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02-19-2013, 01:45 PM
Hi girls. I'm 45 yrs old and looking for some accountability and support in my exercise program. Any one interested. I usually do walking and weights.

02-21-2013, 06:03 PM
I'm looking for a buddy too!

02-21-2013, 10:30 PM
I'm 43 yrs old and looking for a buddy too. I also walk and lift weights.

02-22-2013, 12:25 AM
Great, I'm ready to get started buddies!
Thanks Emma4444 and Take two. Today was a busy day for me as I teach preschool Tues and Thurs. I will make time for exercise tomorrow, 30 min. on treadmill. So happy to get a ticker of my own. Just like the kids at school with a new sticker.:carrot:

02-22-2013, 02:15 AM
Do y'all mind if I join this thread? I'm 27 and I go through phases of working out a lot really intensely and then just dropping off.. I think if I had people to report to I would be less likely to get out of the routine.

02-22-2013, 09:00 AM
Today my goal is 30 minutes on the treadmill walking with 1 minute jogging every 5 minutes. Last time I did this I thought I was going to die but I'm going to keep trying until it gets easier.

mrsj2013 teaching preschool must be so much fun. I hear you about being so busy. I used to just quit exercising if I missed a day a day or two but not anymore. I tell myself not a big deal and tomorrow is a new day. Just remember how good it feels when your done walking:)

02-22-2013, 10:24 AM
Welcome Tubergen. More buddies are always welcome. Writing my exercise down makes me more accountable. Have a good day everyone.

02-23-2013, 01:25 PM
Looks like we got a good group forming!

I took yesterday off as my muscles were sore. Today I am going to the fitness center for some jogging and possibly swimming. What are your fitness plans for the weekend?

02-23-2013, 01:28 PM
Emma4444 - sounds like a good plan. I find it hard to push myself when I work out alone. I have a friend who does intervals and I'm going to try it too.

Instead of the treadmill I walked outside b/c it warmed up to -6C. The snow is plowed and it was nice to see the sun.

I think I will dust off my pedometer and check out my step count, work my way up 10,000.

02-23-2013, 02:08 PM
TakeTwo- The pool sounds like a good idea. I have to be careful not to overdue it on the treadmill b/c it can bother my hip.I love the pool but live in rural farm community and the closest pool is 1.5 hr. away. I do enjoy getting to the fitness center in town once a week. I'll be taking advantage of the warmer weather and walk outside this week-end.

02-23-2013, 09:35 PM
Did my 30 minutes on treadmill yesterday. Today I lifted weights, upper body only. I walked outside for 30 minutes today instead of using my treadmill because my German Shepherd keeps looking at me funny when I use the treadmill:?:

take two- Swimming sounds great but I'm like msj2013 and live in a rural farm community and a pool is over an hour away.

msj2013- Thanks for the pedometer idea. I will go buy one this week and try to get 10,000 steps each day.

02-24-2013, 07:17 PM
Today I did 30 minutes on the treadmill with walking 4 minutes than jogging 1 minute. Jogging is finally getting easier so I may try C25K, but not sure since I love walking and not that big of a fan of jogging, well not yet at least.

02-25-2013, 10:21 AM
I'm proud of myself. I walked outside 3 days in a row. I used to walk all the time, but somewhere along the line I lost the habit. Today I will walk and do weights. Emma4444-I'm not a fan of jogging either, good for you for doing it!:carrot:

02-25-2013, 10:19 PM
I'm new and I would like to join in also! I need some accountability and motivation.

I did well working out the month of January going to gym four days a week and then mid February I got a nasty cold that I'm just finally getting rid of.

I'm trying to do a combination of weight machines and power walking on an incline on the treadmill.

02-25-2013, 10:31 PM
Today is my day off. Tomorrow my goal is to do my walk/jog but hoping to add more time to jogging.

02-26-2013, 04:19 PM
Woke up sick this morning:mad: I managed a slow 15 minute walk with the dog. Was happy i made it 15 minutes with the way I feel.

02-26-2013, 04:21 PM
Welcome jamis1112:carrot:

02-27-2013, 10:37 AM
Emma4444: I hope you're feeling better. You did good to go for a walk. My dog loves it when I take her for a walk.

