for that today. Also have to get doggy out for a walk. It's nice out again, but a bit windier today than yesterday.

Tomorrow is weight loss contest weigh-in and I still have one quarterly schedule to finish, so I decided not to take the day off. Maybe Friday. :crossed: Back to dress slacks tomorrow. I'll have to see which ones are still okay to wear. Feels like a long time since I wore them!

That's about it for me. Toodles!

03-31-2013, 08:59 PM
Morning all,
Happy Easter to all chickies. Hope you have dusted off the Easter bonnets and are sashaying up and down the main street rather than eating easter eggs that Mel's flashing bunny gave us. I had a few given to me at work. I gave them away and didn't eat them apart from one solid very small dark chocolate egg. That did me. I am cured of chocolate till the next binge - or someone brings over some jaffas.

Mel - I will be home next weekend so we can make a date for that if you like. We can discuss it further later in the week. Nice of Jen and Rich to come down and cook for the special day. Nothing like that is happening here.
Happy - "putting out" eh? Well, well long time since I heard those words. But I do have a similar funny story to tell. One of the blokes here on the project is a bit of namby pamby, at first I thought he was gay, but no, he has a wife and a more down to earth person I have not met. He is apparently somewhat 'in touch with his feminine side'. Anyway, he has a bit of a shoe fetish and one day he wore these sort of winklepickers - pointy toes shoes with some fancy leatherwork. We were waiting for the lift (elevator) and I remarked on his shoes. He said that they were very expensive shoes. As we got into the lift I said that he needed to be careful because some of those people out there at the bus stop might jump him for his shoes. Now the elevator was not empty apart from us. Anyway M said in great distress 'Oh no, you really don't think that they will attack me do you?' 'Yep' I replied straight faced. 'Oh, oh, oh. What should I do' he asked. I said 'Do you really want to catch the bus?' 'No way, but I can't walk home' (21KM). So I said, 'There's room in the car if you want. You can be sure that I won't jump your bones for your shoes' At which the other man in the lift asked if this was the fun lift and the woman started to laugh hysterically. M looked as if I were from some other planet. I might add he took the ride in the car and hasn't worn the winklepickers to work ever since.

Laura - Love Greek food and there is a new taverna opened down on the waterfront. Must try it out before I leave here. Enjoy

Ceejay - in spite of not wanting to do a lot of driving, you sure are getting around.

Michelle - Happy job hunting. Seems there is still quite a bit of work in your line at the moment. Pretty flat here. Hope something works out for you soon

Annie - still probably beavering away at C's house. Hope it is done and dusted now. Not a good time to be selling a house over there I guess, but someone will get a nice clean house for a good price.

My weekend away in Kakadu was a bit of a disaster. It's an area with high rainfall and easy flooding. I set off in the dry and about halfway encountered water across the road. There wasn't a huge lot of it so I decided to go through. A big road train was coming slowly through the other way and he wasn't creating much of a bow wave and the water wasn't very high on his tyres. So off I went. Just before I got out the other side, this idiot came roaring into the water and just about swamped me in my little car. I managed to keep it going and keep it on the road fortunately. Then the rain came down. And did it rain. I made it out to Jabiru and found the place where I was to stay. It's a big hotel and shaped like a crocodile. I'll try and find some pictures later. Then weather cleared to cloudy and I went to the Bowali Visitors centre to find out what to do. Interesting place, lots of information etc. and then I went to Mamukala (marmookarlah) which is a big billabong or lagoon that is a stopping place to millions of birds that migrate from Siberia to New Zealand every year. Not many birds there at this time of the year, they arrive for the journey back to Siberia next month (May). The sandflies and mosquitoes were horrendous. The scenery was great and the birds few. I'll try to post some pics shortly. Unfortunately the camera was set in the wrong mode and the pictures are not as good as they could be.
Next I went to Nouralangji (depending on which tribe you belong to, I could have been at Anbangbang or Begurrga) and climbed up to the look out and then had a look at some Aboriginal rock art that is thousands of years old. One of them totally amused me. The Lightning Man. He is an evil character and lives in the 3 rock pillars some miles away across the flood plains (according to local legent) He is surrounded by lightning bolts in the paintings. The bit that amused me is that the lightning bolts went from his brain to his balls. Some things it seems never change.
I got back into the car and went to book into the hotel and down came the rain. It rained all afternoon and all night and the next day I looked at the weather forecast on the internet to see more rain forecast. I looked up the roads report to see that the road flooding had now increased by some 30 kilometres and decided that rather than take the risk of being flooded in for a day or two, I'd best go home. So I booked out and forfieted the extra night at the hotel and drove home in the most appalling conditions. It cleared slightly at Adelaide River roadstop and I stopped off for some petrol, a bit of food and a much needed restroom break. It seems I don't read signs too well because when I cam out of the cubicle, there were 3 men lined up at the urinal all proudly waving their equipment around. It was a hasty exit.
So here I am back at the apartment and wondering what to do with myself. Shortly I will get dressed, go down and put in some time in the gym and the swimming pool and then decide what to do with my precious days off.

