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02-27-2013, 07:31 PM
I am on a trip that started yesterday, will be going home on Sunday. Attending a huge sewing expo at a fairground (with the usual fair food available). Going to lots of classes and taking a look at all the cool stuff the vendors brought to tempt us with. I've been looking forward to this trip for months.

I did a lot of planning before I left on how I will STAY on plan while I am here. I got a hotel room with a frig and microwave. I made a menu and brought my IP foods for each day with me. I also brought plates, bowls, silverware, ziplocs, a small leak proof container for salad dressing, and an insulated lunch box. This afternoon, I had a break between classes so I went to the store and bought a case of water, pickles, assorted veggies and a nice olive oil and cider vinegar.

Had my IP cereal for breakfast, then an IP drink and steamed broccoli and cauliflower for lunch back at my hotel room. Having dinner with a large group at Old Country Buffet (I did not pick the location). I looked up their menu so I can be prepared, and I'll pack my Mio and a snack. Most other days I will be at the fairgrounds thru lunch so I will pack a salad and assorted veggies and an IP drink to have with me. Dinners will be out, so I am going to take it as a personal challenge/game to get a decent meal at each place that is 100% OP!

What else have you done to ensure success while traveling? See anything in my plan I could improve?

02-27-2013, 07:48 PM
There was a whole thread that may be helpful

Travelling on IP - lessons learned by a road warrior (

02-27-2013, 08:26 PM
Great job planning!!! And Lisa posted the thread I would have directed you to - there are TONS of great ideas in there :) Good luck!!

02-28-2013, 09:40 PM
You are my hero!! I am going on vacation in 2wks and have been driving myself crazy on how to best approach it.

Best of luck and tell us how you end up by the end of vacation!!

03-01-2013, 12:54 AM
Thanks for the link, I checked out all the tips and it was good info. Just ending my second full day and doing great. Had dinner at Black Angus and ordered a sirloin steak and salmon combo with two sides of vegies. Ate the vegies and salmon, then sliced up the steak to put on my salad tomorrow night. Making sure to drink enough water too.