Just glad the weather has warmed up and the snow has stopped. We farm beside a river that has flooded 4 times in the last 10 years. It's my second day doing chores in the barn. There are 4 cows in the barn with new baby calves. I have to clean the pens, carry water and feed to them. My body's sore and I'm glad I go to teach preschool tomorrow to give me a rest.:moo:

jamis1112: Welcome to our group. Tis the season for colds. It's hard to sometimes get back in routine after being sick. Just take it one day at a time.

02-27-2013, 09:25 PM
Still sick today but managed a 20 minute slow walk on the treadmill plus a short walk with the dog.

mrsj2013- Glad your weather warmed up. I live in Minnesota and the weather is finally warming up a bit also. Now if only the snow would go away.

02-28-2013, 09:29 PM
Still sick but managed to take the dog for a walk again. Never thought I would say this but I actually miss my 1 minute jogging and weight lifting.

03-01-2013, 10:18 AM
I must be gaining muscle b/c my body hurts. It takes longer for me to recover than it used to. Best medicine is to keep on going so I will do my 1 mile outside walk and 30 minutes of indoor weights. :carrot:

03-02-2013, 12:48 PM
Hi all, I've been ignoring my exercise b/c work is busy. Today I will take my dog for a walk after chores are done.

Keep on moving everyone, we can do this!:carrot:

03-02-2013, 10:48 PM
I took the dog for a very long walk today and plan to get back on the treadmill tomorrow.

03-02-2013, 11:11 PM
May I join you gals?

Due to a back injury and diabetic neuropathy, I am very limited as far as exercise. I do try to go to the county pool which is only about 8 miles from my house and do water aerobics 3-4 times per week. They have a therapy pool which is kept a constant 90 degrees year round and they cover it and the lap pool in the winter with a big air dome and heat that to around 90 degrees as well. They do not have an evening water aerobics instructor, but I have made up my own routine following what the last instructor did. I start off with 5 minutes of stretching exercises. I then begin walking the width of the pool about 8-10 times and 4 times backward then I get in the 5 foot section and jog so that my total cardio exercise is 30 minutes. In fact, I usually break out into a sweat doing this. I then cool down by walking 2 more laps and doing a few leg stretching exercises followed by arm exercises with weights that the pool furnishes, and I am working up to do 200 crunchies in the water. I am at 140 now. The crunchies are done by floating on my back holding on to the two weights for floatation support and then I bring my knees up to my chest then straighten my feet out and repeat the exercise. It feels so good to do these but I could not do anything similar if I wasn't in the water.

I went to the pool on Monday and Tuesday this week and plan to go after church tomorrow for an hour workout.

03-03-2013, 03:20 AM
Hi girls! I'd like to join your group if that's cool.

I am 24 and can only workout around my work schedule so this will help me stay on track.

I do ZUMBA exhilarate dvds everyday with exception to rest days(the program tells me I have to).
I've been doing the workout for 3 weeks and I've lost 7.5 lbs. I plan to loose 10 a month. No fastfood and no sodas!
I hope we can all motivate and share each others success!


03-03-2013, 09:58 AM
firegirl441 and loriherdz More members are always welcome!:carrot:
I am needing to take a break from my weekly routine. Today I will go for a long outdoor walk as they are calling for a storm to move in tonight. Lots of snow and wind. I wish my area had a pool like you firegirl441.
Our pool is outdoors, so I can only use it it the summertime. It's a great workout.
loriherdz -I have Zumba 2 on my Wii, and I find it hard to keep up with. I have a hard time cutting out the diet pop, but this week I will cut back to 2 can a day.
Thank girls,

03-04-2013, 08:40 AM
Welcome firegirl441 and loriherdz:)

firegirl441- Glad you are able to exercise with a back injury and diabetic neuropathy. How many of the crunches do you do now in the water?

loriherdz- Wow, 7 1/2 pounds in 3 weeks is great. Good for you to cut out soda and fast food. Wish I could say the same for me. I make it a week and than give in:(

mrsj2013- I hear you about it's hard cutting out pop. We are also receiving a snow storm here today. Supposed to get 6"-10" of snow. Yuk!!!

Yesterday went for another long walk with the dog. Today is my day off. Tomorrow I plan on lifting weights and hitting the treadmill again since I finally feel normal again:carrot: I hate being sick!

