100 lb. Club - Eating to Live, Not Living to Eat.

Goddess Jessica
05-12-2003, 07:01 PM
I thought I would share my weekend with you guys since it was sort of a epiphany moment.

This weekend I threw everything out the window.
The dieting
The exercise
The caring about myself

I just chucked it out the window.

Before my 3 hour long philosophy class on Saturday morning, I crammed a packet of donut gems (the coconut kind) in my mouth and washed it down with a 20oz coke. Then, after my class I went home and went out for lunch with my Cute Boyfriend. As we were driving there, I was starving and I was starting to get shaky. Major sugar crash. Happens, right? Then, I started to get nausous. I broke out into a sweat and I thought I was going to get sick. THIS has never happened before!

The rest of the weekend was very similar and my body hated me for it.

My epiphany was this: I no longer desire to live to eat.

Hey, wait a minute! I'm a foodie! I love food and all that comes with it, the wine, the dessert, the dessert wine! How can I not live to eat?

What scared me is that my quality of life is not as good when I'm not eating what's good for me. Although I love food, I don't like food that makes me feel bad and that's what's happening to me.

I'm sure a bunch of you have already had this breakthough but this was very big for me. Hope this helps me on my journey!

05-12-2003, 08:03 PM
Everyone should have this epiphany! It's interesting what your body was trying to tell you, and how it chose to tell you.

I'm still in the live to eat mode, but slowly working toward eating to live because I know I feel like crap when I don't follow my plan.

05-12-2003, 09:55 PM

I've hd that epiphany too. I also had an experience similar to yours. A couple of months ago I decided to give myself an "off" day to eat whatever I wanted after more than a month of being perfect. I went to the Olive Garden and had what I normally used to have. I felt completely GOD AWFUL for the rest of the day....or did I? I later realized that that's how I ALWAYS used to feel, and it took eating healthy and feeling physically fantastic to realize how bad I used to feel. it was amazing. I haven't had an off day since then.

Keep it up!!


05-13-2003, 01:39 AM
Ditto!! Ditto!! Ditto!!

05-13-2003, 09:55 AM
I know I feel better if I eat correctly and I actually do enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables but I think I will always battle with my sweet tooth. I have been eating fruit a lot more lately though and have the garden planted so in a little more than a month I will be swimming in tomatos, cukes and squash. (I hope):)

05-13-2003, 09:55 AM
They say that there is a turning point for all of us...looks like you've had yours!!! How exciting!!! :D :D :D

05-13-2003, 10:58 AM
Hey Jess -

So happy you've found that turning point. I'm struggling between being depressed that I can't eat like I used to and enjoy some of the foods I used to enjoy - and just being flat out happy that I can't be a pig anymore.


But I definately have moments just like yours when I choose to eat too far off program - I guess I've gotten myself a lot more off sugar than I gave myself credit for.

Hooray for you.

Goddess Jessica
05-13-2003, 01:31 PM
Thank you very much guys! Yesterday, I ate soooo good and healthy even though I was completely stressed out!

It's the little victories, ya know?

05-13-2003, 01:31 PM
I'm totally trying to live that philosophy (see my tagline below!). And I've had a couple of bad experiences like yours--I'm a slow learner. But I have come to realize that my body has been telling me to put on the brakes for years now, and I just attributed it to having a "bad stomach." It's remarkable how that little organ has made such a recovery since I've improved my eating habits.


05-13-2003, 03:22 PM
Yes, it's all about the baby steps & realizing that this is JESSICA's journey, not anyone else's. :)