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02-13-2013, 08:07 PM
Today was my first day with preconditioned weigh in and measuresements. *Sigh* After having my measurements done...I wonder how did I allow myself to get into yhe condition that I am in? I remember when I had a 28" waist...sad to think that my thigh is as big around as my waist once was. I know the choice I am making now will help me in the future. :^Hope is not an option...determination is. I am determined to gain control of all aspects of my life that have influenced my poor choices.

On another note I am 3.5 pounds down since I started my preconditioning on Monday. I will go back on friday for my second weigh my foods class. :jig:

Work In Progress
02-14-2013, 01:50 PM
You are doing it georgiaod! Congrats on the weight loss :hug:

Boy oh boy, I was shaking my head yes while reading what you wrote about being a smaller size and wondering how...just how I got to this size. It's like I woke up back in Nov 2012 (after my doctor mentioned weight loss) and BOOM I was fat. That's not all true, there were moments along the years when I knew I was putting on more weight but I buried my head in the sand or plain ignored it. Now that I've begun my weight loss journey I fully see how being fat was easier and part of me feels ashamed at how easy I let myself down. NOT ANY MORE!