03-04-2013, 01:33 PM
Hello gals! Well its official, I'm snowed in.
firegirl441- we are sharing the same storm! I'm glad you are feeling better. :)

I walked through snow banks to check cows so my legs felt like jelly when I were done. Our dog didn't make it very far either. She is pug/shih tzu mix and very spoiled.
I hope to get plowed out when the snow stops or I may not get to work tomorrow. My husband will clean off our lane. It's a 1/2 mile long and its what I used to walk twice a day. I hope to get back into routine. You girls give motivation to keep going when I get lazy.

03-04-2013, 05:26 PM
Change of plans. I heard my treadmill calling my name;) So I did 30 minutes. Will take a different day off.

03-04-2013, 06:32 PM

I am up to doing two sets of 70 water crunchies for a total of 140 each time I exercise. My neighbor fizzled out on going with me tonight so I am leaving in a few minutes to go and do my exercise. I hope to be able to stay in the water for an hour tonight as there will not be any kids on the other end doing swimming lessons so it will be pretty quite. I will check back in tonight with a report on my exercise.

Emma- 30 minutes on the treadmill is a great exercise. You go girl!!

Blessings, firegirl

03-04-2013, 07:51 PM
You gals have really inspired me! I have been having trouble getting back into some kind of routine.

These are my "old lady exercises". I am getting better all the time.
So, today I did all the exercises. I am so proud of myself. I want to do them 2-3 times a week.

I will recommence walking on Wednesday.

MrsJ2013, thank you for starting this thread. I like it that we can each choose our own exercise.

03-05-2013, 02:17 AM
I did my toning video that uses the Zumba weights. The next video wants me to use a chair! Woohoo SEXY!! :D
Still no sodas or fast food :D

Cya tomorrow chickas!!

03-05-2013, 02:26 AM
I'm thinking of practicing dance routines for popular songs! If I ever succeed in doing one I'll post it here :P

03-05-2013, 08:02 AM
firegirl441- You have a very good start to your 200 crunchie goal already.

loriherdz- I used to do dance routines to popular songs about 10 years ago and what a workout that was. It never seemed to feel like working out though.

Looks like my workout today will be shoveling a lot of snow, it will probably take me 2 hours:dizzy: I really need to invest in a snowblower.

03-05-2013, 09:15 AM
Hello everyone!
Once farm chores are done I will walk for 30min. I will cut down to 2 diet sodas today.

Welcome gailr42! :hug: I have some back problems and love to do the streching at the end of a workout. Your workout is similar to the one I used to do. I should get back to doing it again. Thanks.

03-05-2013, 05:54 PM
mrsj2013- What a cute dog. I love dogs so much:D

Shoveled 10" of snow for 1 1/2 hours plus lifted weights, upper body only. Tomorrow I plan on treadmill and lower body weight lifting.

03-05-2013, 08:24 PM
Yes, the little dog is adorable. I have a big, giant German Shepherd who is also adorable. He has a very non threatening personality. His bigness says all he needs to say, I guess. He doesn't care much about watching me walk in my driveway, but he likes it when we hike.

My DH and I and the dogs hiked on Saturday. I was a little sore afterwards, but not bad. I am not sore from doing the strength building exercises. I was afraid I might have to start over from scratch, since I have not been exercising for a while. I am very happy to find that I haven't gone completely back to square one!

Dang, Emma, you are going to be an Amazon with all that snow shoveling.

03-06-2013, 01:47 AM
Did Zumba today, feel the burn!!

03-06-2013, 09:44 PM
gailr42- I also have a giant German Shepherd, mine is huge baby.

Planned on treadmill today but I'm so sore from shoveling that I'm taking today off.

03-06-2013, 11:38 PM
I can't believe how hard it has been getting back into the habit to exercise. I give you credit for sticking with zumba, it's a work out loriherdz

Yes, I love my dog-my sister gives me a hard time about treating her like a person. How did I turn into a pet parent! We both have gotten pudgy over the winter so walking benifets us both. We used to have a border collie on the farm -big dogs are great too.

Emma4444 and gailr42-Exercising outside in the freash air plays me out too.

I will remember that it takes 21 days to make a good habit. Stick with the exercise girls!:carrot:

03-07-2013, 05:24 PM
Thanks mrsj2013 I just know I can't give up on myself! I have to keep going! Bonus, my husband says he already sees a difference in my body!
This Saturday is my weigh in day and I'm really hoping I hit 10lbs! Trying to loose 10 a month.

I talked to my friend Daisy today and she told me of this simple shake diet that I'll use to replace my dinners. I bought all of my ingredients today and just picking up a blender later on tonight.

