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02-01-2013, 10:16 PM
Hello everyone!

At one time, we all weighed in on Thursday. Now we are all pretty much doing our own thing, but we are still together on this thread.

Please feel free to join us!

02-02-2013, 11:55 AM
Morning all,
Tammy, thanks so much for starting us off. Wow, it's February!
It's time to exercise a little bit more before V Day. :val1:

I've been strictly OP this week and (drum roll please) I've lost 2 pounds!!!
Journaling and exercise do the trick for me. :dance:
Susan, how is your family? Are you still going to Sat. meetings?

Maureen, are you getting your exercise going up and down the stairs in your apt building? I'll bet the temp is still attrocious.

Jeanne, I liked your fb pic of you wearing red.

Everyone please come on in and post.
Sis, Dori, farmgirl............

Now, I think that I'll change my tracker.

02-02-2013, 08:11 PM
Hi ladies! I was under the weather all day! :(:(
It's snowing here again! We are suppose to get 3"-5". Bob shoveled twice already and said we easily had 3" by 4:00 today.
Tina - thank you for liking my fb pic! Everyone in the office was wearing red for national wear red day/American heart association....my mom died at 58 from heart disease.
Well nothing else going on here in our corner of the world! Have a great night!

02-02-2013, 09:42 PM
Tina, that is great about the 2 pounds!

Jeanne, sorry you weren't feeling well. I am glad that I am not home in the snow.

I am at Disney now till Friday. My cousin is coming down from Ohio tomorrow. She has been trying to diet also, so I am hoping that we can make some smart choices this week. I know for sure we'll get plenty of walkking! My weight was still the same this morning before I left Jekyll. Should have brought my scales with me!

maureen kempster
02-04-2013, 07:52 AM
good for you Tina- I've had some bad days lately - I just have to stop it and get serious - as soon as I get home today I'm changing into my sweats and walking the halls. I'm tracking and really watching - I know we can do this I just have to stop getting discouraged and asking what for? I know what for!! i want to stay healthy and feel good!

so today's another day and we can do this we're worth it


02-04-2013, 10:08 PM
Hi group,
Tammy, have fun and walk a lot. :).

Jeanne, I'm so sorry you've been sick. I hope you are better now!

Maureen, We've just got to keep at this. We can do this!!!

I was so tired today---too much Super Bowl, I guess. :lol:
So, tomorrow, I'll get back to the exercising. We had Chinese food tonight. Hope I don't have water retention tomorrow. That feels so yucky.


02-06-2013, 06:11 AM
Just a quick fly by to say hi! Have a nice day!:D

maureen kempster
02-06-2013, 07:18 AM
you too Jeanne and everyone else. Today we are strong!!! we can do this

02-06-2013, 09:45 PM
Hi everyone,
It was a rainy day here. Instead of walking, I cleaned floors and washed clothes. Fun, huh! :)

Let's each see the scales go down this week!!!

maureen kempster
02-07-2013, 08:11 AM
good morning all

I booked my flights for Calgary & Edmonton for May - I fly to Calgary 18 May take the greyhound up to Edmonton on the 20th in the late afternoon and fly back to Ottawa from Edmonton on the 25-I'm looking forward to the visit with my sons. it's been over a year(Dec) that I came back to Ottawa-

let's all have a great day on program we're worth it


02-08-2013, 01:17 PM
Yay to your trip Maureen.:carrot:
Another crazy week for me. I went from loving my job to dreading it. I feel so bad about it too!
Bobs grandma is in the hospice wing of the nursing home. They took her off all meds. Last night she was quite responsive & talkative. They haven't told her yet that she is in that wing or why she isn't taking her daily meds. Which is frustrating for her. So my prayer warriors....keep on prayin for her comfort!

02-08-2013, 01:30 PM
Hi group,

Jeanne, I am so sorry about Bob's grandmother. That's so hard to go through. :hug:
What's up with your work? What happened? Do tell us!

Maureen, wow, can I get in your case and go, too. Take lots of photos for us to see.

Question---Do y'all write down and count every little thing you eat? I've been doing that. Yesterday I went wild and bought one of those heart-shaped Russell Stover candies. It said it was red velvet flavored. It was not red velvet but tasted good. Well---it cost me 5 pts!!!!! But, I journaled it. :lol:
Drum roll - I lost another 1 pound this week. I am soooo thrilled.

Susan, where are you?
Tammy, I know you are on-the-go but do post!


02-08-2013, 11:16 PM
Jeanne, sorry about Bob's grandmother. Poor thing. What's up with the job?

I got back to Jekyll this afternoon. I'll try to be better about posting. It was great spending time with Amy (my cousin) at Disney. We had so much fun!
We walked LOTS! She wore her pedometer, and our lowest day was 7 1/2 miles.

02-10-2013, 01:17 PM
Tina, way to go on another pound! Yes, I have been journaling everything that I eat.

Tim and Lauren will be here on Saturday. I am going to spend time this week boxing up things to send home with them so I won't have so much the end of March. I brought several sweaters, and I am rarely wearing sweaters, so those are going to Ohio. Also sending all of the books that I have read.

maureen kempster
02-10-2013, 02:33 PM
Tammy do you drive to where you are now?
Hope everyone's having a great sunday. Hopefully that's it for snow storms for a bit!!

02-10-2013, 04:17 PM
Hi all,
Maureen, have you had lots of snow? I hope your condo sale goes well!

Tammy, I know you can't wait for Tim and Lauren.
No, you haven't needed sweaters. Last year, I bought 3 sweaters from Coldwater Creek. I think I've worn ONE about three times. :lol:

Jeanne, what's going on at work???

Susan, we miss you.


02-11-2013, 12:14 AM
Maureen, yes I drive to Georgia. I stay overnight on the way down (this year in North Carolina). I'll probably stay in Tennessee on the way home the end of March.

Tina, also sending home my winter jammies! lol

02-12-2013, 12:51 AM
I was afraid to brave the scales after Disney, but I did it this morning. I was down another pound. I"m smiling even though it is taking me a long time.

02-12-2013, 12:04 PM
Good Morning
Tammy :bravo: that is terrific after going to Disney. :dance:
I took a peek at the scales this monring. I shall wait until Thursday to really look at them. :lol: (They had not moved, yet!)

Okay, yesterday morning at 1:30 A.M., our fire alarm went off!!!!! No smoke to be seen. We were the only townhouse making noise. Larry calls 911 and a fire truck was here within 5 minutes, good for this area. They had devices that would detect heat. Nothing!
They left and we went and bought more batteries, this was at 2 a.m. New batteries would not stop the smoke detecter in our downstairs entry hall. So, Larry took it off the wall, out of the electricity. Needless to say, I went around like a ZOMBIE yesterday. :lol:
We will order a new detector.


02-12-2013, 11:52 PM
Thanks Tina! LOL @ peeking.
Oh my to the fire alarm going off in the middle of the night! That would scare me to death.

maureen kempster
02-13-2013, 08:31 PM
I remember a few years ago the fire alarm went off in the apartment building I was living- the alarm was right outside my door and I never heard it-after that the manager said she'd make sure she knocked on my door if we ever had another one - this was in the middle of the night - I woke up in the morning to no power - looked out the window to a fire truck and people milling about - apparently lightening had struck a transformer outside the apartment!!!!

02-13-2013, 09:26 PM
Yikes Maureen! Glad the manager was going to knock on your door!

02-13-2013, 10:55 PM
Wow, you were a sound sleeper, Maureen!

What's everyone doing for Valentine's Day?
David came tonight for supper. He brought me a card and a box of candy. :)
I'll be walking extra long tomorrow ao I can indulge!

Tammy, I know you can't wait for Tim and Lauren.

02-14-2013, 01:56 AM
No plans for Valentine's Day for me. Tim and Lauren sent me a package with some different candies in it and a very nice card. Tina, I can't wait till they get here!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

02-14-2013, 01:51 PM



maureen kempster
02-14-2013, 07:32 PM
Happy Valentine's day everyone - I'm being good - no chocolate - that's my downfall - I've been really trying to be good and so far this week I've been okay

have a great evening

02-14-2013, 09:45 PM
Maureen, you are amazingly brave and have more willpower than I do. I have eaten many pieces of chocolates today!
But, I walked at the gym so that should've gotten rid of at least a couple of pieces. :lol:


maureen kempster
02-15-2013, 01:08 PM
Tina, I know that if I had one piece of chocolate I'd have much, much more lol that's why I've decided I'm better to stay totally away from it for now

02-15-2013, 03:03 PM
I did have a couple of pieces of chocolate yesterday. I know I can't do that often. I lost another pound. The tracking and the walking must be doing something right!

02-15-2013, 05:49 PM
Yea Tammy!!!!! You are doing soooo good!!!!!!!

maureen kempster
02-15-2013, 07:11 PM
way to go Tammy

02-15-2013, 11:05 PM
Thanks ladies!

02-17-2013, 12:02 AM
Tim and Lauren arrived here about 2:00 this afternoon. They were so tired, they went to bed at 8:45! Maurice and I have been very quiet so we won't wake them. Actually, Maurice is sleeping too!

maureen kempster
02-17-2013, 10:56 AM
good morning all

Well, I've been really sticking to it and on my scales I've managed to lose 4.2 lbs!! that feels so good - I bought a few cheap dvd's - the biggest loser dvd's- now I like walking but when you have to keep your legs pumping non stop it's really different - but today I'm going to make myself get through one program at least! I was able to move my tracker!!!!!!

let's all have a great day we're worth it

02-17-2013, 11:13 AM
Good morning,

Maureen, :carrot: What a great loss! They say walking is the best exercise because it helps every part of the body.

Tammy, lol at Maurice sleeping, too. I'll bet he was as glad to see T&L as you were. Have a great time.

Susan, Jeanne, everyone---what's going on?

I have a full week ahead, including eating lots of fruit and veggies. :)

02-17-2013, 08:27 PM
Maureen, that is awesome! Way to go! I brought a couple dvd's with me, but they haven't been used. I need to get the yoga one out and use it. I'm getting plenty of walking done, so I don't really need the walking one.

Tina, when Maurice saw them get out of their car, first he peed, then he cried like he does when I've been gone a while. I love having them here. I'm still tracking all of the foods to keep myself accountable.

02-19-2013, 12:11 PM
Good morning,
It's a beautiful day. It's David's birthday!!!!!
We're going out for seafood tonight, his request. I am saving up most of my points for then. :)
Tammy, what have y'all been doing?
Maureen, how is work? When does it get warm there?
Susan, how are WW meetings going?
Jeanne, what's up with you?
Everyone have a fantastic day.

02-20-2013, 10:14 PM
Hi y'all!

Believe it or not, I'm here! Oh my...so much has gone on. Crazy stuff. Pat was out of town last weekend and came home Sunday! Had our Deaf Ed Spring Show on Saturday ( glad that's over). This weekend, I realized when I gave blood at the end of last month that my iron was at the lowest level it could be to give. I mentioned it to my pharmacist. She said call my dr. My dr called me a hour later and said come for blood work. Now that I think of it, might explain why I'm tired! I'll know Friday, I guess.

I missed meeting this week. I feel like a stuffed pig. I'm thinking I would like to find the 1995 exchange program. It's the one prior to points, it's what I used when I lost my weight the first time. I have a points sheet, just not the book. I'm still going to meetings!

Y'all are the best!!

02-21-2013, 10:25 PM
Tina, I have still been doing my normal things that I do here with the other winter guests, but since the kids have been here, we have shopped, gone to the historic district here on Jekyll, today we went to an old rice plantation (very interesting), the kids drove to St. Augustine, FL, yesterday for the day since I was busy all day with other things.

Susan, hope the meetings are going well!

02-21-2013, 11:06 PM
That sounds like a lot of fun!

Tammy, meetings are going pretty good. It does make me accountable nd I don't obsesses with my own scale all week long.

02-22-2013, 11:08 AM
Hi all,
Susan, let us know about your test results.
I get to have my physical next Tuesday. At leasr I have an early appt,! Good for you going to meetings. :carrot:
Tammy, I'm sure it's lots of fun with the kids.
Maureen, how is your week?
Jeanne, what's going on at work?

Everyone get in your exercise!!!

02-22-2013, 12:59 PM
I had joined WW again last spring, but after I went to Disney, I ended up dropping the membership. Wrong frame of mind to do it then I guess. I've been doing ok tracking all of my foods since I left home, and it seems to be working for me. The walking isn't hurting either! I did lose another pound which is good since I've been eating out more with the kids here. They are at the Turtle Center today. We went the other day, and I didn't need to go again. Lauren loves turtles!

My goal right now is to get to the weight that I was when I finished chemo. When I hit 30 (notice I didn't say if? lol), that will put me 2 pounds less than the end of chemo. My oncologist said another 10 after that wouldn't hurt, but family doctor told me he would be thrilled with losing the 30.

02-23-2013, 08:41 AM
Hey busy ladies! Day 1 (for the 100th time) back to ww. I'm h.e.a.v.y. Uggggg.
Work....blah....I love my job & my company....but....some of my co workers are just unreasonable! I try to see the good in everyone. I understand mistakes and feel that most mistakes are fixable. I mean, it's not like we work for the FBI! Geez people, lighten up. It is to the point, where it is almost unbearable to get ready in the mornings to go in.
In addition.....I think I may be having some menopause issues! Yes, I'm only 48 but my mom & grandma were both in their mid 40's!! So many signs & symptoms. I have a dr appt on march 4th! We'll see.
Well the laundry is screaming for me! Ha
Have a nice day......

02-24-2013, 09:23 PM
Tammy, congrats on losing another pound. :dance:
(Valentine candy set me back. :( ). You keep up the good work!

Jeanne, so sorry about the deal at work. It's horrible to dread something. You will be fine.

Maureen, what's going on?

Susan, what did your test results show???

I'm sitting here waiting for the Oscars to begin.


02-24-2013, 09:33 PM
Jeanne, that has to be tough with that kind of people to work with.

Tina, I thought about watching the Oscars, but then I decided I really don't know anything about any of the movies. I've only seen Lincoln.

Tim and Lauren left this morning. They should be home soon. Waiting for a call. I cried of course.

maureen kempster
02-25-2013, 07:30 PM
good evening all

I'm still here - just plodding away - my condo will be sold effective this friday - what a relief - I don't think I'll buy another very soon - I just signed a lease that goes to May 31, 2014 and I'm so tired of moving - I think I'll just save my $ and do a bit of travelling - watch out ladies I may land on your doorsteps LOL!!! I have to work on renewing my passport - I let it expire but if I do it soon it won't be such a hassle.

well, let's all have a great evening


02-25-2013, 11:36 PM
Glad to hear about the condo! It has to be a huge relief. I agree with travelling!! Surprise, right? lol

02-26-2013, 01:35 PM
Ready for the rain to stop. It has been raining since Sunday night. Sure has put a damper on walking Maurice! lol I was down another pound this morning, so I am happy even with the rain.

02-26-2013, 02:32 PM
Maureen, that's great about the condo. Renewing a passport can be a headache. I still have a few more years on mine. I REALLY need a new photo on this one. I've lost weight and the photo intself is pinkish! Larry and I both look like we've gotten major sunburns. :lol:

Tammy, I know you hated to see Tim and Lauren go. When do you head back? Congratulations on losing another pound. :carrot:

I lost 2 pounds!!! Very happy here. :dance: My physical went well and the doc was happy with the weight loss.


02-26-2013, 10:36 PM
Tina, I am scheduled to leave here on March 27. I am not sure that I'll make it that long. Congratulations to you on the 2 pounds!! You are almos there! I giggled about your passport picture being pink.

02-27-2013, 06:13 AM
:carrot:good job on your loss Tina!
Hope everyone is well and staying op! Its day 5 that my "skinny" friend & I joined ww!!! So far, so good!!! WI is Friday!
The weather is yucky here....freezing rain....
Work is ok. I came home last Friday and bob as my "therapist", I cried it out, then we " worked" out.....I felt so much better.....lol....I decided I can't change who they are or how they want to act, but I can change how I respond to them!

Well I gotta run!!! Have a good day everyone!!!:hug:

maureen kempster
02-27-2013, 07:22 AM
Hurray Tina on the loss!!! how long are your passports good for in the States? Ours are only good for 5 years here.
Jeanne, it's true- we have no control over anyone else but ourselves - the people you're working with probably don't even know how they effect you- you can do it
Tammy, how long have you been away? I always find it's nice to go away but nicer to come home.

Let's all have a great day we're worth it

02-27-2013, 04:33 PM
Good afternoon,

Thank you for all the good wishes! I still have MORE to lose. However, I thought it would look easier to put it in chunks on my tracker. :D

I'm sorry y'all are having bad weather up north. It is windy and coolish here.

Everyone have a fabulous rest of the afternoon.


02-27-2013, 09:56 PM
Jeanne, I know how tough it is to work with people like that. Bob always told me that I needed to look past them for my own well-being. Wishing you the best!

Maureen, our passports are good for 10 years. I left home on Christmas Day, so it has been a while since I've slept in my own bed. The one thing that will help me stay is the friends that I have made that live here year round and my trivia team on Wed. night. We have so much fun.

Tina, I like the chunk idea on the tracker. After I hit 30, I may decide to keep going, but I will be happy there.

My friend and her husband are leaving Florida tomorrow and are stopping here for a couple of nights. I am so excited to see them!

02-28-2013, 10:34 PM
How is everyone?
I'm not exercising for the next 10 days. :(
I had a little cyst cut out of my lower extremities. Ouch!!!
Guess I'll just keep journaling.


03-01-2013, 12:11 PM
Ouch is right Tina! Feel better soon!

Down another pound. Starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me. I never lose this quickly, even though I am losing slowly. lol, does that make any sense?

03-01-2013, 01:50 PM
Wow, Tammy! What are you eating, or NOT eating??? :)

03-01-2013, 09:42 PM
Hi girls. Feel better Tina!
:carrot: Down 2# this week! I'll take it! :carrot:

Thanks for the encouraging words about work! I'm trying!!!!!

Bob's grandma passed away last night! Oh so tough on the kids! But....she is in a place now where she can live pain free!

Gotta scoot. I'm so tired I could fall asleep sitting up!

03-01-2013, 11:50 PM
Tina, thanks! I am eating pretty much whatever I want, keeping calorie intake between 1500 & 1800 (Dr's recommendation). Lots of walking and steps here.

Jeanne, good job on the 2 pounds!!
So sorry about Bob's grandma. Get some sleep!

03-02-2013, 12:18 AM
Jeanne, I'm so sorry about your loss.


maureen kempster
03-03-2013, 08:09 AM
good morning all

Sorry for your loss Jeanne.
Tammy good for you for your's!
I'm struggling but will keep on going. My condo's sold-what a relief-
Tina, how's everything with you?

let's all have a great day we're worth it


03-05-2013, 11:18 AM
Starting a new thread for MARCH!!!!!!!