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02-11-2013, 02:18 PM
Has anyone tried coconut bread? Is it any good? What does it taste like?

I'm trying to find a good alternative to my higher calorie whole wheat bread and came across a website that sells coconut bread (40 calories a slice) and am thinking about trying it

02-12-2013, 12:04 AM
I have, and I like it. A lot of people (and I do mean a lot) do not like it. I like the protein and potassium.

To me, it has to be toasted, and it has more of a texture of cornbread (very moist and crumbly). I think it might work better as croutons than actual bread slices.

That said, I find myself craving the nutty flavor from time to time. If I couldn't get it from a site where I'm already ordering, I probably wouldn't pay the shipping from the bakery (if it's the same bread we're discussing :)). I also wonder a little about the nutritional accuracy, I think the company has been called into question.

All that negativity - I still like it? :) If you can find it and don't mind the lighter textures, Heiner's and Healthy Life both make 35 calorie breads, and there are some good 40 calorie ones - though I don't think either mentioned are 'whole' wheat.

Good luck!!