Basically all it is,
Spinach,celery, baby carrots, frozen mixed fruit, PLAIN yogurt, and Bolt House Farm's juice Green Goodness.

I'm going to eat this for dinner every day except on my rest days, but still eat light on those days. :D Wish me luck guys!

03-07-2013, 09:30 PM
loriherdz- good luck:)

Did my planned treadmill walk/jog today. Some days I just don't want to exercise but feel so much better after I do. Today was one of those days.

03-07-2013, 11:47 PM
I'm having my delicious shake for dinner but I only did half my zumba, I got so busy today and my schedule got crazy.

03-08-2013, 01:06 AM
We went to Bakersfield today, and did I ever walk. Left DH at Sears and I went to Macy's and others. It was a long walk back to sears and I really hustled. This was enough exercise for me to feel it in my legs and feet. Sadly, I didn't find anything to buy. It was hot and crowded and everything in the store was a mess. I found some shoes at Sears, but they had not one pair in my size.

03-08-2013, 11:09 AM
I sure like hearing about your hard work girls! So true loriherdz, we can/t give up on ourselves. How does the shake taste? gailr42, walking in a mall is perfect. It was too bad you came home empty handed. Emma4444 I have needed a push to get going more than once this week. It's been so cloudy. Mr. Sun come shine on me! I will go for my walk today. :)

03-09-2013, 12:14 AM
Hey girls :D
I had a very busy day today and didn't have time to workout :( I had to skip today.
I also had a REALLY STRONG craving for something salty so I had a small amount of chips and queso :) :( I know it's okay to have small indulgences but I will be stronger next time :D
mrsj2013 The shake tastes very good! You really taste the fruit :D Give it a try.

03-09-2013, 12:15 AM
Tomorrow is my weigh in day!!
I haven't been very hard on myself this week I think, so I have no idea if I hit my first month goal of loosing 10lbs.
Lets hope for the best :D

03-09-2013, 08:56 AM
Missed my weight lifting workout yesterday so plan on doing weights this morning and walk/jog tonight. That way I still get in what I had planned. I am also considering finally trying C25k since jogging is finally getting easier for me.

03-09-2013, 04:18 PM
I weighed in this morning ladies and I HIT my 10 lb goal!!!!
Wooohoo I'm sooo happy! Next month should be 20lbs. Won't stop until I hit 60!

03-09-2013, 05:59 PM
Congratulations loriherdz:carrot:

Did both my workouts today. I am doing great with exercise but not good with dieting and I have a lot of weight to lose. Need to find a plan I can stick to that is a lifestyle change and not a diet.

03-10-2013, 09:52 AM
loriherdz-Way to go! :hug: Your plan is working. You go girl!

Emma4444-I agree with you about the diet thing. Making a lifestyle change that is not a diet is hard. I've had good luck in the past with using portion control and really just cutting back. I've found that cutting out things I crave all together just leads to a binge out. Everyone is looking for the cure. I seem to struggle more in the winter and you girls are helping me through it. Posting in my blog seems to help too.

03-10-2013, 06:04 PM
We made it out for a good hike in the desert today. Part of it was straight up a dirt bike trail. I'm always pleased when I can do something like that. It is a gorgeous day and the dogs had a good time, too.

03-10-2013, 10:11 PM
Today I walked 30 minutes on the treadmill. Tomorrow my plan is to lift weights but no treadmill. I need to find another exercise I enjoy to rotate with the treadmill and walking outside.

03-11-2013, 10:18 PM
I missed my weight lifting today. Not enough hours in the day:( I won't be lifting weights until Wednesday now since I need to do day 2 of C25k tomorrow.

mrsj2013- Did you start using a pedometer yet? I finally bought one but still need to set it up.

03-12-2013, 02:25 AM
Ladies I did half my Zumba today :( I actually felt super sick. I had to stop and just rest. After about and hour of resting I decided to do my resistant bands workout for my butt, back, and arms. I got a GREAT workout from that. I plan to wake up pretty early this morning to do the rest of my zumba that I didn't finish. Then after work do my Zumba Toning video.
Keep pushing ladies!! <3

03-12-2013, 11:58 AM
I'm going to join you ladies. I work out with a personal trainer twice a week 30 min sessions. I love going to it. I just started with Tanya about a month and a half ago. I have already started noticing a difference with stamina. I need less breaks and I went through yesterday's session and I didn't even realize the session was over til she told me. Lol I was disappointed. My problem is sometimes I just don't want to work out except those two days. I need accountability.
Today I'm just sore from yesterday. So my goal is at work to walk my unit 10 times (I work a 32 bed unit hospital) and take the stairs each time I would normally take the elevator.

