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02-13-2013, 09:09 PM
About two weeks ago I started getting fevers at night, than they started in the afternoon and went on all night. Last week for. Tuesday to Friday I did not go to work. Had a low grade fever, body got cold hot every so often.

I had a masseuse come for two hours and she said my body temp was constantly in flux.

I get these fevers when my body is exhausted. Called my coach, told her I would eat what I needed to sustain. Ate some rice and chicken the first day, had no food and no one around to make food.

Ate some mung beans, ate what my body asked for.

I didn't drink soda's or icecream, ate what I could to nourish it.

I am two weeks from my trip for which I had started IP. Still 3 to 5 pounds from goal, was supposed to be starting P3 today, coach said no need for that, I had already gone back to p2 the moment I felt better. She said to go on p1 and lose as much as I can. She asked what my eating plans were in costa rica. Told her I planned on eating some fruits, but mostly sticking to proteins and veggies.

She said that was just fine. The reason that most coaches stress to go from one phase to another is that most people if they go from p1 to p4 will go wild with all the food.

She said she trusted me to make the right choices.

Grateful that I have a coach who listens and trusts, who works with the twists and turns life throws our way.

I could not have lost all the weight without my coach or IP