UK Fat Chicks - Where do you buy gym clothes from?

Mission Fat to Fab
02-23-2013, 09:05 PM
I've successfully managed to drop a dress size, and although there are lots of options for buying clothes, what I desperately need is new gym clothes in a size 24. I live in Spain, and apart from the one evans and marks and sparks, there aren't very many options to shop from here. the alternative is buying from asos or new look online but I'd really like to get myself some good quality gym gear and I wasn't very impressed with the new look stuff.

Where do you buy your gym clothes from? I am desperate!

03-01-2013, 04:36 PM
Hey, Mission... I have bought a fair few specialist items through Amazon and rugby sites. Believe me, there are big clothes for big athletes on rugby sites. Unfortunately, they tend to be unisex - and in men's I have to buy really, really, really big shorts - as I'm bottom heavy.

Mission Fat to Fab
03-01-2013, 09:17 PM
Thank you! i'll have a look and see what I can find. I hate wearing short tops to the gym just in case they ride up, and most men's t-shirts are too tight on my boobs but I'll have a look.

03-02-2013, 03:59 AM
I have found that there's a problem with athletic wear for big gals - as in there isn't much of it. It may seem silly, but I HATE the way I look in my rugby gear. The slim girls look fine, but us fat forwards all look like crap. I do take comfort in the fact that I don't look any worse than anyone else on the front row. I wear a XXL in my rugby jersey and 3-4XL in my rugby shorts - all mens. But I only wear an XL in my training top which goes over all of that.