Weight Loss Support - Very Important Question, Need Answer! :)

05-11-2003, 07:58 PM
Hi everyone.. im currently weighing in at 144lbs, and a height of 5'9, and im male.. so here it goes.. im starting this good workout routine this week, along with a lower carb diet.. not any one in particular.. but this is my plan, workout 3 times a week ( 30-40 mins each time ) and do cardio 4 times a week ( 30-40 mins each time ). And for my diet.. im going to try to get 1 gm of protein / lb of mass, so thas about 144 gram of protein, im trying to keep the amount of calories from fat pretty low ( since i want to lose a lil bit of body fat, and help 'tone' or 'cut' my muscles ) and i was planning to keep my carbs as low as possible ( below 50 gm a day ). And the only carbs that i do eat would come from veggies ect.. One of my biggest concerns following this plan would be, its too low in calories! i made up an average day, and i'll only consume around 1000 cals, which is way to low.. so what foods can i eat that are high in protein, low in fat, low in carbs, but high in calories??

So can anyone tell me if im going about this the right way, and what some foods are i can look at.. and if this sounds like a plan that will get my to my real goal... which is to cut my body and show off my muscle :) basically i want to lose body fat and gain muscle mass :).. So please resond asap! :) thanx in advance!

05-11-2003, 09:21 PM
ALthough you asked for food ideas, I'd like to say something else first.... You're right - you are consuming way too few calories! You say you want to lose body fat - but I'm betting there is very little fat left on you! At 5' 9", I would think 144 pounds is very thin.

My advice to you, since I can't actually see you, is for you to ask your mom, a teacher (if you are in that age bracket), a co-worker or someone you really trust other than your buds, if they think you need to lose "fat", and see what the response is.

I understand that you want to cut some muscle, but there is nothing sexy about being too thin!

Well, you asked for opinions, and there's mine! :cool: Good luck to you....

Brown eyes

05-11-2003, 09:41 PM
Im at the scale weight i want to be.. but i still got flabby parts on me.. thats why ive started to weight train, and eat more protein.. but if im cutting out the bad carbs then its hard to eat enough calories without adding too much fat..get what im saying?

05-11-2003, 10:16 PM
Hmmmm.... Can I get in on this? Maybe you don't need to worry about Bad Carbs since you aren't trying to lose weight. You say you are getting your carbs from veggies... but a slice of whole wheat bread or a serving of brown rice would not be over the top right now, and is still healthy eating. I take it that you are not doing Atkins, since you are doing low-fat, so why the aversion to carbs?

But if you insist - foods that are high in protein and low in fat are low fat cheeses, chicken breasts w/o skin, lean beef, soy products such as Garden burgers, Egg beaters, etc. - check out the different kinds in the freezer section. I think there are protein shakes available, too.

Any other advice for him, ladies?

05-12-2003, 08:06 AM
im trying to stay away from carbs and only get them from fruits and veggies because i heard that doing it that way along with a 'low-fat' diet helps define and tone your muscle. am i wrong?