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05-24-2013, 11:35 AM
Morning everyone ...not much to say, still off the wagon but gonna maybe detox this weekend and get my butt in gear ...I did get a new car last night so no more worrying about the problems with the old one ( well it wasn't old, 2011, but you know what I mean ), and the stress...

Tori - I was SO mad when I read that story...were they speaking spanish? I know spanish and I have caught men doing that to me before...I once told a guy that you never know who can speak or understand a language so watch he cared ...I have to tell you that the first thing I thought when you first started posting here is how cute and pretty you were don't you DARE believe what they said ...they are SO off ....I once had an old man call me a "fat peice of sh*t" and stupidly I let it bother me for weeks...but I realized he was the peice of sh*t and I needed to forget about it and move on ....and you do too ...they are idiots !!

Dee - Sorry to hear about your toes, ouch ....I have broken my foot before and I know it hurt really badly ...hugs...thanks for missing me. Can't wait to see your hair, I love short bobs, but with my face being so round they don't look good on my hair is pretty thin from my hormonal issues so I am kind of limited on what I can do with it.

Everybody have a GREAT holiday weekend...I so need the three days off to recoup....I actually wasn't posting because I had some bad vertigo caused by dehydration from a med...I'm still trying to get my body back in line from's awful ....

See ya

05-24-2013, 02:19 PM
Hi Everyone. Beautiful day here in Ohio today. Blue sky, sun, and it's not to cold or to hot. It's my kind of day. (and I think Carri's too!)

I am with Carri..I'm detoxing and getting back on this wagon...I think that Tori is hoping on too?

I swear this is what alcholics go through trying to stay on the wagon.
In fact I was thinking of using the chip system they use for days/years sober for myself and do it for consistant weeks of losses or no gains. Sort of a reminder to myself. I'm visual so I think it would help me. I have a friend who has been sober for 24 years and she carries that chip with her EVERY day.

Dee: I can't wait to see you hair! and I'm sorry to hear about your toes...ouch!!

Did you watch the finale of Nashville? I can't wait for next season!
I will be watching the Batchelorette when it starts on Monday. Will you?

Carri: What new car did you get? I'm with you in this detox so please, come and post daily--if your vertigo is gone...that had to be awful!

We have to take out kitty to the vet tomorrow. He has been having issues with one ear. It bleeds off and on. We have cured the mites and the yeast but it is still bleeding so in the morning they are putting him out to take a look at it. If you will say a prayer or think a good thought for our kitty, I would appreciate it. We love him like a kid. and my husband has been crying about it all week as he is afraid there is something really wrong and he LOVES this cat. Hudda Budda, DH and I would appreicate your prayers and kind thoughts.

05-26-2013, 10:33 AM
Hello. We have such a beautiful weekend here in Ohio. Not to hot, a lot of sunshine. We have a cookout to go to later tonight. I'm looking forward to just relaxing with friends.

Update on our kitty. They didn't see anything in his ear other than what they think is a nerve and it looked infected. When it is touched it bleeds.

The next course of action is to give him a steriod shot--in two weeks. We have to wait because they gave him his shots yesterday and didn't think about they couldn't do a steriod then.

About 5 days after the steriod they are going to put him out again and biopsy it and see what that says and then they might have to refer us to a specialist.

It is a bit depressing. He has a cone on and it drives him crazy. I think if I can keep him from scratching his ear for the next 10 to 14 days it might stop bleeding.

Have a great day everyone.

05-27-2013, 11:02 AM
It sure is quiet here!

How is everyone doing? We had a very nice relaxing cookout with some friends of ours last night. Watched the Die Hard 3 movie that will be coming out on DVD soon. Our friend has access to DVD releases about a week before they are sold to the public.

This is movie weekend for us. We watched, in the comfort of our home "Flight" with Denzal Washington on Saturday night--GREAT movie! Today we are going to see "Fast and Furious".

We also plan to stop at our favorite custard stand and get some frozen custard to kick off summer...and then tonight, I am going to take a walk in the neighborhood--and try to get my DH to go with me, but if not I'm going without him.

I'm kicking off my personal Summer Challenge 2013 today. My plan is to lose 25 lbs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Does anyone want to join me?

Have a great day everyone. I'm going to wear white sandles today..because it is the "unofficial" start to Summer and I'm old school and only wear white shoes and white pants, shorts, skirts and dresses Memorial Day through Labor Day. :D

I'll be watching The Batchelorette tonight. Is anyone else going to be watching?

05-27-2013, 11:54 AM
Happy Memorial Day!

We have been camping all weekend and got back yesterday afternoon. I did really well eating wise, did have to have one smore though. ;)

We had really nice weather and hated to leave. Hoping we can get back soon. The kids just love being outside all day.

I was hoping to come back and see a loss on the scale and be at the 100lb loss mark, but nope, remained the same. Oh well, I'll get there soon enough. :)

Just stopped in for a quick note, have to get out and do some yardwork!

Have a wonderful day!

05-28-2013, 03:23 PM
Hey Ladies!

ThinknThin- nice work! You are rockin this!

Hey Susie! I'm with you on this Summer Challenge! Sounds good. :D Lets get started! I really liked that movie flight, kinda makes me feel better on airplanes. Even though he crashed and some people died, I felt like ok Pilots are really good at what they do and there is a lot of liability if something goes wrong. Weird way of looking at it huh.. I'm sorry about your kitty hopefully he'll be much better very soon.

Carri- No they were speaking in portugese, I'm getting over it now. NOt such a big deal but I know I'll feel so much better about myself when I like what I see . :) So lets get back on this wagon and do this! the only thing stopping us is ourselves right? I"m glad you've got a new car now. mine was giving me some issues but the mechanic got it all straightened out , and we got our tv repaired and it came back today so we're getting back to normal now.

As for me, I weighed in yesterday at 237, i did not get on the wagon as I had planned but i did today! i weighed in at 234.6. I am going to try my hardest to lose 10lbs a month or close to it. Jillian michaels said. " i have a solution to losing weight, eat less and move more" "move ***, if thats not working then move *** faster" so I will do just that, I am not on the jillian michaels workout because its too rough on my ankle and i'm not up to it yet. I'm doing brazil butt lift for 30 days, then again for another 30 days and i'll add in ten minute trainer with that , then I'll begin the jillian michaels program again. so i have two months to strengthen my ankle to get me to that point. I have a heart rate monitor now. I cannot find my fitbit though! grr. I am going back to eating like i did before lower carb sucks but its the only way i know to lose weight . so when I begin doing more intense stuff I'll up the carbs but for right now bbl is not so so hard I'm gonna be careful with them. I hope you girls are doing well and have a good day. Most of all Take Care of Yourself, there's only one you, and you know exactly what you need!

05-29-2013, 08:53 PM
Hi :) nothing great going on w us. Same stuff.... I bought a battery for my bath-scale & was happier before I stepped on it. So my real weight is 3# higher now :censored: I liked my weight w my older battery ;) so much better.... We planted our garden Memorial Day weekend, gotta have our organic veggies to eat :p Can't wait for my grapes, blueberries & raspberries to b ripe this summer. Our strawberries didn't do well w the crazy weather, so none for strawberry pie/shortcake/Yonana ice cream or make jam this summer. My short bob makes my face look round & fat, I've been told by a few ppl & I agree I look like I gained 10#. Not letting anybody take my pic till it gets longer again. Now I remember why it hasn't been cut-short since my childhood....

Carri, where r U :coffee2: What car did U buy? I love U treated yourself to a new car. So sorry about your Vertigo, I only want that feeling from getting a buzz :cheers: Right now I'm watching Rocco DiSpirito make low cal/carb 'Caprese Salad' :p easy/filling/yummy... Ingredients: •3 large ripe tomatoes, heirloom if possible • Salt • fresh ground black pepper • 6 oz. fresh mozzarella, sliced 1/4 inch thick • 12 fresh basil leaves, torn into small pieces, stems removed • 4 T. Super Olive Oil... Directions: Slice the tomatoes into 16 even 1/2-inch-thick slices. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Top each with a slice of mozzarella, then season again lightly with salt and pepper. Arrange 4 tomato and cheese slices overlapping on each of 4 small salad plates and scatter the basil on top. Drizzle each plate with 1 tbsp quality olive oil. I like his new Healthy cookbooks 'Now Eat This' Low cal/Low carb cookbooks & put his Italian ckbk & Comfort Foods-All Under 350 Calories, ckbks on my Kindle, he also has a good Diet ckbk. As U read this I hope U r feeling well & happy & rested again :hug:

Susie, looked like U had a relaxing holiday @ the movies :smug: Sign me up to lose 10# w U :carrot: I'll Detox w you'all, I'm looking forwards to drinking cucumber water, spicy tomato juice, organic apple juice, etc. :p for 3 days straight. I will never do another cleanse, just too painful on my belly/tush. But a nutritional juice Detox is yummy, my juicer is broke & I love fresh 'apple-celery' & carrot-apple' juice so I gotta go to Amazon & look for a new one. Dh & I did a fresh juice fast, every Wednesday for energy till my juicer broke. How's Hudda Budda doing now? Is he your only pet? Yeah U know I'm chilling-out watching 'The Batchelorette', there's 4 guys I like for her so far that she kept. Des kept 2 guys I would've cut-lose instead & kept 1 she sent home; I hope that Mr.Penis gets lots of grief for his actions, the booze didn't cause it, that Is his personality w his initial card/intro to her. Tonight I'm watching Fox 'Masterchef' & the new ABC 'The LookOut' investigation show about rip-offs.

Lyss, glad U had a great time camping :smug: We go in late June & will b camping near family & share our boat & kayaks w them. Do U stay @ state parks in Illinois? It costs $27 night @ our MI state parks w full hook-up, but we just have a large pop-up camper, instead of the 5th-wheel now. What r some of your fav 'diet-healthy foods' that U ate camping :p We grill & toss veggies in the coals, eat salads & have a crock-pot on the picnic table cooking; relaxing & no-fuss cooking. My only prob is to Not eat a big breakfast, w all the yummy-tempting food aroma's from neighboring campsites....

Tori, U got your confidence back & made a plan, Congrat's. The kids r here & everyone craved brownies tonight, so I subbed applesauce for oil & added only 1 egg & top w coolwhip instead of frosting. Today we all had ice cream for lunch-Yonana w strawberries & topped w chopped nuts for protein inside ice cream cones. What 'heart rate monitor' did U get? When do the kids leave for their dad's home this summer... I hope U get to see them on the weekends... So nice that U will still have your baby girl home w U & dh to play w this summer :cool:

PS: Lower MI had our first tornado last night, so our summer is officially here.
LeeAnne :wave: See everyone later....

05-30-2013, 11:11 AM
Hi Ladies ...Looks like everybody is getting together their Summer weightloss plans... :carrot: Good job...I am with Susie, I would like to lose 25 from now until Labor lets get this thing started !!!

My new car is a red 2014 mazda 6 ,,, it's awesome, and fast, and I LOVE driving it.

I've missed too much to do individual replies...glad to hear you are all doing well :)

Have a good one


05-31-2013, 09:47 AM
I had my first 100% OP DAY in months! I am so proud! I walked 12000 steps through out the day , did Brazil Butt Lift, took the baby for a bike ride on her new seat she loves it, and I went for a walk with a friend in the neighborhood before dinner. My period finally showed, I'm like clockwork every month and this month I was a bit late so I got stressed but I'm happy to report no baby here, not that I dont LOVE the idea of holding and loving another baby but I am in no postition to carry a child I have lots of health issues to sort out if before I think of having ababy again.

Carri- ooh red mazda 6 woo! I have a red car and I love red cars lol and black shiny ones. fast is even better, very happy for you!

Dee- dont worry , you know exactly what to do you'll drop that 3 pounds in a snap :) and as for your hair cut I had a short hair cut that I didnt like in january just before my wedding , but its already grown back to a lenght I can live with, you have about 10 - 12 weeks and you'll be much more happy with it and the style with still be there , you'll love how you look, even ten pounds wont make you look heavy because you're so close to your ultimate goal. yOU' are beautiful and you're a great size so dont let the hair cut and the new battery trick you into feeling bad. :hug:

Everyone: Hey how are you guys doing? summer is coming and then the holidays!!! Lets look good for summer and our christmas pictures! :D :D

05-31-2013, 10:15 AM
Happy Friday!

Not much planned this weekend....just trying to stay OP :)

I am finally in the 170's and 100lbs down!

Dee: We go to a local federal campground here that has full hook-up, which to me is the only way to go :) It's about $24 per night. The weekends booked up so fast, we were fortunate to get a cancellation for Memorial weekend. The kids are ready to go back already so I'll have to keep an eye out for openings.

As far as what we eat camping, it definitely varies from what the kids eat :) We do grill up chicken or steaks or shish ka bobs and veggies. The smells walking around the campground are sooo good. I keep a cast iron skillet and cook over the campfire and make a hodge podge of sorts out of meat and veggies. We also make up huge salads for lunch. We have a pull behind travel trailer equipped with a nice size fridge so it's convenient to bring all sorts of fruits, veggies, meat, etc with us.

Hi to everyone else!

05-31-2013, 11:36 PM
Hi Everyone.

I just caught up on all the posts and I'm excited to see so many who are in with me on the Memorial Day to Labor Day challenge.

I'm happy to report a 3 lbs loss when I weighed in yesterday :D

I have gotten back to logging my food and exercise in My Fitness Pal again..and that is a big key for me.

Also, my workout partner who I work out with on Tuesday's now has Wednesday's open for the summer so it helps to have her with me to work out with and get myself to the gym.

I was covered over at work this week and I will spend around 8 hours over the weekend also working from home. Our fisical year closes at the end of June and one of my projects that I work on at work is the budget so I have a lot to do to be sure we get things expensed and if not that it is accured.

My Director will also be here in a week so I'm planning her meeting while she is here and then the daily support to my Associate Director and three Research Fellows...doesn't leave a lot time for me...but I"m determined to take some time for me each day.

This was a very difficult week for my family as we had a immediate family member die unexpectently. He was only 64. He was married to my 1st cousin and their 3 girls are close to my age and we all grew up with each other. They had a son as well but he died last year in June--and his death has been ruled a manslaughter case. My cousins husband who passed had Afib and he threw a blood clot and didn't survive it. Today was the funeral and I was off work; that is why I will be working over the weekend to stay caught up.

I'm headed to bed but I wanted to get here and see all of you...I have missed you!

06-01-2013, 10:36 AM
Good morning. I am up and cleaning house this morning. DH is at work for a few hours. We have a high school graduation party to attend this afternoon. I hope the rain holds off for a bit.

I am always excited when it is a new month. It gives me a sense of a blank page. I've been thinking about all I want to accomplish and do this month. Does anyone else do this?

I hope everyone had a on-plan day yesterday. If it again today...if not, then let's make it this day.

I do a devotion every morning and today's is about joyfull. It said "I begin this day in a good mood. This is a great day, a joyous time to be alive.
Yesterday's disappointment have no power to cloud today. I can enjoy this new day: I can do my best; I can think creative thoughts; I can spread peace and goodwill wherever I go. As I go about my activities, I have a spring in my step, a song in my heart, and a smile on my face. I am in a good mood, joyful and expectant."

That is what I am shooting for today!

06-03-2013, 11:20 AM
Morning Girls is odd ...I had to wear a jacket to work, it was 48 degrees out when I left for work this morning, in JUNE !!!! This is SO not like Indiana ....but I guess I will take it ...gonna be in the 70's all week and maybe low 80's...dh is upset because he likes it hot this time of year but I will take it over the high 90's any day :D

Susie - so sorry to hear about your family member, when you say manslaughter you mean he was murdered ? That is very scary...I hope they find who did it fast. And that it's not someone he knew...seems to be a lot of that these days...hugs to you.
Yes, I get excited about a new month too, mostly because it gets me one month closer to Christmas :tree: ....haha, yeah I'm that person, I love Christmas time and Winter. but I wont try and rush time :)

Lyss - hope you had fun camping...and good plan for staying OP ...I like to go camping but we do it hardly ever, we don't have the equipment and stuff needed anymore.

Hi to everybody !!!

I'm REALLY gonna try and pull it back in this week, I can't be this bloated anymore from all the soda...pardon the TMI, but I have so much internal gas from all the soda, it hurts, yesterday I was in so much pain and no gas pill, which reminds me I need to get some today...there is NO way I am getting on the scale anytime soon after being off plan for the last three weeks....I think it's best to be good for a week or two and then get on ...I'm gonna need a lot of encouragement ...I got way off plan and it's gonna be hard to get back on completely, I'll take baby steps for now.

Have a good day !!!!

06-03-2013, 04:21 PM
Happy Monday ;) Girls! I hope your families were safe over the weekend. So sad seeing the dangerous, bad weather on tv news. We r fine, the temps just dropped in MI like Carri's did. My dh is a sweetie & painted my kitchen & dining room during the weekend for me. I can't paint walls, the odor gives me a migraine headache; & watching dh doing things I can't do, makes me Luv him that much more... I sorted through cabinets for things I seldom use, to do a summer garage sale, instead of eBaying everything.

Tori :hug: TY for your encouraging words to me w my prior post, U r soo sweet & I needed to hear that. It's INspiring reading that U had your 100% OP DAY in months & all the activity + walking 12,000 steps :running: I am soo Happy for U... I wish I had a nearby friend to walk with like U do :smug: Keep Up the 'fabulous activity routine' & your bod will b back to your pre-pregnancy size in a flash :cheer2::cheer3:

Lyss, 100 lbs off your bod:woohoo:Hey, TY for sharing your camping info & I wish we had a big fridge like U do :smug: I gotta ask U, r U using your cast-iron skillet on a metal-grate laying across the park's fire-ring or do U use a camp-cooking tri-pod, [t-p style] that has a round, hanging grate from a chain for your skillet? I sure hope that U 'did' or 'gave youself' something Special for achieving your 170's :sunny:

Susie, :dancer: Wow a 3 lb loss, I'm jealous. I'm sorry about your family member :hug: With all the stress & work U r dealing w, just b ready to have lots of healthy desserts, snacks ready to reach for when the stress gets overwhelming, to Lose another 3 lbs this week :D also!

Carri, I hear ya about Christmas, me too. Sorry :( about your belly pains. Soon the stands-stores will b loaded w lots of Fresh foods to munch & in a few weeks you'll b back in the pool w your friend doing water aerobics like last summer & your pounds will quickly drop-off again w your bod back like last summer :cool: EAch day, is a 'New opportunity' to make 1 'good change' or eliminate '1 bad habit' :o Carri, a quote from 'Star Wars', "May the Force Be With You". :goodscale U can do this, try starting w a food log & also like Torri & I do & try using a walking pedometer it Does really help & if U put it on when U get to work U could just finish your daily steps @ home walking Les after diner. DAILY, Baby steps = Success :yay:

Girls B GOOD to yourself & Enjoy the week :dust:

06-03-2013, 04:44 PM
Lyss, 100 lbs off your bod:woohoo:Hey, TY for sharing your camping info & I wish we had a big fridge like U do :smug: I gotta ask U, r U using your cast-iron skillet on a metal-grate laying across the park's fire-ring or do U use a camp-cooking tri-pod, [t-p style] that has a round, hanging grate from a chain for your skillet? I sure hope that U 'did' or 'gave youself' something Special for achieving your 170's :sunny:

We put the skillet directly on the metal grate. I even made a dump cake in there one time, yum!

I sure did give myself something special for hitting the 170's......a two pound water weight gain! ;)

DH and I went out Saturday night, just the two of us, which is a rare occasion. I saved calories up but it probably wasn't enough to cover my burger, fries, movie popcorn, turtle sundae and 3 margaritas. Yep, you read that right. It was worth it though and I've been OP since and just need to lose this water retention. We did walk 7 miles on the trail yesterday and have been drinking my berry spinach protein smoothies.

I had a smoothie again for today's breakfast, nice salad for lunch and have a roast in the oven cooking now for dinner.

:wave: everyone else!

06-04-2013, 11:22 AM
Hi everyone !!! I am glad to report that I did end up having an OP day yesterday and NO soda ...which was a BIG thing since I've been having as much as I want of it for the last three weeks. :( Had a nice big salad with friends last night with some chipotle lime grilled chicken on was very good and filling.
That's what I love about Summer ( I know, it's not technically here yet, but once school gets out, it's Summer to me, haha ) all the fresh and light foods you can eat that are in all the Farmers Markets too...can't wait till tomatoes and corn are in season here, about another month. :)

Lyss - I loved seeing the pic of you and dh, thanks for sharing...and now my mouth is just watering for a favorite drink :carrot: Glad you and dh got to get out on your own and my dh don't have any kids so we are pretty much on a date night every night, lol ...except I wish we would actually "go out" more ...we spend a lot of time at our close friends house...which I love, but I like to get out too.

Dee - thanks for the encouraging words, I LOVE Star Wars so your quote was perfect for me, lol ....I also get bad headaches from paint fumes so I know how you feel, so sweet of dh to do that for you ....we are gonna paint our kitchen soon too.

Hi Susie, Mel, Liz, and Leeanne - have a great day everyone !!!

Here's to another OP day for me....fingers crossed, haha ...that first week back on is a BEAR :(

06-04-2013, 08:06 PM
Hi Ladies,

Working a lot of hours this week. I have a two day training that I am doing during the work day hours and then it takes me about 4 hours at night to get through the emails for the day and get done what has to be done.

I'm dealing with a UTI or a IC flare. Not sure which since they feel the same. So, I'm working on getting to feeling better with that. It makes me really tired. I have been drinking ice tea some and I know it hasn't helped the IC and then with the stress of the death of my family member, I'm just worn down and I can get UTI's when that happens.

I'm off work Friday for my birthday and I'm looking forward to sleeping in and getting up when I feel like it.

Carri: You are right..that first week can be a bear but I KNOW you can do it. You already did it yesterday! Dee wrote about you working out in the pool last year..I remember that did you a lot of good...are you planning on doing it this year too?

You asked me about the manslaugter case for my cousin who died last year. He did know the person and right now the case is set to be tried in July. My cousin was dealing with some pain issues and the guy gave him some drugs for it. My cousin went to sleep after taking it the pill this person gave me and the guy couldn't get him awake. He drove around with him for 4 hours and then took him home, laid him on the kitchen floor and covered him up. At the time my cousin was still breathing but very rapidly and the guy just left him AND took my cousin's cell phone...we aren't sure why he did that, but he left him with no way to call for help if he did wake up. This all happened a year ago today.

It took them almost 6 months to make the arrest.

We are having that cooler weather too..and I like it. It's still nice a sunny and just pleasant outside.

Lyss: That picture of the food made my mouth water and that picture of you and DH is just so cute.

Dee: How nice of your DH to do that painting for you. I cleaned out some kitchen cabinets over the weekend. Things were staring to spill out every time I opened the door to where all my plastic bowls and such are. It feel nice to get rid of things!

Ok..I must get to work. It is so nice to come and take a break with you all and be encourged

06-05-2013, 02:35 PM
Hey, try Bethenny Frankel recipe, yum it'll save U hundreds of calories, carbs from the regular recipes & mixes. Her other bottle cocktails save cals/carbs & r yum & I keep 1 on hand w a bottle of white sweet-fruity Moscato wine for friends that drop-in that r tired of drinking ice tea & soda in the summer & r figure friendly-healthy compared to soda & ice cream milkshakes to take-off cals/carbs. I don't drink beer, dh does, but I think it’s funny that the guys drink ‘lite beer’. My own daily drink is flavored water I make w my plants, mint herb leaves, basil-pineapple, cucumber slices etc. but when friends drop-in they don’t choose water. For cook-outs/parties I make a glass pitcher & multiply this Margarita recipe per guest requests.
Each 2 oz. serving= cals 50, carbs 1.90 g., protein 0.12 g. U Need: 2 glasses, small plate, cocktail shaker or blender.
Bethenny's 'Skinnygirl Margarita': Sweetening a basic Margarita with natural agave nectarin place of simple syrup cuts about 85% of the calories/carbs. The frozen strawberry version uses a packet of low calorie drink mix to add guilt-free flavor.
Serves: 2, 2 oz. servings.
Lime wedge 1/3 cup kosher salt
3 oz. (90 ml) tequila 1 oz. (30 ml) lime juice, freshly squeezed
1 oz. (30 ml) agave nectar Ice
----- Optional: salted glass rim. Salting the rim brings out the sweetness in the drink.
1. Place the flesh of the lime wedge against the rim of a margarita glass. Rub the lime around the rim of the glass so the lime juice sticks to the rim.
2. Pour kosher salt on a plate.
3. Dip the rim of the margarita glasses into the kosher salt.
Making the drink:
1. Combine the silver tequila, lime juice and agave nectar in a cocktail shaker.
2. Add ice to the cocktail shaker and replace the lid.
3. Shake the drink until the ingredients are well combined.
4. Pour the drink into the salted margarita glasses.
This low-calorie version of the basic Margarita is prepared on the rocks. If you prefer your Margaritas frozen, then pour the tequila, lime juice and agave nectar into a blender with ice. Blend the ingredients to desired consistency.

Lyss, :T Now I want a 'turtle sundae' tooo. TY for the pics, but looks like U were too full to eat all your dinner. Hmm something that allll of us on this thread could have Helped U finish eating. :hun: Wow, a 7 mile trail walk :running: your dh is quite a great guy to do that w U after work :smug:

Carri, great news you r OP again & your dinner w grilled chicken sounded delish :yes: U r sooo getting right back on track, Congrat's getting control of yourself w the soda. U r & Winning this & U Can b any size U desire for Christmas :cheer2:

Susie, sorry :( that U r sick again & I hope that U feel Great for your b-day Friday :woo: When I'm stressed my metabolism burns-off my cals fast, I hope U will have another big loss this week @ WI.

Every day, is a 'new opportunity' to Make "1 good change" or ELiminate "1 bad habit". That was my 'mantra' while I was losing my fat to reach my goal weight & keep it-off. Without logging in a notebook to read my 'successes' & my 'screw-ups' it would've taken me longer.
Losing 30 pounds in 11 months isn't totally bad, because I've kept it off. I've seen ppl that lose more pounds & less pounds than me, so I'm not embarrassed anymore, to say it took me almost a year to lose 30 pounds & b a size medium again.
To me the hardest part of losing weight/fat is to Not backslide; & gain back 5 pounds. Lyss is a awesome 'role model' for us because after she indulged she got 'right back on track' taking control w getting her water pounds back-off w walking & eating OP. Carri is fab because 'she never quits' she bounces back toward getting healthy, after falling-down when she eats wrong for a week. Tori is so amazing, she stays active even w a injury & she also has a house full of family to care for.

This thread is Wonderful because we have a common bond w our weight probs :hug: & can share the 'good' or 'bad' or simply 'silly' without being Judged by anyone here :frypan:

Tori & Lee Anne :wave: I miss U & I hope Life is being good to U :sunny:

Girls B GOOD to yourself & Enjoy the week :df:

06-05-2013, 02:50 PM
Lyss, :T Now I want a 'turtle sundae' tooo. TY for the pics, but looks like U were too full to eat your dinner. Hmm something that allll of us on this thread could have Helped U finish eating. :hun: Wow, a 7 mile trail walk :running: your dh is quite the guy to do that w U after work :smug:

I definitely finished my dinner....we had that first! :) The 7 mile walk was on Sunday, he doesn't work Sundays.

I'm still trying to get rid of this two pound gain from the weekend and humidity isn't helping either. I am puffy from water retention.

How is everyone else doing?

06-06-2013, 10:00 AM
Good Morning Ladies, sorry I haven’t been on for a couple of days but this site is SO slow and locks up on me a lot , so I get frustrated and close it out…it’s not my computer as all other sites are fine…who knows…but anyhow…

I have been soda free for three whole days now…this is quite a huge thing for a cherry coke ( and wild cherry
Pepsi ) addict, haha…I have been craving it and have two bottles in the fridge…but I will just save them until I am further along and have more control, where I can just have one for one day…instead of going on a soda binge.

I did pretty good yesterday, I did probably have more than I needed at dinner , but this whole week is about cutting back a little more each day until I can start back on fully next week or the week after …as I’ve said before if I go back on drastically I get headaches and feel like I have the flu …slower is better for me ( and my dh lol ).

I want to go back to what I was doing before with the lower carb meal plans…or at least little to no carbs after about 4pm everyday. That seemed to really help with my insulin issues.

I did finally get on the scale this morning and now me want to cry ( lol ) …I’m back up to 220…so 7lbs gained during my crazy 3.5 weeks of no holds barred eating, haha. Ah well, now I work on getting the 7 back off and getting in the single digit 2’s /// my first goal, that I would like to see done by June 30th.

Susie – hope you are feeling better…enjoy your day off tomorrow, and Happy early Birthday…have a great long weekend…yes, me and my friend are going to do the pool exercise when and if it ever gets warm enough around here…hasn’t been so far…her pool water is freezing right now. But I will take this weather over the hot humid stuff anyday …it’s been WONDERFUL here, just like you said, sunny and pleasant…
That makes me so mad about your cousin, I remember you telling us about it last year but didn’t know he was breathing when the guy left him to die, so horrible.

Dee – DEFINITELY the hardest part of losing weight for me is the backslide too …as you all know from seeing me post on here about it…so hard not to go back into bad habits…I really need to learn to be able to have one bad meal and not let it derail me for 3-4 days or maybe longer.

Lyss – I get that why with humidity too, holding water in my ankles and stuff …thankfully we aren’t having any right now…so I’ll enjoy this cooler weather while I can.

Dh is home this morning, he had bad heartburn all night …he has had quite a bit of that lately…his meds seem to let it break thru ( just over the counter Costco meds ) …he needs to stop eating certain things…and especially quit eating right before he lays down…I cut off my eating at 8:00 ( both for diet and for heart burn ) but he will eat up until 11 or after and then try to go right to sleep…men ! lol

Food 6/5
Breakfast – one scrambled egg – 110, 3 pces bacon – 150
Lunch – ham sandwich – 340, baked Doritos 90, green tea – 65
Snack – beef jerky – 60, handful of pistachios – 70, popcorn – 250
Dinner – brat and a half – 405, bun and a half – 180, handful of tortilla chips – 110
Snack – fresh strawberries – 60
Total for day – 1890 ( working my way daily back down to around 1600 for now )

Have a good day everyone !!