03-12-2013, 05:38 PM
Welcome Skinnygirldreams :) A personal trainer will definitely keep you accountable. I would love to have a personal trainer myself but am to scared.

loriherdz- Good for you to stop your workout if you were feeling super sick. You should always listen to your body. Sounds like you had a great workout later :)

Today I did day 2/week 1 of couch to 5k and I just wanted to quit. I did finish it though. The entire 30 minutes I kept telling myself I like walking so much more than running. I am a wanna be jogger/runner but looks like I may just stay a fast walker. I can easily walk 4 mph and when I jog at 5 mph I only walk at 3.4 mph to just catch my breath. So in the same 30 minutes I end up traveling the same distance :( I am going to give it 2 more weeks before I decide if I just want to give up jogging.

03-12-2013, 11:56 PM
Emma4444-I tried my pedometer again but it quit working. I think it's time for a new one. I checked out C25k workout. I am not a runner/jogger so this seems a little to intense for me. A fast walk is enough to play me out!:carrot:

Skinnygirldreams- Welcome! :cool: It sounds like you are finding a way to enjoy exercise.

I've had a busy week. Lots of cows having baby calves these days on the farm. Building muscles with all the chores in the barn. So glad to go to work at school today for a break. Came home and still had more work to do...too tired to take the dog for a walk. I will make sure we go tomorrow. We are suppose to got more snow on Friday!:(

03-13-2013, 03:49 AM
thanks Emma :)
Welcome Skinny!!

Emma keep up the walking. I really enjoy it too especially with my doggy.
Walking and running is great way to buld stamina. I'll try it on my days off too.

I did my toning video today but I still felt bad that I didn't complete yesterdays routine. So I did the remainder of yesterdays and my resistant band workout. I felt like I was burning my butt off lol at the very end I always scream then laugh :P

03-13-2013, 04:43 PM
Managed to fit in upper body weight lifting already. I love weight lifting. Wishing I wasn't so scared of a trainer because I would be so into that. Will do day 3 of week 1 of couch to 5k tomorrow. Not so excited about it though but I know I can do it.

03-14-2013, 12:59 AM
walked 10 miles today!!
it was just a beautiful day that I couldn't pass it up.
When I got home I rested for a few hours then did my zumba :D

03-14-2013, 10:22 PM
loriherdz- 10 miles, You go girl :carrot:

I decided to take the day off today because I woke up with some pains :( I will workout tomorrow even if it is just walking because I will not quit.

03-15-2013, 10:42 AM
Just got done with week one of C25k. Today was much easier than the last time I did it. Tomorrow weight lifting.

03-15-2013, 12:04 PM
I haven't checked in because I was out of town the first of the week on a business trip. I did get in the hotel's hot tub one night and do some leg stretching and 100 modified stomach crunchies. I had a doc's appointment 1 1/2 hours away yesterday so I didn't make it to the pool last night either. They have weird hours during the winter. I do plan to get up and go in the morning. I really feel the need to stretch and get moving again. Being couped up in the truck for over 6 hours 2 out of 3 days gives one the need stretch in a big way. I have planted veggie plants we picked up in the vertical gardening system getting ready for the upcoming farmer's market season.

om namah shivaya
03-16-2013, 02:00 PM
Hi! New around these parts. I'm thinking about going hiking in the snow by the Mississippi today (I'm in Minnesota). My bed is so much warmer and comfortable...
Well, time to get my butt in gear! Good Luck today!

03-16-2013, 03:30 PM
om namah shivaya- Welcome, I know where your coming from when you say "My bed is so much warmer and comfortable" because I am from Mn also. I am more north of you and it is so cold outside and the snow never seems to end:mad: Hiking in the snow sounds like fun and great views if you can see the Mississippi at the same time.

03-16-2013, 07:15 PM
Weight lifting and treadmill done for the day:)

om namah shivaya
03-17-2013, 03:30 PM
Yes! All it takes is proper attire! Minnesota has hardcore seasons all around! I will admit that I AM excited for the heat.... especially to slip into some shorts and tank top (well, maybe t-shirt, depends on how the next month or two go...) and run my little heart out again!

03-17-2013, 09:51 PM
Today I only walked 30 minutes on the treadmill. I have been having some pain issues and starting to think it is from jogging. So I am taking a week off from jogging to see if the pain subsides otherwise time to see a dr.

om namah shivaya
03-17-2013, 10:26 PM
Hmm, sorry to hear about your pain :(, running can be really hard on the body. I ran three miles today (YAY!) but my hips at the end were definitely feeling the stress. I could have kept going but I didn't want to completely kill my hips so I stopped. A short run tomorrow followed by a longer one the next day. Plus my home ab workouts! Really REALLY trying to get below 150 in the next week!! GRRR!!!!

03-18-2013, 12:10 AM
Emma- personal trainers aren't too scary.... RDC's the people who yell at you in military basic training ... Now THEY can be scary lol

So I met with my personal trainer Friday and then walked a 5k with my boyfriend. I was sore before I even started. Last night I could barely move, today is better but dang it if I don't have another session tomorrow with my trainer! Ugh lol I love going so I hope I'm feeling even better tomorrow.
Om namah- it must be awesome to run that far. I've got bad feet but keep hoping one day I will be able to. Hope you hit your next goal soon!

03-18-2013, 10:14 PM
Mondays are my day off :)

03-19-2013, 01:49 AM
Hey ladies!

I actually tried doing Insanity today and I nearly passed out lol
I happily went back to my Zumba :D

btw I check the scale Sunday and I WENT DOWN 2 MORE LBS!!! Woot Woot!

03-19-2013, 11:38 AM
Skinnygirldreams- To me a personal trainer would be scary mostly because they would try to push me further than I think I am capable of. Maybe someday I will break down and see one.

loriherdz- Down 2 more pounds :carrot: What you are doing is working great for you. The weight just keeps on melting off :)

This morning I did my weight lifting, upper body only, treadmill and took the dog for a walk already. Feels like it's going to be a great day!

03-19-2013, 01:01 PM
It is possible that they may push you. Mine is really understanding and modifies to accommodate the fact that I am a walking disaster lol (I have bad feet and I hurt my back in July) I have enjoyed my work outs she makes them tough but I can already feel a difference. I love it!

03-19-2013, 04:18 PM
loriherdz: congrats on meeting your goal! That is awesome.

Everybody else sounds like you are doing great.

I made it to the pool for exercise last Thursday and Saturday. I warmed up with 10 walking laps across, jogged 25 and 30 minutes, cooled down for a couple of minutes then did arm exercises and 150 crunchies. I am well on my way to my goal of 200 crunchies.

The rest of you gals are doing awesome exercises. Keep up the hard work!!!

03-20-2013, 04:03 PM
firegirl441- Jogging in the pool must be a good workout.

Skinnygirldreams- When you looked for a personal trainer what did you look for? Your trainer sounds like one I would go to.

Today I did week 2 day 1 of C25K and dang it felt so good :D

03-20-2013, 06:30 PM
Hello girls,
It's been busy. Actually, I'm getting more tired of the daily grind of taking care of the cows and their babies with all this snow and cold weather. We are both lacking sleep and I'm getting stresses out. I am so ready for spring to come to Manitoba! When I'm feeling this way I* almost always eat. My job in town is 2 days. It's a break but has it's stressful moments as well. I get so upset with myself b/c I have been doing lots of physical labor around here and have been too tired to exercise...I've actually gained 3 lbs. Just needed to share this with you. I have not given up, just frustrated I guess!

03-21-2013, 05:27 PM
I'm new, could I join this thread? I want to lose 45 lbs and start exercising!

03-21-2013, 09:26 PM
2runagain- Welcome :)

mrsj2013- Sorry for all you are going through :hug: I do understand with me living in Mn and owning a large dairy farm. Wish the cold and snow would just go away. Hope your feeling yourself again soon.

Today I did 30 minutes walking on the treadmill :)

03-22-2013, 12:40 AM
Mrsj2013: Sorry to hear the weather has you feeling down. Maybe after Easter you will feel some warm up. I don't know about the weather up there, but we say to plant our gardens here on Good Friday because the frosts are over after Easter. Hope yours is short to follow! If not, I will send you happy vibes as I think about you while I am planting and I look forward to hearing about your many adventures in the bright sun when it comes!

2runagain: Welcome to the forum and our thread here! Glad you found us. You will gain the motivation, encouragement and education here to reach whatever goals you have set for yourself.

I was down 1.5 lbs today at weigh-in; same as the doctor scales yesterday. I am happy with that since I have been sick with the flu this week. I went today for my EKG and labwork for my surgery. My EKG was the first normal EKG in 3 years so I think the pool aerobics are really paying off.

03-22-2013, 10:07 PM
Busy, busy, busy day today but managed to get my workout in.

03-23-2013, 09:41 PM
Today I took my dog for a nice 3 mile walk and did C25k week 2 day 2 :D

03-24-2013, 07:14 PM
I weighed in this morning and I am down a total of 15 lbs in 6 weeks! that's 2.5lbs a week!! I'm sooo happy!!

03-24-2013, 07:22 PM
I'm going to amp up my workout.
I'll continue my resistant bands workout before each Zumba dvd.
But Im going to only do the Exhilarate dvd(hardest), 2 days in a row then on the third day do the toning dvd. I'll keep on going like this every day.
I noticed the first 10 lbs fell off with ease but the last 5 took a lot out of me. I have to increase the intensity. Wish me luck ladies!

03-24-2013, 10:29 PM
loriherdz- Congrats on another 5 lb weight loss :)

Today is my day off and was a much needed rest day.

03-25-2013, 06:37 PM
You all are such an inspiration!:)
loriherdz - Congratulations!!
mrsj2013 - Hang in there, hard physical work is exercise:cheer3: Baby calves are one of my favorite things and sooo funny.

Friday - walked 30 minutes
Saturday - spent afternoon collecting broken pine branches
Sunday - nothing
Monday - will try to walk after work :carrot:

03-26-2013, 12:21 AM
loriherdz: congrats on losing another 5 lbs! Keep up the good work! Boy you are exercising a lot.

I went to the pool this afternoon and worked out for 50 minutes. I did 170 stomach crunchies so I am well on my way to my goal of 200 each day of exercise. I have plans to go to the pool on Wednesday and Thursday this week as well.

03-26-2013, 10:43 AM
Emma4444-I was telling a friend about c25k. She is a run/walker. I'm a walker and take for dog with me to pick up my pace. You'd think I'd be used to farm life after 25 yrs, but some days just get to me.

firegirl4412r-I love gardening. Can't wait for the snow to melt. We don't usually plant til the end of May to avoid frost.

loriherdz-You exercize girl!

Skinnygirldreams-I have used a coach in the past. They can really help if you stick to their program.

2runagain-I love the baby calves myself, I'm bottle feeding one I call Annie!

It is sunny here, which makes it feel much better. The spring thaw is just around the corner. Thanks for everyone's encouragement.

I had a great weigh-in last night and lost 2 lb. I'm back on track:hug:

03-27-2013, 03:18 PM
mrsj2013- Glad your back on track and feeling better. Congrats on losing 2 lbs :)

firegirl441- You sure are closing in on your 200 crunchie goal.

I finally finished week 2 of C25K this morning. Not excited about week 3 but will try it.

03-27-2013, 07:31 PM
Hi! Can I join you guys? :)

I'm trying to keep on track with my goal of exercising 5 days per week. I usually go to the gym or swimming before work, and now I just completed Week 1 of C25K. Still can't believe I started it!

03-27-2013, 10:06 PM
Hi, new to the forum but really liking what you all do.

Currently following the video here:
h**p://youtu[dot]be/0Xdz11W2uaY but really will appreciate the online partner.

Better to have people talking back rather then just following the vide0...:carrot:

03-27-2013, 11:55 PM

I got on the scale this morning just because I wanted to. I normally check on Saturday mornings. BUT this morning I checked and I lost 2 more pounds in just 3 days!!! I was soo happy! I was supposed to loose 2.5 by this Sat. So if I keep this up I should be at 20lbs down on Sat morning

Wish me luck ladies!!

This is my workout now,
-Resistant Bands(7 stretches 20 reps each)
-40 Triceps extends 7.5 wights(extend weight from behind your head to cealing, never letting your arms pass your face, always behind your head)
-10 rolling push ups with my husbands free-weights
-Zumba DVDs

Trust me when I say, I'm pretty damn tired when it's over, but super proud!

03-28-2013, 08:13 AM
Welcome Annetexas00 and rainbow84uk

Annetexas00- I tried to look up the website but my computer wouldn't let me due to it being a dangerous page.

rainbow84uk- I'm also doing C25K and just finished week 2.

loriherdz congrats on the 2.5 lb weight loss. I had to look up what a rolling push up was. I might just have to try one.

Today I lifted weights. I do sets of 12, 10, 8, 6, reps for each body part. I lift heavy to failure on the last two sets of reps. I sometimes rest for a minute between each one and sometimes I do all 4 than rest for 2 minutes. I change the exercises every 6 times to keep my body guessing. I do this for both upper and lower body. I am able to do this all from home with free weights. I love the feeling I get when I am done lifting weights :)

03-29-2013, 03:29 PM
Did week 3, day 1 of C25K today and I finally realized that I do not enjoy jogging at all. I had to jog 3 minutes at one time and I hated every second of it :( It was just awful. My husband tells me it will get easier but it sure doesn't feel like it. I wish all the snow here would just go away so I can go for my long walks everyday.

03-29-2013, 06:16 PM
So I haven't exercised in a while...but this thread really inspired me to get out there today and go for a 30 minute walk. Thanks ladies! I am going to join your thread to keep my inspiration going!!! :hug::carrot:

03-30-2013, 07:43 AM
Welcome KYgirlinSC :D 30 minute walks are my favorite.

03-30-2013, 09:31 PM

Tomorrow is my day off from exercise and eating well :D

Today I did a 30 minute walk with incline. Monday I plan on trying to jog one more time.

03-31-2013, 10:08 AM
Gee Whiz, You girls just keep on trucking! It's been a busy spring break-no school-full time on the farm. Things are finally slowing down on the farm. I have been watching my snacking b/c I can get into trouble when at home. :moo:

Emma4444-I would have quit the c25k by now-you deserve an award!:encore:

loriherdz-I like your work out. :carrot:

I'm trying crosfit training with a local group cardio-stregnth-core. 6 sessions

Welcome Annetexas00 and rainbow84uk:bunny:

03-31-2013, 09:03 PM
Well I did exercise yesterday, I did a 30 min bike ride...today no official exercise but I stayed active for most of the day! Emma4444 hope the day off was good!

03-31-2013, 09:38 PM

Staying active is just as important as regular exercise. Fitting movement into our day any way we can. As soon as the snow finishes melting I'll be back to walking outside.:)
Happy Easter!

04-01-2013, 12:50 PM
This morning I did C25k day 2, week 3 and it was great :carrot: I slowed down to 4.4 mph and lowered the incline all the way down and what a difference. My heart rate dropped 22 points from the last time I jogged. I finally think it maybe doable, well maybe because in a few days I have to jog 5 minutes straight :yikes:

mrsj2013- I had to look up crossfit and wow that looks like a workout. Let us know how it goes.

04-01-2013, 11:53 PM
Emma4444-I'm going to "try" th crosfit exercise group. It's open to all abilities and I know the instructor. I enjoy group exercise better than on my own. Starts next week!:jig:

I belong to a local weight-loss support group called Tops. I had lost 93.75 lb over 3 years 2001-2003. I've gained 1/2 of it back. Tonight I weighed in with a loss of 1/4lb. It was my second weight-loss in a row. The rest of the group gained this week and I credit exercising and journaling here with not gaining.

If you want to see my before pic check out my blog.

04-05-2013, 06:22 PM
You all are awesome, keep it up!! We can do this.:carrot:
Went for a short walk after dinner Sunday, walked 3 miles Wednesday, and 1 mile yesterday, will work out this evening after work. Will try to do better:running:

04-13-2013, 07:40 PM
Welcome to all you new gals! Glad you found us over here. The more the merrier!

Sorry i haven't been checking in, but I have been getting ready for my upcoming surgery on the 23rd. I spent 4 hours two different days this past week just getting my pre-op paperwork ready because the hospital is over 4 1/2 hours from my house.

I have been faithful in going to the pool to exercise though. I have gone 3 days per week and...drum roll please...I finally did 200 stomach crunchies yesterday so I have met my exercise goal for this month. I have also lost enough pounds to drop into the 170's. I have worked very hard and I plan to continue to exercise next week, but then I will have to give it up for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. I am in hopes that I won't lose all of my toning so that I will have to start over.

I will be reading what you gals are doing and posting when I can while I am laid up.

Blessings to everyone :hug:,

04-17-2013, 12:19 AM
I'm in my 50's,and like walking,stationary bike,or epillic.I need to lift weights too