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02-01-2013, 04:25 PM
Okay, where did January go? :?: Any whos welcome to the second month of 2013 all you wonderful ladies of the 40-somethings!!!

Still no news on H's pacemaker. Keeping the spirits as possitive as possible. It will happen, it will happen! I just have to be patient & keep believing.

Staying healthy as possible. Eating is good, did have some pizza (a little too much?) night before last. I just felt so tired of trying & the pizza just said, "Come to me." So I did. But I've been doing well the rest of the time. Keeping up with my walking & even my toning exercises for my arms. I'll admit it, when it comes to my weight...I'm discouraged. :( I haven't had a reason to move my slider since I can't remember. I've got to pound into my head that probably once we get H's pacemaker in, things will calm down. I won't be stressed so much & the weight will probably slide off. A girl can hope, right?

My goals for Month #2:
1. NOT obsess about the scales. I am not a number on a stupid wheel!
2. Keep doing what is healthy & good for me. It will pay off, one day.
3. Find a dr./clinic AND GET A PHYSICAL! 3+ yrs. is waaay too long!

:drill::drill: Wishing you all well. Happiness & good health! BE STRONG! BE THE WOMEN OF THE 40-SOMETHING! I PROUD OF YOU ALL!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! :drill::drill:

02-01-2013, 04:40 PM
Hello all......Hoping to make some headway in Feb....I really didn't accomplish much in January...talked about losing weight a lot and that is as far as it went.....how depressing....but this is a new month.....

02-01-2013, 05:07 PM
Catching up from a few posts from the end of Jan Chat:

newleaf: You are most welcome for the compliments! I see them as being a real boost to confidence. It lets you know that you can do great things, if you try. Keep going. As for 3rd graders being concerned about weight...UGH!!! Yes, it is important to make sure that kids are eatng healthy, getting plenty of exercise & that we are setting an example, but DANG!! Let a kid be a kid! Unless they truely have a health issue or potential for one, give a kid a chance to grow up!

kelijpa: 160# WOO HOO!!! I am proud of you!!! :bravo: Keep up the excellent work!

NEMom: Good job on working you program! AWESOME!!! YOU ROCK!!! As for TOM, it'll pass. Yes, it makes us bloated, crave stuff we really shouldn't & all the rest, but it temporary. And remember you are NOT alone! We've been there & felt like kicking the scales, the cat, the dog, the hubby, the kids...whatever happens to get in the way. :lol: But as just as quickly as it arrived, it'll go away.

vegangypsy: Hope to see plenty of you here in February. Support helps you stay on track. Plus we are awesome, right?

If I missed anyone. Sorry!!! Here's to making this short month count! Let's go, girls!!!

02-01-2013, 05:44 PM
MrsTryingAGain: Hoping for better news for H this month. As for your ticker not moving... look at it this way... it didn't move UP either. With the stress you are under right now I think that is pretty amazing. Pizza or other things once in awhile is okay as far as I'm concerned. If I don't let myself have some of the things I love once in awhile there is no way this will be a life change.... it will only be a diet and in that case I'm set up to fail.

Zumbachicka: It's a new month! You can do it! :)

Sorry to those I didn't catch from the end of the January thread. Keep up the good work everyone! We can do it! :carrot:

My challenges this month are going to be the 14-16 (going to my folks (5 hr drive each way) because 17 yo is going on a college preview there... the 22-24th... also going to my folks for their 50th wedding anniversary and last the 27-March 2nd DH and I are going to Vegas for a mini getaway. I've got to figure out how to keep eating right and exercising for these days.... and to get right back to it when I get home each time.

02-02-2013, 02:30 PM
Hello Everyone!

Well, I have had a horrible couple of work weeks. :( Week before last I was strong - no alcohol, ate lean and low-carb, worked out - - then on Sunday I decided to treat myself to some vino - went downhill from there. More work stress on Monday....came home, didn't work out, sat on the couch, ate,...it snowballed through the rest of the week. :(

So today I am back on the no-wine / no carb and exercise wagon. I've put a 7 week plan in place to reach my goal weight. My Mom is flying in today which will help - she's already on her program (similar), and will inspire and support me. :)

I ran 30 minutes this morning, shoveled snow, and ran to the grocery store to stock up on healthy food. :D And my evening wine substitutes - - decaf amaretto coffee, soda water, and green tea. :) Just need to urge surf, and keep reminding myself that this is not a restriction I resent, but a choice I am making to recalibrate, manage my stress better and achieve my goal before the one-year anniversary of my beginning of this journey. 183 pounds on April 1 of last year - goal to be at 128 by March 22nd....a 55 pound weight loss when I hit it! Today I weighed in at 146 and 3/4 - 18 and 3/4 pounds left to lose. Importantly, I've already lost 36 and 1/4 pounds and need to celebrate that, and use it as a reminder of my ability to shed the rest!!

Well, conference call in 30 minutes (yep - working weekends). Then I can pick up Mom and RELAX!


02-03-2013, 11:25 AM
Sheila...you are just a ball of energy..I feel like such a slug.

Luvcats....you have a coup,e of super busy months ahead......you can do it!

Yes feb is a short month! Lets see how much we can accomplish.....I had four glasses of wine this whole weekend and I think that's keeping me puffy and bloated.....I haven't been eating too badly....it's been so hard to lose weight this go around....

02-03-2013, 01:41 PM
Hello Ladies!

Well, Day 1 down and Day 2 off to a good start. Woke up this morning, had coffee and two vegan sausage patties - ran 30 minutes on the treadmill, and now cooking like a fiend...pulled out the rest of the Honey baked ham I had frozen after Christmas, made au gratin potatoes and crockpot mac and cheese (ALL NOT FOR ME - Superbowl Sunday ;) ). Now onto making some "me" food for the week.

Started a big pot of vegetable soup and gearing up to start chopping - will make vegan chicken salad, fresh salsa, vegetarian taco meat (for a taco salad later), and also will boil some shrimp and chill it for later (Mom and I will have shrimp cocktail during the game. ;-). Also (not for me), I'm making some homemade meatballs to throw in the freezer for later this week for the kids and my Mom - I got lean ground beef (haven't gotten the kids to accept ground turkey yet, but I'm working on it) :D

....so good morning. And candidly, it's been nice not to sit around thinking about everything going on at work. And REALLY nice having my Mom here. She looks and feels GREAT. 15 pounds down, and we are energizing each other talking about what we eat, how great we feel when we eat small but frequently, exercise, how excited we are to be in new (smaller!) clothes....it has been exactly the breath of inspiration I needed to secure me back on track. :D

I'm not going ANYWHERE today. Just cooking, will pick away at laundry, pay bills and just RELAX.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Oh - and the scale rewarded me this morning - down 1 and 3/4 pounds from YESTERDAY to 145! I'm convinced my late night binging and the wine on Friday night was the cause of yesterday's high weigh-in. Still, it's nice to feel rewarded for my Saturday discipline. :D

I'll try to check in later!

02-03-2013, 01:44 PM
My new tracker! :D

02-03-2013, 01:50 PM
hi, all,

sorry I've been a bit MIA. I've been on another chat thread and it seems I can only handle one at a time except on the weekend when I have a bit more time! :)

So I'm still screwing around in the mid 140s because I can't control my weekend eating and drinking (during the week, I'm generally doing great, can go a few days now with no wine generally) AND I got my running back under control. Am training for a half marathon in late April!

Things are looking up, I feel hopeful and pretty good about my body since I've started running again (I always feel slender when running regularly, even if I'm not really)

MrsTryingAgain - I sure hope that pacemaker comes through soon! Great goals list!

Zumba - yep, February is a short month, and we can accomplish crazy awesome things! Let's do it!

Luvcats - sounds like you have a good plan for the challenges!

sheila - I'm hearing you, I'm hearing you! Here's to getting back to it!

SOOOOoo...all of you here in 40s land. Any good advice for a potential first time home buyer? I'm so nervous, but I'm thinking of buying a modest little home this summer. I hope I don't get cold feet, as I do think it's probably time.

02-03-2013, 03:01 PM
Happy February, All! :val1:

Time for February Resolutions and hitting the RE-SET button :frypan:. After being sick in Dec (which was still a good month), I hit a Work and Asthma Wall in Jan and stalled. Even 'saying' the word "stall" is a victory, because I have been panicking that I was starting to gain it all back. I had the luxury of almost single-minded focus in Nov and Dec. In January, I proved to myself that I can handle a greatly increased workload (14/16 hr days) and still keep family happy. Now I'm getting that feeling that I can manage work and weightloss at the same time.

OK...studies show that WL support is key to success...so...I'll toss my Feb resolutions into the universe for all to see:

--More food earlier in the day; less/no food later in the day
--More exorcise (thinking of starting C25K with family)
--Give up liq donuts (why am I being stubborn about this?)
--Change the nightly routine for my entire family.
--No bread or pasta.
--Continue to work on staying organized and stress-free.
--Work on getting right into the middle of the Confident/I'm Doing This stage of WL.

Congrats Olehat on the home buying decision. Lots of good advice out there. I would suggest finding a good home inspector now. In our experience, the inspectors provided by the title or mortgage companies do not do a thorough job--they push the sale and might find obvious things (bad roof), but don't find flaws that you will need to know about later (windows without flashing, improperly vented appliances, etc). Also your own inspector will spend the time to help you find the things needed to maintain or service the property.

.....CLICK......Brain re-set.....Time to get things done!......February is going to be a GREAT month !!!!!

:dust: :dust: :dust:

02-04-2013, 12:02 AM
Thanks Zumbachica & Olehcat!

Keep it up Sheila22.

It sounds like you've got a great plan in place SeeMyFeet.

Today was pretty good. Walked around 3 miles including 2 specifically exercise. The rest was at the mall/around the house. 17 yo and I went to Red Lobster tonight. I resisted the handbreaded shrimp and had unbreaded fish instead. I was going to have a shrimp cocktail too but the waitress didn't bring it to me (got it on the bill though... grrr.... had to ask to have it removed... she was apologetic but still). Gave DD my clam chowder and split the key lime pie with her. I think I'm actually under for points. Anyway it was fun even though I didn't eat what I really wanted... and feel better for it. :)

02-04-2013, 01:35 AM
I was such a BAD GIRL!!! I ate & ate & ate. I ate at least 4 maple bars & 6 cupcakes & God knows what else!!!

Thank goodness it was just a dream!!! :lol:

Today was my day off from exercise. Yesterday, I stubbed the heck out of my smallest toe on my right foot, THEN I ran it over with a nearly full shopping cart & THEN to top it off I stubbed it again on the corner of the sofa. :cry: I HATE my feet, I got my grandma's feet! They ain't pretty & then on top of it the little ones are magnets for pain.
I ate well. I had to kind of push myself to eat something because I just didn't have much of an appetite. But I knew if I didn't eat...I probably would fulfill that dream! I also was able to turn down fresh Krispy Kreme donuts. My asst. man. brought them in for the Super Bowl. One dozen for just 3 employees...that's a guy for ya! I'm sorry if I'm going to go off roading on my plan...it won't be for no simply glazed donut! It would have to be something extraordinary! At least a maple bar! Offer me a maple bar & I'll probably follow you anywhere! ;)

LuvCats: Hey, wherever you get the exercise it all adds up! Good for you! Sorry about the shrimp cocktail.

SeeMyFeet: You're right. It is a good idea to evaluate your progress & reset whatever needs to be reset. Also putting into words what you'd like to accomplish can help you reach that goal! It's what I'm doing this month. Been discouraged by my lack of loosing, so I'm going to focus just on healthy. Healthy for me, healthy for my hubby & the rest will come together.

Olehcat: Good luck with your 1/2 marathon. I never got into running, but I'm always impressed by those who do it & enjoy it. GO FOR IT!!!

Sheila: CONGRATS on the loss! Glad you & your mom are able to share this journey & encourage each other along the way.

Quick H(oward) up-date: He has been having dizzy spells again. I'm taking him to the dr. tomorrow. I'm so fed up with this waiting around. I darned near took him the hospital last night!!! His heart kept going bonkers, like a cat on catnip! Up, down, round & round. I stayed up with him most the night, so it made it really hard to go to work today. I was proud though, I did it on ONE cup of coffee, a light breakfast 2 cups of spicy chia tea, light lunch and NO donuts!

:drill::drill: Ladies I hope you have a great start to this first full week of February! Get it into gear, because spring will be here before we know it!!! LET'S GO GIRLS!!!! GO!!!! GO!!!! GO!!!! :drill::drill:

02-04-2013, 10:55 AM
Can't believe it Feb. already. Kids only have three more months of school and they are out for the summer. Next year my son will be a senior in high school and my daughter will be a senior in college, time is flying by.

ZUMBA - Keep trying my dear. The scale may not to going down but its not shooting up either! Stay strong.

Shelia - Love your new ticker! I am glad you and your mom are able to share your new healthy lifestyles together. It's so nice to have RL support.

Olecat - Good to see you. I know for me, it is harder on the weekends to get on the computer to check in so I am usually MIA on the weekends.

Mrs.TryingAgainKeep going lady. Even if the scale does not show it, you are doing a great job! It will pay off on the scale soon. I am so sorry hubby is having such a hard time getting the medical help he needs. I sure hope the doctors wake up and do something soon.

Lovecats- Sounds like you have a great plan in place! Keep up the good work.

I did not have a good food weekend. Friday was not too bad until I ate a ton and I mean a ton of trail mix. Saturday started out well but we went to a going away party on Sat. night and I ate too many little wienies chips and dips. Sunday was good until I discovered how good the Cliff Protein Power bars are that I got for my son. There is a chocolate mint one that tastes just like the girl scout thin mints. OMG, I had two and they are not light on calories.
I am stilling doing the C25K program. Started week three today and I was actually excited to get up this morning and work on it. The next day (which will be Wed. for me) has me running 5 min at a time. I am a little nervous about that but trying to stay positive as I don't want to physic myself out.
This week I also hit my two month smoke free mark. Love using the electronic cig. Wish I would have found it years ago!

I took my son to the doctor on Friday afternoon. He has been sleeping a lot and has stopped doing things he enjoys, like playing video games. We had a talk a week or so ago and he confessed to me that he has some self confidence and self esteem issues. I feel so bad as a mom to have my son so down on himself. He is a bigger kid, always has been and always will be. It's funny because doctors are always mentioning his weight at physicals as something to work on. This time he had lost 15 lbs since he was there in July and the doctor mentioned it like is this something you were trying to do. I thought she would be super excited for him, I was. They took some blood to check for medical issues that may be causing his sleeping so much and depression but I'm sure it is something I need to help him work through.
We had a HUGE wake up call on Friday. A fellow classmate of my kids committed suicide on Thursday night. My son played football with him for many years and my daughter is really good friends with his brother. The scary thing is many of the signs this young man showed, sleeping a lot, etc. are the same signs my son is showing. My daughter called me Friday afternoon and said "Mom, don't let this happen to Chris". Broke my heart. Must have even been a wake up call for my husband to because he talked to our son Friday afternoon and Chris said he even had tears in his eyes. So, the whole family is trying to support him the best we can. He loves lifting weights and has a weight lifting class a school. I took him to Max Muscle and got him some vitamins and protein shakes to try and help him bulk a little. I am also going to get him a gym membership and want him to work with a trainer a little to be sure he is lifting correctly. He is self conscious of his weight, he is not that fat but he is big and is always going to be bigger. Maybe if he bulks a little, he will see himself as ripped and not just big. Anyway, really worried about him but I am trying to reach out and help him.

Hope you all have a great day.

02-04-2013, 12:09 PM
Happy Monday! :D Happy Love Month (February!) :D

Phew, what a weekend! We went to our favorite ski area (Steamboat Springs). We skied Friday...it was snowing and foggy so visibility was very poor, but it was the 3rd day straight of snow...there was so much powder it was awesome. I skied harder than I have in years. My legs were jelly by the end of the day. Want to burn some calories? Ski! I ate and ate and still came in under my limit. Saturday the clouds lifted. I hadn't planned to ski because I was so sore and we had to leave at noon anyway to pick up our DD, but the sky was so clear blue, warm temps, great conditions, we couldn't resist. Here's a pic from Saturday (below). I'm in the middle, my husband is on the right, and a dear friend who came with us is on the left. The downside is with my tired muscles, I'm retaining a lot of water, so I showed up a pound today. But I'm not sweating it...or maybe more sweat is what I need! ;) I'll weight again in a couple more days.

MrsTryingAgain: I agree...where did January go? Congrats on resisting the donuts. I'm with you...if I'm going to blow it, it won't be for a simple glazed donut. I'm so worried for your DH! Take good care of him and keep a close eye. Stupid medical system! You're a strong woman, dealing with all of this and still staying on plan. Congrats!!!

Zumbachica: It is a new month! You can do it!!

Sheila22: Sounds like your mom's visit has been good for both of you. What a great support system you have going! Congrats on the scale and the new ticker.

LuvCats: The fact that you're already planning for your challenging days tells me you'll do just fine. Nice job on the restraint at Red Lobster!

olehcat: Nice to see you check in when you can. I agree with getting your own inspector. They're totally worth the cost...even if you end up not buying the house, think of all the $$ and headache you saved if you bought the house and then had a bunch of problems.

SeeMyFeet: Those are great Feb. resolutions! What are "liq donuts"? Liquid donuts? What?? February IS going to be a great month!

NEMom: I'm sorry your son is struggling! :hug: The good thing is you're recognizing there may be an issue and doing something about it. This age can be so difficult! You support him, we'll support you! Oh...and don't mention girl scout cookies...I have a living room full of them and I haven't had one yet... You're doing great, so don't beat yourself up about a couple of bars. Today is a new day and you can reset.

02-04-2013, 04:18 PM
Hi all.

Moondance. A bit jealous. Love to ski but I live in the flatlands and am pretty broke these days. Looks fun. Great exercise.

NEMom. Keep up the good work on the C25K. If you don't quite make the whole longer interval the 1st time in the week, you will next time. No harm and no shame in it. I feel for your son, give him a big hug, its sooo hard for kids to maintain a good body image. I hope he knows it gets better.

Its snowing again here. Maybe snowshoes would be a good investment after all. Its pretty but I am not motivated to get out and exercise.

02-05-2013, 04:25 AM
Healthy day today. Walked for over an hour. It was actually kind of funny. I had walked my 45 mins. & was heading for the apt., my hubby was waiting for me. I thought something was wrong. No, he wanted to go for a walk, he hasn't really felt up to it everyday but today he wanted to. So out I went again.
He has kind feeling being "a little out of sorts". Not sick, but not extirely 100% either. I think it's all the medications he is on & his heart condition. I've actually been reading "The End of Diabetes" (Dr. Joel Furhman) & it has actually stated that this is rather common for people in my hubby's situation. I'm reading it cause it's really pretty clinical & dry, but I've been discussing what I read with Howard. I'm REALLY hoping that once we get his pacemaker we can work on getting him OFF of insulin.

NEMom: :hug::hug::hug: You are doing right by your son. Keep talking to him. He may not want to, but let him know you are concerned & that he can come to you without being judged, which is he really needs. I'm glad that everyone is supporting him, that CAN make all the difference in the world. Just knowing that you're loved & DO NOT have to go through life alone. I really hope that the school is having counseling for the students...these young people needs answers/guidance & it will hopefully help others not to feel so lost/hopeless. Give him a big hug for all of us!! We've all been teens, we know how much it can suck.

Moondance: I've thought about going to the snow a few times this winter...then I said, "Nah, it's too cold. Too far to go." And on top of that, we haven't had any real winter weather here in No. CA since Christmas! WE NEED WATER if we are going to have a decent spring/summer. Love the pic!

:yawn::yawn: Gotta head to bed. H has to go in for a blood test in the AM. Just routine, monthly check of his Warfarin levels. Still no cancellations. UGH! Oh, well...just keep plugging away.

