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02-04-2013, 11:14 AM
:welcome: to our thread .....anyone trying to get into Onederland can join us....Good luck !!!!

02-04-2013, 11:17 AM
Morning Girls, welcome to our new thread !!!!!

Boy last nights game was a nail biter towards the end...I was wanting the Ravens to win, so glad they did !!!! We didn't have any special food or snacks for the game....I just had a couple peices of cold pizza, haha ...sounds great huh? I bought wings to bake in the oven but by the time the game came around we didn't want to mess with them anymore.

Susie - sorry about your gain, but don't let it get you are doing great !!!!!

I'm starting to feel smaller again which I like ....I did go over calories this weekend and did let myself have one soda for a treat, haha ...they say 80/ good 80% of the time and the other 20% will take care of itself ...or something like that.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a good Monday !!!

Take care !!

02-04-2013, 11:47 AM
Good Morning!

We had a plan "cheat day" yesterday simply because it was Superbowl :) We had pizza from a local place here that we absolutely love and consider it a treat when we have it. So I expected to see an increase on the scale this morning (gained 2.4lbs overnight) which I'm suspecting is mostly water from all the sodium. It was worth it believe me! But we (me and hubby) are back on plan today and expect this to come back off in the next day or two.

Have a good day everyone!


02-04-2013, 02:31 PM
Carri: Thanks for starting the new thread. I was cheering for the Ravens too and it was a nail-bitter for sure. It made it fun to watch the game.

Did you have a favorite commercial? Mine was the Dodge Ram--my daddy was a farmer and so I got a bit choked up.

Of course I LOVED the Tide commerical--since I work for P&G :)

Tell us how you feel "smaller". Also good job for controling the soda and looking at it as a treat.

Alyssa: Whenever I have pizza I have a water weight-gain too. I think that was part of my gain last Thursday because we had pizza on Wed night.

Just drink plenty of water and in the next few days you will see that all gone.

I didn't realize that your DH is doing this with you. That's awesome! It helps to stay on track. My DH is supportive but hasn't been doing it with me. He is going to go with me to the Y tonight--he said that he sees his cardiologist in April and he has picked up 10 lbs from not exercising and he wants it off. It will be helpful to have him there with me. Sometimes it is hard for me to go, especially in the winter, when it is cold out and I am the only one leaving the house.

Hi Liz, Dee and Victoria and Lee Ann--I hope you find us!

02-04-2013, 06:47 PM
Hello Everyone :coffee:

Carri, TY for starting our #8 thread. U asked about toaster-oven use. My dh has his own 6 slice oven & he toasts everything: melting cheese on bread/buns, melts marshmallows onto brownies, reheats: pizza/waffles/pancakes, broils steaks-bakes frozen pot-pies I made, etc. Dh uses it more than the microwave. I got it for him after he made a 'disaster' inside my IRON Chef, broiler/convection/toaster oven, its a 8 slice oven, bakes a 12" pizza; I bought it 11 yrs ago & use it almost daily :chef: Why I like w using the convection/toaster ovens: a spare oven to bake smaller food, casseroles, broiling meats/veggies, baking a 1 layer cake/pie, etc. quick cooking, keeping the range oven available for large items. He loves his size of toaster oven & I love mine but I had him bend the metal handle of my 12 cupcake pan to fit inside, that way I don't have to heat-up my big oven for a 1/2 recipe for our night-time snacks :p They also cook faster, so they r energy efficient & we reduce the timing by about 7-10 minutes; I leave the food inside for the remaining minutes because the heat inside cooks yummy. Like for a lazy brunch/supper: make cinnamon rolls the night before & bake in the toaster oven next day (warm & delicious) & fry your bacon strips in a glass pie-plate/cover w a paper towel inside your microwave & fry eggs/omelets on the range/electric frypan, plus juice/fruit. A fun-effortless-fast Yummy meal :p everything is finished @ the same time to serve & eat.

Alyssa, if your son knows 'when' the bully-kids normally r being mean to him, how about having 'your sons' friends being there @ that time & possibly the bully will back-off; "strength in numbers" sometimes works; maybe the bully is testing your son & he is bullied @ his home by his family & he needs intervention w a counselor. Does the bully also attack other kids @ school, if Yes, its time to get the other parents together & visit the school principal/superintendent & a school-board meeting to make this 'public' because nobody/child/adult should b abused & No one wants a child/teen attacked/murder/suicide in their community. :hug: The other parents of their bullied kids can help your son & b your strenghth w ending this problem. :hug:

Sue, I'm watching the Batchelor & Yes, Sean is the whole package :cool: I see why they r falling for him. I totally agree w Carri about the girls that need to leave ASAP & the same girls grate on my nerves too & I'm happy Amanda left. Is anyone watching Downton Abbey on PBS, I'm hooked on it. So nice that your dh is joining U @ the Y tonight, you'll have much more fun w him there w U & sitting in the sauna/hot-tub afterwards :smug: I'm passing on my meeting/WI this week & will go next week I'm up 1# today.
Sunday :^: I grazed all afternoon on: 1 bag of Lays Low-salt potato chips scooping 1 container of 2% cottage cheese on them & I also ate 1, 12 oz. bag of Brach's Bridge mix chocolates.

Breakfast: skim milk, muffin, hot tea & shame on me/Sunday grazing.
Lunch: veggie salad, hot cocoa.
Supper: grilled cheese/bacon sandwich, cole slaw, water.
;) The next few days I'll b eating lighter to get rid of the extra salt I ate on Sunday & just drink hot tea for my snacks, lots of water flushes out the salt.

Have a great week girls :dancer:

02-06-2013, 10:56 AM
Morning Ladies ….been doing pretty well ( most of the time ) food wise but yesterday had a not so good day …I did show some restraint ( no soda haha ) but was way over calories…I’d rather be truthful with you guys when I stumble rather than act like it is all roses and I’m doing great …truth is, it’s gonna be a life long struggle with ups and downs …but worth it….I am gonna go by the 80/20 rule that I said yesterday …well really for me it will be 90/10

Just got done having my breakfast ….2 whole grain Eggo waffles with one wedge of cinnamon Laughing Cow cream cheese spread….was pretty good, but I like the strawberry LC cheese better.

I was gonna make low cal chicken fajitas tonight but looks like dh is going over to a friends house, so I guess we will have them tomorrow.

Dee – Thanks for all the toaster oven ideas…I am LOVING mine…am using it daily…the only problem is that I got a pretty small one and it won’t fit a bigger pizza, just the small single one’s …so dh is not in love with that, haha …but I didn’t want a huge one because I don’t have the counter space….for Christmas dh’s parents bought me an actual oven that sits on your counter with a rotisserie in it …and that was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not what I asked for…I actually gave it back to them to return and bought my smaller one…like it better. The one issue I am having , and hoping you can help with, is that most foods don’t have a toaster/convection directions on them and I am having to guess at time and temp …like last night I baked some fries in there and just had to guess…seemed like it took forever …so obviously I was too low on temp or something.

Susie – Yes, I did have a favorite commercial, the Budweiser Clydesdale ( sure I am misspelling that ) one, where the horse remembered the guy ….woo hoo Ravens !!! The Farmer commercial was my second favorite ….it was just VERY good….I don’t remember the Tide one…I must have been doing something else.
Well I did feel smaller until yesterday, now I have the bloat back, haha …although last night dh put his arms around me and said “you feel smaller”, so I guess he feels it too …

Hi Liz, Mel, Victoria, LeeAnn, and everyone else I have forgotten ( and lurkers ), hope you all have a good day.

I am so far behind on the Bachelor so NO spoilers, lol ….I need to watch last weeks, Monday’s and I didn’t even know one was on last night …I am REALLY behind…haven’t watched this weeks Biggest Loser either …

Okay Girls, later.

02-06-2013, 03:46 PM
Hi Girls, Pretty 'quiet' here this week :?:

Carri, OMG u gotta catch-up on The Batchelor asap, last week & this week Both had Tiera crap going & who Sean sends home this week is sad, 3 girls & 2 r wonderful. R u preheating your t.oven, the temp.thermostats on the small ones r not very accurate, like the medium/large ones r so keep playing w your temps I read e-pinions, con.reports & Amazon ratings prior to buying appliances because I've been screwed in the past. Both of our t.ovens fit on my counter & I understand about limited space, thats why I set our bigger t.oven on my bakers rack shelf. Guys r cute w gadgets, mine played w his sandwich-maker & made eggs & put brownie mix & muffin mix, etc. till it died & went to the infomercial graveyard :dizzy: Then he got a small George Foreman grill & it died, next his Black & Decker t.oven that he is still using. Occasionally dh helps me being my sous chef, but he loves grilling outdoors (w cherry, fruit woods) for our meals the best on his charcoal grill & uses non-toxic charcoal. Did u watch the Taste last night, good again! I'll miss it when its over. The Voice will b good w Shakira & Usher as judges! Carri go watch your Batchelor shows now, so we can chat about them :smug:

Susie, where r uuuuuu :o What did u think of the 2 Batchelor shows this week? 'Nashville' is New tonight & also Greys Anatomy tomorrow :smug: Summer will b here soon & we'll b sooo busy in the pool-lake/garden/yard/camping; so I'm enjoying my tv right now & staying warm.

Breakfast: 1 banana & vanilla protein shake.
Lunch: 2 baked potatos w baked carrots & gravy, lemonade.
Supper: 1 slice lasagna & 1 c. coleslaw, lemon meringue pie, hot tea.
snacks: hot tea, 1 glass wine.

Have a good week everyone :wave:

02-06-2013, 08:10 PM
Hi Ladies. I wasn't going to come here to post tonight because I have been doing so well food and exercise until about and hour ago and I just totally blew my calories. The reason is that I just let myself get to hungry and I'm too tired.

We have some new software that we are learning and I have been in trainings yesterday and today and then catching things up for work for a couple of hours in the evening at home. I thought I could do it and just push on through but I was only kidding myself.

I wanted to hide, but what good is that going to do me and so I knew when I came here and say Carri's post about being truthful when she here I am being truthful.

Carri: Thank you for being inspiring to me. I am one who works so hard at doing it perfectly and I just have to realize that I won't be sometime and it doesn't mean I start over but rather I just go on....I might lose a fight one day but I haven't lost the battle yet.

Dee is right you really need to catch up on the Batchelor and also Biggest Loser. They both have been good.

Dee: I knew you would be wondering where I was at. :hug: That was another reason I logged on...I needed to let you know that I am ok...a little down for the count today....but ok.

I will DVR Nashville tonight. There is no way I will make it to 11 tonight to watch it all.

Thanks for sharing your grazing and how you are going to get passed it. Sometimes it is ok to miss a meeting when you know that the weight gain is just going to be temporary due to a special event like Sunday was and that next week the gain will be gone.

Ok..I'm going to get off the computer and relax for a bit, empty the dishwasher and then maybe watch The Middle and then go to bed.

I am one tired girl!

02-07-2013, 09:29 AM
Good morning.

Well I finally broke down and made a doctor appointment with an Ortho for my foot. It's been three weeks now and just not getting any better. I see him next Wednesday.

The pizza weight from Superbowl has finally come off :) Weighed in at 204.6 this morning and am getting very anxious to reach Onederland. Haven't seen that "1" on the scale in a long time. I was thinking about buying a new charm for my Pandora bracelet to celebrate when I reach it.

My son is doing good, I ask him daily how things are at school. Seems the bullies (yes there is a group of them) pick on him in spurts. I'm assuming they were talked to since nothing has happened since the last incident. Wish it would just stick with them.

Hoping to get outside and do some light walking before the cold front moves thru the area. Wishing for an early Spring!

Have a good day!


02-08-2013, 11:59 AM
Morning Ladies….I had a really good OP day yesterday…I made the BEST chicken fajitas for dinner, so good …the marinade was the key …I cut up my three raw chicken breasts into strips and put them in this marinade I got online:
2 T olive oil
1 T lime juice
1 garlic clove minced
½ t chili powder
½ t cumin
½ t hot pepper flakes
½ t black pepper
½ t salt
I just mixed it all in a gallon freezer bag, thru my raw chicken in and sort of mushed it around …let it marinade in fridge for 30-40 minutes and then grilled on my grilled pan on stove…on my other grilled pan I grilled sliced red pepper, sliced green pepper, and a sweet onion ( I first tossed them in a little olive oil and salt and pepper ) ….had it that all on corn tortillas with only a little bit of sour cream ( no cheese ) and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good…I will be making these again…also works well on lean steak if you wanted beef fajitas…and I haven’t done it but I bet would also be good on shrimp fajitas. The possibilities are endless, haha

So glad today is Friday…it’s cold and gloomy here today but I will take it !!!!

Had my blood drawn this morning for my annual physical and got a Tetnis shot …so am anxious to get the blood work numbers back and see how I’m doing and what needs to be fixed ( if anything ), besides needing to lose weight.

Susie – what I said is very true…we just need to be honest, we are all gonna stumble, I do it weekly ….none of us expect anyone to be perfect, that is why if I binge or go way over calories I just say so…

Dee and Susie – I am all caught up on The Bachelor now as of last night and GOOD LORD that Tierra is an attention whore ….get her off the show, why can’t he see thru her craziness ?????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Alyssa – good for you for getting a little extra weight off , always makes you feel better to get back down where you were after a bloat huh? Haha …everytime I read about your ds and the bullying it just infuriates me…I can’t stand that kids have to be so mean and make an innocent child worry and suffer…and now to hear that it is a group !!! Kids are awful sometimes…I hope that someone did talk to them and they have backed off for good…

Hi Mel, Liz, LeeAnn and anyone I forgot …hard to keep up sometimes…

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food 2/7
Breakfast: 2 whole grain Eggo waffles with one T of peanut butter ( 240 cals )
Lunch: 3 chicken strips, applesauce ( 440 cals )
Snack – Wheat Thins ( 140 cals )
Dinner – 3 corn tortillas ( 120 cals ), 3 T Sour Cream ( 90 cals ), chicken with peppers 4 oz ( 250 cals including marinade )
Snack – ¾ cup of choc fiber cereal ( 80 cals ) and ¾ cup lactose free milk ( 100 cals )
Total for day : 1460

02-09-2013, 10:07 AM
Hi Everyone,

I had a 1 lb loss at TOPS on Thursday night. I was proud of it, because I worked it hard! Now I'm working for another 1-2 lb loss this week.

Carri: Thanks for sharing that recipie. This is something that my hubby and I could have..mine would be without the chicken but I could add black beans and rice for mine and then the veggies in and he could have the veggies and the chicken. He thought it sounded good.

I laughed when I read your post about the tetnus shot. Those things make your arm really sore. I am bad because my doctor said I should probably get one since I haven't had one in a long time and I just kept quiet about it and got out of their before she mentioned it again! lol

Dee & Carri: The Batchelor is getting really good isn't it? I could not believe he kept Tierra over the other girls he let go. Tierra is so nasty acting.

Alyssa: Good for you for getting that pizza weight off! I think it is good that you made a appointment with the doctor to see what is going on with your foot.

We have a funeral to attend today--my DH's boss passed away. His children have been running the business for the past two years as their dad had a brain tumor and it finally took him.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

02-10-2013, 11:38 AM
Hey girls!, i have missed you!, we got married, moved into a house and finally got internet last night. I am afraid to check my weight i went bonkers and ate since the week before the wedding. Im everything fresh tomorrow, we live knight in the country now so walking is a tad intimidating because there might be dogs or something.. super happy to be back with my buddies!:hug:

02-10-2013, 09:58 PM
Hi Girls,

Victoria :hug: sooo happy your back. Sounds like U need a doggy to join your family & let U feel protected w their sweetness & protective personality to bark @ danger (smelling/hearing/seeing) animals/people. The pounds will come off, U know how to do this & U will enjoy being in the country w so many opportunities being outdoors w/o restrictions. Tell us what U need & we'll help ya.

Valentine's Day is coming & all Jan/Feb my guy asked me 'did I buy him' bacon :T that week. Wellll I'm giving him 3 types of pricey bacon for V. Day & his fav ice cream & putting it inside a new tool-box while he showers after work, instead of a bag. I know he'll b very happy :smug:
He bought me the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 w Wi-Fi, 4 G that also uses cell service for internet. I wanted it for Christmas, but he planned it for V. day & he gave it to me last night :smug: We'll still go out for Valentine's Day dinner & out again Saturday night dancing :val2: :val3:

What r u doing for your guys this year?

Breakfast: 5 oatmeal cookies (used applesauce instead of butter in recipe keeping cals/fat down) & sk. milk.
Lunch: homemade raviloi & a orange & lemon-ice water.
Supper: veggie/steak stir-fry, strawberry shortcake & sk. milk.
snack/7pm: blue tortilla chips w salsa verde' & ice tea.

02-10-2013, 11:21 PM
Thanks Dee, we do have a little doggy. Scooter he's a jack Russell. Pretty lazy though.. like me sometimes. I haven't planned anything for vday yet we have been super busy and plus my oldest abby willl be 9 tuesday, we will work something out, we have to its our first married v day :-D ..start eating healthy and walking intheam ,night night girls

02-11-2013, 10:11 AM
Morning ladies ….hope you all had a great weekend and this Monday finds you well …I am ( as usual ) tired…I NEVER sleep well on Sunday nights into Monday morning because I sleep in Sunday morning…I didn’t do too bad ( got up around 9:30 ), but it was still hard to get to sleep last night ….but come Monday nights I am dog tired….so I guess it all evens out in the end….lol
Plus I woke up at like 5am with my stomach growling :shrug::cbg:

Well………………..drum roll please ………………………………….. I stayed OP all weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :carrot: For like the first time in forever ……………it was hard…very hard…I had to fight dh about it all the way….yesterday he wanted to make flan ( he makes it from scratch and it is the BEST ) …but I talked him out of it…I told him I have no chance really if he is going to want to eat junk around me….we’ll see I guess ….I just got to be strong if he does ….have done it before, many times :dancer:

Oh and I also lost 2.5 lbs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get to move the ticker for the first time in a while. :cheer2::cheer3::cheer2::cheer3:

Susie – GREAT job on the loss !! Slow and steady wins the race !!! Yes, I am so disappointed that Sean can’t see the crazy in Tierra – hopefully she gets sent packing tonight. Ya know, my arm was sore all weekend…felt the spot this morning and there is a knot in it ….but as I say, better safe than sorry

Victoria – glad to see you back on here, although I don’t feel as though I’ve missed you since I see you on fb…I am jealous of your house in the country, that is where me and dh would like to be…out and away from everyone …although in some instances, like with you walking, I can see where there is a downside.
Just get on the scale and face it, I had to after Christmas …it was ugly, but you just face your truth and move on ! :goodluck:

Dee – We don’t have anything planned for VDay as of right now :love:….we usually don’t do too much…my dh is a great cook so normally he will make me a nice dinner…but too crazy to go out around here…too crowded and just not relaxing. Your dancing sounds like so much fun, enjoy! I laughed at the 3 types of bacon, that’s awesome….I am a lover of bacon too…can’t get enough, so I normally have to stay away from it …mainly eat it in the Summer for BLT’s, with big ol’ fresh garden tomatoes, mmmmmmm ….my mouth is watering now. :drool:

Hi Mel, Liz, and LeeAnn :wave:

Food for Sunday 2/10
Breakfast – none
Lunch – steak tacos made at home, 4oz lean sirloin steak, pico de gallo, 2 T sour cream , serving of queso fresco, and 3 corn tortillas
Snack – blueberry yogurt
Dinner – toaster pizza – one serving

Have a great Monday girls ! :flow2:

02-12-2013, 11:13 AM
Bueller ? Bueller ? Where are my girls?

Food 2/11
breakfast: 2 whole grain waffles, 1 T peanut butter
lunch: left over steak tacos on low carb tortillas
snack: nada
Dinner: 3 slices thin crust pizza ( frozen made at home )
snack : serving of tortilla chips and hot salsa

have a good day ladies !!!

02-12-2013, 12:32 PM
Here! Feeling pretty yucky this morning. Have not gone to the bathroom in four days and retaining a lot of water. I am so bloated. We have walked about 20 miles these past three days and the scale has done nothing but go up. Staying OP food wise and drinking plenty of water. Just aggravating. I don't know why my body does this now and again. So, I just chewed four Fiber Choice tablets and drank some really strong coffee. Hoping that gets things moving. :)

02-12-2013, 02:51 PM
Happy 'Fattt Tuesday' Girls :joker::cookie: For Lent this year I am Not eating 'any type of potato chips' which will b hard for me because I buy myself a bag of Lays-Low salt chips each week & eat w various dips, including melted choc.chips :p I'm going to buy a Yonana frozen dessert machine for me for my B-day in March for a healthier dessert, I Luv fruit.

Carri I am sooo happy for your OP weekend :encore: & take another bow on your huge 2.5 lb loss :congrat: Hey, 'flan' is not junk, its got some redeeming-healthy ingredients in it, YUM! I would've ate 1 slice & had your guy eat it & take the rest to work or share it w friends/family so I couldn't eat a 2nd slice :^: Give your Grandma a hug from me & TY for raising a amazing daughter/granddaughter & tell her she has a 'fan' (me).

Alyssa, sorry about your poo probs. I ate 2 Tums after each meal for a few days to help my body digest & had a daily poo when that happened to me; because Tums have calcium I felt safe. LeeAnne said she takes PlumSmart for poo, I'm going to buy the PlumSmart& try it when I'm blocked again. Why not phone your doc & the nurse will tell U what to try :smug: I hope U have a great week w all the wonderful work U r doing to b healthy U r inspiring the rest of us here :thanks:

Susie, Good work w your 1 lb loss, alllll losses r wonderful :carrot: I know U r busy working otherwise U'd stop bye, so take care not to get stressed & let your immune system crash.

Ok, the Batchelor was great last night & I won't give details incase anyone missed it, but I saw a clip of Sean in a suit, like when the guys propose & he said "how could she do this to me", did anyone see that clip during the advertisements last week? I felt heart-broken & wish they wouldn't have aired it at all. The Taste is on tonight & Survivor begins this Wednesday night w fans vs past Survivor's. So these shows will keep us occupied from snacking @ night ;) Revenge was very good, so I missed the B.Loser so I read the recap online.

Breakfast: strawberry/rhubarb pie & glass of sk.milk
Lunch: choc. protein shake & spaghetti salad & ice water.
Supper: We ate @ a Mexican restaraunt: burrito, tostada, spicy soup & strawberry Margarita.

:wave: Victoria, LeeAnne, Mel, Liz

02-12-2013, 05:02 PM
I am FINALLY here! I have been busy with work and my own life--even when I am busy I think about you guys.

This week I have been all over the place with my food and exercise--and I hate when I am not in control of my schedule and then I don't focus like I want to.

I was journaling the other night and I asked myself this question " I am so succesful in so many areas of my life and I always seem to get done what needs to get done but I seem to be so unsuccesful with my weight loss, why is that?"

I know I need to explore this but not sure how or what to do? Any suggestions? You gals know me better than anyone with this issue so I am open to your thoughts.

Carri: :carrot::carrot: you stayed on plan! and I'm so proud of you for not giving in to your hubbby on the flan. You knew if you gave in, it would trigger something in you that would put you off track and so you stuck to your guns. good job!

Dee: Your Valentine Day celebration plans sound wonderful! Thanks for not giving away details of the Batchelor. I will be watching it tonight. I will watch for that clip.

Victoria: So glad to see you back here. As Carri said..just face it and go from's a number and one that you can change.

LeeAnne: Sorry to hear that you are having issues with "the go". That feels miserable. I have been there before. Be sure that you are getting good fiber into your diet and drink that water when adding fiber our you get concrete..

Ok..I better get back to work..only one more hour to go! Tonight I AM going to the Y and getting a walk in...I need to move!!

02-12-2013, 05:51 PM
Just got back from the grocery store and a 5 mile walk beforehand......bought a container of prunes. Desperate times call for desperate measures :)


02-13-2013, 09:37 AM
Morning ladies …I got out of the grumpy side of the bed this morning ….you’d think I was on my TOM …I feel like telling my best friend off for no reason …and definitely my mother in law ( but I have plenty of good reasons for that ) …hope I come out of the funk as the morning moves on …:tantrum::bomb::censored:

The Taste was good last night ...and speaking of grumpy, seemed Ludo was just wanting to argue huh? Haha

Alyssa – I have rarely in my life had to deal with constipation but I hear its awful …I hope things get “moving” for you asap. POWER TO THE PRUNES! LOL

Dee – I have thought about buying the Yonanas thing many times last Summer, they had them on QVC a couple of times last Summer, and as you know I am a QVC junkie …I still want one…maybe we both get one this year. Thanks so much for the kind words about my Grandma and me, you are too sweet. :hug:
I still haven’t seen the Bachelor from Monday, but I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about Survivor starting tonight …I love when they bring back allstars.

Susie – Exactly right on the flan, I did want some but I know for me that will send me into a spiral of bad eating for that whole day, then maybe the next, then maybe three …I have to choose my battles. Don’t worry about your plan being all over the place this week, I know you can get it all back in line. :goodluck:

Food 2/12
Breakfast: Fiber One Bar ( 140 )
Lunch : 3 crunchy fresco tacos from T Bell ( 450 cals )
Snack: handful of Goldfish ( 115 ) and pce of dark chocolate ( 60 )
Dinner: 1/3 cup Lloyds Bbq ( 115 ), bun ( 170 ) and ½ c cottage cheese ( 130 )
Snack: serving of corn chips ( 150 ) and serving of Chocolate goldfish ( 140 ) – I was awfully snacky yesterday huh ?
Total : 1470
**** I really want to try to stay around 1550-1600 per day right now and I just always seem to get in the 1400’s ……boo hiss ( as my Grandma says )

Have a great OP day everyone !!! :dust:

02-13-2013, 11:43 AM
WTH?!? I just sat down to eat a small snack, consisting of carrots and hummus, and nearly polished the whole thing off. Is that a binge :) I swear I'm hormonal right now. The slightest thing has been upsetting me these past few days. The constipation and water weight has really been a sore spot with me and my poor husband has had his head bit off a few times already. I was just frustrated not seeing the scale budge because of it. I seriously do not know why I just ate all of that, I wasn't even hungry. I think I'm mid-cycle right now (ovulating) and are us women more hormonal around this time?? I'm just trying to figure out why I just did that and why am I so sensitive these past few days.

02-13-2013, 01:24 PM
I can relate, but I am a binge eater some time ....I don't think its abnormal, a lot of us are emotional eaters and you are going thru some stress with the constipation ...don't worry about the scale because once everything starts moving down there so will the scale, its only temporary ....

be nice to your dh !!


02-13-2013, 05:13 PM
Well gals,i hear you loud and clear, tomorrow morning I will weigh in. I have done well all day. Gonna walk when d h comes home.

B toast w cheese
L cheese i was at walmart shopping
D tuna w mayo relish on tortilla
Took myvitamins, drank 32 oz wat e r, will work on other 32 now

02-13-2013, 08:05 PM
My DH just came home from work and brought me an early Valentines gift....he knows I've been feeling down :) He bought me a nice new pair of Nike running shoes that I would never have bought myself, because of the cost. He is the sweetest :hug:

02-14-2013, 11:34 AM
Morning Girls ….I had a cheat meal last night ( Chinese ) and I am still very full this morning….you know you ate a lot for dinner when you wake up the next morning still full, lol

I hope you all have a GREAT Valentine’s Day with your sweethearts …dh is making me a surprise dinner ( I think I told you he is an AWESOME cook ) …he comes up with recipes on his own and they are always good, so I know I am in for a good meal …I told him he will be fine with whatever he chooses as long as he remembers my love of all things carb, haha ….just for tonight …

Food 2/13
Breakfast: special K breakfast sandwich ( 200 )
Lunch: sushi ….seaweed salad ( 80 ), shrimp temp roll ( 300 )
Snack: Wheat Thins ( 150 )
Dinner: Enough pork fried rice for three people ( 5000 haha ) and two eggrolls ( ?? )
Snack: cupcake ( when in Rome, right? ) :rofl:

Later gals !!!

02-14-2013, 05:36 PM
Happy Valentine's Day :love: Girls

Vicki, nice to see U taking time for yourself again :smug: back into a healthy routine. Your family needs U to b healthy & happy w your body ;)

Alyssa, your hubby is a Keeper :val2: knowing a wonderful gift for U. I hope it lifts your spirits & your bod gets back on track.

Carri, yup Ludo had a 'terd stuck' :mad: being a grump. But I do laugh when he says Malarkey's :smug: name. When I eat food that's high-fat/carb/cals, I know {I'm not being smart, but I don't care, oh well; I ate silly @ that moment} I do eat 'silly/foolish foods' that r not the healthiest, see my menu logs, but we r Not Cheating. U r a sweet girl 'Not a cheater', U just eat 'silly' just like the rest of us. Um, what does 'seaweed salad' taste like?? I like the new pic of Les :D

Last night Survivor & Nashville were good, I don't have a fav for winning yet, do any of U? A. Idol, I like Nikki much more now that she's not being a diva, she's very likeable now :smug: some of the young girls were awesome singers :cool: last night.

Breakfast: 2 fried chicken fingers, 3 m&m cookies & 2 c. sk. milk.
Lunch: 3 fried chicken fingers, dill pickles & hot tea.
Supper: V.Day dinner out somewhere???

Day #2 of Lent: :o No potato/tortilla chips for me....

02-14-2013, 05:51 PM

Happy Valentines Day to all my Chickies (that is what I call all of you when my DH asks about the board)

I am happy to say that I have been OP ever since my last post. I was just in a funk and it looks like some of you are feeling the same way I was. I was just feeling "off". Carri and LeeAnn: I hope you both feel yourselfs soon!

Tonight is TOPS and I will weigh-in....I'll face it and go on. Also tonight we are having a KOPS graduation for our Leader who has reached her goal weight and is our Chapter Queen.

I took on the planning of the graduation---and Dee provided me a lot of direction! I think it is going to be really nice...Thank you Dee :hug:

Carri: you have to watch the Bachelor soon! It is good. I think you will like what you see.

LeeAnn: New Nikes!!! Your DH rocks!

Dee: I haven't watch Nashville yet but will over the weekend. It looked like a good episode.

Victoria: So good to have you back!

I had a 1/2 day vacation day that I have to use before March and I took it today to give me time to have things ready for the KOPS graduation and spent some time with my BFF--we have been BFF's since the 2nd day of Highschool--almost 30 years ago! It was just what I needed.

See you all tomorrow.

02-15-2013, 11:30 AM
Morning girls, how was your Valentines Day? Mine was AWESOME ...dh made me a fantastic meal and got me a card ( no candy as instructed haha ) ...nice night ....hope you all had a great one too

Of course didn't count calories yesterday, back on straight and narrow today.

Hope you all have a great weekend, just a quick pop in

02-16-2013, 09:07 AM
Good morning! It is a brisk cold morning here in Ohio today. We are taking the car to the Dealer to get the oil changed, and then we are spending most of the day with my father-in-law--it is his birthday.

He is going with us for the oil change and then we will get some lunch-I think he will choose Craker Barrell. After that he wants to go to Menards and look around. It will be nice to just spend time with him. I have a great father-in-law! He does a lot for us such as cleans our gutters, meets repair men at our house if we can't miss work, he helps me with the landscaping projects I do in the spring. He shovels our driveway and sidewalks if it snows when we are at work. He will be 77 today and he has so much energy and has to be doing something. He has been a widower for 12 years so we try to get him out and about as much as we can.

He also helps all the other "older" ladies in his neighborhood by mowing their grass and getting groceries for them. Can you tell I love him?

On Monday, my work has a new challenge to "get healthy". Teams of 4 signed up and we gets points for every 30 minutes of exercise, fruits and veggies we eat, 8 oz water we drink and then the throw in some big buckets like doing a walking the inside or outside trails with your group. I am looking forward to it as it will be nice to have so many in the building focusing on "getting" healthy.

My TOPS meeting was so nice on Thursday--we had a beautiful graduation for our KOPS. It makes one want to get back to work and join her in that status!

My gain wasn't as bad as I thought...only 1 lb. and I said to myself...NO MORE gains....I will stay focused and have a loss each week....big or small....only losses.

Carri: Your Valentines day sounded nice. I also got a card--and no chocolate as I directed. I also got a Itunes card (I was surprised) so I can put new music on my Ipod for my workouts. My DH is a pretty great guy!

How is your Biggest Loser contest at work going?

Dee, Veronica, LeeAnn, Liz, Mel, I hope you are all doing ok and look forward to your posts SOON!

Time to get this day started. Bye!

02-17-2013, 05:02 PM
Hi you'all :smug: just looking @ books today for my new kindle & I needed to check-in to b accountable for eating so silly celebrating V.Day. I should b outdoors walking my doggies, but instead I let them run outside to play in the snow. I'm feeling lazy & I just want to lay on a warm beach in my swimsuit letting the warm waves flow onto me like every summer :beach:. I can't wait for this crazy winter to b gone.

Ok, 'silly' is my behavior, because I did not eat sensibly. I had 2 servings instead of 1 serving & my jeans r my 'tattle-tale' by feeling snug today. We ate out V. Day & instead of getting a 1/2 order, I got a whole order which is 2 1/2 servings & I brought home half boxed-up & I ate that on Friday & we all know that restaraunt food is Not cooked nutritiously (lots of fat/sodium when they cook). Last night after the bar/dancing we went out for a midnight breakfast & I ate a delish southern fried steak w extras & a milkshake :p It's 3:55pm right now & my belly is still full from our midnight breakfast. No bloat, etc. just not hungry since I'm not used to eating more than 1 serving of anything or eating anthing after 8pm. My hubby ate a late breakfast, no church for us today. He's been grazing on choc.covered peanuts all day & flavored popcorn & I've just drank water/tea & a protein-shake w skim milk & strawberries to stay on-track. It is what it-is & I am in charge of what I eat.... I am responsible :moo: for Everything I daily do.

Susie, your weekend w your dad-inlaw is wonderful, U r blessed to have a man like him. It's great when the work company has health competitions. Ron's company has been going since 2005 & they give monthly prizes to employees, he's won gifts many times (good BMI, good cholesterol, etc) & it gives free lab-tests assessments quarterly & I take his monthly health newsletter to my tops club & read it (quizzes, puzzles, etc.) :goodluck: winning some prizes @ work!

Everyone here is doing great, We r doing this together & We r heading to the finish line; when we stumble we don't give up :cp: We re-focus & keep going :lifter::broc::running: We r all winners....

02-18-2013, 08:38 PM
Hi Everyone. I was one of those lucky people who had today off from work. I stayed home the entire day. I finished up laundry and relaxed with a book I'm reading. I also finished up some housework and I did some work too.

My work and development plan has to be done by the end of the month and these documents are very intense. I planned to only work for about 2 hours on it and I did--it's ready for my manager and I to look at this week and then tweak it but I made the mistake of opening my email just to see what tomorrow would look like (while our NA offices were closed today, they rest of our Global offices were not) and that was a mistake. I spent the next 3 hours cleaning up issues that all needed answered tomorrow morning...and my morning tomorrow is already taken up by two I answered the issues and rearranged things for my manager and now I"m tired AND I missed my workout!!! :mad:

I know I let those things happen and I'm mad at myself. However our new contest at work started today and I have done very well with getting my water in and my fruits and veggies....I'm looging my food in my Lose It App again. Everyday just working to stay on track.

I'm about ready to watch the Biggest Loser and then get to bed for some good sleep.

