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02-15-2013, 12:47 PM
I've been watching a few episodes of Freaky Eaters on Netflix lately and one huge thing that has stood out to me is that MOST of the time, they are NOT unusually fat!

These are people that only tend to eat one food, not really in large portions or anything, but just have one food they have attached to and eat it and basically nothing else.

One guy ate nothing but pizza, one girl drank like 30s can of soda (not diet) a day, one lady ate nothing but french fries, etc.

Anyway, of the shows I have seen there were only 2 people that were really overweight and one was a woman that ate nothing but cheese/potatoes (like melted cheese on potatoes just in various forms) and she was morbidly obese. The other was a guy that ate cheeseburgers for every meal. He was probably 50 or so pounds overweight. Still a functioning weight, but heavy to a point of feeling bad.

The woman that ate nothing but french fries was probably 150ish, but I noticed she ate single orders of french fries (while the cheese and potato lady was getting 3 large orders at a time).

I guess the point of all this is that oftentimes I get fixated on something being a 'diet' food and okay for me and other things being 'bad' and making me fat.

That is not it at all! It's calories in vs calories out! And then past that, it's just eating what is best for my body and making wise nutritional decisions for how I want to live and look.

But really, the science is not complicated. Shows like this help me see that in real life terms.