:drill::drill:Have a healthy Tuesday! Be good! Spring's coming! Want to look awesome for the Easter bunny, right? :bunny: (8 weeks away) GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!:drill::drill:

02-05-2013, 07:15 AM
Hello All!!
Hope everyone is doing well, as well as can be expected, the super bowl (aka excuse to eat, eat, eat) has come and gone, lost 4 of the 6 I put on so far with some juicing, that really cuts the bloat, I don't want to become a yoyo-er that can't be good.

Tried spreading out some of the snacking so it wasn't all the one day, but still after not eating that stuff, then eating, I was so miserable Sunday night...my poor stomach felt like I had done a bunch of situps...weird...I did do 2 4.5 mile hikes with the little dog, so that helped I guess.

I'll have to come back later and catch up, I'm so far behind...thanks for being here!

MrsTryingAgain~best of luck with H's health stuff, thanks for starting the Feb thread, sounds like you're in a pretty good place overall
NEMom~I'm thinking of trying that c25k, sounds interesting. Congrats on the no smoking, that's great! Sorry to hear what your son is going through, sounds like he has a great supportive family to help him, it's great you're in tune with noticing his change in behavior
Zumba~ :hug: we'll get there chica!
junem~I have snowshoes, love them, once you get moving you warm right up, I'll be happy to put them away 'til next year, though :D
Sheila~you ARE a ball of energy!! WTG!

best to all :sunny:

02-05-2013, 10:15 AM
:carrot: Waaaaahooooooooshy! :carrot:

Had a Whoosh! Had a Whoosh!
Can you do the fandango?
Thunderbolt and lightning
Very very slight'ning!
Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Vigaro! etc etc etc

5lb whoosh after over 3 weeks of bouncing (mostly up) and pushing at that boulder. Wahooooowy! Ticker's finally honest. (In this situation 'whoosh' becomes multisyllabic!) So sad, my nice little sloping-down weight loss curve has a big bump in it....like it's growing a boob or something. Anyway, Happy like Snoopy Dancing on his Doghouse. Back on track!

Ar Ar! Ya had me goin' MrsT! Was thinking "Oh, the poor dear! Six cupcakes! Oh my!" If you're going to have a stress dream, that's not a bad one. At least the food wasn't chasing you! Made me wonder...I know I 'see' in my dreams, I 'hear' in my dreams (worst one was when I kept dreaming that the alarm was going off), and I 'smell' in my dreams (something burning--I kept getting up to check the house), but I don't think I've ever 'tasted' in my dreams. Think that would help with WL???

Oh Ms NEMom! My heart breaks for your son. Everyone says boys are "easier" than girls, but their tendency to shut themselves off is so worrisome. We fight that battle with our DS15. Started early with it. Several yrs ago, we even took his bedroom door off its hinges! (He's too old for that trick now.) It is just not good to spend so much time alone. Sounds like your DS has school activities, you, his sister....lots of love and support. Keep him busy! My son gained a lot of confidence in a job last summer; he had a chance to interact with serious-minded college-age kids. Gave him a boost that lasted. Hope you can find a solution for your son. Arrival of Spring might help.

Another looooooong day of work for me....... Hang in there Ladees!

:dust: :dust: :dust:

02-05-2013, 10:16 AM
Quick check in to say Happy Tuesday!
Gonna be a rough day in my part of the world as I am taking my children to the funeral of their school mate who committed suicide. No fun and very sad.

Food yesterday was ok. Not great but ok. I was at 1400 calories and have been trying to keep them around 1250-1300 so just a little above. Should not have had that low fat fudge bar last night, needed a treat.

Have a happy and healthy day all!

02-05-2013, 10:18 AM
SeeMyFeet - we must have been typing at the same time. HUGE Congrats on your 5lb loss!!!! WAY TO GO!!!

02-05-2013, 11:17 AM
MrsTryingAgain Fingers crossed that your DH gets his pacemaker soon... I am so impressed with how you are keeping up with your fitness. Don't worry; the scale will follow, I'm sure!

LuvCats Sounds like you have lots of fun travel this month. Have you figured out a plan yet? I hate when waitstaff make mistakes on the bill, or when groceries ring up the wrong price. I feel like I always have to be vigilant, which isn't what I always want LOL

Sheila yes! We always need to remember how much we have already lost, and celebrate that. It's amazing, no? So glad you are having fun with your mother...

Zumba Hopefully the wine bloat has left and you're off to a great start this month...

olehcat I hear you re: it being difficult to keep up with more than one thread... I'm the same! Just do the best you can, and put your energies where they are most rewarded, wherever / however that may be... First-time home buyer advice? I guess the old standard, location, location, location. You never know when you may need to sell your house, so I advise thinking about the ability to resell when the time comes.

SeeMyFeet I hope Feb is going better for you. How are you doing against your resolutions? So, I have a question. What are people referring to when they say liquid donuts? Is that slang for soda? I see that term around and have wondered, but not enough to bother googling it LOL Okay, so I read further in the thread; I've seen that you have lost - yay!! :carrot:

NEmom Great job on staying off the cigarettes; that is a great accomplishment! OH, so sad to read about the suicide, and your son's depression. You are doing all the right things... :hug: It will be very difficult to get through today's funeral, I'm sure. So awful...

Moondance Look at you!! YOu look great!! How are you doing? Hopefully out of your funk?

June Hi!

Kelijpa Nice to see you. Glad to see that you are losing...

Okay, me. Things are going well. I'm ready to be done losing weight on the upper half of my body. I just wish my lower half would catch up! I don't know how much more weight I have to lose, but I definitely want to keep slimming down through my waist, hips, and abdomen for awhile. Is that 10 more pounds? 15 more pounds? I really don't know. But I know it will be a slow haul to get there. Which is fine. I'm in no rush. I bought those slightly too tight hiking pants 3 weeks ago. I'm down 5+ pounds, and they are definitely wearable now, although I'd like them looser. We'll see what another 5 pounds brings

02-05-2013, 12:48 PM
LIQUID DONUTS means alcoholic beverages of some type. For some its wine, for some its beer and for me its rum and diet coke.

02-05-2013, 01:04 PM
Re: liquid donuts

I didn't know either...but I wondered. I thought it was a super sweet sugary drink or something....just figured I was better off not knowing! ;)

02-05-2013, 01:15 PM
Ha ha I had no idea about liquid donuts either.

Need to come back and respond to posts but for now I'm trying to get myself ready to m-o-v-e. Lol Elliptical with book in hand this time.

Have a great day all! :)

02-05-2013, 03:23 PM
2fatCats love your new avatar!! I once had a cat that looked like the one on the right. I always loved the apricot-colored belly... sweet!

NEMom thanks for filling us all in! I wondered if maybe it was one of those Keurig coffees, but thought, nah...

The funny thing about donuts is: oftentimes a plain donut, or even a chocolate donut, can be the best choice at a donut shop -- better than a muffin or a cookie, calorie-wise. Who would have thought? So occasionally if we go to Dunkin Donuts I'll get a plain donut and savor it... yum.

02-05-2013, 03:35 PM
Haha. Liq donuts. Glad we're talking about the same thing. Had to Google it myself when I started on here, and learned that Dunkin Donuts actually made such a thing. Grrrrossss!

02-06-2013, 10:47 AM
Rough day yesterday and food was not good. Had three cookies after the funeral, they were good tasting but NOT good for my diet.
The funeral was sad and some of the things the minister said rubbed me the wrong way. Its hard to explain but I felt like some of his words were saying suicide was okay. While it had to be addressed and we should not judge but try to understand, I felt like the message was too accepting of it, especially with a large number of teenage boys in attendance. This is the second boy, in the same graduating class, who has committed suicide. The last one was just a year ago and the boys were friends. Maybe I was over-sensitive since my son is having some depression issues right now.
Hoping to have a better food day today. Completed W3D3 of the C25K program. It was a little rough going but got through it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!! Its hump day.

02-06-2013, 11:07 AM
Happy Wednesday! :D

Yesterday the scale ready 196, down from 198. Yippee! Back up to 198 today...probably from the Chinese food I had for dinner last night and I'm retaining water (again). Otherwise, just truckin' along, one day at a time, one meal at a time, trying to make good choices and get to the gym every work day.

SeeMyFeet: Congrats on the whoosh! Love the Queen lyrics! We have a Keurig coffee maker at work and one guy drinks Dunkin Donuts chocolate donut flavored coffee every day. It tastes okay, but smells terrible. They also make glazed donut and cinnamon donut flavors. I'm with you...gross!

newleaf123: I know what you mean about the weight not coming off in the places we want it to. If only my belly would get smaller! I guess in time and with enough loss it all evens out. I'm sure you'll figure out your final weight...or maybe your body will figure it out for you. BerryBlondeBoys posted a couple of threads recently about where to set her goal...her body seems to want the number higher than her head does and she's been struggling with it. Reading that thread (if you haven't already) might help.

LuvCats: How's the moving going?

NEMom: mmm...rum! I'm totally a rum drinker too. Have you ever had cherry rum and coke? OMG, it's the greatest thing! Someone else gave me a glass and I was so surprised at how yummy it is. You can also put it in 7-up or Dr. Pepper. Try it sometime! Thanks for clearing up the liquid donut mystery! I'm still keeping your son in my thoughts...hope he's doing ok. I'm sure the funeral was not an easy time.

kelijpa: Hope you've recovered from the Super Bowl party. Trust me, you're not the only one who over ate that day. But you're back in the game now, right?

MrsTryingAgain: How's the hubby? He's in my thoughts too! Ironically, we need snow in Denver too. It's the second year of drought conditions here and east...and even the mountains aren't getting their usual amounts. I'm worried about spring and summer with the fire danger. It could be another bad one.

junem: Hi! Try not to let the cold weather keep you from exercising. It's so easy and appealing to curl up with a good book instead...

Have a great, on-plan day!

02-06-2013, 11:59 AM
Hi all- I'm still here, just plugging away, and trying to get the 2 pounds I finally managed to lose to stay away! I read every day, and reply to all your posts mentally in my head, but today I'm going to try to respond in actual typed words. First time I've attempted this, so if I miss anyone, please bear with me.

NE Mom - I'm so sorry about your son's friend - and can relate to what you're going through. Friday one of my son's friends was killed in a car accident. His funeral is tomorrow, and we're going through a lot of the same thing with him here. My son is 17, and mostly keeps his emotions inside, like a typical man. He's struggling, and I'm struggling with keeping the communication open, so he can talk if he feels like it. He has done that some, so I'm encouraged. It's so hard to have them go through something as unexplainable as suicide. You don't want them to have to experience pain and sadness in the world. Know I'm thinking about you as you go through this <3

See My Feet - Congrats on the weight loss! Loved the re-write on the Queen lyrics - made me laugh and sing along!

Luv Cats - Good luck with your move! Exciting to be getting a new home!

Mrs. Trying Again - Every day I hope to see the news that your H is scheduled for his pacemaker. Praving for you to get some resolution with that.

NewLeaf - My belly is always the last place to lose, and the place I need to lose the most! I can relate, although last year, when I momentarily got down to 158 my muffin top was gone, for the most part. Now all I have to do is get down there again. Good luck to both of us! I've been doing 120 crunches every morning, hoping that by the time the fat goes away, I'll have some muscle to make everything look better - I can dream, right?

I've been wanting to ask about the term "liquid donuts" too, but didn't want to sound like too much of a newbie. Thanks for clearing that up!

Sorry if I missed anyone. I only went back as far as the top of this page.

Tonight's dinner is spaghetti squash casserole. It's one of my favorite meals, and so low in calories you can eat a ton. I love making meals that I can walk away from the table actually feeling full! For me, quantity is as important as quality, when it comes to food. Have a successful day everyone!

02-06-2013, 02:42 PM
Whoops, lol. No, I'm not moving to a new home... I meant moving as in exercising. Still have to come back and look over the posts and do actual responses later but now I'm going to go EXERCISE ha ha. I wish I was really moving though I'd love to get a new house. Uggh especially after my 24 yo daughter bought a brand new (being built) house this spring. Not fair I've never had a new house... grr. Ha ha oh well I wouldn't want to live with someone practically nose to nose with me like she is. No moving for us until youngest DD graduates high school in 2014. Will be back later! :D

02-06-2013, 10:29 PM
Hey everyone...I am still here..healing from the wreck still. Like I thought once I was able to start eating again I gained the weight back...ugh...but I wasn't able to work out like I thought I could. I would walk at 2.5 mph with no incline for less than 20 min and was in pain. I am still having pain in my rib area even when not working out...stupid drunk driver. But I had to go back to the doc today and he told me to take my pain meds and muscle relaxers before I went to work out. because he is sure it is all muscle damage and walking and water aerobics will help it heal. I thought he was crazy..I said "you want me to fall asleep on the treadmill?? and how am I supposed to drive there and back???" Then remembered my daughter has a license :D So she took me tonight..and I didn't fall asleep..and felt GREAT while working out...I was able to do a few min bursts of 3 mph but stayed mostly at 2.7 mph with no incline (I don't want to over do it) for 40 min. I could have went longer but my daughter was done working out. So not where I was but no pain while doing it! YAY!

I need to get my body back to being able to work out so I can apply for a CNA job...then I can sign up for classes to get ready to go to school to be an RN. Until I am able to physically do a CNA job I am kind of on hold changing careers. I dont' want to sign up for classes then tell a person interviewing me "hey..I have classes so...work around my schedule..." and on the drunk driver criminal case he wants to fight the 3rd DUI charge..he says he will plea to a 1st DUI charge. The DA says..yeah right...and is thinking about adding a felony reckless endangerment charge as well. So hopefully that will make the guy plea guilty and save us the mess of going to court and testifying..though he is screwed if he wants that. The DA said with us and our witnesses he won't really stand a chance. Also the DA is considering going after the business that served him too much alcohol. he said places around here need to learn a lesson.

So all is going good right now!! YAY!! I haven't found a car yet..well I have but it is new so I am waiting until I have a job to buy it. My husband can afford it but I hate doing that to him.

I hope everyone is doing as well as I am...I am determined to have a great 2013 because 2012 sucked.

I love how you feel after a good work out...so happy, so wonderful..and I am on that high right now...plus medication but we will say it is all the work out ;)

02-07-2013, 12:01 AM
Healthy day. Ate well. Walked for an hour. Plenty H2O. I also did my spring cleaning of the bathroom. I scrubbed & scrubbed & scrubbed...whatta work-out. Ending the day with a 1/2-cup of blackberry yogurt. YUMMY!!!

Still no word on H's pacemaker. I know it'll happen. For the time being we are just doing all we can: eating healthy, exercising (he went with me on the walk) & making sure he is taking his meds as prescribed. I still worry A LOT, but what can you do? I think it's actually brought us closer...I didn't think that was possible after 24 yrs, loss of a parent for both of us & other assorted life stuff...but it's happened. I think we're going to need it if we want to reach our goal within a year of his pacemaker being placed. I want him off of many of the drugs he is taking as possible! Some of them have some very scary side effects after long-term use. :(

NEMom: I could not imagine going to such a sad event. I went to the funerals of 2 HS boys who were killed by a drunk driver when I worked with a local youth group. Tore my heart out. Suicide is never the answer...it is a permanent solution to a temporary situation. Unless someone is terminally ill, there is ALWAYS hope, a way out or through. If all of us were to give up when things got bad/rough, no one would live long enough to do whatever amazing things life has in store for us: touch lives around us, create a family, bring laughter/joy to others, ____________ (we can all fill something in the blank that wouldn't have happened if someone in our life had taken their own). Do not give up on your son & do not let him give up on himself!

Moondance: Scales are fickle. That's why mine has been spending quite a bit of time in "time out". I refuse to be it's slave. It's a piece of equiptment, nothing more...nothing less.

LindaWW: Good job keeping those 2# off! May a few others decide to join them! Good luck!!! Thanks for the prayers & good wishes. Yup, it can't come soon enough in my book!!!

LuvCats: Good job on the exercise! Keep it up! Yeah, I look at how they are building houses these days...NO THANKS! I don't want a neighbor who can see in my bathroom/bedroom window. I like my privacy A LOT!!! Yup, kids do grow up faster than our minds can comprehend sometimes. I don't have kids, but I look at my nieces & nephews and they already have kids of their own, careers of their own. When did that happen??? :?:

onmiwei: Since it's his third DUI/DWI...I'd say, "NO DEALS!" He clearly has NOT LEARNED from previous "mistakes". That doesn't fly with me at all! He belongs behind bars to learn what it is like to not have freedom to do what he likes (just like you trying to get back into working out, trying to better yourself with a new profession, not having a vehicle) & also to keep others safe for at least awhile (can't drink & drive while locked up!). I hope that you are able to get back into the swing of things soon. Just take it easy, listen to your body & doctor. Best of luck!!!

Well, it will be an early night for me. They have been remodeling the apt. next door for the LAST 3 DAYS!!! They start at about 7:30AM...UGH! Enough of the :censored: :censored: hammering!!! And toxic smells!!! :barf:

:drill::drill: Have a great, healthy Thursday!!! Be the amazing women I know that you are!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! YOU ALL ROCK!!! :drill::drill:

02-07-2013, 09:37 AM
NEmom I'm not sure what to say :hug: I guess you just need to stick by your son's side right now and impress upon him *your* thoughts about the service, how valuable that boy was, how bereft his family is, etc etc. Ugh...

Moondance So well put: "just truckin' along, one day at a time, one meal at a time, trying to make good choices and get to the gym every work day." That's what I'm doing too. Really, it's all you *can* do, at least in my book. One foot, one day, after another. Thanks for pointing me to those posts. Yeah, I've been reading them. I'm not quite sure what I think of them, which is why I haven't posted on them. I haven't found the "happy place" yet that she seems to have wrt her body...

LindaWW It can be overwhelming to try to reply to everyone. Just do what you can. I don't think anyone gets offended if they get missed. Sometimes I feel like I'm writing more for my own benefit than for anything else... 120 crunches every morning -- WOW. I just don't have the discipline to do anything like that. My "unclothed" muffin top went away around 185, but I can still get one clothed if my pants are too tight... LOL

OnMiWei You sound like you're in a really good place right now; keep it up!

MrsTryingAgain Yeah, I've got to do that scrubbing, too. Bought the scrub brushes, step 1. Can't seem to motivate my self for step 2, the actual scrubbing, yet. LOL Hoping to do that before my trip in March. I know DH would be appreciative.

02-07-2013, 10:34 AM
Happy Thursday to all my wonderful 40 something friends!

I am sorry I do not have time for personal replies but want to thank you all for the support you have show for my son. Your caring is why I love this forum so much. We did receive the test results from the doctors office and thankfully there is nothing medically wrong with him we need to work on some of the mental stuff and we will together.

Yesterday food was okay. Nothing exciting going on here. Scale is still not moving down. I keep repeating in my head that my weight loss goes in cycles: I hold steady, lose a pound or two, around ovulation I will have a whoosh and then I will probably bounce around up a lb or so. Rinse and repeat. I am trying to keep the long term goals in sight, just that it does get frustrating not seeing a lower number.
Ok, enough of my pity party. Hope you all have a wonderful and healthy Thursday!

02-07-2013, 02:18 PM
:woohoo: We got much needed rain! Thank goodness! We haven't had any precipitation since Christmas....which will lead us to a very, very dry spring/summer. And I really want to be able to go camping up in the mts. & see streams/rivers flow!!! Yup, I AM going for a walk out in it in about 30 mns!!! I got my rain jacket & umbrella at the ready!

NEMom: Yes, it will take time to adjust to this shock in your son's & your life. Just take the steps, be there for one another, give each other love & support, & I if you need more support...we are just a couple of keyboard strokes away!!! :hug: As for the scales: 1. They are just tools! Do not let them rule your life/progress. 2. Look at other part of your health to see how you are doing. Feel better, sleep better, have more stamina, etc.

Newleaf: It wasn't much fun, but it was needed. Eventhough I clean regularly, it still needed a heck of a scrubbing. I hung a new shower curtain, put out fresh towels & fresh bath mat. I actually like walking into the bathroom this AM! It was like...WOW! Did cleaning fairies come through here?!!!