Dee: Being "silly" can be fun but then there is always those tattle tale jeans! ;):D You did great getting back on track. It is so good to hear from you.

02-19-2013, 11:36 AM
Morning Ladies –

Not much going on here, struggling a bit this week to stay OP …having some good days and bad …like Dee says I am making some “silly” choices…very silly at times…trying to be stronger today and do a lot better.

Dee – yes, my jeans always tell the first tale too, haha ….good way to gauge things…

Susie – good luck in your weight loss challenge at work …ours is going okay, some of us are steadily losing a little each week so I would say mostly it is a success…your job sounds so stressful to me at times…hope you get paid well , lol

I gotta go home and watch the Bachelor tonight, I am behind again …and the Biggest Loser ….hard to believe the Bachelor is almost over …I read online somewhere that he is currently engaged so I guess one of them did do it for him….we shall see !!!

Hi to everyone else !!!!

Have a great day !!!

02-20-2013, 10:14 AM
Morning Girls

I hang my head in shame……I just had 5 Girl Scout cookies for breakfast ( Samoa’s my favorite ) …I got nothing else to say about it ….

I have not had a good food week…

Saturday is my parents 40th anniversary and we are going to all celebrate together …I’m looking forward to it….should be fun…they don’t like huge parties and attention so we are not doing anything like that, just something simple ( and us being together ) that lets them know it’s a big deal. My parents are 57 and 58…they got married when they were BABIES literally …..haha ….

Dh and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this November, and we also got married as babies …we marry young in my family, lol …

Well I caught up on The Bachelor last night and I so didn’t see that coming …who he sent home…************SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t seen ********************* I really thought he liked Des, but I do think she can thank her brother for that one…he seemed like a real jerk. I thought that prank she pulled on him at first was funny, she really got him…is this coming Monday the finale? I’m just thinking he is going to pick Lindsay for some reason …who do you guys think ?

Have a good day ….here’s to a better food day for me…

02-20-2013, 05:16 PM

Carri :cookie: Congrat's for eating ONLY 5 Samoa’s. If U were out of control U would'a ate the whole box :?: Sooo 5 is a good 'stopping place' :smug: If U ate protein w it, I'd call it semi-healthy.
You had a non-thinking-silly moment thats over. Maybe get a notebook; because 'every page is a new day' to start logging your: 'morning-scale naked-weight; all Foods U ate (U don't have to log the # of fat/cals/carbs) just write the 'food' w a 'h'-healthy or 'j'-junk etc beside the food to easily read & see if U r helping your body or damaging-it; plus any activity or exercise U did that day. Logging in your journal is fun, I also have a calendar to record my daily weight before I get dressed, to stay accountable for my daily food :carrot: so my clothes fit nice.

Did everyone see the Batchelor on Tuesday; Sean was pissed after watching Tierra on TV. I read she's engaged to her rich LasVegas ex-boyfriend now, all the posts r giving him 'condolence congrats'. I also read Sean sees his new fiance' every 2 weeks @ the mansion. I feel the same as Carri wrote about 'Des' & her jerk-off brother, I really liked Des. My 2 fav final girls r: Catherine & AshLee. Spoiler alert, I read he proposes to 1 of my favs. I'm happy for them if that blog is correct, gossip is often wrong. I'll b watching the next 2 Mondays to see who leaves & then who he'll marry, the diamond ring he picks often gives it away by her style. I watched the Taste last night, I wish it was a 2 hour show. Tonight is Survivor so I'm snuggling in bed w my hot cocoa & peppermint sticks, it's been cold & windy all week long :brr:

Breakfast: chocolate Protein shake & a banana.
Lunch: 2 chicken egg rolls & 1 slice pizza from the grocery deli.
Supper: Lasagna & blueberry pie.
snacks: Hot cocoa & marshmallows.

:wave: Susie, Vicki, Alyssa, LeeAnne, Mel & Liz

02-20-2013, 08:23 PM
I have been doing well with food until today--I had everything in place for my Director's visit next week and then the big important meeting she was coming for is cancelled and now she isn't coming but she wants to have the meetings that she was planning on having via VCS--sort of like Skype but in these special rooms we have--so I'm back to the drawing to see if the rooms are available and also we need to have the meeting before 1 our time as the UK is 5 hrs ahead. The only good thing is that what I had to squish into 6 hours can now be spread over the week.

So, I soothed myself with about 6 pieces of dark chocolate--3 would have been enough. This happens right? I usually allow myself some sort of sweet at dinner but tonight I will tell myself that I have already had it.

I am pretty much caught up on the Batchelor but I didn't see the "tell all" show with Sean. I will get to it this weekend. I was disappointed that he let Des go. I thought he would let Catherine go. She seems ok and fun but I don't think she is really ready to settle down for marriage yet. I felt so sad for Des because he kept saying he didn't want it to be this way and she kept saying "then don't let me go" but he wouldn't say anything to that.

I like Ashley and Lindsay and can see him with eithier one.

Carri--you did good with only 5 cookies...Girl Scout cookies are eveil! lol
You are right that my job is stressful but I sort of thrive on's about taking care of people and I take care of a Director, a AD and in a lot of ways our entire Organization. I do like the pay too! I hope to support a VP one day and I hear that pay is pretty good to..and it should be! Also, I love my company and what we can provide to our consumers, especially when I get to see our products in other regions and see how they really improve peoples live where they don't have all the things that we American's have.

Dee: You are such a inspiration. I love what you said "get a notebook; because 'every page is a new day' to start logging your: 'morning-scale naked-weight; all Foods U ate (U don't have to log the # of fat/cals/carbs) just write the 'food' w a 'h'-healthy or 'j'-junk etc beside the food to easily read & see if U r helping your body or damaging-it; plus any activity or exercise U did that day. Logging in your journal is fun, I also have a calendar to record my daily weight before I get dressed, to stay accountable for my daily food so my clothes fit nice.". That is going in MY journal.

It is so nice to chat with Dee and Carri....but we miss the rest of you...hope to hear from you soon. to go pay some THAT is stressful!

02-21-2013, 04:03 PM
Susie said>[So, I soothed myself with about 6 pieces of dark chocolate] B happy w yourself!!! U added More 'anti-oxidants' to b healthier :D instead of eating a bag of chips :( w dip. Soo U did Great! I invision U accomplishing ALL your career & personal goals U do, your lifestyle is a typeA :cool: U r in the presence of fabulous women; Oprah said recently, she's a size 18 & happy wearing the teens & if she wanted to she could change the labels to read size 8; but she is not defined by her size.

:carrot: I also have a note on my notebook; it's a reminder to daily eat a protein w every meal & veggies & fruits & 2 liters of water daily. Junk food is a optional snack for me.

Carri, I know you'll enjoy your parents 40th anniversary family celebration :D But cal's/carbs do show-up on the scale sooo b good to your body & I remember U said U r diabetic :hug: try to stay OP because nobody wants U ill from lots of celebration desserts.

Tomorrow is Friday.... b Good to Yourself this weekend everyone!

02-22-2013, 10:32 AM
Morning Ladies, looking forward to celebrating my parents 40th anniversary tomorrow, doing last minute things today to get ready for it …

My eating has been no good all week …trying to turn that around ….got my blood work back from my dr and most were pretty good …my A1C and my fasting glucose numbers were a little high but not horrible…my carbon dioxide number was too low …don’t even know what that means but will ask my dr next time I have an appt …told dh I have got to start eating right and staying away from simple carbs and sugar for my diabetes …don’t want to end up missing a foot or on dialysis when I am in my 40’s or 50’s….I told him my problem is that I eat like I “don’t” have a problem ….like I don’t have diabetes ….need to start being more smart and turning things around…

I want to be able to be healthy for my 40th anniversary ( I will be 60 then, seems far away and crazy haha ) in the future.

Dee – yes I need to watch the sweets but I ordered my parents ( and mine ) favorite carrot cake for dessert tomorrow, a huge one …I’ll have a sliver I guess.

Susie – I agree with Dee, you could’ve soothed yourself with something much much worse…I would normally go for chips and dip …I always want that kind of food ( chewy, salty, bready ) instead of sweets when I’m upset or stressed …

I didn’t watch the Sean tell all show either …I think I would be okay with either Lindsay or Ashlee …I like Catherine but from what her sisters said, and how her mom acted, I’m not sure that she is truly ready for marriage and all that …could be wrong …but excited to see how it all ends…I think that the next bachelorette should be Sara ( I think that was her name, she was born missing part of her arm ) …I thought Sean really liked her at first, was surprised when he sent her home so early …anyhoo ….

Hope you all have a great weekend !!! I’m missing all our other girls that used to post a lot with us …come back !!!! We miss you !!!!!

See ya !!!

02-22-2013, 12:22 PM
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in a while.....been seriously discouraged about my weight. I have still been staying OP though. I've been really stressing over my current weight loss stall. I've been hovering around 204 now for 16 days. I've tried increasing my calories, decreasing my calories, upping workout time, decreasing workout time and so far nothing is working. I've had these stalls before but this is the longest.

I wrote in another thread about something I found yesterday while googling on weight loss stalls. It is a theory about metabolic setpoints. Supposedly they theorize that your body has a memory of sorts and when you reach a weight that you previously maintained your body will stall at that weight in an effort to maintain it again. I have to believe there is some truth to this because my previous stalls have all been at prior weights I held for a period of time.

As frustrating as it is, I'll just keep doing what I've been doing all along and eventually my body will realize that hey we need to lose some more and it will drop the weight off. I am already anticipating my next stall at 175 because I was that weight for a while also. But, maybe it will make it easier next time knowing why it may be happening and know it's only temporary. But in the meantime, come on already body, where's the whoosh!!

Oh, also we are going out of town (because of DH work) and I'll be without a scale for 5-6 days, which is probably a blessing because I've been obsessing and getting discouraged over that same ol' weight on there everyday. Maybe I'll come back to a nice surprise. One can only hope! Have a great day everybody!


02-23-2013, 09:11 AM
Good morning. I have a packed weekend. Hair appointment at 10 today and then babysitting my newphews tonight from 3-11.

Tomorrow there is church and a baby shower for my cousin. I won't be getting much done around the house this weekend. You all know how crazy I am with cleaning. I'll figure out some way to get it all done.

I have a.50 lb loss at TOPS. I want a 3 lb loss this week and so I'm going to have to stay very diligent about being on track. I can do this...I CAN do this.

Dee: You are correct that I am a Type A personality. It feels like a curse sometimes! I have to work at relaxing because I feel I should always be DOING something.

Did you find any good books for your Kindle?

Carri: You are so correct with thinking about your diabities and what you need to do. I want you to keep your feet too! :hug:
Have fun at your parents anniversay dinner and enjoy a sliver of that cake...and drink a lot of water!

LeeAnn: I think there is some truth in the set-point on your weight. I have seen this happen to people and it takes a bit of time to convience their body to get beyond it. Usually when they relax a bit about it, it will help. Lack of sleep and stress can play a big part in our bodies not letting go of weight.

While you won't have a scale for 5-6 days, you can still have your journal and you can still be active so do those things and relax and have fun...and having fun isn't about over eating.

Victoria: Where have you been?

Liz: How are you doing?

Mel: Very nice to see you in that old BIG prom dress on FB. You are a inspiration to us all.

02-23-2013, 06:00 PM
Hi girls, I just came inside from shoveling snow off our back deck. It snowed 3 days this week :(

Susie, Yes, Yes, U WILL lose more than 1 pound this week :cool: I understand your work ethics, I am your twin; except my hubby says I am a 'southern typeA' which means I must have some 'me-time daily, to chill-out & relax/play' otherwise I can't work successfully, I get stressed-out. (doing 110% work makes me happy) Jesus gets me back on track when I have a terrible day ;) & my doggies r daily comforting/calming. Baby showers r the best fun :smug: I hope John went babysitting w U to play w the boys. Oh, I loaded several Kindle books & games for the kids to enjoy when they r car-riding w us.

Carri, :hug: I Luv your positive attitude about your health :smug: U r Intelligent & U r a powerful person in charge of your body sooo rev up your engine & win your Indy race w your health :D Share w us this week about your parents anniversary party. And I hope U share your concerns w your family so they can help U through your health ups & downs.

Girls watch the Batchelor, Survivor, Biggest Loser & Taste this week so we can chat ;) I sooo Luv that Carri's parents r still together for their 40th anniversary :hug: & her grandparents can share it too as they gave her mom & dad to marry each other. So many marriages just don't make it that long anymore, because of death/divorce happening :(

I'll b back here on Wednesday, I have several of fashion/sewing client appointments this week.

Have a great week girls :smug:

02-23-2013, 08:09 PM
Oh my Gosh Girls, I finally got my actual computer hooked up! no more using the tablet to post, i actually started to hate using that thing! We went to walmart and got an internet thing so I can use the internet on my real computer!

Update: I did weigh in on tuesday at 218 wahh. I ate like I wanted to since a week before the wedding, we have a new puppy as of thursday she's a shepard mix, 3 months old her name is daisy. Scooter my 6 year old Jack Russsel Mix is not liking this.

I bought fruits and veggies and decided to weigh in every 3 weeks. my next weigh in Is March 13th. I hope to lose a decent yet reasonable amount of weight. I have also started cleaning my house a little everyday rather than none most days then going through **** to get it back to normal all in two grueling days. I have barely worked out and havent had one healthy meal in ages! I have missed chatting to you ladies so much and I am so happy to be back consistently.

My family is doing great , the wedding went well, it was beautiful, I love my house and my husband and the kids , my oldest has the flu and we're treating it with tamiflu. The baby is starting to get it I think I hope we'll all be ok. I was taking a video of myself and my face is ooking so fat. I have got to do this for my health I am going to be having a bday in 2 months and dont want to look back on that day like wow what a chunk . same for my wedding but ok, the girls are screaming! I'll talk to you all soon. Bye :D

02-25-2013, 08:01 PM
Hi Chickes!

The weekend was way to packed for me. All this working long hours and almost 6 days a week and then packing everything in on the weekend got to me.

I stayed home from work today because last night I had to have DH go to Walmart at 10 p.m. to get me something to help me "go". I won't share TMI but ladies it was miserable..and I kept thinking about LeeAnn and how she just went through this. I NEVER want to have to deal with that again. Relief finally came around 4 am but I am worn out.

Victoria: So glad to see that you have your internet and that you will be here more with us. Your plans look good!

Dee: Yes DH went with me to watch the boys. We all had a very good time.
I'll look for you after Wed. What are you making for your clients? I love to hear about your projects.

Carri: How was the anniversary celebration?

Alyssa: I think there is something to that set-point. I know a trainer and she talks about it

LeeAnn: How are you doing?

02-26-2013, 03:41 PM
Hi. I am feeling better today and am at work. I needed a quick break to clear my head.

I'm looking forward to going home tonight. I won't be going to my workout. I'm still pretty tired. You can bet I had a fiber bar for breakfast and some raw veggies at lunch and I'm making sure to get plenty of water in. I NEVER want to have another time like I did on Sunday night.

I hope everyone is doing well. Will look for/answer posts tomorrow.

02-27-2013, 11:53 AM
Morning ladies, sorry I have been MIA for a few days ….my parents anniversary went off without a hitch, had a great time …I think they were very surprised that we went to all that trouble, they LOVED the mantle clock we got them that was engraved with “Happy 40th Anniversary” on it …we took them out for a very nice dinner, they LOVED the food…and then did some shopping, then went back to my house where I had a table set up with the huge cake, a vase of roses for my mother, and their gift …the 40th anniversary is Ruby, so I had everything mainly in red with hints of black….I’m so glad it went well and that they had a good time…I feel like I can finally bring for the first time in a month, haha …trying to plan it all and get money from everyone was stressful …and of course no one could agree on what to do …so I’m just glad it was a great time for everyone and that it’s over ….now I can sit back and relax for 10 years until their 50th, haha…

Dee – I SO agree, no one stays married that long anymore …people ( especially celebrities ) don’t even seem to take it serious anymore …you took vows people, no one said it would be easy, lol …how long have you and your dh been married ?

I did catch up on the Bachelor last night …I’m glad that the one I wanted him to pick is still in the race ( Lindsay ) …I don’t know why though I get the feeling he is going to choose Catherine….I can tell he cares so much about both of these last two so I’m sure it will be hard on him …it was hard to watch Ashlee go, especially how she acted…but not sure how anyone would think she would act, I mean she just had her heart broken…she was gorgeous and I think she would have been good for him too.

I had to dvr The Taste last night so will watch that tonight …and probably catch up on Biggest Loser …I’m all caught up on Survivor though …

Victoria – SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to see you back on here ….you and I are weighing the same right now …but we aren’t so far from Onederland, we can get there ….new puppy huh? I remember those days, and they are hard …house training, whining, etc …but they are so cute …

Susie – “Relief finally came around 4 am but I am worn out.” ….I laughed so hard when I read this, made it sound like you had a baby….well and maybe it felt like you did, lol ….glad you finally got some relief. This sounds crazy but Taco Bell always gives me some tummy troubles if you know what I mean, so if I’m feeling backed up I go have some tacos …in 3 hours, relief !!!

Mel – dare I say it? You actually looked “skinny” in that old pic dress on fb ….gorgeous !!!

Alyssa – so glad to see you back on here, please keep coming back, we like to hear from you. I went thru a month stall last year when I hit 198 and it was so frustrating and miserable for me…no matter what I did , the scale didn’t budge…I finally stopped even getting on it, it did finally start moving again after I stopped exercising for a while ( don’t know if that really had anything to do with it but who knows ) …and it took about six weeks…so hang in there, this too shall pass …have fun with dh out of town, be safe.

I actually have been off work the last two days due to not feeling well …I’m feeling better now and hope to get my diet butt back in gear…I hate to say this but I’m contemplating going back to WW …the one year I was on that I steadily lost 2-3 a week and lost a total of 68lbs …the lowest I had been in years …I mean I know its virtually just counting calories by using points but it worked for me…so I’m thinking about it …

Have a great day everyone !!!

03-01-2013, 11:14 AM
Morning Girls !!! Yes TGIF !!!!! Long week ....

Dee - I almost fell over on the comment about Kate Gosselin ...I don't think she has had any kind of face work done ( obviously I could be wrong ), I mean she is younger than I am and I don't have a need for it ( yet at least lol ) ...she is only 37 years old :)
I'm glad she did give it to Kendra and Hank straight up ...that boy should be holding his own fork at three, geez ....although I love Kendra and Hank, I always watch their reality show....dwts I never watch for some reason ...I start off watching it and then lose interest ...I might try it again this year ...

want to say a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you ... 17 years, great job ...dh and I will celebrate our 20th in November guys must have gotten married later in life ...were you married before him or just waited to find the perfect guy ? I hope you have an awesome time with your family at dinner ...we have one of those places around here and I LOVE to eat there, love to pick out what goes in my bowl myself and then watch them fix it.

Hope you all have a great weekend !!!!

03-01-2013, 06:03 PM
I wanted to share this, it is on my daily inspiration TOPS calendar:

Spring is when you feel like whistling even when a shoe full of slush!--Doug Larson.

Spring is just around the corner ladies!

Dee: Happy Anniversay to you and your DH :bravo::congrat:
I hope your time at BD Mongolian Grill is wonderful and that DH of yours gets stars for bringing you those roses this morning.

You are so right that Susie needs playtime---just like those little puppies.
I am happy to say that I am doing MUCH better this week and things are working fine :o

I am looking forward to DWTS too. I am catching up on Revenge and Bachelor this weekend.

Carri: You said :I laughed so hard when I read this, made it sound like you had a baby….well and maybe it felt like you did, lol --. I never had a baby but I think it would feel like that! lol

I want to share that I lost 2 lbs at TOPS last night :carrot:

One last shout out....To Mel: Happy Birthday!! :bday2you::bday2::hb::woo::balloons:

Leeann, Alysa and Victoria and Liz---Hi!!!!

03-02-2013, 09:01 PM
Hi Everyone. I hope you all have been doing something fun and or relaxing today.

I cleaned house! I didn't get a chance to do much cleaning last week so my DH helped me and everything is deep clean and orderly once again. Makes me happy ;)

We did sleep in until 10 this morning (boy did that feel good). Also we took a break from cleaning and watched Revenge that we Dvr'd so I'm caught up. I was sad when Amanda died and Emily had to let her go into the water.

My birthday this year is on a Friday and my DH asked me what I wanted to do. I have a cousin who lives in the DC area and I have never been there. So I sent her a email asking her if they were free that weekend and would they like houseguests and to play tour guide. They said yes to all (they have been asking us for 3 yrs to come visit--after they bought their house) and so we are going! We will make a long weekend out of it and I'm pretty excited.

Now I HAVE to and want to get 20 lbs off by my birthday. There will be a lot of walking and so I want to drag arond 20 lbs less of me. I'm pretty excited.

Just wanted to pop in; we are going out to a late dinner and then going to Walmart to get some things.

I have a baby shower tomorrow afternoon (yes another one!) and then we have a special group coming to sing at church tomorrow night so we are planning to go to that.

I hope to see some posts tomorrow--it's lonely here.

Misti in Seattle
03-02-2013, 09:19 PM
Hi everyone

I started in this group once before but got sidetracked. :) But I am most definitely wanting to get to Onederland so checking back in again. I look forward to sharing the journey with all of you.


03-03-2013, 11:11 AM

Well I upped my calories last week while we were out of town and of course put on about 3 pounds. This was in hopes of breaking out of my stall I've been in for 3-4 weeks. I am back in the 204's and hope to keep going down. I've also been doing some intermittent jogging on the treadmill while walking, which has been really making me sweat. Hoping that helps with the weight loss stall also. The lowest I saw last month on the scale was 203.4 so I'm nervous about getting past that weight. I'm thinking if I can budge my way past that number it's all downhill from there.

Anyone watching Celebrity Apprentice tonight? It's one of the few reality shows I watch. I love that and Biggest Loser, never miss an episode :)


03-04-2013, 11:23 AM
Morning Ladies ...hope you all had a good weekend ...I am still doing so so with the food and did have soda over the weekend ...dang Wild Cherry Pepsi
:D But am gonna try and not have any today ....

Dee - Hope you guys had a great anniversary ...thanks for sharing your love story, it sounds very sweet and I love how you dote on eachother have something very special :)

Susie - GREAT job on the 2 POUND loss !!!!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot: Your birthday trip sounds like fun ...this year I turn 40 and we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary ( both in the Fall ) so we are thinking about combining them and going to LAS VEGAS baby !!! haha ...I thought that would be fun...but we will see ...I would like to have about 50 lbs off by then too ...wouldnt that be great ? :dizzy:

Alyssa - sorry to hear about the gain and the loss stall ....I know it will all work itself out and you will get over the hill to Onederland, sometimes I think we want it so bad , we worry about it, stress ourselves out over it , and then end up not getting there ...

I did watch most of Celebrity Apprentice last night but went to bed before it was over, so I didn't see who got fired ...hopefully not Bret :)

Have a good day girls

03-04-2013, 02:51 PM
Hi Ladies,

The sun is out and yet I am so sleepy! :yawn: I need to take a walk and get my blood going.

I am also very hungry today. I have fruit with me and I'm trying to let that take care of it. I have had breakfast and lunch so I shouldn't be hungry. I keep telling myself it's my body digging in those fat reserves and burning it.

Alyssa: I think you are right, once you get past that number things will take off again. You can do it!

Carri: Pour out that Wild Cherry Pepsi! It is so hard to get off that dang soda isn't it?!

I LOVE Vegas...not because I'm a gambler but I just love all the glitz there. I have been once and want to go back. When i was there it was mid October and very nice weather. So, have you used your Lose It app to see how long it will take you to lose 50 lbs. Come on girl..set that goal and start working towards. it.

Misti: I remember you; I find checking in daily and posting my update and posting to others responses helps me to stay on track.

03-04-2013, 05:46 PM
Carri-my puppy terrorzes my poor jack russel he is six and doesnt like to play with her,

Susie- I'm glad to be back, its a little harder to post as much now as I have to drve one way to my kids school 18 miles so its a long ride there and back then the puppy needs a walk and all , then before you know it i have to pick them up again. whew!~ todaay is my dads bday so i took hm out to lunch wherever he wanted , he wanted chinese buffet of course so that messed up my day but tomorrow will be better. :)

we went to a brazillian carnaval saturday night it was a blast i am soo sore from all the dancing , like 3 hours straight!

03-04-2013, 07:27 PM
Hey have any of you gals tried the grocery game , or flylady? they are pretty cool websites a little rough at first especially the coupon one I havent tried it in the store yet but i have been saving up my sunday paper coupons hoping to save some dollarss :D

03-05-2013, 11:20 AM
Morning everyone !!! I got good news ...I didn't have ANY soda yesterday and stayed OP day started off rough and snacky ( as you will see below ) but i was able to turn it around and make smarter choices for the rest of the day....was only over cals by about 50 or so ...rather than my normal 1000 or so, haha

Victoria - I saw your pic on fb of you rockin that dress and dancing looked great, and it seemed like a lot of fun ...I love to dance I haven't tried flylady but I have heard of it ...

Susie - yep, you heard me no soda yesterday ...thankfully I had drunk all the Wild Cherry Pepsi the day before, lol ...I have those days too, where I am just very hungry all day ...good thing you had fruit on you and were making good choices guys supposed to get any of this nasty snow storm we are getting ? We are in the 5-8 inches band ...who knows if we will actually get that much though ...supposed to start this afternoon and go all night ...

Hi Dee, Mel, Liz, Leeanne and Alyssa !!!

Food 3/4
breakfast: granola bar ( 190 ), 2 pcs of chocolate ( 130 ), handful of goldfish (70 ), handful of chips ( 110 ), 2 mega stuff oreos ( 180 ) ...told ya it started very hairy :D
lunch - low fat chicken salad on sandwich thin ( 320 ), with green tea (65)
snack - 2 cups smart pop popcorn ( 80 )
dinner - 4 oz beef au jus ( 160 ) and serving of potatoes ( 210 )
snack - greek yogurt ( 130 )
total for day - 1645

See ya ladies !!!!:hug:

03-06-2013, 07:31 AM
Thank you girl! I am loving how easy it is to keep my house in order, i'm in a big house now not the tiny apt and its more spread out so more cleaning.

i am getting my calendar out and starting my plan fresh today i have failed over and over , today i will start new. :D

i bought a new water bottle and today i'm buying a scale i wanna weigh in daily as i was looking at the national wight loss registry and they said the ppl who weighed in daily caught spikes in weight quicker than those who waited. so i guess my 3 week plan is out. i just wanted to see bigger jumps but idk anymore I was doing great with once a week. but i'm gonna buy my own scale rather than use the one at publix.

gonna drink my water and get my morning routine done , have a beautiful day ladies!~ :hug:

03-06-2013, 11:19 AM
Morning Ladies - nother OP day for me yesterday :carrot: So proud of myself for even making it these three days...each day is so hard at first are so hungry before you get into a routine of just eating that much...but I'm hanging on :)

Victoria - you are doing so many things RIGHT !! I know you and I are going to be in Onederland before you know it ....we both weigh the same so here we are on our countdown to 199 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got a lot of snow yesterday, and it was BEAUTIFUL to look at coming down so fast ...but not as much as they said we would get ...but still on my way to work today I just looked at the Winter Wonderland I was driving thru and truly appreciated it for how pretty it is ...gonna miss it, as I'm sure this is probably our last snow ...gonna be 51 on Saturday and sunny - I'm getting out my shorts, lol

Food 3/5
breakfast - Special K breakfast sand - 200, crackers -60
lunch - roasted chicken sub - 320 , light mayo -40, bbq baked lays -140, choc piece - 65
snack - slimful bar -90 ....dont bother trying didn't work like commercial says of course
dinner - cup and half of beef stir fry - 180 ...1/2 cup brown rice - 110
snack - english muffin - 120 ....jelly -100
total for day - 1425

Have a great day ladies !!

03-06-2013, 09:33 PM
Hi. We had 6 inches of snow and it was so pretty. I can't believe I'm saying that about snow! I am hoping it is winters last hur-ra. :D and then Carri can get her shorts out! :carrot:

I am still dealing with hunger and I have no idea why. I'm trying to up my protein--I'm not sure it is helping. I'm trying to make good choices but I have had some ice cream every night-it might show up on the scales tomorrow. I sure hope not. I'm getting back on that train tomorrow with both Carri and Victoria. I will start logging my food in my Lose It app and being accoutable with posting it here. That is what works for me...I know it and it's time to do it.

Dee: Are you ok.?...missing you!

Victoria: I saw your picture on FB in thqt, hot, hot! Looking good lady.

03-07-2013, 10:30 AM
Morning Ladies ….I’m STARVING this morning …and what I brought for breakfast ( grabbed a Special K breakfast sandwich from my freezer on way out the door ) does not look appealing at all …don’t you hate when you bring something to work to eat and the thought of eating it makes you want to vom ? lol
It’s depressing me, haha

Had a good OP day yesterday …still think I need to pay attention and be more around the 1600 mark for right now…some days having trouble with getting that high….

Susie – we all have those times and they are hard to get thru, but persevere because it will be worth it when you come out on the other side …I REALLY push water and fiber doing those times…a low carb tortilla has a lot of fiber in it, so I will normally try to work that into my meal as either a wrap with turkey and cheese or even just spreading peanut butter on one and eating it as a snack …I prefer the Mission Carb Smart one’s ( I get them at Kroger but have also seen at Walmart ) …one tortilla has 13 grams of fiber ! And that sticks with me for quite a while …especially if you have two at dinner for tacos or something …well and you might end up in bathroom more a little too, haha

Food 3/6
Breakfast – special K breakfast sandwich ( see why I’m getting sck of it ? had it too much this week ) 200 plus 30 cals of goldfish crackers – ( 230 )
Lunch – Einstein Bros turkey and cheddar sandwich on a bagel thin ( 330 ) and some chips ( 160 ), green tea ( 40 )
Snack – Fiber bar ( 140 )
Dinner – 2.5 oz pork ( 250 ), parmesan couscous ( 170 )
Snack – bagel thin ( 140 ) , 2T light cream cheese ( 60 )
Total for day – 1520

Have a great day ladies !!!

03-07-2013, 10:38 AM
Hey ladies! Good morning. Nice and sunny here in Illinois this morning. We had about 1-2 inches of snow that fell the other day but quickly melted. The next few days are going to warm up close to 60's and I will be taking full advantage of it by walking outside. I absolutely love to walk outside. I find it very peaceful.

Weighed in this morning at 202.4, hoping this downward trend continues. Getting nervous the closer Onederland approaches for fear of another stall. Just being paranoid I guess.

I just made a yummy omelet this morning of 3 eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, shitake mushrooms and chopped salmon (leftovers from dinner). It was very filling and satisfying.

Now to get this day underway! Have a good day everyone!


03-07-2013, 10:57 AM
Susie - sorry, the Mission tortillas are called "Carb Balance", and they are good.

Hi Alyssa - you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close will be in Onederland in no time ....I live in Indiana and our weekend is going to be warm and sunny too, I am gonna get out and walk also...cant wait for warmth !!!

03-07-2013, 03:37 PM
oh my gosh what is it about me that cannot stay away from everything i shouldnt , literally every single day i have said ok i 'll start again tomorrow after messing up, i'm so tired of it after but druing idk i'm likr an addict. i have got to get my mind right. i swear i do .

03-07-2013, 08:13 PM
Hey Girls, TGIF tomorrow :cool: sounds like we alll r ready for some sunshine after a crazzzy winter & you'all plan to go walking.

We had a fun anniversary weekend @ our sons & I brought 2 yr (January) baby boy home Sunday. He speaks sentences as good as his 5 yr brother & says 'please' whenever asking & hugs w kisses if anyone looks sad & 'excuse me for burping/farting', 'God Bless you', etc. in his tiny sweet-baby voice. His mommy has done beautifully teaching him & I'm sure he copies his brother & sister also as role models :smug: We slept on a air-mattress in their livingroom Sat. night & Sunday morning our gr.babes tip-toed around our bed & served us glasses of orange juice & German choc. cake while mommy & daddy slept. They couldn't cut the cake so they brought the whole cake w 2 forks :T I went to the kitchen & got plates/forks for all of us to share.

Gotta go give baby his bath now, dh won't do it.... B back later to post.....

03-08-2013, 08:32 PM
Hi Everyone. A lot of sunshine in Ohio today. It felt so nice to see it and I hear there is more on the way with temps in the 60's on Sunday...but some rain coming that night. I'll get out and enjoy it as long as it is there.

DH and I are doing some house cleaning tonight. We are having dinner with some friends tomorrow night and we want to make a stop at JC Penny's to get DH a new shirt and tie for Easter. He only wears his suit to church on Easter and Christmas and then to weddings. Other Sunday's he just wears a dress shirt and dress slacks. I ordered a Easter dress that I found in a magazine that I liked. I sure hope it looks good on--it did on the model! ;)

Carri: Thanks for the recommendation on the tortillas; I will look for them.
I saw on your menu that you had parmesan couscous...did you make it? I love couscous but usually only eat it "out".

Alyssa: You are doing very well and getting very close to your goal. Keep focused, you can do it! Enjoy your walks outside.

Victoria: Come on can get your head on straight....I know you can

Dee: So good to "see" you. I loved reading about your time with the grandbabies. That 2yr old sounds very sweet. I know you will enjoy your time with him. I bet he will keep you on your toes! ;)

So at my weigh-in I had a .75 lb gain. BUT I had a 17 lb loss for the year last year..even with all my ups and downs. I didn't realize it totaled that. to get off here and get some more cleaning done.

03-11-2013, 11:15 AM
Morning Ladies ...lovely weekend, yesterday was beautiful mostly sunny but the wind was a little much ...but it hit 63 degree's so I'll take it !!! :cool:

Victoria - I'm having same issue, do great for days and then go off plan for days...was off for the last three days...I'm hoping we can both turn it around soon :hug:

Susie - yes, I make it ...there is this box I buy at the store, it is near the rice and you make it yourself, it's so good, look it up next time you are there

Just a quick post girls, hope you all have a good day ...and I hope to have an halfway OP day. :D

03-11-2013, 06:36 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies~ I am happy to report that I am starting fresh again. I finally bought my scale today. I weighed in on a digital scale at walmart a few days ago and it said 226 so i thought it was way off and i shouldnt buy it. well i went again and it said 230. OH MY God, i weighed my daughter and it was right for her, i got off and got on again. I said wow i have got to buy this scale and do something about this. I did know i was gaining because my pants are all very tight and I look bloated but i kept pushing that to the back of my head and focusing more on my makeup and hair. what a mistake after all that hard work! ok, went for 2 short 15 minute walks today, I ate toast and cheese for bfast, chili and salad for lunch , and the same for dinner with 4 chips. gotta drink the rest of my water, find my calendar and mark DAY 1 really big on it in front of my toilet. (the first place i go in the morning.) so my mind is in the right place for tomorrow morning, I feel really disappointed, even ashamed to tell you guys this after being so close, 207 i mean comeon that means i have gained 23 pounds, thats more than where i started~~ jeez. ok time to move on i know. i know it doesnt help that my period is coming soon but hopefully by next week i'll be feeling better about my self . I am so glad to have you all here. :D keep up the good work and be good to yourself and your families. we are all so lucky to be alive everyday and to see the sunshine and have fresh air. I know it will all be alright i just need to stay on top of myself or i lose control and get bigger again.
talk to you all in the morning

03-11-2013, 08:12 PM
Hi Ladies--I am so sick. I have strep throat. It took me down fast. I work up yesterday and had this achey feeling and my throat hurt. I tried to get ready for church and just couldn't.

