Exercise! - LOL The Workout That Wasn't Meant To Be

02-12-2013, 11:08 PM
Oh. my. goodness.Today's workout was just not meant to be. I've procrastinated in my day but today, I set a new record.

I am NOT a morning person but I have been working out at 6 30 am since New Year's. This morning, I woke up just fine, but decided Facebook and Pinterest were more interesting. I thought "Pfft, I'll work out after teaching! No problem!"

So, I come home, and here's where it gets interesting. I got home at 4:30, and went online for a half hour or so. I took off my pants to get changed into my workout clothes, and go distracted for another half hour. I googled "workout motivation" for a while, while sitting in my underwear, and decided to make dinner instead and THEN workout. So, I grab a banana and peanut butter, while in my underwear, and say NO! WORKOUT TIME! So I put my pump-up playlist on and decide to do my workout backwards, since I am always tired at the end, thus abandoning the banana for now.

THEN, after 10 minutes, I say "there, I deserve that banana now" and take off my shoes. I am laughing as I right this because it was a complete tug of war- if I sound insane, I'm sorry!

I then convince myself NOT to eat (because I'd just be full and unable to workout) and finally do another circuit. There are 8 circuits and all and around circuit 3, I started getting slower...and slower...I felt an inkling of pain in my abs, and I decided "no more push ups! Listen to your body!" I took my shoes off and decided to try working out in barefeet! Then, in one last desperate measure, I tried one more circuit and alas, my dear friends, I burst out laughing. I ate the goddanm banana and just accepted that my brain was NOT into it today.

Cheers to me for doing 4 circuits and cheers to more brain power tomorrow.:dizzy: And may the rest of you not spend an hour running back and forth, in your underwear, between your TV and a banana.

02-13-2013, 02:26 AM
LMAO! that cracked me up! LOL

the shiv
02-15-2013, 10:31 PM
Actually laughing here!! Heh :) Well, you got there in the end! ;)