02-07-2013, 02:53 PM
Ugh... no motivation today... but I got myself outside in the cold to walk for 3.67 miles (but who's counting??).

02-07-2013, 03:40 PM
newleaf: It was cold outside here, too! I did see last night on the weather that indeed the jet stream had dipped for us & that the stormy weather was coming from the north. But that is okay! Made me walk a little faster! :lol: Move it!!! Move it!!! Move it!!! And on top of that there was hardly anyone out there with me! 1 guy with his dog & that was it! So I got to listen to all the birds chatter back & forth about the weather & where there was eats, at least I think that is what they were saying! ;)

02-07-2013, 05:36 PM
newleaf: Interesting trivia about donuts. I had no idea a chocolate donut could be a better choice than a muffin. Great job exercising today despite feeling no motivation. P.S. Count that 3.67 miles! You earned it!

Ha ha SeeMyFeet I agree completely about liquid donuts sounding gross.

NEMom: I don't blame you for feeling sensitive, even over-sensitive if someone made it sound like suicide is okay even if your son wasn't dealing with the issues he is. Great job on keeping up on C25K! :) So true about weight going in cycles. Unfortunately that doesn't make it easy on the upward/steady part of the cycle. Hope your Thursday is happy & healthy too!

Moondance: Thanks for pointing us to BerryBlondeBoys posts. Very interesting food for thought. As for my moving (exercising, lol) it is going well! I think I did the most I ever have today on my elliptical (both in time and mileage).

LindaWW: Good for you to focus on meals where you leave the table full but are low-cal. Keep it up!

onmiwei: I can relate to car accidents unfortunately. I have to call myself lucky although sometimes I wonder, lol. I've been in quite a few (only one considered my fault though I argue with that) but in each one everyone involved has walked away. I'm glad you were able to workout with no pain. Good luck with the job search/classes.

MrsTryingAgain: Thanks about the exercise. It feels very good! WTG on the exercise and spring cleaning. Yummy reward. Lol I agree completely with you about scales... mine is used 1x per week and that is it! Keep up the good work!

Just got done exercising... so far OP today and I plan to keep it that way. The sun is out at the moment so perhaps I will take our dog (a black lab... I think her goal in life is to chase a ball as often as possible) for a walk to the dog park. First lunch and a little more ME time. Have a wonderful day everyone! Keep up the good work! :carrot:

02-08-2013, 10:16 AM
Newleaf and MrsTrying - Burr. I am a fair weather gal, you two are made of sterner stuff than I am cause I hate walking in the cold. Good for you for getting it out there and getting it done.

LuvCats - Woo Hoo! You got your exercise in, had a good food day, the sun was out and you had YOU time. Perfect - love it when a plan comes together.

Yesterday was ok foodwise. Kept the calories within limits, could have ate less dinner but hey, it was good.
Finished W3 of the C25K program this morning. Its like I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. While I am struggeling to get through the running portion the devil is saying "OMG, you can't do this, you can't do this" and the Angel is saying "Relax, focus, you can do this, relax breath, yes you can". Hard to shut the devil out and listen to the Angel but I know if I'm gonna make it I need to. (Crazy, I know)

Hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!! TGIF

02-08-2013, 08:48 PM
NEMom. I know what you mean by the internal little devil telling you to ease up. I find music on the ipod drowns out that devils voice.

02-09-2013, 08:17 PM

It was very good. Sounds like you did well too. :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Send any unwanted snow to me, lol.

02-10-2013, 11:48 AM
Hi all....30 inches of snow here so I've been snowed in...it isn't so bad, atleast we have power. I haven't been munching out of boredom but not losing weight either..my workout for today will be trying to get my car out from under snow...not easy task and I wonder if it isn't even possible given the snow is up to the hood.....I have to shovel like crazy just to get near it.....should take a few hours, maybe i'll do it in shifts....this should be a real workout, nothing like zumba! ;)

02-10-2013, 06:07 PM
Hello Everyone!

Last week was very stressful at work - but I made it through - and with NO WINE or STARCHY CARBS! Lost 3.5 pounds last week - 1 pound ahead of my goal tracking schedule!! :carrot: Now weighing in at 142.5 :D

Also, the kids and I joined a fitness center - they have expressed an interest, and I want to fuel it - so I've invested the money not only in the membership, but I bought each of us 10 personal training sessions over the next 10 weeks. Not inexpensive - ($24 for each 30 minute session) - - but I want the kids to learn to work out in the right way, and to be motivated by a professional trainer. As for me, I am still running, but I want to learn how to use all of the weight machines, and work a "core" (AKA ABS) routine into the mix. I love running, and just have never found the same fun in lifting weights or doing crunches.....at any rate, we are all excited. :D

I committed to no wine until I hit my goal, but I have to admit I'm entertaining the idea right now. I ran 5K this morning, cleaned the house, ran to the Apple store and got my PC fixed, and bought a size 4 pair of "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" :D If you've never tried them, you should - - they say to buy a size smaller than you really are because they stretch - - they are SOOO comfortable. Expensive, but comfortable. :D

...then I went to the Health Food store, and stocked up on lots of good food for the week, made a vegan chicken salad for my lunches, veggie chili....now doing laundry. :)

I have room in my caloric budget for the wine....just trying to decide if it's worth it. Somehow lighting the fire and celebrating a successful week with a nice Chardonnay seems appropriate and appealing. I DO need to figure out a maintenance plan - just didn't put wine into my personal "program"...so going outside of it seems "bad" - - if I do it, I want it to be CHOICEFUL, and then re-calibrate off again tomorrow....one or let's face it - TWO glasses of wine in 9 days isn't bad....it's if I drink more than that, or go back to using it to relax every evening....I sound like an addict...LOL The same by-the-way, is true for me and starchy carbs - - but THAT one is a downhill spiral for SURE...LOL I know myself too well.

Anyway - I'm really proud of myself, glad my PC is FINALLY fixed, and ready for a better work week!!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend...I'm looking forward to checking in more regularly now!!


02-11-2013, 10:37 AM
Its Monday (again). Wish I was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY but I am so tired. Fighting nodding off at my desk and I have so much work to do.

ZUMBA - OMG 30 inches of snow. It has been so long since we have had that amount and I can say, I don't miss it. The western part of our state did get 3 to 4 FEET this weekend. So happy that missed us. Hope you had fun shoveling, bet your arms are sore. Did you get your car out??

Shelia - WOW! congrats lady on your loss! That is a great loss and I will admit that I am jealous.
Too funny, we took my son and signed him up at a fitness center this weekend too. On Thursday he has his first free session with a personal trainer but I plan to purchase some personal training sessions for him. $24 per 1/2 hour is pretty good. I am thinking (not sure) that it is going to cost me closer to $50 per session but luckily I am only paying for one person not three (ouch). I did not join because I am happy working out in the morning at home. My mom and I are going to start some water aerobics soon but at a different place. He is excited and I need to get my foster son in there to sign him up too so Chris has someone to go with.

My weekend was busy. Food wise it was okay. No binges but too much alcohol on Saturday. Had a good time just drank too much.
As I have mentioned before, my son is having some depression/self confidence issues. I took him to my hairdresser this weekend for a cut and his new style is soo nice. It makes him look like a young man not a boy. It is amazing how much difference a hair stylist can make when they really care about the client and their look. His cuts are not cheap but I have to tell you, seeing how happy my son is over a simple hair cut makes me SOO happy.
Still working on the C25K program. I knew today started 5 min of running (not a lot of time but a lot for me). Before I fell asleep last night I was repeating to myself "Believe you can and you will". Struggled to get out of bed this morning but I made it through the program for today. Really need to work in the positive self talk. It does make a difference.
I need to find some inspirational posters to put around my exercise equipment in the basement to keep me motivated.
Scale is still not moving but I ran for a whole 5 minutes in a row twice this morning so I will call today a win.
Have a great day all!!!

02-11-2013, 12:10 PM
Good morning ladies!

It's time for me to get ready to head out of the day but wanted to quickly jump in here and say hello. It's another new week. We are here and we are trying to do something good for ourselves and I think that is half (or more than!) the battle. Keep it up! :)

Have a great day all!

02-11-2013, 12:21 PM
Happy Monday! :D

My weekend was full of caring for a sick kid. Took her to Urgent Care Saturday morning...sinus infection and pink eye. Oh what fun! I spent a good part of Sunday making valentine cookies. They turned out so cute! I did sugar cookie heart cut-outs (the hearts are about 1.5 inches) sprinkled with red sugar then made a pink cream cheese frosting and sandwiched it between two cookies. They're so cute. Needless to say, I ate more than my proper share of cookies and frosting, which would explain the no loss this morning on the scale. But I was right on plan for the whole week, so I'm not upset. It's life, right? I don't bake often and a chef has to sample her work! It's going to be a busy week and a real challenge to get my exercise in. It's all about priorities.

NEMom: Great ideas for your son. A nice haircut and then a personal trainer...his confidence and mood should be lifting fast! Good for you for staying on plan through all of this! Water aerobics sounds like a good fit. You're rockin' that C25K program! Keep up the hard work!!!

Shiela22: What a great thing you're doing for your kids! Get them in the habit of exercise now and hopefully it will become a lifelong behavior! As for the wine...I'm sure you'll make the best choice for you. I say, if you enjoy it, find a way to keep it in your plan. For me, it's chocolate...literally can't live without it!

Zumbachica: Get your car out? It's been quite a few years since we've had a single snowfall of that magnitude...I know how much work it can be. Glad you have power!!

LuvCats: What is it about Labs and their love for balls? My yellow lab will play ball until his feet bleed (and that probably wouldn't stop him!). Ha! I thought you did mean moving to a new home.

MrsTryingAgain: Your walk sounds great! Glad to hear you got some rain. We're getting small amounts of snow, but not enough to relieve the drought. How's you're DH doing?

newleaf123: Hope you're having another good day...one at a time!

junem: Hope you're having a good day too!

I'm sure I missed one or two...

02-12-2013, 10:30 AM
Oh Moondance, hope your baby girl gets to feeling better soon. The cookies sound delious - Hence, there reason I do not bake, I would be taste testing all the way through.

Food was ok yesterday. Scale is still not moving down, just stuck on the same number. I did exercise this morning but did not really get into it, it was a hard workout if that makes sense.

My son was so fun to talk to last night. I mean, first of all him actually talking to me is huge! But he was so happy with his new hair style and said that he received many compliments on it at school yesterday. I know we still have work to do but man, it is so good to see him smile.

Happy Tuesday all!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

02-12-2013, 11:39 AM
Happy Tuesday! :D

Well NEMom...it's just you and me.. So glad your DS is smiling! It's amazing how much a moms heart bleeds for her child when they're not happy. Maybe I should get a haircut...

OK all you 40-Something ladies...POST!!!

Just a quick check-in to state for all the world to see that you're still on plan to the best of your ability! It helps to keep you accountable to yourself.

02-12-2013, 03:22 PM
Lol still here. Monday is a busy day for me.

Moondance: Tell me about it with labs! I always say I think ours would keep going until she dropped dead. I definitely need to take her out more than I do. She likes to play keep away with the ball too which I think is partially because we don't get out and play nearly as much as we should. Ha ha get it back though and she is 100% focused on the person with the ball and nothing else. Hope your sick one is better. Cookies sound yummy! :)

NEMom: I'm with you on the baking cookies! I couldn't possibly consider it right now. It is hard enough when DD makes muffins. They smell so delectable! Cookies would be 100% worse!

I understand about the hard workout. I have those days. I've set myself a minimum I have to reach on those days. Recently pushed that min. up a little higher now that I'm achieving longer results. It sure feels good AFTER I've got through that minimum. Just recently I started mixing things up by adding Wii Fit in to the mix. Granted the time I'm counting is the steady walking/running/stepping parts for longer periods of time not the short little games. Keep it up you can do it!! :)

02-12-2013, 10:56 PM
@ Moondance - re: new haircut. Just don't decide to cut your own bangs cause you watch ONE youtube video and think "I can SO do this - it's easy". And IF you do...don't cut them wet. So many things went wrong...so glad it's cold outside since I wore a hat everywhere I went last week...to include keeping in on once inside the store. :o

I am still on plan with food and exercise. I haven't slipped once since I started on 10Dec - not even on my birthday back in January! I started @ 180.6, 37.6% bodyfat, 112.6 lean body. Now at 158.8, 25.9% and 117.6 LBM. On my way toward BF<20%! The bonus to the weight lifting is that my measurements at 158 are the same as they used to be at 150!

I'm exhausted from shovelling snow today and then 2 hour workout this evening with hubby. Bedtime for us!

Hope all are well and warm!

02-13-2013, 12:44 AM
Sorry I've been MIA...had to work all weekend & then my computer was on the blink. joy.
Things are going along okay. I think they could be better, but it's probably just that I feel a little PMS-y. :( I stubbed the holy heck out of my little toe again (perhaps broken?). It has been really painful so work hasn't been easy. I'd almost like to chop the little sucker off...only place my toes is happy is in my slippers or in nothing at all. Makes it a little hard to help customers, but I've been working on healthy.
H is still having problems. He's blacked out a few times. He's been feeling out of sorts. He slept nearly all day. I can't wait for him to see the cardiologist. His appt. is in 10 days!!! FINALLY!!!

Moondance: Sorry about your daughter's infections. Pink eye is horrible. Sinus infections are horrible. Hope she gets well soon. Hope there isn't an outbreak of pink eye at her school. We had it try to run rampant at a summer camp I worked at.

NEMom: Glad your son seems to be doing better. I've thought about the 2 of you often over the last few days. Keep up the excellent work. It isn't always easy, but it's sooooo worth it!!!

I'm hoping that tomorrow that I'll be able to go for a walk. I'm feeling a little cooped up for some reason. I think it's because work has been a real drag...had to do inventory, what a dirty, sweaty & (with my boss) THANKLESS job.

:hug::hug::hug: TO YOU ALL! HOPE YOU HAVE A HEALTHY WEDNESDAY! :hug::hug::hug:

02-13-2013, 10:25 AM
MrsTryingAgain-OMG, I am so sorry about your hubby. The black outs would scare the daylights out of me. I am counting down the 10 days with you!! Ouch, I hope your toe gets better. That does not sound good at all!

Moondance - Hope your daughter is feeling a little better and the doctor gave her some good meds.

2FatCats - Congrats on your loss. I bet your feeling great! Two hour work outs - I would drop dead.

Life here is Eh. Food and exercise is on track. Scale not moving, trying not to get too down. I generally lose in cycles and I know this but after trying so hard it gets frustrating not to see it go down darn it.

Its Hump day. Hope you all have a great one!!!

02-13-2013, 10:55 AM
Hello Everyone!

Working from home this morning - getting the garage door fixed and waiting for the guys to show up. I hate it when they give you a "range" of time, then call and say they are going to be 30 minutes later than the "range" previously provided...:mad: At any rate, it's nice sitting on my couch and not at my desk this morning. I've got the fireplace lit, and just doing some emails from my PC. Will head into the office around 10:30 (hopefully!)

Had another blind date last night - I really don't think the universe intends for me to be with anyone right now. Nice guy, older (reminded me of my DAD - which was a turn off)...but definitely a heavy drinker. I had wine last night to be social - only a couple of glasses and I have a headache today...it just isn't worth it. But I definitely know I don't want a man who over-drinks....he ordered TWO bottles of wine with dinner - and I only had two small glasses! Then he was talking about scotch, vodka, cigars....very wealthy man, which when I was younger would have been a positive thing. Now, I'm going for QUALITY. :D

(sigh) - so, back to square one - but I think with every date I learn something about myself and also refine what I do and don't want in a life partner...hopefully someday my prince charming will surface! :D

143.5 this morning, and TOM....UH! I feel bloated and crappy (no doubt the wine last night also contributes)....am going to pack my lunch - a piece of grilled salmon, then some fresh cherries and almond milk yogurt (which is FABULOUS) - for an afternoon snack so I can get on the treadmill before dinner when I get home tonight. That's the other thing I've noticed about drinking - when I don't, I feel SOOOO much better in the morning - motivated, and energetic. If I do have wine I wake up sluggish and feeling yucky....again - not worth it.

I have a meeting with my "boss" at 11. Am going to ask permission to take the kids somewhere for spring break - wish me luck...I think he'll say yes...it will definitely motivate me to reach my goal weight!!! And heaven knows I need a vacation!!

Well - I'm going to go back to emails. Hope everyone has a great day!

02-13-2013, 01:25 PM
@ Sheila
I applaud you for getting out there in the dating world! I said something similar about my exH ...at least I know what I DON'T want! It took me about 7 years of sifting through a lot of chaff to find 'the one'. Keep trying - there is someone out there that will love you for you!
Speaking of what we wanted as a younger version - I found an old notebook from when I was 16 in which I wrote down everything I wanted in a man. Sheesh. It's funny to read how important looks and money were to a 16 year old! Patience wasn't on there but I don't know where I'd be if DH didn't have ALOT!:D

@NEMom I would drop, too! 2 hours includes 15 warm-up, 15 cool down and rest time between weight sets. My hubby and I do it together too, so there is a lot of weight plate changes, etc. Also - glad your son is opening up!

More snow today. I am SO ready for the sunshine and warm weather. My growing season is so short that I buy seeds and start them indoors around mid-Feb to give my garden a jumpstart. Sadly, around here, the 'rule' is never to put plants in the ground until AFTER Mother's Day. A few Aprils ago we had 2 feet of snow on Easter. February is the month I always ask myself WHY oh WHY do we live so far North?

02-13-2013, 01:49 PM
NEMom I love your new avatar!! You look great! $24 / 30 min with the trainer is much better than the rate at my gym, where it's $47 / 30 min. I take my boys to my hairdresser, too. The cuts are so much better than when DH takes them to Super Cuts! Sounds like your running is coming along nicely. Glad to read that your son's mood seems to be improving :hug:

Sheila22 Sounds like joining the gym and hiring the personal trainer for the kids is a great plan. It's wonderful when the kids show an interest. My younger son wanted some of my portabella mushroom quinoa sautee over the weekend. Who would have thought?? How are you doing with the wine? ... ... Okay, read your latest post. Sounds like a dud of a date last night; 2 bottles of wine for 2 people?? Definitely a red flag...

Moondance I hope your child is doing better; glad it was nothing too serious. Your Valentines cookies sound so cute!

LuvCats hi!

2fatCats Sounds like you are doing great! I've had the experience -- my measurements at 161 are *so much lower* than my measurements at 158 the last time around. And this is it. There will be no more "last time arounds". This *is* the last time! Sounds like for you, too. I'm looking forward to Spring, too. I don't do much re: vegetables, but I do a ton re: annual flowers. Some plants, some seeds. A lot of fun!

MrsTryingAgain I hope you made it out for your walk today; glad your DH's appointment is finally on the horizon. And none too soon!

Here, all is good. I continue trying on my hiking pants every Tuesday and they continue to fit a tinch better than the last time. After I finish writing here, I'm going down to the basement to use the elliptical. I meant to go to the gym today, but I'm bored with my food, decided to make an Asian-sort of pork stew with cinnamon & anise, which resulted in a run to the not-so-nearby Asian market this morning. I was able to pick up my favorite green tea (genmai cha), which they were out of the last time I was there. I just finished a cup, and it was so nice to have it back in my repertoire again!

02-13-2013, 05:38 PM
Okay, it's Lent. I'm not Catholic, but I thought what the heck I'll give something up. Can't hurt, right? I have a guilty pleasure...those trashy tv talk shows (Steve Wilkos, Jeremy Kyle, Maury). Well, for Lent I'm giving those up! Instead of watching those I'm going to read, clean out my closet, do other spring cleaning...basically ANYTHING but watch those. I know it's not much, but I realized that I was WASTING hours watching those dumb things!! The tv can stay OFF. Wish me luck...I wish luck to anyone else giving up something for Lent.

Walk in the park. Awesome! Now to do the laundry. I'm so excited. Hope everyone has a healthy Wednesday!

newleaf: I LOVE tea! I drink a Spicy Chai. Green tea is awesome, too. I just wish my hubby liked it. Oh, well. Hope you got your eliptical time in!! :)

2FatCats: Wish I could cyberly send you some of our CA sunshine. It's nice out today...bout 60 out. Course I DO NOT look forward to the 100+ weather that is coming this summer. UGH!! What are you going to grow? I wish we didn't live in an apt. so we could have a garden. :(

Sheila: You know I found my hubby when I was NOT looking. It is OKAY to be without someone. Far better than being with the WRONG someone. Remember, you are awesome & you deserves someone who is ALSO awesome. Yes, your "prince" is out there & he'll show up when you are BOTH ready. For now, focus on health, fun & being true to yourself. GOOD LUCK! Hope you & the kids get to take a vaca! Let us know how it goes!!! :crossed:

NEMom: Toe is better. Just have to stay away from anything I can stub it on! Yeah, right! ;) Yup H's blackouts are scary but I'm hoping they'll soon be a thing fo the past. I've let my boss know that if the cardiologist wants to put in his pacemaker like right after his appt. on the 22nd, IT WILL HAPPEN. I'm tired of worrying...knowing I can't do a thing about it. But the end is in sight, I hope! Hope all is well with your son. I keep sending possitive thoughts to you guys.

Well, I better get something done. Dirty socks are calling me. :rolleyes:

:drill::drill::drill: HERE'S TO HEALTHY WEDNESDAY!!! GO GIRLS!!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! :drill::drill::drill:

P.S. Had an NSV!! The new jeans I bought are already loose! Not so loose that I have to get a smaller size, but I definitely needed a belt with them!! :lol:

02-13-2013, 08:20 PM
I got permission to go on vacation!!! :D

WOO HOO!!! :carrot::carrot:

...uh, now just need to find the money to book it. LOL. Doesn't matter where we go though - I just want some time off and with my kids!!!

Definitely a "down" day - - TOM, bad date night last night, Valentine's day tomorrow (alone)....anyway - definitely need to get out of the funk I'm feeling.

Going to try to find a comedy on TV. Need something good for the spirit. :D

02-14-2013, 10:29 AM
Newleaf - Good luck with your garden. I am so envious of anyone who can grow things and enjoy it. I do not garden or grow flowers. I have a brown thumb, water is really expensive where I live and I feel like I have enough work inside the house, I really do not want to have to do extra work outside too but boy I love fresh cucumbers.

MrsTrying = WOO HOO on your NSV - Love it when new pants start to get loose. It is a tangible sign that all your hard work in paying off. Thank you for your kind words about my son. We have the first meeting with a PT tonight, hope he gets excited about it. Sending good thoughts your way, really hope he gets the medical help he needs soon!

Shelia - Sorry your date did not go so well. Good for you for putting yourself out there and continuing to try, you will find someone great just when you are ready to give up. I am also happy to hear that you are taking the kids on a vacation. How fun!!

Happy Valentines Day! My hubby works nights but when I got up this morning he had left me a card, a single rose, a few Hersey kisses and some chocolate covered strawberries. It was such a surprise and so sweet.
Food was not great last night and I had a couple of liquid donuts, of course the scale is not moving and I am getting down. I need to put the scale away and only weigh once a week, I know this, but every morning I still hop on hoping for a loss. The fat does not want to leave me and I want it to go away!
I took tomorrow off work. My hubby, my FIL and I are going to South Dakota to look for a summer home. Hubby and FIL love to fish and I finally got a jet ski, actually we have 3 now and so we want somewhere we can get away and have some fun in the summer. We use to camp a lot but sold our camper last summer. I am ready for summer and to go play on the water.
I am not really looking forward to the 3 hour car ride with my FIL. Love the guy but he is a chain smoker and I know it is going to make me crave a reg. cig bad.

Have a wonderful weekend all!!!

02-14-2013, 11:32 AM
I'm still here - Finally the scale moved down today! Bam - a 3 pound loss, after weighing the same for over a month. I am beaming! But man, it was hard work, getting those pounds to go. I've been really strict with the calories, and doing an hour on the treadmill, plus trying to get in an hour of walking outside or at the stores. And no wine all week. Tonight, my hubby is taking me out for dinner, and I know there will be wine, and dessert. Plus the kids and grandkids are coming for the weekend, so I know there will be meals out and snacks I wouldn't normall eat. Hopefully not enough to undo my progress!

NE Mom - how exciting that you're buying a summer home! I'd love to do that someday, but mine would be on a beach somewhere, probably Florida. Good luck with the car trip. Keep that electronic cig handy!

Sheila22 - glad to hear your vacation was approved! Where are you thinking of going?

Mrs.TryingAgain - Good for you, giving up the trash tv. I made a similar deal with myself. I love to read, but I can only read if I'm on the treadmill. Gets me walking more miles, if I have a good book to read while I'm on there. Glad your hubby has a date for his pacemaker procedure. Hang in there!

2FatCats - we have the same growing season as you. It kills me, seeing all the gorgeous flowers in the store - and knowing I can't buy any. Not sure why the stores start carrying flowers and plants so early, when no one here can plant them in March. I guess that way they get to sell them twice, when people have to come back and get more after theirs freeze!

Have a good Valentine's day everyone - like I tell my kids, "Make good choices today!"

NewLeaf - your Asian pork stew sounds delicious! Yay about the hiking pants fitting better every week. That's progress!

02-14-2013, 01:06 PM
Happy Valentines Day to All!:val1:

Hubby and I have no special plans. I am incredibly lucky since he is the all-year-round romantic type.

Since I have started cooking healthy (and without sodium) I have discovered tons of ways to fancy up a chicken breast. I would never eat anything but chicken if I could get away with it. Hubby, however, swears I am trying to make him cluck ...so I made him a deal. On workout days - no chicken. He may wish for chicken after he tastes tonight's creation! I am trying a new recipe with pork loin chops with a pomegranate pan sauce. He wasn't overly fond of the fresh cranberry/lime/cilantro salsa I made to go with the last batch of pork. :D And he is pretty sure I am out to get him if I so much as bring a sweet potato into the house. I sneak them in and eat them for lunch when he's at work!

LindaWW :bunny2: on the loss!

NEMom Yea on the Summer Home! As cold as it is here - think I would rather have a Winter home...in Italy.:D

Sheila Vacation! Yay! I got an email today from groupon for vacations- never used them but they sound like good deals. The regular groupon things are great!

Mrs I don't watch trashy tv but I do soak in the bathrub every night and read trashy paperback novels. Hubby wants a tv in the bathroom so he can soak AND watch tv. Sigh. Re: gardening My yard isn't huge but I have a small garden patch and I do a lot of container and vertical gardening.
There is also a stretch between my neighbors driveway and the side of my house that is going to be a pumpkin patch this year. They are gone from Sep-May so they told me they don't care. I'm growing a lot of peppers, cukes, zukes, tomatoes, onions, herbs, squash and pumpkins. There are lots of things you can grow in a pot, too.

NewleafCongrats! Re: they continue to fit a tinch better than the last time. Is that a tiny pinch? A tiny inch? No matter, I'm gonna borrow that word! :)

02-14-2013, 08:23 PM
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

I just came home from the salon - spent Valentine's evening with my hairdresser...LOL. What a depressing day when you're single. :(

Anyway, I'm home now - changed into comfy clothes, lit the fireplace and am enjoying some Valentine's wine on my own (I know, I know...liquid doughnut, but I'm indulging)...;)

NE Mom - South Dakota - awesome!!! My sister lived in Fargo for about 5 years - I went up to visit her - it was AWESOME!!!! And do NOT cave!! Use the e-cig, buy gum, you can do this!!! :D

2FatCats - I LOVE your deal with your hubby!!! That's AWESOME!!! LOL

LindaWW - congratulations on your 3 pound loss!! WOO HOO!!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot: Keep up the awesome work!! You inspire the rest of us!!!!

Well - I'm going to find a chick flick to feed my depressive Valentine's Day mood...LOL. Actually I think I'm going to watch the movie "Valentine's Day" - there's a girl on there that has an "I hate Valentine's Day" party - (she ends up meeting someone in the end - - there IS hope!! :D)

Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

02-16-2013, 12:33 AM
Out of town so I'm not keeping up here like I would... keep up the good work everyone.

So far good here... staying OP and walked a lot today.

02-16-2013, 02:19 AM
Healthy day. Walked in the park. I love to do that because it always lifts H's spirits. And when his spirits are lifted, mine follow suit.

Have to work early all this weekend. :( Oh, well. Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day. I did okay. A co-worker brought in a whole jumbo jar of Hershey's kisses. :mad: UGH! I however only had 2. That for me was great considering anything filled with candy & open around me is usually EMPTY when I get around it.

Let me share with you some photos I took while on my walks yesterday & today. ENJOY!!!


Gotta head to bed. 6AM comes awfully early. :yawn::yawn:
:dust::dust::dust::dust: for you all!!!
I'll catch up with you all as time permits over this weekend. BE HEALTHY! BE GOOD! :hug::hug::hug:

02-16-2013, 10:15 PM
Ughhhhhhhhh. Why is it so easy to slip back into old behaviors??? Enough said...

02-16-2013, 11:06 PM
Greetings Ever Bodies!

I can NOT believe it's mid-Feb already. I've been drinking from the fire hose while burning the candle at both ends. ExHauSted. Annnnd the stress is affecting my weight loss. Ugh :(.

Well...I had my 3 month birthday, so I spose I should pause and reflect. 20lbs lost. But all lost in the 1st 2 months; nothing this month. I'm quite sad & frustrated about that. Good news is...I am not gaining it back, and I AM NOT GIVING UP! The food/eating is AOK, but Exorcise is taking a back seat to everything else. And I know I need to alter my clock so I eat more in the morning and less later in the day. Sooooo.......

Spent VD at work until almost 10pm, early for me these days. TH bought flowers...white carnations & white daiseys with a few red carnations. I told him the bouquet looked like it was on its period. 'T' sometimes stands for 'Turdy', not 'Trophy'....like last weekend when we had a mini blowup....Over nothing....And of course, with the stress and tiredness and Major TOM arriving, I got down in the dumps more than I should have. Men :dizzy:. Shiela22...how you can go on a blind date ON A SCHOOL NIGHT (!) is a mystery to me. I figure, I've got patience enough for only one significant other. I couldn't bear the thought of having to train a new one! ha! Seriously, thanks for sharing your dating stories. You and Zumba keep me young! Your date sounded like an episode of Mad Men....we're into the 2nd season of that series (my only special treat these days) and we're really enjoying it. Tho, all the drinking and smoking (and sexism) on the show makes my stomach queasy. My DS12 hit the VD jackpot....(ok that does sound very very wrong!). Several valentines, some from 'Secret Admirer'. I arrived home to find him lifting weights in my room! Oh No! Heeeeere we go.....!

Glad everyone's little ones are doing better. Oh! Oh! Oh!....Speaking of vacations....I need some advice...I have a use-it-or-lose-it airline refund. Where can we go on a quick vacation? Somewhere warm and beachy, not out of the country, and not too expensive. Any suggestions? I just don't know when I will have time to even think about a vacation.

Too tired for a focused train of thought, so I'll sign off. HOLD ON TO THOSE WAISTBANDS, LADIES!!!!

02-18-2013, 12:46 AM
UGH! Busy weekend at work...glad that is over. I was over on my eating...TOM decided to show up. :mad: Now everything makes more sense. I was craving all sorts of salt, starch & sweets. I was really hoping I was starting menopause. Oh,well.
I had my 2 days off from exercise. The way my boss has my schedule set up is that my "days off" from walking are the weekends...I have to be to work early 30. I'll get my walk in tomorrow AM though. :)

SeeMyFeet: Go some place you thought you'd never make it to. I'd find out what my options were, pick my favorites & go from there. DEFINITELY USE IT! I'd LOVE to go on vacation...maybe after H gets his pacemaker. I'd hate him to have issues or not be able to enjoy to the fullest extent. Let us know what you decide!!! I'm soooo excited for you!

newleaf: Old habits? Because we are human. We fall back on to them in times of stress, crisis, boredom... Forget about slipping up. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself up. Try again. Remember it's a journey.

FatCats: Like your new profile pic! I could add my Agatha to it! She'd fit right in...if she wasn't such a prima donna & didn't like to share. She'll share the bed with me for only a couple of reasons...I feed her, pet her & brush her. :lol: Yes, I am HER SERVANT!
Yeah, my hubby is pretty much a year round romantic too. Not so much in gifts but in doing things for me, being with me. Did I ever mention he is an awesome cook? Yeah, he's had to change up many of his cooking ways with us needing to eat much healthier, but he's still really good in the kitchen.

Linda: CONGRATS on your loss! That is AWESOME!! :bravo: Hope you enjoyed your weekend with your family. It sounds like a lotta fun.

NEMom: Don't be a slave to your scale. Remember it is a tool. You're probably thinking...YEAH! In more than one way!!! :lol: Go ahead put it away for awhile. I've given up on my scales for awhile...probably til I know exactly WHEN H will get his pacemaker. I just can't seem to loose. It's okay though! I just have to eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of H2O & pop in here to get support & be supportive. Focus on your journey. Remember technologyu is only here to frustrate us! ;)

'Kay. I'm really sleepy. It's only about a 1/4 to nine but I'm beat. I think it's time for a shower & bed. This means I'll be able to get up early, make H & I something heathy for breakfast, go for a nice long walk & get ready to go back to the place that holds my paycheck hostage.


:dust::dust::dust::dust::dust: to get you started in a new week!

02-18-2013, 11:39 AM
Quick check-in before I hit the road....

This weekend at my folks has gone well eating/exercise wise. Not as much exercise as I'd like but we've done some walking each day. Now have to make it through next weekend (also here) then VEGAS!!

Hope each and every one of you have a wonderful day! Keep up the good work! :)

02-18-2013, 01:26 PM
MrsTryingAgain awesome pics, thanks for sharing, what a great place you have to walk, I'm jealous of your grass, ours is mostly covered with snow!!! :D

SeeMyFeet keeping it off is huge! think of it as practice for maintenance when you get to your goal! :D

and both of you, thanks for the smiles, you guys are great


02-18-2013, 02:20 PM
Everybody is so busy. I am glad you all take a minute to check in and let me know how your doing!

Thanks for your encouragement Mrs.Trying. I have put my scale away until this Friday. I was off plan for the past three days. Did not eat too bad Friday and Saturday but Sunday was awful! I am also off track on the C25K program. I did exercise this morning but did not do the program on Friday and today. I will start back on Tuesday and try for every other day this week.
We did find a house in South Dakota. Hoping to close mid April and will get to have our first holiday weekend in May there. We are very excited! It is a great place to spend time with our family and have fun.
Have a great Monday all! We are suppose to get lots of snow this week. Ick.

02-18-2013, 04:26 PM
Happy Monday! :D

Friday I spent two hours composing a long, thought out post with personal replies to everyone (while watching 2 tv shows). Then one wrong click of the mouse and the tab with all my typing was gone! I was so mad & sad I haven't been back since. :tantrum::cry:

This week is going to be CRAZY so I know I won't have time for personals. But know I'm reading every day and cheering you all on! My happiness is a 4 pound whoosh this morning. Well, it's been going down all week, but today is my official weigh-in. Down to 192.

Keep on it, ladies! And keep checking in!

02-19-2013, 10:41 AM
I need to give a shout out to ZUMBA- Could you keep the snow where you are, please?? They are predicting 2 feet of snow here Wed/Thursday. It has been a LONG time since we have had that much snow at one time. I live in a small town and will be snowbound for a day or two. Just hope we do not lose power. Actually, I hope the storm misses us and we do not end up with that much snow.

Food yesterday was within calorie range. Completed week 4 for C25K this morning. Using the treadmill so it will be interesting to see how long I can run for when the weather is nice and can get outside and give it a go.

Not in a great mood today. Totally PMSing and in a bad mood.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

02-19-2013, 10:49 AM

I have been incognito for about 5 months :(. In that time I have gained 12 unwanted pounds of fat back. Yesterday I wrote a contract to myself. It is 5 pages so I wont bore you with the details. I will just say that being here and reading other stories that are similiar to mine and having a place to come and say what is on your mind is what helped me through the first part of my weightloss journey. I know how important it is for me to stay here, read here, write here, listen here. I am accountable only to myself but having you all here sure does help the process and it sure makes it easier. So here is part of my contract to myself This is my contract to myself. It is embarassing to share so much detail of what is going on in my life but I have to I have to be honest. I have to get it out there and I have to move forward....

Today is February 18, 2013.
I have clear goals set for myself this year – from today until Nov 18th. I have drive, I have motivation, I have time and I have the skills needed. This is my year to change me on the inside and out. I am done feeling sad, stuck, lonely and overweight. I only have this one life and it has been miserable lately. This year I will do whatever it takes to meet people, to make friends, to join goups. I have to get rid of Tina as a friend. She is not the type of person I need to be around. I don’t want to feel miserable anymore. I don’t want to feel like a failure anymore I don’t want to feel like a victim anymore. I don’t want to be in relationships anymore that are not mutually beneficial, I don’t want to give everything to someone and not have it given back. I don’t want to be in the same place as I am today in 12 months. I am done with all of it. I can and will make the changes that I have stated in this contract to myself. I will not give up until I have some good solid end results for myself have been accomplished. For my life, for my future. One other thing I will work on is buying a house by the water. I will own my beachouse outright on a small island where there is community where I feel like home. where I can live the rest of my life in peace hearing the ocean waves as I go to bed every night.
 March 18th 262
 April 18th 252
 May 18th 242
 June 18th 232
 July 18th 222
 August 18th 212
 Sept 18th 202
 October 18th 192
 November 18th 182
 Dec 18th 172
To do this I am committing to myself
• Follow Walk-Run Program M,W, F 40-45 min of walking running, Sat. is a long run
• T,Th Arms, Legs, Back, Shoulders through P90x
• Eat 5 bars per day Plus one meal
• Drink 1 diet soda per day
• Drink 90 oz of water per day
• I will not eat out
• I will not pass by candy in the office and say its ok to eat just one piece
• I will have self-control. I will not fail at this. I will practice self-control every single moment of every single day….
• I can do this. I have gone without sweets for months at a time at other points in my life. I have to practice control with this each time I walk by and want to grab something.
• During this time I will continue to budget my money and pay off the IRS. My goal is to get this lien off my credit this year and find a new happiness in my work. I can’t do that with this hanging over my head and need to focus on the goals I have set from Jan 31t to July 23rd. I will pay the IRS off, make a deal with them or do whatever I have to do to make this happen.
• In August I will go on a vacation
• I will not take anything from work personally. I am doing the best that I can for this job and if it’s not good enough well that is there issue not mine. Part of my problem has always been I take this **** way to personally.
Finally I will work hard at getting my business off the ground. Now is the time. Its been put in my path and I have the resources I need to get it done so I can work for myself.

02-19-2013, 05:44 PM
mrsTryingAgain I finally got to see the photos from your walk. They look great!!

02-20-2013, 12:56 AM
Decent day. Got to sleep in! Woo Hoo! Had to walk indoors (the mall) because we were having wacky weather...rain, snow, hail even a small tornado about 25 miles from us.
H had a couple episodes today. :( I really can't wait for Friday to get here! It's going to be a really, really busy day that day. H has 2 appts. one with his regular physician & the other with the cardiologist. Yes, it's just the preliminary visit, but I'm hoping he'll schedule H for his pacemaker ASAP!!!

kelijpa & newleaf: That's why I share my photos. I know many of you are stuck in snow & that you are really ready for spring. If I can't send you sunshine via the internet maybe I can warm you with photos from No. CA.

sept2012: Sound like a well thought out plan! I wish you best of luck! It's great to have a plan to keep yourself accountable. Please keep us up to date on how it's going. WE CAN HELP you stay motivated.

NEMom: Ah, if only it were that easy to keep bad weather at bay. :lol: Glad you're keeping up with C25K program. Hope all is well with you & your son. Yes, spring will be here soon. Do you realize that Eater is less than 6 weeks away?? CRAZY!!! :dizzy:
BTW I know what you mean about PMS...mine raised HE77 with me last week. UGH!! :(

Moondance: Congrats on the loss!!! Time a happy dance!!! :dancer::dancer::dancer:

:drill::drill: Hope that everyone has a great remainder of the week! I'll check in as time allows! BE HEALTHY!!! BE HAPPY!!! ROCK BEING A 40-SOMETHING!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! :drill::drill:

02-20-2013, 01:06 AM
Hi Everyone!
I got through the weekend with my kids and grandkids here. And I'm happy to say I did well for the most part on my diet. Friday night we went out to a casino for a seafood buffet, and I only had crab legs and salad. (well, and a couple glasses of wine, but I budgeted my calories for them) Boy, I guess crab has a lot of sodium, because the next day my weight was up FOUR POUNDS! The rest of the weekend I was good, and stayed within my calories, drank a ton of water, and walked an hour each day. 3 of those 4 pounds are now back off, and we managed to have just as much fun even if we didnt' eat and drink a ton. That's something I'm realizing has been so ingrained in me - family fun usually revolves around special food, and snacking. I see it now, and realize that we don't always have to have super-high fat foods and drinks to enjoy each other's company. Now to try to let my kids see that, and help them think similarly so we can all be healthier. None of my kids have weight problems yet, and I sure don't want them to. Anyway, we had a great time, and I have to tell you, my grandkids are the cutest you've ever seen! :)

Hope everyone is having a good week. We're supposed to get a big snowstorm tomorrow, so I hit the store and stocked up on healthy foods today. No excuses for not eating right for this chick this week!

02-20-2013, 10:15 AM
Sept2012-Looks like you have a good plan in place. Remember to to allow yourself some treats. I found being too strict with myself leads to my downfall. I wish you all the best and remember we are here to support you!

MrsTrying - I really really hope they help your DH on Friday. You both have waited long enough for him to get the medical attention he needs. I am so impressed with your dedication to walking. If you can't walk outside you find a way to do it inside. I would probably just forget it. Good for you!!!

Linda - I am glad that you had a good weekend and visit with your grandkids. We are expecting a snow storm here tomorrow also. They can't make up their mind how much we are suppose to get but its all I heard about on the news this week.

Foodwise things were good yesterday. Kept it within calorie range. Still holding off until Friday to weight. I have not seen the scale go down in a couple of weeks and am scared to get on and not see a loss again.

Hope you all have a wonderful hump day!!!

02-20-2013, 12:33 PM
Morning All,

Sept2012: Good Plan! Totally realistic and doable!

MrsTrying: Good luck on Friday with DH. Hope it is as stress-free as it can be!

LindaWW: Don't get me started about sodium...I have to stay under 1500mg a day and I tell ya - it was quite an adjustment - food just tastedbland and blah for a long long time. AND I gave up artificial sweeteners, too.
Did the salad have dressing? That's a culprit, too.

NEMom: Congrats on the SD house! Love love love peri and PMS...NOT. TMI: last time was 14 days of active TOM. Lovely...anemia here I come. Still waiting on a surgery date for the HTA.

SeeMyFeet: 20 pounds in 3 months is still awesome - and just like someone else said - think of the last month as maintence. Especially with your work atmosphere!

So: Now is the time of year when they start putting out my most favorite food(using the term loosely) of all. I was walking through the store and started to turn down an aisle and saw them - row after row of pink, blue, yellow and purple PEEPS! I LOVE them. Fresh, slightly dried out, even microwaved for a few seconds to get them gooey and even more fantastic. I even have a favorite color - the bunnies in purple. I really would like to eat them all. But I won't. Peeps purchased: Zero.
Hubby worked late last night so I was bored. I have a stack of bottoms that I try on periodically (doesn't everyone?) so I figured what the heck. The size 10 jeans all fit - but if I was a guy - the 8s would show you my religion... not pretty. But I did get them up and zipped with only a minor muffin top! So I moved on to the shorts pile. At the end of last summer I bought a bunch of shorts on sale - they didn't fit at ALL but I figured I would lose some weight and they would be perfect for summer 2013. Much to my surprise they are all too big already. And hopefully will be WAY too big by summer! Yippee! I'll probably still wear them, though...I really don't like fitted/restrictive clothes. If only I had stopped my fashion show right then and there...there was absolutely no reason to try on the bathing suit from 10 years ago. Guess there is NO WAY I am eating those peeps. when I see them - I just have to think of the bathing suit and how my thighs look a little like peeps themselves.:o

You know those signs companies have that read: X days without accident, injury, etc. I think I'm starting one. That way if I should be out and about and have a moment of Peep weakness I can remember that if I do, I'll have to change my days since to zero. I like to quantify things....:D
Total Days:73
Days without incident: 73

02-20-2013, 04:48 PM
Okay, I need to go back and read the last few pages of chat to get caught up. But I have to say this:

2FatCats LOL re the Peeps!! I used to be the same way about the (very specifically) Necco brand of Conversation Hearts at Valentines Day. The Brachs brand, meh. But the Necco??? Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. But they aren't on the market any more -- a very sad fact, that ultimately makes me very happy. Crisis averted, ad infinitum. Now to get those Peeps taken off the market, then you'll be the same way!

02-20-2013, 04:54 PM
You know those signs companies have that read: X days without accident, injury, etc. I think I'm starting one. That way if I should be out and about and have a moment of Peep weakness I can remember that if I do, I'll have to change my days since to zero. I like to quantify things....:D
Total Days:73
Days without incident: 73

I love this idea. I am going to add it to mine too just so you know I am saying I am starting over as of Feb 18th (even though I really started in July, but I can't go back and count my "incidents" hahahaha)

Total Days: 2
Days without incident 0

:( I had m&m's two days even though it was a VERY small amount I still had them. I don't want to go back to zero either so I am with ya...

02-20-2013, 05:01 PM
:wave:Hello 40-somethings!

I'm a newbie ... but I am definitely 40+. Isn't 40 the new 30 now anyway? I've just got to get serious about dropping the poundage so I feel 30 again! So many of the successes and reached goals I see here in this forum are very inspiring.

I do have one question though... HOW DO I GET A COOL TICKER??? :listen:

02-20-2013, 06:36 PM
Lisarsmiles: WELCOME and check out this thread re tickers. http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/announcements-forum-help/203435-ultimate-one-stop-signature-ticker-thread-read-here-if-you-have-questions.html

Sep2012: BTW: Happy to see another 5'9" here! My mom was a petite 5'3" so when I hit my growth spurt at 13 (grew 6 inches over a summer) I topped her by half a foot! She would never let me wear heels, either - she always told me my feet were too big and I was too tall already. Sigh. Doesn't stop me now, though!! I love being 6 feet tall in heels! But no matter how thin I've been in the past - I still felt bigger than other folks. The bonus, though - I can EAT more calories! WooHoo! Just no Peeps. :(

02-20-2013, 08:50 PM
She would never let me wear heels, either - she always told me my feet were too big and I was too tall already. Sigh. Doesn't stop me now, though!! I love being 6 feet tall in heels! But no matter how thin I've been in the past - I still felt bigger than other folks. The bonus, though - I can EAT more calories! WooHoo! Just no Peeps. :(

hahaah I can totally relate. I remember my mom saying the exact same thing to me while getting ready for my sixth grade graduation. I was always taller than most anyway so it didn't stop me, but I will say it was always in the back of my mind... I am too tall and too big. I find myself feeling way more confident, in a crowd, when I am not the tallest and biggest. I just posted this somewhere else... I went on a date this weekend with someone who was "5'10" well I was clearly wrong to think I would feel comfortable. With me in heels I was actually looking down at him. I don't have many requirements anymore regarding men, but I am just not into guys who are shorter than me. I gave it a shot... stepped out of my comfort zone and now realize we have some of those requirements for a reason.

02-20-2013, 09:20 PM
I gave it a shot... stepped out of my comfort zone and now realize we have some of those requirements for a reason.

I was never heavy during my "dating years" but even back then, my requirements were that a guy had to weigh more than me and not have hips slimmer than mine. LOL

02-21-2013, 12:08 AM
Good evening all,
My name is Roxanne. I originally posted an intro in the Feb 2012 thread but newleaf was nice enough to point me in the correct direction.

I am 40 - going to be 41 in April. I live in Washington state. I have 4 kids 20, 16, 11 and 11. I have 3 cats and 2 beagles. I work the night shift as a psych nurse. (Until next month when I start weekend doubles)

I was loosing weight about 2 years ago when I first joined. Then I got hurt and it was a long recovery time. I gained back most of the weight I lost (but not all!) and now am back to loosing weight. I joined weight watchers this time and also just finished my assessment phase for the active link.

Speaking of cats, I have to tell you guys what happened to me today. I went to step on my scale this morning and a live mouse popped out. Scared the living daylights out of me! Remember, I have THREE cats. I told them all they were fired! I had to go get a plastic jug, catch the mouse and put it outside. The beagles were more interested in catching the mouse than the cats were! (The cats probably brought it inside in the first place! They have been known to do that in the past).

Now, I can't even think about stepping on my scale without getting the heebie jeebies! lol

Looking forward to meeting you guys,

02-21-2013, 12:17 AM
Talking about the favorite treats time....this is my downfall season as well. I simply can't go in the store. Mine are the cadbury cream eggs. Oh man I LOVE those things!!! I have to tell my dh to NOT get them for me.

I woke up today and my youngest twin handed me a bag of caramel chocolate squares and my 16 year old handed me a chocolate covered donught that he bought with his own money. sigh


02-21-2013, 12:27 AM
Talking about the favorite treats time....this is my downfall season as well. I simply can't go in the store. Mine are the cadbury cream eggs. Oh man I LOVE those things!!! I have to tell my dh to NOT get them for me.

I woke up today and my youngest twin handed me a bag of caramel chocolate squares and my 16 year old handed me a chocolate covered donught that he bought with his own money. sigh


How do they know?!
I just decided in mid January that it was time to get healthier. My kids bought me candy for my birthday at the beginning of February. It's not a disaster, though; I have a big bag of m&ms on my shelf, and every afternoon I have 3 of them with a cup of tea. I just let them melt in my mouth. That way, it takes the same amount of time to eat those as it used to take for a whole pack.

That said, I would devour a Cadbury's creme egg if one walked by...

02-21-2013, 01:19 AM
Mmmm love Cadbury creme eggs too. Lol I'll pass on peeps though.

Have been reading posts and pulling for all. Keep up the good work! We can do it!

Sticking OP here okay. This weekend will be a small detour but will give all my weekly points toward it.... then comes Las Vegas next week..... I hope to walk...and walk...and walk...to make up for all the extra eating of course. Ha ha and then come home and get RIGHT BACK TO IT. Do not pass go, etc. lol

Have a great week everyone!

02-21-2013, 02:07 AM
Magicsusan: Even though I have talked to my kids about my weight loss, they still have to overcome years of me saying a treat is a donut or candy. Heck, for that matter so do I!

All that being said, I will spend the 9 points and eat the donut that my son gave me and 1 of the squares. It's worth it. Not till about 2 am though. That's when I eat my breakfast since I am a night shift worker.

Well off to work for me. Have a great evening all


02-21-2013, 02:16 AM
I couldn't believe this when I saw it! This bush was just blooming like mad & bees were just busy working it. The bush was virtually humming!

Good day. Wenf for a walk in the park. H couldn't walk with me. He was having issues with his feet today, he may have even broken a toe. What is it with toes in my houshold?? :dunno: I finally get mine back well enough to walk regularly & now he bums his out.
I did take some pics today. I know many of you are still in sucky, cold weather. I'll share them with you to remind you that SPRING is on it's way. Hang on! It's coming!!!

Okay everyone talking about Easter candy. What the heck?!! You guys have found one of my kryptonites! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Easter candy! From the Peeps, to the jelly eggs, the robin eggs, the chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs...this year though, I'm saying, "No thank you!" I was actually able to walk away from all the Valentines Day candy that was 75%+ off. The one that was the hardest was the cinnamon salt H2O taffy. Course I have yet to meet a sweet I didn't want to gooble right on down. Perhaps wrapper & all.

LindaWW: When you look around you'll be shocked at what has sodium & just how much of it! H & I have had to become strict label readers & totally change what/how we eat. I just love though that you can find all kinds of spices without sodium in it. Sodium is pretty easily replaced IF you know where to look for it. Fact is, we now think a great many things are TOO salty...things we USED to add salt to. Go figure.

NEMom: :crossed: for your weight loss. I know it's scary to step back on the scales. I hope that it's kind to you!! May this be you tomorrow!! :goodscale:

2FatCats: Good job on not buying any of those Peeps! I know how they love to lure us in with their colors & Easter goodness. Keep it up! That "fashion show" sounds like fun. I bought a pair of 18 pants at the thrift store the other day...they were $.25!!! How could I not? They fit, but I can't zip them...yet, but I will!!! Like I said in a previous post, I can't stand paying full price for clothes I might be in for a month or 2. Yup! Keep that swim suit in mind to keep your focus. It really helps when we have something to shoot for. Peeps = looking "fluffy" in you swim suit. You go, girl!!!

lisarsmiles: :welcome2: Hope we can encourage you to reach your goals! Good luck!

roxannestaggs: :welcome2: The more newbies the better! We can all help each other along the way! A mouse came out of your scales?!! Yup! Fire the cats! They should be catching them & definitely keeping them out of the house! Course I'd blame the mouse for me being sloooow in loosing weight...mice weight a lot, don't they? ;) I say that mouse gives you a bye for using the scales for at least 1 maybe 2 weeks.

MagicSusan: :welcome2: Good job being strong in the face of candy. Candy is soooo my weakness. I come from a looooong line of people with sweet tooths. My grandpa on my mom's side had an amazing one...he had candy everywhere in his home. But he had such a high metabolism he was always skinny as a rail.

MagicSusan: Enjoy Vegas! I've never been, course I'm not really one for cities. I wish I could go to see some shows, like when Cirque was there, but other than that...nah. Hope you enjoy it & are able to walk, walk, walk...it'll help you not gain. GOOD LUCK!!!

sept2012: I couldn't help but giggle. I'm not tall, 5'6" but I've always been "big". I'm not petite in any way shape or form, even when I'm at my lowest weight. I'm built stocky, maybe that's why my requirements weren't physical when I was dating...I could find guys taller than me, but most of them were built pretty much the same as me. As for heels, ya ladies can keep them! Just looking at them make my feet hurt! I used to have to wear them EVERYDAY. I haven't wore any in 15-20 yrs. & I'm not really planning on it. :lol:

:goodvibes:goodvibes: NOW AS I PROMISED...MORE SPRING!!!! :goodvibes:goodvibes


02-21-2013, 05:56 AM
MsTrying: Gorgeous spring pictures!!! I was thinking that a mouse coming from the scales earns me a buy as well! lol!

It's 2 am and I am almost 25% of the way into my days activity goal. Going to get up and do something active to help it along.

Roxanne - for some reason, I feel like dancing. Am listening to some beautiful native american flute music that a co-worker brought in tonight

02-21-2013, 10:12 AM
Hahaha Ladies... my favaorite easter candy is Hersheys Milk Chocolate Coated Eggs.. I have to stay out of the stores right now too. All of them. I cannot risk running by those as I will not be able to pass them up. Only once per year they come out and guess what its only freaken February and they are already in stores. I have seen them. The robin blue colored bag sticks out like a damn sore thumb!

Mstyringagain - I grew up in Palm Springs, CA. I see that blue sky and its not like anything else you can explain. I miss the snow capped mountains. Georgia has like one mountain that I can see from here:(

Roxanne... I am dying of laughter about the cats. Mine used to bring rodents to my doorstep... you ever seen a citrus rats? They are huge, ugly creatures and my cats was the king of killing and leaving at the front door.

NewLeaf - yea... you got it. Whats up with having smaller legs, hips and waist then me? I want to feel smaller and like my man can protect me. How can he do that if he can't even push me out of the way hahahahah. No really I used to have a long laundry list of things that I wanted in a man. As the years have past I have tried to be less superficial but somethings have to stay on the list and being over 6'0 and broad is one of them :) I will never be that small either. I have faced that. Even at my smallest (160 and 5'9") I still stuck out... hahahaha best to embrace it than fight it.

02-21-2013, 10:18 AM
Sept2012-Looks like you have a good plan in place. Remember to to allow yourself some treats. I found being too strict with myself leads to my downfall. I wish you all the best and remember we are here to support you!

MrsTrying - I really really hope they help your DH on Friday. You both have waited long enough for him to get the medical attention he needs. I am so impressed with your dedication to walking. If you can't walk outside you find a way to do it inside. I would probably just forget it. Good for you!!!

Linda - I am glad that you had a good weekend and visit with your grandkids. We are expecting a snow storm here tomorrow also. They can't make up their mind how much we are suppose to get but its all I heard about on the news this week.

Foodwise things were good yesterday. Kept it within calorie range. Still holding off until Friday to weight. I have not seen the scale go down in a couple of weeks and am scared to get on and not see a loss again.

Hope you all have a wonderful hump day!!!

Thank you!

02-21-2013, 11:34 AM
Sept2012: I love your 230 goal. I used to have horses when I was a teenager and I miss riding. Maybe I will adopt your goal.


02-21-2013, 11:54 AM
Sept2012: I love your 230 goal. I used to have horses when I was a teenager and I miss riding. Maybe I will adopt your goal.


hahaha lets get there together!

02-21-2013, 12:05 PM
It's Thursday - I am at work even though they closed my place of employment due to impending bad weather I still came in - silly me.
All week the news has been all over this impending snow storm that was suppose to hit last night and dump a foot or more of snow on us. Before my boys were even home from school yesterday, they can already canceled school for today. Last night, before 9:00 all schools, including the University that I work for (which NEVER closes BTW) was closed.
Woke up this morning, let my dogs out expecting to see white stuff everywhere and there was NOTHING. Not one flake. Now they are saying the snow is suppose to come later today and tonight. I came into work because I live in a small town so I have to drive quite a ways into work, I am more worried about coming in tomorrow than today so if needed, I will take my snow day tomorrow.
It is not the administrators fault for closing everything down early, they are looking out for the students and employees. I am sure they were pressured by the continual weather forecasts. However, my fear is the next time school really NEEDS to be cancelled, they will not do it.
My DD goes to college about two hours away and they HAVE really been dumped on. Poor girl, she will probably be snowed in for a couple of days.

Any, if your still reading, I don't have much to report. Food was okay, completed another day of the C25K program this morning. I will weigh tomorrow, my ring is a little lose so I am hoping for a loss.

Have a great day all!!!

02-21-2013, 12:47 PM
Happy Thursday! :D

NEMom...we were supposed to have 8-10 inches of snow too...got 4. The news are always preparing us for the blizzard of the century. I've decided that I should have been a meteorologist...where else can you be wrong more than 50% of the time and keep your job?

Wish I had more time for personals... so I'll go off memory while I have a couple of minutes:

Hi to all you newbies! Always glad to see more faces here.
MrsTryingAgain: LOVE your photos! Anxious to hear how the Dr. appt goes tomorrow.
Easter candy: my favorite has always been Russel Stover Nests (chocolate covered coconut with 3 jelly bean eggs). They're not as good as they used to be (more like a coconut crisp then actual coconut) but I still love them.

I don't envy you ladies in the dating scene! My BFF is single (widowed) and isn't even interested in trying. She says all the good ones are taken and doesn't want the drama of dating. Can't say I blame her.

I've had my cat for almost a year now. Got her from the shelter, all four paws have been declawed. I don't know if she could catch a mouse, but she sure wants to catch one of birds that frequent the feeders I put by the windows for her entertainment!

Yea for smaller sized clothing that fits! I'm just happy my current clothes aren't as restrictive (I refused to buy anything larger, so a few things have been a bit of a squeeze). Don't we ALL have a stash of clothes for "When I lose a few pounds"?

ok, phone is ringing...gotta go! Have a great, On-Plan day!

02-21-2013, 06:10 PM
2FatCats: Thanks for the Ticker advice...I'll have to wait the 20 days/20 posts until I can add it as a signature. If I could lose the 100+ pounds I need to in 20 days I would never need the Ticker, right? :)

02-21-2013, 06:46 PM
A post from my blog ... let me know what you think or go right to my blog and add a comment:

Feeling sad? Have a cookie or two or twelve, the sugar seems to make you feel happier.

Need a hug but there's nobody who'll give you one? Have a burger with all the fixings, an overful stomach mimics a hug, right?

That's REPLACEMENT THERAPY. I've practiced this most of my life. Of course when I was younger, active, and motivated this was a practice that was balanced by all the days nothing needed replacing. Now that I'm older, less active, and lacking motivation I can't make excuses for it anymore. And somehow life has also found a way to bring more and more days where something needs replacing. Replacement Therapy always was a negative, destructive behavior and I need to stop ... now ... while I'm "older" but not yet "old."

It seems we're all dealt a hand to play in this life. Five cards: Chemistry, Connections, Circumstances, Consciousness, Choices. Our DNA, abusive relationships, financial distress, and negative thoughts are results of the first four cards. The fifth card is the "wild card." The Choices we make have the ability to change the suite and number on any of the other cards.

We may have health issues, but we can make healthier choices. We may have family/friend relationships that are a horror show, we can build better relationships. We may be in debt, but we can make strides to pull ourselves out of debt through fiscal responsibility. People may have filled our minds with mean-spirited comments and lies, we can chose to think about kindness and truth.

Today I am starting on a journey ... I'm turning it around. I am going to make better, healthier choices. Are you with me?

If you would like to watch the inspirational vid clip where I gleaned the five card concept, copy and past this link into your browser: youtu.be/ZPW3EB5U0bo

02-22-2013, 02:40 AM
Just got off work. UGH! Heading directly to bed. Have a very full day that starts early. H has his cardiologist appt. at 9.
This is my hubby. This photo was taken a few days ago at the park. Please keep positive thoughts for him tomorrow. If the cardiologist decides to put the pacemaker in right away, we are going to do it...come HE77 or high water. I need him to be healthy...not blacking out or getting dizzy.
We believe these steps are here for people to get up on their horses. We are not far from a horse trail. :)

02-22-2013, 07:05 AM
MrsTryingAgain: Sending lots of positive vibes! Hope things go well for you tomorrow!

Well, in an effort to increase my exercise, I walked on my break tonight. Did two loops around the building. Pretty good for me.

Stayed on plan all day. Cat brought in another mouse and we have taken away her access to the dog door. Went to take the beagles for a walk when I got off work yesterday. Our other cat decided to come with us. Didn't we look a sight. Two beagles, me and the cat all strolling along.

I was too afraid to go far though because I don't want him getting comfortable out on the roads so we turned back early.

Hope everyone has a great day!


02-22-2013, 10:57 AM
MrsTryingAgain - My thoughts are with you and DH today. Hoping he finally gets the pacemaker and medical help he needs!!! Sending positive thoughts your way.

Lisa - Loved your blog entry. I have had a disappointing start to my day so the I'm turning it around. I am going to make better, healthier choices. Are you with me? really made me pause and think. Great positive thinking, I need some.

roxannestags-Sounds like you had a great day. Would have loved a picture of you and your dogs and cat walking down the street. Since I have both dogs and cats I have a good picture in my mind and it makes me smile.

I weighed this morning hoping to see a loss and what did I get? A 2lbs gain. TOM is coming soon but really? I have lost NO weight this month. Looking back over calories consumed I should have lost something, at least a pound. I am very bummed out over this and having a pitty party. Am I going to be limited to 1300 calories just to maintain? Am I forever going to have to pass up a cookie when I want one? Am I too old to reach my goal of 150? Do I have to weigh and measure every bite I put in my mouth? Is that how I want to live my life? Am I destined to have fat thighs, flabby arms and a fat stomach?
I realize I am not in my 20's or even 30's but I feel like I am doing enough work to drop a couple of pounds a month.
BLECH. I am over it.

02-22-2013, 11:58 AM
How do we get the 2012 Feb chat thread closed? Folks keep stumbling onto it and posting by accident. I just found another this am and directed her here. Patchworkpenguin started it and she hasn't posted anywhere since 12-22-2012.

02-22-2013, 12:16 PM
I was another one that posted there. Glad I was redirected!

How is everyone doing today? I am so proud of myself! I did 6 laps of the building at work last night AND came home and walked the dogs. I hit my 100% goal on my activelink monitor. I can go to bed early!

Night all!

02-22-2013, 12:33 PM
NEMom: You are NOT too old. I asked myself that same question back in December. And at first I hated weighing every bite of food. But - you learn to eyeball it after doing it a while. Trust me on that one - I can eyeball exactly 16g of peanut butter. Every single time.:D

My 2 cents: If what worked before doesn't anymore - remember that your body is doing what it is supposed to - adapting to and overcoming change. Have you thought about chalking it up to the learning process and trying something new? Surprise your body and make it adjust again.
I've done a LOT of cardio in my days...and all I saw was changes on the scale. I was smaller, yes, but still soft and didn't feel proud of my body. I felt disappointed and betrayed by my body after all my efforts. I was so bored and felt like a hamster-in-a-wheel, too. And I was hungry and cranky all the time. All of that meant I couldn't sustain it. I felt like, Why bother? So I gave up and found myself right back at square one (or scale one).
Funny/Sad how I would do the same thing time and time again and still expect different results. And I always thought I was a quick learner....
Lots of fitness 'experts' believe the best way to change your body composition is to lift free weights. Otherwise you could end up becoming the dreaded 'skinny-fat'. I didn't believe all the 'experts' but now I get it. Now I see changes in the mirror - even if the scale shows nothing. I finally learned that the more muscle I build - the more calories my body burns at rest - and that means I can EAT more, I am stronger and I look better! Win-win-win!

Okay - starting to sound like a weight-lifting commercial. :o

Just know that you can do this - you are NEVER too old to succeed.

02-22-2013, 01:36 PM
Thank you, NE Mom, for saying exactly what I was coming here to say this morning! No movement on the scale for me either - in fact, I was up 2 pounds this morning. And I was good this week! An hour on the treadmill every day, and 200 crunches daily.

HUGE thank you to 2FatCats, who said exactly what I needed to hear. I remember last summer, when I had my gym membership and was going 3 times a week to lift weights, that even if the scale stayed the same, my body was changing. I no longer have my gym membership, but I do have hand weights at home. I need to get back to doing that. Thanks for the inspiration, and the positive words of encouragement. I'm going to get started today, and do only half an hour on the treadmill and half an hour of weights. it feels good to have a plan!

Happy Friday to all of you!

02-22-2013, 02:25 PM
Hahaha seems like we are all having similar issues. Mine is self induced though. I said I was starting on Feb 18th its now the 22nd and I have not done a single thing right. I have eaten M&M's everyday as they are at the receptionist desk sitting there asking me to eat them... I got on the scale this morning and weighed in at 275. OI'... that is not good. Now 15 lbs up since Oct. I could too blame it on TOM as it is around the corner, but I know it is more than that.

Last time I did this I felt so darn motivated. This time I feel complacent. So I have been reading lots of posts. Trying to participate in this a lot more and drinking my 90 oz of water. Thats all I have going for me today. Tomorrow however is a new day.

02-22-2013, 03:13 PM
Just got back from the cardiologist. As you can probably guess, not much to tell. :( H has to wear a monitor for 30 days. He's more than a little frustrated. He was really hoping that we would be getting him much, much closer to a pacemaker. I'm trying very hard to keep his spirits up, but I have to admit I'm frustrated too. I get it, they want all the info they can get to be sure they are doing the right things...but ARGH!!!

He's chillin' for a little bit before we go for a walk. I think he is getting stir crazy. He's basically been stuck at home for a couple of days. A couple of days?? I'd hate to see what would happen to him if we were snowed in, right? ;)

roxannestags: LOL! I love the sight! My cousin had this big ole black cat that loved to walk with us. Course half way through the walk he'd get tired & stop. Then he'd cry & fuss that we left him behind. We'd pick him up on our way back. I think he thought he was a dog or at least part dog. Good job on your exercise! Keep it up!!!

NEMom: :hug::hug: DARN IT! I was sooo hoping for a loss for you! Don't feel bad though, I'm stuck too! I stepped on my scales yesterday AM...STILL AT WHERE I WAS 2 MONTHS AGO!!! What the :censored::mad::censored::mad::censored::mad:!!! 'Nuff said? I think my scales are going to get shipped to some deserted island. Maybe I'll send them on a Carnival Cruise? Someone can toss it overboard!
Course I'm just going to keep plugging away, one day I WILL have a loss. I feel better. I do have more stamina. I do have fewer aches & pains, it easier to get out of bed in the mornings. So even if I don't see a loss...it is paying off in other ways. Just know, you are not alone!! :hug::hug:
P.S. You are not too old! Health is important at every age! I'm pushing 50, but I'll be darned if I'm giving up! I'm doing to do all I can to be one of those women that people say, "She looks great for 50!!!" :genie: WISH! HOPE!

2Cats: I HATE weighing & measuring. It's a math thing for me. Math has always been a stumbling block for me. The way I started measuring my eats. Is I look at what I called a "normal" serving...cut that in half or even smaller. When it came to fruits/veggies...doubled it or tripled it. When I finally enough was enough I was basically eating NO fruits/veggies just red meats, snack foods & goodies. SOOOO WRONG! I also tell myself seconds only on the fruits/veggies. Big portions & seconds is was led me to where I am today. :(

LindaWW: Do something, do anything. Every little bit helps! When I was at my slimmest...I actually weighed about 170 lb., but it didn't look like it! I was lots of muscle & had tons of stamina. Oh what I'd do to have that all back...but I'm working on it!

sept2012: LET'S GO!!! LET'S GO!!! Not going to let you sit there eating your M&Ms!!! Believe me, those M&Ms are not your friend. Think of them as the little pebble in your shoe that is holding you back from an amazing goal. TOM is tough, but I find if I have a plan it's not so bad. I actually plan more exercise, more H2O & even healthier eating when I know it's lurking. My biggest stumbler with TOM is salty, crunchy snacks...I think it's the iodine I miss. I keep soy nuts on hand. They give me the crunch & the salt, but I can only eat about maybe a couple of oz. But that is enough to keep my cravings for chips at bay. I also make sure I drink more H2O to account for my sodium intake. Exercise during TOM...do it! It helps with cramps (if you get those---I do), & also the PMS. sept, you can do this! You are worth it! Give yourself healthy options to counter what maybe placed in front of you. For some reason, spicy Chai tea helps me fight of cravings for sweets...don't know why, but it does. Hope you find something to help you!

Well, time to go for a walk! Got my camera...who knows what I might see today. Sending cyber sunshine to all of you who might not be having spring type weather.

:drill::drill: BE HEALTHY! BE ACTIVE! BE THE AWESOME 40-SOMETHINGS I KNOW YOU ARE! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! P.S. May this healthy Friday carry you through the whole weekend!!! :drill::drill:
:dust::dust::dust::dust: USE THIS!!! ;)

02-22-2013, 08:50 PM
Hi, Ladies.

I will go back this weekend and read the pages I've missed. A quick skim tells me:

MrsTryingAgain So sorry that the long awaited meeting with the cardiologist didn't move your DH as far ahead as you had hoped :hug: I'm sure the dr knows what he is doing, though, and at least now you are finally under his care.

NEMom you can do this. Don't talk yourself into a corner. 2FatCats gave you some great advice.

So I came here to tell you all 2 things:

1) AWESOME dinner tonight. I stir-fried up some asparagus, kale, and tri-colored quinoa, put some fresh ground pepper on it, and called it a meal. Scrumptious!!

2) I had my cholesterol checked last August, and in the time between having the blood drawn and getting the results, I was convinced it would be high. Lots of research told me that, since I already eat primarily whole foods and mainly vegetables, really the only cholesterol-improving dietary changes I could make were to add green tea and whole grains (I was eating almost no grains). It turned out, my cholesterol was excellent, but I figured that I would keep up with these 2 dietary changes. I have a few cups of green tea each day, and most mornings I have whole-grain hot cereal. And recently I've added in quinoa. Well, I had my cholesterol tested again this week, and my already excellent cholesterol was even MORE excellent. It was great to see that my changes worked!! Higher good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol, lower triglycerides. Just from those 2 changes. Had to share...

Anyway, that's all. My kitchen is a mess so I'm off to clean it, yet again. Hamster wheel anyone??!

02-22-2013, 10:07 PM
MrsTryingAgain - My thoughts are with you and DH today. Hoping he finally gets the pacemaker and medical help he needs!!! Sending positive thoughts your way.

Lisa - Loved your blog entry. I have had a disappointing start to my day so the really made me pause and think. Great positive thinking, I need some.

roxannestags-Sounds like you had a great day. Would have loved a picture of you and your dogs and cat walking down the street. Since I have both dogs and cats I have a good picture in my mind and it makes me smile.

I weighed this morning hoping to see a loss and what did I get? A 2lbs gain. TOM is coming soon but really? I have lost NO weight this month. Looking back over calories consumed I should have lost something, at least a pound. I am very bummed out over this and having a pitty party. Am I going to be limited to 1300 calories just to maintain? Am I forever going to have to pass up a cookie when I want one? Am I too old to reach my goal of 150? Do I have to weigh and measure every bite I put in my mouth? Is that how I want to live my life? Am I destined to have fat thighs, flabby arms and a fat stomach?
I realize I am not in my 20's or even 30's but I feel like I am doing enough work to drop a couple of pounds a month.
BLECH. I am over it.

NeMom: Don't give up! From your ticker it looks like you're making very good progress! Maybe your body is just settling in? Maybe it's time to try something new ... a new type of exercise or foods? Personally I stay away from the scale as a daily routine because it is such a downer. I can't wait to come join you below 200, so make sure you stay there and wait for me!!! In fact, my goal is similar to yours and I won't be offended if you beat me there!!! :cheer3:

02-23-2013, 10:20 AM
sept2012: LET'S GO!!! LET'S GO!!! Not going to let you sit there eating your M&Ms!!! Believe me, those M&Ms are not your friend. Think of them as the little pebble in your shoe that is holding you back from an amazing goal. TOM is tough, but I find if I have a plan it's not so bad. I actually plan more exercise, more H2O & even healthier eating when I know it's lurking. My biggest stumbler with TOM is salty, crunchy snacks...I think it's the iodine I miss. I keep soy nuts on hand. They give me the crunch & the salt, but I can only eat about maybe a couple of oz. But that is enough to keep my cravings for chips at bay. I also make sure I drink more H2O to account for my sodium intake. Exercise during TOM...do it! It helps with cramps (if you get those---I do), & also the PMS. sept, you can do this! You are worth it! Give yourself healthy options to counter what maybe placed in front of you. For some reason, spicy Chai tea helps me fight of cravings for sweets...don't know why, but it does. Hope you find something to help you!

Thanks for the encouragement... I am so opposite of the salty and crunchy... I crave sweet and savory. I do keep pistachios in my desk... I just can't help but feel like I am not ready to really start again. Dammit! Everyday I get out of bed and say today is the day yet I end up screwing around. I am not meant to be a whiner... I am meant to be a doer I know I can do this.

Hopefully things with your husband work out. I know all too well about this too. My dad has been so sick for 3 years and one SERIOUS thing after another. An aneurysm (thank god that was caught in time) , cancer, kidney out, and now after he survived all of this (cancer free for a year) he just went into the hospital last night as his body is no releasing fluid. They removed 5 liters from him yesterday. I am over this too. I wish he would just get well and give my mom a break for a little while :) three years has been tough...

02-23-2013, 10:51 AM
Decide To Dance!

I’m in no shape to dance. Things wiggle and jiggle and my knees are constantly in jeopardy…but I love to dance! Watching reality dance shows just makes me more amped to get up and shake it! So, I’ve decided to dance some pounds away!

The athletes on “So You Think You Can Dance” make their bodies move in ways that are amazing and nearly unbelievable. And anyone who is an avid viewer of the show is familiar with National Dance Day. This year, I’m going to participate…somewhere, somehow! I’m going to learn the simple choreography and celebrate dancing and life and hopefully some lost pounds! The official routines aren’t available yet, I’ll keep you posted. Anyone else want to DECIDE TO DANCE? We have till July 27th to shape up and make plans.

Visit the official National Dance Day site here: dizzyfeetfoundation.org/national-dance-day-2013

This is my latest Blog post. Hope you'll visit my Blog and comment!

02-23-2013, 12:54 PM
Lisa: congrats on your resolve! That is so awesome!!

Sept2012: I know how hard it is to commit to weight loss. Good luck in finding your motivation and what works for you. Have you ever looked into weight watchers? It's what I am doing now and I have to be honest, it's the first "diet" I have ever been able to do. It feels normal and like just a part of life. I do it online, no meeting options for me.

MrsTrying: next time the kitties decide to accompany us I will try and get a snapshot of it. I am VERY sure they will do it again!

I decided today that I am going to save up for a recumbent bike. I am not overly fond of walking but don't really like regular bikes. TerraTrikes has a really nice recumbent bike that I am going to save for. I am going to save 125 out of every paycheck and I should be able to get it this summer!


02-23-2013, 03:31 PM
Hello to all the "New" people and "Old...er...Used?" people (ok...the Regulars--although that's not me...if you know what I mean), and "Returning" people,

Checking in here after a busy week...OMG OMG OMG!!!....you guys have given me a feeling I've never had before: LMAO and throwing up at the same time!! :rofl: :barf: PEEPS!!!!!! REALLY!!!!! I think those are SOOOOO gross!!!! I cannot even look at them! The only person I ever knew who liked those things had brown and missing teeth.

THERE! My good deed for the day. Did that help?????

(Your turn...I still need steering away from the liq donuts!....Imagining big beer guts isn't working for me.)

Don't bring those sweets home Ladies!! Hand them to the checkout person and say: "Can you put these back for me? I don't need this after all." Practice this phrase, ladies.
Seriously, Don't Bring Evil Into Your Home!!! (That's your cat's job!) Candy BAD, Broccolli GOOD! :broc:

In spite of all this silliness, I'm in a sad mood. Working way too much, stressed, and feeling like I'm spinning my wheels. Still dealing with AHs at work. You've seen the nature channels ladies; you know how monkey politics goes. Unfortunately, these apes are not intimidated by my superior size. (like how I phrased that?!)

The tall lady chat inspired me to measure myself again. I've been feeling like a giant Alice after she swallowed one of those pills....like I've grown a few inches. Nope. Still 5 8/5 9. (I have a conehead, so I gain an inch if I lower my head 5 degrees. Seriously.) I know what you tall ladies mean re taller men....haha...once upon a time, while walking next to a friend of mine at university, I hear her gasp audibly....'What's up'....'The Adonis...the GOD...there he is!!!'...The handsome guy she and others had been drooling over. Never even registered with me....too short! (not being prejudiced, just not my type) My TH was a 6 2er, drool drool....Was....he's already lost an inch or two (which is kind of worrisome)....probably why I feel like I've gotten taller.

Your camera takes good px, MsT, but you're torturing me !

Vacation homes by lakes and oceans!!!! Can I come join you???? Pretty please????

As for wt loss, good news is no gain, but still not losing. The work schedule and stress is taking its toll. I have to fight this. Just have to find more energy and more hours in the day.

Keep posting ladies...keep making me laugh! HaHa! mouse in the scales....of all the places for him to hide!....hope you burned some calories catching him!

02-23-2013, 03:46 PM
Thanks for the dancing video posts Lisarsmiles....I'm gonna do those!!....I'm not one for dancing in public--not at my size! Maybe one day!

MsT--you sure put your hubby on a pedestal!!!! Literally!!!

02-23-2013, 03:52 PM
I just can't help but feel like I am not ready to really start again. Dammit! Everyday I get out of bed and say today is the day yet I end up screwing around. I am not meant to be a whiner... I am meant to be a doer I know I can do this.

Reading this made me wonder how do you know when you are ready to change? Does it hit you in a big Ah-Ha moment or slowly develop over time while you formulate a plan? I had Ah-Ha moments that finally pushed me out of my denial and into action.
In June I noticed that my clothes were tight and knew I needed to do something about it - just didn't feel like it. That scared me a little since I have always been super motivated, dedicated, tons of willpower, etc. I figured I was past 40, in perimenopause, my joints hurt, etc. Just getting old, basically. I thought eventually I would snap out of it (or stop feeling bad about being fat) and then I would do something about it. I just wasn't feeling it yet.
And then in November a friend that I used to work with years ago called and invited me to her bday party. We still talk all the time but just don't see each other often. So - I hadn't seen her in about 8 months and during that time I had gained 30+ lbs. The evening rolled around and, of course, nothing fit like it should. (Who says we dress for men? I think we dress for women.) But I figured - oh well, I'll wear a bulky sweater and maybe no one will notice - or they'll think it's the sweater (yeah, right). Well, she said nothing but I got the eyebrows-raised-surprised-hurry-smile-and-conceal-the-shock-look. As an added bonus she had lost some weight so now I was the chubbier one (we are same height and build but I had always been a little smaller). To top it off - a bunch of the other ladies I worked with prior were there and they were all the same size as before. I'm sure they noticed...just no one said a word. Maybe it was all in my head but I know they were thinking "What happened to her? She used to work out". Needless to say, I felt like crap and I was so ashamed of how I had 'let myself go'. I just knew they were watching every bite of food I ate, too. It was a miserable night for me. I didn't even enjoy being with my friend because I was feeling so sorry for myself. When I got home, I came to the additional realization that the outfit I wore was something I had worn over and over and over recently...pretty much the only thing left in my closet that sorta fit. I have a huge 'closet' - we turned our 4th bedroom into a closet...it's full of clothes and shoes...ceiling to floor. Heck, even the closet's closet is full of off-season stuff. And there I was...wearing the same thing again and again. I felt sorry for myself for about a minute - then said enough. I was ready to do something and SO happy that I hadn't lost my inner drive and motivation. I just need a push. I was baaack!I was ready to start the next day!
I didn't - but the idea was there on the front burner simmering. Then over the next 2 weeks I started getting incredibly dizzy, terrible headaches and felt nauseated about an hour after eating. At my annual dr appt - turns out it was my blood pressure (been on meds for years) and too much sodium in my diet. The dr came in and chuckled, then she said, "So, following in your parents footsteps, huh?" They were both diabetics, hypertensive and overweight and both died young (49 for dad and 63 mom). I told her, "Nope. I'm fat and I know it - don't worry, I'll fix it." She gave me the , "yeah, right" look. That was the FINAL AhHa. That was on 07Dec and I started 10Dec.
LONG story - but the moral is - when you're ready you'll know it and take action. Just being aware is a huge accomplishment! Take each step you can and celebrate every one of them - big or small. Just keep moving forward and don't judge yourself by your 'failures' or 'mistakes'.

02-23-2013, 04:25 PM
2 Fat Cats - Thank you again for your words of wisdom. I think your right... it does not always take some big aha moment. I have those days when I think about my skinny friends too... I know the ones who struggle every day to keep their weight down and I know the ones who have never struggled a day in their life with it. I try hard not to compare myself with them. I have always been the one in my group that has tried every single diet out there and not only that but every workout regime out there. I mean boot camp, spin class, bikram yoga, running, walking, hiking... I have done it all. The fact is I will always workout. I will always have to watch what I put in my mouth... its something I resolve to. I can't even compare myself for a second to them, what they wear, what they eat and dont eat. I feel like I learned that a long time ago but sometimes I do feel the way you did when I go out when them. Its hard to think about all eyes being on you. My point was when I said I don't think I am ready is it has been more difficult to get down to it. This time around. I feel like I am aware though... I am reading lots of posts. Learning a lot from all of the ladies that are around here. So far today I have been on plan and don't have any reason why I can't make this one day through without screwing around.

See my feet - you have a funny sense of humor.. made me laugh thanks for that. The 100% truth is I do not bring EVIL into my house EVER... its the damn office that does it... those F'ers bring it in every single day... I don't know why anyone thinks its a good idea to bring a 5 lb bag of m&m's and put them out for everyone. Lets me honest... working in an office environment we don't move around much during the day... lots of the others in my office are far from at their goal weight and the truth is no one really needs that S*** anyway.

So was just watching a commercial about a stop smoking commercial and the lady mentioned her support group. That made me think about this place. I am so thankful to have a place to chat with others who deal with the same issues as I do. I am far from a wall flower but I will admit I don't discuss weight issues with any of my friends. Yes I may say I starting something new or starting a new workout, but I never really go into the detail... I feel like most of my friends would listen but they can't relate. So I am glad I have you all. To learn from, to talk with, to relate with. With that I have a mini goal that I don't think is too hard to accomplish. I want to lose 45 lbs by June. I want to go horse back riding (without reservations). Anyone want to be a accountability buddy? For a few months we can check in with each other every day at a certain time?

02-23-2013, 05:58 PM
Well I finally got up the courage to get on the scale and it wasn't a pretty sight but putting it off didn't make it any easier. I weigh 257. I have been journalling my food for a week and exercising with my Wii and trying to get back into my healthier habits which included checking in with you all. You guys have always been a great source of support. I have also decided to consider weight loss surgery. I have been battling this my entire adult life and already have hypertension. Diabetes and heart disease run in my family and I would like to get a handle on this before it gets any worse. I know it is not a magic bullet but can be a very useful tool. I have an appointment to talk to a surgeon on Friday.

Nice to see a lot of new people and a couple familiar ones too. It seems this site is not as busy in general as it used to be?

02-23-2013, 06:26 PM
2fatcats: For me it was a gradual work up. I knew I had to change but I had to get to the starting point slowly. It's like I give myself a nice long pep talk and saying, ok this has got to go, I have to change this habit, soon I will be doing this. I don't know why this works for me but it does.

sept2012: I want to go riding as well. I wouldn't mind having an accountability partner

I just hit my 100% goal for my activities. I use the weight watchers activelink and it really is helping me get active. I have an OCD about seeing that darn thing hit the 100%. I am actually at 103% and still a lot of work to do. We are doing some yard work....a lot of yard work. Cutting trees and just re-wired our electric fence so the beagles can't get out. (They took advantage of our distraction to jump the regular fence so I got a workout chasing them down as well)

I got to say though, I am tired and ready to quit. sigh


02-24-2013, 12:03 AM
SeeMyFeet~made me laugh with your "not intimidated by my superior size" thanks for that!

Sorry I haven't been on, I see lots of new "faces" this is a great group.

I'm in the slow-going, telling myself staying the same is no gain, so that's a good thing, DH says hang in, it'll drop off.

Feeling stronger, walking 4 miles most days, so that's another plus.

NewLeaf~I'm interested in the tri-color quinoa, I love quinoa, I don't really know why, there's just something about it I love...I have some green tea, I brought some to work, will have to make more of an effort to drink it, it has matcha in it, which is supposed to be extra good for you, I think it's just finer ground up tea, from what I remember reading.

best to all :sunny:

02-24-2013, 02:47 AM
Well, Roxanne and MrsTrying, courage in the face of sweets indeed. DH just got back from Belgium with a Kilo of Leonidas. In other news, he's just been "downsized," i.e., sacked.

Let's see if I can eat these chocolates as an occaisional treat in the face of extreme stress. Still, a kilo of chocolate shouldn't make me gain more than a kilo, right? Right?

MrsTrying, sorry you didn't get more definitive news from the cardiologist. It puts things in perspective knowing my stress is nothing compared to yours!

Keep chugging, everyone. I surely need this, because I have no- I mean none- self-confidence and looking for paid employment might be a good idea at the moment. An idea that scares the stuffings out of me, since I haven't done anything but write and take care of the kids for the last 15 years...

02-24-2013, 03:32 AM
By the way, sorry for the lack of avatar; I didn't want to take one of the prefab ones because I'm trying to make my own, but I've just been given a Mac and can't figure out how to resize photographs!

Sept2012 (and others who are struggling with motivation) I took a ten year break from dieting. I got so sick of all the weighing and yo-yo-ing. It was doing my head in. I made a concious decision *not* to go on a diet because it was just adding to my stress. Instead, I concentrated on not gaining, on going for at least a bit of a walk several times a week, and eating what was good for my body as much as possible. About a month ago, I just got up and started to live differently and lose weight. No idea why.

So, ten years of carrying around twice my body weight. Two comments to make about all this:
1) this is what happened to me, *not* a recommendation.
2) I really, really, REALLY hope I don't wind up with extra skin :D

Also, Peeps are nasty. Blech. Step away from the Peeps.

02-24-2013, 10:03 AM
Lisa - so cool to join that Dance craze! I hope you have so much fun

Roxanne - sent you a private message so we can get the buddy thing going

Magicsuan - OI scary having to go back to work after all of that time (not that raising kids isn't work) Good Luck in your search - don't be scared be empowered.... You did one job and now your gonna do another!

02-24-2013, 12:43 PM
Hello Everyone -

Well, this was a bad week. :( I ate horribly, haven't exercised...UH! Tomorrow is a new Monday, and I'm getting back on track.

We have had vandalism in our town and have been hit THREE times! Latest - last night they slashed all of the tires on my daughters new car. :mad: broke out her tail light earlier in the week, tore my shed door off, I fixed it, they came back and kicked it in....scary.

So at first I thought it was someone my daughter knew who was mad at her...but apparently there were 14 tire slashing incidents just this weekend!!! It's scary and EXPENSIVE. I've never had to deal with this before! Just venting...(sigh)....

I'm ready for a new week.

02-24-2013, 05:50 PM
Happy Sunday Everyone! :wave:

Sunshine, snow, and cold. What a weird winter. Warm/Cold/Warm/Freezing cold :brr:. And all sorts of bacterial and viral diseases. Hang tough, ladies....only a few weeks 'til spring flowers! And lots of gardening exercise!

Shiela22--how awful and frightening!! I hope the local police are on top of this. I'll bet they already know who's doing all the mayhem. My BIL had a similar situation--an angry neighborhood teenage boy with previous introductions to the police was the culprit. Hope things settle down or someone gets caught.

Hey Sept2012--I know you know better than to bring "Evil" into your house--I'm just sorry you guys are tempted in the grocery. I don't have much of a sweet tooth so I can't relate. It's taken some time to teach Hubs that lesson; prolly no hope for your co-workers.

Wish I could post a cheerleader smilie or a whoosh song, but I got nothin'. Scale is refusing to budge. I need to exercise, I want to take a nap, and I have to get some more work done today. Wish these constant need/want/have to conflicts could burn calories. We'd all be skinny, huh? Well, this was a nice diversion, but I must get back to work. Ugh. Too many deadlines this week.

02-25-2013, 02:27 AM
Long day at work. Got there at 7:45 & didn't leave til after 5. UGH! Tomorrow I don't go in til 2!!! Woo hoo, I can go for a walk tomorrow. :)
I did have a heathy day, it was just spent at that place they keep my paycheck hostage at! ;)

SeeMyFeet: Okay! That settles it! There is a scale conspiracy going on!!! I think our compters are talking to them at night when we're asleep & telling them NOT TO BUDGE! Then they all have a good laugh at our expense! ;) HEY! It can happen...in some alternate reality! I've put my scales into a type of extended time out. Yeah, I checked on it a few days ago...nothing. Back into time out it went! Stupid scales!!! :mad:

Shelia: I'd definitely see about putting up at least motion-sensor lights or something. I hate when people steal/destroy other peoples' belongings! Hope they catch the :censored::censored: who did this! Are the cops looking around, asking questions? Someone is going to blab...they always do. I hope they get snagged BUT GOOD! :club:

Magicsusan: Stress is stress. :yikes: It's all a drag on our energy. I think that is why I've gone back to my walking/exercising. It's a way of trying to relieve some of it. It gets me out of the house, gets me out to where things are "simpler" (notice how nature doesn't worry/stress about things?) & exercise releases endorphins and all the rest. I can't believe that just 4 months of getting back on the wagon HELPS more than I imagined.

kelijpa: Good job on the exercise! Yes, one day it will fall off! For now enjoy feeling stronger! You go, girl!! ;)

2Cats: My ah-ha moment was realizing I was about to turn 48 & I was sooo unhappy with my size & health! I saw that I was going to have to face another holiday season without family (mine is highly dysfunctional & fractured). I knew it would be just H, our lazy cat & I. I knew if I didn't DO SOMETHING, I'd become so depressed & do something like quit my job or run away from home. My journey gave me something different to focus on.

petra: I learned long ago (in a galaxy far, far away) that loosing weight had 3 key elements: exercise, healthy eating & support. Lacking in any of these areas can cause you to derail. I treat my coming here in one of 2 ways: reward for staying on track & to be a support/get support. Yes! :yes: Diabetes & hypertension are dangerous...do all you can to keep them at bay. It's a rough road when those things get out of control...I know I've been battling it with H for the last year or so. It's been especially rough the last 4 months. I'll be honest, it's put both of us through the ringer...lots of tears, sleepless nights & screaming into pillows. But we'll pull each other through it all.

lisarsmiles: I'd love to dance! I miss it sooo much! Looks like crazy fun! :carrot::broc::dancer::dance: Might just have to figure something out to be a "part of it all". :)

Okay, if I missed anyone, I'm sorry. I'm tired. I had some photos to post, but photobucket is being a butthead. I'll try again tomorrow.


02-25-2013, 09:43 AM
I will be honest. I spent the entire weekend at home on a reset. I did not leave my house except to go to the grocery to buy what I needed to get through the weekend. Sometimes I feel like I have to do this to get myself on track. As I have stated... I am not a wallflower so the weekends have usually been spent out doing things that usually involve food and alcohol. So this weekend I finally got that resolve that I had to sacrifice, if even for a few months, those things I like to do to get myself on track. I want to be leaner, healthier and more energetic for the summer and the only way that will happen is if I buckle down now. So even if the outside have some fun crazy night life is calling me I am going forego it for now.
The good news is I ate what I was supposed to for two days without incident (thanks for that line 2FATCAT).

Hope you all have a good day.

AND PS... I usually weigh myself everyday but did not get on the scale this morning. I was afraid of what it would say at TOM and did not want to be discourage... I usually get it on it any way and then if it were up I would say "oh well" I am already up so whats the use. I did not want anything to get in the way of day 3.. :)

02-25-2013, 02:16 PM
It's Monday again. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Shelia - I should have stayed home this weekend but I didn't and I ate awful!

Magicsusan - I am so sorry to hear about your DH downsizing. Good luck on your job hunt!

Shelia-Ugh, I hate vandalism! I hope they catch those criminals.

SumMyFeet - Hang in there girlie! Hope your life gets less stressful soon. Thank you for your posts and making me smile!

I did not have a good weekend. After my despair on Friday I needed to take the weekend off to not think about dieting/weight loss. Of course, I ate out of control this this weekend and paid for it on the scale.
I think I am going to try calorie cycling. On the days I do the C25K program and run I will eat higher calories (goal is 1400 on those days) and 800-900 calories on my lighter exercise days. I have never eaten these few calories so I am a bit nervous but am going to try and keep them as low as possible.
I also need to get off my lazy arse in the evenings and get some exercise in. I usually exercise in the mornings but should add a couple of more sessions in the evenings, I am going to try for three evenings a week.

Have a good one all!!

02-25-2013, 05:25 PM
Happy Monday! :D

Busy weekend after a busy week. No rest for the weary! Yesterday was spent laundering, cookie decorating, and shoveling snow. I'm doing pretty good staying on-plan, though I forgot to weigh-in this morning until after I had on jeans, sweater and boots. I'll weight tomorrow. DD#1 comes home for spring break on Friday. I sure miss that girl! She already called and asked if we could do something special together, just us two. What a doll! DD#2 is in the school musical, which opens on Thursday. I'm a parent volunteer and will be assisting various ways for every show. It's always fun to be part of that scene! And she loves it so very much (a chip off the old block!!).

NEMom: 800-900 calories??? Wow! Good luck! That kind of kick-in-the-pants may be just what you're looking for. It will take some real discipline, thats for sure!

sept2012: Try not to think of it as a sacrifice (a negative connotation), but as a conscious choice to help yourself get where you want to be. A gift to yourself. Good for you for recognizing your need to "reset". Hope today is day 3 without incident!! I don't discuss my weight issues with anyone but my BFF. Even my family only gets a little bit of discussion here and there. I too love the support of like-minded people here. I was at a work lunch last week. One of my co-workers is TINY. We were all given a box lunch (sandwich, bag of chips, small cup of pasta salad, cookie). My co-worker ate the pasta salad and about 3 bits of her sandwich and wrapped everything else up for later. It was all I could do to not scarf the whole thing down in one big bite. It was an illustration of how different her eating habits are from mine and how she stays so tiny.

MrsTryingAgain: I agree with you about the three key elements. I've tried it too many times with one element or another missing and it just never works long term.

SeeMyFeet: It has been a weird winter, hasn't it! Knock on wood, I've managed to not get sick, despite everyone in the office sick at one time or another. Don't get discourage by the scale. I think a "time out" as MrsTryingAgain has employed is a grand idea! Just keep doing what you know works and the pounds will once again come off. Oh, and I completely agree about the Peeps...barf!

Sheila22: So sorry about the vandalism. It ends up costing so much money to fix/replace things. I sure hope they catch the culprit and make him/her pay for all damages. People think twice when the money comes out of their pocket!! So it's the start of a new week...you know what to do!!

Magicsusan: So sorry to hear about your DH! I hope he can find a new job quickly. As for you...don't sell yourself short. It takes special skills to be a good parent. After 15 years, I'll bet you're a whiz at multi-tasking, prioritizing, organizing, event planning, navigating, counseling, and leadership. Use these skills to your advantage! Oh...and self-control. I don't know how you're staying out of all that chocolate. My fantasies don't involve just men, but chocolate too. Oops...TMI. hehe just kidding.

kelijpa: Nice to see you! You're right...it is a great group! I'm not much of a tea drinker. Are the health benefits really that great? Your DH is right...just keep hanging in there. It will come off if you stick to plan! Walking 4 miles/day is GREAT! Could you walk that distance with the frequency say 3 years ago? Look at how far you've come!

roxannestags: Yard work already??? Sheesh, my yard is buried under about 18 inches of snow. I can't even think about that yet. I think I'm jealous...

petra65: Wow...surgery? I wish you luck in your decision making. I'm sure it's not an easy one to make. As with any site, the posts ebb and flow. Keep posting and we'll keep posting too.

2fatcats: OMG, I totally agree that we often dress for other women, whether for their approval or in competition. That's a very inspiring story. I think there are elements in there every one of us can relate to. Some day I want to see people from my past and have them know I'm now taking care of myself (I've been fat for so long there are few people to remember me in my thinner years). I didn't have an "ah-ha" moment, but a scale number that freaks me out. More than once I've hit the 205 mark and knew that was my limit. I don't have so much trouble taking the weight off as I do keeping it off. But one step at a time... You're doing a great job...keep it up!

02-25-2013, 08:49 PM
Roxannestags: I so appreciate the encouragement for my resolve to dance!

See My Feet: I'm glad you liked the dance post!

Some gals on another thread reminded me that we can just dance around the house while doing housework...because if the "exercise" isn't fun we won't keep active. Guess we should look at being active as "play time" and that might help us make the healthier choice to participate?! I am a fan of my Wii! I use the Wii Fit, Sports, Sport Resort, Just Dance, and I just got Zumba!

Petra: Maybe the site isn't as busy because it is so successful at supporting people to weigh-down?! Wouldn't that be awesome?

I totally understand the entire adult life weight battle. Every time I think about weight-loss surgery I look at what friends who have had surgery go through before during and after and I think, "Wouldn't it just be easier to change my lifestyle and live healthier?" So, that's what I'm trying to do. Sometimes I think I would be more successful if I did something drastic (like surgery) or if my health was in life or death peril due to my weight...but I don't think major surgery or threats are what will change my mind and habits. I think the support of beautiful ladies like you all will be what makes me find success this time!

Sept2012: Junk food being brought to work is definitely a trial. I have a confession to make though...I have been given the gift of "donut dislike!" That's right, I don't like the silly things. And broccoli is my fav! It's the ice cream (especially mint chocolate chip), bread, pasta, cheese, and everything else that pose a problem for me, but not the donuts!

02-25-2013, 10:05 PM
Thanks ladies. I've learned the same thing...exercise, healthy eating, journaling and support seems to be the magic formula. What becomes irritating to me is that it starts to consume my life. I have lost large amounts of weight several times only to gain it back over and over.

It has been pouring down rain here all day. very depressing. and we are under a tornado watch.

Lisa-I'm a big Wii Fan too. I have been doing 30 minutes of Wii Fit just about every day. Tonight my husband also played some golf with me. I used to be able to do a lot more but I see progress every day. I guess that's the point.

02-26-2013, 12:21 AM
Wow, Sheila! Sorry to hear about all hat vandalism; always a downer to see someone with that much need to be violently destructive. Hope they catch them soon and find them something useful to do!

Sept2012, well done setting your priorities. A re-boot sounds like just what you needed!

NEMom, good luck with the calorie plan. I hope it shifts the balance in your favour; I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes!

Mrstrying, that's what I tell myself on days when I wake up feeling wimpy; remember how good you'll feel when you've done it. Makes it easier to get on with it.

Seemyfeet, this is officially the *darkest* winter Switzerland has had since something like 1908. Normally you get some clear days with he sun shining off the snow- this winter has been greeeeeeeeeey and I'm ready for spring, dingblingit. Gets depressing after a while.

Moondance, sadly, while I am not wholly without talent, multi-tasking is not one of mine. Anyway, good that you're so busy; for me, feeling bored and restless is dangerous, and I'm never happier than when I have something interesting to work on. Cleaning does not qualify as interesting, btw.

Lisar and Petra, know what I want? I want a Wii obstacle course that goes on for miles with all kinds of bizarre obstacles, and jogging courses with different locations; imagine if you cou jog through Barcelona or past Stonehenge or along the Irish coast!

Okay gang. It's nice to be here, especially since it's weigh day and the Leonidas may necessitate damage control. *nervous*

02-26-2013, 09:32 AM
SeeMyFeet: I totally understand you when it doeal with rotten people at work. Vibes for you. Miserable situation. I too have been struggling to get my exercise in. I dind't make my goal yesterday. I have been fighting a cold and instead of making my goal, I went back to bed and slept all day!

kelijp: Congrats on walking 4 miles! That blows me out of the water!

Magicsusan: Vibes for you going through the stress at home. I know that when I am stressed there is NO WAY that I can avoid sweets. I hope things pick up for you soon.

Sheila: You have the right attitude. Just remember that you can always get back on track. Sorry about the vandalism. Hope they catch the person!

Mrstryingagain: Even though it was a long day at least you were able to say it was a healthy one!

Sept2012: We all need those resets. Don't feel bad about it.

NEMom: Umm, maybe talk to your doctor before you try the 800 to 900 calorie diet. I tried that once. My sister is a doctor and she just about came unglued on me when she found out. It's not really healthy. They are called VLC and should be done under a doctor's supervision. Just my .02 worth from personal experience. It's up to you of course, just wanted to share my info.

Moondance: We used to have really heavy winters but about ten years ago the winters started getting milder. We had very little snow. I am going to have to mow pretty soon and my lilac bushes are starting to sprout!

Lisarsmiles: I do that, dance around the house. I turn on loud music and start dancing. Of course, I make sure no one is home at the time because I look like an idiot!

Petra: At least you are seeing progress. That's the important thing!

I weighed in today and am down by 2 pounds. Spent most of the day yesterday sleeping because I had a cold. I'm still kinda tired. Probably going to spend more time today in bed. I go back to work tonight. I've got a case of the munchies today. I just want to eat and eat. Have to be careful about that!


02-26-2013, 12:40 PM
Howdy ladies!!

Unfortunately I don't have time to address everyone today. Hugs to all. Keep it up, hang in there you can do it!!

I'm up slightly (less than a pound) after my parent's 50th this weekend with the cake and other goodies. Yesterday OP and today will be OP then tomorrow-Saturday I'm off to Vegas. I plan to walk, walk, walk; listen to my hunger; indulge; and most importantly get right back OP when I get home. I probably won't be posting here until I come home so have a great week everyone! :)

02-26-2013, 04:08 PM
Hey Ya'll just checking in. Today has been a busy one. I am seeing that the sun is finally breaking through the clouds and it makes me sooooo happy.

On plan 4 days. Feels good to be back in the saddle.

Last night was funny. I went to the grocery, let the dog out, ate dinner and then sat on the couch. I had a serious battle with myself whether or not I was going to get a workout in. In the end I talked myself into the gym rather than out of it. It felt good when I was done and has me already thinking about tonights workout in a good way.

Hope you are all well and doing good on your programs. Meeting one goal a day is better than meeting none :)


02-26-2013, 08:50 PM
Magicsusan: For sure the Wii would be amazing if it had more variety of obstacles and scenery. Good thing it has a boat load of different activities to move through! But you know what I really want? I really want my Wii Fit to stop making that horrible music as the slide rule runs up the BMI ruler and then it says, "That's Obese." Like I don't already know and need to be reminded EVERY time. It's not very encouraging. There should be a nice cheerful tune with a pat on the back for stepping on, don't you agree?

02-27-2013, 01:06 AM
The wii board always says "thanks for taking the test." I agree with you about that little cartoon 'failure' noise. Not very inspiring. But I like the flowers when I reach my goal. Even if my BMI is too high to register on their chart.

02-27-2013, 02:04 AM
Today was a rough day. H had like 5 "episodes" back to back. :stress: When they happen he has to press a button on his monitor. Each day he transmits his results from the previous day. It's hard to believe it hasn't even been a week yet...I'm so ready for this thing to be over!
Didn't get much a of walk in, I've been so worried about him. Right now he is resting quietly watching tv. I'm really hoping for a quiet night. Don't really want to take him to the hospital, but I will if I have to.

sept2012: I had something similar to that on Saturday. I really, really didn't want to get out of bed for a walk before work. It was cold...nor freezing/snow, but still cold. It was nice & warm in bed with the cat asleep at my feet & I knew I had to go to work. UGH! But I did it! I really enjoyed it. I was hoping to upload some great photos from my walk, but photobucket is being a pain. I can't seem to access my acct. But isn't it awesome when you get your exercise in? A real sense of accomplishment! GOOD JOB! GOLD STAR FOR YOU!!! :D

roxanne: Congrats on the loss! Good for you!!! :cp::cp:

LuvCats: Hope you enjoy Vegas. Come home safely to us. We'll help you get back on track if needed when you return. :hug:

Moondance: Spring break aleady?? Didn't we JUST have Christmas. Sorry, just seems like the calendar is just about flying off my wall! Enjoy having your daughter home! Musical? KEWL! I miss not being involved in plays. Did them all through HS & college. Sooo much fun!

petra: Please send us some of that rain! We haven't really had rain of measure since the holidays. It's going to make for a very dry summer. :( Making camping the mts. a lot less fun. Oh, well....

H needs me. He's feeling all dizzy & out-of-sorts again. Please send positive vibes & prayers. I have a feeling it's going to be a loooong, sleepless night. Might even head to the hospital. :(


02-27-2013, 08:26 AM
I agree about the terrible music the Wii plays when it tells you you are obese everyday but I try to focus on the numbers moving down. The other thing I find amusing is how it says derogatory things during the rhythm boxing like "that's it, fight the fat". And it always says "I know you can do better than that" at the end no matter how well you did. I still do itbecauseit burns a lot of calories and it kind of fun. My balance board was acting up last night. I replaced the batteries. I hope that's all it is.

I can definitely tell I'm menopausal now. I've been OP and exercising almost every day and the scale is barely moving. We go to church tonight so I will give the Wii a break tonight.

MrsTryingAgain-hope your DH is alright. That can be really scary. I live in Mobile, AL which is actually the rainiest city in the US. I think we get the most inches of rain, not the most days.

Today is my slightly lighter day at work unless there is some kind of emergency. I look forward to getting home a little earlier on Wedmesdays.

BTW, DH has finally gotten on board with the healthy eating plan. He has apparently been watching Dr. Oz while I'm at work and finding out that all this stuff I've been telling him for the past several years is actually true. He cracks me up. Sometimes he just has to hear it from someone else before he believes it.

02-27-2013, 10:23 AM
Happy hump day all!!

OH Mrs.TryingAgain I am so worried for you and your DH! Please report how he is doing today. Did you have to take him to the hospital last night? Remember, 911 - they are there to help you. Please take care my dear.

Sept - 4 days on plan! Awesome girl!!! Keep going, one day at a time.

Magicsusan-I tried using the Wii Fit last year before we gave it away and I just could not get into it. I was afraid of falling off the board and hurting myself. I am glad you are enjoying yours.

Petra65 - I am glad your hubby is getting on board. Yes, I agree that men sometimes (ok most times) have to hear what you are telling them from someone else before they believe it. Ugh, can't live without them and can't kill them.

Yesterday I planned to be my low calorie day. My goal was 800, however, I ended up at 1010. I need to plan more protein on my low calorie days. Trying to eat only 800 calories a day is hard. Today is my up day, so should be easier.
I am continued on with C25K program this morning. Ran for 20 minutes straight without a walking break. It was tough but I did it and am so so happy!!! Did not get any weight lifting in after because I was so tired but that's okay.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

02-27-2013, 11:02 AM
Hi All-
I'm still here - after a weekend of too much wine and eating mostly whatever I wanted, I am back on track. We're finishing our family room, and put in a woodburning fireplace. On weekend nights when it's cold and snowy, it's so nice to sit in front of the fire with a nice glass of Cabernet. We ended up doing that both Friday and Saturday nights, which led to some not-so-good snacking choices, which in turn led me to being back up the 4 pounds I had previously lost:( I was so discouraged that those pounds were so hard to lose and so easily regained, that i just said "heck with it" and ate whatever that weekend. Fortunately for me, there's not that much unhealthy food in the house now, so I guess I wasn't able to do much damage. Monday I had a serious talk with myself, and got back on track, and I am down 2 of those 4 pounds. It just sucks that those pounds take so long to come off, and can pile back on in a heartbeat, it seems! Hopefully I am back in the groove now.

Lisa - we have a Wii, but I've never used it. When the kids play it I can hear it announcing their weight at the beginning, and I would die if it did that to me. It looks like fun, but I don't think I'm gonna try it just yet.

Sept - Yay for you! 4 days in is an awesome start! Staying on plan, especially at first, is such an empowering feeling, don't you think? Hang in there, and keep up the good work.

LuvCats - I am jealous of your Vegas vacation. DH and I always have talked about going, but never have. I would love to go someday.

Roxanne - Good for you, being down those 2 pounds! Feel better!

NEMom - Wow - great job on the running! 20 minutes without stopping is really something!

MrsTryingAgain - I am so worried about the stress on you and your husband. I hope he's ok after last night, and that the doctor has enough info soon to do the procedure.

Have a good day, all!

02-27-2013, 04:05 PM
NEMom. So so happy to hear about your C25K achievement!!! I feel like getting to the continuous running phase is getting over the hump. Once you can run 20 minutes you can add minutes slowly, in three or five minute increments possibly, and YOU'LL BE AT 5K IN NO TIME. Just in time for spring runs i might add. You are succeeding at this, and there is no doubt you are gonna get there. Yay!!

MrsTryingAgain. my heart goes out to you. Hang in there.

02-27-2013, 04:17 PM
:hug:@MrsTrying:hug: You just keep on giving those medical guys HECK! Whatever it takes!! You amaze me in that no matter how hectic and stressful your daily life is - you still find time to encourage and support others! I think I can speak for everyone here by saying that we greatly admire and appreciate you! And I'm sure H does as well!

@Petra65 Glad hubby is on board! Mine is, too, for the most part. He's losing weight really really slow and is trying to stay positive but I know he is frustrated. His weight keeps bouncing up and down - I pack all his snacks/meals and he is OP...except for water. He really doesn't like it. Some days he drinks enough, then others not so much. I tell him he needs to drink more...or heck, just pick an amount an stay with it. He says he gets tired of having to go to the restroom all the time. *sigh* He still thinks I'm making it up...until yesterday a guy that works for him (who has a degree in kinesiology) tells him the same thing. Suddenly it's a 'fact' not my theory. *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

NEMom Those low low calorie days would scare me and others since I would be so unbelievably cranky that no one would be able to stay in the same room. Heck, I feel like I'm starving and get dizzy when I go below 1400!

To the wii fit folks: I totally forgot I have one! I suppose I should break it out and see if I can keep the dang penguin on the ice...my balance is...less than desirable. I never noticed until you guys mentioned it but the wii does tend to use negative reinforcement a bit too much, huh? How insidious.

My husband wants us to do some zombie run thing this summer. Has he met me?? Doesn't he remember the 'let's learn to snow ski debacle of 2010' ?? I don't run well or ski well (and I'm okay with that). I do fall down the bunny slope nicely. I practiced that move repeatedly for four. straight. hours.:o

To all: :cheer2: Go Team 40's!

02-27-2013, 06:17 PM
Lisa: Oh I HATE that wii tone!

Mrstryingagain: Sending lots and lots of vibes!!

petra65:congrats on dh finally getting on board! I think I am perimenopausal. I have to make an appointment with my doctor soon and go talk to her. Just saying...hot flashes suck! lol

LindaWW: I totally understand where you are coming from! It is amazing how EASY it is to put the weight back on. Good for you getting back on track though!

2FatCats: I want to do the zombie run! However, after looking at their obstacle course....I am going to make sure I am in better shape before I do. I do NOT want to break something on that! What city are you in? I will be doing the Seattle one. If I don't make it this year, I will be doing it next year for sure.


02-27-2013, 07:21 PM
Relatively new to the boards - have had fun reading the chat thread today.

I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with vertigo? I have been suffering with this for over a month now. We went to Disney World and I have been a hot mess since. Meds don't work at all.

I'm super frustrated because I just found a wonderful yoga studio and I haven't been able to go back because I'm so dizzy and have such awful balance now. If anyone has any suggestions (and I mean ANYTHING), could you please chime in? Thanks!

02-27-2013, 08:06 PM
MrsTryingAgain :hugs:

I haven't been on the Wii in awhile, I do love the obstacle course, that is by far my favorite, DH and I had a little competition going for awhile with that math one with the mushrooms, who could get a better score. I do want to smash the little condescending thing sometimes...lol...

2FC- I wonder about that Zombie run, isn't there some thing like if you fall behind you can just be a zombie and get in other people's way, that might be fun... :D

ukemama you've probably already checked this, but I'm wondering about inner ear infection, maybe, I have problems with fluid building up behind the eardrum, my dr. recommended some exercises, basically blowing with your nose blocked and mouth shut, gently, it makes your ears pop, I do it like 10 times when I think of it, if I stick with it I can feel it work, if I feel any pain at all I don't do it, figure there's some infection/inflammation going on. Best of luck!
Can't believe tomorrow's the end of Feb. already!
c'mon spring :sunny:

02-27-2013, 11:14 PM
Hi Ya'll

Everyone is posting so many good things. Its nice to jump on here really quick and hear the GOOD and POSITIVE things people are accomplishing for themselves. What we are all doing is HARD. It can get you down and it can be relentless, but it is so nice to see the positives that are out there about it too - you know that saying "when life throws you a lemon; make lemonade"... there are a bunch of lemonade makers here :). You all are inspirations. Every one in their own way speaks something to my heart and to my head. I am so glad to be back so I can hear what is going on with everyone.

Been a LONG day made it to the gym. Did longer than I expected which I am happy about. Ready to take a little aleve, (you know my joints don't seem to like the workouts I am doing hahaah or maybe its this darn cold air that is coming back here AGAIN.. dunno something is amiss and I need some pain reliever) and then go to bed.


02-28-2013, 01:57 AM
ukemama: check your blood pressure and are you getting enough fluids or too much. All three can cause vertigo. Inner ear infection can also cause that. First time I ever got an inner ear infection I couldn't stand.


02-28-2013, 08:16 AM
Ukemama: a lot of vertigo is caused by inner ear problems. Good idea to check with your family doc.

I envy all you runners. I used to run in high school and college but now I have knee problems. Doubt I'll ever be a runner again. I am hoping that getting some of this weight off my knees will be a big help. I'd love to be able to ride a bicycle again.

Roxanne: hot flashes do suck. I mostly have problems at night. On and off with the covers all night.

I need to get in the shower and get going. Have a great day everyone!

02-28-2013, 09:53 AM
Petra65: Thanks for the response. Family doc hasn't helped at all. Neither has the ENT, chiropractor, canalith repositioning. Everyone says that rest and not moving or driving will help. Like I can sit on my rear end for a week and not drive - I have two kids involved in all kinds of things and a job! LOL!

It's snowing. Good day to clean the basement. Have a wonderful day everyone!

02-28-2013, 09:11 PM
My Wii Fit told me I did a good job tonight! I got my highest score on rhythm boxing. Didn't know it had any other responses.

Have my appointment with the surgeon in the morning and DH has a job interview and can't go. I'm disappointed but he has been trying for 6 mo to get a job so I'm glad he has an interview.

02-28-2013, 11:02 PM
Where is MrsTrying? Hope all is well....getting a little worried about H!

@Petra: Good luck with the surgeon! And even more luck to DH's job interview!!

Can't do any more. Exhausting lift session tonight. I burned 859 calories and I deadlifted the same # as my DH!! Hopefully I can sleep tonight. It'll be the first time all week if it does happen. I took a hot bubble/epsom bath and now I'm tired. I hope.

03-01-2013, 10:16 AM
MrsTrying - Hello? Where are you? I am thinking of you and hoping your just busy and DH is okay!!

2FatCats - Good job on the lifting session. You are a beast if you can deadlift the same as your DH. 859 calories burned is AMAZING. Go Girl!

Petra - Hope everything goes well today for you and your DH.

I am still 'trying' to calorie cycle. I managed to keep them at 900 (low day) yesterday. Of course, I won't have a problem eating more today (high day) but I am worried about Saturday. Trying to come up with a mental plan for food but I generally am more lax on Sat.
Yesterday I tried a 10 min kettle bell routine I found on youtube. OMG, I cannot believe how hard the work out was and how bad my legs hurt after just 10 minutes.
I did not exercise this morning. I should have done a C25K session but I got home late last night and my whole body is hurting so I decided to give myself the day off and will do it on Sat or Sunday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

03-01-2013, 02:15 PM
Started the March thread:

03-04-2013, 05:04 PM
How is everyone doing? I'm still keeping healthy choices at the top of my daily list of things to do...woot woot!

I had a busy weekend! We rescued a Cockatiel and we have been working to get him acclimated to his new healthy and safe environment. Our other Cockatiel is also getting used to having company. His name is Herbie and he keeps surprising us with what he can do. He makes an awesome wolf whistle and has shared a fun vocabulary. He says: "Hey Herbie" "Hey there Herbie" and "Pretty Bird"! We tracked down information from his leg banding and he is almost 10 years old.

Time to go play my Wii! Thinking of you all! :goodvibes

@Petra - Maybe I can get my Wii to say something nice to me today too?!