Took my temp and it was 104! I went to urgent care, they said "strep" and gave me a zpack. I didn't work today. I'm feeling a bit better and my fever is staying down as long as I take Aleve every 6 hours.

I'm also coughing my head off.

I'll be back when I feel better; hopefully tomorrow or Wed.

Take care everyone.

03-12-2013, 11:56 AM
Morning Ladies ...had an OP day yesterday and was really proud of myself :)
And the Bachelor shocked me !!!! I so thought he was going to choose my fave but it didn't happen ...but the one he ended up with ( not saying in case I spoil for anyone ) is great, they seem SO happy together ...I just read that Sean has signed up for DWTS now I might watch it this season, lol

Susie - so sorry to hear you are sick, I have had strep before and I know it is awful, take care sweetie and post when you can.

Victoria - don't be was hard for me to come on here after Christmas and say I had gained 26lbs ...from 198 to 224 ....and I felt like you too...but you can turn it around, you KNOW you can have faced it and now you move on !!!!

Food 3/11
breakfast - fiber one bar 140
lunch - kfc chicken bites - 200...sauce - 35, starbucks green tea - 65
snack - smart pop popcorn - 120, pce of choc - 65
dinner - bagel bites - 410
snack - Glucerna choc healthy shake for diabetics - 180 ...wont be doing this again as I read on the back and it has artificial sweetener in it of course
total for day 1215 - way under, will be more on it tonight

03-12-2013, 03:16 PM
Hey gals! How is everyone?

Susie - hope you feel better soon. Strep throat is absolutely miserable. Try and keep up the fluid intake.

Carri - How is your weather in Indiana? Not too bad here in Illinois, looks like it will be warming up here next few days. Come on Spring! Did you watch Biggest Loser? Holy cow, Danni, lost 20lbs past 2 weeks!

Hi Victoria and Dee!

I'm still holding in the 201's (201.2) today, again :) I swear these have been the hardest 5lbs to lose, ever! This sounds weird but when DH and I took our long walk on the trail the other day my weight loss stalled. Doesn't make sense. We walked 14 miles in two days and nada on the scale. Not the first time it has happened either, maybe it's just a coincidence, who knows, I just find it bizarre.

I just got back from the grocery store, the produce area needed some serious re-stocking, it was slim pickings there today. I did buy some asparagus that looked really good. We will probably have that for dinner along with the salmon I bought. Yum!

Have a good day ladies!


03-12-2013, 03:27 PM
Hey guys! just a quick check in, things are going ok here 228 today, I accidentally typed 118 LOL , ok so tomorrow i'm gonna start exercising again faithfully like i was before, i'm gonna look for a track in my area because there are way too many dogs in this neighborhood i'm so scared, the other day i almost hit one with my car and there is an unleashed pitbull at the end of my road and i'm afraid of dogs i dont know lol. There is no way i'm going to the pitbull's house to knock on the door to say "excuse me your dog is outside" lol I'll never make it!!

Cari! I"m so proud of you you had an op day thats good! i havent had an entire day OP in months! hopefully tomorrow will be though!

Susie- I"m sorry you're sick, I hope you will be feeling better soon, just relax and you'll be good as new soon.

Dee-Happy Anniversary~ your january baby sounds like my Adi she's 2 and speaks like a 4 year old , its so cute when she says bologna, she calls it beewoney. lol I love it~

Everyone, hi :) have a good day :D

03-12-2013, 03:49 PM
Too funny, I have a 2 year old also! ........and also 8, 10, and 11 year old :) Yes, before you ask, I am done! ;)

03-12-2013, 04:24 PM
Hi Girls, nice to b back after my last crazy-busy 2 weeks :cool: All the rain we had got into our underground telephone line & my computer-line connection keeps dropping :(

Susie :val3:get well soon, U r in my prayers! The worst is over now, but U will b loosing a few pounds while U r on RX & have soothing drinks & U get to catch-up reading & take naps while on bed-rest {bonuses} ;)

Carri, I'm happy for U being OP :carrot: those days take lots of thought. I hope your work contest is helful to U being back on track. Did U join WW while its still free membership? I like their online recipe site.

Victoria :hug: U r not alone w your food war. It's like last weekend on our 1 hr drive home, my dh got off the highway exit to eat @ Kentucky Fried chicken. He ordered a chicken meal & I sat & drank ice tea while he ate; & then I had him drive me to Subway a mile away & I got a 6" flatbread sandwich & I ate it while he drove us home. I could've ate @ KFC but it would've been high in cals, salty, etc. nomatter what was on the menu. Sooo we gotta make 'Choices'. I was on Weight Watchers once & they talked about eating what U want, but make it Healthier & about banking points, [cals] for days U needed more food & portion control/eat just 1 serving size or 1/2 serving size; well I decided to put those steps into my daily life & I'm doing pretty freaking good w staying in my size 10 for years now.... Miranda is back wearing her size 8, mommy of my 2 yr old grandbabe & 3 kids & instead of making a 'key-lime pie', she makes a 'yogurt key-lime pie' etc. & uses my healthy lo-fat/lo-carb recipes for her family & they love the food.... Anyways b happy w yourself for taking daily steps to b healthy again & becoming a role-model for your family. Make your weekly menu healthy & keep your snacks in eye-sight to keep U from straying & eating a no-no food. Maybe try WW, they r advertising a join for free right now; even if U can only go to a couple of meetings its a good start, instead of procrastinating. Please don't b mad @ me for talking so much, I just want to support U :cheer2: & encourage U. If U mess-up w 1 meal, just get back on track w the next meal.

Hey, 'The Taste' ends tonight & I'm cheering for team 'Malarkey' :smug: 'Wife Swap' will b hilarious tonight :D The blog I read was right about Sean & they'll have beautiful babies & I teared-up after she said 'I love U' & followed him & he said nothing back :( I cried when she spoke w Sean's dad & she teared-up & again during Sean's proposal. Like they said a very 'emotional' 3 hr finale. Soo cool like Carri said about him & DWTS announced today.

I gotta go do some work now, take care :wave:

03-13-2013, 11:29 AM
Morning Ladies …I had an OP day yesterday till about 8:10pm and then sort of had a minor freak out….these early OP days for me are a struggle…I don’t really get into a solid pattern until about two-three weeks…so it’s gonna be hard …poor dh, he wants to make me happy but still doesn’t want me eating crap…he walks a fine line , lol ….

Anyone watch Hells Kitchen last night, it just started last night, was a two hour show…I had to dvr the second one so I don’t know who left yet, will watch it tonight. Looks to be a good season.

Alyssa – four kids !!!! Yikes…you are busy I bet. I came from a home of four kids and it was great…I love having so many siblings…but I don’t have any kids so maybe that messed me up – just kidding.
We were having pretty good weather here but last night it started snowing and it has been doing it all morning…temp was 28 on my way to work, brrrrrrr, I’m sick of cold weather that’s for sure…sick of wearing a bulky coat to drive in.
No, I didn’t make it to watch biggest loser since I just caught up on some other things…that is another show I’m gonna catch up on tonight …so excited for them all though…wonder if it will come on again in the Fall this year?
And Alyssa, I got to tell you, and this is no joke….last year I was losing a steady 2 lbs every week without exercising…then I started doing zumba classes twice a week and didn’t lose a single pound in over a month and a half….why this happened I don’t know, but that is the only thing I changed…as soon as I stopped exercising I started losing again….now I know that exercise is what’s best for us, but I’m just sharing my story – because it does happen.

Dee – good to hear from you again. No, I didn’t join WW …I figure why pay someone for something I can do on my own …at least once I get my head in the right place.

Victoria – well almost another OP day yesterday – hope we both have one today !! And I don’t blame you about not walking outside due to the dog…better safe than sorry.

Susie – hope you are feeling a little better.

Food 3/12
Breakfast: cereal and lactose free milk – 330
Lunch: ½ baja chili salad from Wendys and starbucks green tea – 470
Snack – handful of goldfish – 90, pce of chocolate – 65, popcorn – 120
Dinner – chicken in low carb tortillas – 390
And then I started snacking:
Toast with butter – 230
5 tortilla chips – 70
Poptarts – 400
Trail Mix – 300
*** yeah I told you my day ended badly
*** total for day – 2465 …boo ….it is what it is ….

03-13-2013, 08:51 PM
Ladies, still under the weather here. I"m working and coming home and that's about it. DH is doing the same. We almost made it through the winter without getting sick like this :mad:

I'm enjoying reading the posts and will post as soon as I can actually think straight...all this coughing make my head spin.

We did get the vaporizer out last night and it really helped us to sleep which was a big plus.

03-14-2013, 11:17 AM
Morning Girls !!!! Was OP yesterday :carrot: ( congrats to myself ), I'm just taking it one day at a time and thankful for each night that I can go to bed and know that I did good "that" day...

Susie - I had that awful mess in Dec, so I know what you are going thru...dh never did get thankfully, but I slept and stayed in the spare bedroom...didn't want to get him sck...I know each day you will feel a bit better...but it was like a month before I ended up completely rid of it since it ended up turning into bronchitus. Hugs to you :hug:

Food 3/13
breakfast - fiber bar -140
lunch - Subway roast chicken with ff honey mustard - 360, baked chips -140
snack - smart popcorn - 190
dinner - homemade frittata with farm fresh eggs ( mmmm ) - 350 and an english muffin - 120 , with one T butter - 100
snack - granny smith apple - 95 ,,, 5 cherry choc M&M's - 50
total for day - 1545

Have a great day everyone !!!

03-15-2013, 11:12 AM
Well, after 1 year and 2 months I have FINALLY made it to Onederland :carrot: It has been a long journey to get here and I can finally concentrate on getting to my goal now instead of just getting under 200. I was so thrilled this morning I took a pic of the scale :)


03-15-2013, 01:14 PM
First things first ......................CONGRATS ALYSSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:carrot::carrot::carrot::jig::jig::cb::cb::cp::cp: :cheer2::cheer3::cheer2::cheer3:
I know how great that feels, I've done it a few times and like you I always take a pic of it ...I hope to take another pic soon and this time not have to do it again.....................I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you !!!!!!

I had another OP day yesterday and I am thankful again for that...we are having a pitch in ( right now ) at work and I am trying really hard to stay away from all of the desserts...I actually brought spinach turkey wraps for everyone and that is what I'm having with some baked bbq chips and some green grapes for my dessert ...if I can stay away from all the goodies until 2 or 3 when they put it all away I will be good...wish me luck :crossed:

I am SO glad it is Friday, can't wait to sleep in tomorrow....this DST has done me body is having a hard time adjusting...

Food 3/14
breakfast - left over frittata - 265, handful of small crackers - 25
lunch - chili -220, 4 nuggets -180, and one saltine cracker - 25
snack - smart popcorn - 200, square of dark choc - 60
dinner - chicken wrap ( 1 and a half of them ) - 350
snack - greek strawberry yogurt - 130
total for day - 1455

have a great weekend everybody !!!!!!!:rain:

03-16-2013, 05:10 PM
Thank you Carri!! I actually made it to 198.8 this I will say I have a foothold in the 190's :)

We just got back from Target and Sam's Club, well Saturday at Sam's they have all the free samples. Kids more or less had lunch just walking around :) Of course I had to try a few things so I'm counting that as my lunch as well.

It was really nice here yesterday so we took a nice 7 1/2 mile walk. Cold front seems to be moving thru now and the temp is dropping. Will have to get our walk in sooner than later.

How is everyone else's Saturday going? Have a good day!


03-16-2013, 11:27 PM
Hi Everyone,
I am among the living. DH and I went back to the doctor yesterday and we both were put on a different antibodic and DH was also given a steriod and we have a cough syrup to help have a productive cough instead of this "barking" we have been doing.

I must say I feel 10 times better today and so does DH--we haven't ran a fever for over 24 hours now--Thank goodness!

Alyssia--I am SO Happy and PROUD of you for making it to ONEderland. You have worked hard and accomplished a great thing for yourself.

Carri: Look at you having all these OP days! Go Carri, Go! Were you able to stay away from the goodies?

Victoria: How are you doing? Did you find a track you can walk on so you don't have to deal with those scary dogs?

Dee: Missing you!

I plan to start logging my food again tomorrow and countig calories and posting them. I must get started back on track.

03-17-2013, 03:23 PM
Hello Girls :luck2you::drinkup::patrick: my paternal-grandparents r from Ireland so its been a hard~long 2 weeks leading to St.Pat's day w all the starches, etc but I did make a few of my reubens w turkey instead of corned-beef & they were yum & I switch my bread & used low-fat thousand island dressing & saved about 400 cals :smug: on my huge 2 serving-size sandwiches. Plus other yum traditional Irish foods I try to make slimmer or eat 1/2 serving during these weeks & lo-cal beer. All of America is Irish this weekend :patrick: We entertained w green beer & green-tinted gingerale & mint-green milkshakes for our guests this weekend & had a Irish pot-luck party :lucky:

Alyssa :cheer2::flow1::cheer3::yay: on hitting the One's & w cooking for your family makes it hard :dizzy: because they will sneak into 'our diet' food & treats. Sometimes I buy/make something I know my dh/others don't like, so I know when I want to eat it, I know it will still b there @ my meal time ;) Congrat's on counting Sam's as a lunch instead of a snack :cp: & your lonnggg walk, wow that's impressive!!! What state do U live in?
Carri, great going w being OP sooo many days :tape::encore: Soon U will b back in the 'One's again too :dancer:
Susie :hug: I'm glad that U & dh r feeling much better now. I have to get back to posting meals daily also, because I've lost interest in being @ tops w all the clicky groups & I simply won't join in their gossip so I plan to quit this month & my dh doesn't want me to join another club because of the 6 yrs I was a officer in this club, I'm just burnt out. I hope U take good care of yourself when U go back to work Monday; do U know when the finale' of Revenge is???

Girls, U gotta post for 'all of us', your tips for losing & staying OP :dancer:

Victoria, do U go by 'Vicki, or Tori' also? Have a great week :hug: w your little girls, dh & doggies in your beautiful warmmm state, U'll get into the 'One's again soon, your family will see to that w all their energy :trampo:

03-17-2013, 03:45 PM
Happy St. Patrick's Day ladies!! :kissluck::goldpot::drinkup::irish::luck2you: :patrick:

Thank you so much everyone for the congratulations.....I sooo appreciate all your encouragement and support!! :grouphug:
I weighed in at 197.8 this morning, getting deeper into Onederland :)

Dee - all that food sounds sooo wonderful. My DH is mostly Irish but we usually just do the standard fare of corned beef, cabbage and red potatoes. I love stocking up on the corned beef this time of the year because they tend to be cheaper. Love them!
I live in Illinois. It's colder here today, was snowing pretty good earlier. They always have a huge St. Patrick's Day parade in St. Louis (which is 45 min away) every year, haven't been to it in a while, but it's a lot of fun.

We picked up some nice looking ribeyes at Sam's yesterday so grilled those up for dinner last night. Made hot dogs for the kiddos. Had 1/2 of a leftover steak for part of my breakfast this morning :)

My walking buddy, DH, is out of town working this week. So it will either be the treadmill or pushing our 2yo in the stroller during the day if the weather cooperates.

How is everyone else doing today? :wave:


03-17-2013, 04:41 PM
Hello! I am feeling better each day. Still coughing a lot but I'm cleaning this house, and washing everything that is washable that we have touched and spraying lysol on everything that can't be washed.

I have two more loads of laundry left and then I am done!

Dee: I am looking forward to logging on tomorrow and seeing what you posted for your meals. I'm sorry to hear that your TOPS group isn't supportive to you anymore--it's have us! :hug:

Alyssa: It can be hard to keep up the exercise when your workout partner isn't with you (I know..when mine has something to do and can't make our workouts then I just want to not do it--especially in this cold, gloomy weather) but don't let yourself get into that rut...get on the treadmill and work hard and look sexy and tonned for your DH when he gets back. ;)

Ok..back to the housework...see you all tomorrow.

03-18-2013, 02:25 PM
Dee- you can calll me vicky or tori whichever you like, noone ever calls me tori but i think its cute, lets try that :D . Glad to see you're doing good. :)

Susie-I didnt find a track yet but i also havent looked very hard since my last post, it has been busy here at home between the housework and time with friends. I am wearing my workout clothes and need to workout! my dad came by to pick up my 2 year old Adi so i will go to my workout as soon as i'm done here.

Carri-Awesome job on another OP day girl. you are in control. Hi 5!!

Alyssa! great job , i know you must be so excited, that just makes me even more excited to see someone doing it! :hug: great work!

Ok ladies, will see you soon!
weight today was 227.6 my ambitious goal for friday is 224.6 thats 3 pounds on a beginning of a low carb diet so it should be attainable.

talk to you all soon. :D

03-19-2013, 11:23 AM
Morning LADIES !!! Sorry I have been MIA for a few days...but I have still remained OP and even was thru the whole weekend which is a BIG deal for me...last night I did go over about 400 cals but I need to do that once in a while to keep my body guessing , haha

I didn't watch the B Loser finale yet but did see online that Danni won, she looks amazing :carrot:

Alyssa - I usually feel pretty good after I get below 195..then I feel like if I gain a couple I will still be under 200 :D You are doing so great.

Tori ( I like that ) - I have done low carb before, and you can lose weight very quickly, but it's just hard for me to sustain, especially being a diabetic, my sugars get too low and then I need to up them, and sugar is the only thing that raises it quickly dh loves low good luck with it, if you have any questions let me know...I did it for quite a while a time ago.
Love your new attitude, I think you are gonna really start losing now :hug:

Hi Dee - my dh is irish too ...and it really shows in his red beard, haha ...the hair on his head is brown, but his beard always grows out red, haha...I tease him about it, he's a cutie.

Susie - so glad to hear that you are feeling better, sometimes it does take a while...dh says he has a cold and is feeling worse today...I REALLY hope I do not end up getting it, I am so sick of sickness.

Well tomorrow is the first day of Spring and it says our high temp for the day will be around 32 that doesn't sound like Spring to me... :cool:
I don't think warmer temps are ever coming, lol

Food 3/18
breakfast - Bellavita Biscuits - 4 pack - blueberry - 230
Lunch - three fresco style tacos - 450
Snack - half a bologna sandwich - 180
Dinner - piece of tilapia with light breading - 200, mac n cheese - 300
Snack - cherry poptarts - 410, and choc milk - 230
total for day - 2000 cals

Have a great day everyone's freezing here and the wind almost blew me over, if you have the same weather, stay warm !!!!!

03-19-2013, 02:07 PM
Hello Everyone.

For those of us that watch Biggest Loser...did Dani look amazing?
Really I thought they all did.

I worked from home half a day today and then took the other half off as a vacation day. We are leaving around 4 to go to a WWE event tonight in Cincinnati. My DH is a HUGE professional wrestling fan and I got him tickets for his birthday. We haven't been to a live match in over 17 years.

I'm just so happy that we are both feeling better and can go.

No exercise yet for me but here is my food from yesterday. Dinner looks skimpy because it was. We thought our light bulbs in the kitchen were blown out and they were but we have more issues than that; we think it is a ballast that needs replaced. I have a electrician coming tomorrow-couldn't get one here today (of course not, not when I was already home), so tomorrow I'm working from home again (which is sort of nice)

3-18-13 FoodB=Special K breakfast bar, water
S=greek yogurt, water
L=1 potato skin with ranch dressing, beets, water
D=2 pieces of cheese, celery sticks, and 1 peanut butter egg, water

Tory: It's cute and I think it "fits" you. Share with us what your your low-carb meals are.

Carri: Do not get sick!! I'm tired of sickness and cold too. I'm hoping that spring will show up on Easter or right after. I think that it always takes Easter to get things going.

03-19-2013, 05:32 PM
Boy Susie, that whole day of food seems puny ,....must not have much of an appetite from being sick, lol

03-19-2013, 06:22 PM
Hey everyone!

Susie and Carri OMG did Danni look awesome or what?!? My jaw literally dropped to the floor when she walked out on stage. I actually couldn't recognize her for a minute, her body looks amazing and she's so muscular! They all looked great....another one that looked really good was Lisa. Wow!

Tori love the name....wish I had a cool nickname :) I have been doing low carb pretty much this whole time. So far it's what has worked best for me.

Weighed in this morning at 197.0 hoping it keeps going down, but TOM is around the corner so that point may be moot :)

I did take my 2yo DS on a walk this morning, in the stroller, only for about 2 miles. It was pretty cold and windy. Really needs to warm up here. I think Punxstawney Phil may have been mistaken about Spring being around the corner......

Talk at ya all later!


03-20-2013, 08:50 AM
Good Morning Ladies!
Weighed in at 226.4 this morning.
Breakfast will be a cheese stick and a slice of bread don't have a toaster yet, dont have butter . lol with my protein shake which is hi i n protein 0 carbs, its called syntrax and i buy it at vitamin shop, i only take a 1/4 of a scoop with each meal and in between so it comes to one and a 1/4 scoops a day. or around 100 calories but lots of protein.

LUnch will be grilled chix that i already precooked monday night for the week with salad, and my shake,

dinner will be more chicken but oven roasted chicken thighs with squash and zuchini

snacks in between will be protein shake also through out the day i'll be drinking 100 ounces of water or thereabouts. will be changing my name at the social security office then buying bright sheets ;) wanna make my room springy too! I hope you all have an OP day i havent yet, (at night I have cookies and milk) but not tonight! lol i'm going to brazil to visit my in laws in the summer or soon after and I need to look presentable , you know they're all skinny! lol I gotta do it for me too though and my family. have a beautiful day lady loves. tchau.

03-20-2013, 10:59 AM
Morning Ladies …not much going on here …just ate breakfast…my stomach was actually growling, haven’t felt that in a while…lol
I watched BL finale last night and Danni looked so good…I hope she can maintain this weight ( or within 10-20 lbs or so ) …they all looked really good…I don’t remember them saying anything about when the next season will start….did any of you hear anything?

Alyssa – yes Danni looked so good…I can’t believe that she didn’t appear to have any real loose skin …I saw a little in the arms when she waved them but not much…Jillian really toned her up good…plus she is also 26 I think so that always helps…it needs to warm up here too, so cold….I want to get out and walk sometime this year, lol

Tori – bread ? That’s a no no on any low carb diet, lol – although I guess looking at your menu for today you need some carbs…also be careful with salad dressings, a lot of them have a lot of added sugar, especially the lower fat ones – do you like deviled eggs? When I did low carb I used to like to make up a batch and snack on them when needed ( lower fat mayo )….it would be so AWESOME to go to Brazil, I’m so jealous ….yeah now you step it into gear so you can feel so good there and have a great time.

Susie – hope you are feeling even better today….and that you guys had a great time last night.

Hi Mel, Dee, Liz, LeeAnn

Have a great day all !!!

Food 3/19
Breakfast – Bellavita breakfast biscuits 230
Lunch – ½ ham sandwich on wheat with mustard – 190, cup of chicken tortilla soup -260
Snack – pce of dark chocolate -60, natural applesauce -50, and handful of goldfish – 90
Dinner – parmesan couscous – 220, 10 small shrimp ( plus some oil ) – 90
Snack – M&M’s fun size pack – 75, cereal – 160, milk – 100
Total for day - 1525

03-20-2013, 12:09 PM
Hi. In Ohio we don't know that it is spring yet--the sun is out but it cold! The wind is bitter cold. I will put up with this until Easter Sunday and then it better change! I think Easter is the true turning point.

We had a nice time last night. It was fun to see my DH act like a kid. We needed a night out like that. I sat next to the nicest man---he was very good looking and had cute kids. He was smart and talked to my DH too! He asked me about my hair and took a picture so he could show his wife. He said she was a red-head too and was looking to start covering her grey (he was grey too..and very distinguished...I guess they started late in life with kids) and he thought she might like my color and highlights and cut.

I would have thought that was strange but people stop me about my hair all the time.

Tory: Brazil sounds great! Keep on plan and work hard so you can enjoy yourself and feel confident when you go.

Carri: I didn't hear them say anything about next season for BL...surely they will have something.

Alyssa: I thought Lisa looked GREAT too.

Hi Dee!

Food for 3-19-13:
B=greek yogurt, and a Breakfast on the Go back of oatmeal clusers, and blueberries
L=2 cups of pasta with red sauce. One bread stick, 2 cups of asparagus
D=2 p of pizza
Snack:1/2 bag of cotten candy

03-20-2013, 04:03 PM
Hey Girls .....
Sounds like everyone is about to BURSt waiting for our 50*s-60* to b here :cool: Whoa everyone but me, is doing soooo great :carrot: here :woohoo: I'm sooo happy for U being on track.

Alyssa, U r doing sooo great :yes: especially w your dh working out of town. I love that U & baby r doing stroller walks & playing w the kids really revs up your metabolism :trampo: U said U wish U had a 'cool nickname' like Tori, well what color r your eyes, hmmm yours could b 'Aly green-eyes' or 'Aly blue' ;) Think about a name & get back w us :smug: Anything I do that keeps my hands away from snack-treats is a big win for me. Busy-busy & healthy eating keeps the pounds off me :o

Tori, TY for telling us what U do to loose weight :chef: To maintain my size I gotta make a menu plan like U r & follow it & also do make ahead meals for myself, like I did for my food clients freezers; I'm happy it works good for U too :smug: 'Brazil' wow how exciting :yay: for your family to visit your inlaws & experience the culture. U will look beautiful nomatter your size, don't forget about wearing sundresses & maxi-dresses for comfort, your dh's family doesn't expect U to fit in a bikini w having your 2 yr Addi. Sooo why don't U let your girls Help U make a 'visual' chart to stay OP daily w logging/charting & 1 food weekly only to b off-plan w. I've done that & I needdd to do it again w progress pics of me & new clothes I want to wear. Logging on my monthly poster-board chart was fun, but I'm a southern type-A, I also have playtime daily w family & me time.

Carri, do your parents live close, if your mom & sister r small that would b a fun incentive to trade clothes when U get their sizes. I remember your summers r crazy busy w your family-friends & the swim work-outs U did w your friend last summer did Fabulous things to your bod & your clothes were falling off your bod from losing :o Sooo U gotta b excited about it & the cook-outs w veggie kabobs, etc. I think U were in the 'Ones' :D [180's] last summer.

Susie, what a fun b-day night for your dh. I'd like to see a new pic posted of you/a head-shot :D Someday I'll take the plunge & get a short hair-do my dh said after he dies I can :dizzy: How many pounds did your WI @ tops show from being sick??? I agree w Carri about the lose skin from a biggg weight loss & being young. We've had ladies lose @ tops +80 lbs & they were over 50 yr & the ladies that lost it fast w/o exercising had saggy skin from face to ankles. My ex-sister inlaw had surgery @ 45 yr & lost 110 lbs & her thigh skin rubbed so she had a body-lift & looks great still wears a size 12 now 8 yrs later. My b-day is Saturday & I do 'not' cook all weekend. Brunch both days & dancing Saturday, we're broke since the kitchen remodel so nothing big happening. I reallllyyy wanted to do a trip, but my washing machine is 18 yr & on its final month, TY Sears Kenmore for a wonderful washer/dryer set [dh replaced the heating element 2x on the dryer otherwise till now 'no probs' w either :smug:

I am weighing 142 poundssss now :( A month ago I became a addict of 'peanut butter m&m's'. I eat a 10oz bag weekly now & also buy a slice of deli-pizza when I get groceries now.... Until the winter-spring mud & mess is gone I can't b active outdoors & burn-off the cals from my m&m's & pizza addiction. 'How' r you'all dealing w your addictions when U can't b busy outdoors to burn off the cals :?:

Have a GREAT week girls :hug:

03-21-2013, 09:02 AM
Hey ladies, got tired of bread, its really sucky to eat plain and dry anyway so i switched to saltines, only 2 anyway the low carb thing released a lot of water weight down to 222.8 this morning. yay.
have a good one!

03-21-2013, 09:03 AM
didnt get to read any posts cuz i'm going to leave right now to take my girls to school , be back soon to catch up. :)

03-21-2013, 10:43 AM
Morning Ladies….hope you all had a good night last night …anyone watch Splash this week? It just started, it’s where the celebrities are diving? I normally like all reality shows but I don’t know how I feel about this one…Kareem Abdul Jabar ( I know I’m not spelling that right ) was one of the celebrity divers and I thought he looked so old, they said he was 65 !!! I have to give it to him for being able to go and do the diving at his age…he did semi-well …none of them did that great honestly with their form …but I don’t know I may watch it next week too…I do want to see Kendra dive. I thought I was going to watch DWTS because Sean from the bachelor was on there but I just never get into that show for some reason…

So lately ( last 4-6 months ) I have really been noticing bags and dark circles under my eyes, don’t know what I am doing that is causing it…I think I get enough sleep ( 7-8 hrs normally ) …I don’t take a multi vitamin …so maybe I should try that …I’m 39 so maybe I am just suddenly aging bad, lol …………….who knows…any suggestions? Would prefer natural ones.

Another very chilly day here today….may reach 35 tops ….ughhh, where is Spring??????!!!!?????

Susie – yeah you and I have the same weather, the wind here is SO freakin cold and bitey ( is that a word ? haha ) …glad you and dh had such a great time….and I have often thought how much I like your hair…so it doesn’t surprise me that you get compliments on it…its gorg!! I saw online yesterday that they were going to be casting for Season 15 of BL very soon, if not now…so I guess there will be another season, just don’t know when …I’m hoping Sept like they used to do.

Alyssa – I think your nickname could by Lys, or Lyssa – it’s cute …I normally get called Carebear by a few friends, not sure how I feel about it though, lol.

Dee – yes, my family all lives within 25 mins of me, so I think that’s pretty close…and no me and my sisters and mom are all about the same size in clothes….and I hope to be smaller than all of them soon, haha…I did have a lot of fun last year with friends, and I look forward to hanging outside and grilling again this year…and getting in some pool exercises…I did get into the 190’s but would love to get way smaller this Summer …we’ll see…
Like you I also love M&M’s, but I keep it within reason by only buying the fun packs which are about 72 cals each …I don’t think they have them in the peanut butter one’s though….and I hear ya, I have had those and they are SO good

Tori – no low carb flu yet huh? Good for you….I always get it from the detox and feel horrible the first few days….you are doing a great job…and yes saltines are better than bread….you will probably lose a big chunk of weight from doing low carb.

Food 3/20
Breakfast – high fiber English muffin – 100, peanut butter – 125
Lunch – frozen Stouffers meal, swiss steak – 360, handful of goldfish – 40
Snack – dark chocolate square – 60, fiber bar – 140
Dinner – grilled cheese – 270, cup of soup – 170
Snack – pce of bread and butter – 245 ( guessing on this one, but I had a lot of butter so went high ), popcorn – 160, M&M’s-75
Total for day – 1745 – little over my 1600

Have a great day ladies !!!

03-21-2013, 12:04 PM
Good morning!

It is cold and windy here today! Like you said Carri.....where the heck is Spring? :)

Carri - no I didn't see last night's episode of Splash, I did catch the first one though since they had some of my Real Housewives on....another guilty pleasure ;) You say you notice bag and dark circles lately, I have noticed the same thing. Don't know if it is age, diet, lack of sleep ,who knows. Usually by mid-day it's better. I think I like the nickname family tends to use that one.

Susie - sounds like you and DH had a wonderful evening, it is nice to get out and enjoy some couple time like that.

Dee - no walking outside for me today, way too cold. I guess I will be hitting the treadmill in the basement, which I find boring. DH will be home tomorrow and we can get back to our usual routine. I love peanut butter m&m's, reeses pieces, peanut butter cups...anything with peanut butter :)

Tori - I like to use parkay butter spray on my toast, low in cal and better than eating it dry :)

Last night for dinner.....get this, I made fried chicken for dinner. The kids were really wanting it and I rarely make it, mostly because it's time consuming and messy. But it turned out really good. For the sides they wanted deviled eggs, corn, green beans and mac n cheese. It looked like the buffet at KFC here :lol:

I had plenty of leftovers, you know having four kids plus having one neighbor kid over for dinner, I always make enough for an army. Always have. So instead of being tempted by having it around I asked my daughter and her friend to take it next door to the single dad, after asking him if he wanted it, so they would enjoy it. Plus he hadn't made dinner yet so it turned out to be perfect timing. He loved it and was very grateful, made me feel good.

Next week DH is traveling again out of town due to some meetings for work....I go with him when I am able. So I will be going with him and our youngest to Atlanta, GA. My oldest three will be at their dad's next week (from a previous marriage) we have joint custody. I had to state that so you wouldn't think I'm leaving them at home by themselves :)

Have a good day gals!


03-21-2013, 12:51 PM
Lyss - I like that butter spray idea...I never thought of that...

And your meal last night sounds SOOOOOOO good...I have never tried to make fried chicken before...I'm not the best cook...dh does a lot of our cooking....and thinking to give to neighbor was a great idea ....saving you calories and also helping out a single dad

03-22-2013, 09:19 AM
Morning Ladies …wow did I have a pig out last night …we went to our good friends house for taco night and she had made slow roasted pork shoulder, that she had shredded, and added muchos peppers too ( it was quite hot and spicy, which I like ) …needless to say with all the cheese, sour cream, avocado, chips, etc …I WAY over did it ….and then for dessert she mixed up cake batter and put it in her waffle maker ( I’d never seen this before ) and made us each individual cakes in like 3 mins…topped with icing and a side of ice cream…sounds awesome huh? It was, and now I need a waffle maker ….lol

So today I have bad indigestion and hrt brn, haha …but it was worth it ….it also was my first “cheat” meal ( if you want to call it that ) in like two weeks…so I’m okay with it ….just totally back on plan today.

So not going to put down my food for yesterday because I would have NO idea for calories…just know that it was quite high haha

And TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna be another cold weekend here , Sunday they are saying temps of low 30’s and lots of snow…good ol’ Indiana for you. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess.

Everybody have a great weekend.

03-22-2013, 11:29 AM
Happy Friday!!

Carri - that all sounds wonderful....I would have ate my fair share too :) I'll have to try that with the waffle maker, the kids would love it. I told DH last night that when we go to Atlanta next week I'm planning on a cheat day at a Mexican restaurant. I loooove Mexican food, especially guacamole, chips n salsa.

It is still cold and windy here in Illinois. I saw on the news today that an Ohio prosecutor is indicting Phil the groundhog on false weather predicting :lol:

I need to get out and buy Easter candy for the kiddos. This will be hard to resist. I love the peanut butter eggs and chocolate covered marshmallows. At least once Easter is out of the more tempting holidays with candy for a while :)

Have a great weekend!


03-23-2013, 07:30 AM
Good Morning Ladies! I was 221.8 yesterday but now am 222.0 I went on a tiny carb binge yesterday, easter cakes and peanut butter sandwich on top of cornbread and pork shoulder from the slow roaster as well. :) I expected more of a gain than that, I was kind of upset and super hungry because i drove 200 mile yesterday so i could leave my oldest girls with their dad for spring break (divorce agreement) and I did great! on the way home from daytona my dad ordered a big mac and 2 fish sandwiches and i could have ordered anything, even my cousin said oh you didnt eat much today you'll be fine and mydad kept offering me the fish sandwich i said no thanks guys, I let them know i was trying to lose weight to keep my heart healthy and ordered a large water. (so proud) then i got home and my honey ws waiting for me but i went to the fridge and overdid it just a tad, i was going to add cookies on top of it but he helped me snap out of it. :) (Thank God too )

03-23-2013, 01:21 PM
Such amazing energy here! I love to come here and be with all of "my chickies". That's what my DH calls all of you and I like it.

