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02-09-2013, 01:15 PM
So, we got 3 feet of snow :shocksn: between yesterday and today (which I love. I love snow so much!) but sadly, I used it as a bit of an excuse to just sit around all night, eating (a metric ton of) junk food and playing video games. ...Oops. So, after a wicked unhealthy start to today, I have shoveled a bunch and will probably go sledding later or tomorrow to discount my crappy food choices. Even after a slight gain on the scales, which I am hoping is water weight from the salt infused showdown I enjoyed, here's to finishing the weekend strong and starting the week off right! Hoping to join my local gym near work so I can make an easier go of it between boxing classes and such. Hope you're all well, and those of you in the North East with me, here's to shoveling for the next four days! :snow4:

Edit: well, after dinner it's looking like tomorrow is my day to start. At the very least, tonight onward...