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02-23-2013, 01:06 AM
So I have only been on the plan for 2 weeks and I am loving it. The only issue I had was that oatmeal. Oh that oatmeal. So I was looking around online and found this website Sandy's kitchen. She has a TON of medifast friendly recipes. I am more a baker than a cooker so I focused mainly on the recipes for the medifast foods not the lean and green but she has a lot of recipes no matter what you are looking for.

So I tried one today that is a packet of maple oatmeal, water, egg beaters, splenda, baking powder and cinnamon. Mix it together and cook it like a pancake. It was DELICIOUS. Hello Medifast oatmeal! We are friends again! It uses up the 3 daily condiments but since I don't do anything to my lean and green normally that is ok with me. For each recipe she lists what you are using up eating it so its super helpful.

Has anybody else tried any recipes and loved the results? I think this is a really awesome resource for those of us who are planning to stay on program for a significant amount of time. Its nice to mix things up a bit.