I had a very nice loss a TOPS on Thursday. I was down 3 lbs! I want to keep this momentum going!!

DH went back to the doctor yesterday and they said his lungs still had a lot of congestion and gave him two inhalers to use. BUT we are up and moving about which is a BIG improvement over last weekend.

We went and had our taxes done this morning and we have a nice refund coming back. We have plans to pay off DH's new glasses, have a tree taken down if that is what it needs and save the rest. Somewhere in there we will buy a few new things for Spring/Summer.

Also, yesterday my boss pulled me into her office right before I was going home (she's on vacation next week) and I thought she was going to tell me something she needed me to do next week or something, instead she told me that I was getting a 6% raise!! :carrot: It came out of no where and it was such a nice surprise.

I decided that I'm going to start my ticker over. I had lost and then gained it all back and now have it back off so I'm going to start there and keep going!

Dee: Happy Birthday! :woo::balloons::bday2::bday2you:
You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I am a better person for knowing you. Have a fun time with your birthday plans.

In a earlier post you asked about Revenge and when the finale for the season is. I haven't heard. I just got caught up on Revenge. It's such a good show isn't it? It keeps me interested.

I saw your "sad face" about the 142 lbs. So, what is your goal? I know you aren't that far from it. Sometimes things like m&m's look so innocent and they start the ball rolling. I know you can overcome them and get back on track. Just remember, summer is coming and you love to be at the beach and out and about so don't let anything derail you from doing that.

I know you will be back on plan soon!

Carri: Your dinner last night sounds very nice...but DON"T buy a waffle maker!! It could be BIG trouble. ;)

Lyss: What a nice thing you did by sharing your did a nice things for you and for your neighbor. Have a fun time with you DH on the business trip.

I will be buying some Easter Candy this weekend too, for my DH. He is a big kid! I love those Reese Eggs but I'm only buying enough of them that he will notice if one of them are gone and that way if I take one I will feel guilty for eating "his" candy. The rest of the Easter candy I can do without but I love those eggs! You should print out that 199 picture on your scale and look at it to remember how happy you were when you saw it and how sad you would be to see it go over that.

Tori: Yeah for you for being strong and not eating that fast food. It's hard to not nibble on a 200 mile trip and your DH gets points for helping you not eat the cookies.

03-25-2013, 01:45 PM
Morning Ladies. I didn't have an OP weekend...I slid back into old habits for the weekend and had my Code Red Mountain Dew :( Tell it and move on ...this weekend is Easter and we are having dinner at my parents house, I am bringing the cheesy hashbrown casserole...that won't be an OP day either
:D Don't tell me to eat just a little of things I want, I'm saying it won't be an OP meal, planning on it, and I'm okay with that's Easter. :bunny2:

I'm so excited that The Voice starts back again tonight ....may have to DVR it and watch tomorrow night though because I got other shows I'm used to watching tonight. I'm gonna miss Ceelo and maybe even Christina, who knows...I do love Usher and Shaquira so I will be okay with it for this season.

Susie - they tried to give me an inhaler in Dec with my bronchitus but I never got the script filled...I can't do those things, plus it was expensive...I got over it just fine without it , glad to hear you guys are back on the mend.
BIG CONGRATS on your work hard and a lot, you deserve it !!!
And also congrats on the tax and dh haven't seen one of those in like 15 years....that would be nice. :)

Tori - we all have those weak moments, this journey is NEVER going to be perfect, we are going to have good OP days and then totally NO where near an OP day ...all we can do is try and have more of the OP days than the bad is what it is and move on ....:hug:

We got over six inches of snow last night ...and it was still snowing this morning, we barely tunnelled out of the driveway for work this morning, thank goodness for dh and his snow tires, he drove me to work, my car never would have gotten thru the drifts...only 29 degrees here right now...brrrrrrrrr

Have a great day everyone !!!


03-25-2013, 04:42 PM
I'm sitting here at work taking a mental break and looking out the window with the snow gently falling down. It would be beautiful if it were about a week before Christmas!

I HOPE this is the last of the snow.

Carri: I was wondering about you last night when I was listening to the weather reports. We ended up with about 5 inches where I live. The roads going to work were in pretty good shape and I am thankful for that. you plan on enjoying your food for Easter--I say by all should...but make sure that this week you fill up on veggies and all those good things so that your food in "cleaner" and I bet you won't see much difference on the scales for Sunday's dinner.

I did well with my food over the weekend, with the exception of a half bag of jelly beans! DH bought them and I made him take them to work today because I just can't control them when they are in the house.

I'm back on plan today and logging my food. Other than the jelly beans and a rootbeer float on Sunday at lunch I feel I'm dong pretty good. I plan on getting back into working out Mon, Tues, Wed and Sat or Sunday, starting next week.

How is everyone else doing?

03-25-2013, 05:09 PM
You are certainly right Susie - I am going to be good all week so that I can have the one meal on Sunday ...I guess we ended up with over 8 inches of snow when all was said and done in my area ...and I , like you, love to just site and watch it come down...I know a lot of people hate snow but it is truly beautiful to watch , nice crisp clean white ...until it starts melting with the mud, haha

03-26-2013, 08:13 PM
Hi Girls, no snow here except in our woods :cool: It's in the low 40's & 50's Easter weekend. Anyhoo I loved our beautiful snowy winter, but its amazing smelling spring returning w the buding & crocus, daffodills & hyacinths popping out to bloom in a few weeks :flow1: Tomorrow I'll look @ garden books for May planting.

Susie :hug: TY for your thoughtful b-day wishes to me. Wow U r doing great w your willpower over candy :cp: sending it to work w dh. I can turn down all the jelly beans except 'Jelly Bellies' I love making recipes w the flavors. U r sooo wise to plan your work-outs for 3-4 days a week & save those knee's from blowing-out & your joints. The pro atheletes have a trainer working w them & they still get injured; like a warning to us amateures to not over-do-it.

Carri, in the 1990's we had 2 sandwich makers (triangle shapes a old lady still does infomercials w it, & I paid $12 for) my boys made their own snacks in; brownies-muffins-eggs-omelets, etc. I had to go 'cold-turkey' to end my peanut-butter m&m addiction. But I'm keeping my deli-pizza 1 slice habit, w my 2 weekly Dr.Pepper soda's; eating in moddderation instead of a foodie binge. I missed seeing The Voice, I thought it was on Wednesdays. Like Susie said, the waffle maker could b dangerous unless U can toss some fiber into it :D

Anybody watching DWTS? I love the cast this time: Wynonna - I love her courage- she is a sweet lady; Ingo (played Jacks on GH); Jacoby Jones (Ravens/NFL) this athlete hasss rhythym & likes attention; Andy Dick - overcoming his addictions & is endearing & fun to watch; Kellie Pickler (country singer) dances awesome; Sean (Batchelor) needs to relax like when he kissed all the girls; Dorothy Hamill (Olympic gold skater) worries too much; Aly Raisman (Olympic gold medal gymnist) fun personality; DL Hugley (angry loser to Cheryl about his low scores) get a grip DL its not Cheryl's fault U dance lousy; Victor Ortiz (boxing champ), Zendaya Coleman (Disney kids star 16 yr) dancing like a pro; Lisa Vanderpump (RHOBH) I've never watched any of the Real Housewives shows so she is the only person I've never heard of, she dances kinda like a stick-figure & needs to relax & enjoy herself instead of paying attention to her long hair. Everybody Wants to WIN.....
Splash??? not sure if I'll keep tuning in to it.... Survivor: whose gonna win this a Fan or a Favorite??? Sunday night IS the best: Amazing Race, Once Upon a Time, Revenge & Red Widow r sooo good.

Breakfast: vanilla protein w skim milk, drink topped w blueberries.
Lunch: spaghetti salad.
Supper: fried chicken (oven baked), scalloped potatos (alternating russet w sweet potato layers, more vitamins :smug:) (crock-pot) & homemade fluffy buttermilk biscuits.
No snacks today, herb-veggie flavored water only= using my cals/carbs for my meals.

I'm going to start logging my cals on Monday, April 1: 2 days=900 cal days instead of 2 fast days, 5 days=1,400 cals days for 2 months to get toned for summer & b active 3 days & playtime fun 4 days (after 40 yr, women's bods need/use fewer cals/carbs). I got my plan, now I have to make my Vision board on posterboard to stay on track.
Have a Wonderful week everyone & Happy Easter :easter::easter2::egg:

03-29-2013, 11:19 AM
Happy 'Good Friday' to you'all :angel: Loving the 50*s & spring.
My snack was a 'chocolate bunny' this morning :bunny:
HAPPY EASTER :easter::easter2::egg:
I hope to hear from you'all again soon.

03-29-2013, 11:34 AM
Hi Everyone. I was AOL for a couple of days. My Director arrives next week or a week here in the States and on Wed she sent me all the meetings she wants to have. It took me 4 hours to get them scheduled and find rooms and then another 4 hours to get her itineray typed up. I had all this on top of my other work. I incurred 10 hours of OT from Wed-Thursday. I was going in early, working late, bringing work home and working late. They made me work for that raise they just gave me! ;)

TOPS was UGLY for me last night. I had a 5 lb gain! :sp::tantrum::censored::bomb:

I am so MAD at myself. BUT today I am getting back on track and STAYING there. I also told DH that I have to get back to my workouts at the Y. I have been waiting for him to join me--he needs to move-- but I can't wait forever so on Monday I will be back at the Y. I also took my work calendar and set up "breaks" for myself to daily take that walk around the building.

I won a new journal at TOPS last night (can you say that was a hint?!) and I will start using it. A girl that sits next to me at work, wants to loose 20-30 lbs by her birthday at the end of July and she asked me if we could help each other stay on track while we are at work. It seemed every thing was coming together for me to get back on track and get this done.

I am off work today and so is DH. I have a hair appointment at 1 and I hope to get to sweep out my car today and clean it up inside.

Dee: I LOVE your profile picture...very cute. We have spring temps here today as just makes one feel good doesn't it? :D

I LOVE the plan you have made for yourself. I KNOW you can do this and I'm proud of you for going "cold turkey" with the M&M's and peanut butter

Hi to the rest of you. I hope everyone will come and post sometime over the weekend.

I'll be checking in.

03-30-2013, 11:17 AM
Good morning. Lots of sunshine here in Ohio today. My plans today are cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Sweeping out the car and wiping everything down inside and running it through the car wash.

I also hope to have some time to do a pedicure and a manicure and maybe put away some of my heavier winter clothes.

I was on-plan yesterday and already feel better that I didn't have two much sugar.

I hope everyone has a great day and is on-plan.

Food for 3-29-13
B=3 scrambled eggs, toast, water
L=2 p of cheese, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and 6 pretzel crisp
D=1/2 order of Zita at Olive Garden, large helping of salad, 2 breadsticks, water
Snack-1 chocolate chip cookie

04-01-2013, 11:16 AM
Morning Ladies, I hope all of you had a great Easter and dh did, we spent the day with my family, and then his....for my family we did an Easter egg hunt for the kids, they were so excited that dh and I put money in some of our eggs ( and two $10 eggs ), but we don't have kids so we like to spoil neices and nephews once in a while...we TOTALLY pigged out though ( and I had soda of course, cherry coke ) grandma made her homemade chicken and noodles and my sister made homemade mashed potatoes with cream cheese ( of all things ) in them, made them SO creamy ...I couldn't stay out of either one of them...gluttony at it's worst, lol ...

But like Susie I am recommitting myself this week and doing what I know I should be doing...

Didn't bring anything in for breakfast this morning, gotta go to store tonight, gotta go find something cause I am starving right now.

Have a good day everyone !!!

04-01-2013, 04:09 PM
Happy April 1st everyone!

We are back from Atlanta and spent Easter at my mom and dad's. I did put about 3 pounds on while out of town last week and am hoping to get those back off soon. I did end up eating more Easter candy than I would have liked but it's Monday and a new month and I am back on plan. I hope the kids eat their Easter candy quickly so the peanut butter eggs stop calling me :)

It's supposed to be really nice here in Illinois this weekend (yesterday was gorgeous) and plan to be outside as much as possible.


Talk to you all later!


04-02-2013, 10:25 AM
I’m a HUGE fan of B12 and Vitamin D though ….You wouldn’t believe all the things Vitamin D has helped me with.

I guess this just turned into a vitamin and supplement review, haha …

Well I was totally OP yesterday, one day down – I’m having the whole “what’s the point” of it all ( dieting ) right now thing like I always get when I’m in a slump …but I know that once I start feeling and looking better that attitude goes away.

Brought my new flax and blueberry cereal ( looks like bird seed lol ) for breakfast this morning but then bagels were brought in for one of the ladies birthdays…I did my usual, get a plain one, scoop out all the insides ( all the breadiness ) and just leave the chewy part and use about 1 T of cream cheese …it was very good…and now I can have the cereal tomorrow morning or for an afternoon snack today.

You guys been watching The Voice ? I love having Usher on there …he and Blake are funny together …I think right now Adam has the best team so far ….but we will see ….

Lyss – pretty sure I put on about 3 or 4 myself lately …but you know what? It’s getting warmer, the sun is shining more and we can get out and exercise to get those extra lbs off. I also had A LOT of Easter candy that I didn’t need to have….I’m hoping now that we don’t have another “eating” holiday for a long time that I can just focus on getting me healthier and this weight off.

Hi Susie, Dee, Mel, Liz, Victoria, and LeeAnne, and everyone else !!!!

Food 4/1
B – granola bar – 100, 1 T PB – 100, ½ serving of Pringles -75
L – ham and turkey sub – 280, light mayo packet – 35, bbq baked chips – 140, green tea -65
S – Fiber bar – 140
D – beef au jous 4 oz – 180, mac and cheese cup – 230
S – 2 slices pepperoni – 50, 1 hard boiled egg – 70, 2 blueberry bellavita biscuits – 115
Total for day – 1580 ….yay Carri !!!! LOL

04-03-2013, 10:59 AM
Good morning!

How is everyone's Wednesday morning? Nice and sunny here, but still cold. It will warm up to low 50's today and hope to get outside for a nice walk. I am proud of myself for staying OP yesterday. The kids had me make them chocolate chip cookies Monday (the pre-packaged Nestle kind) and they had Easter colored chocolate chips on them. Well I had a few of those Monday....hard to resist fresh baked cookies from the oven :) But yesterday I did really well and resisted the remainder of those cookies and not a nibble of Easter candy that is laying all over the house.

I have managed to lose 2 of the 3lbs I gained last week. Just need to get this last pound off and I will be at my lowest weight again. I think when I get these carbs out of my system it makes it easier to resist temptations. I made myself a lovely omelet for breakfast, 3 large eggs, shitake mushrooms, asparagus, spinach and cheddar cheese. Nice and filling.

Dropped kiddos off at school a bit ago and will be headed to grocery store soon to stock up on some fresh veggies and fruits. It's nice seeing more of it in season and a little more variety now.

Have a good day ladies!


04-03-2013, 11:38 AM
Good Morning Ladies…been too quiet here lately ….we need all our Girls back !!

Nothing much going on here, just had my breakfast …got this new cereal ( blueberry, fiber and flax seed kind of combo ), has a lot of protein, whole grains, and fiber in it …it sort of tastes like you are eating cardboard with milk but I’ll get used to it…at least to get thru the box, haha :hun:

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but dh does low carb, he just doesn’t do well with sugar and flour …he has bad heart burn and sugar really amplifies it, so if he stays away from it he is fine…but anyhow….I am now starting to eat the same meals he is ( at least for dinner ) and my meal planning has totally changed, now trying to make it all low carb …I’m well versed in what’s low carb and not so it’s pretty easy, but you have to be creative…don’t want to just eat meat and boring veggie every night ….but long story short, I think this will be good for me…I like not having much carbs in the evening…they say it’s better for weight loss …so we will see …just started this week. :crossed:

Food 4/2
B – bagel ( hollowed out ) 210, cream cheese 60
L – jr burrito 400, green tea 65, 8 pringles 75
S - Kind Bar 180, rest of Pringles ( 5 ) 50
D – three corn tortillas 120, 4 oz chicken 120, sour cream 60, cheese 80, pico de gallo 25
S – tortillas chips 180, salsa 25, little handful of M&M’s 50
Total for Day 1650 – 50 cals over but not bad

Have a great day Ladies - still a little chilly here but the sun is out and the sky is a beautful blue, so I'll take it !!!! :df::df::df:

04-03-2013, 01:16 PM
Hi. I am here and doing well. I am logging my food, exercising and in my calorie range. My food choices are ok..could be a bit better but I tell myself I'm "getting healthy back" and might not do it perfectly every day.

I have had one coke this was on Monday when I had to help my brother with his boys and I didn't get to eat until 11 p.m. and got fries and a coke from McDonalds. My brother had a allergic reacation to an antibodic and called me at 7:30 pm to see if I could come take care of his boys while he went to the ER. We live 30 min apart. It was a long night.

My Director is here from the UK--always CRAZY when she is in town but I'm holding my own. ;)

Carri: Yeah for recommitting! Be careful with that gets us every time. What did you get for breakfast?

Alyssa: Good for you for getting 2 lbs of that 3 lb gain off...don't worry the 1 lb will are so aware of it.

Hi Dee and Tori!

Got to go for now. I will do my best to make it here tomorrow...I need to be with my "chickes".

04-03-2013, 03:14 PM
Hey Chicks, spring temps r back :sunny: today mid 40*s & tomorrow the 50*s. On April 1st, a burst of snowflakes came down in the Sunny Sky & my comment to the complainers was 'don't take life seriously-just Enjoy the Day nomatter what the sky brings'. The beautiful snowflakes melted before reaching our 40* ground :df: I've been sick for 2 days from my allergies after hiking in our woods on our warms-sunny Easter afternoon. All my own fault for Not thinking & taking a antihistamine prior to exploring. Yesterday I bought Advil Migraine pills w/o caffeine & they worked fast w a rice heat-pack & nap. I can't take pills w caffeine, too strong & I get probs. So I'm happy to have a pill that works :smug: Dh gave me his vicodin but that doesn't work for headpains, only works on muscle-nerve pain his oncologist told us, so dh wasted 2 of his pricey pills on me.
This week I'm sewing swimsuits for kids, boys-girls for my customers. Our 8 & 10 yr old boys Drake, Preston r coming for 4 days. I'm having them make whole-grain pasta w my machine, raviola & lasagna noodles for 2 suppers. That will keep them busy & they have to work as a team & I let them make extra to take home for their family. You prob r laughing @ me but I've been using for 6 yrs my stainless steel Italian Imperia pasta machine & it paid for itself in 1 year w the yummy-healthy pasta it makes, (I buy so much stuff from Amazon, I should be a stock-owner). If U like flavored pasta U can make that to. For people watching carbs & cholesterol its a great machine. For Boy Scout badges the boys sewed their pillow cases & tote bags to hold their sleeping bags last spring break w me & dh/grandpa taught them outdoor skills for a badge. This summer they r both big/old enough to learn to paddle a kayak & fish from it & Kylee is like me she'll prob paddle around taking pics besides fishing.
Lyssa, :cp: Wow I am sooo proud of how well U r doing w your food. Being away from home has sooo many temptations. Not being able to make to cook & count your ingredients is difficult or b active; w/o having a big gain is a Huge WIN for U :cheer:Your omelet sounded delish, except I'm not a asparagus eater, we have lots growing wild on our land & dh takes it to work & give it to his buddies w our wild raspberries/blueberries/Ida Red apple trees. When we go hiking we always have a surprise snack waiting for us. I wish their were 'wild' m&m plants & pizza plants in the woods :p Anyways U told me exactly what I'm having my boys cook w me tomorrow for our lunch, your Yummy omelet TY :hug:
Carri, there's a cereal I buy @ W-Mart that has your ingredients, I like it & the next time I go there & buy it & I'll tell U the name. My cold-turkey w my bag of peanut-butter m&m's became a trade-off; instead I'm baking m&m cookies w whole-grain flour & less sugar/salt & subbing applesauce instead for fat. I wish my dh had a prob w sugar, he eats almost a bag (12 oz.) daily @ work, he says candy & coffee @ work keeps him alert w leaving for work @ 5am daily & his nightly snack is popcorn w soda :^: But he also is a big veggie/fruit/meat eater so it prob levels out. I've never 'hollowed out' a bagel, etc. but I do not eat both parts of a bun from drive-thru's, I toss it out to the birds in the parking lot & eat a open-face burger. How's the contest @ work going..... U r really impressive w staying sooo positive OP daily :dancer: Who is going to win Survivor, a Fan or a Favorite??? I'm watching Hel's Kitchen & the girls r kicking the guys as*. I really hope that Lazro on Idol is a finalist, he has soo much to deal w from his speech probs.

Susie, Great job w McDonald's soda in moderation is ok, like everything else. If I'm @ McD. & hungry I get a small hot fudge sundae, because the burger-fries r much worse w cholesterol/sodium than the whipped ice cream has. I drink so much ice tea that sometimes I need the taste of sweetness & I Allow myself a weekly ice-cold soda pop. When I was sick this week, I drank a 2 liter Ginger Ale letting it slightly go flat helps my tummy aches stop, from taking allergy/migraine pills. I hope that your brother is feeling much Better now, what was the ingredient that gave him the reaction :(
Time for me to get back to work :wave:
I hope U r doing well :hug: Mel, Liz, Tori & LeeAnne.

04-04-2013, 01:03 AM
Hi girls! :wave: I'm joining in. I had a great support group on here in 2008 - and then I dropped off the face of the Earth while pregnant with my son. I started things back up - and now I'm back here hoping for some support again. I'm generally a pretty active poster - especially when I make a connection with people. :)

04-04-2013, 12:14 PM
Morning Ladies ...another OP day yesterday, and was proud of myself because I was able to stay in my 60-90 carbs range... :carrot: It's amazing how much better you feel once you are OP and in a pattern ...but as we all know the weekends are what get's me, so going to try SO hard to stay OP this weekend. :jig:

Dee - yes the girls are doing so much better than the guys on HK ...I haven't really had a favorite stand out for me too much though, I guess to early.
Yes, I always hollow out a bagel due to my diabetes - a full on bagel will make my bld sugar sky high hollowing it out really helps me...maybe when you check your cereal it will be the same one as mine, lol :D

Susie - oh girl, you and me and our soda's, haha !!! :eek: And I have to say that I love mcd's coke's always good and cold...especially with the fries, but if that's the only one you have this week you'll be fine ...remember the 90/10 rule. :goodvibes

Hi Lyss, Tori, Mel, Liz, and Leanne :wave:

Hope you all have a good day, gonna be a little warmer here today and sunshine, yay !!!! :cb:

Food 4/3/12
b - bluberry cinnamon flax cereal - 200, lactaid milk - 70
l - 3 jr roast beef's from Arbys ( only one bun eaten ) - 370, water
s - triscuits - 120, string cheese -80, dk choc - 60
d - low carb taco salad - 480
s - tortilla chips - 200, pico de gallo - 25
total for day - 1605 :)

04-04-2013, 06:42 PM
Hey Everyone , I'm sorry I have not been updating I have been battling myself so hard. I got to 221 then went out for dinner, smart reward for someone trying to lose weight I know but I found a way to fail again. I got so mad and sad and I got tired of backsliding .

I am no longer doing low carb , if i can gain 9 pounds in 2 days then I"m doing something wrong , so i quit .

I ordered Jillian MIchaels body revolution and I waited for it to come in the mail I am on day 4. I'm back down to 226. I updated my blog, made a youtube video and am hoping all of these outlets will help keep me focused, I ordered hulu plus so i can watch all the biggest loser I want, that show keeps me focused and my eye on the prize, I will no longer take myself out to eat as a reward for weight loss. I will not count calories or carbs I'm so burnout on all that I can't even tell you guys. I'm embarassed to keep coming back to my weight loss support group to say oh hi guys I'm up 9 pounds in two days, I'm also sposed to be here to support all of you and how can I do that if I'm a debbie downer? I can't help you if I'm drowning. SO. I took some time off and I'm ready to roll. I love you guys and am proud of you and proud to be here in this group.

I'm glad to hear you all had a good easter, we didnt do anything since my two oldest are gone each holiday to my ex's house it just doesnt feel like a holiday, but I do have adi my little baby and I have to stay positive and show her what the holidays are about also.

My cousin has been living with us for the past 6 months and It finally drove me nuts he brings marijuana in my home, he drinks until he gets into bar fights , he doesnt really spend much time with the family and I just got to the point where I could not take it anymore. he is 46 and I am 26 my husband gave him a job and he still had no respect for me or my wishes. so last month I gave him a deadline to move out, he did it! he bought his ticket to oregon to live with his girlfriend for a while then he'll go take care of his mom who will be having knee surgery. I love him and he is my favorite cousin but his lifestyle and mine do not match I h ave 3 little girls and I cannot have that influence in my home. I know that is not weight loss related which is why I havent mentioned that much but I feel like we all talk about more than that . what a long post. Sorry guys.! I have been gone a bit and i know my last plan sounded like it was pretty solid but look where it got me. I am not low carb bashing at all because I love the results but I just want to try something else so , just know that it does work and do not be discouraged because of my lack of persistence , all of you who are doing it, keep it up you will be great!

See you all tomorrow morning I will begin to post faithfully I promise!

04-05-2013, 10:24 AM
Good Morning Ladies !!!!! So on Monday I weighed myself after not being on the scale for two weeks and pretty much off plan for those two weeks…I weighed in at 224, ugh ….but today after being OP all week and dropping my sugar and carbs A LOT, I am down to 219
Again !!!!! 5 lbs of bloat gone !!!! And now I do the happy dance !!!!!

Tori – first off, yes you can ALWAYS come here and rant about anything …both personal and weight loss related…you know I do !! So don’t worry about it …and having to deal with the stress of your cousin living with you and acting that way would be too much for me too, I am SO glad he has moved out of your house and now you can put the focus back on you and your family 100%.
And NEVER be embarrassed about coming here with a 9 lb gain, we all have been there and will be there again …it happens, it’s a journey that has it’s up’s and down’s …none of us judge you because we go thru the same thing.
I started back on my “lower” carb plan this week …I wouldn’t call it low carb because I still have 90-100 carbs, but considering most people have three times that much on a normal day I call it my lower carb, and it seems to be working for me so far.
I’m here for you, both on here and fb.

Food 4/4
B = 3/4s of a Flat Out wrap but 1.5T of PB – 245
L = chicken blt salad – 200, dressing – 100
S = triscuits - 190, string cheese – 80
D = sautéed mushrooms and asparagus – 100, chicken breast – 150
S = tortilla chips – 200, cereal – 130, milk – 90
Total for day - 1485

Have a great weekend girls, gonna be nice and warm and sunny here, gonna get dh out and go for a walk !!!!

04-05-2013, 10:55 AM
Happy Friday all!

Welcome Enygirl!

Nice and sunny here today in Illinois. Will definitely get out again today for a nice long walk.

Tori - sorry you are going thru all that girl with your cousin. That must be hard. I also know what it's like to share the kiddos with their dad. I do the same thing. In our blended family it is mine, his and ours :)

Carri - WTG on those 5lbs! I have about .2 to lose from the Atlanta trip. Amazing how long it takes to get it back off (but some of it was from Easter also). :)

Dee - did you and the boys make your omelet? I wish I had asparagus growing here. DH and I both love it!

As for McD's, we love to get our diet Coke's from there. I think about all the times I have gone to the drive thru for all the yummy bad stuff and now we never get that stuff anymore, just our DC's :) Oh, but we do get the kiddos their occasional happy meals and my youngest two love their cinnamon melts :)

We are going to my mom and dad's tomorrow to help clean up their yard/property from the last snow broke a lot of trees and they need to be cut up and cleared. I figure that will be my exercise for the day. Supposed to be a very nice weekend. Have a good day ladies! Talk at ya all later!

Alyssa (Lyss)

04-05-2013, 11:17 AM
Hey Girls! thanks for the support! :) Lys- Yard work will be good exercise esp when its the whole yard

Carri- Thanks :D

I completed day 5 workout today, had oatmeal for breakfast and I'm feeling good about this. only 85 days to go, boy does that sound long lol its ok i'm 5 days in I'll look at it that way instead, gonna have porkloin with salad today for lunch , my baby girl and i just discovered abc mouse today she loves it . Its raining here in florida today and we're gonna go inside and play with our ball right now since she's pulling my arm. :D talk tyou all soon

04-05-2013, 12:29 PM
Thanks for the welcome everyone! I've been going through a lot lately - work - family - winter depression - just trying to get back into things...

I took the kids to the zoo yesterday - first time it was warm enough to be outside in a long time! This morning I woke up and immediately did a 20 minute WW walk video. I always feel so much better when I do something first thing.

This is hard...

04-05-2013, 03:50 PM
Hey Guys I'm feeling extra hungry today, been snacking more than i should but i'm keeping it on the healthy side, greek yogurt with berries , then i got a little nuts and had almond butter with 70% dark chocolate. I gotta leave the house or I'll binge , i'm not hungry but i'm feeling a big craving coming on along with guilt for extra snacking, I hate all the mental stuff that goes into losing weight! JIllian michaels is having a seminar about 30 minutes from my city in a couple weeks from today , the tickets are more than I want to pay and I would need to go alone to afford it but I wonder if this would help my brain. what if its just a waste of money! what do you guys think? I know i should research what the heck shes gonna talk about but i should make a decision pretty quick so i can get an ok seat at least.

04-05-2013, 08:03 PM
Hi Girls :smug: the boys r outdoors w dh right now, so I needed to do another weekly check-in ;) to help keep me Responsible for my 'size'.

Enygirl :welcome: great going w your WW walk video in the morning. I do a quick 12 minutes on my treadmill when I wake-up on M/W/F mornings & whenever we r camping I walk the campground before breakfast. I usually kayak when my dh goes fishing, we have several lakes 15 minutes from our home too.

Lyssa, the omelets were delish :p & sooo filling. Call me silly, but I gotta ask people from Illinois if they went to the Oprah show. I tried to get tickets for a few yrs & couldn't. I hear ya about the trees down, we got that in our woods; we could hear the trunks cracking as they fell. U r gonna build some awesome muscles :lifter:moving those trees. I'm sure U will have a Wonderful loss :yes:
Carri, --5 lbs :belly::yay::celebrate: "Portion Control" :cheer2: :tape:
Tori :hug::hug::hug: One day @ a time OP :goodluck: Do what U feel Will work for U. I know people that r successful w WW, Jenny Craig, Nutri-system & w their own homemade diets... If any of us Knew the answer to being 'slim & healthy' we'd b millionaires. I know most of us in the north states r like hibernating bears & stored our weight :dizzy: & will start losing it now that the warm temps will let us b active. I think U r stressing about seeing your inlaws this summer. While U r debating on what method to try to lose weight, how about drinking more water & fiber 'sooo filling' & flavoring your water w lemon, mint leaves, cucumber slices & eat more beans to keep-up your protein & do 'portion control' like put your food on your plate as normal, look @ it, then take it off & measure it; maybe U r eating 2 portions instead of 1. I'm sure your girls will go crazy to have U play outdoors w them & plant a veggie garden & play w your doggies. I play kick-ball & badmitton w the kids & its fast paced; sometimes when I'm home alone I dribble a basketball & shoot hoops or play horseshoes or bocce' ball. There is always something we can play or do outdoors when it isn't raining...

My 'BooHoo' for this week is: I need a new washing machine badly & my set is old so I'd like to buy a set; so what did my dh do on Wednesday....he bought another kayak :o we have a big canoe, a speed-boat & 2 kayaks... it was on sale for $200 so dh hadddd to buy it for the kids :^: If I did that w a ring/bracelet etc. dh would've been :mad: I weekly budget all our income to pay his medical bills, etc. so I guess this will b my 'free pass' when he's mad @ me about something I do wrong.

Have a fun weekend, DD

04-05-2013, 08:39 PM
Dee - Actually I'm nowhere near Chicago....we are in Southwestern Illinois region. I always wanted to go to one of her favorite things (Christmas) show :)

04-06-2013, 09:40 AM
Hi Everyone. I survived the week, my Director is now back in the UK.

I had a 1.50 LOSS at TOPS on Thursday! :carrot: My first thought to myself was "see what happens when you put in the effort? works when YOU work it".

For the week I logged my food every day but 1 and I exercised every day. Most day's I got 1.5 hours of walking in. I did 1 hour at the Y and then 30 min at work. I am proud of myself as it was utter chaos in so many areas of my life this week, but I controlled what I could and that was me, and it paid off.

This weekend is a busy one, I'm cleaning house this morning, going to dinner with friends tonight at The Cheesecake Factory--my plan there is half portions and have the other half tomorrow. The restaurant is located in a little shopping village called The Greene. We are going up early to be able to walk around, listen to the live music that will be playing on the square, and window shop, so we will be moving...not fast, but moving.

Sunday after church we are going to the zoo with my two nephews and my brother and his partner.

We are supposed to have beautiful weather so I'm looking forward to all the outdoor activities.

Enygirl: Welcome to this group. This is a WONDERFUL group. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and being a part of your success to your goal weight.

I consider every one of these gals friends and you know the song says, "I get by with a little help from my friends".

I think morning workouts are great! They set the tone for the day. Keep it up.

Carri: Look at you! Losing 5 lbs....that is awesome. I'm picturing a 5 lb bag of potatoes gone from your body. :D I hope you get a lot of walking in this weekend. It's going to be so pretty and not to hot.

Tory: Never feel embarrassed to come here when things are going tough. I feel that this board is for support. We cheer for each other when we have success. We support each other when we don't and we always encourage each other.

I think Dee is right that you are stressing about seeing your in-laws this summer and I think having that cousin in your house is a BIG stress and I'm proud of you for giving him a deadline. Now, don't wait until he is gone to get back to your plan and taking care of you. Do what you can each day and give yourself permission to only control what you can and that is yourself.

You said that you hate the "mental" stuff that goes along with losing weight. I think that most of us here have extra weight because of the mental stuff. We all know how to eat and exercise and that it easy to do, what is hard is to not use food for anything other than fuel for our bodies, but we do, we soothe ourselves with it, we hide in it, we stuff down feelings while we stuff down food. At least I know I do and that is my struggle. Journaling and posting here are a big help to me with the "mental" stuff.

If Jillian was going to be 30 min from me and I could go, even if by myself, I would. I believe she understands the "mental" fight. If you watch her she is so hard on those she is training...not just physically but she breaks them down, gets those thoughts to the surface and helps them start to rebuild themselves from the inside out.

Dee: I was talking with my DH about you--you have so much vitality! I told him that I would love to come stay with you for a month...go on walks with you, kayak, eat your yummy food. When I read your posts I feel stress leaving me. You embrace each day...good or bad and you do it with such grace. You are a role model for me. :goodvibes:grouphug:

I am a bit upset with your DH....I know how badly you want/need a new washer and dryer. Don't you wish you could just go buy what you needed and not think about budget? I do all the budget in my household and it is a big, unfun, task at times. You said it when you said you now have a "free pass" the next time he is upset with you. ;)

I am caught up on Revenge and Nashville. I just watched this week's Nashville and saw the previews for next week---when I saw them I went OMG!!

Lyssa: Yard work is GREAT exercise. Enjoy how your body feels with all that different movement and being able to do the work with your family...enjoy that time.

I am going to get my day started. I feel great after my visit with all of you!