Still no concrete decisions on jobs, extensions and other things at work, so I am preparing for an April 26th departure from Darwin. May is of course medical month, so I wouldn't be here anyway. I haven't heard much about the training school, but I will take a break for as long as it takes to get myself back to my normal self. I have a trip to NZ to look forward to in June. It will be my sisters 60th birthday.

04-01-2013, 03:31 AM
Shad, I loved all your stories this last post - from the shoes to finding yourself amongst the men in the rest room. Apparently you were in such dire need to get in that you didn't notice the "special sinks" :rofl: That was q good one, I had such a laugh DH had to call up from downstairs what I was giggling about. Sorry the trip to Kakadu turned out so water logged. I loved the pictures though.

Laura - oh yum, there you go with that Greek soup again. Hope you enjoyed some for me.

We had a lovely brunch. The food was spectacular. Our waitress service however was not. We were seated and waited about 10 minutes with no one in sight (this restaurant is known for it's not so great servers). Finally we went up to the buffet line and as we were returning the waitress looked at us and asked if we wanted something to drink. Ok with that. The rest of the meal she hovered all over the party of 8 next to us, talking and laughing and constantly refilling their drinks and removing dirty plates. DH said he thinks she knew the people as personal friends or something. Meanwhile we and the table of 2 next to us were ignored. We got no drink refills, she did not stop by to see if we needed anything and our dirty used plates sat on the table for most of the meal until 2 different waitresses passed by and removed them for us. Our waitress passed by several times attending to the people nearby but never once looked at us until it came time for the bill and then she was all smiles and cheers. Took her a long time to come back with the credit card slip as she went around and collected several checks and then came back with 8 tables of bills and tried to sort them out on the fly. DH wrote on the statement that we had recieved very bad service but I doubt the management cared much. For occasions like this as well as banquets and weddings, they often hire temporary workers. The important part was that the food was excellent and we had a nice meal.

Came home and did a few pick up chores, took a nap and then worked on more of my school work. Checked in with my sister and Mom and started making my list for our trip. DH is getting a bit nervous as am I. It's right around the corner now. I said we both have to focus on a week from now all will be over and we'll be back to usual again :crossed:

If I may, I would like to ask for any and all prayers and good wishes that all goes well. Not sure how often I will be able to post, we are not bringing our laptop with us and we have no cell phone to post from or call. His procedure is Wednesday morning. Thanks in advance, we'll take all the help we can get.

It is April and I'm afraid I don't have time to set up a new thread right now. Perhaps someone else can take care of it otherwise I will see if I have time in the morning.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Goodnight from me.

04-01-2013, 09:44 AM
don't post here.
go to:

04-01-2013, 10:14 AM
HAPY GOOD MONDAY..bah haha...

Happy thought: Only 16 days till we are married....and 19 days till vacation/honeymoon!!!

Had a lovely weekend. Samantha, Ainsley and Lil Man came over on Saturday, we went to lunch then back to my house. While the kids were out on the porch, I brought out the Easter baskets, then went out and said, OMG Ains the Easter Bunny came while I was in the bathroom. She said...HE DID????...runs in the house to check out her basket then looks out the back sliding door and says, "NANNA, I THINK I JUST SAW A GLIMPSE OF HIS TAIL". I could barely keep from laughing. How stinkin' cute. sly lil cat you! Putting out? Hilarious. My family all did Easter last weekend so all the kids etc could go to the other half of their family on Easter. I did get up and baked a 12 lb turkey, homemade dressing, deviled eggs, of course greenbean casserole, mashed potatos...then thought what the heck it is only me and C. So I called my dad, who is very sick with a cold and cough at the moment, and asked if he would like some lunch, my bro and SIL were there too, so we took all the food over and had an impromtu Easter lunch. They were all very appreciative.

CHELLE...glad to hear all the interview is going well, you will be employed in CA before you know it. Goodluck with all of that sweetie. xoxo

MELLIE....As for Peeps, I do not like them. It is way too much sugar and marshmellows, not fond of marshmellows either. Congrats on the weight loss. Slow and steady wins the race. Yeah! Love the flashing bunny.

SHADWICK...sorry your weekend in Kukudo was a bust. Just crazy weather everywhere. I love that your job keeps you on an adventure, I live vicariously through your trips.

LAURA...broken peeps ears are not good. When Sassy flips her ears back we always tell her she has broken ears. She is too cute. She got a new toy for Easter. It is a star shaped lil pillow that she drags around the house. It is about half the size of her.

CEEG...are you/did you enjoy your time off in Jonesboro?

That is about it for later is thread? Annie's Awesome April Wedding with the Worldlies.