100 lb. Club - Trying to lose weight and get in shape for baby.

02-20-2013, 06:59 PM
My husband and I are planning on starting a family and I weigh 240lbs. I've been dieting and exercising for about 2 weeks and have lost about 10lbs. So 2 weeks ago I was 250lbs. Not much, but it's something. I've been doing the calorie counting thing and trying to find things I can eat since I have a lot of food allergies, among raw food allergies. It really sucks not to be able to open up the fridge and grab some grapes or watermelon. It makes me sad and discouraged. But I am going to see a dietitian and see what I can do about that. I am already seeing an allergist and getting allergy shots for my other many allergies, but it doesn't seem to help with the food allergy.

I just came here for some support and some motivation. I'm making small goals right now. My doctor has told me it would be best to lose 10% of my body fat before getting pregnant. So that's 24lbs and not unobtainable. My dr doesn't want me dieting while pregnant, but still keep healthy.

So, hello and I hope this will be a permanent home for me :D.

02-20-2013, 07:10 PM
Hello mumbleram! 10lb is a great accomplishment! I've lost 4 and am thrilled! Any weight loss is a great achievement!

02-20-2013, 07:37 PM
Hello! It's great you are getting healthier before the baby. I wish I had and as a result I was exhausted all the time. You can do it, and you have such a great motivation. Motherhood is the greatest/hardest thing you will ever do, but it is so worth it.


02-20-2013, 08:26 PM
AWESOME! This is the exact same reason I am losing weight (or at least the first reason that I started with). DH and I aren't going to start trying until 2014- so I'm trying to get as healthy as possible before TTC.

Have you looked into the GAPS diet? It's supposed to work on healing the gut- to lessen food allergies.
Dr. Natasha Campbell alleges that "around 1% of people cannot recover from food allergies." So most everyone can heal from allergies.

It's worth looking into.


02-20-2013, 09:27 PM
Thank you all :D. Luna, I have not heard of that before, but I will look into it. BTW I love your Band End to Rivendell ticker :D. Good luck on TTC :D. DH and I are gonna TTC in May so I will be working real hard to get to my goal. I know I wont hit my goal that I have marked on my ticker, but if I can lose 10% of my body fat by that time, I will be happy.

Thanks for the warm welcome. I love all your tickers :D.

Pink Hurricane
02-20-2013, 11:08 PM
Welcome!! :wave:

That is one of my main reasons for finally losing the weight for good, so my husband and I can begin having babies when we are ready (we are talking about doing so in the next couple of years) so I have enough time to get this done and make it a lifestyle, before we bring children into the world and can keep a healthy lifestyle for our marriage, our future children, and family!

02-20-2013, 11:43 PM
Welcome and good luck on your journey!!!

April Snow
02-20-2013, 11:54 PM
welcome and good luck! you've made a great start already and that next 14 lbs will come off before you know it!

02-21-2013, 11:36 AM
Welcome and kudos to you for losing the first 10 lbs! Every pound you lose counts, and 5 lbs/week is pretty rapid weight loss in my book!

Anyway, losing weight and getting healthy before baby is a GREAT plan. I intended to lose a significant amount of weight before getting pregnant with my daughter, but we conceived the first month we tried -- much quicker than anticipated (I have PCOS). I was 264 at my first pre-natal appointment, and I did have some weight-related complications like high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. Luckily, both were easily controlled with diet and medication, and I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl last May.

We're now thinking about #2. DH wants to start trying this June (he wants the kids to be close in age), but I'm a bit on the fence about timing. I won't be at my goal by then, but I'll likely be out of the "obese" category and much healthier in general. I know that being at a healthier weight won't automatically mean that I won't have high BP or GD, but it certainly can't hurt. And I'd love to stay active as much as possible throughout my pregnancy, which is something I really couldn't do last time.

And wow...I apologize for the long-windedness. I tend to ramble on. :)

02-21-2013, 11:46 AM
Wow.... I don't feel so alone. This seems to be a very common motivation to lose weight!

Same here too! I want to be a mom so bad it's become an obsession lol.

Which a bit off topic..... We watched Twister again the other day and I about fell out of the chair at the part where the sex therapist was telling the husband that his wife didn't marry his p****. Hehe

Sorry.... back on topic. Ten lbs is awesome. GRATS I've found that every time I start to get discouraged, I go baby "shopping" to remind me about my ultimate goal :D Which is amusing because it used to be bikini shopping that kept me focused!!! Not buying anything yet, just browsing...

And dreaming!