April 5 food
Breakfast: Greek yogurt with peaches, 1/2 doughnut, water
Lunch: Veggie sandwich on pretzel roll, 1/4 cup of pasta salad, water
Dinner: 1 rice and veggie burittio (sp?) from Hot Head, 1 small coke
Exercise: None today

04-06-2013, 10:49 AM
Hi, I decided to join your group! Recently, I started back to weight loss. I have about 80 pounds to go to get to Onederland, but I'm very excited to get there! Thanks for offering a motivating and inspirational group!

04-07-2013, 10:10 AM
:welcome3: Rebecca8. I'm Susie (MyChoice2bfit). If you are looking for amazing support and acceptance you have come to the right place.

These ladies here are just amazing. Tell us a little about yourself and what sort of weight-loss plan you have in place for yourself.

I find it helpful to get her daily (sometimes I don't get here every day but I really miss it all when I don't) and to post and comment on others posts.

We are here for the good times and the tough times. :hug:

I myself have around 94 lbs to get to ONEderland...some of the girls here are already there and others are close. It will be nice to do this journey with you.

We had a nice time with our friends last night, just being out and enjoying the weather and doing a bit of window shopping.

Getting ready to go to church this morning and then to the zoo this afternoon with my brother, his partner and my adorable nephews. It will be good for me to be out and about walking and moving and smiling and laughing. Those boys bring out the best in me!

I hope everyone has a great day and I look forward to reading the posts tomorrow.

April 6 food
B=3 3"inch pancakes with syrup, 2 b of bacon, water
L/Snack (late breakfast but didnt' want to get to hungry before dinner) 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, 1 cup yellow pepper, 1/2 cup applesauce, water
D=1/2 order of spaghetti with garlic sauce, mushrooms, asparagus, roasted roma tomatoes, 2 p of wheat/oat bread, 1/2 p of cheesecake.
Exercise: House cleaning for 2 hours.
342 calories under my daily budget (the house cleaning helped big time!)

04-07-2013, 04:50 PM
Hi Ladies, Thank You for all the advice, you are all awesome. You are right Susie, I will go! I'll ask my hubby if he can watch the girls its not like I will learn more if someone goest with me and I'll save money. :D

Dee- you're so right , I always love the warm detailed advice, we did go to the park today, with our two dogs, we played tag. I am dreadfully slow, I'm always it! lol We're going to start doing that more.

We went to a rodeo yesterday, that was literally my first rodeo. So fun and interesting, I kind of felt bad for the little cowies once the cowboys tied up the little yearlings but they let em up quick, all in all we had a great time.
There was a bouncy house. I had great intentions for my eating that day well i ended up eating all kinds of things , they werent that good like I remember either, (nachos,hotdog,soda-just wasnt the same) I ate it anyway * I was truly hungry. lol they didnt offer health food for some reason. I'm doing pretty good today on food. Friday I checked in letting you guys know I was feeling like eating , not hungry , not craving anything in particular just having a strong strong mental need for food. I finally gave in and ate a ton of almond butter and berries and greek yogurt and dark chocolate. Idk what the heck that was about but It was a lot of calories like I endedup over 3000 calories. I had a binge. So I'm 2 days binge free and today I'm going to research some ways to recognize a binge coming on and ways to stop it. Sounds dumb but this has been going on with me for quite some time I've heard other women talk about it but never really realized i'm in that boat. I weigh in tomorrow for my official weigh in! I'm excited. woo woo

04-08-2013, 10:31 AM
Good morning. I think it's going to be a beautiful day in Ohio today. Around 70! That is perfect weather for me.

I so need to find sometime to get my spring/summer things out (and put my fall/winter) things away. I will try to work on it a bit this week and then finish it up on Saturday. I don't allow myself to go "shopping" for the season until I know what I have and what I need. I know that I need shoes because I got rid of a lot of old sandels last fall when I was putting summer things away that were looking bad last year.

We had a great weekend and I can tell I have moved my body and it likes me for it! :)

I'm dealing with a UTI or a IC flare..hard to tell which since they feel the same. I started the meds that I keep on hand and pouring in the water...I hope to feel 100% by tomorrow.

My plan is to ride the stationary bike tonight for 45 min at the Y and work my inner/outer thighs and hamstrings. The biking will take care of the quads.

Did I tell you all that I'm doing a 5k walk/run here at work in May?

Tori: I have been to one rodeo and it was so much fun. You are right, there isn't much "healthy" food at those places. When that happens, all you can do is control what you can and enjoy yourself. :D

I am a binge eater as well and I'm looking forward to hearing what you find in your research on ways to stop it.

Congratulations for being binge free for 2 days!

I need to get back to work but wanted to pop in before the day got away from me.

Food for April 7
B=2 scrambled eggs, 2 p of bacon and 4 mini powdered doughnuts, water
L=1 cup of pasta with marina sauce, garden salad with italian dressing, 1 brownie, 1 coke (we were at a church lunch and there wasn't any water!)
D=(Don Pablos) 2 skinny cheese and onion enchiladas, rice and corn cake, water (and I only had 5 chips with salsa).
Exercise: 2.5 hours walking at the zoo--which is very hilly!

04-08-2013, 11:23 AM
Morning ladies !!! I had a good weekend, the weather was GORGEOUS !!! They said we were going to get rain but we never got any. :)

I never got out to walk, shame on me, haha ...but I actually need new walking shoes and couldn't afford it this we'll see ...but I did have a good weekend and I did stay OP all weekend !!!!! So I am proud of myself, because I did feel a binge coming on

Yes, I have binge tendencies too girlies, I know it's awful for all of us that do it.

Tonight for dinner we are having halibut, this will be my first time having it so I hope I like it, one peice for both of us was 22.00 , so told dh he better not ruin it when he cooks it, haha ...actually he is a great cook and he will do fine...I am excited about trying it since everyone says it is not a fishy fish, haha, but won't have it a lot since it is so pricey fresh ...

Susie - congrats on the loss :carrot: ...hope the UTI goes away quickly...I hate those. :(

Tori - Rodeo ? I have never been either, sounds fun though ...and I would have had to have the nachos !!! Don't feel bad about the binge, I have issues with that too, I know it sucks.

Dee - I am jealous that you get to kayak a lot, I love to do that, did it for the first time in FL a couple years back, it's so much fun. It's awesome that you live around stuff like that, and your great property.

Lyss - Don't get me started on the evils of the artificial sweeteners in your diet coke :D but it's your body, lol !!!! I know you had my same great weather since we are close in proximity ...supposed to rain I think all the first of this week though ...but with 70 degree weather

Have a great day ladies !!!!

04-08-2013, 01:42 PM
Hey Girls!
Begin Week 2 for me today! I did my official weigh in and the scale said 226.4 Down 4 lbs from last week. I think almond and peanut butter are a trigger food for my binges. Wednesday or Thursday I'm going to buy my ticket to watch Jillian in Melbourne. Yay. I am waiting for dh to get home from weork here in a few so we can have some lunch together. My daughter is taking her nap. I finished my workout and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I hope to lose more weight this week , no binging this week I will be more mindful I watched a vid from JM about it and I am going to pay more attention to my feelings when I eat. dh is home talk to you soon girls.

04-09-2013, 12:28 AM
Hi Ladies! :wave: Today was a perfectly OP day. Woke up and weighed in. was super excited to be down #2.9 this week! :D My next goal is #2.2 by Saturday. I'm part of a dietbet, and I'm #2.2 away from my goal to win it! :D

I've changed up my exercise some. It's just too much for me to get in 45 minutes all at once, so I'm doing a mile walk in the morning (DVD - because this girl does NOT do cold even though I'm in beer country!) and then 30 Day Shred at night. It's working. Tomorrow is a break day form 30DS - so I'll do a 3 mile DVD.

Cheer - #4 loss is AWESOME! :yay:

Until tomorrow girls! :D

04-09-2013, 10:08 AM
Morning Ladies …today I woke up, got dressed, and for the first time in about a month felt “smaller” …Susie asked me last time what did I mean by that ( lol ), and for me personally it is all about the stomach …my stomach gets REALLY big and bloated and out of hand when I’m not watching my diet …and after about a week of eating on plan it always goes down quite a bit ( probably mostly from soda bloat )…so today I feel that and it is making me happy and ready to stay OP for a long time …was so happy I made it thru the weekend without going haywire, but I think that was only due to dh also being good …if he would’ve said lets get a pizza I probably would’ve been all over it…I’m still in the newbie stage and ready to jump ship at a moments notice, lol …usually takes me a good month of eating well under my diet before I’m not easily tempted by any and everything. How about you girls?

I’ve been more upbeat lately, I don’t know if it’s the weather, the B12, or just life in general…or by me just making a conscience effort to be so..but I think it’s going to be a good Summer. :cool:
I would love to have the bulk of my extra weight off by Christmas of this year…but I know that is A LOT …but I’ll keep plugging away at it. :jig:

What are your goals? Do you have a specific time frame in mind ? :flow1:

Tori – yay on the 4lb loss !!!!! I guess I missed it, what ticket for Jillian ? I really love her, I hope they do a BL show before January, and start back up in Sept like they used to …I need a Fall pick me up around that time, lol …for me the binge’s usually happen when I am bored and BY MYSELF, this is important to note as they only happen when I am alone…that is why I don’t like to be home alone…but I am really working on it …we can do this…you are doing a great job recommitting yourself. Proud of you ! :hug:

Food 4/8
B = English muffin and 1 T pb – 210
L = frozen dinner ( bad for me but I was in a rush ) – 360
S = 2 cups skinny pop popcorn – 80, triscuits – 100, cheese – 110
D = 2 white castle cheeseburgers ( ** see story about dinner below ) – 310 , cottage cheese -130
S = greek yogurt – 130
Total for day – 1430 …under calories for day, would like to keep at 1500 or above, will have more today
*** was trying halibut for the first time, dh made it awesomely, however me, not being a fish eater, did not like it …he loved it and ate it all, but there I was stuck with no dinner, I grabbed something easy, frozen white castles ….haha :rofl:

Have a great day !!! :crazy:

04-09-2013, 12:01 PM
Hey girls, good morning! Completed Day 9! I will check my measurements tomorrow. I took Adi to the park, we played for one whole hour. We both had fun on the swings, slide and pretending to drive a car, the bouncy ones. lol I normally sit down while she plays so today was different for both of us. I did enjoy it though.

Monday Food:
Breakfast:slice of natures own whole wheat bread, 1/2 ounce cheese, 1/4 cup greek yogurt, berries. 340 calories

Lunch: 1/2 publix turkey sandwich with swiss cheese no mayo.4oz lemonade

Dinner, 1 cup chili, 1/2 avacado, 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt, 1/2 cup salsa 12 mission tortilla strips

calories: 1688 I didnt even realize. thats not too bad though.

04-09-2013, 12:02 PM
Oh ! I forgot to tell you guys, I have been shopping for a heart rate monitor, like a polar watch, but last night I saw fit bit one on HSN and I saw they had it for 4 easy payments of 25 bucks so i went for it! I should have my fit bit one by the end of next week . SO EXCITED

04-09-2013, 12:37 PM
Tori - that is why I love my QVC ( and sometimes HSN ) - those easy multiple payment plans !!! Cant wait to hear how you like it ...

And actually I think those calories are probably about right for your size and activity level...about same for me too ....and that way as you lose you can lower them each time you hit a plateau, you have to have somewhere to go down to ..

04-09-2013, 01:33 PM
Hi Everyone. Beautiful here in Ohio...makes me feel good! :flow2:

I am doing well with my food--staying in my caloried range..usually a bit under and avoided a jelly bean binge last night...I could hear these posts in my head.

I didn't get my workout in last night. With the UTI and that fact that I worked until 7 p.m. and then drove home, I just didn't go to the Y. BUT I did do a 30 min walk in the building.

I'm still dealing with the UIT (or IC flare) but it is much better than yesterday. I will meet my walking partner at the Y tonight...I hope she wants to walk outside.

Tory: I have a friend who has a Fit Bit and she LOVES it! It will help you a lot to stay on track. Good for you for playing with your baby girl at the is good for both mommy and baby! And I bet it felt fun!

Carri: I laughed when I read about the White Castle. Are you still logging you food on your Lose It App? that is what I'm using right now.

My goal right now is 30 lbs by end of July. We are going to DC in June and I will see a friend and I'd like to have 10-12 lbs off by then.

Enygirl: Diet challenges are very helpful at times. Keep up the good work

HI Dee and Rebecca8...I hope we hear from you soon.

Food for April 8
B=greek peach yogert and a bannan muffin, water
L-garden salad, 1 square of meatless lazangna, water, 1 cookie bar
D=Veggie Club on crossiant from McAllisters, 1/4 cup potato salad, 2 popsicles, water
Exericse=30 min walk

04-09-2013, 03:38 PM
Hi girls! Checking in for the day. So far I'm having an emotional day... prett much due to stress with work and the boyfriend's school stuff. I'm emotional and needy - he doesn't have time to deal with my clinging due to the whole Grad school thing. :( It'll be better - just emotional.

I did go to Red Lobster today with a friend for lunch and had a great time... plus limited myself to only 2 of those incredible cheesy biscuits! I call it a win! :D

Today is my day off from Jillian's 30 Day Shred - so I'll do a longer walk DVD this evening. As for now, I'm working, finishing a crochet order, and listening to the thunder. Something nice about the rain in April. <3

Chicken tacos on the menu for dinner - and some more water (haven't come near my goal yet today!)

Have a terrific day girls!

04-09-2013, 06:27 PM
Hi Girls, it's been in the 60's & rained since yesterday :smug: filling our lakes-rivers that needed it & for our morell mushroom season here. I'm doing 15 min. 2x day jumping on my mini-trampoline this week; (easy on my bad knee & burns lots of fat cals/great cardio). I gotta have fun & change-up stuff or I'll let other things influence my day & I'll stop playing/being active :trampo: I do exercises on it to fast-tempo music.
Wow, it's sooo Wonderfulllll reading that Everyone is on track & has lost pounds :cp::broc::goodscale I ADMIRE each of U for taking control of Your Health & not letting a food control your health~present & future. Nobody here, wants to b using a walker or carry around a oxygen tank in their 70's & we won't if we Stay-on this road :running:
Tori :val2: Wow your wedding pic is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful couple U both make, TY for posting it. U r doing sooo great & I hope that U get really good seat to see Jillian. I live in horse country & ride horses & have been to several rodeo's & the food doesn't bother me; because I'm always looking @ getting a newer cowboy hat & another pair of cowboy boots to wear.

Susie, Awesome news that U r in training for another 5K this May. U r a Inspiration to everyone here :val3: I am sooo happy that your busy career allows U a few minutes daily to b here w us. I teared-up while reading your loving words to me. U know that U r beloved by everyone that knows U :hug: I wish that we lived in the same state to have a monthly weekend together to play, etc. I wish U could eat supper w us tonight, I made a yummy salad w mixed greens & raspberries & blueberries & a cheese tortellini w rice flour & a delish tomato sauce w mushrooms (I choose our carbs in my dough w my pasta machine) so our meal carbs r healthy & I have a pitcher of ice water w cucumber slices & pineapple basil & lime slices ready; so satisfying that we won't desire a dessert. U know my dh would've ate your jelly beans for U. The Easter bunny got him every special jelly bean brand off the shelf, Jolly Ranchers, Sweet Tart, etc. I ate 1 of every color in each bag & then wrote down my fav bag for next Easter & so did dh.

DWTS last night was sooo good. I watch the Voice during commercial breaks & will watch all of it after the teams r chosen. Sad to see Kendra quit Splash last week. Nashville is getting exciting again; I saw Scarlett & her boyfriend on The View & was shocked, they r both foreiners & speak w heavy accents & auditioned from their countries for the show on Skype/UTube & got the roles. Michigan lost their b-ball game but I don't care because my fav team is the Michigan Spartans from Lansing. I have a recipe for homemade fruit gummies that uses: 1/3cup fruit juice & 2-3 envelopes (25 oz/740ml) unflavored gelatin; if anybody wants it, just tell me this week & I'll post-it here, I really like bagged gummy worms & peach rings but they have too much sugar so I found this healthy recipe using juice. I've lost 4 lbs the last 9 days & am down to 138 lbs again, so I'm happy today. I'll do the same thing every 2 weeks a month & do portion control the other 2 weeks so I won't have to deal w measuring/counting cals daily to remain in control.

Carri, :o I can't believe U let dh eat all your fish.... U really Luv sushi :p I tuned on R.Ray while sewing yesterday & Montel was a guest & spoke about his health & diets & said the only thing that impacted his being a obese diabetic was having a breakfast & lunch health smoothie daily in a blender made w veggies & fruit because he couldn't digest those nutrients properly & he eats a normal supper & that's how he keeps his fat off. So he became a spokes-person for the $300 blender after it worked for his diet lifestyle after losing the weight & getting off most his RX. I could replace 1 meal, not sure if I could replace 2 meals like Montel does daily because I think the meal smoothies would get boring in a month.
Enygirl, Awesome about Red Lobster :carrot: & a day-off from your Shred... I'm a beginner @ crocheting I've only made 2 things since I started a few months ago, the directions look confusing :dizzy: Some days it's hard to b OP & even try to make a effort & w stress is when I've taught myself to reach for tea, or flavored ice-water made from veggies/fruit or sip 1 glass of wine & read a book. I really like that U change your activities, instead of pushing yourself & wanting to quit while doing it. Keep-Up the Great work :cheer: We r here for U when life sucks & U need to vent, because We're much better for U than eating junk-food ;)
Rebecca8, Lyssa, Mel, Liz :wave:

04-10-2013, 10:13 AM
Morning Ladies – slow morning here…going to leave work early today and get my hair done…nothing special , just a cut and highlights…but it will be nice to just leave work early – having one of those weeks. :mad:

Well now all the judges on The Voice have their teams so now we can move on to the better part of the show ( for me anyway ). I think Adam has the strongest team probably, but that’s just first impressions…we will see …I saw on the preview about Usher getting mad at one of his team members, should be interesting … :lol:

Last night I almost had a week moment and opened up a Family Size bag of Ruffles I have stored away in the cabinet …but I took a deep breath and didn’t have any….well it helped that dh was there …if I would’ve opened that bag I would have been elbow deep in it before I even realized what was going on …I just so wanted to open the bag, grab a cherry coke, and relax with them both while I watched tv…sad but true….but I didn’t do it, and I feel like I won last night over the food addiction for the first time in a long time. And now, as I am typing about the chips, I still want them :s:

Dee – I have never tried a mini trampoline but I always think it looks like fun…bet it’s good exercise too…I also heard that about Montel, and I do want a nice blender quite a bit, have been wanting the one they have on qvc, the Vitamix, supposed to be about the best…and like you said I could maybe replace breakfast with a smoothie but not 2 meals, this girls needs her meat, haha :moo::ink::T
I was sad to see Kendra quit too …fear got the best of her I guess…
I really like sushi but not any with a fish taste, most of my stuff is mainly cooked and just a little raw…guess I’m not a fish girl, and I wanted to be, lol

Susie – no right now I am not using the Lose It App, I am just counting the calories on my own …I love that app but sometimes it’s so tedious …may start using again though, I do use it to update my weight on to see how many calories I can have to lose the 2lbs a week. :flow2:

Have a great day everybody, supposed to storm here today and tonight I think

Food 4/9
B = English muffin with 1T pb = 210
L = green tea – 65, jr roast beef sandwiches, only half bun – 340
S = triscuits – 120, pb – 100
D = 5 oz sirloin steak ( little butter ) – 380, side salad with dressing – 250
S = fun size bag of M&Ms – 75
Total for day = 1550


04-10-2013, 01:28 PM
Hi Everyone. I LOVE reading all the posts. They are inspiring...the good with the not so good--and that is real life and where we live. We ebb and flow.

When I read this posts I think "we are making life-style changes...just not going on (and going off) a diet.

I love you all! :hug:

Carri: I'm sorry to hear that you are having one of those weeks. Getting your hair done will be very nice for you. Enjoy it!

I feel that sometimes the App can be tedious but after using it for a few weeks it's pretty easy for me as I tend to eat the same things. I do find it helpful to show the calorie intake for a loss of 2lbs, or 1 a week. Very helpful.

Tory: Did you get your ticket? It will be so cool just to hear her speak in person.

EnyGirl: Just eating two of those cheesy biscuits is a win in my book! I hope that today isn't as emotional for you. We all have them :hug:

Dee: I swear you should run a "retreat"...I know I would come. That lunch sounded wonderful!

Thanks for sharing about the mini-trampoline. I might have to think about one of those due to my knee.

Ok..back to work for me. See you all tomorrow.

04-10-2013, 02:15 PM
Good afternoon everyone!

Waiting on bad weather to arrive today and tomorrow.....nasty storms headed this way. Got my walk/run in early this morning, sweated my rear end off :)

The scale finally budged after bouncing around the same pound or two the past two weeks. At my lowest right now of 195.2.

We worked in my mom and dads yard all day Saturday and we were sooo sore the next day. Used muscles I didn't know existed :)

In about 3 weeks, 3 of my kids have birthdays....all within 8 days of each other. Oh boy, must resist the temptation to eat bday cake. That will be so hard. My oldest has me always make his favorite homemade lemon cake which has a frosting consisting of whipped cream and lemon pudding. Makes me hungry just thinking about it, it is so good. I guess if I watch my calories that day and am able to work in a slice it won't be all that bad. As long as one slice doesn't turn into half the darn cake ;)

Well, off to make myself my lunch salad. Have a good day gals!

04-10-2013, 02:16 PM
Today is one of those I can't get enough food days for me and I hate those...where no matter what I eat I don't feel satisfied...just eating what I would normally eat it making me starving...I am just trying to keep it under control and stick to my eating plan ...been OP for like almost two weeks now and that is normally when I start to crack for the first time ...

Ok.....carry on ....................... haha

04-10-2013, 02:18 PM
Oh Lyss, birthday cake is THE DEVIL !!!! lol ...I love it so much I don't know how you will do it, but fingers crossed

We are supposed to get nasty weather too ( probably same as yours) and since I am getting my hair done from 4-6 , I just know the nastiest part of it is going to be coming down right when I leave.

04-10-2013, 02:27 PM
Carri, I wish I could text U right now, I have Susie's cell but I don't know if she has yours or time to text U for me, we gotta trade cell# for texting emergencies like this... FYI :o I'm on my lunch break & stopped @ QVC for TSV & its the Yonanas machine $53.45 incl. ship. :p Sooo I shot over to Amazon & its $49.65 + $17 for a recipe bk, that QVC includes w theirs. Hey this is a sign to me to Buy it finally today. Amazon customers rate it 4* out of 5 so my plastic says Yes :cool: I'm saving $13.20 getting it as TSV @ QVC today & it comes in diff colors too :cool:

I'll b back tomorrow to post you'all. I had to get this to everyone to check-out today :p Carri & I had prior chatted about wanting this machine that turns fruit into soft serve ice cream sherbert flavors w/o sugar.

Hugs, DeeDee

04-10-2013, 07:47 PM
susie_Omg I have been thinking about buying that ticket all day! I read your post to me just now and I bought it~ I did it! omg i'm nervous and excited! It went down to half the price. 25 bucks!~

Carri- thats exactly how i feel when i'm going to binge! nothing is enough and I want more of everything, I learned today from a fellow blogger, I actually asked her, she said when you're feeling a weak moment make sure you get away from the food , make sure you're well fueled throughout the day, make sure you drink enoughwater and have someone to talk to when you're feeling that you're lacking something, comfort, stress relief, love, etc. I normally feeling lonely when I'm going to eat like that.

Dee- I went to the park again with baby, this time for only 40 minutes, my plan was 20 but I got a sun burn wahhh,

thinkthin- omg cake! my bday is coming up in less than 3 weeks. I am going to request my family to not get me a cake but something else instead idk what yet. then my husbands bday 3 weeks later then my 6 year old will turn 7. I already told my dad today we won't be drinking together like we normally do on m y bday. lol

Eny girl_Proud of you on those red lobster biscuits! I loooove red lobster biscuits, so glad you're doing something on Jillian Michaels , I'm thinking of doing 30 DS after I finish Body Rev.

Night girls , I had 2,000 calories today cuz i over did it on the ice cream and almond butter , that is a trigger for me , gonna throw it out cuz I over eat on that stuff.
night girls , talk to you tomorrow. Day 10 down!! today was cardio and I think i died, twice!

04-11-2013, 07:50 AM
Day 11 workout done! I went in the kitchen last night and ate almond butter, that is my trigger food, that and peanut butter, I will no longer be keeping almond butter in the house, I love it soo much .

04-11-2013, 10:40 AM
Morning Ladies – crummy morning…we had a very bad storm last night and we had golf ball size hail …both of our cars have damage and dh’s car is only three months old…we are not happy…I guess you can’t do much about what Mother Nature does, but it sure does suck.

I know some of you live around me , so anyone else have any damage ?

Other than that things are good…my hair looks okay from my appt last night …I’ve only ever loved one hair dresser I had in my life, it was a guy, and he moved to TN and that was like 13 yrs ago, all of them that I have had since have been so so ….and so is this girl, so it looks ago but nothing awesome …I think Susie’s hair dresser would be awesome to have…great color skills

It was during my hair appt that the bad storm came thru ( like I said it would lol ), and I could hear the huge hail hitting the windows in the building and I knew my car was in trouble

Dee – I can’t wait to hear how you feel about the machine…I want one really bad but I think I will wait and hear what you think of it personally first…I was wanting someone to buy it first so they could give me and honest opinion about how it works, but I think you are gonna love it. Will you be getting it soon ? Maybe QVC will have on easy pay soon and I can get it for some cheap monthly payments.

Susie – yes I tend to eat a lot of the same things too ( as you can see from my daily food lists haha ), so that makes it easier with the Lose It app.

Tori – yes my slight binge last night came after a day of not eating that much but being so hungry, my body was just begging me to do it, lol…and of course I was alone so it was a perfect time to do “secret eating” …at least I had the calories for it and didn’t go too crazy…normally I would consume a 1000 cals in that time period…I’m learning to control it a little…I’m so excited you bought the ticket, can’t wait to hear about it…great job for already getting your work out done !!!! You’re rockin it lately!

Food 4/10
B = English muffin and pb = 210
L = frozen meatloaf meal, needed something quick – 330, applesauce – 50
S = 2 cups popcorn – 90
D = Smart One’s pizza – 270
S = Ruffles Chips – 200, peanuts – 150, M&M’s fun pack – 75, one slice toast 100, butter 100
Total for day – 1600 ish …..had slight binge moment at end of day with all the snacks you see, bad day – gonna eat more substantial foods today in way of protein and fiber to keep myself fuller and not so hungry – probably need more water too

04-11-2013, 10:49 AM
Hi Everyone! :wave: Just finished my morning workout - 2 mile Leslie Sansone DVD. I'm finding that the more I work out, the less calories I'm burning. I know it's because essentially I'm getting healthier on the inside, I just wish the weight would come off too! :( I swear I've been in the #220s FOREVER!!! But I'm going to keep pushing... it HAS to come off eventually, right? Tonight, I'm starting level 2 of 30 Day Shred. Last time I did the program, level 2 is where I saw the most progress in my toning and weight loss. I'm NOT looking forward to the planks though! Yuck!

Working on purging diet soda from my system again... went from drinking about 144 oz a day to about 24 now. The aspartame is just SO addicting to me! It's my go to when I'm stressed... but I've purged pretty much every other life-ending habit, I can do this too! And no - cold turkey is NOT an option for me on this one. I love my family. :D

Staying OP today. Need to have a good number for tomorrow and Saturday for my diet bet! :)

04-11-2013, 11:10 AM
Ok Ladies, I'm super excited and slightly nervous about seeing jillian live, My cousin leaves Monday, I drop him off in melbourne that day so I'll be picking up my ticket that day . I cheated last night so bad, I'm not gonna let it get me down. I ate a healthy breakfast this morning. sent my two older babies off to school , ana is my middle baby , so much like myself. she wanted me to go on her field trip so badly , it was only 1 dollar to go to the planetarium but I didnt have a sitter, my cousin and my dad are around but not good with babies. Abby is 9 and she's got honor roll today at 2 I'm gonna buy her some flowers and chocolate anyone have eny other ideas? I am really starting to get attached to my baby puppy german shepard, not a baby anymore, i have a scar on my lip and a big scratch on my chin, (lets just say she's very passionate about giving me love). But she is a darling. I am gonna take some pics today and post em , she's crying right now wants to come play i crate trainher but i'm gonna let her out anyway cuz she's my baby, lol , my older doggy scooter is half her size and she's only 5 months old. he is a jack russel mixed with weiner. he's beginning to get used to her , he's 5 years old though so he's never really in the mood to play with her, but she is really becoming the alpha dog in this house. anyway i cheated on checking my weight, i measured yesterday but everythign was the same as last week wednesday, so no change in measurement yet. that made me curious to see if i lost any weight, ( i know i'm not sposed to check again til monday, in hopes that i wont trigger myself to binge by trying to sabotage my own progress , but i did and I'm down to 223 even after my binge last night. I"m getting rid of the almond butter this morning so i dont have to see it anymore . and i'm so happy i am losing weight! just who knows what it will fluctuate to by monday hopefully its not up from here i'll be sad. but it wont cuz i'm gonna eat super healthy and keep on keepin on . have a great day girls!

04-11-2013, 11:34 AM
Hello. I feel that I did pretty well this past week and I hope that it will show on the scales tonight at TOPS.

I only had one day that I kept wanting food and that was Tuesday...I handled it pretty well. I had those suckers that you get a the bank in my drawer and they helped me. I have found that hard candy like that helps me when I want to eat, and eat and eat.

Dee: We are all waiting to see what you think of the Yonanas machine.
Also, thank you for bringing up the info about having cell number or something that if we are losing control that we can reach out to each other.
I'm fine with giving any one mine who wants it...and texting is something I can always do. Just PM me on here and I can give it to you.

Tory: Throw out that peanut butter and almond butter! I am so exctied you got your ticket and that you got it at a savings! Keep working at are doing great.

Enygirl: I love the Leslie Sansone DVD's. It's ok to not go cold turkey on the diet soda..just phase it out slowly. Maybe only get one when you are out and not have any in the house. That way, if you feel like you "need" one, you are going to have to make a effort to go get it.

Carri: So sorry about the hail and car damage..that sucks for sure!
You mentioned "secret" eating...if I am going to binge..that is always the route I take. I'm trying to not do that.

Like you said, at least you had the calories for it..when it happens to me, I usually don't.

Last night I helped my brother with his boys and after dinner we each had a scoop of geloto (sp?) I LOVE that and it is a treat. I would never keep that in my house..I couldn't control it. I was glad that DH was with me so I couldn't go buy some and eat it on the 30 min drive home.

Good idea to eat sustainable food today. You CAN do this!

Lyss: That is my favorite cake too. Make a small round one and not a sheet cake. Maybe that will help? You numbers on the scale look good! Keep it up

April 10, 2013 food
B=peach greek yogurt, 2 mini powered doughnuts
L=Healthy Choice veggie egg role with rice, pears
D=1 ear of corn on the cob with butter, grilled potatoes, white carrots and onion, 1 roll, 1/2 cup baked beans. 1 cup of geloto (sp?)
Exercise: 30 min walk and playing with my nephews outside for 30 min.

04-12-2013, 08:46 AM
Good Morning Girls! Day 12 in a row!! I haven't been doing so great on eating but its a new day:Its gonna be a great day! I got my fitbit one set up and I'm gonna push harder now I think since I'm a type A and love the organized tracking of what I've done and knowing how much more I can push for the day. I hope you're all doing well and remember to eat right today, you can't outwork a bad diet. :hugs:

04-12-2013, 10:49 AM
Happy Friday!

Nice and sunny here today in Illinois, albeit on the chilly side....where did that warmer weather go?

Just got kiddos off to school, now need to get stuff done around the house. I just need to get motivated :)

Thought about getting my walk/run in early this morning to get it out of the way, I think I'll wait for it to warm up a few more degrees.

Last night I cooked some boneless, skinless chicken thighs that I marinated for a couple of days in some basil pesto. They turned out really good, gave them a nice flavor. As a side we had sauteed kale salad. Yum!

My DD is having two of her cousins spend the night I'll have 6 kids here. Calgon take me away! :dizzy:

Hope everyone has a lovely day and an awesome weekend!

P.S. I had a whoosh this week and I am now at 193.2!

04-12-2013, 11:36 AM
Morning Ladies !! So last night I used my pressure cooker to make the best chicken taco filling…I found this recipe online but I didn’t really follow it too much, sort of did my own thing but with her basic idea …it made a lot of it so I guess we’re having tacos, burritos, and quesadilla’s until it runs out, haha …I bought my pressure cooker from qvc last year ( you know they new ones are nothing like the huge steel one’s you remember your grandma or mother using ) and have hardly used it since I didn’t really know what to do in it, but slowly I am trying new things. :yes:

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad today is Friday …I am off work Monday and Tuesday so I get a four day weekend…I just need a break, a few days to regroup…so don’t think anything of it if you don’t hear from me for a few days. :bubbles:

Lyss – it’s chilly here today too, and no sun, which probably makes it chillier …I think the high will be high 40’s or 50…which isn’t so bad I guess…back up around 70 on Sunday or Monday. I would like to incorporate kale more in my diet, I really like the raw kale salads but would like to hear your recipe for the sautéed kale salad. :hungry:

Tori – I have my eating totally in check but I’m never good at regular exercising, which I need…you have inspired me to try and do it more. :broc:

Hi Susie, Dee, LeeAnn, Mel, Liz, and everyone else…. :hug:

Food 4/11
B = English muffin w/ 1 T PB – 210
L = KFC 10 pc chicken bites – 330, little sauce – 30
S = popcorn – 120 :corn:
D = 4 corn tortillas – 160, chicken – 150, cheese – 160, lettuce – 10, pico de gallo – 25, sour cream - 100
S = greek yogurt – 130
Total for day – 1425

Have a good weekend all !!!

04-13-2013, 09:21 AM
Hey My girls! Good Morning!

Ooh Carri ! 4 Day weekend woop! How fun enjoy your R&R , and blow some bubbles like your icon, it is actually so much fun lol , last night I was in the bath and my two year old came in and was like "momma make a bubboo, she showed me how to rub the soap in her hands and blow" (her dad showed her) It was amusing.

Susie-How did Tops Go? Hope you're doing well and enjoying your weekend .

Dee-How did the yonanas machine go? I'm dying to buy one but last time I checked around a year ago it was like $99 I'm gonna check it out!

I am liking my fit bit it tells me how much I've slept and how many times I wake up, (based on my arm movements) idk how accurate that is, what if I just move? but I like it I worked out with a friend yesterday after doing my JMBR workout and it was soo hard, *cardio Kills Me* it was Sean T dance party. soo hard we did two of them , a 15 minute one where I was sweating and like ok I like this that was the basic moves dvd, then we did party express it was 25 minutes and the last 5 were like torture!! I'm so tired this morning I havent even done my workout but I will in about an hour, the girls are having a sleepover so I'm gonna check on them , today after I finish my workout I will be 2 weeks completed!! I checked my weight this morning , not official til monday but it said 224 last night and 221 this morning hopefully it will stay there by monday so i can post it on my ticker. I also checked my inches this morning 5 1/2 inches down , total all over . At least I'm shrinking a little , I looked at 5 inches on my tape measure and i was like hmm thats not much off a whole body but its something so I'll take it :)

Everyone: Have a beautiful Day girls :hugs:

04-13-2013, 09:24 AM
I'm gonna buy the yonanas machine wednesday if its still 50 dollars! in hot pink , my next thing i wanna get is WEN hair care I've been wanting to try it for 4 years!

04-14-2013, 09:01 AM
Good morning!

Supposed to be a really nice day here in Illinois. Carri are you getting some of this warmer weather today in Indiana?

Not much to report....down to 192.2 on the scale. Waiting for all the kids to wake up. My brother brought two of his girls over yesterday to spend the night. Ran to Walmart this morning to get stuff to make breakfast, they wanted pancakes, sausage and bacon for breakfast. Must resist the temptation :)

Gonna go get myself a cup of coffee and get my Sunday on ;)

Have a great day everyone!

04-15-2013, 08:15 AM
Down to 221.8 without cutting carbs!! down to 46% body fat from 47%. Today I begin week 3 of body revolution but I have to do it after i get home from taking the girls to school or we'll be late and today is benchmark testing so we can't have that. so the weight loss took me twice as long but hopefully it will last forever vs coming back as soon as I eat a piece of bread darn it! I'm sad that its a slow road but its ok it will all be worth it. My cousin leaves today I'll be driving him to melbourne and while I'm there I'll pick up my ticket to see jillian , Excited about today , Gotta get the girls ready to go .

Have a great day!

04-15-2013, 11:46 AM
Hi Ladies,

I had a gain at TOPS on Thursday night and it really took the winds out of my sails. I needed a few days to process it. I didn't go overboard with food or anything, just needed some quiet time so I stayed away from all computers and just wrote in my journal and took a look at why I had a gain when I thought I might have a loss.

What I found was that I didn't get much sleep last week. Only about 5 hrs each night. My days are long...and so I must prioritize sleep. My DH is a late night person and gives me gried for going to bad early and not watching TV with him

I told him that I must start sleeping more during the work week so that I'm not so tried on the weekends that all I get done is sleep. I need my energy.

I made the connection that I sometimes at more when I was tired so maybe that was the issue. Also, while I stayed in my calorie range (and many days 500 calories below), I wasn't eating the most good for me foods.

I will now move forward (again).

Tory: When is the date that you are seeing Jillian?

04-16-2013, 08:11 AM
Susie_I'm learning there is a big connection between sleep and weight loss , when you're lacking sleep your body produces more fat storing hormones. I just got done looking at my sleep efficiency with my fit bit one its pretty good I mostly get between 6&7 hours and it really helps to remind you of how much sleep you are or are not getting a night .

I'm going on friday, Yesterday I started week three and four so i changed the dvds from 1 &2 to 3&4 , I could almost not finish the workout yesterday and today its a lot more difficult than weeks one and two. It kind of makes me feel less than because I cannot keep up. I know the ppl in the dvd are athletes though. Idk thats my guilt myself mentality. arrrrg.

I took my cousin to the Bus Station last night so he's on his way and we have our house back yay!

Dee, Carrie, Lys, Everyone ::hugs:

How are yous doing and what are you doing to help keep your heart fit while losing weight?

04-16-2013, 08:11 AM
Going to see jllian michaels on Friday!!~ omg what am I gonna wear??

04-16-2013, 10:41 AM
Good morning. I'm mentally feeling a lot better. I have gotten to bed at 11 every night this week. Still later than I want (I want to be there at 10) but it's better than the midnight.

Feeling a bit of stress as my DH has his 6 month checkup to make sure his heart is still in rhythm and not in Afib. We are praying for good outcomes.

Also, I need to take my cat to the vet. His ear is a mess. It looks like it could be mites..which I have treated but I might not have gotten them all. He has never been to the vet (he is a inside cat that I rescured from the street about 6 years ago), but his ear is bleeding a lot off and on and so it's time to take him to be seen. We love this cat..he is like our baby.

Tory: I'm glad that you have your house back! I am thinking about getting me a fitbit. Maybe I'll ask for one for my birthday in June. I have a friend who has one and she loves it!

I can't wait to hear from you after you go see Jillian! As for what you are going to wear... I would be thinking the same thing! Just make sure it's something that makes you feel strong and beautiful..because you are!

Keep it up with the workout dvds. Those people had to go through the same thing you are to get to where they are. EVERYONE has a begining.

It's quiet around here...where is everyone?

04-16-2013, 01:00 PM
susie- Thank you! I'm cooking chicken on the foreman right now and gonna have broccolli with it, I have officially transitioned my family from cow milk to almond milk, i bought it for a recipe and actually like it more and less calories and carbs woo! more calcium too, i'm outside enough to get all my vitamin D , Adi is sleeping , the kids are at school, i helped my Dad change his battery on his car today I thought I would be useless but I actually am the one who got it done, He couldnt see the places to put the screws , I feel like I can do car stuff now too. lol Gonnna check on my chicken put biggest loser on HULu and chill out a bit, then laundry and p/u kids. I did my workout today it was pretty hard but doable. I will talk to you ladies soon. Its pretty quiet at my house in the day , someone here should text me I'll inbox you all mynubmer!!

04-16-2013, 01:10 PM
Hey ladies, I was just thinking , how cool would it be that once we all get to goal we can all meet somewhere to celebrate together, it will be a big trip we can all fly somewhere to have a little celebration vacay with our husbands etc , just a thought, of course it would be a long time coming since I have such a long journey ahead but then we can all celebrate together since we've had eachothers back the whole time. What do you all think?

04-17-2013, 09:22 AM
Hi Ladies. I'm feeling a bit on edge this morning. DH has his check-up today and if that isn't enough he is in a foul mood about going.

My DH has been dealing with a lot of frustration for about the past 2 yrs. When his best friend died 2 years ago, he just sort of let life start happening to him instead of him participating in it. He is now frustrated with himself but says he doesn't have the energy to do anything about it.

He is going to talk to our minister on Monday and I have found him some counseling through my work insurance. He has had this information for about 2 months but he just made the calls to start this for himself.

I told him I would help him secure the resources but HE needed to be the one to make the appointments.

It's been tough ladies and I know that it might be awhile before things feel good again. Frankly I'm tired of the highs and the lows but it's life and I have to deal with it and not deal with it with food.

Dee: So good to hear for you. You are one busy lady! I do drink a lot of water, I actually like it. I like to write my food to as I am on the computer all day long. Thanks for sharing how you write your food and activity.

Carri: I didn't realize you were on vacation. I missed that somewhere.

Torri: I have put you number in my phone. :hug: I think a trip to all meet up sounds awesome. I don't have to be at goal to do that but I would like to have lost 50 lbs to do it.

04-17-2013, 12:51 PM
Morning ladies, sorry I have been MIA, took a few days off from work...the scale has been VERY kind to me...stepped on this morning and it read 214.4...that means I have lost 10 lbs since April 3rd...I'm VERY excited :carrot:
I have been doing it by dropping my carbs ( that's why I won't try the new McD's wrap Dee, those wraps are SO high in carbs ) and watching my calories....I'm on a roll now.

I have missed too much to do personal replies but I have missed you all.

Have a great day.


04-17-2013, 02:07 PM
Carri- That is outstanding! Proud of you!! get it girl !!

Susie-don't worry his foul mood will pass he knows you are only nudging him in the right direction because you love him

04-17-2013, 02:58 PM
Grrrrr.....just had this long reply all written out and this site cleared it before I was finished typing, hate when that happens.

Carri - awesome on the loss!

Torri - love your idea! can we all visit down in your neck of the woods :lol:

Susie - :hug: hoping everything gets better soon. Sending prayers your way.

Dee - that Yonanas machine sounds like something my kiddos would love, I'll have to look into getting one.

I weighed in at 191.0 this morning, hoping to get into that 180's thread soon!

Having salmon and sauteed kale for dinner tonight. Carri you asked about this before, all I do is add some olive oil to a pan and saute till softened. I buy this bag of chopped kale that comes with slivered carrots and red cabbage, love it! Kids are wanting toasted ravioli tonight, so I'll be making that as well. Made sloppy joe stuffed grands biscuits for them last night, they loved them.

Had to go to Target earlier to buy some new tees. All my old ones look like dresses now :)

Getting hungry so I'm going to make myself a chicken salad for now. Talk to you ladies later!


04-18-2013, 02:08 PM
@ Susie @ Lyss _ Sounds good to me! today , I went to do my workout and could not find the remote anywhere! I use my playstation as a dvd player and I looked in the couches behind, i even lifted them up, pulled out the recliners, looked in the kids room bathroom kitchen. I thought o my gosh Today will be the first day I miss and I'd be super guilty Istarted thinking of someone to call who had a playstation remote, then I found a wired one! yay! (i normally use the wireless one, but who cares! I did my workout and it was not as hard as the first time. Idk if its my self tanner that I used but I feel like my legs, which are my trouble area are looking good , still jiggly but better. :)
I took my measurements again and everything is mostly the same , i figure I'll measure again in 2 weeks on may 1st. I went to publix and the scale said 220.5 with clothes on! I'll take it but I know it could be wrong. Its ok I'll check monday morning on my scale then go to publix just to see if its accurate. for peace of mind.

I hope each and everyone of you will feel strong, confident, and motivated to do what you have got to do for yourselves and your families today.

:hug: bye :D

04-18-2013, 08:25 PM
Anyone having rain again this week :rain: The poor horses & animals need hip-boots to go outside to potty :(
Carri :woohoo: Congrat's on --10 poundddddsssssss I'll b the victim Friday & eat the new McD. wrap & report back w the nutrition info. I didn't go to the post-office to pick up my Yonana today, the rain was nasty, I'll play w it this weekend & post my review :p

Susie :smug: R U still writing the tops-club newsletter? I hope your WI was good today. My dh got his cancer 3 yr prior to my brother's lung cancer (he died after 2 yr his diagnosis) & my brother said he always felt rejuvenated after being w my dh; because they were 'on the same road, together' & 'only they could understand the effect of cancer being in their body'. Maybe your dh could hook-up w a support group w his health condition & see how they cope & he'd bond w somebody getting a new friend. U r doing your best & U r right the rest is up to him...The gloomy weather we've had all winter could b bumming-out your dh also; nobody's had lots of energy w this crazy-bad winter. My dh is 48 & taking chemo RX since he's 43 & that stuff has side-effects & the RX that your dh takes may b giving him probs too & causing his depression :( Your both in our prayers :hug:

Lyss :p your dinner made me hungry, so yummy. Come back here to chat w us, if U leave to join the 180's thread U mentioned. Hey when your new tee's get big, add some ruching to each side/each sleeve; ruching is cute, easy & instyle; or add a belt, or sew a inside casing for elastic to accent your new skinny waist ;) Or U can cut-off straight across the sleeves & sew that to the bottom hem of a tee that fits & make a color-block summer tee-shirt dress :smug: U can play Vera Wang w your bigger clothes as U watch those pounds falling-off your body :cool:

Tori, whoa girl U r really in a exercise mode :exercise: Don't forget to get back to us about your day w Jillian on Friday :D

04-19-2013, 10:39 AM
Made it to 189.8 this morning! Barely have a foot in the 180's but I'll take it :)

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.....I have also been posting in the "decade" threads and it's always a mini-goal to reach a new one :)

I don't know how I dropped over 1lb yesterday seeing how I ate a ton of "trashed" hot wings yesterday for lunch, weird. The only reason I did was because DH had an MRI yesterday and we were in the area of this place that has the best hot wings. I did work it into my calories though.

It is cold and windy here today. It rained all day yesterday and lots of creeks flooded and roads were closed. This weather has been crazy lately. 85 degrees two days ago and I swear I just saw some flurries driving down the road.

Off to get make myself breakfast, happy Friday ladies!

04-19-2013, 10:44 AM
Morning Ladies, thanks for all the congrats and encouragement really helps me along. :hug:

Lyss – Sorry !!!! Brain fart on the asking about sautéed kale again, haha ….wish I could find a mixed bag like that…my store doesn’t have much, maybe need to go to a bigger organic store…I go to Whole Foods sometimes, will look there …

Tori – you are doing really well girl !!! I can’t wait to hear about how you liked Jillian …isn’t that this weekend? I checked on tickets but they were so expensive here…I know you are going to learn a lot and have a great time…excited for you.

Dee – yes we have had nasty rain all week here too …I like it for a little while then it depresses me ….last night on the Clean Eating page I am in on fb they were all talking about how much they LOVED their Yonanas, so I’m sure you will love it too …but can’t wait to hear about it

Susie – sorry to hear about dh, I know we all go thru those periods and my dh does too …I hope it gets better for you both soon, I know it effects you so much too. Hugs.
I wasn’t really on vacation , just took a few days off work to decompress and get my thoughts together …

I hope you all have a great weekend !!!!

Food 4/19/13
B = egg mcmuffin – 300
L = 12 pizza rolls – 420, green tea – 65
S = frozen blueberry yogurt – 100
D = made pizza on low carb wrap with grated string cheese as mozzarella and pepperoni – 430
S = pork rinds – 160
Total for day - 1475

04-19-2013, 11:11 AM
Lyss – Sorry !!!! Brain fart on the asking about sautéed kale again, haha ….wish I could find a mixed bag like that…my store doesn’t have much, maybe need to go to a bigger organic store…I go to Whole Foods sometimes, will look there …

No, no, no.....I meant you asked about it before but I hadn't replied till now :)
Sorry, didn't mean to be confusing ;)

04-19-2013, 03:48 PM
@Lyss- What program are you following to lose weight you are doing fantastic!

@ Carri- Thank You! Its tonight, it was expensive for us both to go so I am going alone, its our 3 month wedding anniver , Im sad to go alone but I have got to do something for me once in a while.

@ Dee-Yeah I am completely throwing myself into this workout plan because I do not know what to do anymore .

I contacted a therapist to see if I could get help with overeating, but then I figured I couldnt afford it so I backed out. I tried low carb and had great success but I would always , always eat myself back to the 230's , its really stupid I dont know why . I am so upset right now. I am having such a hard time, I am working out really hard. I am eating my calories right and I just really hate this and I'm losing momentum I think because I'm not seeing results as quick as I did on low carb . But I'm so lost right now I gained 9 lbs in 2 days when I went off low carb so its very depressing to me I do not know what I'm doing anymore and I almost want to quit but I know I can't .

I weighed in again today and I'm still not out of the 220's I want to scream and punch and cry and eat because whats the point you know?

04-19-2013, 05:15 PM
Hi Ladies,

Thank you so much for always supporting me. I truly feel blessed to be on this thread with all of you (and Mel and Liz who don't post often but come back to check on us from time to time). :hug:

I stayed the same at TOPS last night and I am good with that as last week I was trying to get my head back in this game.

Dee: We have had a lot of rain too and it's COLD today and tomorrow. Yesterday it was 82 and today it's only going to get to 52!

Lyss: You are doing great! I hope you have fun buying those new t-shirts.

Carri: 10 lbs! YEAH for you! I am a little jealous that you can take a few days off work to decompress. If I miss a day, when I go back it seems like my work is out of control! I will say I'm looking forward to being off for a few days in June.

Tori: I can't wait to hear what you have to say about seeing Jillian.

See you all tomorrow

04-19-2013, 05:16 PM
Stick with it Tori - you know you can do this, and I think maybe after tonights show with Jillian you might be more inspired to stick with it, and maybe learn some great new things too. Hang in there ....

Also I don't know how "low" carb you were doing, but I do a "lower" carb 60-80 carbs a day...and that helps me lose pretty good and its not as drastic as the low carb plans like Atkins

Lyss - oh okay I see ...makes sense now, lol

04-19-2013, 06:08 PM
Tori - Thanks! I've been working hard at it. I mainly do low carb, and when I say low carb I'm talking about 30-50 net grams. I've done lower than that, but seem to do just as well at these amounts. :)

04-19-2013, 06:29 PM
Hi, All the major channels r still reporting on finding the 2nd Boston bomber; I tuned in LiveWell & the 1st girl winner from the Biggest Loser 'Ali Vincent' has a show, here is a link to her 30 Day Challenge:
I'm starting it Monday after dh goes to work. Ali is sweet, funny & motivating on her show, her 30 Day Challenge will help get me back on track :smug: Check her tv show, I like that she makes a fat meal into a healthy meal & motivates working-off our meal cals w people. I ate too many holiday food/calories & I didn't burn them off, I got 'lazy' because of the gloomy winter-mess. I'm below my goal today, I weigh 138 pounds, I'm 5'4", but I 'feel fat' because my legs r 'not tight/toned' being lazy all winter. Sooo Ali is my 30 day coach :coach: sorry for venting to you'all, but my dh won't b honest, he says I look hot & men always say that to get their nookie 2x wkly, so I can't believe him.

Lyss :hug: I hope your dh's MRI has 'great results'. Hot wings :o U r a brave girl... I tried the small wrap @ McD today because the new wrap was so biggg & they put bbq sauce on it & my mouth was on Fire for 2 miles, it tasted like 'hot sauce' not bbq. I can handle 'mild' wings but never 'hot'. I eat kale & like to make kale chips to snack-on. What's the brand nameof the bag U buy 'kale w slivered carrots and red cabbage' that would b handy to have ready, I looked @ my groocery store & didn't have it... I'll google the name & see if my local stores carry it.

Susie, I hope life has been good to U :hug: & that your dh got a good report from his dr. Hope we hear from U this weekend w good news.

Carri, your food logs r making me hungry :p Hey, what 'thoughts did U get together' :D on your time off :dizzy:

Tori, :hug: I'm sorry that U hit a wall w your losses, how's your fitbit working for U? Have U seen your doc about your weight prob in case its a medical thing, or could U b pg.... Your Determination :carrot: IS inspiring sooo Keep on going, it'll get better & easier too :sunny:
Have a fun weekend everyone :trampo:

04-19-2013, 06:46 PM
Dee, I took a pic of the bag I have....kind of wrinkled from the rubber band I use to close it :)

04-20-2013, 10:11 AM
Hey Everyone :) First thing, Thank you all for your support yesterday I just felt so lost , failure etc , you know the feelings. I went to the show last night , It was perfect. I swear she was talking just to me about what happened yesterday. She gave some very simple tips and formulas to help you figure out how much to be eating and overall just made me have the will to keep going.

To stop comparing yourself to your friends weight loss, or how much someone else weighs , stop trying to be better than others but be better than you were. Also to redefine your self image by making small victories. Very simple things but things we don't always realize that we do. Also stop negating your own knowledge and power. To sometimes turn on your BS meter about foods and their claims etc. I'm going to get a heart rate monitor, make sure I'm burning enough calories daily to make sure I lose at least 2lbs a week and I will use it to work at 85% of my maximum heart rate she said thats important.

I know it really sounds like things we already know and have heard but just being there was awesome for me.

04-20-2013, 06:54 PM
Hey ladies :D

Have been in the Twilite Zone lately I need to come back here to support & get support . Still on nights have gained about 10 lbs. Hope all is well with everyone else :hug:

04-20-2013, 07:04 PM
@Lyss- What program are you following to lose weight you are doing fantastic! I tried low carb and had great success but I would always , always eat myself back to the 230's , its really stupid I dont know why . But I'm so lost right now I gained 9 lbs in 2 days when I went off low carb so its very depressing to me I do not know what I'm doing anymore and I almost want to quit but I know I can't .


04-20-2013, 07:31 PM
Hi Liz, Dee and Victoria and Lee Anne--I hope you find us!

THANKS for not giving up on me :hug:

04-21-2013, 01:37 PM
Hey guys,i took my new motivation on a bike ride with the family. We went on different trails,and the park,on the last trail we stopped to rest under a gazebo and w wasps came out after i sat down. My husband told the kids to run I picked up my toddler and began to run when my foot hit the sand i got stung and lost balance and rolled my ankle it sounded like a soda can crushing,i couldn't walk I thought it was broken. After we had a minute to regroup I manage to get on my bike and pedal with one foot to the car we went to the ER and I have a badly sprained sank ed bruised and swollen,i still cannot w walk but crawl to the bathroom.Thank God its nit broken but im praying tomorrow i can workout. What a rough couple days,its ok im gona be fine and at least i get some time to soak my feet :-).

Spunky,i think in gonna try eating less carbs again while incorporating some tips from Jillian Michaels and just bust my butt working out

04-21-2013, 01:51 PM
I agree with the less carbs I have done well so far today & it's past noon. I can do the rest of the day I'm sure of it good luck to you all. I just have an issue with the movin' my booty part. Sorry about your ankle & take it easy you don't want to make things worse :hug:

04-21-2013, 09:16 PM
Lyss, TY for the kale info, I thought U'd give me the brand instead of your 'bag' :D I googled it & they r based in CA & FL so I e-mailed them. Their website doesn't say what states/stores they r in, but a hit came-up w WholeFoods & thats 2 hrs from me, they have recipes on their site:

I figured I'd do it that way in case there was other info on the bag :) I buy them from the local stores here (Dierbergs and Schnucks). I'm not sure if you have any of those near you?

For tonight's dinner, I took a bag of Mann's brand brussel sprouts (pre-packaged bought in produce section) and sliced them in half, tossed in a pan with onion and some bacon. Yum! We also grilled up a couple of steaks and some pork kabobs.

Yesterday DH and I did our usual weekend walk on the nearby trail, but this time we ran for 1-2 minutes, then walked for 1-2 minutes for a total of 5.65 miles. We also did some sprints instead of light jogging and that really got the ol' heart racing. I impressed myself that I could do it. I was definitely exhausted when we were done.

Off to give the youngest a bath. Have a nice Sunday evening ladies!

04-21-2013, 09:27 PM
Hey guys,i took my new motivation on a bike ride with the family. We went on different trails,and the park,on the last trail we stopped to rest under a gazebo and w wasps came out after i sat down. My husband told the kids to run I picked up my toddler and began to run when my foot hit the sand i got stung and lost balance and rolled my ankle it sounded like a soda can crushing,i couldn't walk I thought it was broken. After we had a minute to regroup I manage to get on my bike and pedal with one foot to the car we went to the ER and I have a badly sprained sank ed bruised and swollen,i still cannot w walk but crawl to the bathroom.Thank God its nit broken but im praying tomorrow i can workout. What a rough couple days,its ok im gona be fine and at least i get some time to soak my feet :-).

Spunky,i think in gonna try eating less carbs again while incorporating some tips from Jillian Michaels and just bust my butt working out

Tori - :hug: Sorry to hear all that happened, hope your ankle feels better soon. I know that exact sound you're talking about, did that about two years ago falling off our back patio. Glad everyone is okay, hope kids didn't get stung. Take care of yourself and feel better girl!

04-22-2013, 10:17 AM
Morning Ladies …hope you all had a good weekend …I had my first “cheat” meal in over three weeks on Saturday night , I really do think you need one of those once in a while, a high calorie day…they say our metabolism needs it, after it gets used to me eating 1500 cals a day, I needed to throw it a curveball, haha..I did hear though that on the BL ranch they have one day where it’s really high calorie per Bob…we had my favorite pizza and then doughnuts later on for something sweet …it tasted so good going down but boy did I pay for it …it was all the sugar from the doughnuts I think …I really cut down my sugar for the last three weeks so all that sugar really threw by body for a loop I guess….and I was SO full ….I know they say you shouldn’t really look at it as a “cheat” thing since that is part of disorder, but that is they way I’ve always said it so ……..anyhoo ….

Got a Dr’s appt today to check my blood pressure and make sure the meds are working out well …I hate going just for that…I’m there like 15 mins and pay her 130.00 …SO not worth it to me …

Somebody here at work is wearing some kind of new perfume, lotion, or some candle that is making me sneeze and my nose go inconsiderate when they know a lot of us have allergies and issue with that stuff, but I find that as a whole people really don’t care around here as long as it’s not bothering them personally.

Sorry, been a bad morning already …traffic was horrible coming in and now I’m a bit grumpy …

Dee – As for my thoughts during my time off, I find that every once in a while I just need to be alone and not talk …helps me re-center myself I guess…dh was on a fishing trip for a few days so it was “me” time…and while I enjoyed ( and needed ) it for the first two days, by the third I was missing him terribly and ready for him to be home.
I like Ali Vincent too …I need to watch her little show. Good luck with the challenge, I know you will do great.

Lyss – thanks for sharing the bag picture, I think I have seen that brand at Whole Foods…Gonna check there this week, especially since Dee said she saw online that they have it

Susie – Hi, hope you had a good weekend.

Tori – I’m glad to hear that you loved the show and that you took some helpful things away from it. I also compare myself to others weights and weight losses…so that is a good reminder …need to think of it as my own personal journey , each of us are different and gonna lose at our own pace. And I will say that I think the only reason I have lost 10 lbs so quickly is from dropping my carbs way down...go back and try it again…sorry to hear about your ankle, that sucks…hope it’s better soon.

LeeAnne – so good to hear from you again. Keep in touch !!

Food April 21
B = none
L = low carb pasta, tossed with little butter and parm – 450 cals
S = green tea – 65, popcorn – 175
D = Steak tacos ( mmmmmm ) …4 corn tortillas – 160, s cream – 120, pico de gallo – 25, skirt steak – 300
Total for day – 1295
*** way under my 1600 goal cals per day, but the night before was the pizza and doughnut night so was trying to eat lighter

Have a great day all !!!!!

04-22-2013, 05:31 PM
Hi Everyone. This thread is busy. So nice to read the posts.

I had a full, but fun weekend. While it was fun, I need to stop cramming my life so full so that I have a little down time. I'm like Carri, I need time where I can just be quiet and home.

Today at lunch I listend to the 3rd week series of a TOPS self-help program. It was all on motivation and said a lot of things we already know but it said then when we are looking for motivation you should focus on what is making us uncomfortable.

To think about the challenges that we face now at the weight we currently are such as lack of energy, lack of stamina, issues with clothing, poor self-estem. If you try to remember that you want these things to go away, then you will motivate yourself to work your food plan, move your body, journal..etc to reach your goal for weight-loss.

It made me really think and hit a "spot" with me. Just thought I would share.

LeeAnne: So good to see you back! Stick with us and we will help you get moving and on plan!

Lyss: So proud of you and that 5 mile workout. Doesn't it feel great to do something you thought your couldn't? It is very motivating.

Carri: I hope your day in the office turns goes least tomorrow! How was your blood pressure?

Dee: Thanks for asking about DH. Things are great with his heart. He is still in rhythm so no AFIB which was the problem. They addressed his depression and weight-gain in the office. DH didn't like it, but he has in place a plan for counseling which he starts tonight. He is meeting with our Pastor first and then perhaps move on to the consuling sessions that we get free with our insurance. We get 10 of them. We found faith based counselors and he is happy with that because our faith is a big part of who we are and we want it inclued in the sessions.

I'm going to check out the link that you sent. I haven't heard of Ali and her show before. Thanks for sharing about it.

Tory: I am glad you enjoyed Jillian! It was fun to text with you while you where there. I'm so happy that you went and faced the fear of going.

I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle! It's going to affect your cardio exercise for a bit, so be sure to cut back your calories and eat healthy. Also, you might think about doing some chair exercises where you have your arms above your will get your heart rate up and help burn calories.

04-23-2013, 10:42 AM
Good morning. It's going to be a beautiful day here in Ohio today. I have heard we might get some rain later on. I hope it holds off so that my walking partner and I can walk outside tonight.

Last night was a busy night for me. DH went to his counseling, which he was in a good mood when he got home and he said it was helpful and is looking forward to the next one. It is funnly, he was telling me all these things that the Pastor had said to him..and they were all things that I had said to him at one time or another. I guess sometimes we can be to close to help? That's ok..I will support him as he goes through this counseling and that is what I think he needs. I am know just listening and affirming. ;)

I did my exercise at work yesterday, walked 3.5 miles, as I knew I wouldn't get a chance last night to work out because I was cooking dinner.
I am not a cook...I don't like to do it but I made pork chops, macc and cheese steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes. DH said it was very good.

I was within my calories day donw and on-plan!

Have a great day everyone and I look forward to reading the posts.

04-23-2013, 10:50 AM
Morning Ladies !!!! Woke up to TOM this morning and cramps …so gonna be a fun one, lol !!!

Susie – my dr appt didn’t go well, my bp was way up for some reason ( 130/100 ) …top number not really the issue but the bottom number was too high, and normally my bp isn’t that high, I was wondering if it wasn’t the PMS and anxiety I was having yesterday, but she went ahead and up’d my meds …hopefully with me continuing to lose weight I can lower them back down soon.
Thanks for sharing the TOPS message, that is SO true …when I think about clothes shopping that is the worst for me…will be glad when it is no longer a issue. This will keep me on track.
I’m glad that dh’s counseling went well for him, I hope it continues to keep him in a good mood and raise him up.
Great job for staying within your calories and exercising !!!
I think we are supposed to get that rain too …I thought I heard more towards the evening though

Hi everyone !!!! Have a great day.

Food 4/22
B = blueberry breakfast biscuit – 230
L = 3 Arbys Jr roast beefs, only eating one bun – 360
S = Lunchable, only ¾’s of the crackers, meat and cheese – 200
D = 1 ½ pces of Gortons fish filet – 180, half cup of whole wheat couscous – 120
S = rotisserie chicken bites ( picking as I made chicken salad haha ) – 80, celery with peanut butter – 160
Total for day – 1330
*** When I went to bed I was starving, my stomach was growling, I knew at that point that I had eaten not enough calories…gonna do better today in keeping up towards as least 1500…who would have ever thought my issue would be not eating enough calories and not too many, haha !!

04-23-2013, 03:11 PM
I'm really paying for eating too low of cals yesterday , I'm STARVING today....guess I'll pop in a pce of gum so I don't start mindlessly eating.

04-23-2013, 03:51 PM
Fireee :devil: my mouth was on fire from the 'spicy turkey sauceage patty' I put in my jumbo salad w 4 veggies, lo cals/carbs but way tooo much food... I'm cooling my mouth w fat-free whip.topping mixed w fat-free choc. pudding-cup & finishing my Late lunch w U. Confession is a good memory lesson/'no more turkey sauceage patty in my salads'.... That huge spinach salad stuffed me, I'm telling dh to bring a pizza home for his supper tonight... I don't want to b w food tonight.
Tori, LeeAnn & Lyss, :smug: how r U doing this week :dancer:
Susie, so nice to hear dh is enjoying counseling. U said dh needs to lose some lbs, casually open-up a few tops bks on pages of men that lost weight for dh to view. My dh looks @ my monthly bks if I have them open. About cooking for your dh, I'd use the tops-plate guidelines for men's weight & have him read that on the tops site & also for his meals & bookmark. What's the church U & dh attend? A Christian radio station we often listen to is FamilyLifeRadio, w locally broadcast station 1 hr from me. I think its very wonderful that U r involving your faith. 1 healthy-tasty thing I do w my dressing is to pour it around the inside of my bowl rim @ the salad edge & for the salad's I serve so the salad is never over-coated/soggy & the guest can remove as much as desired. Eating out I ask for dressing on the side & pour it around the bowl rim, so I don't look odd dipping my fork into the tiny cup @ restaraunts like 'diet tips suggest' to control the dressing. When your dh eats healthier meals w portion control his moods Will Improve :hug: along w activities. Try doing some relaxing couples sports ;) to. WoW :cheer3: walking 3.5 miles, I am so Happy for U. Ali Vincent, bio: 5'5" 234 lbs & lost -112 lbs is the 1st female Biggest Loser winner from Season 5, after being voted-off the show, she came back & won.

Carri, sorry about your BP :hug: Its good to 'get centered' & have a stay-vaca from work. Living here it's so relaxing that I forget about life in the suburbs. I hope your plan to buy a home in the country or near the water happens for U this year. We're 25 minutes from 3 large cities w Universities & my Target, Kroger, Kohls, Macy's, Bed,Bath Beyond, etc that I shop @ weekly & use Amazon, etc. We live 10-15 minutes from 4 lakes/beaches & small towns. If we did have to live in a big city we'd find a peaceful neighborhood & we'd have a big yard for our 'veggie-flower garden, our hot-tub, basketball hoop, horse-shoe pits & our swim. pool; then drive to the lake, woods & bike trails on the weekends & go camping.
Just read your post--Carri--Quickly :p grab a Big pickle or Almonds or drink a huge glass of Water....

04-23-2013, 05:19 PM
I"m almost back to walking normal again. I soo hate this. Gonna start fresh tomorrow , ride my bike and walk and just try to heal up soon .

04-24-2013, 10:32 AM
Hello Ladies !!!!!

Boy is my body changing, and by body I mean stomach area…lol…that is my main problem area…I literally am the exact definition of the old “spare tire”, it looks like I have one around me when I’m at my highest weight…and everytime I have a good loss it starts to deflate, a lot, and I love that…and once I get close to the single digit two’s ( like I am now ) it really makes a big difference…I’m in a good place right now. Now TOM is not making things easy on me this week…I don’t know about you girls but when I am on that I am hungrier and craving sweets ( which is not normal for me , I’m more of a bread type of girl haha ) ….but I am trying to be diligent and eat more protein and fiber during this time to stave off the cravings….this helps me keep my mind on more important things…like the cramps and the headaches, lol !!!!

Yesterday me and a couple of my coworkers walked to the local Subway and got our lunch instead of driving, it definitely was an NSV for me for sure….because as most of you know I am naturally lazy ( haha ) but it was gorgeous outside and felt good to get out and move some.

Dee – you are so lucky to live out where you do, I really do hope we can find something similar this year…I just really want a peaceful place to go to, away from all the city life…now I do want to be close to a city ( like you ), within 15-20 but just outside of it on some land.
I’m already getting kind of stressed though from all you have to go thru with selling a house at same time as buying, I just want to get it done and be where I’m gonna be for good.
Good advice, I did go then and get a bottled water and guzzled it.

Tori – so glad to hear that you are healing up, I know it sucks when something like this sidelines you …but you just have to relax and let the body heal….and p.s. I just noticed in your wedding pic that your new husband is quite the cutie….hubba hubba….LOL !!!!

Food 4/23
B = plain bagel ( hollowed out ) – 210, cream cheese – 60
L = Subway, roasted chicken 6 inch on wheat with light mayo packet – 355
S = 2 mini twizzlers – 30, english muffin – 100, 1 T natural pb with honey – 100
D = homemade chicken salad – 200, sandwich thin – 90, tortilla chips – 190, homemade salsa – 30
S = 1.5 servings of honey nut cheerios – 150, lactose free milk ( ¾ cup ) – 100
Total for day – 1615

Have a great day Ladies !!!

04-24-2013, 10:34 AM
Also I just noticed that my first mini goal in my sig line says 210 by end of April....I may not get quite to that but I might get REALLY close !!!

04-24-2013, 11:19 PM
Hi Ladies.

I am dealing with the leftover of a headache that showed up yesterday. It was better when I woke up this morning but it came back this afternoon. It isn't as bad as yesterday's headache though.

I was able to get a 20 min walk in today. It is helping that my cube mate is good about going with me. We had a busy morning and didn't get our morning walk in but did get our afternoon one in.

I'm not tracking my food this week. I am just trying not to overeat or snack to much. We will see how that did when I weigh-in tomorrow.

Carri: Sorry to hear about the BP. But on the other hand, you are doing some very good things for yourself right now. You are almost at your April have done great! and you walked to Subway...that is just awesome.

I feel for you gals who have to deal with TOM. I remember that and it wasn't fun. I was ALWAYS hungry during that time and you are smart to up your protein during that time.

I have hormone surges now and then as I still have my ovaries after my hysterectomy and when I do I get that same hunger feeling.

Tori: Glad to hear you are kind to yourself and take it slow at the exercise. You can still do it..but do it a little slower.

Dee: GREAT ideas about the TOPS magazine. I remember Ali from the Biggest Loser. I really liked her!

Time for me to go to bed...see you all tomorrow.

04-25-2013, 09:06 AM
Morning Ladies…well TOM got the best of me last night and I ate my weight in M&Ms :cry: ….I feel bloated and bogged down with sugar even this morning…yuck…but my craving for salty and sweet is really strong this week…I usually always give in to it at least once during this time.

Susie – It sucks that you get such bad headaches…My mom gets migraines a lot that puts her in bed for a day or two…luckily she doesn’t work ( I always tell her to appreciate that ). Yes I hate getting my TOM …BUT I only get one every quarter thanks to my wonder bc pills so I’m cool with that, haha…hope your headache is completely gone today !!!! :crossed:
I just noticed your sig line with your weight loss….I can’t believe how far away you have gotten from the dreaded “3” number you were afraid of…GREAT job Susie !!! :carrot:

Gonna go ahead and post my food but it won’t be pretty – no judging, haha, kidding – I know you won’t …well maybe Dee …lol :club:

Food 4/24
B = English muffin and 1 T PB – 200
L = frozen meal 340, green tea – 60
S = string cheese – 80, pack of ham – 100
D = low carb chicken wrap – 400 , salsa 30
S = more salsa and 2-3 servings of tortilla chips, plus 4 fun size packs of M&Ms…one blueberry poptart, one pack of trail mix ( ate half )
*** I would have no idea on the calories of all that….it’s shameful …. :sorry:

Hope you all have a good day....I will be eating low carb and light to try and counter balance by binge...:eating2:

04-25-2013, 09:50 AM
Hi everyone! I'm here....sorry I haven't wrote in lately. TOM got the better of me too this week, showed up early. Did good all day and the other night went out and bought a huge turtle sundae from a local frozen custard stand. First one I've had since last summer. It was worth it :) But now I have an extra pound to get rid of, but it's probably water weight from TOM. Sigh.

My youngest has his 3rd bday this weekend, having family over Sunday. I need to do my best and not be tempted by all the yummy stuff we will be having. I will put out a fruit and veggie platter, but there will also be pizza, cake and ice cream. Hold me back!

Have lots to do to get the house ready. I also want to get out and buy a new top to go with a pair of white capris I've had forever that I can finally wear. I literally have no clothes that fit right anymore, especially for warmer weather.

So, that's my agenda for the next few days. Oh, plus my dd has her bday Wednesday and my oldest has his bday the following Monday after that! Lots of birthdays in a row.

Have a good day gals!

04-25-2013, 05:52 PM
Hi Everyone,

Quick check in. I have TOPS tonight. I sure hope those scales are good to me.

I am celebrating a NSV. From last Thursday to today, I have managed to walk at least one of my walking times that I have built into my work day and I'm back to taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Carri: I have a M&M story to tell you. Last week at TOPS one of our ladies came in and she said "let me get this over with...I had M&M's EVERYDAY for breakfast". It was just so funny when she said it.

Thanks for mentioning that big "3" number and that I'm not there anymore. My progress here has been so slow but that's ok...I'm making over my life.

I have that salty and sweet craving too sometimes and when it is there, NOTHING will take the place of it. I used to have it more when I had TOM.

LeeAnn: I would say that the first turtle sunde of the season is always worth it! Drink lots of water to get that other water weight through your body.

I also heard one time if you are craving ice cream, that you are really just thirsty and should have some water. Thinking about it, I always have water when I eat ice cream!

Dee: After I posted yesterday I realized that I hadn't answered your question about where we go to church. It's called Bible Baptist. We have a large congregation, usually about 12,000 every Sunday.

Ok..I'm shutting down and heading to TOPS..see you all tomorrow.

04-26-2013, 10:59 AM
Happy Friday! I am so ready for this week to be over.

The headache is ALL gone and I'm ready to get back into life. I have more clothes to switch over this weekend to see what I need to update my spring/summer wardrobe with. I know I need some casual brown sandles.

I already bought some new black and white t-shirts and cami's and tanks. I always need those after wearing them with so many things during the season. And I bought a couple pair of new dressier sandels to wear for work.

Once I have all thing out and looked at, then I can go shopping.

I have good news to share :D...I lost 3.5 lbs last night at my TOPS weigh-in. :carrot: :carrot:

Dee: I read the NIV most of the time. We do use King James in the service. My dad always read the "Living Bible". My faith is a big part of who I am.

I can't believe that lady at TOPS asked you when you are going to reach your goal! First of all..with the weigh and height you are, and wearing a med in pants you are fit and at a great weight and I'm sure it shows!

I think I might have said to her "mostly likely before you". I can have a "wicked" tongue sometimes!

I love the tips you give us here; I share them with my TOPS group.

I must get back to work. I'll be checking in this weekend.

04-26-2013, 12:29 PM
Morning Ladies…TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dee – I was just messing with you, teasing you ….yes, I do use lettuce wraps a lot for my chicken salad and stuff…but I mainly use these low carb tortillas I like…I like a wrap for lunch here at work, nice and portable.
I have an M&M weakness too, and those peanut butter ones are SOOOOOOO good.

Susie – glad to hear the headache is gone…with my TOM here I have had slight ones off and on all week…so I’ll be glad to be off it in the next day or two…CONGRATS on the 3.5 lbs down, that is a VERY good week for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Tori, Lyss, LeeAnne, Mel, and any and all lurkers.

Food 4/25
Breakfast – belvita blueberry breakfast biscuits ( 3 ) – 175
Lunch – Atkins frozen entrée – 330
Snack – pce of beef jerky – 30, baked Doritos – 90, blueberry yogurt – 130
Dinner – bbq pork – 100, sandwich thin – 90, 2 baked hash brown patties – 260
Snack – trail mix – 330
Total for day – 1535

Hope you all have a good weekend…hopefully half way warm and sunny !!!!

04-28-2013, 02:33 PM
Hey Ladies! Things are ok here :) My ankle is healing but not back to normal yet. I went out for my birthday friday night and hurt my ankle again. Its sore but the swelling is almost gone now and the bruising is near gone too! I think a few more days and I'll be good as new. I am gonna workout tomorrow . I have decided for the next school year I will home school my girlies. It will be awesome I'm already making plans for what we will do . We're working on getting the house back to normal because It got really messy during the week that I wasnt walking around . I'm glad you're all here and I'll be updating you all very soon , i was just checking in .

04-29-2013, 11:14 AM
Morning Ladies - hope you all had a good weekend. I had a pretty good off plan for a couple of meals, but not horrible.

Dee - your dh's breakfast sounds so good, I love breakfast food and can eat it for any meal. Oh and I use the Mission brand Carb Balance one's...they taste the best to me...I even sometimes just spread some peanut butter on one and eat it for a snack.

Tori - glad to hear you are doing better with the ankle...why are you gonna home school ?

Hi Susie :)

Gonna finish my store list tonight while I'm still on break...have a good day !!

04-29-2013, 09:01 PM
Hey Carri :hug: nice to see U, so glad that U had a nice weekend.

Hi Tori :smug: I had a friend that homeschooled, till her kids were in 6th grade & wanted to play sports & b in jr. band, so they started public school & the 2 boys liked it & her daughter missed mom & disliked the school drama after 6 wks @ public school & returned to home-schooling & finished grade 12 @ 15 yr taking the grad.tests. Take good care of that ankle :hug:

HeLLLLooooooo :o :rolleyes: :idea: Where is Everybody Else.... :thanks2: .... :dunno: .... :crazy:

I was gonna tell U a joke from my dh, but I don't know if it would b censored :dizzy:

Have a Gooodddd week, Where-Everrrr you'ALLLL are..... :coffee2:

04-29-2013, 10:11 PM
Hi Everyone. The day was so busy, it flew by as did the weekend.

I did pretty well over the weekend but I did have a coke...i have to be careful with those because they can really set me off.

I want to have another good weight-loss this week so I told myself that was it for the week.

I didn't make it to the Y tonight. DH worked until 6 and we rode together today so I didn't get home until 6:30 and there was dinner to fix. I did go on a 30 min walk today at lunch so that will have to count for my exercise.

I'm trying to cook 2 of our meals every week. Tongiht was meatless and we had Pasta Primavera. It had a lot of veggies in it, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, yellow peppers. I will cook again on Wed and it will be lemon terriaki chicken (for dh) cheesy potatoes, and spring roasted veggies.

Dee: You amaze me with all the energy you have! Your volunteering sounds like a fun time. Thanks for posting the the National Food days. It is a very good way to eat some different things that you might have not thought about and helps to not get board with food.

Are you still watching Revenage? Did you watch it last night?

Carri: Is your store list your grocery list? I have never thought about grocery shopping during the week..we do it on the weekend. Do you always go during the week?

Good for you for staying on plan for most of the weekend and getting back on when you got off.

Torri: I LOVE to dance. Do you do a lot of salsa dancing? When we went on our cruise almost 9 years ago, there was a salsa club on the boat and our tablemates were Latino and went all the time and we went to watch and try to dance like they was fun and they looked amazing diong it.

How's the ankle feeling?

Have a good evening and I'll see you all tomorrow.

04-30-2013, 11:37 AM
Morning Ladies !! I am still dealing with some back pain…don’t know if I mentioned that I hurt it last week and have been having to baby it ever since…if it gets much worse I will go to the doctor but right now I am trying to avoid that. It’s totally muscular, and I have done it before, usually every time I lose a little bit of weight by back get’s iffy …like the fat shift, or the way I’m carrying my belly weight redistributes and pulls on my back. :dunno:

Susie – we cook all of our meals thru the week ( and most of the weekend ), usually only eat out once a week ….but yes I make a list every Monday of what meals I am going to make and what I need, and do my grocery shopping every Monday night after work. The stores are less crowded at that time, they are crazy on the weekends…at least around here…your pasta dish sounds really good…I might make that sometime with my low carb pasta…I always am looking for new meal ideas.
You deserved one coke for your good loss last week. :cheer:

Dee – I love a good joke ( especially one that might need to be censored ) lol … :rofl:

Hi Tori, Lyss, and LeeAnne, and everybody else … :coffee2:

Food 4/29
B – blueberry breakfast biscuits – 230
L - Wendys grilled chicken sandwich – 400
S – Granola Bar – 130
D – Thin crust pizza ( frozen, made at home ) – 3 slices – 400
S – Bagel Thin – 110, peanut butter, 100, jelly – 60
Total for day – 1490

Have a good day everyone. :df:

04-30-2013, 03:40 PM
How r our Chicklet's :sunny: today?
Susie :running: a 30 min. walk is wonderful aerobics, gentle on the body & fat burning & great cardio. Yep I'm watching Revenge, on a TV interview w Emily & Daniel, he said they r real-life dating couple, he's got a British accent being from the UK & she's Canadian. Great Job w cooking, its the Only for certain way that U know the food values in your meals. :smug: I Luv my veggies so I enjoy cooking Mediteranian, dh doesn't like olives, so I use 2 pans on many recipes for his....

Carri, a blueberry breakfast biscuit :p did U put blueberries in your biscuit mix or add them crushed/cooked or use jam? I'm sorry about your back-pain, I hope U get better soon :hug: Would wearing a ace-wrap around your bod underneath your work clothes & @ home help U w the pain, or a heating pad againt your work chair, or visit a chiropractor :?:

National Food Days, buy or cook that day's food & share it w your dh or just eat half @ 1 meal & eat the other 1/2 for your snack :p that day & make a lo-calorie version. I also shop during the week according to my business schedule & like to b @ the stores when they open in the morning [new stock full on the shelves, traffic is low & store aisles not crowded]. When I go w dh shopping for 'his needs' guy stuff, tools, etc. he takes us to lunch & then to Dairy Queen, etc for a ice cream dessert. So its fattening to shop w dh.

Who watches 'The Amazing Race, American Idol, DWTS & Survivor' & 'who do U want to win' ??? Cute seeing Sean w Catherine on DWTS @ practice last night, the fans have kept Andy Dick on, cause he tries soo hard & he truly sees himself as a sincere dancer, but he'll go tonight cause everyone else on his dance level has left the show now.
:grouphug: Lyss, LeeAnn, Tori & Everybody

04-30-2013, 04:28 PM
Hi everyone! Sorry haven't posted on here past several days. Had my youngest DS bday party on Sunday, it went really well. I saved up calories and had pizza, cake and ice cream and still managed to lose a pound! I don't know how that happened. Getting ready for the next birthday, my dd's is tomorrow. Been busy with those preparations, will be making her cake tomorrow. She wants pizza as well, hopefully I won't gain with this go around. :)

Just wanted to stop in quick and give an update. Hope everyone is doing well! Talk to you ladies later :)


04-30-2013, 10:11 PM
Good day...right on plan and added upper-body strength to our workout tonight.

I'm tracking my food on My Fitness Pal. I was surprised that is has me at 300 calories less than my Lose It App did. I'm in a challenge at work to track my food for 30 days and we are using My Fitness Pal so that was why I switched over and I like it. Anyone else on MFP?

Carri: Sorry to hear about your back. I have delt with back pain over the years (off and on) and it is no fun that is for sure.

Thanks for the idea of using the low carb pasta next time I make that dish! I don't know why I didn't think of it.

Dee: Any veggie Mediteriann dishes you want to share with me I would love them. My DH doesn't like olives but I would just make two pans as well.

I watch DWS. Sean is cute on there but not my favorite. I am hoping Kelly Pickler will win it.

Lyss: Good for you for saving those points! That was a smart move. Now, be strong with the pizza. Congrats on losing the pound.

Hi LeeAnn and Tori!

05-01-2013, 11:41 AM
Morning Ladies –

Dee – no they are not actual biscuits, but they are called that…it’s the BelVita Breakfast Biscuits at the store…they are hard like a cookie, they are a whole grain deliciousness, lol ….found in the cookie and cracker aisle, they have 3 or 4 different flavors but because I love anything ( and all things ) blueberry, I get that flavor.

Susie - 300 less? I am very surprised that there was that much of a difference...that's odd...can you handle that much less? that's a lot.
Went to the doctor a little while ago and got some muscle relaxers and pain we'll see what happens...can't really take it all at work...but might try half of one...yes, I have had this before and it's no fun, wouldn't wish back pain on my worst enemy !!

Hi to everyone !! Have a good OP day :hug:

Food 4/30
B = English muffin with 1 T Natural PB with honey – 200
L = low carb tortilla – 120, ham – 90, cheese – 45, baked Doritos – 90
S = blueberry greek yogurt – 130, twizzlers - 30
D = whole wheat couscous ( 1 ½ cups ) – 400, 10 large shrimp – 120, olive oil for shrimp – 50
S = popcorn – 150
Total for day - 1425

05-01-2013, 04:45 PM
Hi Everyone,

I will have a busy night when I get home and I had a minute of downtime at work and thought I would grab some time to chat with my Chickes!

I had a great workout last night. We walked for 45 min and then did a upperbody strength workout with free weights. It felt good to curl those weights! Makes me feel strong:strong: I'm a little sore today but not to bad. I didn't start out too heavy; I started with 8's, 10's and 12 lb weights.

I have gotten a 20 min walk in today at work and my plan is to go home and get dinner cooked and in the oven to keep warm and then get DH to do a walk in the neighborhood. It's just BEAUTIFUL here in Ohio and around 7 p.m. will be a great time to walk. Then we will come back, eat dinner and relax watching The Middle, Modern Family and Suberatory. We love these shows and we sit and laugh together. Wednesday is the only night be both sit down together so I look forward to that time.

Carri: I was surprised it was that much different as well, but this seems to be better. I'm not hungry and I don't feel stuffed like I did with the higher number.

I hope each day your back gets better.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

05-01-2013, 05:21 PM
Susie - me and dh love those shows as well, we are planted in our seats and watching them every Weds. Enjoy your evening.

And thanks for the good thoughts about my back.

05-01-2013, 09:42 PM
Just a quick note to update.....DD had her bday today, she wanted chow mein and hot wings for her dinner. So I made that for everyone along with her cake, twice. I had to make two cakes, first one stuck so bad to the cake pans, don't know smart and used parchment paper second go around and turned out much better. I had a little of everything for dinner, saved my calories up for it. Hopefully not too much damage.

Carri: hope your back feels better girl, I know how miserable that can be :hug:

Susie: I'm on MFP, username alyssa1125, feel free to friend me!

*waves* everyone else!

05-02-2013, 10:50 AM
Morning Ladies…yesterday was a full day, had a dr appt in the morning for my back ( was muscle spasm , got meds ), and then in the afternoon had my 6 month dental cleaning…woof …I just wanted to go home and relax, plus I worked in between the appts with my back screaming…I was worn out…I typically don’t like to take muscle relaxers at work since I work with numbers but I am going to take a half of one after breakfast and see how I do…I’m uncomfortable right now and need some relief. This work chair is not always the most comfortable with a back issue. But I know this will go away soon with the meds ( and some heat I put on it ), so I’m staying positive.

Worst part of being stiff with my back is that my house is suffering, the kitchen is a mess…dh has been working a lot so he doesn’t have extra time to do it…hopefully I will be able to stand and tackle some of it tonight …

Lyss – thanks…I know it will start to feel better in a couple of days...this one is actually mild compared to about 10 years ago, I was shaving my legs, bent over and came back up and boom – couldn’t move, was in bed for about a week…it sucked…so I’m thankful this one isn’t as bad…but I did get to the doctor a lot sooner, last time I waited too long to get help and meds.
Glad dd had a great time for her birthday, and good for you for doing so well and keeping OP. I don’t have much luck with baking, but I have surprised myself with a couple of good cakes here and there, haha

I brought a Lean Cuisine for lunch today, and I already don’t want it, haha …you girls ever do that? I bring something and then can’t stand thought of eating it …so I might head out for lunch, gonna be a gorgeous day here.

Have a good day everyone !!!

Food 5/1
B = one scrambled egg – 90, 2 sausage links – 120, ½ c hash browns ( no oils or fats ) – 30
L = low carb tortilla – 110, ham – 90, cheese – 45, baked doritos – 90
S = English muffin – 100, Natural PB – 100
D = Beef au jus ( 4 oz ) – 160, cauliflower – 50, cheese – 60, bacon bits – 50, s cream – 90
S = ½ bagel thin – 55, peanut butter – 150
Total for day = 1390

05-02-2013, 02:04 PM
Here's the first mishap, glad I baked it early in the day so I had time to make another. I ended up pitching it before my mom suggested making a trifle out of it...didn't even think of doing that, but then again I don't need the extra calories :)

and the second one....the gel icing I used to make flowers and write with started melting, very warm day yesterday.

05-02-2013, 02:35 PM
Hey girlies,imstill bruised. Monday i start week 3 again,i will notquit! Im glad ur all doing ok!

05-03-2013, 09:42 AM
Hi! I took a vacation day today. I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning today and just having a day to myself. I needed it.

I weighed in at TOPS last night...I was expecting a big loss, and lost 1/2 a pound! A bit disappointing but it was a loss and I know enough that sometimes after a big loss the week before, the scales don't show a big loss the next time but will the time after that. What I will say is that I'm feeling great! I'm logging my food...exercising every day and making good choices and I feel good about that. The weight loss WILL come.

Carri: I am happy to hear I have someone else who watches the same Wed night shows I watch. I LOVE the reminds me of some things in my childhood and I just laugh and laugh.

Yes, I have brought something for lunch before and just didn't want it. I think you should go out and get something you want because if you eat what you don't want you will go looking for something else and not make wise choices. At least that is what I would do.

If we lived closer I would come over and clean your kitchen today for you.:hug:
Take care of yourself.

Torri! I was about to hunt you down and send you a text. Glad to see you back and no you won't are not a quitter! :hug: you had a set back with a injury. Althletes do this all the time and they find a way to work around it and rehab and still keep in will too.

Lyssa: the second cake looks pretty! You are so smart to save the calories for things like this when you know you will have something...planning is smart.

I was laughing when I was reading about the issues you had with the first cake. Those things happen.

Wednesday night it happened to me too but with a meal I made. I tried to make a Lemon Terrikai (sp?) chicken (for DH) cheese potatoes (a new low fat recipie) and roasted spring veggies. I cooked the chicken to fast and it was so coated with the sauce and I couldn't scrap it carmalized..the potatoes were horrible..the veggies were good.

My poor DH..he tried to eat that chicken....we were sitting there trying to eat this meal and I finally said no more! I threw it all away and said, there is ceral, soup, cheese and crackers of fast food. DH went and got him chicken from KFC and I had cheese and crackers.

I will add you on MyFitness Pal. I'm SusieChaney on there.

Have a great day everyone...I've got to get moving.

Dee: I know you will pop in..but I wanted to let you know I am missing you!

05-03-2013, 11:00 AM
Morning Ladies ….I hopped on the scale today and it showed me a pound up, so I’m a bit disappointed but going to weigh again on Sunday and see how it is then…for some reason I am constipated, and I guess it might be from the pain meds and musc relaxers I am taking for my back…we are having a taco pitch in for work today, I’m hoping to stay on track. I brought my own low carb tortilla to have and dh made fresh homemade pico for everyone…and I love to bring that since it’s like only 20 calories for a huge serving…fills my taco shells up a lot and makes me feel like I am having more. :chef:

Susie – good for you for taking that mental health day off, haha…that’s what I always call it ….I know you work a lot, and you do need some extra time off. I wish you lived closer too, I need the help, haha ….but when I got home from work yesterday dh had cleaned the whole kitchen ( even hand washed some things too ), so I was pretty happy about that…I guess I’ll keep him.
I REALLY feel like you and I are in the zone right now, that we are focused, and can stay strong for the long haul ….lets keep this up !!! :dancer:

Lyss – I love how that pink cake looked…I don’t crave sweets often but when I do I want cake, so that looks really good to me. :hun:

Tori – good to hear from you on here…hang in there, you’ll be back to your old self soon and can get back to things. :hug:

Hi Dee, Mel, Liz, and LeeAnne :coffee2:

So glad today is Friday…looks like it might rain off and on today and the weekend, but I’m okay with that…I need a lazy one…plus we put weed and feed on the yard and I want some water on it…those stupid dandelions just love to take over, gotta deal with them fast, haha. :beach:

Hope you all have a great weekend. :yay:

Food 5/2
B = one egg – 90, 2 sausage links – 120, 1 T shredded cheese - 25
L = 10 pc KFC bites ( plus they snuck an 11th one in there ) – 370
S = Belvita biscuits, blueberry – 230
D = homemade baked spaghetti, made with low carb pasta – huge square ( I was hungry ) – 600 ( I know, woof ! )
S = HC strawberry fro-yo cup – 100
Total for day - 1535

05-03-2013, 08:47 PM
Carri: Hope your back is doing better....yes those meds will definitely make you constipated. They also make you retain water, so combine those both and that will cause a weight gain. I see it everytime I take ibuprofen. Hang in there girl. :hug:

Tori: How is your ankle doing? Is the swelling and bruising getting better?

Susie: Glad we are now MFP friends!

I'm up a pound on the scale too, not surprising considering all the sodium from DD's bday party. It was worth it :)

I'm trying to save up calories for Sunday (Cinco de Mayo)....we always go out for Mexican, my favorite, that day! Gotta have my chips and guac :p

I updated my progress pics today, check it out!

Progress Pics (

05-04-2013, 10:34 AM
Good morning. Today is busy but should be fun. We are finishing the house cleaning....should only take about a hour with both of us doing it.

Then going to take a trip down to Mason, OH to go to the Alteration lady and get some pants hemmed for DH, then to the Mall to use some gift cards for a few new things for both of us, then we have a gift card to use for late lunch/early dinner. We are going to Maggiono's. It's a wonderful italian food place. I will have to be careful with my calories...and get in some mall walking.

Then we are going to return home and go see the New Iron Man movie. Our movie theatre is only five dollars a ticket anytime versus eleven for a matinee in the bigger movie theaters.

Carri: I am almost certain you are up on the scales due to the constipation that I am sure is from the meds. Get that water going to help with the constipation and maybe some extra long as you add extra water or you will have cement! Try eating a apple or two..that always helps me "go".

How did you do at the "pitch-in" at work?

Lyssa: I'm glad we are friends on MFP too! It will help me to log in each day and track my food...feel free to check it and give me feed back.

I just checked out your progress pictues! WOW! You have inspired me for today (and many days to come). I want to look like that!!!

Hi Dee, Mel, Liz, Tori and Leeann! Pop in and see us. You are missed!

Have a great day everyone.

05-04-2013, 08:42 PM
Hey :cool:

Susie, yep Kelly Pickler dances like a professional & I like her & Ali the best. I took your 1/2# loss ;) & added it to me, Thurs. night dh got us a 16" pizza for supper & I ate 2 slices :frypan: & felt sick for 3 hrs from the sodium. I was bored Friday night when dh was in the store buying his snacks & I loaded some LooneyTunes cartoons on my 10" KindleFire & I laughed-off that 1/2 lb. gain waiting for him. The kids latest Kindle games r: Smurfs & Disney Princesses & Beach Buggy [driving a dune bugy course while turning the kindle] I'm glad dh got it for me for V-day, instead of $300 more for a iPad, I'll check into the iPad mini, vs the 7" KindleFire for my purse from Santa. Go load-up some of the free vegan & Mediteranian cookbooks on it, I did w some Shred & Dash diet books for their recipes. Your librarian friend was soo right recommending it being a great pc tablet to own. I would've gone w your dh & got Chinese take-out to eat ;) We want to go see the New Iron Man movie too, please don't tell us about it :tape: I think Revenge ends next week.

Lyss, your pics r great & U look fantastic now :df: r U sure your goal is 160# @ 5'7", not 165#-170#. If a cake goes crazy, U can also turn it into 'cake pops' w the kids by adding frosting & rolling into balls & freeze them, then add frosting & the kids sprinkle w toppings or draw frosting faces onto them & mom can make herself a mini-cake pop :p U did phenomenal w having the b-day parties soo close together :cheer2:

Carri, I hope your RX kicked-in & your back's good now :hug: Hey post the 'homemade pico' recipe TY, dh cooks & cleans :encore: :cp: Oh, r U counting cals & carbs or just cals now? I counted the carbs I ate for 2 days last week & it was about 100 both days; I copied this from MFP: Daily 1,200 Calories: Carbs 165 g, Fat 40 g, Protein 45 g. Seems like the cals would b higher w those carb values :?: U said your mom & sis r your size, r they doing any interesting diets or exercises? U r sooo lucky to have them in your life & how's Grandma, give her a squeeze from me :hug: we need her to have 'many more' Mother's Days w you'all......

Tori, I bet baby girl is running circles around her mama, knowing U can't catch her when she gets helpful-naughty :o How r U doing living in the country right now & r U planting a veggie garden, do U live far from town? We miss U, r U still feeling Jillian's motivation from her seminar, did she sell any special dvd's.... Umm Bob Harper's mohawk, he's like umm too old for that look :dizzy: but I like him, all the trainers r very wonderful on BL. I'd love to b on the BL ranch w them for a week.

Today I rode horses & then helped clean their tack room. I'm opening-up my Yonnana box tonight & tomorrow use it :D after we get home from kayaking, we're grilling a Cinco de Mayo dinner 'grilled fajita's' p: & my dessert is grilled pineapple-mango w my 'Yonanna ice cream' :p I'll have a fun week w client's coming for clothing fittings & Roman window treatments to deliver & put up, plus my kennel only has 5 guests, a good week coming... :cool: ...

Enjoy these "National FOOD Days" I'll list 1 week @ a time for meal ideas & eat 1/2 portion size & substitute some ingredients.
Saturday/May 4: Homebrew Day [beer-wine]..... Orange Juice Day..... May 5: Chocolate Custard Day..... Cinco de Mayo..... Hoagie Day..... May 6: Crêpes Suzette Day..... No-Diet's Day..... May 7: Roast Leg-of-Lamb Day..... May 8: Coconut Cream Pie Day..... Empanada Day..... Have A Coke Day..... May 9: Butterscotch Brownie Day..... Moscato Wine Day..... May 10: Shrimp Day..... Saturday/May 11: Eat What You Want Day.....

Have a Happy :sunny: weekend everyone.......

05-05-2013, 09:27 AM
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cold and rainy here.....again, here in Illinois. But this should be the last day of it and the nice warmer weather will be back tomorrow. It's made it difficult getting out for my walks.

Carri and Tori: Hope you two are feeling better :hug:

Susie: Are you logging on MFP yet? :) Thank you for the compliment on my progress pics!

Dee: Thank you too for the sweet compliment....I made my goal way back when I first started. I'm 5'6" and 154 is a normal weight for my height but I don't hold much faith with those BMI calculators. I've always had the plan of re-evaulating my goal when I reach 160's. ;)

And today.....drumroll please.......I am no longer obese!! :carrot: I reached the 185 which means I am simply now overweight. Never thought I'd be so glad to be called overweight :lol:

Thing is, we will be going out for Mexican tonight and I'll probably bloat up from the sodium. I'm saving my calories for it but the sodium is what gets me every time. Tomorrow I will spend the day flushing it out :D

Have a good day ladies!

05-05-2013, 12:23 PM
Good morning to all of you. We were up late last night. I got to working on some things and couldn't stop--I had a second wind after we got back from the movie and just kept going at it. We went to bed at 2:30 a.m!

When it came time to get up for church we just couldn't do it. We decided it is ok to miss occasionally to "rest". That is what we are doing this morning. Quiet in the house, no tv and until know, no computer. We have been reading and talking.

Later today we are going to hear my niece sing with the Cincinnati Childern's choir. I'm looking foward to it...I told my DH it is good for us to have culture! :D

Dee: Thank you for the weekly food celebrations. I like them...I saw one that said enjoy a coke. I have a friend who LOVES coke and I"m going to set up a time with her on that day to meet at Big Boy and have one. We can catch up with each other over a coke and celebrate one of her favorite things together. :)

I'm sorry you found my 1/2#. I'm sure you have it off by now with all that laughing, horse back riding and cleaning the tack room.

I have to share this, I was listeing to some "Every day Health sessions" that are a part of our health benefits When we listen to them and take the quiz at the end you earn $$ to put towards our deductible...we have the opportunity to earn back our deductible--I make sure I do this every year because that is money back into my pocket. Anyway, there was one of how housework, and yard work can be used as exercise. We have stump grindings left in our yard from the tree we recently had to have taken down because it died. I was looking for someone to come and get them out of the yard for us. We don't need all of it..we will use some to mulch with but don't need all that is there. I have offered it to friends and family and no one has taken me up on it. I talked to DH and next weekend we are going to go out and clean it up and put it in our yard waste bags that the City wil pick up for's going to be a great workout..all the shoveling and bagging.

Lyssa: Yes I am posting my food on MFP...are you seeing the notifications that I am completing my diary? I am seeing yours.

Have a great day everyone!

05-05-2013, 06:46 PM
Hey girls~ I'm glad you're doing well!
Dee- I'm excited to hear about your Yonanas Machine! We're still in the talking about it not yet planning it stages of the garden since we have so much other stuff on our plates right now, My ankle is still a little swollen/bruised Yesterday was 2 weeks by the way .. I had NO idea it would take this long! My plan was to be back in serious action tomorrow but my dad insists that I lay around another week ( I can't do that) I am going to visit my mom in Alabama Friday and flying back in on Saturday then doing Hubby's Bday Sat/SUn. So Monday I'll be back in action I guess. I'm walking around and doing smal things, In a way I'm still motivated from her seminar but I"m soo disappointed that the day i decide to change our life as a family I get such a huge set back! lol I'm just gonna chalk it up to life and keep on truckin as soon as I can! :) I will do some simple workouts this week because I dont' feel as much self esteem when I don't workout.

05-06-2013, 10:37 AM
Sometimes this site is SO slow !!!!!

Morning Ladies !!!
Hope you all had a great weekend, I did, but it went too fast …they really do go in the blink of an eye when it’s nice outside. I didn’t have such a great weekend food wise…kind of let my pity for myself, and my emotional state, for my back get the best of me and I had a bout of emotional eating ( a couple actually ) …so that’s that….back still hurting this morning…basically I have found that if I’m not on the musc relaxers then I’m in discomfort …and it’s not by any means horrible, I can still get around just fine…but it’s just annoying and it’s also affecting my hip muscles on both sides…and then just my lower back muscles on each side …I hope it’s all back stuff and not kidney related…but we’ll see I guess….okay enough of my pity me paragraph, haha

Susie – I did very well at the pitch in, didn’t even have any of the desserts…score one for me, haha….Italian ( along with Mexican ) is another weakness for me, the pasta and the bread, mmmmm …enjoy your day date with the hubs…I love those kind of days…I really wish I was in better shape to clean my house, stupid back haha, because I am really in the spring cleaning mood. Thanks for the advice on the constipation…I am gonna be chugging a crap ton of water ( no pun intended ) lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rofl:

Dh went to see the new Iron Man 3 with a friend on Friday and he said it was GREAT !!! Now he is gonna make me go :corn:

Dee – I don’t have a recipe for the pico since dh always makes it, I’m pretty sure it’s just fresh tomatoes, onion, cilantro, jalapenos, and fresh squeezed lime juice, then salt to taste…No I still just count calories, but I do eat lower carb so I guess I do watch those too…basically I just know what is low carb and what isn’t and stay away from bread, pasta ( unless it’s my low carb kind ), potatoes, etc…No my mom and sister are always trying to “start” a diet and never stay on one…my mom says I inspire her to keep at it ( she is 57 ), and she can lose if she puts her mind to it, my sister has three young kids at home and that is her excuse to not be able to stick to one, haha…Thanks for asking about my Grandma, she is doing really well, she is now done with her chemo and radiation however they found a tumor in her thyroid now that has to come out with surgery, I believe she is having that soon…please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Lyss- glad you enjoyed Cinco De Mayo, I wanted to go out and eat at a Mexican place but instead we just ended up at a friends house with subs and watched a movie ….not even a margherita !!! :yikes:

Hi Tori – hope your ankle is all healed up …you and I are quite a pair, haha

Hope you all have a good Monday ….I’m having a case of the Monday’s and really just want to be at home sulking ….suck it up Carri, things could be worse !!!!!!! :hug:

See ya ladies !!!!

05-06-2013, 10:52 PM
It was a very yucky day here in Ohio. It rained most of the day, and it is cold! We turned our furnace back in the house because when we got home it said it was 66 degrees in here!

My throat is sore and I have had a migraine most of the day and my eyes burn. Those things happen to me when the weather has these huge changes.
My eyes might be burning because I have already put in 12 hours of OT by now for this week at work. It's going to be one "HECK" of a week.

I didn't get to do my full 30 min walks today but I did get in a small walk and I stood a lot working--i just took my laptop to the file cabinets and worked on top of it, in order to burn some calories.

I plan on getting my workout in tomorrow with my friend...I need to move!

Tori: Don't push yourself to much...your ankle will be weak for a bit and you don't want to re-injure it. Do what you can and make wise food choices.
When you said you were disappointed I"m soo disappointed that the day you decide to change your life as a family you get such a huge set back; just made me want to give you a hug or two! :hug::hug:

Carri: you need a hug too! :hug: :hug:
Have thought about getting a medical massage for your back?

Ok..I'm going to head to bed. I need to log my food but I've had enough of computer time.

See you all tomorrow.

05-07-2013, 10:40 AM
Morning ladies …anyone following that breaking news story on those three women found after 10 years ?????? They were kidnapped at different times and held by these three men in Cleveland ( Susie is this near you ? ) ….its just a crazy, they were teens when they were taken…

So happy that they’ve been found alive but they must have so much emotional scarring…can’t wait to read more as the story unfolds.

I had an okay day food wise yesterday, well I guess not really , I was fine during the day but then we had pizza and breadsticks for dinner and I had a cherry coke with it ….

My back is feeling a little better …I will say that the nsaid anti imflammatory that she gave me ( I know that can’t be spelled right ), which is probably just a stronger version of the OTC Aleve, seems to be helping the best …I’m still pretty stiff in the morning but once I get up and take meds and move around it gets a lot better…thanks for your kind thoughts.

I’m hoping it’s a lot better by this weekend because I need to do some serious spring cleaning in the house and me and dh would like to get the mulch outside too.

Susie – Sorry to hear you are not feeling well …I get the same thing around this time of year, stupid allergies…I know Mel said on fb that she is having the same thing…hope you get to feeling better…sometimes during this time of year I just take a generic zyrtec or claritan daily to ward it off …they say that is perfectly fine to do during the bad allergy seasons.

Have a good day everyone !!!!

05-07-2013, 10:14 PM
Hi Everyone, I am feeling a bit better today. I have keept a lozenger in my mouth most of the time today and I took soup to work for lunch. That maybe it feel so much better.

I have my 6 month blood draw tomorrow so I iwll be seeing my doctor and she can check my throat then as well.

I haven't done great with my food today but not to badly. I didn't make my wokout tonight. This week is intense. I'm getting my Associate Director ready to go to China next week and just the every day work things plus there is a bit of a "swirl" going on where an Admin is going to be out during a very important time and her management is asking mine if I can take it on. My management said yes at first because i was to be a part of a "team"...turns out the team is me since this girl is going to out.

It is a great opporunity for me to get exposure but if it happens then starting in June until July 16 I will be working on that project and that project only so I can work with her while she is her and I can then finish it on my own the week of the meeting. The issue is who will take care of my Director when she is here in June and July.

At one point today, I was about in tears because of all the drama around it

Carri: I heard that story this morning as's just bizzare isn't it?
I am closer to Cincinnati and Columbus than I am Cleveland. If you look at a map of Ohio and see I71 going across the State, Wilmington, where I live is in between Columbus and Cincinnati.

I have thought about taking a Claritian during this time of year. I am on a prescription nose spray year round to help with my allergies but my ENT has said I can take a over the counter Claritian if I am going to be outside or the pollen is really high.

Sorry to hear that your evening meal was a bit off your plan..that happens when we don't feel good...I know you are smart enough to not let it happen to often.

See you all tomorrow.

05-09-2013, 02:18 PM
Hello! We have sunshine and warmth in Ohio today and everyone is smiling!

It sure is quiet here. I think I hear crickets!

My doctor didn't do my blood draw; she felt like the numbers I received the day before at our company health fair were good--I am within range for all of them.

My blood pressure was better at the doctor's than at the health fair but my bottom number was a bit high for her liking. She is giving me 4 months to monitor it and come back in to see what it says. I currently take a beta blocker because I have tacacardia--most in my family's heraditary and it is just something that you have or you don't. The issue is it can stress the heart because your heart is beating so fast, so they give meds to slow it down..that is why I am on the beta blocker. I have been on it since I was 33. She said the extra weight could now be making my heart work harder..and then of course aging is a factor.

I was down to 290 yesterday on their scales. The last time she saw me I was at 298 so she was pleased with that and told me to keep it up.

I haven't gotten any exercise today but today I will start back with my walks at work..going to do one around 3 today..that is when I usually need a break.

No TOPS for me of my nieces has a school choir concert.

How is everyone else?

05-09-2013, 04:29 PM
Afternoon Ladies….hope you all are doing well ….not much going on here, have been struggling a little bit the last few days…have been having a lot of soda, my one big vice, lol ….I know I’ll get it turned back around but I am enjoying a few days off …

I am still following and hearing details as they are released for the three women who were kidnapped, the details are horrifying…just so glad the one was able to escape finally after 10 years and get help…but I can’t imagine what they went thru…so sad …they put an 8 million dollar bond on the guy who did it…good for them…this creep needs to be locked up forever …and even in prison he will get better treatment then those three girls did for 10 years…and that’s the part that makes me the most mad …

But I digress ………lol

Susie – I also take a beta blocker for a high heart rate, and my bp numbers are always bad on the bottom …I think that is the number they are most concerned with health wise…I know that mine always lowers the more weight I lose…so you are on the right track to make that number go DOWN

Well once again we have decided to not move this year…I could tell everytime I mentioned moving that dh’s heart was not in it, and so we stay….and now we are gonna finish the basement ( which I think we both will love having done ), but because of the expense we might have to do most of it ourselves, which is okay cause we have friends that will help and who are in the biz.

Hi to everyone else and have a good evening !!!

05-10-2013, 12:24 PM
Happy Friday! Anyone have big plans for the weekend?

Carri: Be careful with that soda girl. I had a root beer last night and today I'm looking for sweets but not allowing myself to have them..I"m drinking that water to combat it. It's not easy..right now I can taste a Pepsi and a Nestle Crunch Bar!

Finishing your basement will add value to it when you go to sell it.

I hope everyone else is doing well...and would love to see posts! Even if they are "struggling" posts. The way I look at this, is we celebrate together and hold each other up when needed.

See you all tomorrow.

05-10-2013, 12:28 PM
Happy Friday as well!

Quick note: Hope everyone is doing well. I'm getting ready to head out for some errands.....eldest DS is having his bday party tomorrow and need to get everything for that along with some light housekeeping.

Trying to save up calories today to allow room for cake and ice cream ;)

Today, I am 95lbs down! Happy about that.

Have a good day ladies!

05-12-2013, 02:23 PM
Quiet weekend here. I hope everyone is doing well.

I am doing pretty well with staying on plan with my food. I'm within my calorie range but sometimes not picking the best choices. I will try to be more aware of that. For me this is about getting to a normal weight (under 200 is normal for me) and to look good in my clothes (going for 14/16) and feeling great!

I also need to get back to my daily work helps me to get to moving every day and that extra exercise is good for me.

Lyss: Whoooo hoooo! 95 lbs. Great job!

Tori: Where are you girl? I think I might have to text you.

Carri: How are you doing with the soda?

Dee: I'm looking forward to the National Food day list for the week.

I am about to clean out the closet in my office. I bought some tubs to keep office supplies and things in so I can have a bit more space in the closet..also shreading some old bank records and things.

Have a great day everyone!

05-13-2013, 11:31 AM
Morning Ladies ....I'm still struggling some with my diet and having some soda ( I know Susie, lol ) I'm here, I'm just trying to get myself back in line...going thru some stress lately and that always makes me not care about dieting, but that's no excuse, I need to get back on the wagon ...

Have a good day.


05-13-2013, 09:05 PM
Hi Girls, crazy weather here in MI. Last Wednesday it was 82* wearing a tankini swimming :beach: kayaking around the shore looking @ spring flowers listening to Andre' Bochelli, while dh was fishing. Saturday it was 54* & I was wearing a :brr: coat.
Lyss :yay: 95# off your body, isn't it amazing how our bodies adjust to gaining & losing the pounds & our feet/legs keep us standing upright, from falling down through-out those many weight changes. I think of how easy objects break & fall over when the weight isn't distributed equally. God sure did a wonderful :smug: job when he designed our bodies. Congrat's on your fun days, small clothes shopping this summer. How about 'sharing your weight program w us all' here :thanks:

Susie, 290# :smug: hang-in there. Try setting yourself a weekly/monthly weight goal to achieve, U have the wisdom & tools to make your goals Happen for U ;) Your health probs will decrease as U eat healthier & r active. Losing weight can b easy 'but' U gotta...Must put 'U' into your day-planner schedule :hug: because "U" r the most Important on your list, 3x daily eat & play. Include a mini-treat for 1 week if that helps U get thru the day & include that in your daily log to compare your weekly loss vs a week w/o a mini-treat (candy bar, soda, etc) I know U can do this & reach your goal size if U List/Add yourself into your Daily schedule :hug:

Carri, I understand about your struggling too. We both r foodies :p I know U will Luv your new basement remodel, :cool: how about adding a spa/hot-tub to your deck or a portable round spa in the basement? I hope your stress is getting better for U, that your probs r leaving U :hug:. Soda :o it could b so much worse, U could have fudge or ice cream cravings constantly, so I don't think 1 soda daily is bad if U add-in those cals. My doc told me to drink a soda for indigestion when I don't have a pill to take, cause the carbonation fizz helps-out. Yup, stress can hurt... my dh told me last week about All of my flaws/imperfections & how lazy I am when I don't have a +6 hr work day schedule w client orders/or my dog kennel. So I couldn't come here & post last week I felt soo terrible about myself & cried & worked harder. I took a candy bar from my purse & tossed it into the trash when he said I looked like I gained 5# in my swimsuit last Wednesday @ the lake. The kids were here Friday overnight & gave me the love I needed to feel wanted. Sounds silly to U, but when I'm really sad-hurting I miss my dad soo much, he was my hero & still is (he died from a heart-attack when I was 12 yr old). Having a hug from my dad or sitting on his lap made 'everything bad, always go away'.

Girls, It took me 11 months to lose 30# to get back into a size medium again; from putting on 30# during dh cancer probs in 2 yrs. I was Determined to wear my medium clothes size & when I messed up eating a food/meal :frypan: I got back on track w the very next food I ate. I wrote myself a 'contract w daily/weekly/monthly' weight-loss on it & I posted a copy on my fridge & on bathroom mirror. On my mirror in lipstick I wrote a 1 yr date w my goal 143# inside a heart. My program included a 'mandatory-no excuses' allowed I must b active w 10 minutes of cardio before or after eating a meal; whether it was walking fast, jumping on my mini-trampoline, dancing, shooting basketball hoops, swimming etc. getting my heart stronger. I included free-weights 3x week, which I include playing fun active games like playing horseshoes, bowling & bocce' ball. Gaining the pounds is enjoyable :m::jeno::cookie:... Losing it is tiring :rolleyes:... & a big challenge :kickcan: :tape: ~ Keep trying different plans till U find something that works for U ~ :wizard:

"National FOOD Days".... I eat 1/2 portion & freeze 1/2 for another day & sub some ingredients...
Sunday May 12: Nutty Fudge Day..... May 13: Apple Pie Day Day..... May 13: Fruit Cocktail Day..... May 14: Buttermilk Biscuit Day ..... May 15: Chocolate Chip Day..... May 16: Coquilles St. Jacques Day..... May 17: Cherry Cobbler Day..... May 18: Cheese Soufflé Day..... May 19: Devil’s Food Cake Day..... May 19: World Baking Day..... May 20: Quiche Lorraine Day..... May 20: Pick Strawberries Day..... May 21: Strawberries & Cream Day..... May 22: Vanilla Pudding Day..... May 23: Taffy Day..... May 24: Escargot Day..... May 25: Brown-Bag-It Day..... May 25: Wine Day..... May 26: Blueberry Cheesecake Day..... May 26: Cherry Dessert Day..... May 27: Grape Popsicle Day..... May 28: Brisket Day..... May 28: Hamburger Day..... May 29: Coq Au Vin Day..... May 30: Mint Julep Day..... May 31: Macaroon Day.....
'Weekly' Foods to Honor: National Raisin Week and National Herb Week are the 1st week of the month, National Hamburger Week the 2nd week of the month, International Pickles Week is the 3rd week, and both National Frozen Yogurt Week and American Beer Week concurrently in the 4th week. National Barbecue Day and National Hamburger/Cheeseburger Day both fall on Memorial Day Monday.

Have a Wonderful week everyone :carrot::dust::cb:

05-14-2013, 11:38 AM
Hi everyone!

Been MIA the past few days......Saturday we had my eldest DS bday party. Made him his favorite lemon cake. I made it three layers tall with a whipped cream topping and it turned out wonderful. I also made a delicious picnic salad, smoked spare ribs and a big batch of mostaccioli. I always make too much :)

Sunday of course was Mother's Day, made the kiddos some homemade chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Surprisingly, I wasn't tempted to eat it. I don't know how I got roped into making breakfast on Mother's Day, oh well I don't mind. :) I also made some dark chocolate covered strawberries, which I did treat myself to several. We also went to a local nursery where I bought several landscaping plants and items for my vegetable garden. Then DH starting feeling ill midday and it was just the kids and I remainder of the day. We managed to finish planting on our own but I didn't feel like grilling as we had planned. So leftover mostaccioli it was!

He felt better yesterday and we got several more plants to put around the yard and finished that up. He left for out of town just now for a week. I'll miss my walking buddy. :(

When he comes back we have a camping trip planned for a few days over Memorial weekend. Hoping the weather cooperates.

Supposed to be near 90 today. I can tell the weather and humidity is up, my hands are so puffy. The heat always does this to me, weight loss did not help that!

Have a good Tuesday ladies!

05-14-2013, 01:25 PM
Hi Ladies ...gonna be a warm one here today I think...over 80 ,,, last two days it was only in the 50's ...having some of Dee's weather ...sometimes it seems like the warm weather will never get here to stay...

I'm still not doing real good but am doing better than I was last week...I'm turning things back around...still having my daily soda, but I agree with Dee, it could be could be a whole cake lol

Dee - I have had those times my my dh as well...and it hurts ...I also have said many hurtful things to him ...I think that just happens in a marriage once in a while ( not that it's right ) ...I'm sure you are not lazy...always sounds like to me that you are super busy...don't get down...I would totally understand how you feel about your dad , I still have my Dad but lost my Grandpa when I was 10 ...he made me feel so special and loved when he was around ...he died in 1983 and I still miss him so much sometimes...especially when I just need that extra care...glad you got to spend time with the kids and that it made you feel better...

Lyss - love the new pic of you ....nice bod !!! 95 lbs lost is such a HUGE accomplishment ...I need to start paying attention more to what you are eating and doing. Good for you for not pigging out ( like I have been lately ) with the bday's and mothers day are doing such a great job.

Hi Tori, Mel, Leeanne and Susie !!!!

Hope you all have a good day...I am going to look at some mattresses on my lunch hour ...we need one SO bad ...both are backs are screaming at us !!!

Later !

05-15-2013, 12:53 PM
Hi Everyone,

I'm plugging along here. I didn't get my food logged yesterday as my routine was messed up and so I ate at weird times; like I at a apple for breakfast..then got hungry at 11 so I had ceral for lunch and then at 5 I had a egg sandwhich for dinner. I did have some frozen greek yogurt later in the evening.

Carri: Glad to hear that you are turing things around.

Dee: Thanks for sharing your program and also the issues with DH and how they made you feel. Like Carri said I to have had times like those with my DH..and it does hurt....and I always want my dad. He was my hero. He raised me and my brother all by himself and he always believed in me and when he got mad about something he didn't throw insults; he talked about why he was mad and how what I did made him feel. I wish my DH could learn that when we argue. I don't say unkind things but I can be bossy.

Lyss: It is hard to get the exercise in when your walking buddy isn't around. I know I struggle to do it when mine isn't around.

Speaking of walking..I'm doing a 5k this afternoon at work...we do this sort of thing in the spring and fall; it is a part of our Vibrant Living theme.

I am not doing it for time this time. I haven't really trained...but I will walk and get the distance and my workout will be done for the day! :carrot:

It is going to be HOT during that 5k. It's already 78 here and the 5k is at 2.

Have a great day everyone!

05-15-2013, 04:56 PM
Afternoon Ladies ….my stress level just keeps going up …I finally broke down and bought a new mattress, my back and especially dh’s back has really been bothering us because of this mattress we have had for probably 12 years or more ..probably more like 15 …so it’s bad, really bad…and I cannot believe how much mattresses are these days…but considering we’ll probably have for another 10 years I guess the price isn’t that bad …and worth it to wake up and not feel like you have slept like a pretzel …and we don’t have any credit cards so we had to have cash for it…and that was a hit to the ol’ account ….and then if that wasn’t enough…

Took my car in for the hail repair and the outer car looks perfect however my liner was wrinkled and creased…took it back in , I have a rental they are paying for, and they are still working on it today saying “it looks a lot better”, well I don’t want better, I want it back the way it was when I brought it in, NEW ….so I have to go pick it up tonight and if not up to my satisfactory I guess we will get into it again, and I’m just over it all period …and of course the place I chose is like 45 mins away so in rush hour traffic it takes me like an hour and a half, had to go over there last night and again tonight to look at ….Girls, I’m just on the edge …

And of course my eating is not great, can’t say as I care right now ( I will, just not now ) …just trying to get thru each day without freakin out on someone right now…..

Sorry I had to vent …..

05-15-2013, 05:36 PM
Hey Girls :sunny: the warmmm weather is back to stay till fall :cool:
Carri & Susie :hug: Thank You for your support to me w dh, I'm sorry your dh has been like that too. My dh Knows my 2 business incomes r about my clients & the personal service I give them to fill their needs, during the crazy-busy weeks +50 hr wks (I have 2 college guys work for me) otherwise I work by myself. I'm not lazy dh confessed Monday night about hurting me; dh wants to spend $$$$ on fishing gear & another lawn tractor using my appliance savings acct from my business acct. He did buy parts & repair our washer & it runs fine now, so he wants my washer savings to spend & that's why he be-littled me to make me feel guilty, so I'd just hand it to him. But then I told him +20 things I've done this year saving us thousands of dollars & then he backed-off & appologized. I forgave him, but said 'your mean words backfired' then dh went to Staples & bought me a 'I'm sorry gift' the 7"KindleFire for my purse that I wanted from Santa. Men can b jerks... If he'd been 'honest' I would've shared some of the appliance savings, who knows how long the washer will last, if the fridge breaks, so I need a savings acct. from my business income for our appliances/home emergencies. I'm the logical/saver spouse & he's our spender & has enough guy-stuff (tools & sports equipment) for 5 men... He Needs to sell some stuff to buy himself the newer models he wants. We both work too hard for him to do this when we have his medical debts. Marriage....

Carri :smug: Mattress shopping, so many sets to look @ & lay-on try-out :dizzy: I'm glad U found 1 that U like. I'm sorry about your car damages from the storm & getting it fixed.... Hey, I'm proud of U for never giving-up when U mess-up, U fix yourself again & again being determined just like I did w food. Neverrr b sorry for venting-sharing your prob's w us....We R your extended Family & care & wish a Wonderful life for each other. Did your dh use the same body-shop when his car got hailed? If your car isn't like new condition, enjoy the rental car & take a longgg relaxing drive, on the body-shop's $ for their careless work. Carri needs some pampering this week. :hug::hug::hug:

Susie :running: I'm very impressed w U doing the 5K walk today w/o training. I hope your knee is good & doesn't hurt U. I hope U took your water w U. How is your throat feeling? Did U watch Revenge last Sunday, I can't wait to see it next fall when Emily confesses to Jack... Nashville I wonder if Rayna will confess to Deacon about their love child as a cliff-hanger...

Yonnana :cb: It Works :p it's a Hit! I've used it 3 x now & last night I was craving sweets & made a ice cream banana split, w frozen bananas & frozen strawberries & drizzled a spoonful of chocolate over my bowl w a spoonful of chopped nuts. YUMMY. I got the hot-pink, but it looks fushia. Guilt-Less desserts, just count the cals/values of your fruit + any toppings. The fruit does comes out creamy like soft serve ice cream. I put the parts into a big bowl of warm, soapy water to wash & then rinsed off; instead of using my dishwasher, so its ready to use ASAP :p

After losing my 30 lbs, I mainly do portion control now, eating 1 serving of whatever I want or 1/2 serving size & I only eat my big carbs 'early in the day (breakfast-lunch)' to have the whole day for burning-off the carbs/fat. My supper is almost carb-free (veggies & protein). That way if I'm tired from a long work day or its hot-humid, I won't feel guilty for not being active & I can relax w dh knowing I didn't gain any pounds.

Lyss, we r campers too. It's so much fun & relaxing, the camp-fires, etc. I hope the weather is good for U :smug: It's such a great family time w your kids :bike2:

Torri & LeeAnne :wave: we Miss U, please stop & say 'hello' :hug:

05-17-2013, 09:21 AM
A healthy way of eating is a quiet statement of self love.

That sentence was in a program I did at TOPS last night....when I was preparing for the program...yesterday at lunch because I forgot that I was to do the program....and I came across that quote, it stopped me in my tracks.

Confession: I don't really love myself. My actions show it. I put EVERYTHING before me. No wonder I feel half dead most of the time. I try..I give it a try for a day or a week but then when it gets tough..and time is tight, I take care of everything else but me.

It showed on the scale last night..that is all I want to say about the gain...that and it WILL come back off this week.

I'm printing that self love statement out and putting it everywhere so I can see it. Dee, I love how you do with your self-contract and your goals. I'm a "thought" person and this self love statement speaks to me..and I'm going to use it to get back to loving me and eating healthy, and moving healthy. I am worth loving...really I am!

The 5 k was brutal ladies. It was 88 degrees in the 2 p.m. afternoon sun. Many people had a tough time. I finished it but not in a good time... We had about 1/2 a mile to the finish when my co-worker I was walking with said "I don't feel good...I feel dizzy and have chills" and then she threw up! She got overheated and had a bit of sun stroke. I stayed with her while the medics took care of her and then I went ahead and walked to the finish line. So my time was 1 hr and 35 min..but I did finish. I got a mild sunburn. Note to self--I will only do early morning 5k's from now on. I can't take the heat or the sun when I'm exercising.

Dee: I was going to ask you what you thought about Nashville and Revenge. I am on the same page of what you are thinking.

It's nice that DH got you a little "guilt" gift. ;) I am a saver too..and my DH is not...we have many "passionate" discussions because of it.

Carri: It's ok to vent. When I was reading your post a thought came to my mind. I thought about how sometimes when a storm is brewing you can feel it coming..and you can feel your heart race and you can feel the air becoming electric....and then it blows in and there is this fury and the rain pounds hard and you can't see...and then when it is is very peaceful and things look brighter and cleaner and refreshed. That is what your vent can do for you!

Mattress are every expensive..for sure. When we bought our new one 3 years ago we did a 1 yr same as cash and paid for it that way. I had the money in the savings account but I didn't want to take that amount out of my savings..I just wasn't comfortable with it. So I paid for half of it in cash and then did the interest free 1 year same as cash thing and I just added it to the budget and then paid it each month even thought I didn't owe the balance for worked for us..just a thought.

:hug::hug::hug: it's ok that right now, you don't care....we care about you and will hold you up!

Ok..I need to get to moving. I took a vacation day to get ready for my jewlery party tomorrow. I can't have 15 women in my house and not clean!

My plan is to be done by noon and then read and nap until DH gets home from work

05-17-2013, 11:23 AM
Just a quick pop in...still under some stress, car thing still isn't going well...but it's Friday and I'm gonna try and have a nice relaxing weekend...mattress is being delivered tonight so that is one good thing.

Susie - I'm just so proud of you that you did the 5k...sorry to hear about your friend, that would have been me, I don't do heat well at all, especially if I am exercising. Thanks for the encouragement.

Hope you all have a good one !!


05-18-2013, 10:59 AM
Hi Ladies, I just got caught up on some posts here. I'm on the way to chuck e cheese w the girls and their friends but I'll be back this evening to catch all the way up. I just got called an ugly wife! I was devastated, I couldnt even say anything back because I was already feeling so horrible about myself this morning then I went to take my husband to pick up some bread and I heard some male workers say that in their language, I was at first very angry but then I was so sad because I felt they were so right and that is something I have never heard from other people it was so heart wrenching I had no idea what to say back and my kids were in the car my husband didnt hear and I couldnt tell him what they said since i was so ashamed! omg you guys are the only ones I could tell this too. I'm sorry to be such a debbie downer but wow some people are so rude I wish I would have been mean to them but Idk it felt so embarassing. I started crying as soon as we left and i told my husband they said something bad about me , he tried to get it out of me but omg how embarassing to look your husband in the face and tell him that someone else said out loud exactly how you are feeling. I know its just words and they were jerks , and i'm gonna be fine but that sucked. I gotta go becasue my pal has a flat tire and i have to pick her up so we can go to chucke cheese. I will be back for personals. I miss you guys! my ankle is still so weak i can only walk a short ways but i'm just gonna low carb this crap off i can't deal anymore.

05-18-2013, 11:07 AM
Tori :hug: So sorry that happened to you. People are so damn mean and cruel. Let me tell you, you are absolutely GORGEOUS and don't let some a**holes let you think any differently. Please don't let it ruin your weekend, consider the source and know they are just jerks being jerks. Chin up girl, you're beautiful!! :hug:

05-18-2013, 02:29 PM
Hi Ladies, I just got caught up on some posts here. I'm on the way to chuck e cheese w the girls and their friends but I'll be back this evening to catch all the way up. I just got called an ugly wife! I was devastated, I couldnt even say anything back because I was already feeling so horrible about myself this morning then I went to take my husband to pick up some bread and I heard some male workers say that in their language, I was at first very angry but then I was so sad because I felt they were so right and that is something I have never heard from other people it was so heart wrenching I had no idea what to say back and my kids were in the car my husband didnt hear and I couldnt tell him what they said since i was so ashamed! omg you guys are the only ones I could tell this too. I'm sorry to be such a debbie downer but wow some people are so rude I wish I would have been mean to them but Idk it felt so embarassing. I started crying as soon as we left and i told my husband they said something bad about me , he tried to get it out of me but omg how embarassing to look your husband in the face and tell him that someone else said out loud exactly how you are feeling. I know its just words and they were jerks , and i'm gonna be fine but that sucked. I gotta go becasue my pal has a flat tire and i have to pick her up so we can go to chucke cheese. I will be back for personals. I miss you guys! my ankle is still so weak i can only walk a short ways but i'm just gonna low carb this crap off i can't deal anymore.

I was just browsing this thread, but this post made me feel the need to speak up. Yes some people are jerks and rude and horrible. But these jerks are also wrong wrong wrong.

That's you in the profile pic right? Cheeriloos you are gorgeous, and I mean it. And I know I'm just a stranger on forum, but you are. Forget those idiots. Look at yourself in the mirror, high five yourself for having gorgeous eyebrows and cheekbones, smile and see that it lights up your whole face. Then go kiss your husband who I know agrees with me and don't give those idiots another thought!

05-18-2013, 04:12 PM
Hey Girls, :smug: Happy Saturday!

Tori, :hug: I am so proud of U for not making a scene in front of your girls & upsetting them. "U r very Beautiful" & today U showed your dignity & grace. U can explain to your girls about Bullies & how momma handled today; there Is a time & a place & way to deal w Bullies... Now when U see those guys, U know they have 'no respect' & 'no morals' they r just :mad: 'trash/garbage walking on 2 legs', they r Blind & probably have 'no girlfriends/wife', Trash like them belong in the garbage can, put their lid-on & forget about them. We Luv U & r so happy that U came back to us :grouphug: Tell us what U need & we will b here to help U get to your goal. I hope your dh had a fun b-day & your visit w your mom was great :spin: & your Chuckie Cheese day was fun w the kids & friends. See U soon :hug:

Carri, sorry your car prob continues to bum U out :^: But Great news that U got your new bed :yawn: Sunday is a new start to a Wonderful week for U :smug: soo keep going, your days will get better.... Hey, go walking w Les :D & enjoy our beautiful weekend :sunny:

Susie, I'm so proud of U for finishing your 5K :running: Sorry to hear about your friend getting sick... I love your "A healthy way of eating is a quiet statement of self love" quote :hug: When I texted U last week, I knew we shared that we 'put ourself last daily' that's why I always gotta put Me into my daily schedule/day planner now for a hour somewhere in my day. Otherwise, I'd b too busy doing for everyone/everything else & I'd grab the quick junk snacks to eat & still b fat. I Like coming here w you'all on my food break. I'm eating a ice-cream sandwich snack, I made my ice cream w my Yonanna machine & subbing 2 thin slices of angel food cake I made in a loaf pan for the cookies, instead of 2 normal cookies used in the store. Susie I know U can Reach your size 16 Goal by Christmas ;) because U meet your deadlines every week @ work :cool: Wonder Woman always Wins against allll odds :lifter: When our knees & feet r messed up, we can always 'lift hand-weights' & burn those cals/carbs.

I put my pic back on today, I want your opinions. I'm getting my hair styled & highlighted Tuesday. My hair is just touching my shoulder & still has long layers & today its in a pony-tail. I'm thinking about getting a long-layered bob just below my chin to b able to pull it back w barrettes/headbands & pop into a pony-tail this summer when its hot. What r your hairstyles & r they low-maintenance during the week. I need wash & go because I have to b ready for a spur of the moment, sewing client to drop-in w/o a appointment & my dog kennel clients/grooming. Girls, what r your hairstyles & r they easy to keep-up during the week.... Post your pic ;) TY
Hi Lyss & LeeAnne :wave:

05-21-2013, 03:52 PM
I am here....struggling..unfocused but here. We all know that when I get busy I loose focus....but I MUST stop doing that. Losing focus doesn't make me less busy but it sure makes more of me.

Torri: When I read that post got so DANG mad! :mad::mad::mad:
You are BEAUTIFUL...your husband is HOT and HOT men pick BEAUTIFUL wives.

Dee is showed your beauty from the inside out in that situation. They are not worth any more of your tears. :hug::hug::hug:

Dee: I don't know if I'm too late for the "re-do" of your hair? I think putting some long layers in your hair sounds good. It will give it movement when down and you can still pull it back or parts of it back. Is your hair curly?

Mine is stick straight and i have it in a inverted bob where the back is shorter than the front, other than that my hair is all chin lengthy.

I am meeting my regular walking.workout partner tonight. My plan is to do 30 min on the bike and 20 min on the elliptical and then some weights.

I have got to get moving again so my depression will lift and I can get this mind back in the game.

05-21-2013, 05:55 PM
Thank you girls so much for being so supportive, I am back up to 232 So I have officially gone back to the drawing board. how funny its like a never ending cycle sheesh.I found myself loathing the girl on the cover of my magazine this morning in the bathroom, she looked so perfect, i threw the magazine on the floor , I really need to get back to a healthy weight. n I currently have no plan. I am totally type A so I'm going to sit down and create a plan soon.My girls will be home schooled this coming year , (I decided I can give them a more focused and customized to their level of learning education to be their foundation at least for the higher grades and it will strengthen our bond because we have most of the year together but none of the summers or holidays per our divorce papers 2009.

Dee- My hair has always been a mess so i'm no help i did have an inverted bob which i loved but now I am growing it out so its just a weird mess. I have vitiligo so i'm getting some white patches in my hair and the hair is soo brittle its like two inches long, ( i'm hoping that the rest of the hair doesnt follow suit)which i just read today I shouldnt color until I find henna color which is more natural and affects my vitliligo less.

Carri-I know the car thing is tough but it wont last forever, there are sometimes when I park my car in the drive and don't look at it all day but since I put it in the shop yesterday I feel stuck here at home, lol

Susie-you're right about working out it sure does help your mood and self esteem, since I have sprained my ankle I have been more and more depressed about my self , I'm finally pretty much back to normal. I need to be very careful because my ankle is so weak now but I'm gonna try at least walking, I wanted to ride my bike but the pedal fell off, i put it on and it felll off again! lol what in the world. Anyway our tv broke and its at the repair guy so my workout dvds arent helping me either, we have a tv in our room but no space .. can't really walk w my shepard since it yanks me around and my ankle is weak i'm gonna get the tv back this week though and start on some of my beginner dvds. Susie- Thank you! I finally got someone to tell me my husband is hot, lol my girlfriends normally dont want to comment i guess. Sometimes i'll say isnt my husband so cute and that prolly makes em think its a trick question..its not I think he is but noone really says that, so thank you. and thank you for being such a sweetheart.

thinkin thin- thank you so much reading all the posts again makes me feel better. you look so great. I'm happy for you , you look so great! Great motivation for me I cannot wait to back in the 180s again.

I love yall and thank you again! I will update you girls on my plan soon, I just gotta do some research on what will be best for my injury i dont want to reinjure, not only for weight gain, I am actually afraid of the pain that was just awful. awful pain.

Ok gonna do my homework and update you , I'm gonna be the happy cheery non depressed tori I was before. YOu'll see!

05-23-2013, 06:56 PM
Hey Girls :rain: :( I sure hope that you'all r having betterrr weather. Next week is back w sun & warm temps :sunny:

Carri, where r U :coach: .... We r missing U :stress:

Hi Susie & Tori, girls keep trying :workout: you'll find something that works for U. When your knee, foot hurts don't forget that lifting hand weights revs-up your fat burning + it burns cals off. We can use our bed as a weight bench & lay down w our hand-weights, leg lifts, sit-ups etc. when the floor is uncomfortable. Hula Hooping is a newer aerobic activity to think about doing w/o hurting knees & feet, Amazon has the dvds & hoops & some cities have classes. Good Luck girls & Tori, both myself & Carri told U after seeing your dh pic, that he is hot & a cutie-pie ;) Girls, U both have such Wonderful lives I'm sorry that U both have felt sad/depressed lately; kiss your dh & 'make your Healthy menu's', Today is a beautiful New Day :trampo: :broc: :dust:

I don't know If this will help anyone & I don't want to sound like a baby but, (1 wk ago I broke 2 toes when a hammer fell off the ladder on my foot & will rebreak if I'm active on my foot), I'm burning fat/cals off by exercising w hand-weights & walking on my mini-trampoline/rebounder, {I do this w fun tunes when I'm short on time or have a injury or just bored}. Ok I'm not trying to make excuses for eating bad.... but I know for me, when the weather is awful outside I'm tempted to eat :^: more carbs & fats, like a bear eating for 'hibernation for the winter' :T I put the brakes on myself to Stop myself from 'Backsliding', when I see 'my contracts' I wrote to myself on my 'fridge' bathroom door & my '143 pounds' I wrote w lipstick {inside a heart} on my bathroom mirror years ago. I'm a southern type A personality, I gotta have fun being active or else I'll quit & I 'must' have Reminders to see to stay on track w myself or I'll mess-up & b fat again & regain that 30 pounds it took me those 11 months to lose. I gave away my size 12, 14, 16 clothes, I'll b naked :rofl: if I backslide & gain my fat pounds back :dizzy: I'm not trying to annoy U. I really Just want U to know U CAN do this Long Term, I DID~ & I am Not backsliding regaining more than 1 to 4 pounds which is normally from salt snacking & pizza night & goes away from drinking lots of water.
Got my hair done Tue. morning, the salon/spa owner did it, I trust her & said 'make me pretty'. She cut a short bob (1" below my chin), w long layers & seeing my hair roots r copper, she got rid of the dk blonde color I dyed it & she dyed it back to my natural light copper-penny hair. The last time my hair was short @ chin length I was a 2 yr old. I'm Irish/Scotch/French & had strawberry blonde hair child growing up & it's copper now. In a few weeks I'll post a pic after a light suntan, my hair has natural waves so the new cut will b fine & go back to the beach-waves, it grows 1"-2" a month. My dh doesn't like it short, but likes my natural hair color back. Lunch today: spaghetti salad w double veggies tossed in. My snack: Yonnana ice cream made w mixed fruit, sprinkled w chopped nuts for my protein :p

Lyss, I told things some things I do to stay @ goal, please tell us how U r losing your weight/fat.... U look soo great :cheer3:

LeeAnne, Mel, & everyone else, We Miss U :coffee2: