Depression and Weight Issues - Tuesday, May 13

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05-13-2003, 10:36 AM
Good Morning Chickadees!

Just popping in real quick to say hello!

Busy day here so I need to need to get to work.

Hope everybody can post a quick hello and let us know how they are doing. :-)

Cathy :wave:

05-13-2003, 11:29 AM
Sorry I didn't pop in yesterday....I was through my nights! Can't wait 'til these 12 hour shifts are done!

I am off now until Friday night so that feels good.

Today I am going to watch dd 5 at swimming with her Kindergarten class, then go get groceries have a picnic lunch with her and a friend and then off to the gym.

I have chicken thawing for supper...gonna make tanduri chicken. I have done a load of laundry and am just gonna throw the dishes in the dishwasher before I go.

It is a beautiful sunny day here.

Great to hear how well everyone is doing. I want to go and get a good look at the posts I missed.

My mothers day was not great with working and all but I am thankful for my children and for my mother too!

Bye for now!