06-07-2013, 04:51 PM
Wow, no one on here yet today huh ? You must all be busy. I’ve got 1.5 more hours of work and then the weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TGIF !!!

Still no soda for this girl…so I got that going for me, lol

Sitting here at my desk having some pistachios right now and my green tea …suddenly I was starving…dh and I are splitting a steak for dinner, so all that protein should make the hunger go away. We always split just a single steak, keeps costs and calories down, haha.

Well I hope you all have a great weekend…looks like it might rain here shortly.

See ya !!

06-07-2013, 11:27 PM
HI Everyone,

It was so nice to be off work today. Both me and DH took the day off for my birthday. I slept in until 9 then got up and opened my presents from DH. Then we did a bit of house cleaning and I read a book and napped. Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner with some friends to continue celebrating. Thank you Dee and Carri for the Happy Birthday greetings.

I'm still dealing with UTI like feelings. It is improving each day but taking longer than I want it to.

I didn't weigh-in at TOPS yesterday. I worked until 6:30 p.m. so I missed the meeting.

Carrii: You are doing great with with the no soda and making those small changes like splitting the steak..this will get get that 7 lb gain off you in no time.

Dee: You are so right that it is so hard to not backslide and re-gain weight that has been lost. The fact that you haven't gained back what you gained shows that they way you did it, the contract to yourself, making a small change every day is the way to do this.

Hi Tori, Lyssa!

06-10-2013, 11:13 AM
Morning Ladies, you must've all had a great weekend because no one popped in here. :D I had a really good one, went to a friends yesterday for a cook out, I did over do it some but that is the only meal I ate all day so I think I was still within calorie range somewhat's so hard in the Summer with all of the cook outs huh ?

Still no soda...yesterday at my friends house she had Orange Crush which is another of my favorites and I didn't have one, so staying strong so far :carrot:

I got some bad sunburn yesterday from being outside so much, need to get some sunscreen and just have it on me...I'm very fair so normally I stay out of the sun altogether and I thought I was yesterday ( I was under an umbrella ) but it must have still got me.

Hope you all have a great Monday !!!!

06-10-2013, 03:42 PM
Hi Girls :smug:
I just finished a salad w spinach & mozzie cheese.
But I'm stressed about a close family member phoning me & bi*ching about a $400 puppy that is 'teething/biting on her hands' that she begged me for; I gave it to her for free on a puppy placement contract. And I wish I could stress-eat, but I gave that up years ago & praying hasn't relaxed me. I'm so sad & this is the one person I wish was Not in my family, she is all about thinking She Is the smartest/knows everything & belittles me. She just has a GED & is very, very spiteful, that's why I caved in & gave her the puppy; nasty people Scare me :o for real so I tell them yes, even when it makes me miserable. I can't handle her drama.

Carri, :cp: I'm soo happy that U won your soda battle. I still battle w potato chips, they weekly call-out my name so I buy the Lays low sodium & eat the whole bag w low-fat plain yogurt :?: in 1 day using all my daily cals for it, once a month. Sorry about your sunburn, ouch! We had company all weekend & I'm still sleepy from them. I love the 'sweet chili pistachios' :p I wish we all lived within a 2 hour drive so could hang-out & spend the day together a few times a year. Keep up the wonderful routine w your food, U r getting there.... Baby steps daily :cheer:
Susie :bday2you: for Friday & your wonderful weekend! I hope U got just what U wanted :hug:

Lyss, Tori & Lee Anne :wave: I hope U r doing great!

Girls B GOOD to yourself & Enjoy the week :cloud9:

06-10-2013, 03:54 PM
Happy Birthday Susie! You looked so cute on facebook! You know whats funny i was having some uti issues about a week or so ago. thank god thats overwith. I feel your pain on that.

Carrie- I'm so proud of you , you're doing great ;)

Dee- I'm sorry that you are dealing with a family member, Gosh I remember when my cousin was here, what a nightmare. Just dont' answer the phone and for pete's sake remind her its a puppy and it will pass. Mine was doing that and still does a little its annoying but heck they only do it for a while then they learn. you know. Just relax and kind of stay under the radar. unless she shows up.. then you're in for it. lol

Dee, you're a huge inspiration so dont worry , be happy it will all pass. :) you've been through much worse in your life and this is just a little test , you'll pass. :D

Im down to 230.2 I gained 3 since saturday but thats waterweight from my high carb loading reward filled food weekend, I'm back on track and I'll be down again in no time. talk to you all soon :D

06-11-2013, 11:24 AM
Morning Ladies. Hope you are all having a good day.

Dee - Sorry that you are having to deal with that type of a person, hope it gets better and she just leaves you alone. I would have so just told her to back off and leave me alone...:D Those sweet chili pistachios sound wonderful, I will have to see if I can find them.

The sunburn is much better today. :)

Tori - don't worry about the little gain, you can get it back off quickly...isn't it just amazing how fast we can put weight back on...crazy and scary, I can gain like 5 lbs in one weekend.
Thanks for the encouragement.

I think we are actually going to have some Summer like weather today and tomorrow, like 87 today and 92 tomorrow ...but then a cool front comes in and puts us back down to the pleasant 70's ...yay !!

Food 6/10
B = hard boiled egg - 80, 1.5 turkey sausage patties - 75, half pce of toast with butter - 110
L = three jr roast beefs, just meat and half of one bun - 305
S = pistachios - 150, chips - 120
D = grilled chicken - 220, 1/2 cup quinoa pilaf - 180
S = tortilla - 80, peanut butter - 150, jelly - 50
Total for day - 1520

see ya !!!!

06-11-2013, 05:20 PM
Hi Everyone.

I had a NSV today. We had soda and cake at a department meeting today. I had no soda and just a small piece of the cake. Man, I wanted that free coke! But when I think how it might have made my bladder feel and the empty calories of both cake and soda..I had to make a choice. I'm like Carri with soda. If I have one it starts me to more. So best to avoid it.

I will meet my workout partner tonight. It will be the first time I worked out this week. My Director is in town and that means long workhours.

My little kitty Hudda Budda will have surgery on his ear tomorrow. It is a total ear ablation..sort of a big surgery. Please say a little prayer for him and think good thoughts. I am worried about him.

Dee: I feel like coming over and telling that family member to BACK OFF!:mad: It makes me mad that she would treat you that way.

So proud of you for not stress eating. I so wish I could get to that place. I just keep trying every day.

I don't think I have ever had mozzie cheese. I am going to see if I can ask for it the local deli to taste it.

Carri: :dancer::dancer: No soda for you! You are doing GREAT! I bet you are starting to feel better?

We are having the same weather here as you are. I'm looking forward to a bit cooler temps on the weekend. We have a outdoor wedding to attend on Saturday.

Tori: :cheer3::cheer2: Proud of you for getting back on track. I saw your post on FB about my picture..thank you!

Lyss and LeeAnee: Where are you guys? We miss you!

06-12-2013, 11:34 AM
Morning Gals ....

Susie and Dee - I thought when she said "mozzie" cheese that she meant mozzarella ? Was I wrong ? lol

Susie - I was gonna get out and walk tonight but it's gonna be over 90 today and Carri and that kind of heat don't mix...I get heat sick very easily...I guess we are supposed to get some really nasty storms tonight...thank God they are bringing cooler weather tomorrow.
I hope all goes well for your kitty the name.
I am starting to feel somewhat better ...still having some gas and intestinal issues, little constipation ...maybe I should try some Activia...not sure...still having the diet headaches, nothing too bad though...I know I will be feeling great shortly though, so I hang on.

I got on the scale this morning and was only down 0.4 from Saturday so that pretty much pissed me off for the day...but I'm trying to keep it all in perspective and keep moving forward. I know I need to start exercising so I will do that soon and see what happens. It's not like I'm eating a lot ...I guess it's the whole turning 40 this year and my metabolism going to crap after least that's what everyone else says...scary.

Food 6/11
B = half fiber bar - 85, pistachios - 170
L = 10 pce chicken bites - 330, sauce - 15, string cheese - 80
S = popcorn - 100, pce of candy - 25, applesauce - 50
D = frozen pizza ( low fat, thin crust ) - 360, parm cheese - 20
S = 2 T peanut butter - 190, celery - 2 stalks - 10 cals
Total for day = 1435

Have a good day everyone !

06-12-2013, 11:55 AM
girls, I"m glad we're all doing good. I'm like you are with soda except my issue is with cakes, pies cookies, if i have a bite the whole box will be gone by the end of the day one by one I'll keep justifying..

I had plans to let my ankle recover for 2 months and do easy workouts then begin jillian michaels again. but i got bored and had insanity (my goal workout for next year ) on the counter. I tried it on monday on a whim. I love it! I burned 450 cals yesterday and today! its sooo hard i'm still sweating from it, thats my fat crying lol . I'm back to 229 today, but i ate 100 percent on point yesterday and i'm learning to stop saying oh i had a bite of cheesecake I should keep going till its all gone, thats out!

Hey girls what do you do to keep track of your water intake and calories? I use myplate. but water tracking is a bit more tricky I have treid a few things , keeping a water bottle and refilling throughout the day, or keeping a gallon jug with me , idk its all the same I gues..

Have a great day, each one of you are awesome!!

06-12-2013, 04:35 PM
I've been reading and I think my problem is my calories might be too low...I think I go too low, i remember a while back Susie saying she lost more when she stuck to the high end of her calories...and I'm doing about 1500 per day, I'm wondering if I should go up to 1600 or higher ?

Tori - great job on the exercise...yes I'm glad that we all seem to be in the zone too ...the winter is always hard on us and seems like in the sUmmer we all do great, haha. Lets keep it up !!!
I keep track of my calories with either my Lose It app on my Iphone or by simply writing it down on paper...but I always have a running tally in my head so I don't go over...I don't really keep track of water as I drink SO much of it that I know I'm getting enough.

06-12-2013, 10:20 PM
Today I had salad & baked onion rings for lunch :p & ate my 'guilt- free' Yonana ice cream made w a banana-strawberries & topped w nuts (protein) for my 3pm snack to keep me from crashing :p I was free to eat 3 slices of lasagna @ supper.

TY :hug: Tori, Carri & Susie for 'having my back' w M.B. bullying me about the puppy. I pray she is being patient w the teething/chewing & isn't mean to my puppy. I didn't tell my dh I gave her Sundae's adorable 10 wk puppy for 'free' instead of selling her, & if he finds out & what she said to me he'll b po @ her & @ me for giving her the pup & will try getting her back to sell her to a good home. We need the $400 for our debts, but M.B. has been on my back everytime I see her for 2 yr about a free puppy & I need peace :^: so I did it. I learned a lesson, a bully is a bully even when they get what they want. She & my dh's nasty ex-wife r why we don't use FaceBook because we share some common ppl that would blab our life/pics w them & dh & I don't want that. I thought about joining MyLife, but the same thing would prob happen w those 2 nasty women... So we stay in contact 1 on 1, w ppl by phone/text/e-mail. Now U know why we're not on FB.

Mozzie cheese is mozzarella cheese :D The 'sweet chili pistachios' r on sale this week @ Meijers for $3 bag, they also have black pepper flavor I don't like-heartburn (I buy them in the produce dept.) I know CVS, Walgreen & Kroger has them in MI. Go to & click-on your zip-code, & print a 50 cent coupon :) some grocery stores do double coupons :) I buy different nuts every month, but mostly eat almonds & walnuts; I eat them as my healthy candy, I caramelize the nuts or drizzle melted choc. chips across to eat healthy omega's & healthy fats. Now I use that as a special topping for my Yonana ice cream :p when I'm very good all week.

Tori, I was going to text U then U posted to us, I was getting worried about not hearing from U :hug: U & I r alike w sweets. Last night I made a choc. fudge cake for dh & subbed eggs & oil w natural applesauce instead & I made a cool-whip frosting instead of buttercream. I give myself 1/4 of the slices or cookies, cupcakes & the rest is gifted to dh/guests; out-of-sight, out-of-mind ;) I put them into a container & have a diff 'go-to' dessert, for Me in my fridg or ready to munch on my counter that I call my Free food to munch, like my cocoa lava cookie recipe I posted here. I use too. 'Stop the Insanity' is that what U r doing, whoo that sounds like a killer work-out :wl: I am soo proud of U for being back OP again :carrot:

Carri, I'm happy U feel better. I love my Arby jr. sandwiches, I eat 2 & top them w tomato & lettuce & onion, gotta have lots of veggies @ lunch & supper. Umm metabolism does not change @ the magical #40 yr. when I was 44 yr I was wearing a small. My bod changed to a size medium @ 45 yr so its just about each person's lifestyle & health. I also got reading glasses @ 45 yr & my dh said I looked like a sexy teacher/librarian, men & their 1 track mind. Carri, U can look Fabulous & have a Gorgeous body, but it takes pre-planning. Your menu log looks too low on veggies for me, I'd add more veggies to all 3 meals. Please go Look @ like Tori mentioned, here's the link to it: or I'd ask your doctor about a diabetic diet & cookbook because I know she wants U to have a healthy-beautiful body. I enjoy Latino food & Mediterranian foods & most recipes r healthy & if U like Italian/pasta its a breeze making your own pasta w a hand-crank machine; I make fresh 'healthy raviloi & noodles' w mine w such low carbs, it's just crazy.

Susie, how old is Hudda Budda & what breed? I don't board cats, but I groom gentle cats & give vaccinations & sell some supplies. The groomer or vet U go to should've taught U how to clean his ears & sold U a cleaner, I use a otoscope checking inside pet ears when grooming from being a trained vet assistant. I'm sure he'll recover fine :hug: Soo great that U can workout this week after being so busy w your career :workout: I want to see the pic U posted on FB, post it here for me please or in a pm... I want to see your joy, I feel left out!

About tracking *water: I daily pour 2 qts distilled water into 2-3, of the 1 qt glass canning jars & flavor 1 jar in my fridge. When I'm gone I take my water, I keep a bottle 1/2 full of ice in my freezer in a 28 oz. Blenderbottle (came w a blenderball for smoothies on the go) from Amazon & a sling-holder keeps it from sweating, fits great in my car console. About tracking *food: I have a notebook to log into daily & also have a pocket size food calculator that includes fiber in it & my KindleFire. When I travel I rely on my pocket food calculator to track for me or my Kindle. I know everyone here uses their cell phone, I guess I like having a visual log sitting out that I can easily look @ instead of turning on my cell or laptop.
IS anybody watching The American Baking Competition on cbs @ 8pm or Masterchef on Fox or The Lookout on abc about rip-offs? I'm watching both & flipping during commercials & then The Lookout tonight. Big Brother is coming back June 26 :dizzy: Anyone got a healthy 'nut butter' you enjoy, for us to try?
G'night Have a Good week OP girls!

06-13-2013, 10:54 AM
Good morning Girls …I’m back with a gassy stomach and constipation, lol !!! Last night I actually looked pregnant from all the bloating and my stomach was hard, still is….I really need something for the constipation, gonna go and get something today …any suggestions? I’ll be working tomorrow so I need something slow acting and not drastic. :D

I’ve been having a lot of gas and bloating and I may have found the culprit…I started taking an antacid a couple of months ago for periodic heart burn but then I just kept taking it every night regardless of if I needed it or not…I read that a side effect of those is gas and sometimes constipation …so gonna stop taking those tonight and just use when I need it.

Besides that I am okay ….just want my stomach to go down, it feels so big – and need to get things moving ( if you know what I mean )…sorry for the TMI first thing but you girls know how this can affect you. :o

Dee – I know I don’t eat enough veggies and fruit, that has always been my downfall, but I’m not a big fan of either …I really only like broccoli and it gives me gas, haha, and as you can see from above I don’t need any more of that right now …but you’re right …and I will see about changing it up more with veggies
I’m excited about Big Brother starting this year, hopefully it is better than last season. I got bored and stopped watching that one.

Food 6/11
B = low carb tortilla – 120, one egg – 80, one turkey sausage patty – 50, tomatoes and veggies – 20
L = sandwich thin – 90, chicken lunch meat – 60, one thin slice provolone – 40, lite mayo – 40, and cottage cheese – 130
S = goldfish – 140 , one pce of dark chocolate – 65
D = sandwich thin – 90, homemade chicken salad – 180, homemade tomato salad ( with mozz cheese balls mini ) with olive oil and balsamic – 110
S = Poptarts – 400 ( not my best choice but I was craving something sweet )
Total for day – 1615

Hi Susie, Tori, Mel, Leanne, and Lyss !! Have a great day.

06-13-2013, 04:47 PM
Just got home from being gone all week camping....did not do as well as I should have. :o

I will not be going near a scale. ;)

06-13-2013, 05:15 PM
LOL Lyss , we have all had those weeks ...the important thing is that you had a great time with the family and made a lot of good memories...and now you move on and do better. :hug:

06-14-2013, 11:20 AM
Good Morning glad it's Friday !!! :dancer: I literally LOVE my weekends. :trampo:

Not much going on here though, still dealing with my issues that I mentioned yesterday...took the meds and now I see what happens. I am just ready for some relief and for my stomach not to feel like a balloon. :balloons: Plus the scale hasn't moved all week from all this... :no: I'm hoping the meds work over the weekend, the gas pills gave me some relief last night but we'll see...I did have a bunch of celery and I didn't know that it was one of the top veggies on the gas producing list I'll be staying away from it for now.

Hope you all have a great weekend !!! :df::df:

Food 6/14
B = granola bar - 190
L = chicken salad - 200, sandwich thin - 90, baked chips - 90
S = goldfish - 70, greek yogurt - 130
D = rotisserie chicken breast - 240, pesto and pine nut ravioli lighlty tossed with olive oil and parm - 310
S = celery - 20, 3T Peanut butter - 285
Total for day - 1625

06-14-2013, 03:55 PM
Hi Everyone.
I will come back and do personals later.

I wanted to see if I could upload this picture so that Dee could see it of me and my hubby; since she isn't on FB and asked to see it.


06-15-2013, 12:38 AM
Yes, I should in bed sleeping instead of online w my laptop; but it's hot tonight & I dozed-off for a hour after supper. So I paid a bill & decided to surf & pop-in ;) before crashing.

Carri :hug: I wasn't trying to b bossy about veggies/fruit, forgivvvvveeee me please :^: I love your 'pesto and pine nut ravioli' :p did U make it or is it from the deli? If U made it, please share your recipe TY. I really hope your RX works for U this weekend. What 'antacid' gave U your side-effects, my dh takes a few different ones.

Lyss :D I feel the same about eating @ camp, its sooo easy to gain. Having Fun is what those trips r about & part of that isss camp food too.... U will b back to normal in a snap :carrot: just go play outdoors w your kids for a few days & watch those pounds drop-off :)

Susie :cool: TY for sharing your pic for me. U & John r a veryyy cute couple. I saw a flag of Italy? in the background, so spill, what did U eat :p U never said what your b-day cake was or the ice cream flavor :o What present did U buy for yourself ;)

The lakes will prob b crowded this Father's Day weekend, so we're swimming @ home & grilling & getting ready for our garage sale. Our gas prices r back down again below $4 after being up to $4.08 last week, how was everyone else's gas price last week?

I'm getting sleepy now, G'd Night.

Have a Wonderful weekend everyone ~~

06-15-2013, 10:18 PM
I'm going back on some plan, i'm just debating if I should start ww or calorie counting, and hopefully I'll be able to kick my soda habit soon.

06-16-2013, 08:14 PM
Hi Everyone. The weekend went by so fast. I hate when I get to this time on Sunday evening and I haven't gotten everything done that I need to get done before Monday morning comes. Oh well...I'm doing what I can and that's all I can do.

We went out to breakfast this morning with DH's dad. It was a nice time. I'm glad we still have his dad with us as mine is gone. My dad was a GREAT dad! He raised me and my brother by himself, long before many dads did. We were 8 and 5 when he and my mom divorced and he won custody of us. He never remarried and he spent his life taking care of my and my brother. He was a wonderful person. Never knew a stranger and was fair and honest to all people. When he passed and we ordered his headstone, I put down a deposit on it and went to pay the balance and it was already paid for. They wouldn't tell me who paid for it--they said, "just a friend of the family". That was the kind of person my daddy was. I miss him!

At TOPS last week I stayed the weight loss or gain. We don't have a meeting this week due to the church where we meet is having VBS. I have to be really careful this week not to have a "cheat week" because I'm not weighing in. I have set a goal for myself to be down 4-6 lbs on June 27 weigh-in.

Dee: thank you for the compliment on the photo. We were at a Mexican place for that dinner. It's called Don Pablos.

My birthday cake was really snickerdoodle cookies (my favorite and DH baked them for me) with vanilla bean ice cream..that is my favorite.

I didn't buy a present for myself but DH bought me a purse I wanted and some new pj's and slippers and a gift certificate for a pedicure.

You asked about our gas prices. We didn't go over $4.00 but were close $3.99. Today it was $3.89. I'm so happy that DH and I can ride share to work most days. If we don't then we spend about $1,000 a month just on gas to and from work. When we ride together it is about half that. We commute 120 miles round trip every day.

How are you doing?

Carri, Lyss, Tori: I hope you all are doing well and on plan.

I must get off here and get some supper going. We are having tacos...mine are veggie!

See you all tomorrow!

06-17-2013, 11:33 AM
Morning Girls…hope you all had a nice weekend …I did have a pretty good one…could’ve been better, but could’ve been worse, haha …I did stay OP all weekend so that was good. Weather was pretty much perfect.

Susie – that is so great about your Dad, I was just talking about a similar situation yesterday with my Dad…his best friend growing up had to raise his two daughters on his own ( wife was druggie and left ) and that was in the early 70’s…he did a great job and those girls think the world of him…glad you have great memories of your Dad. We spent some of the day with dh’s parents and some with mine so we could see both Dad’s…we had a good time…and I got to see my adorable nephew.
These weekends do fly by so fast don’t they? I actually can’t believe it’s halfway thru June…before you know it kids will be back in school and Summer over – but lets not rush it, haha.
I love that picture of you and your dh too …you look so young. Great pic.

Dee – no Hon, I didn’t think you were being bossy…I know I need to eat more veggies and fruit …thought nothing of it.
Our gas prices were HORRIBLE …$4.25 for regular …it makes me sick …there is no way it has to be that high …don’t get me started on that.
No I bought the pesto and pine nut ravioli at Whole Foods in the freezer section, I can’t remember the brand name but it was very good.
I was just taking generic Kroger antacid in a pill form…I feel so much better from not taking it every night …dh has bad heart burn and he takes something a lot stronger every day, but he has too, he has had it bad since his early teens.
Oh how I envy your quiet little piece of heaven where you live…one day I will have the same thing I’m hoping.

So on the gas and bm front, haha …I did get things moving this weekend and feel SO much better …the scale even finally moved down to 216…so I’m happy.
I really need to learn what the most gas producing foods are and stay away from them for a while or maybe permanently.

Food 6/16
B = none, slept too late
L = grilled chicken breast and salad with veggies
S = mixed nuts
D = 3 pces of thin crust pizza
S = more mixed nuts, haha

Have a good Monday everyone !!!

06-19-2013, 10:33 AM
Morning Girls…wow, no one on here for two day….ouch …we must all be busy.

I certainly feel like I am in the “zone” …the OP zone, haha….It is just easy for me right now and I’m plugging along each day…now I know that won’t last forever but I’m relishing in it right now. Still soda free after almost a month ( not that I won't occasionally have one but it is quite a trigger for me right now ). I do feel smaller but still kind of bloated. I decided I don’t want to weigh myself weekly as that just puts too much pressure on me right now…I’m just gonna keep on doing what I’m doing and look at the scale occasionally. I think that will help me for now. And what’s weird is that normally I have this compulsion to weigh that pulls me toward the scale every couple of days and I don’t have that this time…I’m perfectly fine not knowing for now…all I need to know is that I feel better and I’m eating right for my body.

Food 6/18 ( can you believe we are this far into June ??? )
B = two honey oat eggos – 190 , 1 T peanut butter – 100
L = homemade chicken salad – 160, sandwich thin – 90, and 15 mini corn chips – 90
S = uncrustable ( pb and J ) – 190, handful of goldfish – 70, and pce of hard candy – 25
D = grilled pork chop ( dh grilled it, so good ) – 270, grilled asparagus with little butter – 70
S = Tortilla chips – 210 , salsa verde – 30
Total for day – 1500

Have a great day everyone!

06-19-2013, 01:24 PM
Hey Girls :) Sorry for MIA but that's my life during the summer. We're having a garage sale plus going camping for a week soon. So much to get done, plus my jobs. I got home @ 11am, @ 8:30am this morning I went to the lake w my kayak by myself to chill-out :cool: I cruised around the lakes fishing-beds looking @ Lily-pads w gorgeous wild Lilies & flowers growing & colorful dragon-flies, fish eating, etc. :) Just a dozen boats out w people cruising in kayaks, pontoons, fishing boat & 2 water-skiers. On my i-pod I listening to Shaggy-Angel, Pitbull, Little BigTown-Pontoon, more Reggae, oldies, etc. Loading/unloading my kayak by myself I prob burned 200 cals, kinda awkward since I'm not tall. I stopped & got a small choc/vanilla ice cream twist for my late breakfast :p Anyways I'm full of energy again mentally~physically, being on the water paddling around exploring is like being @ a day-spa or @ church 'TY Jesus' :cloud9:

Carri, I am very Happy for U doing great w your foods :dancer: 'U got it going-on' your doing it :cheer2: Glad to hear U r feeling better too. I agree w U that the summer is going so fast from the crazy temps starting-out odd. I saw on tv the pic a got of Nigella L. crazy hubby 'choking her' beside a building. I was hurting for her, I know how betrayed she feels w loving her dh. TG that the camera was there, her dh pled guilty & Nigella went to a hotel w her kids; I wish I had the $ to leave my ex-dh right away. My prayers r w her family & all domestic violence families.

Susie, I'm sure U won't have any prob losing lbs w/o a WI as long as U treat your body w the same daily scheduling that U give your career :smug: U were blessed w a great dad, my ex-father inlaw was that same way & he still Loved me after my divorce & danced w me @ a friends wedding. I got to visit him the week before he died & my ex-dh let me come to dad's funeral last year, men that we both cherish memories with.

I have sewing appt. fittings soon so I gotta go now & prep.
Have a Wonderful week girls & B good to yourself :sunny:

Masterchef is on Fox, anyone watching it w me; I'm also watching the American Baking Competition on cbs......

Tori & Lyss & LeeAnn :wave:

06-19-2013, 04:26 PM
Yes Dee I'm watching Master Chef, I LOVE it watching ****'s Kitchen too? That is getting down to last few episodes probably, and then Big Brother starts next week, yay !!!

Okay gotta go and have my greek yogurt !!

See ya

06-20-2013, 11:21 AM
Hi Ladies...well after a few weeks of trying to nurse our a/c unit every night it finally has came to the point where we need to buy a new one ( ours is 9 years old ) ...ughhhhh's not really working and it's been too humid here to go without...for the next week temps are humid and around 90...I doubt we even get it in until Saturday or next week so I am really gonna suffer ( hey maybe I'll sweat off some pounds haha - no it's not funny ) ...we do have friends down the way who have a nice in ground pool, so if I get too over heated in the evening I will go there I just really sucks because a new unit is very expensive as you can imagine...but why put off the inevitable and suffer ...just finance it and go on...:cool: what are you gonna do ? Home ownership can be a costly one. :)

Still OP although I'm stressed over this thing ...I'll stay are the rest of you doing? Good I hope, I want this to be the Summer of weightloss for us all.

Food 6/19 ( you'll notice I'm like Susie and can eat the same thing over and over haha )
B = 2 honey wheat eggos - 190, 1T PB 100
L = homemade chicken salad 160, sandwich thin -90, and tortilla chips - 105
S = goldish - 70, blueberry greek yogurt - 130
D = Beef Stir fry with lots of veggies - 200, brown rice - 100
S = tortilla chips and salsa - 300 ( went overboard a little ), triscuits - 100
Total for day - 1545

06-20-2013, 01:22 PM
Finally I am here! I have had so much trouble getting into this site for the past few days. Even got a virus notice.

I'm doing pretty well and being OP..I did have a root beer last night..treated it like a dessert.

Dee: You are so right that I have to treat myself with the same daily scheduling I give to my's just that most days it doesn't seem like enough time...maybe I need to think about what is really important in the end. ;)

I LOVE that you had ice cream for breakfast. :) I would love to come and kayak with you..It sounds so peaceful.

Carri: Sorry to hear about the are right..what can you do but finance it and go on. If you go hang out in your friends pool get in and do that water aerobics you did last was GREAT for you.

So glad to hear you are OP.

Tory: You are MIA..where are you?

Lyss: How's it going with getting back on track after camping? I need to get back on track with using My Fitness for me...I'll be there soon..told myself I would try to get there today but will for sure tomorrow and I'm giving myself a 30 day challenge to log in for 30 days. Watch for me! I'll check you out when I get there.

I forgo to welcome Brandibooxoxo. :welcome: this is a great thread and we would love to hear from you. Jump in and start posting...we get and give good support here.

Ok..back to work for me....see you all later.

06-20-2013, 01:30 PM
Hey everyone!

They did have some virus issues, lots of people had them. I believe it caused a mass spam email to go out from my email to everyone in my contact list. That was embarrassing!

I've been OP since we have been back from camping, except for the one evening we went to the basegall game Tuesday night. I just can't resist all that yummy stadium food. At one point I asked my DH to bring me a diet coke and he comes back with that along with a cheddar/bacon stuffed cheeseburger and waffle fries!! Really!! Of course I had to take a few bites to try it out :)

06-20-2013, 01:31 PM
For some reason this posted twice.....deleting the duplicate.

06-21-2013, 12:12 PM
Morning Ladies …new a/c is more expensive than I thought…woof !!! Getting it installed tomorrow morning…so last night we sweat, and tonight we sweat was 81 in the house last night when we went to bed but yesterday was only 83 and not humid …today is going to be 89-90 and very humid so I suppose tonight will be a lot worse on me, but I can get thru one night of it …We are going over to the friends house with the pool so at least I can get in there and cool off.

I got a pedicure last weekend and my toes look so pretty ( sorry just looked down at them and noticed haha ) …do you girls get pedi’s for the Summer or year round? I LOVE to get them. Usually do my own nails, been doing them since I was 12 so I’m pretty damn good at it, haha …but sometimes I do treat myself to a mani pedi combo.

Lyss – good to hear from you. I’ve had trouble with this site too, especially it being slow…I can never turn down food at a baseball park …I love the nachos and always have to have them , and a hot dog …so I don’t blame you Girl. Lol …at least you just had some of it and not all of it, like I would have.

Susie – You and I will never get over our soda love, haha …its okay to have one once in a while though and I love me some root beer.

Hi Tori, Mel, Liz, and LeeAnne ( what happened to her ?? ) …and I also miss Auntie G and Arabella !!!! Arabella actually founded this thread…

Have a great weekend all !!!

Food 6/20
B = eggos 190, and one T PB – 100
L = ham 60, thin provolone – 40, sandwich thin – 90, tortilla chips – 105, and lite mayo – 35
S = triscuit thins – 130, pickles – 30
D = skinless turkey smoked sausage – 165, 2 ears of fresh corn ( was SO good ) – 220, lite butter – 40
S = cantaloupe – 40, strawberry popcicle – 40, Ritz crackers – 160
Total for day - 1445

06-22-2013, 11:24 AM
Happy Saturday all!

I have about another pound to go before my ticker is "telling the truth" again :) Darn baseball game.

Carri: I did end up eating too much...hubby and I split everything but we split a lot! We had a stuffed cheeseburger, waffle fries, cranberry/vodka (that was all mine), funnel cake, bratwurst, two orders of nachos (one beef, one pulled pork).......and a partridge in a pear tree ;)

Just got back from my walk/run and sweated my rear end off, so hot and humid here already this morning. I'm getting aggravated gaining and losing these same 2-3lbs over and over. Need to stay OP and budge thru this. I was at least glad to see 170's on the scale this morning though. I can't imagine how it will feel to see 160's. Haven't seen those since high school, which was many moons ago. :)

Have a great day everyone!

06-22-2013, 11:26 AM
Forgot to answer your question about pedi's.....would you believe in all my 43 years I've never had one?!? I've had one mani my whole life and that was for my wedding.

Maybe I'll make that a mini-goal, hmmm.

06-22-2013, 02:35 PM
Hi Chickies!

Cleaning house the morning and also taking a hard look at our budget and things. The cat has been very expensive. We have spend just over $1,000 in a month! Good thing I have had some overtime recently.

It turns out he has ceruminous glad adenocarcinoma. So it is cancer. The good news is that the total ear cancel ablation has removed the tumor and we are hopefully finished with this unless it grows back. We know she didn't get it all because it goes past the ear drum and that requires a specialist to do that surgery but this usually takes care of it in case the tumor grows. We don't know how much is past the ear drum but usually they keep it surpressed with steroids given off and on. We are going to give it a month and then see where we are at. He is healing nicely from the surgery and gets his stitches out in a week. That is a no charge appointment!

TODAY I am starting my goal of posting my food on My Fitness Pal for 30 days. I wanted to start yesterday but just didn't for some excuses! I have a weigh-in coming this Thursday at TOPS. Also told DH that from now on my daily 30 min walks are a MUST and will have a priority with me. He talks me into not going on the days that I don't meet my workout partner at the Y. I will allow myself one day to not get the walk in and that will be Friday.

Carri: I hope your air is in and is HOT today. You asked about Pedi's. In the summer I get a professional one every month from March/April (depending on when Easter is) to September. I ask for gift cards for my birthday and Christmas to a spa chain that is close to my work and during I it done on my lunch is a treat to myself each month.

In the winter I do them myself. In the summer my feet are on display so much more..I only wear sandels that I feel I need to have them done professionally. It's hard to bend over and do a good job on them with this extra weight! Now THAT is a good reason to get this weight off don't you think?

Lyss: Sounds like you had a food fest with DH! Look at it this one time in your life you would have eaten it ALL yourself and you went for your walk/run this morning so you are in control again and working for those 160's. Stay the course!

Dee: What fun things are you doing this weekend?

Tori: I think I might need to hunt your down via text or FB?

Ok..back to cleaning. See you all tomorrow!

06-22-2013, 05:52 PM
Hi Chicklets, I'm Luving our temps :cool: the mid 80's w late evening thundershowers keeping everything Green & low humidity.
Nothing big going on w us this weekend, still getting ready for the garage sale & next week for camping. Dh was soo jealous of my morning kayak trip by myself that he lectured to scare me about strangers :dizzy: taking me @ the dock parking lot. I could've put a doggie life-jacket on & taken my miniDoodle but she would've got sunburn, so no I'll go alone if I want to.

Lunch: potato salad w 'more veggies' than potatos & fat free Miracle Whip dressing. Dessert: a Dr.Pepper float w cool whip instead of ice cream :p

I wear shorts, skorts & sundresses all summer w wedges or sandals: Birki's, Birkenstocks, Papillio's daily, so my toes r always polished. I dress casually, yet polished, for my 2 home businesses. I turned down another bridal party job last week; I dislike the hi-low/front-back hem 'trend' & I won't sew them for the bridesmaids because that look just isn't flattering on anyone. And I'm a salon-pedicure virgin, after hearing scary foot infection stories. I trust myself & can buy their equipment @ Sally's Beauty supply & others.

Susie, TY for wanting to kayak w me, maybe we can get together summer 2014. Go w dh or your bff to a canoe/kayak river/lake liverie & rent a single or a double kayak for a 4 hour trip & take snacks to get out & eat & swim/splash around, then finish your trip :D I am sooo proud of U for your new Committment :cheer: for your body. Sorry about Hudda's cancer :( Well it's time for your dh to start doing a evening stroll w U or play horseshoes, bocce' ball or shoot basket ball hoops for 1 hour every other day, start him out w 30 minutes & make a bet or do a Bible quiz w him while playing. That will keep dh's inside Healthier.

Lyss, summertime soo much weight is from salt & that just melts away in the heat from sweating. I'm happy for U getting near the 160's :cheer2: again. Here's a dum story; a lady sitting beside us last summer had a 'wine cooler' inside her toddler's sippy cup & marked 'm' =mom, so she wouldn't b caught bringing alcohol in the b-ball park, her child's sipper wasn't marked.

Yes Carri I watch Hel*s Kitchen too & I'm only rooting for 2 ppl. Next week MC looks like Krissy may go home, I wonder if the judges r watching the prior shows, because Krissy has a rude mouth about most ppl & chef Ramsey doesn't take any bull-sh*t.

Bachelorette has been good & looks like James or Ben is tossed for being as*holes. PBS has 'Blues @ the White House' for 1 hour, good when the black legends sang on stage, but Cyndi Lauper sang her own style; funny when Pres Obama's oldest girl slept while mom & dad rocked w the music. I like the White House music honor specials. I'd love to go to a blues/jazz club, I watch Austin City Limits on PBS. Seth played guitar & trombone in jazz band 5 yrs. My dh plays trumpet & violin & somewhat the banjo. I'm a bad clarinet player & so-so w a guitar. My daddy played guitar by ear, sang great & was in a bluegrass band... My fav hymns r southern gospel, I wish I still lived near Charleston... But the humidity down there right now is 'sauna time'.

Water balloons r calling for me to fill-up for playing catch. Wives against our dh & the losers clean-up the supper dishes/tableware & load my dishwasher, while the winners jump in the pool first :D So dh & I gotta get prepped for our potluck cook-out w friends tonight. I'm butterflying shrimp & stuffing them w cheese/herbs & wrapping them w bacon for the grill & making drinks: peaches r in season so a pitcher of peach margarita's & 'no alcohol' after 9pm for driving home, so they only get ice tea, coffee, lemonade to drink after 9pm. I love potlucks, I hope a friend brings a frozen keylime cake :p Tonight everyone's kiddo's stay home w a sitter :smug: it's the parents time-out evening, we get together every 6 weeks to eat & play.

See everyone Monday or Tuesday.... B Happy & Safe :hug:

06-25-2013, 09:59 AM
Morning Ladies, sorry I haven’t been on here much but this site has really been giving me trouble. I read on another thread that there has been virus’ on here and it makes me leery of coming on here, especially since I do it when I’m at work…I know the site it terribly slow for me sometimes too. Any of you had issues?

Nothing too exciting has been going on with me, it’s muggy and hot here so this I’m not enjoying….but I guess it is supposed to cool off by this weekend some and not be as humid, so that I will like. We seem to be outside a lot on the weekends and Carri does not do well in the heat. I did get in my friends pool on Saturday and did some of my exercises, which was good since I was eating chips poolside, haha.

Speaking of hot, we did get our whole new a/c unit in on Saturday and it is wonderfully cool in the house now, and we have a 5 year warranty on everything so that also makes me feel good. Now hoping the heater can hold on for a few more years , at least until we move, lol.

Susie – good goal ! I know that when I log my food ( and I normally do daily ) that I am a lot better at staying within my calories. So I hope you make your goal. I also do my own pedi’s in the Winter …no one really seems them then except me and dh and he doesn’t care, haha.
Sorry to hear about your cat…I know it’s hard when a pet is sick. Hugs.

Dee – Your temps are what I love…send them my way !!! I would like for Krissy to go home on MC, she is quite the b*tch…I liked her at first when she auditioned and her son was so adorable, but she doesn’t need to treat people the way she does. On HK I don’t really have a favorite…but we are getting down to the last few and I don’t know who is really in the lead… I am behind on The Bachelorette so I gotta watch that tonight if I can stay up long enough…Those stuffed butterfly shrimp on the grill had my mouth watering…I may try my hand at that…I love the idea of having all the friends over without kids too ( especially since I don’t have any haha ). I would have more people over if I didn’t live in such a noisy place, hard to have a good time and sit outside with all the activity around us.

Food 6/24
B = breakfast sandwich – 320
L = ham and turkey sub with light mayo – 385
S = pistachios – 65, popcorn – 160
D = taco – 270, mini pizza – 330 ( not a good dinner night, we need groceries haha )
S = choc pudding – 120
Total for day – 1650 ( not my best day , going to get groceries tonight )

Hope you all have a great day !!!

06-26-2013, 11:16 AM
Morning Ladies…hope all is good with each of you. :flow2:

I was down another pound this morning to 214. So that makes me happy, because before I got off the wagon I was at 213, so I’m almost back to where I started and can start clean and fresh again, going back down !!!! :jig:

For those of you that watch it Big Brother starts tonight …hope it’s better than last year. I heard Rachel’s sister is going to be on this season, so I hope she’s not nearly as annoying as her sister.

Food 6/25
B = English muffin – 100, 1 T peanut butter – 100
L = Frozen grilled chicken meal – 360
S = pistachios – 70, greek yogurt – 130
D = big hamburger – 390, bun – 170, cheese – 130, pickles – 25, ketchup – 20, four chips – 45
S = nothing
Total for day - 1540

Hope you all have a great day. :df:

06-26-2013, 11:59 AM
I'm new to 3fc but jumping on this express train. Hoping to get there by Christmas.

06-26-2013, 01:31 PM
Welcome cleancowgirl!!

I'm thrilled today....the scale has finally budged in the right direction after three weeks. I'm excited that the 160's are getting closer and closer!

I've been kicking things up a notch and getting out doing my walk/runs twice a day. It's very hot and humid here so of course I am sweating profusely!

I'm also watching what I'm eating very closely to make sure that wasn't the reason for my stall. But, I do contribute some of it to a couple of non-OP days. ;)

Have a great day everyone!

06-26-2013, 05:17 PM
Great job Lyss !!!!!!!!

06-27-2013, 09:38 AM
Morning Girls…we were supposed to get good storms last night and never did…we really need rain around here, our yards are starting to look like straw…last year was so horrible with the dry and the heat, I just want this year to be green and nice…but we’ll see I guess…not looking good so far.

Ya know I normally cut my eating time off at 8:00 – don’t eat anything past 8 ….for dieting reasons and also for heart burn reasons…but anyway so the last two nights I have been having dinner around 6:30 and not eating after that, and I have been down weight each day….there might be something to this…give my body more time to be hungry and burn the calories before bed…do you gals have a cut off time?

I’m so excited for this weekend, I am going to do some clothes shopping since I haven’t since I’ve gotten smaller …also need work appropriate sandals so I’ll stop wearing $5 flip flops, haha …so I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing what I can find…need to find a good sale that’s for sure. Probably go to DSW for the sandals…There is a Payless near me and they have good deals but those sandals are cheap and hurt my feet after a day at work…so need something with a little foot structure/padding.

SO who watched Big Brother last night ? I don’t think Rachel’s sister is going to be anywhere near as annoying as she is…but we’ll see…it’s early…I know the blonde Staten Island chic is already on my last nerve ( and seemed to be on other cast mates as well ).

Food 6/26
B = English muffin – 100, 1T PB – 100
L = roasted chicken breast – 200, one ear of corn – 110, pat of butter – 50
S = pce of hard candy – 25, banana – 85, granola bar – 145
D = chicken in low carb tortilla wrap with veggies and cream cheese – 2 of them at 260 cals each = 520
S = Starbux venti green tea – 75
Total for day = 1410

Have a good day everyone.

06-27-2013, 11:30 AM
Thanks Carri!

I am happy to say I'm halfway thru these 170's now and getting oh so anxious to see 160's. Haven't seen those since.......well since high school I believe.

It has been raining here quite a bit lately. Makes things nice and steamy afterwards. I try and get out fairly early in the morning to do my walk/run and then again in the evening. I was just a few houses away before I started sweating it's so humid.

We are going out of town this evening for a few days (DH work) and hoping I don't come back to a gain on the scale.

Have a great day everyone!

06-27-2013, 07:17 PM
Hi Girls :cool: Luv'in the weather this week. 2 thunderstorms cooled off our hi 80's & I won't need to water the veggies for a few days. But w everything sooo green the skeeters will b out in the evening :(

cleancowgirl :wel3fc: happy to have U join us :smug:

Lyss :cheer3: :congrat: on getting closer to your Goal ~

Carri, BB I like Rachael's sis & feel bad for her if her sis's rep gets her kicked-out early. I agree about the blonde & 2 others ego's r annoying. :dizzy: Krissy sure got-it right back from the judges on MC, hopefully she got a clue & now will b kind w her remarks. I couldn't believe Lynn sweating into the food :o I also watch the American Baking Comp. on cbs, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy.
Have FUN shopping, I buy my Birki sandals & B.O.C. from QVC on sale, my arches r low so I need support & have to buy good shoes or I'll put the gel insoles/arch pads, in inexpensive shoes I wear more than 2 hours. Dh & I got out of the pool @ 7:30 & drove quickly to get 2 choc./vanilla twist waffle ice cream cones, before BB came on last night, we're just enjoying the summertime :dancer: before it ends in 2 months. But dh woudn't watch BB w me, he changed the oil in my Honda instead.

Susie & Tori :hug: I miss U.

I'll b real busy for several days, so I'll pop back-in on Tuesday. You'all have a fun weekend :swim: stay cool :cool:

06-28-2013, 11:33 AM
Morning Ladies…having bloating issues again, took some gas pills last night and it seemed to make it worse…so gonna be going to the dr soon to get this checked out …my stomach looks really big after I eat and it doesn’t seem right …not having any other symptoms though besides the bloating…going to the bathroom normally. Just kind of annoying, still am losing weight just seems weird in my belly region after I eat.

Dee – Sounds like you and dh are having a great Summer together….my dh and I LOVE twist cones…that’s what we prefer when we go and get ice cream actually….are favorites…and I have the same flat feet you have, so I have to be careful …I will look around and try them on to get the best one’s.

We are gonna have good weather this weekend too …well it will be high 70’s and some rain, but I like the cooling off part…it’s been so humid and sticky…ick …my hair is all weird and wirey from the humidity.

I had to laugh at how mad Joe got at Krissy on MC …funny …she needs to just keep her mouth shut ….and yeah I will feel bad if Rachel’s sister gets sent home just because of who she is….she deserves a chance.

Lyss – Don’t know that I would ever get back to my high school weight …I graduated weighing 108lbs …that is not doable I guess at this age…I’m really only aiming for 130-135…but anything under 200 would thrill me right now. Have fun out of town.

Hi Susie, Mel, Leeanne, and Tori – hey where is our Tori ????? haha

Have a great weekend everyone !!!!!

Food 6/28/13
B = English muffin and 1 T peanut butter – 200
L = frozen meal – 340
S = pce of hard candy – 25, goldfish – 140
D = 2 ears of corn with butter spray – 270, low calorie hotdog – 80, bun – 110, ketchup – 20, onions and relish – 25
S = tortilla chips – 140, hot salsa – 30, yellow baby carrots – 25, ranch dip - 40
Total for day - 1445

06-28-2013, 12:53 PM
Hi Ladies!

I have had such a hard time trying to get this site to let me in and to post.

I know Carri has mentioned she has has some of these issues is frustrating to say the least.

But I'm here now! and happy to be here!

I've done pretty well staying OP this week..I have been logging my food and exercise on My Fitness Pal. That is just a great tool..when I use it!;)

Work wise I thought I would never get my head above the water. Our fiscial closes June 30 and so this was the push comes to shove week..I worked most days 12 hours at work and another 2-3 at home each night. Been doing that for 2 weeks now. I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

Also been stressing over my cat and his ear issues. The outcome isn't terrific but looking into some options if we can afford them. We love this kitty but we have to be realistic about the money as well....after all we have to have the money or believe we can budget it to pay for things.

Cleancow girl--WELCOME! this board is wonderful. Must of us post daily or at least 3-4 times a week. We share our ups and our downs and always offer support. We have those of us here who have gotten to ONEderland and those of us who are still on the road to there.

I hope you will join us in posting and keeping each other motivated.

Carri: I would love to go shopping with you! Especially shoe shopping. I too have to wear good shoes and I have found a brand called Lifesyle that are very comfortable. They sell them at places like Macy's and things, but I find my best deals for them are at DSW or Famous Footwears.

When I put a shoe on if it doesn't feel good immediately I don't buy it..if it doesn't feel good the moment it goes on, then it never will. That's my motto!

Lyss: You are doing great! I can't believe you are running in this heat and humidity. I hope you are going early morning and later evening?

Dee: You are having such a great summer! Twist cones are my favorite too.

06-30-2013, 11:16 PM
The weekend flew by so quickly. I got a lot done around the house and also spent some time relaxing and napping and catching up on some sleep.

I only have to work 3 days this week! :carrot: I am looking forward to the holiday weekend. We took Friday as a vacation day.

Stayed pretty much OP this week but didn't get the exercise in like I wanted to. On the weekends if I don't get up and go in the morning then I don't go. I feel good that I slept in. I needed it.

I'm looking forwad to seeing your posts tomorrow.

07-01-2013, 11:34 AM
Morning ladies ….hope you all had a good weekend…I had a pretty good one, even despite the fireworks, haha …we have an ordinance in our town that they can only do them from 6/29-7/8 so since the 29th was Saturday they started in ….I know this weekend will be terrible…I’m not a fan of fireworks….well I am of the little one’s…not a fan of letting the average citizen be able to buy this big professional one’s and let them off all night in the neighborhood, those should be left to the town’s fireworks….but oh well.

I lost a total of three pounds last week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I’m really happy about that …hoping to lose another three this week and get into the single digit two’s…but we will see…

I did have my first “cheat” meal in a long time on Saturday night …and as always it sounded so good and then wasn’t that great and not really worth the stuffed feeling and the all night heart burn, haha …

Susie – I only have to work three days this week too !!!! Yay us !!! I also took Friday off …seems crazy to me that these places would give us off Thursday only to bring us back for one day after …they know people are out late on the 4th if they go anywhere…heck right now it doesn’t even get dark here until almost 10:00 so if you go anywhere for fireworks they don’t even start them until then …I did go to DSW this weekend and only found one pair of work sandals and I’m not in love with them …seems like all the one’s I liked didn’t have my size. Ughhh …I might try to go to Clarks this weekend and just pay a little more for what I know is quality and comfortable.
Sorry to hear about the cat issues still…and it’s true, as much as you love them you do have to be practical about the financial aspect of it…hugs.

Hi to Dee, Lyss, Tori, and everyone else !!!!

Have a great Monday !!!

07-01-2013, 12:31 PM
Happy Monday!

The scale was trying to be kind to me this morning after being out of town this weekend and having a couple of off plan meals. I only put on 1.2lbs, hoping it's just water weight and to have it back off soon.

Carri: Congrats on the 3lbs!! We can't shoot fireworks in Illinois, but wish we could :) We will go to see a public display on the 4th.

Susie: Hope your week flies by and you can have your long weekend

I'm sticking to low cal these next few days to jump start the weight loss again....anxious for those 160's!

Hi to everyone else!

07-02-2013, 11:15 AM
Hello everyone.

Lyss - why can't you do fireworks in IL ? I wish we had that same thing here...drives me nuts ...I don't mind one night of them but it turns into several weeks.
I hope you see the 160's soon !! I'm sure you will.

Not much going on here , just dropped in to see who had posted and say Hi, have a great day.

07-02-2013, 11:28 AM
Illinois is one of maybe four states I believe that do not allow citizens to shoot fireworks. It's a state law. We have to drive to Missouri if we wish to purchase the good stuff. Then you better find somewhere rural to shoot them off.

Snakes and sparklers.....that's about it!

I finally lost that pound from the weekend and saw a new low on the scale this morning, but I am not putting it down until it sticks around for another day at least. I think the scale may be fooling with me. ;)

07-02-2013, 05:02 PM
Oh I wish Indiana had the same law ....they really aren't safe anyway, well the big one's I think that law is a good one ...

Great job on getting that pound off ...I'm like you, I need to see that number on the scale a day or two before I go with it, haha

07-03-2013, 11:21 AM
Just dropping in to say "hi" is my Friday, so if I don't stop in over the holiday weekend I hope you all have a great 4th of July !!!!

07-04-2013, 10:12 AM
Hi Everyone! Happy 4th of July!

It is very cloudy here today. We expect off and on showers most of the holiday weekend. We plan to go to the local fireworks tonight if it isn't raining.

We are off work today and tomorrow. I'm going to be relaxing and maybe doing some cleaning I don't get to on the weekend. We plan to see some movies, the Lone Ranger for sure.

What is everyone else doing?

I'm doing pretty well with my food and was doing good on my exercise until yesterday. I had a headache and just came home and did nothing.

Carri: Congrats on the 3 lb loss!

Lyss: I am positive your loss will stick around.

Dee: I hope you are having a great holiday weekend.

I'll be popping in and out this weekend. I hope to see somewhere else here too!

07-04-2013, 05:30 PM

My Independence Day has started out well, at my lowest so far of 171.0! Hoping it doesn't go back up. I am trying my best to watch what I eat today though it is hard with all the temptations around :)

Have a great day everyone!

07-04-2013, 10:02 PM
:flow1: HAPPY July 4 TH :celebrate:

We got back from our 6 nights of camping yesterday. The temps were great w low 80's & only 1 thundershower. We do take a small tv (@ 8pm I had to see BB, HK, MC & America's Got Takent & the news) then take a stroll w DH before bedtime & star-gaze sitting on a bench @ the beach. Something about camping is Just so relaxing getting away for several days, w lots of camp walking & paddling around the lake & meeting people & exploring towns. We go once yrly w/o any kids, but we enjoyed the cute little kiddos playing near us. We had to b back today to give my 2 college employees July 4 off from my doggy kennel business. We watched fireworks last night & will leave to go watch @ 9pm tonight. No plans for the weekend, just our normal summer playtime & eating from the garden & do some horseback riding w the neighbors horses.

Carri, Congrats on the 3 lbs :cp: I hope U found cute sandals that U love.

Lyss, 171 lbs :cheer2:

Susie, :hug: I have total Faith in U to lose 30 pounds by Christmas (6 months= 5# monthly) I know U WILL do IT :cheer: :dust:

DH is yelling @ me to get ready to go see fireworks. See you'all soon. :hug: Be safe & have a Fun :beach: holiday weekend

Tori & LeeAnne, I miss U & I wish U Happiness, Luv & Good health :cloud9: Please drop-by & say 'hello' soon....

:hug: Everyone, DeeDee

07-07-2013, 08:09 PM
Hi Everyone,

It has been a wonderful time off work since Wed. I have rested and gotten some small projects done (like cleaning out my office a bit) cleaning out a cabinet or two.

I slept, I hung out with friends and family--I took some downtime. Now it is back to work tomorrow and I will be at full throttle until our Innovation Reviews are over on July 23. Then, I'm taking July 25 and 26 as vacation days (we had planned the whole week off but when they pushed back Innovation Reviews back a week, we had to cancel our vacations.

We aren't doing a big vacation this year but on July 25 & 26 we are going to do some vacationing in the city of Cincinnati and Newport. We have some fun things planned with our friends who we vacation yearly with.

I have told myself, while I will be busy with work the next two weeks. I will take time to get at least 30 min of exercise in 4-5 times a week and to be on track with my food. I know I have to make taking care of me a priority.

Dee: Your camping time sounds wonderful. you are so right I can hit 30 lbs lost by Christmas! Five pounds a month is not overwhelming.

Carri: Have the fireworks stopped in your neighborhood yet? I hope for your sake they have.

Lyss: How did you do handle the temptations? Congrats on being at a new low number.

Torri and LeeAnn: Where are you guys? We all MISS YOU! :hug:

07-08-2013, 11:36 AM
Morning Ladies, hope you all had a great 4th … I sure did enjoy my 4 days off …lovely to have nothing to do and to just be able to sit all day if I wanted…we did get started on painting the kitchen ( well dh did , he won’t let me paint, I’m a bit messy and he’s a perfectionist lol ), the color is called Cayenne and it is a beautiful burnt orange color …goes great with the yellow we have in the living room…we only have part of it done so far but will get the rest of it done this week, slowly but surely with work.

So now for the food part …I did good 50% of the time and bad the other 50% and I know those are good odd’s, haha …holiday weekends usually throw me for a loop, but I could have done worse… I did let myself have a Pepsi last night and I was up till 3 in the morning …needless to say I’m SO tired at work today…I’m so caffeine sensitive since I never have it…so today back on the straight and narrow…still at 212 so hoping I didn’t derail myself too much and can at least lose 1 this week, I know I ate way over my cals a couple of days so I might have gained 1 or 2 …so I would be happy with just being back at 212 by this weekend…I won’t way till then …give myself some time to recover.

Susie – no, of course the fireworks haven’t stopped, haha …but we have a local fireworks ordinance and they can only do them thru July 9th so two more nights of it …most people are respectful on work nights and won’t do them past 10:00 …I just wish they were only allowed to do them on the actual holiday…I can’t imagine what some of these people spend on fireworks, some of them going off looked professional ( and were that loud ) …we have a real sneaky, screwy law in Indiana…they have to sign a waiver to buy the real big one’s saying that they will do them out of the state if they buy them …yeah right, no one does …it’s just a sort of laughable loophole that lets them get away with doing way much bigger one’s in neighborhood area’s…and it sucks.
Glad you enjoyed your time off as I did…sorry this month is going to be busy for you at work but just keep thinking about those two days off at the end of it.

Lyss – congrats !!! You are so close to the 160’s !!!!

Dee – your camping sounds very nice and relaxing, glad you had a good time.

Hi Tori, Mel, LeeAnne and everyone else !!!

Have a great Monday everyone !!!!

07-08-2013, 02:12 PM
Hi Girls, on here early today for employee payroll cks. While on vaca I limited my kennel to 10 doggy guests to not overwhelm my 2 guys & 4 doggies r mine, so my assistant manager was fine. I pd them time & half w my absence so they r looking forwards to me going away on vaca again soon :smug: plus they stayed in my dh man-cave [our 800 sq.ft guest-house, I also have a doggy-camera monitor there to view the inside-outdoor kennel runs] & they got to use the pool/hot-tub/garden/forest/play area's-horse-shoes, basketball, etc. They were allowed 1 friend each after 6pm & they know security camera's r inside/outside my home. The guys did a great job for me/doggie's owners & were respectful of my business-home; otherwise they understood they would 'not' b paid, + consequences.

Carri, I've been yo-yoing w 3 pounds all summer being Up & Down w my scale :p It's my fault for not tracking my food but whatever :dizzy: Summer Is short & I'm not gonna eat like a skinny-model starving & summer is too hot/humid for cardio unless we're in the water or a/c. I still drink soda when I go shopping sipping a 32 oz. fountain coke topped off w 1/3 Dr.Pepper, it takes away my need to eat till I get home & can eat healthy. I'm sorry soda still makes U sick. Dh drinks soda w his popcorn nightly, while I drink ice tea or flavor water w my herbs or cucumber slices in a pitcher of ice-water instead of snacks. Carri I know u Will do this :sunny: & u will Stay on track OP....

Susie, your vaca sounds fun :smug: U really deserve the time-off & its so great that U have your bff to go with. We used to share vaca trips w friends but we don't anymore, I really wish we would again :dancer:

At home on 1 fridg shelf I have my dh's food & on another shelf I have mine. That happened because dh hates onions, tomatos, olives & other food I love to eat; when he accidentally heated a container of my yummy food & he took a bite he yelled @ me because I didn't label it... I don't need a po dh, so now my Own shelf has my yummy 80% healthy food & my dh has his 25% healthy & 75% carb foods he likes... I suppose what I'm getting to is: sometimes the people we eat with: sabotage us from 'eating healthy' meals-foods :o that We need-like & they don't; but some of us r ppl pleasers & eat to b social, like 'sure I'll share your order of deep-fried battered mozzarella cheese sticks' @ dinner w friends. Duh, I used to split appetizer orders but I stopped that bad habit... Gaining is soo easy & fun tasting, losing the fat is sooo slow....

Tell me your thoughts on: BB, MC, Bachelorette, American Baking Comp.w Jeff Foxworthy & HK when U see them this week... I just looked @ the clock, I gotta go finish sewing some Roman shades for a client right now.

See you'all soon :snow4:

"Hi" Lyss & Tori :)

07-08-2013, 02:30 PM
Dee - thanks for those kind words, it was very sweet ...I cant wait to see all our shows this week !!

07-08-2013, 11:51 PM
Hi. I have been on with IT support for my work for the past two hours! :mad::mad::mad:

I missed my walk, I missed eating dinner and I pulled something in my back this morning.

I so wanted to work at home for a couple of hours to get some work caught up because I will be working on Innovation work all day tomorrow. A lot of PowerPoints to change and a lot of product to gather and get ready to ship next week.

I'm tired!! and worn out and stressed! My cat's ear bled again last night..hasn't done that for 6 weeks and here it is again. It had stopped this morning when I got up but there was dried blood in his cone. He goes back to the vet on Friday to remove the staples which I think she will have to restaple because the wound edges are not close together. On Monday I am taking him to the Oncologist for a consult to see what they have to say and if we can afford to try what they recommend.

That is where I am...not in a good place mentally or physically!

Sorry to vent but I needed to....will I ever get to a place were I can really work hard on this weight-loss? I know I have to..I must...or I won't be in this world!:?: :?:

I just want to cry but I don't have time.

07-09-2013, 12:36 PM
Hello Ladies … :wave:

Susie – sorry that you are so stressed, I have had those periods and it makes me want to go off plan and just sulk with food, but it doesn’t sound like you are doing that…just remember, even if you can’t exercise you can still lose weight by keeping good on your food…you might not lose as much but it will still keep you on a good path…I hope that you are having a better day today…hugs :hug: :goodvibes

I was able to go back OP yesterday, even though I had two big ol’ macadamia nut cookies left from Subway ( I love those ) …I will probably just throw them away when I get home, I can’t be trusted…lol …plus not supposed to have the sugar anyway since I’m diabetic … :devil:

We are still working on the kitchen so it’s day three of me not being able to cook in there which is getting old…last night I had chicken salad on crackers…think tonight I will go and get a rotisserie chicken. :chin::hun:

Okay, so you know how I was talking a lot about my stomach being bloated and out of whack? Well here is what I’ve noticed…recently I started noting what I had eaten when it started doing that…and each time it was a white bread product…it’s starting to do it now ( after not doing it for days ) and this morning I allowed myself a breakfast sandwich on a white english muffin …hmmmm …interesting …my stomach has not been bloating when I was forgoing most of my carbs ( bread, pasta, potatoes, cereal, etc ) …guess that should tell me something…anyone else like this? :dunno:

Dee – I forgot to mention how much I hate Arryn on BB …all those mean, racist, things she’s been saying are just awful …I know she is young yet but she is just a mean nasty person…I hope she doesn’t go far in the game…I know they are mostly gunning for Rachel’s sister but I sort of want her to stay in the game just to annoy them, haha… :rofl:

Food 7/9/13
B = bagel w insides scooped out – 220 , 2 T lite cream cheese – 60
L = rotisserie chicken salad – 180, sandwich thin, whole wheat – 90, string cheese – 80
S = natural applesauce – 50, chicken breast – 120
D = more rotisserie chicken salad – 280, quinoa and flax seed crackers – 170, salsa – 20, low carb tortilla - 120
S = nada
Total for day - 1390 :cheer:

07-09-2013, 04:05 PM
Susie :hug::hug: We r here for U & Tuesday is the beginning of a New wonderful day for U. Put Monday's bad moments behind U, because U r Lovely w a fabulous future ahead, just waiting for U :cloud9:
I want U to go sit in your hot-tub, or whirlpool bathtub w a fragrant candle the next time Life bites U, or float on a raft in your swim.pool, cause water is soo 'soothing'. Or sit & cuddle on your dh's lap in the rocking chair w his strong arms holding U will let U put your bad day on the shelf, or have s*x if its been longer than a week. Just do Not go into your kitchen to snack, U know what I'm saying cause when we r emotionally weak we eat junk....

Next time that happens nomatter what time, feel free to phone me & chat-voice, not text, I have gentle shoulders to lean on & we can make-a plan, laugh or cry together about your stuff.

Hi Carri, TMZ reported that Arryn lost her modeling contract from being racist & finds out when she leaves BB. I want Elissa & Helen to stay & Arryn's alliance Out instead :smug: Google: gluten sensitivity & google: carb problems & bloating & your other symptoms & I hope U find your answer :hug: I used to have your probs if I ate more than 2 slices of pizza, 2 donuts, etc. I don't know if its the "gluten or yeast", that I have a 'sensitivity' to, but its only in the white/wheat flour/dough foods I've noticed. I've been eating only 1 serving size for yrs & since doing that my belly pains-bloating stopped even when I eat deli pizza, dough products, etc. now. The Bible says 'gluteny is a sin' :devil: & when I eat Only 1 serving size of anything I Never get sick now :cloud9: I have a bread machine to make yummy breads-pizza dough, etc from different flours that I also use w my pasta machine to crank-out fresh noodles/ravioli, etc. (I like spinach, etc.)they store for 2 weeks w/o preservatives. These r dietician rated Healthy flours r gluten-free:

A (Dowd and Rogers) Almond Meal, blanched - gluten free flour subsitute
A- (King Arthur Flour) Gluten Free Muffin Mix - Vanilla Base
B+ (Heartland's Finest) Gluten Free whole Navy bean Flour Products - Flour
B+ (Heartland's Finest) Gluten Free Whole Pinto bean Flour Products - Flour
B+ (Bob's Red Mill) Gluten Free Corn Flour - Stone Ground, Whole Grain
B+ (Bob's Red Mill) Baking Flour - Gluten Free, All Purpose
B+ (Hodgson Mill) Gluten Free Baking Flour - All Purpose
B (King Arthur Flour) Gluten Free Brownie Mix
B (Meister's Gluten Free Mixtures) Flour - All Purpose
B- (Sylvan Border Farm) Gluten-Free Products General Purpose Flour - Wheat-Free
B- (King Arthur Flour) Gluten Free Cake Mix - Chocolate
B- (King Arthur Flour) Gluten Free Bread Mix
B- (King Arthur Flour) Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix

Hi to everyone :wave: I hope U have a Wonderful week

07-09-2013, 07:40 PM
Treat yourself this week :p Use this as a main-dish for it's hi-protein w a big salad; or @ brunch or a party.
I read the store pkgs to find the lowest fat/sodium/carbs & use them because this is so savory u won't see a difference in the taste: cream-cheese, sour cream, white cheddar cheese & bacon. Add the ingredients up & divide by the slices u cut, to count the cals/carbs/protein, etc.

Cheddar Cheesecake w Bacon

•10 to 12 slices bacon
• 2 8-oz pkgs cream cheese, at room temperature
• 2 c. grated white cheddar cheese
• 4 large eggs
• ½ tsp. ground white pepper
• 3 green onions, finely sliced
• 1/3 c. finely sliced sundried tomatoes
• 1 1/2 c. sour cream

Heat oven to 375 degrees F. Place a grilling rack over a baking pan and lay bacon slices out in a single layer. Cook bacon in the oven until done, about 15 minutes. Lay bacon out onto paper towels to absorb as much of the fat as possible.

Coarsely chop bacon then place in the bowl of a food processor. Pulse until finely crumbled. Place crumbled bacon into a frying pan set over low heat. Cook until more fat has been rendered and the crumbled bacon is crisp. Strain bacon through a fine metal sieve until all the fat has drained. Spread crumbles out onto a paper towel to absorb any remaining fat. Set aside until ready to use.

Lightly grease an 8" spring form pan.

Cut cream cheese into chunks and place into the bowl of the food processor with the grated cheddar, eggs and white pepper. Pulse until mixture is smooth, stopping to scrape down the sides of the food processor with a spatula, as needed.

Add finely sliced green onions and sliced sundried tomatoes to processor and pulse just until evenly distributed throughout mixture.

Using a spatula, scrape cheesecake mixture into spring form pan. Bake in preheated oven for 30 to 40 minutes, or until top is golden and set in the middle.

Remove from oven and spread sour cream over top. Evenly sprinkle bacon crumbs onto sour cream. Return to oven for 10 minutes.

Run a knife around the edge of the pan to loosen the cheesecake. Let cake cool in the pan completely, then cover and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.

You can skip the bacon if you'd like to enjoy this as a vegetarian dish - just garnish the top with finely sliced chives or green onions, just before serving.

I'm making 3 of these for a b-day party client for tomorrow: 1 will b vegetarian, 1 w bacon & 1 bacon w black olives.

I'm making 1 for me & my dh, my half :p topped w black olives & bacon & green onions, his w bacon.
We'll eat this w a salad & fruit for dessert for supper tomorrow & freeze the remaining for the weekend.

Girls, share some recipes :hungry:

07-09-2013, 11:30 PM
Carri and Dee: :hug: :hug: :hug: you are so sweet to me. Thank you for your kind words and gentle direction.

Carri: You are right that I can eat right even when I can't exercise.
Dee: Next time I will call or maybe text if I can't talk but need some support. Thank you! and thanks for the recipie....I think we will have that this weekend while DH grills some meat for him and make roasted veggies on the grill as well.

Today was a bit better. and guess what! they are putting a gym in my building and it is only going to be $10.00 a month to belong! This will help so much because I can use it on my lunch hour. I used to do this at my old location and it was so helpful. to bed for me.

07-12-2013, 03:29 PM
Morning Ladies – have tried to come on here and post a few times but of course this site was giving me trouble, I love coming here but they way this site acts up is so annoying….hope you all are having a good Friday…I know I am, all I need to know is it’s Friday and I’m good.

Feeling really good this morning, almost all of my bloating seems to be gone, I have been taking the daily probiotic and that seems to be helping so I will continue to take it. I have a good feeling about tomorrow’s weigh in ( hopefully ), I got on scale Weds just to peak and it showed 211 …so I’m keeping fingers crossed that I can get into the single digit two’s in the next few days…here’s hoping.

Dee – yes I’m beginning to think that I am like you, that I need to stay away from white flour and such…I know my tummy feels a lot better when I do…it seems to be okay though if I am having something whole wheat …of course I’m not having that much of it, like you said probably only a serving. Thanks so much for the flour list and the recipe …I’m all about my lower carb eating recently and this recipe fits right in …can’t wait to try it.

Susie – glad you are feeling better emotionally…and how awesome that they are putting a gym in at work ? Or in your building….nice price and very convenient…sometimes when we are done something happens to brighten us back up. Keep on keepin on….and you know we are always here for you, we all have bad times….

This afternoon seems to be dragging…probably because it’s Friday.

Have a great weekend ladies !!!!

Tori and Lyss – we miss you !!!!!!

Food 7/11
B = frozen WW breakfast meal – 200
L = frozen Atkins meal – 310 ( not my best breakfast and lunch but I was in a hurry yesterday morning and just had to grab some things )
S = Pistachios – 70, Oatmeal Square – 75, half sandwich thin – 45, 1 T peanut butter – 95
D = Wendys Chicken BLT cobb salad with avocado dressing ( didn’t eat all of it ) – 450
S = nada
Total for day – 1245 ….not a good day food quality wise I know…just one of those days where it has to be grab and go food.

07-12-2013, 03:31 PM
Sorry, not morning anymore, lol Good Afternoon !!!!!!

07-12-2013, 04:09 PM
Okay so wait ...Dee - do you eat this cheesecake cold ?

07-13-2013, 10:14 AM
Good morning. I'm getting my hair "done" this morning and then will be cleaning house when I get back. I'm hopping that DH and I can get the house cleaned, the laundry finished, the grocery shopping done and the yard mowed so that tomorrow we can just relax, nap after church and go see a movie.

The work week is going to be brutal this coming week with getting everything ready for Innovation Review on July 23. We have been working many pieces of it, but this week it all gets but together--setting up the displays to have a idea how we will set them up downtown and then shipping product to the offices downtown. Loading Powerpoints onto the digital displays downtown (think Omni Max style)--very technical to get them loaded and all links working....and then there is the daily work that will still need done.

I'm taking Monday off to take our kitty to the Oncologist Vet and see what path we need to take with him and if we can afford it (or at least afford it to pay it off in a year). I would like your prayers and good thoughts. This is very stressful for all of us.

I'm just trying to not eat over my calorie limits now and not having any soad and get three 30 min walks in a week. My plan is after next week, I will start my daily workouts at work in addition to the 30 min walks 3 days a week after work.

Carri: I KNOW you can so DO THIS and get into the 200 single digits.

Dee: How are you? I'm sure you are still holding steady!

Lyss: I need to get back to My Fitness Pal...I know you are there waiting for me! How are you doing?

Tory: I think I am going to come looking for you! Where are you? You are so missed here!

LeeAnn--we miss you too! please come back

07-14-2013, 07:47 PM
:beach: Working on our garage sale today. Looks like we're gonna all b in the a/c or pool this week &

Susie, Good Luck w Hudda tomorrow :hug: Yup U r soo lucky about

Carri, Soo happy for Helen &

07-14-2013, 08:10 PM
Hello! DH and I were having a relaxing afternoon until we ran the dishwasher this afternoon..we walked into the kitchen and water EVERYWHERE!

We are not handy people put DH's dad came over and we got it pulled out and found a hose underneath was lose and leaking. I did notice on Saturday that I had a small amount of water in the bottom of the dishwasher after it went through it's cycle. I was able to turn it back to the rinse cycle and then it drained out. Not sure if that is still a problem or not.

I'm going to handwash the dishes and then try and get a repair man out in the next week or so and see about it.

I DID go for a walk this morning before it got hot and before church.

Dee: How did your garage sale go?

07-15-2013, 10:01 AM
Morning Ladies – well I have GREAT news ( for myself haha ), I was able to get into the single digit two’s this weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was 209 yesterday morning and I’m SO happy – I really do lose so much more when I keep my carbs low, especially after 4:00….now I’m really on the hunt for Onederland again …and maybe this time I can stay there …It’s been a long road since 224 starting in April ….but I know this takes time. I just can’t wait to see that “1” at the beginning of the number again …there’s such a “stigma” for being over 200…and it’s sad because around me that is about the average size ( here at work when we do our weight loss contests ). And of course there is a lot of internal shame as well for getting over that number…I remember one time I was out with my mother in law and she says to me “If I ever get over 200 just kill me…” of course at the time I was way over it…

I honestly don’t think a lot of people know what 200 looks like….no one thinks I’m over 200 when I tell them…and a few people that told me they were I never would have guessed…it’s just very easy to get to that number ( and over ). I don’t have a good gauge for weight anyway, I work with a girl who is 360 and I NEVER would have guessed that high …I guess because I like to not look at the person as number or dwell on their size…I know how much it hurts when someone does it to me so I try not to judge.

Okay, off my Monday morning weight speech, lol …hope you all had a good weekend…I had a great one…we ended up getting our kitchen finally done and painted and it turned out gorg !!! I love it, and now I’m even wanting to keep it clean, haha, looks like a whole new kitchen…now we just need new appliances…the house is only 8 years old so the appliances are the same age but you know how they put the cheapest things in when they build a home, so we need new one’s pretty bad…the dishwasher is awful …but I also have hard water, gonna call Culligan today and see about getting a water softener soon …I think that will help a lot.

Susan – sending good thoughts your way about your cat and also your stressful work week coming up …just hold on to eating right thru all this and you will feel really accomplished...enjoy your day off today ( as much as you can ).
It’s always something around the house isn’t it ? Hope the dishwasher got fixed.

Dee – yeah it’s gonna be really hot and dry here this week too …hope the garage sale went well.

Food Sunday 7/14
B = 4 pces bacon – 320, ½ English muffin – 50, butter – 50
L = 3 pces thin crust pizza – 360, parm cheese – 40
S = n/a
D = bbq pork ( I made lean ) – 350, asparagus – 30, butter – 30
S = Arctic Zero choc “ice cream” - 70 – tried it for first time, it’s nasty, won’t be buying again, too expensive for a pint ( 5.00 ) and tasted awful …I bought it because you can have the whole pint for only 150 cals and 20 carbs ( not that I was gonna eat the whole pint in one setting but there are nights when you need to haha ), but the taste wasn’t good.
Total for day 1300

And now off I go to find something in my desk for breakfast, stomach is growling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good Monday girls !!

07-15-2013, 03:57 PM
Hi Girls :smug:

What the H happened to my long posts to U yesterday :?: Like maybe a ghost :ghost: erased my paragraphs to U.

Not writing long 'posts' incase it disappears also :dizzy: Our garage sale is this weekend; working 3 businesses while trying to do this has been hard work. The Craig's list map is crazy, it shows our narrow river going through our forest on the map. I got a new cell phone, a LG & the signal breaks up & my texts fail :( what r your cell phones?

Susie :hug: I hope U get a 'good' report for Hudda. Sorry about your dishwasher; my dh is the whole pkg w his variety of skills & he'd diagnose your prob, order the parts & repair it. During my 18 yr of marriage we've Never had a repair bill on any appliance or home or vehicle; only buying the parts my dh needs to bring it back to new. Together we r the complete pkg. Don't work-out too long in this Heat Wave, b good to Susie :smug:

Carri, get your water 'tested before' U get Culligan there so U aren't ripped-off. Then Please get opinions on other companies before buying from Culligan. Check w Consumers Reports prior to buying some bad appliances. But if U just don't like the colors of your appliances, have your dh paint them w a airbrush. Good Luck.... Congrats :lucky: on your Loss.

Time to go work :wave:

07-15-2013, 05:31 PM
Hi Ladies,

We didn't get good news about Hudda Budda (our cat). The tumor is now in his lymph nodes on the left side..that is where the tumor was originally--in his left ear.

The options to give him a year to a year and a half are $$$$$$$, to give him six months comfortably are $$$....right now he eats fine, plays fine and everything...just thinking if we don't do nothing until he stops eating or if we so the $$$ and know that he is comfortable for at least that long.

I'm so sad and I don't even feel like eating.

Dee: I was wondering what happened to the rest of your post from the day before. I keep telling my husband we are going to move to Michigan and I'm going to let Dee take care of me...! :hug:

Carri: That is GREAT news! I'd love to see a picture of the "re-done" kitchen.

07-16-2013, 10:44 AM
Morning Ladies…I’m starving this morning…sometimes I tend to eat more of my calories at dinner and then don’t want a 7:30-8:00 snack that I normally have and then I’m starving the next morning. Getting ready to eat something.

I always forget how good I feel once I get into the single digit two’s …I’m short ( well 5 ft 3 ) and carry a lot in my mid section ( apple shaped I guess ) and once I get into this weight range the belly really goes down…plus not having all the carby foods is helping with that too…

Sorry I totally forgot to post the kitchen pic yesterday, so I’m posting today…after seeing the pic I took it reminds me I need to find a new place for my magnets, really making my fridge door look messy …we collect a magnet from every place we travel too, but I need to get a board to hang in the laundry room or pantry hallway for it I guess.

Susie – so sorry to hear about your cat, it’s so hard to lose a beloved pet…just enjoy the little bit of time you have left with her. I wish you and Dee did live closer to each other, I bet you would be to pea’s in a pod.

Dee – I have done that before, made this nice long post and then it doesn’t go on there right…like I said site troubles here, haha…I have had an Iphone for years and I LOVE it …prior to the Iphone I was always a Blackberry girl …I gotta have a smart phone…We have had our water tested and it’s pretty bad…the hard water stains all over everything is also proof of that…everyone is our neighborhood has a water softener but us…we’re crazeeeee !! haha

Not having a good morning at work, think I hurt a friends feelings even though I wasn’t trying to…hope the day gets better. :( And I hope you all have a great day.

Food 7/15
B = sandwich thin – 70, PB – 125
L = roast beef – 150, wheat bread – 45, pb – 95
S = Kind bar – 200
D = chicken salad – 300, ½ low carb tortilla – 60, rotisserie chicken – 280
S = n/a
Total for day - 1325

07-17-2013, 10:21 AM
Morning Ladies…had a really good night last night …we to see my Mom and Dad ( they are only about 25 mins north of us ) and had a great time visiting with them…hadn’t seen them in a few weeks so it was going on TOO long…of course it is just a talking contest between me and dh when we are with them…both of us are such talkers and just talk right over each other…gets me so frustrated…I mean I want all my parents attention right ? LOL

I see no one has stopped in to post since I got on here yesterday…everybody must be busy…honestly I don’t know how much longer I can come on here, you don’t know how long it takes me to post, every page gets hung up and just sits there…no other site does this so I know it’s this site…I’m just about over it…I attempted to post this like 8 times before it happened…

It is SO hot here …yesterday I walked out from work and the humidity was so bad that I honestly felt like I was having trouble breathing…it was just thick and nasty…it has just rained a bit and that made it even worse…I guess we have like 2-3 more days of this and then a cool front comes thru and we go back down to the low 80’s with much lower humidity…that I am looking forward to, I can only take so much of this. Carri wasn’t bred for heat I always say, haha. Hope you guys are cooler where you are.

Food 7/16
B = whole wheat sandwich thin – 70, pb – 125
L = chicken – 120, low carb tortillas – 180, pico – 25, lite sour cream – 40
S = triscuit thins – 130, string cheese – 80
D = homemade chicken salad – 250, ½ sandwich thin – 45, fresh cantaloupe – 60
S = pistachios – 80
Total for day – 1205 – way under my calories for today…like to hang around 1400 at least…however when it is this hot I don’t have much of an appetite …that’s why I had all the cooler items for dinner

Have a great day girls, hope to hear from you all soon …all you lurkers who are just reading our posts please hop on and say “hi”

07-18-2013, 09:24 AM
Morning Ladies…AGAIN I’m the only one posting??? I can’t keep this thread up by myself women !!! lol

I went way over my calories last night, I was so hungry for some reason and I just ate and ate after dinner …I know some days are like that for me here and there

Food 7/17
B = breakfast bowl – 220
L = chicken salad – 225, sandwich thin – 90
S = lite popcorn – 125, string cheese – 80, three crackers – 30
D = 3.5 ears of corn ( it was fresh on the cob and I couldn’t quit eating it haha ) – 400 ( estimate ), tiny pizza – 360
S = peanut butter cereal – 160, lemon ice cream – 350
Total for day – 2040 – ughhhhhh

Hope you all are doing well.

07-18-2013, 01:41 PM
Hi Everyone!

Just got home...been out of town. I refuse to step on the scale for a few days because I know it will just depress me :) Still unpacking and need to get laundry caught up. Just stopped in for a quick hello.

Have a great day!

07-18-2013, 04:09 PM
Hey Girls :smug: can't wait for Saturday, supposed to drop -10* for the weekend :D I'll b so glad, hopefully we'll sell lots more stuff on the garage sale w the temps cooler. I also put in my ad, enjoy a 'free ice tea & snack as U shop' our sale.

Carri, is it just this 'thread' or the 3fc site itself that keeps crashing :?: If its just this thread then why not start a new one & add 1 more word to the name, to see if somebody screwed w this name.... I just ate 2 peanut butter ice cream sandwiches for lunch, my excuse is the heat & I still got my 'protein' @ lunch ;) I did eat a cucumber salad also to get my veggies in. I saw U had lite sour cream, I switched last year to 'plain-nonfat-yogurt' & it really cut the grams lower & I don't miss the sour cream @ all. I love chicken too, especially thighs & breasts. Do U ever bread & oven-fry your mozzie sticks, yum, I use pancho crumbs. B.King got me hooked on them when I was a shift manager yrs ago, but we deep-fried them. I love your Cayenne kitchen color :smug: About snacks, funny our belly doesn't know or care 'what' is in it as long as its not empty. When it hurts & the ghrelin starts grumbling, I drink a large water to sip, then make a snack or grab a fruit-pop or fudgesycle. When the belly ghrelin starts, Dr.Oz says our bods r burning cals-fats :carrot: How's Grandma :hug: doing w her cancer & this heat, I hope U got to visit w her when U saw your folks. I wish U & Susie & I ALL lived in the same state too, we'd make great neighbors :cool: But: 2 peas in a pod :dizzy:, 'no'. Susie is so Perfect & dedicated to her career & disciplined & I'm not; the corporate dictator-world is not for me, & she never misses church & we usually attend 2-3 x a month. I'm laid back w life & work creatively w my businesses & enjoy working on deadlines w/o a boss. I admire each of U & I respect everyone w whatever job they do in life as long as they're Not hurting ppl as a criminal or bully. What is a estimate of your monthly iPhone bill, a friend told me she pays $80 a month w apps :o That's not in our monthly budget. In my long post Sunday I said, I was Happy that Helen got HoH :D But bummed that Howie kept lying to her, he's ruining his game. This summer BB has been good :D

Susie, :hug: your compliments to me r soo sweet. But U r so Perfect & I'm Not :^: Here is a example of what can happen w us in the summer: last Friday I was crazy busy all day & I forgot to eat breakfast & lunch, I drank water & tea all day & grazed on veggie sticks. When dh got home we stopped @ McD & he got a meal & I ate a small hot fudge sundae on our way to friends for dh to help work on his buddies 1969 Mustang engine. My friend made us a PinaColada, I said I hadn't ate all day so she added extra pineapple to mine, she made us 2nd's adding a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream to make it Healthy; What were we thinking :o The only good thing is, that she used SkinnyGirl/Bethanny Frankel's PinaColada; otherwise our carbs/cals would b outrageously high. Our friends r 40 yr & 42 yr & she was as slammed as I was, so its not me being in 50's. Summertime social drinking is refreshing, but I am a ppl pleaser & so don't get me as your card partner or in a kareoke bar.... Well when our guys came in to play cards, I was loopy & the girls team lost, our guys had 3-4 beers. I think I giggled-off every cal/carb I drank that night. But the CRazy thing is...I behave the 'exact same 'Silly' way', if she had Given me 3 regular soda's (from the Sugar) that night & me not eating a meal all day; that's happened to me before & dh thinks its pretty funny to b 'drunk' w/o having alcohol. Susie I may not b somebody that U would really want for a friend; I have 'flaws'.....

Lyss, I hope U had a Wonderful time out of town :) WE missed U & r happy U r back w us, Welcome Back Home! But I'm really Jealous U got to b away :sunny: The memories U made :dancer: r much More valuable than what the scale# says this week.

Tori & LeeAnne :hug:

07-21-2013, 01:35 AM
I am finally here! I have missed you all!

Carri: Have you been having storms today? We have had a lot of rain and I just hope it will get some of the heat and the humidity out of here. It was getting way to hot.

Any more of those "hungry " days? I hate those days when I feel like that.

I know that it is frustrating when this site gets hung up and slow. I find it happens to me to when I try to post from work--we have a lot of 'security" things on our servers and it takes a bit to buffer from them. When I post from home I don't experience it as much.

I would be sad if you left I hope you will hang in there.

Lyss: Welcome home from your trip. Have you braved the scales yet? I'm sure if you had a gain you will get it back off.

Dee; I can't believer that you think I am perfect...I am far from it! I do have things that are important to me and who make me what I am but perfect no way!

And I DO have you as a friend and I love you just the way you are. I would totally be at your house every would help balance me.

I was giggling while reading about your time with your friends and the pina coladas. I have so been there. We have friends we usually have dinner with on Friday nights and one night we got food and sat out on their patio with the firepit going. My friend had a dessert wine that someone gave her and we all tried it. I REALLY liked it and her husband kept pouring me glass after glass..I never saw the bottom of my glass....we were all just talking and laughing and eating and winding down from the week...I really didn't feel like I was getting drunk,..just feeling relaxed and happy...when I stood up to help my friend to take things in the house..I was swaying all over the place..and the harder I tried to stand still, the more I giggled and so did my friend. We were all just a bit the most. We had to call her daughter and ask her to come over and drive me and my hubby home! We still laugh about it.

This past Friday we went to a free uptown event that happens on the 3rd Friday of the month during May-Sept. The block off the parking lot at 'the mural" and vendors are set up with food and drinks and they bring in a band...this month it was a motown band and it was awesome. EVERYONE was up dancing and drinking and having a great time. I LOVE to dance and had two glasses of wine and you couldn't get me off the "dance floor". I needed the relaxing evening.

If was a very stressful week, with the dishwasher issue last Sunday night and the news we got on Monday about our kitty, but then it got worse. After I posted on her, my phone rang and it was my best-friend (since we were 14) and she was crying and asked me to come to the hosptial because her dad just died! It happened very suddenly and was very unexpected.

On Tuesday morning we got up and the cat has another one of those big bleeds from the tumor and had blood all over his head! He was so limp and I could tell he was running a fever. We thought we were going to have to put him to sleep. The vet doesn't open up until 8 and it was 5:30 a.m. So I was cleaning him up and got the bleeding from his ear slowed down and just held him. My DH and I were crying and crying...we stayed home from work. When I called the vet I was told she had a personal emergency and to call to the vet that was covering for her. He told us that unless the cat was in cardiac arrest he could not help us that day. So we took the cat back to the vet he saw the day before and they thought it was due to a infection at the surgical site where his staples are. They gave him a antibodic shot and some iv's and in two hours he was back to himself.

We decided to do that CT scan to see where the nodgels might all be; this was to help us determine if we should go ahead and put him down. The CT showed that the cancer is not just at the ear site but in his whole left thoratic region. We had been considering the radiology to shrink the tumor in his ear so he could be more comfortable but when they saw what they did on the CT scan they said that it wouldn't really help. The said eithier way he would have 3-6 months to live. When we see that he isn't eating then it will be time to do something.

Thursday on my way to work I had a flat tire! This week took a lot of my energy!

I haven't been to TOPS all month but will be starting back in Aug and the Innovation review is on Tuesday so things will hopefully slow down a bit and I can refocus. I'm also taking Thursday and Friday off to so some fun things for a staycation. I am looking forward to that time.

Sorry the post has been so long..I had a lot to say after not being here most of the week.

07-22-2013, 10:00 AM
Morning Ladies…boy Monday mornings really sneak up on ya huh? I’m tired of course but I’ll get thru it…had a good weekend, yesterday dh and I had a really good day together…with no kids you can imagine there is a lot of togetherness but this was just a good day.

Started my TOM on Saturday morning so that wasn’t good, but since I only get one every three months ( the bc pills I’m on ) I can handle it, I’m cranky and crampy so that also doesn’t make for a good Monday morning …I was scared to weigh myself since I’m always a couple of pounds up during this time but was pleasantly surprised to see that I was still down 1 ( to 208.0 ), I’m sure if I wasn’t on my TOM that it would be my normal 2lbs lost but what are ya gonna do …you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have – the facts of life …..sorry lost my train of thought ….lol
Well now I’m gonna be singing that theme song all day ….

Susie – wow, when it rains it pours huh? So sorry to hear about your cat…hope you get to enjoy some more months together. Sorry to hear about your friends dad, that’s horrible.
No, we didn’t have any thunderstorms, we did get a little rain but it didn’t cool things off much …I mean the temp said low 80’s but it’s still quite humid, or was yesterday…don’t know about today yet.
Yeah, aren’t any of us perfect but I still think you and Dee would be besties if you lived close to eachother, haha …
And I hear ya on the drinking, I hardly ever do , but when I do it gets to me quickly , I am usually not allowed to drink in public anyhow…dh says I normally have no filter and the drinking just makes it so much worse, I have offended many a friend and then regretted it, so I normally don’t drink unless I’m at home.

Hi everybody !! Have a good Monday.

07-23-2013, 08:52 PM
I am so excited! Innovation Review is OVER. I work tomorrow and then 2 days off to do some day trips with some friends for a mini-vacation.

And when I go back to work, my AD and Director are on vacation so I will have a quiet week to catch up.

When I get back on Monday, I'm going down and signing up for the work gym.

I am also excited to say that I have had two Non-scale victories yesterday and today. The one yesterday was that I made a decision to not have any ice cream after dinner...if I wanted something to top dinner off I told myself there was watermelon. I ended up not having either and I was proud of myself for the no ice cream. I had some on Monday and I told myself I will not have any more until Thursday or Friday and then only one day.

Today, I had to stop at Target on my way home. This was a long hard day ladies.

We had to take in 6 HEAVY boxes of product for the review--all downtown at our General Offices..we had 30 min to set the display up and then after all the presentations 10 min to tear down and pack up and take it back to the cars. At least we could unload and load up in front of the building but then one had to take the product up to the 13th floor...thank goodness for elevators.

When I was at Target I thought about getting a candy bar and a soda, but I talked myself out of it.

Carri: A loss with TOM?! That is awesome. I hope it is over for you soon...cramps are no fun!

Hi Dee!

Hi Lyss: how are you doing? Getting back in the routine?

Have a lovely evening everyone. I'm about to sit down and watch the Bachelorette "Men tell All", show. We DVR'd it last night because I wanted to get to sleep at a decent time because of all I had to do today.

07-24-2013, 10:22 AM
Morning everyone….it has really cooled off here this morning, was 66 when I was walking into work and it felt SO good compared to the really hot and humid days we have been having everyday….I know weather guy said it would only last a few days but I will enjoy every one of them. How is the weather where you guys are?

Susie – I’d say all those heavy boxes were quite a workout, so you got your exercise in , that’s for sure…and all those temptations and you didn’t give in once? Awesome job….

It’s been hard being on TOM and sticking OP …normally I have like a slight freebie week and crave chocolate brownies all week ( and have them ), so it’s been quite different and hard….my hormones tell me to eat, and eat a lot…that it will make me feel better and help the cramps, lol ….but I have not given in ( so far ) …and should only have a day or two left…for some reason is started like 3 days early….can’t wait till I can start the new pill pack on Sunday…I just don’t feel good when I’m not getting that daily hormone.

Had my annual endo appt last night and my bp was great ( probably due to the weight loss ), it was 120/80 and I can rarely if ever get that low of a number, so I was really pleased….on the flip side of that though she said my blood work for my thyroid was not good…she ended up taking more blood to do a more comprehensive test of a thyroid panel to see if there really is an issue…and I hope not, I don’t want to take meds for one more thing….bad news is that a lot of it is hereditary and both my Mom and her Mom take meds for it, so I might not have a chance.

Food 7/23
B = sandwich thin – 70 and peanut butter – 125
L = chicken nuggets ( homemade ) – 210, broccoli – 25, string cheese – 80
S = triscuit thins – 175, green tea – 75
D = beef filet – 300, squash with sautéed mushrooms – 80
S = fresh strawberries and blueberries – 90, whipped cream – 45
Total for day – 1275 – on the low side but real proud of myself that I incorporated a lot more fruits and veggies then I normally do – go me !! lol

Have a great day everyone !


07-24-2013, 05:13 PM
Hey Girls :hug:
This week has blown bye so fast & yes I'm Luv'in the temps this week!

Our garage sale went well, got rid of many items. Dh was p-off that I marked most @ 80% off what we paid, because they were All in 'good to new' condition; but when U stop using items or only use things once a year its like they r just taking-up valuable space & I try not to b a clutter person. I surprised myself when I saw how many 'back-up' items I had & I forced myself to decide to b logical w no more than 3 of any small appliances, etc. Dh & I argued about his pack-rat habit w his man-tools, plus nut/bolts, etc & broken tools that he 'cannot' get rid of because SomeDay he will need it. He has enough 'Junk' to fill 8 bath-tubs full of useless CRAP, but refused to sell any of his stuff....

Susie, I am soo happy for U w choosing to stay OP; but honestly I would've eaten the watermelon. U r stronger than me. I would Luv to b your bestie & also Carri's bestie in the same state/town. I don't have many friends in their 50's or older; my personality somehow mainly attracts ppl that r in 30's & 40's, I don't think I'm immature, just easy-going/happy & interested/active in many things & I guess look younger than my age. Whoa soo impressive about Target, that's GREAT body-building & toning, I'm soo proud of U :cheer2::cheer3: About the Bachelorette, its kinda nerve-wracking w the suspense on what happens w Des, I HOPE she has her 'Happy Ending' from her 2 seasons looking for Luv.

Carri, I feel bad about all the health issues U deal w :hug: I just take 1 pill for my bp & get sinus headaches & have had 3 breast biopsies (breast cancer is my only concern, my sister/grandma had it). I'm praying for U :hug: My local grocery store has had Spumoni ice cream/Italian & normally it only comes out @ the holidays & its my fav w the 4 berries in it & chocolate moose & nuts in it. And I'm eating 1/2 gallon weekly for a month & I bought 4 extras just incase they stop supplying it & I have to wait till Christmas again. GREAT for U w eating more veggies :carrot: & fruits, gooo Carri :D

I have a appt. now; B good to yourselves this week :smug: & enjoy the pleasant temps :cool:

07-24-2013, 08:39 PM
Well I have been away from here for a long time so I'll just jump right in. This year I started over and just realized today that I have lost 42 lbs so far. It could be even more because I don't weight myself often. Now I am even closer to my dream of being in onederland. I decided to come back because more support cannot hurt me! This is such a great accomplishment.

Hi Everyone!!! :)

07-25-2013, 09:52 AM
Morning Ladies…my blood tests came back yesterday and she said I have Hashimotos disease…something where my antibodies in my body attack my thyroid and slow or stop it’s function…she wants to check my blood again in three months to see to what degree it is really functioning and then we will go from there…I don’t like it but what are you going to do …it’s very hereditary and both my Mom and her Mom have it …so I was bound to have an issue…I just deal with it and move on …can’t help but feel like now I’m on the weight loss track and trying to get my diabetes in check and now this pops up…I’ll stay positive though. :yes:

Dee – thanks for the thoughts and prayers…who knew I’d be so unhealthy at 39? Lol !! :rofl: I’m kidding because I know it could be much worse and I am very thankful for my health. That ice cream sounds so good…I love all the special things they bring out at Christmas, which is probably why I gain so much at that time, but it comes once a year right? Or for you early this Summer, lol !! :hun:
Glad your garage sale went well…you were right for putting the prices so cheap, that’s what people expect at garage sales…
I’m very anxious about The Bachelorette …I hope she makes the right decision …it’s a nail biter
I’m really trying on the fruits and veggies, but it’s a work in progress…some days better than others… :broc:

Hi Susie !!! Hope you are having a good morning…enjoy your mini stay cay tomorrow and Friday. :sunny:

Welcome Quiet Storm !!!! Look forward to getting to know you !!! Congrats on the weight loss, you are doing great !!!

Food 7/24
B = sandwich thin and peanut butter – 200
L = chicken nuggets – 250, fresh blueberries – 50
S = kind bar – 200, triscuit thins – 90
D = filet mignon – 225, low carb tortilla half – 60, lite s cream – 50, queso fresco – 60, bites of mahi mahi – 45, bites of pasta – 50 ( had some of dh’s dinner haha )
S = fresh strawberries – 50, whipped cream – 45
Total for day - 1375

Have a great day everyone !!!!!!!!!!!

07-26-2013, 09:47 AM

BB watchers – SPOILER ALERT ******************************************** I cannot believe that Arryn got head of household…I wanted her gone and now she is in power…as one of my older friends say “boo hiss” haha ….I don’t even know what that means but I know she uses it when she doesn’t like something

I’m going thru some constipation ( now TMI alert ****************** haha ) yet again …it usually gets worse when I’m doing low carb…even though I do eat a lot of fiber…guess will have to up it.

Any big weekend plans? I know Susie is enjoying some days off with the hubs……gonna be GORGEOUS weather here so I’m gonna enjoy it, we are gonna go see a movie with friends tomorrow and then probably have dinner and hang at their house.

Food 7/25
B = sandwich thin with peanut butter ( my new easy go to for work ) = 200
L = baked chicken nuggets – 250, blueberries – 25, sauce – 15
S = crackers – 130, string cheese – 80
D = low carb pizza – 430
S = blueberries – 45, whipped cream -60
Total for day = 1235

Have a great weekend everyone!

07-27-2013, 12:17 AM
Hello! I have had two wonderful de-stressing days! We did a mini "staycation" with two of our close friends. Yesterday we did some fun things in the Cincy area--we rode The Duck in Newport Ky. It's this bus that goes on land and on "sea"..or rather the Ohio river.

We walked around Newport on the Levy and just had a great time. Today we went to a water park (yep I put my bathing suit on and just had a good time). Our friends took their grandkids and we took two of my friends girls who we call our nieces and we all had fun! Hanging in the lazy river a lot and watching the kids do the water slides and just having fun in the pool. I used a lot of sunscreen but got some sun anyway. It is a little pink but no pain. I like a little bit of color---redheads don't get much "color'!

I stayed pretty much healthy focused when it comes to food other than a couple pieces of fudge that I bought at Newport on the Levy on Thursday. I only bought two pieces even though it was a better "deal" to buy 1 lb and get 1/2 pound free...I told myself that my body couldn't afford that!

Dee: I am the way you are with pricing things at yard sales. I mark it so it will sell...I didn't want it around anyway and what doesn't sale goes straight to Goodwill when the yards sale is over.

I can't wait to see the Batchelorette on Monday!

Carri: I'm sorry that your thyroid blood work came back with Hashimotos disease. I have delt with that since I was 21 and I take meds daily but do pretty good with them keeping it in check.

Welcome Quiet Storm ! Congrats on the weight you have already lost!

Those two days were wonderful and really needed!

07-28-2013, 07:30 PM
Hi! I can't believe it's Sunday night already! My mini "stay-cation" has gone really fast. I enjoyed every minute of it.

When I go back to work this week my manager is out and I am hoping to get a lot of those "little things" that get set aside done. I won't have to work her calendar so much and that will be helpful. I think if for two days I can concentrate on all those "little things" and ignore her calendar for the most part I will get things in a good place. At least that is my plan.

I also plan to get on the scale first thing Monday morning. We have one at work in new workout room (which I'm signing up for on Monday) I have really neglected that and it is time to see where I am. I have TOPS weigh-in on Thursday's but sometimes I miss a meeting...I don't miss many Monday mornings at work so I think that will be my weigh-in will also help keep me on track during the weekend before and also give me a good idea for how I'm tracking for TOPS weigh-in on Thursday.

I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to coming here tomorrow and reading your posts.

07-29-2013, 10:09 AM
Good Monday morning ladies !! I had a good weekend, gorgeous weather …and supposedly it’s supposed to stay nice and cooled off for an extended time…I have been loving this Summer …yeah we have had periods of hot and humidity but seems it never stays around that long, and for that, I am thankful.

Susie – so glad you had such a good time on your mini stay-cation. Those are the perfect kind, nice and relaxing…I’m glad you put on a suit and had fun with everyone else, WTG !!!! Good luck on your way in.

I was down another two pounds ( on my TOM even haha ), so now down to 206 ….I can really see the light at the end of the Onederland Tunnel now !!!!!!

PSA : Do not buy the new Peanut Butter Pop Tarts ….they are SO good you will cry …I had a pack over the weekend and now that is all I can think of , lol …warmed up they taste like a peanut butter cookie….so good with a glass of milk …needless to say I won’t be buying them again ( for now anyway ), dh had a pack and there is still one left ( only three in a pack for these for some reason, regular ones are four packs in a box but anyway ) so that means trouble, last night it was all I could do to stay away from it …didn’t have the calories left to have it and certainly didn’t need the sugar….but I finally made it to bedtime without having them…maybe dh and I can split them one night this week to get them out of the house…

Hope you all have a great Monday.

07-29-2013, 02:15 PM
Hi. I'm back to work and taking my lunch break. I brought Campbell's Slow Kettle Tomato & Sweet Basil Bisque for lunch today, along with a a golden delicious apple and some crackers and cheese.

I thought with the weather being a bit cooler the soup would be good and a is really tasty--there is 230 calories in a serving--and two servings in the can. I don't think I can even eat half of the's very filling.

So, I weighed myself when I got to work today...all I can saw is WOW! really?!!!! I have some WORK to do Ladies.

DH and I did go for a walk last night. We did a 30 min walk. It was a bit slower than I'm used to but I really want to get him out and moving again. I know it will help him with his depression and also get the 20 lbs off him that he has gained in a year. He didn't want to go but I guilted him into it. I don't care...he is going to do this with me at least 3 times a week for the next 8 weeks. I asked him to give it that long and see if it doesn't make a difference in his outlook. He agreed but I know he is going to resist each time. I don't care....I wish someone would have given me tough love when I was only 30 lbs over weight instead of 130 lbs now!

Carri: This summer has been very you said, we get some very hot weather but it doesn't seem to stay on to long and then we get these nice breaks where it is so nice to be outside.

Wooohooo on your will be in ONEderland soon...just stay away from those pop-tarts and thanks for the warning! I say, send the rest to work with DH...having that in the house could be trouble. I know you stayed strong last night but having to do that to long could zap your resolve and we can't let that happen now!

I wanted to let you all know that I heard from Tori and she said to tell you all hi and she hopes to get back soon. She is doing a lot of home should see the pictures of what they have's beautiful! She can't get to her computer as it is in the garage with all the the other things they are moving about for the projects. She does have a tablet but she can't get to this site on there. to finish this soup and get to a 1:30 meeting. See you all later.

07-29-2013, 06:09 PM
Hey Girls :hug:

No time to post today, but I will Tuesday am. after seeing tv & Des tonight :o

Susie, TY for the update on Tori :smug: & happy for your wonderful vaca. I love tossing veggies in a mug of 'hot' spicy tomato juice in the winter & summer too, so satisfying & filling. Good Luck w dh, sometimes a small bribe helps those men ;) because a 'secret prize' is Exciting :o I haven't been to a tops WI since May. I'm so busy this summer & after serving as a officer & 3 positions during 5 yr. I'm ok w missing meetings w/o the pressure & guilt now. Do U still write the monthly tops newsletter?

Carri, about the p-b pop-tarts [r the protein values good??] now U see how the Spumoni ice cream got me hooked :D Great news about your losses :woohoo: I'm getting careless & I need to start back on Jillian's 'whey protein drink' 1x daily when my sweet craving goes wacky instead of my daily fruit-slushy or Edy's frozen fruit-sickles. When my Yonanna broke; I really didn't care because I got so tired of taking it 'all-apart to wash it every-time' I made a banana-fruit ice-cream snack w it. Fruit slushies r so fast w the stick-blender & a big mug to wash & making fruit smoothies in a blender or w my stick-blender r quick to clean.... Live & learn w mistakes in life :dizzy: R u & dh going blueberry picking on a farm this summer :p I remember they r your fav berry....

See you'all tomorrow after the Bachelorette & our other shows r soo good right now. Who will Arryn/BB put up :dizzy: on the block.... Who will win MC & HK ;) TV drama :D

07-30-2013, 11:33 AM
Morning Ladies –

Susie – thanks for the update on Tori, I’m friends with her on fb so I knew she was still around, haha …I did see the pics of her working on her house, looks lovely.
Don’t worry about your weight gain, just own it and move on. You know you know what to do.
Exercise will be really good for your husband, don’t know if I’ve ever said on here but I suffer from depression and have taken meds regularly since I was in my 20’s…if I’m having a bad time of it just getting out and getting some fresh air can really change how I feel, and plus exercise is just good for you anyway so make him get out and do it. He’s lucky to have a spouse like you who cares so much.

I did end up having “a” pop tart last night, just one of them for 200 calories so not so bad….however I was so hungry yesterday that I ended up having a big bowl of captain crunch before bed, which is so unlike me…haven’t had carbs like that in the evening for months…but I just wanted it, what can you do…I think it put me over my calories by about 300 but once in a while you need a spike to keep your body guessing. I’m hoping to be under 205 by this weekend, but we shall see !
No, Dee, not good protein in the peanut butter one’s…I’m always confused by people who think peanut butter is a good source of protein…it only has 7 grams for two tablespoons …I need at least 25 grams per meal to even feel it, hahaha

Dee – what the h*ll happened on The Bachelorette last night ? I turned it there about 10 till it went off and just saw her crying and Brooks crying …did she ask him to leave or did he do on his own ? either way next Monday looks VERY interesting…
No, I don’t know of anywhere around here that we could do some blueberry picking or I would be ALL over it …I got the best blueberries last week from Costco in these little individual packs, only 25 cals per back, would normally eat two of course…but it came with like 14 of them and I am already out, need to head back over there.

Hope everyone has a good OP day !!! Stay strong !!!

07-30-2013, 03:37 PM
Hi Girls :smug:

Well I'm back to logging my food again starting today to see if it's Only my daily ice cream getting me into trouble & me forgetting my body needs protein 3x daily also because I soo love eating my fresh garden foods so much & salads & grilled veggies. But some of my shorts r getting snug in the waist & 'no way' will I go back into a size 12 from eating my nightly 8pm ice cream snack; I'm cutting them back to 3x weekly & subbing a fruit slushy the other 4 nights.

Susie, I have so much Faith in U & I know U will hit your -30# off goal in December :angel: & U can share your loss as a gift to your dh; because U r Inspiring John to b Healthy w U :smug: I know there r some books about dieting/weight loss w 'scripture verses' to b faithful to your body that I saw @ a book store. What was the 'name of the wine' that U enjoyed @ your friends home, please check & tell me. There r Healthy heart Benefits from a glass of wine & I drink 1 glass, 3 nights a week w a small piece of cheese & bread or crostini w pesto sauce. My doctor said that 2 glasses daily r okay for women my size & I'm mindful about alcohol & unhealthy fats, because heart disease/heart attacks r in my parents family, I had a baseline cardio check-up & I'm great. I soo wish we lived in the same state so we could get together or for a couples weekend & play or chill-out, I worry that your job pressures r hurting your internal health; your in my prayers w your stressful job. Did U ever tell dh that we all love your couple pic & that dh has a very cute wife :cool:

Carri, about last night & Des. Brooks was uncertain about Des & went to see his mom & sis & they like Des & support him; but said that real love= U think about her daily & miss her & need to speak/see to that person; Brooks said that he had feelings for Des when they were together, but 'not' while being apart & that he cared but it wasn't love & that's why Brooks never could tell Des he loved her; because it did not happen for him yet. Brooks wanted to have the 1st date @ Antigua to tell Des to send him home & why & then Des said SHE wants to marry him & only him & they both fell apart crying because he said he was Sorry that he did not love her, but he enjoyed dating her & cared about her. Yep next week will b good. IF she was my daughter I'd advise Des to date both guys left, in the 'real world' for a few months & go from there to see who's Mr. Right for her; the guys feelings could change also or maybe she & Brooks would date for real & see what develops. I agree w U about being active outdoors & even just sitting on the deck & the 'fresh air' being amazing; U know how much I love nature too.
Thank You :hug: 'Lord' for this gorgeous world U made for us......

I'll b back later this week.... B good to your bodies, we only Have 1 ;)

07-31-2013, 10:10 AM
Morning Ladies.

Dee – thanks for the update, that sounds so awful..I feel so sorry for Des that the one she actually fell for didn’t feel the same…I thought the same thing as you, just date the other two guys in the real world and see what happens …at this point I don’t think she can choose one or the other…
Good for you for realizing you need to cut it back some, and you are right, you want to do it now before that size 12 creeps up on you again.

Speaking of sizes, in my People mag this week they had a article on Gina Neely ( from the food network show with her husband called
Down Home with the Neely’s ) and they said she lost 30 lbs and was now a size 0 …that’s all fine and good cause she looked tiny and gorg…however, they said originally she was a size 8 …okay maybe in her left thigh …I know the camera adds weight but she definitely looked WAY over a size 8 anytime I saw her …you guys ever watched that show? Your opinion?

Susie – hope you are having a good week !!!! It’s beautiful weather for us …

And I have to agree with Dee by thanking God for this beautiful place we live in ….

Having another bout of bloats …going to the dr in a couple of weeks for my bp check up and definitely gonna ask her about all this…it’s getting really old.

Food 7/30 ( can you believe it’s almost August ???!!!??? )
B = one slice whole wheat bread with flax seed – 90, peanut butter 125
L = baked chicken nuggets – 250, blueberries – 25
S = popcorn – 160, string cheese – 80, triscuits ( 5 ) - 40
D = hamburger – 290, ketchup – 30, low carb pasta – 95, butter – 40, parm cheese – 40
S = fresh strawberries – 50, whipped cream – 50
Total for day - 1365

07-31-2013, 10:00 PM
Hi Everyone.

This week has been so nice. My manager is gone and I can concentrate on all those things that I set to the side to do when "I can get to it". My goal is to be caught up when she returns to the office on Tuesday.

I'm doing well with my workouts this week. I made it to the Y last night and tonight. I couldn't get DH to go but will continue to ask and to get him out and about the neighborhood on weekends. Maybe he will begin to feel better and then want to do it during the work week. To be honest I don't have the energy to get him there during the work week; I only have the energy to get me there. I've waited for him to come around and I can't wait no more. He mentions that I'm going to leave him behind. That is not my plan is to get moving, get this weight off so I will be around for him and not leave him because the fat killed me!

Dee: Good idea to get back to logging the food if your shorts are getting snug. That ice cream can sneak up on a person! Are you going to be sharing your food log with us? You are such a great support to me, I want to support with you!

I don't write the TOPS newsletter for our chapter--we don't have one, but as the Chapter Secretary I try to send a weekly email to the chapter of encourgement.

I will try to remember to ask my friend what that wne was. :D
Thank you for saying my DH has a cute wife! It made my day!

Carri: We sure are having some nice cool weather this week--I am enjoying it.
What you said about having to have 25 grams of protein at a meal to feel it, is interesting. I think I'm going to try to have tht amount at each meal and see if it makes a difference for me.

Thank you for shaing about your depression. I want my DH to take meds and he refuses...maybe his counselor will convenice him a combo of meds and counseling will work.

I haven't watched that show you are talking about. I have no idea what she looks I am going to have to google her!

I think you can hit your 205 goal this weekend! I also think you do need to mentioning the bloating to your doctor and get it checked out.

I wanted to comment about the Bachelorette. I was like OMG and I felt so badly for her and for him. It was just so sad!

I can't wait to see next weeks show.

08-01-2013, 09:43 AM
Morning All –

So I made an appt with my dr for Monday afternoon to discuss my stomach/bloating issues…I’m just gonna be honest with her and tell her I could be way off base but I just feel like something is wrong/different. And really ( warning TMI ahead …… ) I haven’t been going to the bathroom ( #2 ) like I used to …I used to go daily, with no issue…now I go every other day if I’m lucky and it’s very hard…so it might be a back up issue…who knows…I guess I’ll just let her check some things out …I guess it could be my fat settling in a different area…it is pretty thick there … :?:

Susie – I did peak on the scale and saw 205.6 – so I have made it to that number but that’s only 0.04 down from last Sunday so I’m not going to get on there again until Sunday and hopefully see at least 204 …I normally lose 2 a week pretty solidly…if I’m good, haha… :lol::D:tape:
Yeah, I think that’s why a lot of people can’t stick to their plans because they don’t get enough protein and fiber…both of those will keep you full for hours and keep you OP. :cheer3:
I was hesitant to take meds early on too, but it’s true what they say – when it gets bad enough you’ll be begging for them…and I just needed relief and for my husband not do leave me, lol….I feel SO much better on the meds…he should really consider it, if even for a while…a test run so to speak…either way I hope he gets better asap :hug:

Hi Dee, Tori, Lyss, and Leeanne :coffee2:

We need some new recruits …Dee, Susie, and I can’t carry this thread all on us !! haha …Lurkers come and join !!!!!!!! :welcome2:

August 1st…..yay !!!! Have a great Thursday ladies …Susie, our work week is almost over, almost Friday :cb:

Food 7/31
B = egg – 90, 2 pcs of bacon – 80
L = turkey – 90, cheese – 80, one slice whole wheat with flax seed – 90, corn chips – 140
S = triscuits – 90, peanut butter – 100
D = filet – 300, salad – 200
S = fresh blueberries – 50, whipped cream 50
Total for day – 1360


08-02-2013, 11:54 AM
Morning Ladies ... :wave:

Dee - thanks for the kind words about my bloating :) I'm sure it's nothing big too but we will see ...I'll let you guys know how appt goes...I'm glad Howie is gone too but I really thought the way they were talking it was gonna be Candice...I really didn't have a fave on HK, and I knew the person that won would win...I don't have a favorite on MC either but her attitude aside, I do like Natosha, I think she could win...yeah when Summer starts closing all of our shows start's sad...
I'm so sorry to hear that you wre treated like that by your ex...that's just wonder you had the attitude you glad you came out of it and ended up with the great guy you have now. :carrot:
And great job on the no ice cream all week !!!!!!!
I like to post my food blog on here because it keeps me honest and accountable, haha, although I do eat a lot of the same things I know ...would love to start seeing yours too

Hi Susie -I agree with Dee and I need to say this more, but you really do a great job of getting your activity and exercise in. You should always be proud of yourself for that.

Food 8/1
B = sandwich thin -70, peanut butter - 125
L = beef roast - 200, 1/3 cup quinoa with veggies - 80
S = turkey - 30, cheese - 110, triscuits - 130
D = cheeseburger with all the fixings ( and white bun, which I NEVER eat anymore ) - 700 ...yikes !!!!
S = pop tart - 200, oatmeal square - 150
Total for day = 1795 - way over my calories for the day :(

If I don't get in here you all have a good weekend !!!!

08-02-2013, 02:55 PM
Carri and Dee- :hug::hug::hug: you guys are so wonderful to me..thanks!

Dee: Great job with not eating any ice-cream OR buying it. That is truly a victory! I LOVE ice cream and I've learned to buy it out and eat it there instead of taking it home and eating it in private where I can overeat on it.

DH likes ice cream but he knows the struggle I have so he will usually only but the ice-cream sandwhich type. I seem to do better at controlling portions with those and usually will not go back for more, like I do when I scoop it into a bowl.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am so glad that you were strong enough to get counseling and to leave that marriage!

Carri: I can't wait to see what the scales say for you. I agree with Dee..I think 202 is in your near future!

I also am sure that the bloating isn't a issue but it's good to go get it taken properly diagnosed and get the meds you really need for it.

I have a LOSS to share with you guys...down 2.25 on those TOPS scales last night!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I will be around and popping in and out here. I hope someone will join me! :D

This is a quieter weekend for us. We plan to stay close to home...getting some things in order and just relaxing. We plan to order dinner in tonight and then walk to a new ice cream parlor that has opened in our neighborhood. DH asked to go and said, let's walk up and back. I think that is a good thing!

We have some TV shows DVR'd and will get caught up on those. I'm reading a new book by Barbra Delinsky called Sweet Salt has my attention and I love to read!

See you all later!

08-03-2013, 11:25 PM
Dh is busy, so I got online to read e-mails & here I am.

Susie :hug: "You deserve the -2.25# off" :flow1: U r working very hard to b healthy again & U will b more Beautiful in your clothes w every -20 pounds U lose :cloud9: Your book looks interesting, I googled it. I like movies & books that are Not: scary, violent, or X-rated/porn-garbage=Shades of Gray, its sad that ppl read her porn books & she got rich. I like comedies, romance, action flicks-like Vin Diesel, the James Bonds, suspense, some Sci-Fi, soap opera's & the older TV shows like PBS, Bewitched, westerns, Robin Hood, etc. most cartoons- do U remember The Flintstones & Jetsons :D

Carri :hug: sweetie U r in my prayers that U get a harmless diagnosis on your bloat probs. I like Natasha too on MC, & Jessie for some reason annoys me, like a spoiled rich girl :dizzy: James has been a fav of mine, probably because he likes to camp/a nature dude :cool: On BB who do U want to win, I'm still on the fence right now. I missed the final HK :( episode, which girl got it?

DH had to work this morning & I treated myself to breakfast @ the bakery w 2 pastries :p @ least I didn't buy 6 :D I brought 2 home for dh. He almost never works 6 hrs. on Saturday but had a machine to ship to New Zealand asap & the double-time pay will buy stuff he wants for his 4x4 truck. I have a friend that is Australian & she says New Zealand is where they always had vaca because its prettier than Australia & that surprised me. I've never left the continental U.S. except the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. What countries have U all vaca'd @?? We've been to: CA, CO, FL, GA, IN, IL, OH, NC, NV, SC, TN, VA, WV & WI. I still plan to eat/visit :p Hawaii, New York, Hershey-Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas & Puerto Rico :p Yumm ~ Martha Stewart visited Puerto Rico on her TV show years ago & I told dh we gotta go there someday, very pretty & delish food. My youngest son went to Spain for 2 weeks in high school after his 4th year of Spanish class, I only speak English :^:

I'm sleepy now, g'night girls. Have a wonderful Sunday! See you'all next week.

08-04-2013, 09:00 PM
Hi. I can't believe Monday is almost here. The weekend has went so fast.

We have terrific weather here today, sunny and warm, the air has a cool breeze in it. Carri-I hope that you have had this weather as I know you like the cooler weather.

Dee: Oh yes I remember the Flintstones and the Jetsons! I still love watching them.

My book is interesting..I'm about a hour from finishing it. I want to finish it and I don't want to.

About the Fifty Shades series. I was like you, I didn't want to read it at all..and didn't until last January. A friend gave them to me and said to me "this will make your toes curl but there is a love story there...really..there is". I was surprised that there was and really the last two books weren't a graphic as the first too...the first too had my eyebrows raised ALOT!

How are you doing with logging your food? I know you were going to start again.

The places I have been are Nashville, TN, Indiana, Memphis, TN, Michigan, West VA, Gatlinburg, TN and Pigeon Forge, Las Vegas, San Antonio TX, Orlando FL, Atlanta GA, Myrtle Beach SC, CA, Hershey PA, Philly, PA, Pittsburg, PA, Niagara Falls (Canadian side), Gettysburg, PA, Minnesota , Charlotte NC. Miami, FL. Traveled through VA and Tallahassee, FL, also been to the Puerto Rico, St. Martin, St. Thomas, Nassau Bahamas (this was all on a cruise)

Carri: I am sending you good thoughts about your apt with the doctor on Monday. Don't be surprised if they want to do a couple of lower GI's the best way for them to be sure what is going on.

I'm hoping you saw 204 this morning.

I have done pretty well with my food this weekend...but not my exercise. I haven't gotten but one walk in. I've got to get moving tomorrow. Oh, I'm meeting the trainer at the new gym at my work place tomorrow so I can be cleared to work out....can't wait!

08-05-2013, 11:32 AM
Morning Ladies – I had a great weekend , busy, and yes Susie we are getting the cooler weather too and it is AWESOME !!!

Books – I don’t read a lot but when I do I mostly go for biographies….and p.s I do like the smut books ….haha…but I have never read 50 Shades of Grey, I just wouldn’t do it because everyone kept telling me I HAD to …so I was being a brat, haha

Dee – JaNell ( don’t think that’s spelled right ) won on HK …I’m glad, I didn’t want Mary to win …I do really like James on MC too, so either him or Natasha would be okay to win for me …on BB I don’t really have a favorite per say….none of them stand out to me as far as liking them …but this season is definitely entertaining me

Well, I didn’t lose ANY weight last week …I hate when I have a week like that …I did have a couple of days where I went over calories but nothing that bad, so I was pretty frustrated and felt like I was good 90% of the time for nothing …I was at 206 last Sunday and was at 205.8 yesterday ….so at least I didn’t gain I guess….

Speaking of gaining we are going to the State Fair this Friday …we go one time each year to sample and eat all the goodies…I don’t hold myself back on this day, I just enjoy it and we have a good time …so I’m looking forward to it.

Thank you both for the kind words about my doc appt this afternoon …I will make sure and let you know how it went tomorrow.

Susie – what’s a lower GI ? Hope it has nothing to do with them going in my back end – lol !!! That would be my nightmare scenario …
GREAT JOB on your loss !!!! I know you will continue to do great.

Have a great Monday all !!!!

08-05-2013, 05:12 PM
:p Girls! I'm craving a candy bar right now & my dh ate the rest of the chocolate Bridge Mix candy last night :( After dh gets home from work IF my chocolate craving is still going, I'll make a batch of 'peanut-butter/cocoa/oatmeal no-bake cookies, but they take hours to dry to eat :o

We had a mid 70* weekend too. I found a blue-print for a Mission-style loveseat & we bought the wood Saturday & dh built it yesterday. I just finished staining it & I will put a top-coat on it tomorrow & sew the cushions this week. My original plan was to put casters/rollers on it using it on the deck, for extra seating; but it's so cute I'm thinking about setting it in our family room now & set it on the deck next summer :?: Yesterday I cooked spinach lasagna/w carrot cake dessert/their suppers & 5-veggie-spaghetti salad/their lunch w garlic breadsticks; for the 5 homes I kept as clients when I retired from my catering business. A few years ago I talked them into 2 meatless meals weekly, so today is: meatless Monday & on Thursday is a stir-fry/w German choc. cake/their suppers & cheese ravioli/w monkey-bread for lunch. Wednesday is dh & my fast day for Jesus & so we eat 600 cals to take his RX & dh chose veggie egg-rolls/w won ton soup this week w fruit for our dessert.
I'm back to logging my food & when we went to Home Depot for the wood, we stopped @ Rally's, its a fast-food drive-thru in Michigan & we got a choc./vanilla twist waffle cone 2/$2 & I am Serious, their ice cream tasted 'more' creamier-richer-decadent; than the ice cream we've paid $4 per cone @ the ice cream shops. Soo U know where our snack stop will b till they stop selling it this summer, we'll skip the fries & hot-fudge sundae & save our cals/carbs on those shopping trips for Rally's :p

Susie, U sound very excited about meeting the trainer at your new gym at work & getting a personalized routine, I would love to b U ;) Hey, San Antonio, TX what did U do/see there & I'm guessing @ Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge U were antiquing or? At Minnesota did U visit the Mall of America, on my list... I wish dh & I were w U on those trips. When U were in Puerto Rico did U tour that island or eat the local foods, Martha Stewart ate @ several local Yummy, mom & pop food vendors & restaurants. I watched um the first 10 min. of a porn movie w dh (I was completely embarrassed) when we got married 18 yrs ago, the title looked like a real movie, duh I'm naïve. His ex-w had a x-rated book @ his home & I started reading it (till the violent sex-toy chapter) & then tossed the book in the trash & decided R was my highest rating I can deal with. We've watched 'Harold & Kumar', etc. & other crazy R rated comedies & we laughed like teenagers.

Carri, TY for the HK winner & I also like the personality of Janelle better. Mary has a nasal-whiny voice & sorta superior attitude from her experience. The house on BB freaked-out laughing when GinaMarie explained her 2 block nominations & that house is Completely out of control w Amanda & Jessie & Helen; those 3 r making Elisa & Arryn look like the nice ppl now. I think Jessie cries & whines like she's has pms & the guys r the most stable & will end up controlling the game. State Fair food :p:p get me something chocolate & battered & deep-fried. B sure to take some Tums, etc. w U :D The lower GI test is badddd, I had it once & refused it ever again unless they put me to sleep, like they do for a colonoscopy. Upper GI test is drink some goop & just get a x-ray.

Girls, don't forget to watch Des tonight on Bachelorette. Dh just got home, bye.....

08-05-2013, 11:27 PM
Hi...I'm having a very tough time....BIG annoucement tomorrow at work. My job is safe but my role will change and no one can tell me how's scary and I'm a bit mad as I have worked my tail off in this position.

This is where my faith will come in. Please say prayers and think good thoughts. I need support. Very hard to not want to soothe myself with food...but I'm fighting that urge.

I did get to the work gym and can start using it next week..I am excited.

Carri: So sorry there wasn't a loss for you..Just hang in there, it will happen. So, now you know the lower GI does involve the back-end but I think they put people in a twighlight sleep for it..don't stress...the doctor might not even do anything like that. Did you have your appt today?

Dee: Did the craving go away? Did you watch the Bachelorette tonight?

I will answer the travel questions later. I am about to clean my cat's ear, and get ready for bed. Need good sleep before tomorrow..with that annoucement (and I have to run the technology part of the meeting) it is going to be a long day.

08-06-2013, 11:18 AM
Morning Ladies ...dr appt went well yesterday, she believes I'm just very backed up and constipated so I will have to start taking peri colace for a few days to get things moving and then her and I discussed my diet and realized that I'm not getting much in the way of fiber, so I will start taking a fiber pill or two daily and try to up my fiber intake in my diet as well...if not better in a month she wants to see me again ...fingers crossed !!!

Susie - hope the change to your job isn't that huge...I work in a big company and I know how quickly things can change from day to day...I'm just glad you will still have your are doing so good with not stress eating...stay strong. Hope your meeting goes well. :hug:

Dee - forgot to answer travel question ...I have never been out of the country but have been to a few states ( TN, CA, FL, MO, CO, GA, TN ) and in Oct I can add DC :) ... The Bachlorette was heart breaking last night, I really thought she wouldn't pick anyone but I'm glad she ended up with him, they seem truly happy together.
I guess the thing at this years fair is deep fried white castles :( that doesn't sound good to me but dh wants one...I want the deep fried milky way and I will have one, haha
Also RALLYS is my FAVORITE, we have them here too and those fries are so good I can't stay out of I don't go there often but I love it.

I still feel pretty bloated this morning although with the meds I was able to go this morning quite a hopefully things will keep moving...

Have a good day ladies.

08-06-2013, 02:00 PM
Carri: Glad you got that news at the doctor. The extra fiber should help but be sure to add extra water...or you get cement! ;) :o. The best way to do the fiber is mix it with water or your can make freezes with it. If you don't like it that way, you can get the pills. DH does it that way..he has to take them daily has he has colitis (sp?). It has made a big difference for him.

I didn't make it to any fairs this year. We have a corn festival in Sept and I will go to it. I always have a ear of corn...dripping in butter and share a elephant ear with DH and take home cotton candy.

I have never tried any of the "fried" candy bar treats.

You said you will be in DC in will have to tell me the dates as we are planning to be there in October too. Wouldn't that be a hoot if we were there at the same time?

Thank you for your kind words about my stress today with the annoucement. I work for a LARGE company as well and usually the big annoucements don't affect me so much directly but this one does. I have a lot of emotions around it.

Dee: In San Antonio I was there for a conference and stayed on the River has been one of my most favorite trips. In Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge we just went there to be was nice, but I'm not a mountain sort of girl.

In Minnesota I went there to meet my Danish friend and her daughters. One of her daughters was a exchange student there. We did go to the Mall of America.

In San Juan Puerto Rico, were were there for most of the day (it was our first stop on the cruise). We did eat some local food and had a LOT of local rum! ;)

Ok..lunch break over for me. See you all tomorrow.

08-06-2013, 08:38 PM
Hellllooo Chicklets :smug:

Carri :hug: I Luv your good diagnosis news :) Plus w taking the poopy pills your weight will drop :D daily.... DC what r U going to see? We haven't been there but we want to go too. What did U do in MO, Branson concerts? U gotta tell me after U eat your deep fried milky way how good it is, it's my dh's fav candy bar. What's the name of your fiber pills, just incase my plumbing gets stuck too. My dh always gets a large milkshake @ Rally's w a large fry & still weighs 170#-175# & 5'9" I'm jealous that men r soo lucky that they don't get fat :dizzy: When U saw Tori on FB, how is she doing w her health & family? Is she still going south to visit her inlaws or is she back already? Carri, please tell her I miss her & I hope she will b back this fall to chat w us, TY :smug:

Susie :hug: U may get another 'promotion' today for being such a 'dedicated professional' or they may b giving U an 'assistant', please do not worry :angel: Great for U to Not eat being stressed-out :cheer3: Since getting my KindleFire in February, it's been my go-to instead of treats, when I'm stressed, bored or can't fall asleep (next to dh sleeping, I'm surfing the web/or writing a post to U girls, doing a puzzle or reading, it has a built-in light). W dozens of apps, lists, books & puzzles on it, I bought a 2nd; 1 I keep just in my purse. Dh has his own K.Fire w guy books, etc. I tried a friends I-pad mini & she tried my K.Fire, then she bought a K.Fire like mine instead of a 2nd I-pad mini, because the K.Fire has some better features/more Free apps, books, etc. than her I-Pad/I-Phone she said. Load the Moron Test if U ever buy a K.Fire & U will LOL playing it :smug: Having something interesting & handy ;) is always a better way to relax than snacking. ps: I'm grocery shopping Friday, what's the wine U had @ your friends home? Your trips sounded very wonderful :cool: do U fly or drive mostly? Spill & tell us tomorrow the Good/bad news :hug: U got about your job :hug: we care!

Soo happy for Des & Chris's happy ending :val3: last night. I've had my TV on today & every show has belittled :( them calling Chris 'the rebound guy & Des as desperate female' saying she did it for TV & the $ ring. On TV's ABC Kelly & Michael Strahan, he said so many insults that I wanted to tell him to shut-up & then he said "I guess I've said too much & Chris will want to fight me when they walk-out", I'm thinking somebody told him in his ear-piece to shut-up quickly; Des & Chris were guests & handled the interview w grace & class. But Michael Strahan shocked me & crossed the line of kindness/respect, he was the meanest w his insults of all the TV shows about Des & Chris today. On ABC the View Sherri Shepard & Whoopi G. called them both fakes & said Des did it just to get the ring from anybody who'd ask her. ABC Good Morning America 1 anchor also beat on them :( before they walked out, that Des is just a rebounder w Chris as 2nd best choice. Alll of that has to b hurting Chris more than Des, because Des said on TV she won't let Chris watch her w Brooks in Antigua; because it could make Chris get doubts about her feelings & she doesn't want that. Des & Chris handled each interview w class & embraced each other & she announced she is moving to Seattle this month & Chris said they r getting a New place together & they said they r planning a summer wedding :smug: My prayers r w them w all the nasty words ppl r saying. Soon those same ppl will have a new famous victim to bully & belittle, & Des & Chris can put all the mean gossip behind them: "Lord be with Des & Chris & protect them & guide them during their engagement & marriage" amen. None of the TV hosts should beat-up on anyone because each of them was divorced.... I'll b watching Juan Pablo's in January a gorg 32 yr. man, I bet he has a longggg line of girls applying to fall in Luv w him, the show is filmed 3 months in advance so they better rush their apps :D

Take care girls :snow4: & have a fun week.

08-07-2013, 11:30 AM
Morning, took double the dose of the peri colace yesterday to get things moving...I have went the last two mornings but I don't think that's enough, this stool softener just works too slow for me...ughhhh :D I am also taking the Metamucil fiber capsules...since I don't like to drink things like that...started taking them slowly as too much fiber all at once can cause more working up to the daily dose ...but like I said things are moving so I will take it ..

Last night I made 6 blueberry muffins and dh ate two and I ended up eating the other four :( Went to bed stuffed and feeling bad about myself today I'm trying to forget about it and move on, even though my belly still feels kind of full ...don't know why I did it, I didn't even want all four of the time I ate the 4th one I was about to burst, but I ate it anyway issues

We are going to DC the first of October ...actually we will be staying with friends just outside of DC ( that is the main reason we are going is to visit them ), but since we will be close and I have never been there I want to go and check it all out.

Dee - next time I talk to Tori on fb I will let her know you miss her :hug: Yeah I agree on the whole Des and Chris thing but you know how the media is, they just rip people apart ...the don't revere marriage, they dump spouses right and left who are they to judge? A-holes !

Susie - oh yes, I will definitely have a ear of corn there with the butter dripping from it, mmmmmmmm ....if I drink anymore water I may burst ...I usually drink too much water than not enough since that's all I drink I'm on a water pill so I'm always peeing ( just can't do the other haha ).

Today is my baby brothers 32nd bday :carrot: Happy Birthday Aaron !!!!
Also my sister got a job she has really been wanting, and I am so happy for her, she found out this morning ...good day so far :)

later ladies !!!

08-08-2013, 12:20 PM
G'morning Girls :smug: I'm online early today. Several appts today soon.

Carri, I understand when U said: [Went to bed stuffed and feeling bad about myself today I'm trying to forget about it and move on, even though my belly still feels kind of full ...don't know why I did it, I didn't even want all 4 of the time I ate the 4th one I was about to burst, but I ate it anyway issues].
I hope w all my heart :hug: that U will do what is best for U & your health & happiness. Many of us have been in your place, U know the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child'. Well that's because Nobody knows everything, & U r not alone w overeating. I came up w a 'mantra': '1 Me, 1 Life, & 1 serving size of food @ each meal'. I'm not ready to die before I'm 81 yr. My eating plan is so easy, because I 'cannot over-eat' on anything & I 'can eat anything as a snack'. There is 'no stress & all my meals r balanced', our bodies just need a minimum of (1 protein, 1 veg, 1 fruit) in each meal & anything more is a health bonus. It's a no-plan routine. Plus I have 5 rules for myself to stay faithful to my body/health. I'm very content daily, physically & mentally. When U choose a plan, share it w us so we can support U. BB do U think Candice is going home & who else :dizzy: I'll really miss MC, but I'm looking forwards to the kids cooking next :) I'm happy for your sister & brother, U r so lucky to have them in your life :D

Hi Susie, I hope your having a great week & I really hope :hug: U got another promotion or your own assistant @ work this week as your surprise change.

Everyone B good to yourself & have a beautiful week :cool:

08-09-2013, 10:29 AM
Morning Ladies …..well I’m working half day and then heading off to the State Fair to start my weekend ….I’m ready to eat !!!!! hahaha….

We had Chinese last night for dinner for the first time in a long time and my stomach was killing me…I had horrible heart burn all night…guess that’ll teach me to eat crap for dinner ….gonna take it a little easy at the fair because of it …but I’ll also just have a really light dinner tonight to offset some of it too.

Dee – I normally don’t do what I did the other night …I’m normally pretty good 95% of the time…You have a great attitude toward eating…I wish I could eat some of the stuff you do and still diabetes makes it hard on me to even lose so I’m grateful for the 18 lbs I’ve lost since June 1st…since I had to fight for each one, haha ….thanks for the kind words.
My plan is what I’ve been following for the last couple of months, 1500 cals per day and really watch my carbs …no simple sugars…

Hi Susie !

Hope you both have a great weekend…says a chance of rain while we are at the fair today, I really hope not but I have my umbrella just in case.

See ya!!

08-09-2013, 11:37 AM
Oh Dee – forgot to mention …did you watch BB last night ? What the heck happened ? Why pick on Judd all of the sudden …I was so shocked by that…this season is getting crazy ….
I also think that McCrae and Amanda won’t last outside of the house, I mean he’s pretty sick of her now …the way she was treating Candice during the POV competition made me want to find her and hurt her …I SO want Amanda gone ASAP

08-09-2013, 03:57 PM
Carri, I didn't realize U had a 18 lb loss since June :woohoo: And FYI I soo very much Respect everyone taking control of their bodies & health & I am Proud of U & very happy to b your friend ;)
And hey, no more 'put-downs' about Chinese food being crap :p Duh its as yummy & healthy as the rest of the world :D Must b yours was spicy/fried or big servings??? I just refuse to eat 'insects/reptiles/animal organs :tape:
BB, Judd was blabbing too much, [the real rat, not Candace] & everyone liked him so much, but thought he would keep 'flipping' like when Howie lied to Helen, Judd did too. I feel the same as U about 'Amanda :dizzy:' I think she's kinda Unstable. If McCray stays w her later, they could help each other w their probs & motivate each other; his w better employment & hers w daily being fair & compassionate. There is hope for Amanda, she said out loud, "time to b nice the nice Amanda & not get any votes" as she left their bedroom. That's why McCray is good for her, to let the 'nice Amanda b seen" :) The pressure being in that house right now, could make anybody 'crack' & 'get snarky' & has. I've seen her nice, so I think she just thinks its fun being the 'mean girl' now :^: after Arryn started being nice they needed a new bully I guess :?: And yes, I like Judd & McCray the best of the final 4 guys left. I know you'll have a awesome day @ the Fair :D

Hi Susie :wave:

08-10-2013, 01:46 PM
Hi, I just left QVC & wanted to give U some info on a GREAT buy on a flattering-cute designer skirt. But it's limited on the Lunchtime Special that ends @ 4pm. If it was in my size I'd buy ALL 3 @ this great price. :smug: So if U or anyone U know can wear a 2x or 3x, pass this on ASAP before they r sold out.$uslarge$

Item A203661 George Simonton Animal Print Milky Knit Gored Skirt
Customer Top Rated
Retail Value: $57.00 QVC Price: $39.50
Lunchtime Special Price: $16.50
Good until August 10, 2013 3:59 p.m. ET
Shipping & Handling: $5.97
Current Sizes Available: Size 3X
Colors Available: Black combo, Navy combo or Brown combo

Roar into the season in style. This skirt's allover animal print with metallic shimmer lets you unleash your wild side. From Simonton Says by George Simonton.

•Elastic Waistband, Gored Paneling.

•S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16), XL(18-20), 1X(18W-20W), 2X(22W-24W), 3X(26W-28W)
•Semi-fitted; at the waist. Length measurements XS 28-3/4", S 29", M 29-1/4", L 29-1/2", XL 29-3/4", 1X 30", 2X 30-1/4", 3X 30-1/2"
•96% polyester/4% spandex
•Machine wash, tumble dry

I hope everyone enjoys this gorgeous weekend. See you'all next week :hug:

08-11-2013, 08:28 AM
Hi Ladies,

I tried to come and post on Friday but the site would just spin and spin.

I have a 1/2 lb loss to report at TOPS on Thursday. I was a bit disappointed because I really felt like I lost at least 2 lb, but that is what it said. At least it is a loss 3 times in a row.

Carri: How was the fair? I'm happy to hear that you are starting to feel less bloated. Just keep taking the meds and using the fiber pills. I found when I started adding apples, fiber one bars (I have them for breakfast a lot) or Quaker Oat breakfast bars things seem to "go" better for me. ;)

Dee: I missed the skirt deal but I did take a look at it and it is still available and for under $20. I'm thinking about getting one in the brown combo. It would look great with a black sweater and my black boots this fall.

Thanks for sending the link. Also, I haven't gotten a chance to talk to my friend about what that wine was. All I remember was it was a dessert wine and it was black cherry. It was very chilled (I like my wine COLD) and very tasty.

So, with the announcement at work that we are getting now have a new director--our previous one is going to leave the company after 25 years. I think it was a bit much for her with all the traveling. She is home about 1 week out of the month. She did it for 2 years and I think she has made the best decision for her family.

Now our Director is in the US and it looks like I will be supporting him for now along with all my other duties. Day to day I will be busier with him than I was with our other Director as he will be physically here.

We aren't sure how things will play out in the future; if I am going to continue to support him (and it would make the most sense) then some of the other things I do will most likely be handed off to other Admins because I will pick up some additional projects as his Admin.

As long as I have a job, I'm ok with whatever happens.

I plan to get a walk in this evening with DH.

Have a great day everyone!

08-11-2013, 09:49 PM
Hi Girls ~ umm I never say Ladies, because I Know none of us r quote "Ladies" as defined in the dictionary :D

Susie I was very Happy to read your post today! But I Really wish that your career news was 1 of my 2 choices for you; 'Getting another promotion or U were receiving your very Own assistant to help U ;) Hopefully your new boss will soon recognize how Valuable a asset U r to P&G & give U 1 of my 2 wishes for U or both :smug: of them. I agree w your black boots & sweater all those skirts will look great, especially the brown will look good as a day-to-night out look. A 1/2# Loss :yes: I'd b Proud of that, allll Losses r better than a +2# gain @ WI. I stopped @ our local supermarket Friday on my way home from the city & 1 of the clerks is my fav & I went to her register (she's 27 yr. size 3-4, a Elementary school teacher Sept.-June) she handed me her contact info. & asked me if I'd accept her as a food client. She had the dreaded GI tests, both ends & diagnosed w irritable bowel syndrome & wants to wear a size 6-7, her prior size & can't put weight-on w/o probs. I suggested her hospital dietician & she is so stressed that she doesn't feel she can follow that info alone. I said get all the info for her specific diagnosis from her hospital dietician & bring it to me & I'd cook 4 days of meals for her & next we'll menu plan & we'll cook together, so that she's confident w her IBS & feel in-control & b okay & to gain 10 lbs. to b a size 6-7 again & then she won't need me. I think ppl that have a diagnosis pertaining to GI/coronary/diabetes, etc. health issues should speak to their hospital dietician & take a class if possible & feel safe & improve their prognosis. RX have so many side effects. Susie, I'm not aiming my comments about your family, this is just so much on my mind. I meet w this young school teacher tomorrow & she is so sweet; but I wish she would ask her mom or a family member to guide & teach her instead of me w their family bonds. But she trusts me & I can't say no to cooking for her & teaching her better/healthier cooking skills.

Today was dh's company picnic, it's always fun being in the chuck-wagon lunch line & having all the department heads & president & the CEO serving the employees lunch. Dh started his job there @ 21 yr. coming from 3 yr. of vocational training in high school in drafting & manufacturing & there were 700 employees, working there for 28 yr. & during the past 15 yr. due to technology, employees were eliminated keeping the best 350 ppl. Their annual Christmas party held in a hotel convention center, is a formal dinner dance by invitation & w 2 bands & a free open bar & prize wheel for 35 w prizes worth $15,000-$20,000 depending on how many 4 night all inclusive vacation trips r on the prize wheel w the smallest cash prize $200 up to $1,000. Dh's name has never won, but our son won $400 & a Samsung 43" LCD TV (he works check-out dept.). The picnics r always totally free & about family/kids/grandkids, w pony rides, pedal tractor-pulls, frog jumping contests, etc. & free food; plus RN nurses for family free health assessments & blood-typing; w 5, cash $300 door prizes. Also factory tours of the 20 manufacturing work areas of the company riding in a topless-seated tour bus holding 24 ppl. Dh proudly described each area to me as we rode through the factory, even though we take this tour during the picnic every 2 yr., he beamed w pride. Dh knows each employee there as a friend & a co-worker & spouse (wife is a tops friend of mine) we sat w last yr. won $500 & they were leaving for a church mission trip to Mexico late December & {God answered their prayers to pay their trip expenses}. At the picnic I stuck to my '1 serving mantra/rule' while 'temptation said as usual', 'just 1 more macadamia cookie w white & chocolate fudge chunks won't hurt me' but I simply refused it & ate a yummy lunch. I saw lots of overweight women taking 2-4 of those cookies; but we know the saying "U r what U eat" & those ladies definitely wore a size XL or bigger clothes. My dh ate as I did, but later he went to the ice cream bar & he made himself a 6" tall ice-cream sundae w a base of cookie pieces, a brownie, 4 scoops of ice cream & 3 sauces & topped it off w whipped cream :p My belly would've exploded eating all that 1/2 hr. after finishing lunch, he rinsed it down w a bottle of ice water. I just don't know why men never get fat :dizzy: Anyways that was our lovely day :) Dh wants us to run one of the kids games @ the next company picnic in 2 yr. & after watching him gulp down his sundae, I enthusiastically said 'yes' :D Hopefully allll the ice-cream will b gone by the time the kid's game ends & dh will b left w watermelon or cookies for his dessert :D next time.

Carri, BB is on & I am watching, right now its on a commercial ;) Tell me what U ate 'just for me @ the Fair' :cool: I HOPE it was superrrr yummy!

08-12-2013, 05:22 PM
Hi girls!! Im sorry i left without saying anything, what started out as(i cant get to the computer cuz we are remodeling and the garage is full, turned into no accountability ever, i ate everything i wanted, and stopped walking, biking, seeing friends..but, I'm back!! We ne army finished our tiling and painting etc, i gave up on myself for a while, since working out was too hard and dieting was not fun.i quit. I was ashamed that I Got tired and quit,i was also shamed by my 30 lb weight gain i wanted to be the one who always bounced back, who loses weight, and stops failing,i didn't want to be a debbie downer and tell you all the t r u t h: but now i will because im in a better place mentally, even though i binged today= recently I weighed in at 250, i was shocked, sad, and felt super ugly. Then i stopped eating everything i wanted and started eating healthy.. im down to 239 and, im taking it one day at a time. Im gonna catch up on your posts. Ive missed you all.

08-12-2013, 08:01 PM
Welcome back Tori! You have been missed. I am excited that you will now start posting EVERY day right?! :hug::D

Dee: That lady is very blessed to have you help her with the food and to learn how to cook for herself. Speaking to a dietician is a good idea for anyone...especially when dealing with a disease. The issue is that isn't usually suggested unless it diabetes and even then it is costly.

Usually they hand you a guide to follow-very helpful. I have used those and started searching the internet to help me find good for you /tasty dishes to prepare.

I'm so proud of you for only having one cookie and keeping everything in moderation at the company picnic!

Carri: Have you recovered from the fair?

I had a super busy day at work but got a lot done, but I still left with 35 unanswered/executed emails...but I went from 335 to that!

My issue this week is that I have many meetings where lunch is being served to us. I will not have control of what is there but I DO have control of what I put in my body....that and Dee's '1 serving mantra/rule are what is going to get me another loss on those scales this week!

08-13-2013, 11:24 AM
:hug:Morning Ladies - I'm back. I was off work yesterday so didn't get in here...we do have a computer at home ( and my iphone ) but I just never think to get on here while I'm at home, haha...

We had a GREAT time at the fair...we split everything we got so we could have a taste of everything and not get SUPER full ...I was full when I left there but not all around it was just a great afternoon spent with my dh walking around just the two of us :love: Love that man so much.

But ..... of course I was off plan all weekend ...I really have to get stronger about that...seems one day really throws me off for 2 or 3 ...but I was back on strong yesterday and look forward to a little loss by this week end, hopefully :crossed:

Tori - nice to see you back on here, we have missed you. Don't worry about your gain, we have all did it ...great job for getting 11 lbs off so rock !! :hug:

Susie - I'm so glad that your job is not in jeopardy. I have a lot of situations where I have to eat what I'm served at meetings and such, normally with just about anything I can make a healthy choice and I'm sure you can to.

Hi Dee !!!!

So have any of you ladies ever pulled your groin muscle? I did something to mine and boy does it hurt when I walk ...ouch ...

Have a great day all.

08-13-2013, 02:49 PM
So have any of you ladies ever pulled your groin muscle? I did something to mine and boy does it hurt when I walk ...ouch ...
Last summer I did that too, while water-skiing. When I dropped my 2nd ski to put my other foot into my double ski, I lost balance & fell Hard, the boat going so fast made the water feel like I hit cement :cry: Carri, I hope that U heal very quickly & it doesn't hurt sitting @ work
So what did 'we' eat that was 'chocolate', sweet-salty & deep-fried @ the Fair :p SPILL it :p

Hey Tori :hug: I'm sooo happy that your back Home w us :grouphug: WoW U had such a big Loss -11 pounds :cheer: U r doing IT, never give up & keep going forwards :cheer2: Did U have your trip to visit your in-laws like U mentioned & r U still home-schooling the kids this year? I have a friend that works & her kids age 6 & 9 yr. r in parochial school 9am-2pm 4 days weekly w a wonderful after-school program of doing community volunteer work. Her kids tried public school & hated the unruly behavior/mean kids, etc. Holly tried getting them into a group of home-schooled kids, but that mom only accepted a group of 12 kids. I remember U wanting more time w your girls :smug: their time is so precious, as long as U remember that Tori needs 'special time too' ;) Please Come back soon!

Susie, U must b a speed-reader :o typist w all those answered e-mails, that is so impressive! About my '1 serving size' mantra, my dh smiles really big when we eat out, because I divide my foods in half so I eat just '1 serving size' instead of the over-size portions that the restaurants dish-out & I ask our server to take it away so I'm not tempted to 'graze' on the over-size serving & I share my dh's dessert instead of ordering my own, or when possible I order from the kids menu. If I didn't balance my eating w my '1 serving size foods', I'd b plump/fat/chunky from all the cooking & taste-tests I do during the week when I cook for my customers. My treat this week for myself is: a yummy angel-food cake & different berries everyday w low-fat whipped topping or a lemon curd (I'll use mini-cake pans & make 6 cakes). I'm baking berry pies & banana crème cake for clients & dh for their desserts. Susie-Q, "U r going to hit your -5 pound loss monthly" till Christmas :dancer: I know U will & so does Jesus, HE is your biggest cheerleader :angel:

Work is calling, I'm happy everyone had a nice weekend! I hope your week is even Better :)

08-14-2013, 07:42 AM
Hey chickies! Thank u so much for welcoming me back.
I will start posting everyday, i haven't gone to the family, i honestly am stalling because of my weight,i know it sounds unreasonable.
We're beginning homeschool next Monday. Had some Chinese last night, so im up to 247 this morning. Im gonna have some breakfast now. :-)

08-14-2013, 07:44 AM
Oh i think i replied with a wrong box the other one was at the top, feel free to delete , im sorry if it seemed like i was trying to make that post stand out

08-14-2013, 12:04 PM
Morning Ladies …another GORGEOUS day here in Indiana …nice and cool, bright and sunny …it was only 55 degrees though on my way to work…I was wishing I would have brought a sweater…but in true Indiana form it is supposed to get back up to the 90’s soon and then cool off again…it’s funny how many of us around here are just ready for Fall, when we didn’t even really have a bad Summer heat wise.
Schools started back up here again today …seems like that part of Summer flew by. Now I have to go back to watching my speed in the school zone’s.

Tori – hey girl, don’t sweat it, a lot of times it takes me 3 to 6 really good tries to get back on before I do …it just takes time to get yourself into that mental space for it …don’t worry about the gain, it’s just water weight from all the sodium in the Chinese food…start fresh today and remember how good you feel when the weight is coming off. We are here for you.

Dee – Just when I think this groin is getting better I walk a certain way, or take a step down and the muscle cramps up again…Aleve seems to take care of it so I’ve been taking that when I need to …I also heard ice was good for it …but that just seems way to cold, haha.
I didn’t eat anything chocolate at the fair, but I’m not a big chocolate fan …I did have a corn dog, steak sandwich, pork on a stick, elephant ear, huge fresh lemonade, and part of a strawberry shake…dh and I split all of this ( except the corn dog ) so I didn’t get too full…gotta have my elephant ear every time, it was so good.

Hi Susie – hope you are having a good OP day.

Gonna go at lunch and try to find a new fan for the bedroom, dh and I can’t sleep without the white noise from the fan and I need another one…can’t wait to get out at that time and enjoy the weather, maybe get a green tea from Starbucks.

Food 8/13
B = J Dean light breakfast sandwich – 230
L = new REV wrap in spicy Italian – 260, baked chips – 90
S = popcorn – 50, sandwich thin – 70, peanut butter – 135
D = 4 oz skinless turkey smoked sausage – 230, 1 cup of grilled veggie couscous ( this recipe turned out SO good ) – 200
S = grape fruit jce popcicle – 60, serving of low fat Pringles – 140
Total for day - 1465

08-15-2013, 09:04 AM
GoodGood Morning chickies! I weighed in at 243 this morning. My car has been stuck for almost a month so its fixed and im going to the gym. Yay!! I hope you girls have a great day!!:hug:

08-15-2013, 10:21 AM
Morning Ladies ….

I can’t get over the beautiful weather we are having in August …normally it’s so hot and humid in August that you can barely stand it…it’s so nice….hope you all are having great weather where you are at.

Tori – yay for you going to the gym !!!! Do some elliptical for me, haha …

Food 8/14
B = breakfast sandwich – 230
L = Rev wrap – 200, chips – 180
S = 8 choc animal crackers -65, fiber bar – 130
D = veggie pizza, quite a few slices – calories ????
S = granola bar – 190
Total for day - ????? not sure, but pretty sure I was over ….at least I didn’t have pepperoni pizza …and it was on thin crust, so that helped haha

Have a great one ladies !!

08-15-2013, 12:11 PM
Hello! I have been doing the best I can with food...exercise this week has been another story.

Long story short, my father-in-law went to the ER on Tuesday night with what we thought was a kidney infection. It turned out to be a bowel obstruction from a hernia that he had repaired 30 years ago! He had emergency surgery yesterday and will be in the hospital for at least a week.

He's 77 yrs old and in great shape other than this.

I wish my life would settle down a bit! :dizzy:

Tori: How did it feel to get back to the gym?

Carri: I KNEW you would be loving this weather. It is very nice and has that "fall" feel to it in the mornings and evenings.

Dee: I love that idea of dividing foods in half so I eat just '1 serving size' instead of the over-size portions that the restaurants dish-out & asking the server to take it away so I'm not tempted to 'graze' on the over-size serving.

This got me thinking back when 8 years ago I went from 298 to 239 in a matter of 9 months...I did those sorts of things. I wish I would have kept a journal so I would have it for a least I have the 3 of you here with me sharing these things and keeping them in front of my thoughts.

See you all tomorrow!

08-16-2013, 09:24 AM
242,made an awesome dinner last night, salad with radishes and chives, and smoky ranch with chilies, bacon wrapped chicken and lo carb cheese cake yum!! The girls broke their first board in karate last night, they loved it.

As for the gym im going today, last time I got side tracked! Monday is my first belly dance class... wish me luck :belly:

08-16-2013, 10:34 AM
Morning All -

Well I had a great day yesterday staying OP until about 8:00 …dh and I got a sweet tooth, he ran over to the store and got some doughnuts…wah wah …..tonight we are going out with some co-workers of mine to celebrate one of their upcoming weddings…should be a good time but I have reviewed the menu and nothing really low cal …I may ask dh to split something with me or do what Dee does and only eat half and have the other half wrapped up.

Needless to say I probably won’t be weighing in again this weekend…

I’m so excited for the weekend…gorg weather…get to relax and do what I want …but will probably clean quite a bit if my groin injury will allow…last night I made dinner and had to stand for about an hour and it was really screaming at me by the end of that…

Susie – I have been keeping up with your FIL on your fb status’…hoping everything turns out okay and he can return to normal…don’t get too stressed !!!

Tori – I would love to try belly dancing and I hear it’s great exercise …can’t wait to hear how it goes for you.

Speaking of exercise, I really need to start walking again outside…it’s just that now this stupid groin thing is going on and I read that pushing it will only make it worse, gotta relax this type of strain …I know it got so much worse after walking around all day at the fair last Friday…so I’m gonna nurse it for a few more days…it is definitely getting better, it just has it’s moments

Hope you all have a great weekend !!!!

08-17-2013, 01:55 PM
Hi Everyone,

I made it to TOPS to weigh-in. I felt I needed to see where I was at. I stayed the same, so that was good.

I have cleared my calendar at work this week of lunch time commitments and moved meetings around so that I can get to the work gym and get my workouts in. I won't be able to do anything in the evening as DH's dad just came home from the hospital today. The first week we need to monitor him close so that is why I know that after work next week I will need to run by his house, or DH will and do some things for him and of course we have things we need to do at our home in the evening.

Also started a 8 week challenge at work (thought of Carri as she used to do this often) and I'm determined to win it!)

Tori, You are going to LOVE belly dancing. I have taken classes in it before and it is a workout..and a lot harder than it looks. A lot of the movement comes from your legs and you stand in this squat position...great for toning up those and outside.

Carri: Happy to see you have your plan in place for dinner tonight. Think of Dee as you are plating up half your food before eating, and sharing with DH. That will keep you on track and you can weigh-in next week and see a loss!

Thank you for your kind words about my FIL..he is on the mend. It is a testimony that keeping yourself if good shape and health helps one to heal quickly during illness. He's 77 and they said inside and out he has the health of a healthy 50-55 yr old.

As for your groin. Be sure you are stretching (gently) that area a few times a day and maybe you can get into your friends pool and walk or do the water aerobics....being in the pool and exercising is great for injuries.

Hi Dee! Can't wait to hear what you have been up to. to go relieve my sister-in-law so she can go get prescriptions filled and pick up some "soft" foods for FIL.

08-18-2013, 05:37 PM
Susie, you are doing great consider what you are going through, this will pass and your weight will drop:hug:

Girls= how are each of you?? Doing good here, had a teensy slip up on some nuts and crackers at the park today

Weighed in at 240.2 this morning, excited to get in to the230`s:carrot:

08-18-2013, 05:41 PM
Carrie,, I'm not sure if you have been injured before but, something I learned after spraining my ankle is how important it really is to rest our injury. Its been months and I still have to be careful, watch your diet and let it heal,:hug:.

Belly dance class tomorrow I am so excited and anxious lol

08-18-2013, 05:45 PM
Dee, I always love every single one of your posts, you are so sweet,I just wanna hug you:hug::hug:! Yes,I did go with home schooling and I love our life now, we have time as a family and it feels wonderful. We are going to be more active now as well since we gave more time. :D

:grouphug:Have a great day girls, talk to you all soon. Ps how do I show pictures here?

08-18-2013, 09:46 PM
Hi. The weekend sure went fast. John's dad came home yesterday and he is doing very well. He lives about a 15 mn walk from us, so tonight we walked over to see him and back. DH mentioned that we could drive and I said "no..we should walk" least I'm going to walk" and he did walk with me.

Tori: Those numbers are coming down for you! Have a great time at belly dancing!

Hi Dee and Carri: I'm looking forward to hearing from you both.

08-19-2013, 10:28 AM
Morning Ladies !!!! :sunny:

I had a so so weekend food wise...didn't make the best choices so didn't weigh in again, didn't want to feel the shame. haha :blah::rofl:

I paid for it though, I ate really greasy food yesterday and I had heart burn all night :( Barely slept because of it :tired: Tonight will probably be an early one for me.

Neighbor gave us some nice tomatoes from his garden yesterday evening so we are gonna have BLT's tonight on wheat bread, probably is I can't think of what to have as a side for it ? I want chips but probably shouldn't have them...if I do get them, I'll just have a serving.

Tori - you can insert a pic by going to the "attachments" button - looks like a paperclip at top of the message box. You will have had to previously saved it to your computer though to attach it.
I'm so jealous of your new class, I bet you are going to have a great time...and look at you already almost in the 230's are doing a great job Girl !!!!
Yes, I'm taking it easy with the groin first instinct when it felt better yesterday was to go out for a walk, however I remember doc said I had to take it easy for a few weeks and don't over use it, so I'm being lazy. :D

Hi Dee - hope you had a good weekend.

Susie - as I said on FB, I'm so glad your FIL is better and at home...good for you for walking instead of are making such good choices lately. Good luck on your work contest, we are doing one now too, I am currently in the lead. You will do great !!!! :cheer2:

******************* :tree::tree::clause::clause::clause::tree::tree: ************************* So who is up for a Christmas Challenge ??????? ***********************************
Starts Sept 1st and runs through Dec 20th .....The challenge is to lose 10% of your body weight in that time :wreath::wreath:

For me that will be 20.6 lbs in 3 and 3/4 mos ....I think that's highly do-able if I stick to plan 90% of the time ...let me know who's in ( Dee I know you probably don't need to lose that, but you can still join ) ...and good luck to us all !!! :xcheer:

Have a great Monday !!!!

08-19-2013, 11:05 AM
Count me in! 10% will be 23.8 so say 24lbs, but i wanna hit 199 by Christmas.. It's doable and I'll be pushing hard,i never hit One derland since before my wedding so its long overdue!!

:tree: Christmas Challenge!! :tree:
S tart Sept 01-
Week 01 09/09-
Week 02 09/16-
Week 03 09/23-
Week 04 09/30-
Week 05 10/07-
Week 06 10/14-
Week 07 10/21-
Week 08 10/28-
Week 09 11/04-
Week 10 11/11-
Week 11 11/18-
Week 12 11/25-
Week 13 12/02-
Week 14 12/09-
Week 15 12/16-
Week 16 12/23-
:tree: Merry Christmas:tree: My present to myself will be a healthier body!! Yay!!


08-20-2013, 11:14 AM
Hi girls!
:belly: Bellydancing was so much fun last night, the instructor said im pretty good:D,i did pick up the HP movement pretty easily, the arms.. well thats another

i got pulled over on my way home but didn't get a ticket thank God.
Down to 238.2 this morning.

How are you all?:hug:

08-20-2013, 05:15 PM
Hi Girls :) I just finished catching up on all your posts :smug: They made me happy :D seeing you'all doing good.

Susie, your FIL's recovery is a Perfect testimony to being a good-caregiver to his body :carrot: Your dh has got to b Inspired by his dad :angel: I hope that John will b walking to visit him daily through the fall weather, which will lift your sweet FIL's spirits seeing how his health has Inspired his son-John to take ownership of dh's longevity. TY Susie for not giving up on John being stubborn about being active @ home; move-it or lose-it. I hope work is going well for U & that your new boss is not being a jerk. Is your chef coming back to work for U since going away for the summer, your dh could get a copy of his dad's hospital dietician's suggested food menu & cook for all of U :D Have U tried the new pizza @ Subway yet? We plan to try them when we go on our final, summer camping-trip again soon.

Carri, Have U tried switching heat & ice packs for your pain, a ace-wrap or a muscle relaxer when U must b active? My shoulder-blade & rotator-cuff were in pain from furniture moving [redecorating a client's home last week] I Had to work during my pain, so dh put a heat-muscle rub on it & later I sat in my hot tub daily & that speeded up my healing, I also used some ice-packs. Sat. & Sunday we went to the lake & I kayaked & that gentle movement helped re-set my shoulder. The pain I had for 4 days were h*ll until I got back home & sat in water. Why not go sit in your friends pool :beach: & let the water speed-up your healing after work, or sit in your b-tub every night. :hug: good luck sweetie & I hope as U r reading this that your groin has already healed! About your BLT, what did U have as your side dish? I'd have a yummy salad or raid my veggie garden for pepper sticks, radishes, cucumbers, etc. & have shortcake w a mashed fresh-fruit topping. Dh & I r raiding our raspberries, blueberry bushes & grape vines daily :p

Tori, :smug: I would love to b in your belly-dance class w U, I've never tried it but it sounds so fun. I'm sure your dh is Happy :love: w your new movements. I wish that everyone on our thread lived near the same city, it would b great to get together monthly! I'm so Happy that U r able to have this precious time w your girls home-schooling & that your ex-dh cooperated w U on it :) Hmm, U just got a warning instead of a 'ticket', see your Beautiful face & personality r Working for U :D & saving U money :cool: Since U came back home to us U seem very content ;) it's wonderful to read your posts again! We each simply Luv U :hug: & missed U here. I'm betting U will b 190# or Lower @ Christmas, I have Faith in U :cloud9:

I'm canning salsa's tomorrow & freezing jam, plus working my jobs so I'll b back later on this week.

B happy & B good to yourselves girls all week :wave:

08-20-2013, 11:13 PM
Hi Everyone. I'm doing good with food this week and exercise. I did miss my workout was to be my first workout at the work gym but I had to get something together for a meeting and ran out of time.

I came home tonight and cleaned our bedroom. Cleaning for 1 hour has to count for something.

Tomorrow night is our night to go visit FIL..and we will walk, so that will be good. I plan to get to the work gym tomorrow.

It's late and I'm heading to bed...I will do personals tomorrow. As for the Christmas challenge..I love it. Right now my amount to lose would be 26-27 lbs...what I weigh on Aug 29 at TOPS will determine the 10% amount.

I like how Tori added it to her signature. I will be doing the same.

:hug::hug::hug: to all of you!

08-21-2013, 01:26 PM
Dee- me too, it would be awesome to live near all of you girls. I haven't shown him any moves yet.. but it dies make me feel more confident.

Susie i believe any cleaning counts :-)

Carrie :hug:

08-22-2013, 11:46 AM
Morning Ladies….I see you all are doing well. I have been “off” in many ways for the last few days…need to get my head back in the game…seems I go strong for weeks and weeks and then one little thing knocks me off plan for weeks and weeks…gotta be strong and get back to work.

Tori – so glad you loved the class, I love fun exercising like that…have you ever tried zumba ? I did last year and really liked it.

Thanks for asking about my groin issue everyone, I am feeling much better ….although yesterday I did laundry and cleaned all day so today my legs are sore from all that …but hey it was great exercise for my poor diet the last week or so.

Hope you all have a good day.

08-23-2013, 08:48 PM
Carri, did you get back on track? Come on, Everyone lets commit together:grouphug:, let ourselves have a healthy treat daily but stay OP 90% OF the time all day. My daily treat is fruit such as blueberries or a banana with, whipped cream. Yum! Cheap on calories too! Tonight i made low carb cheesecake. I am leaning to make things I can eat and enjoy and feel completely satisfied with. Its helping so much.

I went Zumba today,I love it!! It's great,i was a little nervous going alone but I a m string and independent and Dont need someone to hide behind anymore,i was bigger than all everyone around me by a lot, but i know that won't last forever.

08-24-2013, 10:53 AM
Hi! I've been thinking about you girls.

Tori: When I logged on this morning the first thing I saw was "Come on, Everyone lets commit together, let ourselves have a healthy treat daily but stay OP 90% OF the time all day" For me that is the battle cry for this group! and I really needed to see it.

I did pretty well this week with all the crazy, long work hours and the issues with FIL. I got in 3 workouts and I lost a 1 lb at my TOPS weigh-in. I was off track yesterday...but I did 90% for the 100% and it worked. We can ALL do this!

Tori: I used to do Zumba and I LOVED it...It is so much fun and you are right..keep that class up and you won't be the biggest in the class for long.

Carri: You can get back on track...right it!:hug: At TOPS Thursday night we were sharing some of the things that we do to keep our heads in this weight loss battle. One lady said that at times she gets tired of trying to take the weight off...and so when she is feeling like that, she gives herself permission to just maintain for that week or two that she feels like that. It gives her body a break and at some point, we will reach goal and will practice maintenance every day, so she tells herself she is "practicing" that..and about 2 weeks later, she is ready to get more weight off.

Dee: How did your canning go? I can't believe all you do! You have a lot of energy lady. You are my role model. In another post you said, you wished we all lived closer and could get together. I do to! I keep telling my DH that I need 2 weeks at Dee's resort and I would come back to my life so balanced and well. Thank you for always inspiring us!

Alyssa: Are you still around? You are missed!

I've got to get in gear. I have some house cleaning to do and then and my best friend from high school are going to see Adam Ant in concert! We are so excited. We saw him 30 years ago....and he is going to be in KY tonight and we are's going to be fun, fun, fun!

Oh..I also wanted to let you all know that my work is going to continue to be crazy. I will now be supporting a Director and a Associate Director full-time. Someone else will support the Research Fellows and the Principal Scientists that I was supporting and a couple of my projects that I worked on for them will go to that person as well. Most of my work now will be heavy calendar management ( A lot of meetings...and a lot of solving time conflicts), as well as the department budget, and all the department HR stuff.

Supporting a Director is excellent for my career path. It will be much easier to be working with a Director that we have in our US offices daily and that I work with directly every day...but it will be very busy, as now I will deal with working with VP schedules.

This is a promotion for me--I just got to get and stay organized so I don't loose myself in all the work!

08-25-2013, 11:56 AM
Susie- that's awesome, I'm so glad for your 1lb loss!!

My father is in the hospital,i am going to bring him a book and some flowers he is on blood thinners and had internal bleeding, they gave him blood and are giving him a spike to see what caused it, thank God he is feeling better.
I had a birthday party at check e cheese y yesterday ,i had 3 pizza slices,2 were real thin, small piece of cake, then hubby and i went out to Latin night at our local club, was had a few drinks, we had only stayed 3 how but the drinks gave me a headache before we even got home. Havent had alcohol in a while so it affected me negatively.. there was a lot of Colombian dancing, and salsa ,meringue, We only knew the bachata, and samba, we will begin taking classes soon together, yay!! Bellydance class tomorrow night and Zumba in the morning. So im going to keep on track. My weight is holding steady at 237.4 so glad it didn't go way up that would be discouraging..i followed Dee`s advice and had only a small serving of cake. I could hear things we talked about. It worked!!:grouphug:

08-25-2013, 11:43 PM
Tori: I am sorry to hear that your father is in the hospital; I am glad to hear that he is feeling better.

How many belly dances classes have you had? I remember when I took them, we started out by working on our up's and our down's and then putting the together and then that washing machine least that is what I called's when you sort of twist your waist..but it really comes from legs...and then they put those cute little tie-skirts with the charms on them and we put it all together....then the had us add in the arms..and then walk and put it all together (took several weeks to get to that!)

I enjoyed the classes and I know you will too.

Good job on hearing and heading Dee's voice and having a small piece of cake.

My best friend and I had a great time at the Adam Ant concert!

08-26-2013, 09:54 AM
Susie,i just talked to him on the phone he feels much better,i know he was under a lot of stress he had a bleeding ulcer and almost died from loss of blood needless to say im getting rid of her today,he has been trying to have her move out for months,she finally moved but still has him running around shopping for her and doing her errands buying ,her vodka everyday. She is a much younger woman and has been using him for months.

Belly dance class tonight, we tried washing machine, its hard, adding arms makes Me confused lol tonight will be my second class

08-27-2013, 06:06 PM
Hey Chicks :cool: We're back home from a lake-front camping trip on Aug. 22nd. We took Kylee 9 yr my BFF/she has 3 Gramma's & she says I'm her Bestie :hug: & Tommy 7 yr. w us, like a guys & girls trip :D. We're back a day early because it stormed all last night & 70% rain chance today. This was our last summer vaca. I have 118 business e-mails to read yet + personals.

I'll b back in a day or so to catch-up w you'all & do posts. Kylee wanted us to bake tarts to take home tomorrow; she loves baking w me cause her mommy & other 2 gramma's keep her out of the kitchen saying she's to young :^: Blackberries & peaches r yum together so that's our tarts; they smell soo yummy I wish U could eat a slice w us :p tonight. I gave the kids a choice between going to go see a movie-cartoon today or cooking & they chose to cook :p w me. Tommy chose to make ravioli filled w spinach & cheese to take home, the kids love making fresh pasta dough & cranking it out w my hand-crank machine....

B happy & enjoy your bodies, we only have 1 ;)

08-29-2013, 04:57 PM
Got on my home scale today my personal WI, 1st time WI since leaving a week ago on our camping vaca. We ate out 3 x @ restaurants while camping & I gained 2# from their salty-salty foods :frypan: :cry:

We R what we eat :kickbutt:

Sooo now I gotta go salt-free for 1 week & watch my breads/carbs & flush-out the salt & Nooo snacks 'after 7pm' except: lots of watered drinks w lemon/lime slices or pineapple-basil/mint leaves, etc. or veggie (cucumber slices) in ice water.

Hi to everyone :smug:

08-30-2013, 10:09 AM
Hey Dee, it's great you only gained two, those will be off in no time. I took you with me in my pocket last night, we went out to dinner and I ordered fajitas salad and got a box to put half away I ordered green tea and broke up 3 chips into tiny chips and dipped those and I am down 1.2 lb this morning. Yay:hug:

08-30-2013, 12:47 PM
Tori :hug: U R sooo inspirational to all of us w your 'Losses' :woohoo:

I gotta remember to b bold when I eat @ a restaurant & order my food w/o salt & add my own salt instead. When we get fast-food French fries I ask for no-salt fries, they have a salt-free basket to drop fries in the fryer, when I was a shift manager @ B.King I learned that (like their motto 'have it Your way & design your food). Dh & I get a 50 cent ice-cream cone @ Wendy's & a medium soda & make our own crazy flavored ice-cream floats :p

Fajitas r one of my fav's, I've wanted to ask U after U said dh's family is from S. America. Will U please share some of your fav seasonings w us :p & recipes. U said U speak Portuguesa, r U also from S. America? That explains why U & your dh R both Hotties ;) So what is your 'very fav spice/herb/seasoning' that U use cooking Latin recipes or your 'must haves' cooking Latin foods? TY :D What's your fav Latin dessert & recipe......

Carri & Susie :bubbles: I miss U....

08-30-2013, 09:07 PM
Hi! It looks like it has been a bit quiet here this week. Sorry I wasn't around. Of course, you know why...WORK!

I have found a co-op who has some time for data entry and filing and I am handing some things off to here to help me get caught up. It seems like all I do most of the day is set up meetings, change meetings and print material for meetings.

I have to do my project work like updating the SharePoint info, processing HR info on employees, working the agenda and materials for the weekly Platform meeting a lot in the evenings.

I have always been busy but ad a new Director and trying to get all the "join-up" meetings he wants to set up in place and make a matrix of all his regular meetings and also working on the new org chart---he wants one that has EVERYONE in all his business units.....that is US, China, Sinapore and London.

I haven't event thought about logging food or exercise....well...I have...I keep thinking I have to get back to it.

Now that I have a extra helping hand and I'm going to work 2-3 hours on Sat, Sunday and Monday...and the Director is in China for two weeks, I am going to try and get all caught up and stay that way! Also, with him gone, I'm going to make sure I start getting to the work gym and get my workout routine going.

The Christmas Challenge starts on Sunday! Where is Carri?

Dee: Did you make it through your emails? I know how it is...I get about 200 new ones a day at drives me crazy to see all of them!

A 2lb gain isn't bad but I know you don't want it to creep up on are you doing with your plan to get them gone?

Tori: Yeah for you being down!

Carri--you are missed..where are you? It's almost time to start the Christmas Challenge you set up.

09-01-2013, 12:21 AM
Carri :twirly: WHERE r U :coach: I miss hearing from U :snow4:

Susie, I'm glad that U got new help @ work & U can have some 'me time again' :D About my 'no snacks after 7pm', I've lost 1/2# in 2 days so I'm sticking w that routine until I lose my 2# gain & lose a extra 1 or 2 pounds more. I recently read another article from the Biggest Loser Trainers & they agreed that losing weight & to maintain w/o backsliding/regaining; is 80% about what we R eating (foods-cooking method-serving size) & is 20% about exercise w weight-training because muscle mass continues to burn fat even when we sleep/sit. Whatever active movements we do r essentially weight-training, 'using our own bodies as resistance', is a awesome philosophy.

Hi Tori & Lyssa :wave:

Today we went to the Yoder's Amish farm that holds a bi-annual May & Labor Day Quilt Auction [Amish hand-made quilts/tablecloths] and Craft show w 500 vendors selling crafts, antiques, new retail items and flea market items. It takes us about 4 hours to get through it looking & buying items. Dh got a different ice-cream soda that was made w homemade apple cider & it was actually Yummy, aromas of delish foods surrounded us & ppl eating @ tables. We try to have a spending limit on things we need, but U know how that goes when drawn to buy a rare or just-too-cute item :smug: We had a booth 1 yr. during May & I sold handmade sarongs [wearable w ties as a skirt or a halter-dress] & 3 sun-dress styles xs-3x & I sold-out. Dh made metal welded guy stuff & 5 ft. sun-flowers & sold-out of his items too. It was fun visiting w in-state & out-state ppl. So we got lots of bargains & walking done today, many retail vendors will drop prices to beat another's price, & 2 retailers had Fiesta Ware/kitchen dishes & I saved $21 from 1 vendor prices; I love to bargain so I can buy more from that retailer. I also bought several allergy-free natural products from a herbalist. Dh took a list of his needs & I shop like a girl & bought for us & gift-giving presents. We really enjoy the variety so much more here than the Shipshewana sellers have. A beautiful breezy 82* day.

Bedtime now..... See everyone in September :hug::hug::hug:

09-02-2013, 11:48 AM
Hi Everyone! It is so HOT here in Ohio. I'm staying inside...and have for most of the weekend.

It's day 2 of our Christmas Challenge--keep it in the forfront of your mind. What is your reason for doing the Christmas Challenge? My reason is because I want to show some sort of accomplishment for the year when it comes to weight loss. I'm so tired of getting to New Years Eve and making that resolution every year and feeling like "yeah right'...instead I want to think and feel 'heck yeah! I lost 29 lbs last year and this year I will double it!"

Dee; I LOVE to go to festivals and find unique gifts. We do a lot of these in the fall months. The food is always tempting but when you are walking and standing for 4 hours straight you have to be burning some of it off right?

Every year we go to the Saurkraught Festival in Waynesville, OH. It is a HUGE festival. My cousin has had a booth there for years (dried flower arrangements). She is not going to do the booth this year. As a family we are sort of sad because we all make the trek there every year on the Saturday of the festival and we meet up at her booth and then take off and spend the day together..winding back to her booth every few hours. While I'll miss it, I have been wanting to go to another festival that happens in Yellow Springs that is always the same weekend as the Saurkraught I'm looking foreward to trying something new.

I've got to get a move on. Things to do around the house today before work tomorrow...because yesterday I did nothing but go to church, napped and read a book.

I also plan to do a walking dvd today--I haven't done one in ages! It's to hot to walk outside but I HAVE/Need to move!

Looking forward to heaing from everyone.

09-02-2013, 09:59 PM
Count me in! 10% will be 23.8 so say 24lbs, but i wanna hit 199 by Christmas.. It's doable and I'll be pushing hard,i never hit One derland since before my wedding so its long overdue!!

:tree: Christmas Challenge!! :tree:
S tart Sept 01-235.2
Week 01 09/09-
Week 02 09/16-
Week 03 09/23-
Week 04 09/30-
Week 05 10/07-
Week 06 10/14-
Week 07 10/21-
Week 08 10/28-
Week 09 11/04-
Week 10 11/11-
Week 11 11/18-
Week 12 11/25-
Week 13 12/02-
Week 14 12/09-
Week 15 12/16-
Week 16 12/23-
:tree: Merry Christmas:tree: My present to myself will be a healthier body!! Yay!!


09-03-2013, 09:42 AM
Hey girls! Its so quiet these days! I miss us chit chatting all the time. I took my dad to west palm To the VA hospital he seems fine now. I was really careful yesterday on eating,down to a new low of 233.8 this morning. Yay!
Going to Zumba at 10 with my pal then home for cleaning and lunch. We are working on math and science this week with the girls. Bellydance was fun last night, after so much stress about my father it feels great to just let go, dancing makes me feel so free

09-03-2013, 03:58 PM
Hi Tori :smug: I'm happy for U that your dad is doing better now. Wow 'Zumba & Bellydance' in the same week, that is sooo great that U can have 'Tori time' again :cool: Homeschooling has so many awesome teaching features that classrooms don't; ex. U can teach real-life math skills while shopping & science skills @ the zoo & outdoors :D & go to dance/tumbling-gymnastic classes, etc. & learning Portuguese from U & dh + the many tours & volunteering w U. Your girls will find public school very boring after being home-schooled & they'll see U as their very own 'Rock-Star mommy/teacher' :sunny: still adoring U many years from now. Tori, how about replying to my food questions please in my other post to U that said. >Will U please share some of your fav seasonings w us & recipes. U said U speak Portuguesa, r U also from S. America? That explains why U & your dh R both Hotties So what is your 'very fav spice/herb/seasoning' that U use cooking Latin recipes or your 'must haves' cooking Latin foods? TY What's your fav Latin dessert & recipe..<

Hey Susie I know U r very busy @ work, but how about dropping in for 5 minutes to say 'hello' ;) I really enjoyed your last post :) Maybe if there is a huge festival/flea market in northern Ohio toward the center of MI, I could talk my dh into going next year & we could meet & spend the day together next fall. Summers r just so crazy-busy for us & the weather is crazy also. I always have some clothes that I wish 'fit nicer or I looked better' & I either do some tailoring or sew something new. Classic styles, can b updated so easy w the 'current color of accessories'. If I see a store sale w clothing w great lines/fabric & I'll add a few changes to class-it-up to a fashion designer-look. My fashion clients I sew for r about 60% female, 30% men & 10% kids.
November is the beginning of Panic season for holiday parties-dinners & so diets & sizing is their 'reality check' time. I recommend selecting their clothes that will have flow in the bust & hips & belted w a elastic waistband for ease in gaining 5# or up to a 10# loss before their event. For ppl that have maintained the same size/weight, for @ least 6 months, I can put fitted or semi-fitted clothes easily together knowing the fit will b fabulous when I custom sew.
So I get what U meant about the New Year's Resolutions, it seems to b that way for all of us.

Yesterday we stayed home alone & watched 2 movies. It was nice being alone together & playing.

Somebody please go Hunt for Carri on FB, I don't have her phone# & see if she's ok. :hug: hopefully she's on vaca :cool: right now....

09-03-2013, 04:43 PM
Hi Dee, Sorry I didn't answer before, :-) I was born in the United States. My family is Italian (i Dont know if I look it)
I do speak and understand portuguese only because I took 2 years of Latin and 3 years of Spanish ,Portuguese came easy, plus we have been together for 5 years. A for food omg, there's so much but I did have a few favorites, coxinha pronounced co-sheen-ya is number one in my book. It literally means little thigh, like chicken thigh. It's seasoned chicken with a dollop of cream cheese wrapped in dough and you shape it like a tear drop then fry it. It'd really time consuming i made it once but we go and get them at the Brazilian shop sometime, also they have this chicken salad, named salpicao, pronounced sahl-peecaw its shredded chicken with mayo, Raisins, salt, corn, potato sticks and choppied Apple, match stick carrots,Sometimes peas,wow now I'm getting hungry, ok there is a lot of steak. Beans and rice. We make the rice by first coating the pan with oil then chopping about 5 garlic cloves then mash that with salt in like a medicine crusher, its wooden, then fry the garlic and salt until Brown, then add rice then add water and cook uncovered until the water is gone down then cover til rice is done, garlic and salt are used often, also parsley, cilantro and salt for the steaks, after cooked we slide then up and pass around the plate of steak and dip the slices in hot sauce. As for beans use a pressure cooker, then after beans are cooked through you will reheat in a pan with bacon you already cooked, sometime they use pork knee to season the beans. Salad is seasoned/ dressed with lemon juice and salt and a little Olive oil, everything is very fresh and simple.

Sweet Lord in heaven my favorite desert is called,postre de natas this Colombian and it is outstanding. We travel to Miami for this treat. Its like a thick cream made from milk curd and sort of caramelized served as a pudding. No wonder I'm so overweight lol, this food is wonderful

09-04-2013, 09:19 PM
Hi. This week is going by fast!

I have been working hard to try and accomplish some of the healthy things I know I need to do for myself--logging my food, getting to bed by 10:30 p.m. and getting in 30 min of daily exercise. I have logged my food since Monday, I worked out yesterday and today and I have been in bed at 10:30 p.m. every night.

These are things I need to do to feel my best. I am still working way to hard and many long hours but I'm looking at my schedule and figuring out where it best fits in. It looks like I'll put in time over the weekends but that will help to not make my week nights so long and I can get a balance.

Tori: All that food sounds wonderful! I know you carefully enjoy it. :D
Have you made it to Zumba and Belly Dancing this week?

Dee: It would be so much fun to go to a festival together. We will have to see if we can find one next fall--let's not forget about it! How are you doing with staying in your weight range? It is hard to lose weight but I know from our KOPS that maintence isn't a walk in the park. You should be proud of being able to maintain your loss for so long.

Hi Carri and Alyssa! You are missed--hope to see you soon!

09-05-2013, 09:40 PM
Hi Tori, I Luv your recipes, TY for sharing them :p I have a friend that's 36 & her dh is Latino & his aunt's restaurant did their wedding w authentic Latino food & it sure tastes different from Mexican chain restaurants & they gave me a stone Molcajete' as a gift after laughing @ me using the bottom of a cast iron skillet crushing seeds/garlic helping them cook the day before Holly's wedding. Any ethnic food that I like, I try to get their recipes or watch them prepare it. My Italian friend's Nonna taught us as teenagers to cook pasta's w sausage, prosciutto & pancetta, All yummy. I wish I had a Asian friend that made Sushi to teach me :) On my Sept. menu I'm googling recipes for your 'coxinha & salpicao & postre'de natas & use my neighbors sweet goat's milk in it & also try it w coconut milk. Your mom has got to b very proud of U; I'd Luv to have U as my own daughter. The only Latin/Spanish I know is from working @ my medical assistant job in the 1990's. If I had your foreign language skills I'd try getting a interpreter job @ W.DisneyWorld :D my family would Luv the free ticket benefits. Hey about the food carbs/fat, etc. U know how to measure your 1 serving size & also freeze your 2nd serving for another day's lunch ;) it'll b just as yummy & no work for U, just Enjoying it :smug:

Susie, I'm so happy U dropped-in :hug: I'm so proud of my sister for making 'Susie time' again :) balancing your career schedule w your 'me time', makes a very HAPPY Susie :D & a happy marriage! I quit tops this summer, the older ladies [about 26 of them] r very crabby & gossipy; that myself & the other 5, 40's-50's ladies quit. I don't have that weekly 2 hours to waste hearing about pains, RX, complaints :( I was the only KOP that left. Maintenance is easy, just don't eat more than 1 serving size @ 1 meal; unless it is veggies served 'healthy' w/o lots of carbs/fats mixed in. If a KOP uses her eyes & has 1 serving size then she'll always b in leeway; for years I listened to them whine & make excuses for being out-of leeway; everyone knows how to use a measuring cup or small dish, if they r too busy to measure then they could weekly buy a bag of 6 oz./8 oz. styrofoam cups & fill them to eat from or measure/dump/& throw them away. So boo-hoo give me a break, I never felt sorry for a KOPS that was out-of leeway because they 'simply got lazy & got Fat from Not measuring their foods'. After a few weeks of measuring, U easily know what every serving size looks like on your plate/bowl/cup, 'no excuses' allowed.

I am in Luv w chocolate & on Sunday I ate a candy bar; I allow myself 2 candy bars weekly. My dh bought a bag of chocolate-covered-peanuts for me yesterday, I had my yrly. pap smear physical & dh felt sorry for me so he bought me 'chocolate' :dizzy: I filled a coffee cup & gave the bag, 3/4 full back to dh to eat as his snack; I have a brain & I'm using it because I like my body & being healthy. My lab reports & BP were good, so the only RX I'm on is my nasal spray for allergies, my doc is happy that I'm healthy. I have some minor arthritis in my neck from winter sports & she said that when my right knee pains start, just 'stop whatever I'm doing & rest it & alternate ice w heat packs'; she said unless I'm a football player w a 20 million dollar contract it's not necessary to use my knee during pain; or unless I Want to damage it badly & I want surgery on it. I told her I will comply w her knee instructions. Dh is so happy about my medical results that today he planned a surprise weekend day/night date for us :o He's packing my luggage for me he said :o & says we're staying in MI.....

Carri Did U see MC last night, I almost cried when Krissy left, I felt badly for her. However she does need some counseling about letting her 'mouth run wild' :?: BB is still good & I WILL b happy when Amanda leaves [her cruelty to Elisa is inexcusable], that mouthy Bitc* needs to go join the same counseling group w Krissy :D Being in any competition does Not give someone an excuse to 'insult their dignity-b evil'. And I very am Happy that Joe B. invited Krissy to eat dinner w him & his mom Lidia B., & the judges saw Krissy's loveable side. Do U have a fav on each show??? Okay girl, this Post is Not about the scale. This is about friendship so I'll b watching to read Your REPLY Post to me :hug: Come Back ASAP, I need my Carri back :sunny:

09-06-2013, 09:21 AM
Hi girls, we are going to a brazillian independence day street party in Boca Raton today, should be lots of fun, food, music and dancing. Going to avoid the food because we went out last night and I did not really restrain as usual I decided 18 lbs in a month I deserved to go a little nuts, only I was expecting a gain of a few lbs but no gain, holding steady at 232.2. Going to reign it in and get control so I can keep losing. I get so excited to weigh in every day it keeps me focused on the day to day than the big picture which can be overwhelming. But I gotta keep from getting so excited and proud that I think I'm done lol

09-07-2013, 10:21 AM
Hi Everyone,

I am happy to report a small loss of .25 lbs when I weighed in on Thursday at TOPS.

Of course I wanted more but since I didn't start tracking my food or exercising last week until Monday, I am happy to see any sort of loss.

I was proud of myself for getting in 3 workouts last week and this week I plan to get in 4.

Dee: Sorry to hear that your TOPS group wasn't meeting your needs. When I joined ours it was a bit like that. One other lady..who at the time was in her late 60's and I decided to try and see if we could turn things around. She ran for leader and was voted in and it's been so much better since!

Glad to hear that your yearly physical went so well..and I'm glad it is over for you! :hug:

Torri: How was the brazillian independence day street party? it sounds like fun!

09-07-2013, 12:31 PM
It was fun,different than I expected.i gotta get my eating in check. Today i feel very tired and yucky and depressed, will be much better when my eating is on plan.i feel so hungover but I didn't drink just junk. My plan was to stay away but I failed

09-08-2013, 04:12 PM
I tried posting some pics

09-08-2013, 04:13 PM
It worked, these plus should explain my 5 lb gain.

09-09-2013, 11:00 AM
Morning Girls, I'm still around ...doing fine...I find myself posting on other sites more often than coming here...our little thread has really dwindled down in ladies and it's hard to get the support you need sometimes because we're all so busy. So you might not see me on here that often.
I know I can always keep in touch with Tori and Susie on fb so they will always know what I'm up to ( even if they don't want to ) haha.

Hope you all had a great weekend...I know Tori did as I've seen all the pics !

See ya !!

09-09-2013, 01:56 PM
Count me in! 10% will be 23.8 so say 24lbs, but i wanna hit 199 by Christmas so Ii am pushing for 36 lbs!.. It's doable and I'll be pushing hard,i never hit One derland since before my wedding Jan. 19th so its long overdue!!

:tree: Christmas Challenge!! :tree:
S tart Sept 01-235.2
Week 01 09/09-234.4 down (-.8) 35.2lbs left
Week 02 09/16-
Week 03 09/23-
Week 04 09/30-
Week 05 10/07-
Week 06 10/14-
Week 07 10/21-
Week 08 10/28-
Week 09 11/04-
Week 10 11/11-
Week 11 11/18-
Week 12 11/25-
Week 13 12/02-
Week 14 12/09-
Week 15 12/16-
Week 16 12/23-
:tree: Merry Christmas:tree: My present to myself will be a healthier body!! Yay!!


09-10-2013, 10:19 AM
Girls! Come on back! Christmas challenge!!

09-10-2013, 01:04 PM
Hey Tori & Susie, :cool: I'm here... Dh took me to where we had our first overnight date together, last weekend.

Tori your weekend pic r Great! U also got back OP right away & U Lost weight :carrot:

Susie ALL losses r Great, much Better than a gain ;)

Girls I know U will reach your Christmas Goals, U r Doing it! :dust:

At my Internal medical doctor appt. last week I told my doc I wanted to lose 5 pounds & asked for her advice. She said 'measure my servings & lower my sodium/fat intake' & to do a "cardio activity 3 days weekly OR walk 20-30 minutes daily" & "lift hand-weights 5 days @ home", giving 2 days off to repair any strains/minor tear in the muscles/tendons/ligaments. That easily I would lose 5 pounds-10 pounds in a month doing that routine. To maintain my weight; to increase my calories Or decrease my walking & hand-weights to 3 days weekly. I gave her a Hug & my thanks. It felt encouraging to know that I have been on the right course all these years :smug:

I'm preparing for a Fall-Winter 'Interior decorating show' next weekend & have lots of sewing to finish-up. I'll try to pop in again this week & say Hello.

:hug: Girls U got this Covered & U will b exactly where U want to b @ This Christmas, U will b Sooo Happy :sunny: with your 'results'.

09-10-2013, 03:07 PM
Dee, I wish I had an Asian friend to to teach me how to make sushi too!! What kind of interior design stuff are you doing? Like decorating houses and showcasing or making household items to put in houses? Sounds very cool!! Btw ink if I got to show u all wedding pics

09-13-2013, 08:17 AM
Hi. I have been thinking about you all.

Tori: Your pictures show that you had a great time. Yes, you might have indulged a bit more than you had planned but you can get that 5 lbs off. What Dee's doctor told her to do is very doable....don't be so hard on yourself. Just focus and center yourself.

Carri: It is good to see you here. When you aren't here you are missed. The thread does seem small compared to what it was but I enjoy the closeness that we all have.

Please come post when you can (maybe a couple times a week) and share with us the things you are learning from the other sites you are posting on. New info is always good!

Dee: When I was reading what your doctor said, it sounds so solid and very straight forward and I like that.

I wasn't here much this week. While I was busy at work that isn't the reason this time.

As you know our kitty, Hudda Budda has cancer and this week was a really hard week for him. The ear tumor was bleeding heavy, off and on. I would clean him up before work (and also clean the floor where he laid--he stays in the garage most of the time, sometimes the kitchen), when I got home from work and then again before we went to bed.

We decided that we needed to take him to the vet to see what she thought and if maybe it was his time to journey on. We went Wednesday night, he has lost a lb in 6 weeks (that is HUGE for a cat)....he has been eating, but it's just the cancer causing the loss. She could tell he was in a lot of pain and the tumor has grown and it is very inflamed. She said it was time. We already knew that but wanted to be sure.

DH is very distraught over this and he asked if it needed to be done right then. She said no, but within the week. She told us she could give him heavy steroids and heavy antibiodics (sp?) to take the inflammation down and she gave me some pain meds to give him before I clean his ear to help him not hurt so badly when I'm doing that. She said this would give us a week to spend with him where he wasn't in pain and bleeding and we could enjoy our time with him. We made an appointment for next Saturday, Sept 21, to help him on his journey. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

I didn't make it to TOPS and I haven't logged my food but I really haven't felt like eating very much. This coming week, most of my time will be spent with my kitty and my DH but I have made myself a promise I will get to the work gym 3 times and I will record my food on my fitness pal app to make sure I am on plan.

I do have some good news to share as well. You all know that my career is very important to me and I work a lot of hours. Every year, every employee is rated against their peers based on the level you are at. Admin's are B, C, D, EA, levels. It is based on the work you do and what management you support. I support a Director (the next level of support would be to a GM or VP). D levels support Directors. So, I'm rated against all other D levels in the company. Ratings are 1, 2, 3. 1 being top and 3 being lowest. Most people are rated 2--about 80% of the company is there. 10% are 1's and 10% are 3. I am rated a 1! I have been rated a 1 ever since my first year with the company but that doesn't mean you will always be a 1, you have to prove yourself every year.

Have a great day everyone and I will be posting at least 2-3 times over the next week. After that, I plan on posting daily. When I do, I keep on track better.

09-13-2013, 08:34 AM
Susie, I'm very sorry about your kitty.:hug:,
I'm glad you aren't giving up. ! Sad situations sometime make us wanna. Give up.

Congrats on being rated a 1that's a big deal!

09-15-2013, 10:41 PM
Hi Everyone,

How was everyone's weekend? I got a lot done around the house. I even got all those summer tank tops and sleeveless tops and bright colored clothing but away.

It's time to start doing that and figuring out what I need to buy to update the wardrobe for fall/winter. I know that I need some new shoes, dress shoes for work, a couple of casual shoes and I need new black boots too.

I did go to Kohls (do you guys have this store in your area) and did a bit of fall shopping. I got a new purse, a new long sleeve shirt and a new light weight sweater and a pair of black casual shoes. I had a 30% coupon and a $10.00 off any $50 purchases. With my coupons I was able to get it all for $77. I thought I did a great job with my purchases.

The other thing we did this weekend was go to my company's day at Kings Island. It is a theme park in Cincinnati. I love to ride roller costers and such. DH doesn't. We went for about 4 hours. I rode 1 coaster, we walked the park twice and I had cotton candy and DH had a funnel cake. We also rode the Merry Go Round together. We always do that and hold hands while we are on our horses.

We didnt' want to be gone long from our kitty; we are trying to spend as much time with him as we can.

I'm about to go pack my workout bag to take to work and then head to bed. I'll try to get here before Wednesday but it could be that long until I'm back.

Remember the Christmas will be here before we know it.

Tori: Thank you for your kind words for Hudda Budda and for my rating. :hug: You girls here mean a lot to me.

09-16-2013, 09:37 AM
Hey! Glad to hear you had fun this weekend, that is very sweet i love the you and your honey hold hands on the carousel!
As for Kohl`s omg I love that store n and I love shopping, sounds like you made out like a bandit! :carrot: i actually have been doing some goodwill shopping lately I got some really unique pieces,a short wrap around dress with a tribal print, very hot. $3.50, it was half off green tags,i also got a red crosssbody patent leather bag from 9 west for $3.50 and a couple of cute skirts. I want a sewing machine so I can reconstruct items I like the print of but need to tailor to make them work for me, Dont know how to sew but I learn everything from YouTube.
This weekend was fantastic, not dietwise but lifewise.. Friday I wasn't out with girlfriends, Bellydancing at a drum circle downtown melbourne, then we found an awesome store that sells cute jewelry and clothing cheap, we checked out the middle eastern restaurant we are going to next Friday for my pals birthday, then we were going salsa dancing but the club only had hip hop that night but we stayed and danced anyway, Saturday i took my familyto a belly dance party at a friend of a friend's house, wow,that was amazing. Some of the girls put on performances, there were firedancers great food and lots of it. Yesterday we stayed home all day together. I gained .6 yesterday but it was of this morning so im still at my new low and ready to hit the grindstone this morning and get out of the 220s by next week!

Dee, carri,alyss miss you!!

09-16-2013, 09:42 AM
Count me in! 10% will be 23.8 so say 24lbs, but i wanna hit 199 by Christmas so I am pushing for 36 lbs!.. It's doable and I'll be pushing hard,i never hit One derland since before my wedding Jan. 19th so its long overdue!!

:tree: Christmas Challenge!! :tree:
S tart Sept 01-235.2
Week 01 09/09-234.4 down (-.8) 35.4lbs left
Week 02 09/16-229.0 down (-6.2) 30lbs left
Week 03 09/23-
Week 04 09/30-
Week 05 10/07-
Week 06 10/14-
Week 07 10/21-
Week 08 10/28-
Week 09 11/04-
Week 10 11/11-
Week 11 11/18-
Week 12 11/25-
Week 13 12/02-
Week 14 12/09-
Week 15 12/16-
Week 16 12/23-
:tree: Merry Christmas:tree: My present to myself will be a healthier body!! Yay!!


09-16-2013, 10:38 AM
Pics from the weekend

09-16-2013, 02:52 PM
Hey :) I'm back... The weekend went really well for my business @ the Fall-Winter Holiday Business Expo. that's held 1 weekend yearly in September for shopping opportunities for mainly: doctors, university professors, business/shift managers whom work M-F & r too busy/stressed-out to shop & prepare for the fall-winter & parties & Christmas :tree: :celebrate: :present:

I just caught up w your posts....

Tori :cheer: w your continued weight Losses DOWN -6 pounds :goodscale I feel like I went w U & lost 4 pounds w U during your weekend :cheers: from just reading your weekend post :belly:

Susie, :hug: about Hudda Budda, I know U can't replace him emotionally, but before Christmas I hope that U & John will give another pet a Luving home w U, ALL pets need a home w Luv. If U have a enclosed area or backyard, a puppy would b adorable, just put a doggy door for it to go outdoors potty; a male canary would sing to U daily, but parrots get quite mean as they age so I'd skip on that, another kitty would smell Hudda & mark its territory peeing everywhere in your home. I don't like reptiles or snakes :o they freak me out.... About your #1 rating :yay: I would've expected nothing less from 'Wonder-Woman Susie', I see U in her costume @ work conquering P&G :dancer: I didn't know Kings Island was still going, I was there w the boys in the 1980's & dh & I both ride roller coasters & eat tons of cotton candy. During the 1990's we went to Cedar Pointe every-other summer w the boys, taking their buddies w us :cool: Hey :carrot: Keep going & U r going to hit your Christmas Challenge GOAL :dust: I hear U about finding time to take care of the summer clothes, we're getting 82* on 2 days this week so I'm waiting for October 1.

Girls I'll b back Wednesday :hug: don't forget to watch DWTS tonight ;)

09-18-2013, 10:51 PM
Hi. The week is going fast.

Usually I am good with that but not this week. I really don't know how we are going to get through Saturday. I actually feel like I am going to have a panic attack.

I will just have to use my faith and pray; like I have been doing all week.

Tori: I love to go Goodwill shopping! You can find some really cute things.
Your weekend sounds like a blast and I loved seeing the pictures.

Now, buckle down and let's get you out of those 220's! I know you can do it!

Dee: Thank you for the hugs about Hudda. We have said we might get another pet in a year, but we are going to take a break from pets for a bit. We don't have a fenced in back yard and we are away long days at work . It would be hard to have a dog. DH said if we get another pet, he would want another cat but he wants to wait at least a year.

I would never have a bird or a snake...I'm to afraid of them!

This week i'm trying to focus on logging my food and staying in my calorie range.

Next week it is back to exercise during my lunch workout hour.

09-19-2013, 08:34 PM
Hey Girls :cool: today was 80* & next week fall is here! I ordered a pair of charcoal bootie-boots to celebrate the new fall season.

I don't deserve them, w my recent indulgence.... I ate 4 cinnamon rolls w milk from the dozen I baked Monday for breakfast & lunch, using the milk as my protein. I'm just tired of eating veggies all summer & I needed a break. So then Tuesday I felt guilty & I ate a sautéed big red onion for 4 veggie tacos & I got a belly-ache :(

Susie, :hug: please don't get a 'panic attack' :?: I did that for the both of us when I ate the 4 cinnamon rolls w milk for my 2 meals... Read Again my note to U...> { About your #1 rating I would've expected nothing less from 'Wonder-Woman Susie', I see U in her costume @ work conquering P&G}<... Go take a beautiful walk w John over to see your FIL after work. Just because U got a #1 rating @ work doesn't mean U have to 'push yourself' & ruin your health, duh we don'

09-22-2013, 07:22 PM
Hi Ladies, we are having amazing weather here in Ohio after a lot of storms on Friday evening. I need to get outside and get some things done before the really cool weather comes. I didn't get to it this weekend.

The cancer was becoming to much for our kitty, Hudda Budda and this past week he had a really bad week with Friday night the worse. He had 4 heavy bleeds on Friday and even into Saturday morning, We were up with him until 3 a.m. and then we all finally got some sleep. We weren't sure that we were going to be able to go through with putting him to sleep. Our hearts were so heavy. He was barely moving around and things when we got up at 8 a.m. to check on him and so we knew it was time. It was one of the hardest thing I ever had to do.

DH and I decided to go home, take a nap, shower and go to the Root Beer Stand for dinner and take two of our friends daughters with us. They call us Uncle and Aunt and it did a world of good for all of us to be out for a bit.

We made it to church this morning--we hadn't been the past 2 weeks due to being up with Hudda when he had the heavy bleeds. It was good to be in church this morning.

I haven't looked at my work computer all weekend! I am going to log on after dinner tonight and take a look at emails to ensure that I'm ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning.

Also, my workout bag is packed and I WILL get to the work gym tomorrow. I want to do it at lunch so that tomorrow night I can come home start cleaning up the garage floor from the bleeds that Hudda had on Friday night/Saturday morning. I usually do it right away but I was so tired on Saturday and today I had laundry and things to do.

Dee: WOW! you have had a lot going on with the stress of dealing with maybe selling your house and shutting down your kennel business. You gave me good advice to focus on walking, prayer & sleep.....I hope you will take that same advice for yourself :hug::hug:

I have heard about the Melatonin but have never tried it. I think I will get some for me and DH.

Tori: How are you?

Carri are you out there? We miss you!

09-23-2013, 08:45 AM
Count me in! 10% will be 23.8 so say 24lbs, but i wanna hit 199 by Christmas so I am pushing for 36 lbs!.. It's doable and I'll be pushing hard,i never hit One derland since before my wedding Jan. 19th so its long overdue!!

:tree: Christmas Challenge!! :tree:
S tart Sept 01-235.2
Week 01 09/09-234.4 down (-.8) 35.4lbs left
Week 02 09/16-229.0 down (-6.2) 30lbs left
Week 03 09/23-225.8 down (-9.4) 26.8lbs left
Week 04 09/30-
Week 05 10/07-
Week 06 10/14-
Week 07 10/21-
Week 08 10/28-
Week 09 11/04-
Week 10 11/11-
Week 11 11/18-
Week 12 11/25-
Week 13 12/02-
Week 14 12/09-
Week 15 12/16-
Week 16 12/23-
:tree: Merry Christmas:tree: My present :gift2:to myself will be a healthier body!! Yay!!


09-23-2013, 11:45 PM
Tori---you are showing a loss each weigh-in of the Christmas Challenge! :carrot:

I was over my calories for the day but not to bad. If I had gone and done my lunch time workout like I planned to ( but had many "crises" at work today and ate at my desk and didn't get away), I would have been fine with the calories I ate. One thing I wish I hadn't done was have a coke...I want to swear off it for 30 days so I can get it out of my system..also, it isn't good for my bladder.

Here is my food today--I copied it from My Fitness pal tracking.

Chobani - Peach Non-Fat Greek Yogurt, 6 oz 140 20 0 14 65 19 
Plain W/ Cream Cheese - Bagel, 1 bagel 210 84 2 16 720 6 

Weight Watchers Smart Ones - Artisian Creations Stone Fired Crust Pizza Four Cheese, 1 pizza 380 64 7 17 660 12 
Coca-cola - Regular Can Coke 355ml (12 Oz), 355 ml 140 39 0 0 45 39 
111 11 48 1,623 52
Mcalister's Deli - Veggie Club W/O Cheese or Peppercorn Dressing, 1 sandwich 390 65 9 13 670 12 
Mcalister's Deli - Side Potato Salad, 5 oz 261 24 17 2 472 5 

Dole - Diced Peaches In Own Juice, 1 container 80 17 0 1 5 13 
Nabisco - Nutter Butter Cookies, 2 cookies (28g) 130 19 6 2 105 8 
the Original Brand Popsicle (Cdn - Orange Cherry Grape Assorted Ice Pops, 1 pop 70 17 0 0 0 12 

Totals 2,004 357 45 96 3,660 127
Your Daily Goal 1,720 237 57 65 2,500 34
Remaining -284 -120 12 -31 -1,160 -93

09-24-2013, 09:44 AM
Susie, today will be better. When you see a coke, say nope! Leave it at that grab a water and feel empowered! We are going to get there, lets drive toward our goal and not allow anything to weaken our resolve!

Dee-the booties sound cute! Don't worry everything works together for good for those who trust God. Hohomeschooling is great it's fun and gives us much more freedom, we have learned a little about France and Germany, ducks, math and we ride bikes together , dance at home it's good to spend all of the hours I would normally miss out on with them. Great girls they are. My 2 oldest are gone visiting their father for a week, they'll be home Sunday.
This week baby and I are going to focus on her colors and alphabet, she has baby gymnastics Thursday.

Wanna start up a new challenge together, we can all decide to a certain number of exercise minutes challenge? I think 4 hours a week is fair and challenging, how about you girls?

09-24-2013, 01:25 PM
Hi Girls !! Just checking in, glad to see that you are all doing well. :) Wanted to remind you that once the thread reaches 500 posts they will end it and it looks to be getting close, so someone needs to start the next one.

I'm doing well and enjoying these Fall temps....

Tori - you are rocking the weight loss and challenges huh? Great job.

Susie - so sorry to hear about your cat. Hugs to you. :hug:

Take care y'all !!!!!


09-25-2013, 09:52 AM
Hey carri!

I'm doing my best, most of the time anyway. Glad to see you back here! How's your weightloss journey going?

I'll go start a new one now and we can be prepared!

09-25-2013, 09:58 AM