Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss - Freaking out about boob loss :( help!

02-16-2013, 12:39 PM
I am 27 years old, 141.5 lbs at the moment, and a 34D. At my heaviest, I was about 150, and when I was in college, I was around 125. I am getting married in June and am trying to tone up for the wedding/honeymoon. I have been counting calories and aim for about 1200 a day, based on MFP's suggestion. Here's where my freakout starts - I have lost about 9 lbs, but I swear it has all come from my boobs! :( They were uneven to start with, thanks to a lump I had to have removed in college, but now I swear they are MORE uneven. I loved my boobs before, but I am worried all of the fat is disappearing from there and not anywhere else!

Has anyone else had this experience?

I am having nightmares about my dress fitting!

Could this be a sign I am eating too little? I eat my workout calories when I can manage to get to the gym (not easy lately as I have been working 12 hour days in a city 2 hours away...) and I manage to stay around 1200 every day and am satiated on that amount of calories. :mad::( If anyone has any insight I'd be really grateful... I am really worried. :(

02-16-2013, 12:49 PM
Your body decides all on its own where to take calories from. I don't think eating less or more will change that.

I think you're probably overreacting honestly. It's a fear that has gotten in your head and is running rampant. I'm sure you look just fine, no one is perfectly symmetrical naturally. =)

My advice to you would be to not allow these fears to ruin your big day. You won't want to look back on this time and realize you missed it.

02-16-2013, 12:53 PM
I was just looking at pictures yesterday of my honeymoon. I was 150 lbs and my boobs were pretty darn huge. I pretty much always had big boobs no matter what weight I was at, but this time they have shrunk a great deal. I was sad at first to see them go, but I guess my body is a little more proportionate now. I wonder too if there is something I did wrong to cause this but it's probably just the way it is. Like I don't think you could eat something to make them bigger so same goes for eating something to make them smaller, otherwise their would be no need for breast reduction surgery.
I have never had a lump removed but have suffered with severrely uneven boobs. I recently went to a bra store and left with a 32f bra and a set of pads to even out the smaller side. I was amazed I am still wearing a pretty big cup, maybe getting fitted will make you feel a little better.

02-16-2013, 07:48 PM
You may lose first from your boobs, but now the rest of the weight will come off the rest of your body. The boobs are just where you lose and notice it first because they are purely fatty tissue.

Don't freak, if you are 34D it means you have big boobs naturally and they are bound to stay that way.

I'm the same, 36DD right now and when I got down to 150 a few years ago they were still DD, just 34DD. I'm hoping they'll get down to 34C, that would be perfect, but I don't think I shall be so lucky. Big boobs run in my family (but weirdly not from my mom, but my aunt and my mom's mom?!)

02-16-2013, 10:27 PM
Thanks, y'all. I don't have much of a butt so was super disappointed to see my boobs shrinking... I think when I was in the 120s, they were still large, although I was not healthy when I was that weight (emotionally abusive boyfriend whose cheating led to mild ED... etc. etc.) I hope they don't keep shrinking, especially since I'm actually losing weight in a healthy way this time, rather than just not eating!

02-17-2013, 02:48 PM
I don't have much of a butt either, I can tell because I wear leggings a lot and I'm like, "Yeah, it's just not there..." :lol: Try not to let it get to you. =)

02-17-2013, 08:21 PM
I don't have much of a butt either, I can tell because I wear leggings a lot and I'm like, "Yeah, it's just not there..." :lol:

This had me cracking up. ;) Baby DON'T got back. :p

Thank you, btw :)