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02-22-2013, 11:33 PM
Hi All!

I'm new here. I wanted to tell you a little story of mine. 2 years ago I had lap band surgery. I did great, I lost 61 pounds. During this time I feel in love with biggest loser, probably because I knew what they went through is exactly how I felt. Life for me changed after all this and I struggled with my weight-loss. I eventually gained back a small piece of my weight. Also during this time I met the most beautiful women in the world. My current gf. I want nothing more then the world to make her proud and happy. Several months ago she gave me the talk of saying that if I don't turn it around, no matter how much she loved me she might need to do something to scare me or wake me up. To my own eyes I saw what she wanted. I started slow, eventually progressing to weight watchers (which I'm currently on). I was 343 pounds. Today I am 329 pounds. When I started to think of what she meant to me I started to realize that if I was going to prove myself to me and her well then I needed to get my head out of my @$$ and just do it. I started realizing that all the things I wanted in the world, a wedding, children, growing old together, were with her and her alone. So I decided to embark on this journey, the second time around if it make sense to lose weight. This time it wasn't just a comeback, it was a promise to comeback. So I decided I wanted to make my proposal and promise mean alot. I decided that I was going to re run a race I did almost 2 years ago. I made a website (I can send you the link in PM, I can't post it here yet) seeyouat300 dot com which right now she thinks is just a cover for my race. She doesn't know that I am proposing then. I wanted to drop a line here to get some attention and some input. Thanks for all your time!:^::^::^: