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02-01-2013, 02:46 PM

Since Will was gone at lunchtime yesterday I made myself the yummiest soup out of some left over potato slices. I added milk, chives, parsley, bacon bits, Italian seasoning; a slice of Swiss cheese ~ brought it all to a boil and then enjoyed every bite. Guess the animals liked the odor emanating from my cup because they were all interested in what I was eating.

Will brought home a nice roast from the “used meat” bin yesterday so I put it in the crock pot with some potatoes and carrot so that is what we had for dinner. Leftovers of that await another meal in the fridge. I’m telling you with the prices going up on everything it really helps to find good cuts of meat in that bin. The meat isn’t really that old for it was just packaged the day before so that is where we buy it from, unless we need a different cut for a certain recipe. We had a delicious lunch today out of some of the leftover shredded meat over toast from that awesome sourdough loaf.

We put Will’s little refrigerator on a nice wood table that matches the other tables in the front room near the entrance to the kitchen from the front room and it looks fine there and will just hold our drinks ~ sodas, V-8 Juice, water, etc. It should work out nicely and free up some room in the refrigerator plus make it so much easier to get our drinks out of.

DONNA FAYE I hope you get all that is on your shopping list covered in those 3 stores you have to visit to fill it. I am so thankful that Will does the bulk of our shopping for it sure does save me from the aggravation. I never did like shopping but can make bodacious lists. :cp: Our bit of snow hasn’t melted yet for we are having chilly days here.

02-01-2013, 11:01 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We had about a half hour of sunshine this morning, and then the cloud cover emerged, windy, and cold. :( I have to admit it was above 0 so that was a plus. We went to visit my "mom" in her new home; she is in an independent living apartment which is also connected to assisted living, and there is a health center next door. It's new and very nice. We ate lunch with her; every day they have a choice of the main entrée, then several choices of different salads, vegetables, breads, and desserts. They are allowed to order extra food and take it back to their apartment for supper. I went to visit the cat when we got home and have been lazy ever since. I need to do some serious cleaning tomorrow!

"Gma" -- You and I posted within a few minutes of each other yesterday. I had to giggle at you wearing socks because your feet were cold. I wear socks to bed sometimes, and then take them off during the night. I hope you felt better today. I text more also; I like it because I can get a response back sooner if the kids are at work. Hope all of your errands go smoothly tomorrow. :yes:

Maggie -- Your temperatures have been quite a bit warmer than here . . . not fair! ;) You are right, January was a fast month. The older I get the faster time seems to fly by. Bob dropped a bottle of juice and the bottle broke when it hit the ceramic tile floor. That was a sticky mess just like pop, I would imagine. I wasn't home at the time and he ended up cleaning it up all by himself. He even had to take the grate off the bottom as well as shelves; that was before we had glass shelves so everything got spattered.

Susan -- Hope all is ok with you! :twirly:

Guess I will check email and make a grocery list. Hope you all enjoy a nice weekend! :wave:

02-02-2013, 02:33 PM

The snow is melting for we are in the 40º and 50º temperatures this sunny day in the ♥-Land.

Will was out and about early this morning and of all things he stopped by Mc-D’s and brought me a breakfast burrito. They are 8P+ and I certainly don’t have them often but it was a treat today for sure for "brunch". I ate some cuties with it and it was yummy. Two come in the order so I now have one in the freezer for a later date. For dinner we will have burgers done on the outside grill. :D

Our little fridge is working out great for our drinks now. ;) My fridge is all cleaned out and looking nice and neat once again.

That cat dumped his food dish off his TV tray and the contents spread about the wood floor quickly. He just turned and gave me a look. I knew that I wouldn’t have to clean up that mess because Beanie was right there doing a good job of it. I do believe Cecil was finished eating and just dumped the rest on the floor for Beanie who cleaned up every morsel. I keep a sheet of non-skid material on that table so it had to be dumped on purpose. I just picked up Cecil’s stainless little bowl and put it back on his table and refilled it for he will be back later wanting a snack. He isn’t an overweight cat and so I can leave food out all the time for him.

I was home busy cleaning up my office and gathering up the trash. We certainly are trashy people because I got lots to throw away. I do think, though, that my trash can by my desk was half full of tissues. Our big trash can (hard plastic) sits outside the back fence by the alley so it is easy for us to just reach over the fence, open the lid, and put the trash in the container for them to pick up on Tuesdays. The alley has trash cans provided by the company lined up on both sides like sentinels at attention. The wind does come along and knocks them over though, when they aren’t very full, but if any trash gets out of the containers it is picked up quickly for it isn’t strewn down the alley. The containers have an attached lid so they don’t go missing in the wind. A different company picks up the church trash and I don’t know why that is. They don’t get filled very often except maybe on pot-luck days or when we have a baby or bridal shower. We get trash in our yard from a business down the street and around the corner. That is where a flower shop is and the trash has bits and pieces of silk flowers and leaves. I have picked up some beautiful silk flowers in my yard. :lol: At least the trash blowing from there is pretty trash. But trash none the less. The best thing I ever found blown into the yard was a weathered 10 dollar bill. Once on the way to church I picked up a beautiful bunch of silk tiger lilies and carried them into the building. One of the ladies said, “Oh what pretty flowers.” I held them out and said, “You can have them, I just picked them up in the alley and they probably came from the flower shop on the corner.” She was delighted to get them. The flower shop does sell real flowers also and not just the silk ones.

I feel like baking today and may have the ingredients to make a dump cake which I can take to pot-luck and then have a piece. I think I will make the one that takes a Devil’s-food Cake Mix, a cup of Greek Yogurt and a cup of water. Here is the recipe for you to make it if you like. If you use sugar free cake mix it is 4P+ a piece and well worth it. :yes:
Yield: 12 servings – 4P+ per serving
One 18.25 –oz box moist-style cake mix
1 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt
1 cup water
Preheat oven to 350ºF
Combine the first 2 ingredients in a bowl and mix
Add the 1 cup of water and whisk thoroughly.
Transfer to baking pan sprayed with nonstick spray
Bake in the oven until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean
(Refer to cake-mix box for pan size and baking time)

Best flavor: Devil’s food cake mix. Hands down
Texture: “Velvety” comes to mind ~ Super moist
Taste: YUMMY! There wasn’t any yogurt taste at all
just pure cake-tastic deliciousness!
Frosting: If you want to frost it count the points+

JEAN That sounds like a wonderful place for seniors to live out their last days where "Mom" now lives. I believe they should be kept as comfortable and happy as possible. Isn't it great that they give them food choices. That sure makes it nicer for them to have a choice in that area for food seems to take a great interest for some seniors. Since my fridge had had a recent thorough cleaning it wasn't as difficult as we thought it would be to clean up all that sticky but it was pretty bad. Sure prompted Will to get that little fridge set up for our drinks. :p

02-02-2013, 05:00 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's yet another cold cloudy day in my corner of the world. Will spring ever get here? I'd "almost" rather have a foot of snow that all these gloomy days. I made a grocery run this morning, have laundry going, and need to go visit the cat for our bonding time in front of the tv.

Maggie -- We put our recyclables and garbage out in garbage bags. Our guys are very careless with the garbage cans as they just pitch them in the direction of the driveway. The lids can be found anywhere in the next block on a windy day, and the cans can be rolling around in the street. :( Thanks for sharing the cake recipe. :T What kind of frosting do you put on it?

I need to go visit the cat! Enjoy the rest of your day and keep warm! :wave:

02-03-2013, 07:08 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It started out to be another cloudy day but the clouds blew away around noon, so it was a beautiful blue sky and SUNSHINE this afternoon. It's not all that warm but the sun sure makes it feel warmer. I've been to do cat chores, worked on laundry, read the papers, and vacuumed. We skipped church this morning. I didn't sleep very well last night. Bob tossed and turned then I tossed and turned. I finally shut the alarm off about 4 and decided if I woke up in time for church, ok, and if not that was ok too.

I think I'm hearing an echo here today! ;)

Bob decided he wanted to make a dip for the Super Bowl so went after the Rotel and some wine. I'm not a football fan but there has been hints about the ads being good, bad, and ugly so I may watch just to see those. I know I don't like the VW one where the guy is supposed to sound like he is from MN . . . no way does he. Hope you all enjoy your evening! :wave:

02-04-2013, 09:32 AM
Good morning girls. It is chilly at the moment, but supposed to warm up today.

Today was weigh in and I am up a bit, but it doesn't surprise me considering how I am feeling. Looks like I am back to square one with the female stuff. I see her next week so we will be discussing it. I am just tired of it frankly and sometimes I am really uncomfortable.
Thank goodness we did the Walmart and Kroger run on Friday afternoon because the commissary was an absolute nightmare on Saturday. It looked like a hurricane had come through on Friday as half the shelves were depleted, especially snack foods. Ok, I don't mean to sound prejudiced but sometimes blacks bring it on themselves. First off, not a lot of blacks use the commissary on a regular basis. I mean compared to shopping in Krogers or whatever the percentage is much smaller. Well, there were at least 15 blacks standing around the chicken area waiting for them to bring chicken out then they swarmed in like God was coming the next day and they'd be leavin' it behind. I saw one woman with 15 long packages of chicken! I thought they would beat me down for my one package of boneless, skinless thighs! :lol: I got the evil eye about it that was for sure. The poor guy bringing the trays out got swamped and it was just something to watch. We did get everything on my list somehow, I guess because we weren't buying lots of steaks, chicken and such for Super Bowl parties. I am surprised there was as much soda as there was. You can't buy beer or liquor at the commissary, you have to go to the package store or convenience store on base, but I would bet they were cleaned out too! We get to the checkout and they had two express lanes, one of which was for handicapped and active duty in uniform only and two regular checkouts. Now it was Navy active duty payday and Navy retired payday on Friday, some Social Security checks, EBT people got their benefits too and on top of all of that, Super Bowl weekend. The line went down the front of the store and back clear to the back of the store. I was so mad they didn't have more checkers that if we hadn't needed the stuff I would have left it there and walked out. Jack gave me the keys to the car and said to go out and get it in that he didn't need my help so I did. I bet I sat in the car 20 minutes before they came out with the groceries and we weren't very far back. One of the things was that people weren't staying in line, they were just cutting in and going up to the register and standing. With the commissary, you stand at the end of all the registers and wait for the person to tell you which register to go to. We had some women, frankly, from the chicken group, who thought they were better than anyone else and just moseyed right into line behind us instead of waiting like everyone else. The nitwit who was directing traffic so to speak didn't do a thing about it either.

We talked to Jay yesterday morning for a few minutes. He and Jackson were getting ready to go to ju jitsu class. We told Jackson he had a surprise coming today and he asked "What is it?" We told him it was a surprise and he said, "Give me a hint!" :lol: I told him he would like it and it was for Valentine's Day. He said, "Give me another hint!" I said, no he would have to wait until tomorrow. The place I ordered it said it would take a week to ship, but they shipped it on Friday and it will arrive today so I told Jay he would just get it really early I guess. If I had waited, they probably wouldn't have shipped it in time. That would be my luck so I am glad at least he will get it. I am shipping his tshirt, and Jay and Alicia's hat and slippers today to them so they should get there Wednesday.

Jean: We watched the Super Bowl until the lights went out in the stadium then Jack gave up on it and turned it off. I could have cared less about it anyway and when he went upstairs I turned the tv back on and watched Law and Order reruns and Untold Stories of the ER. I thought the Budweiser ad where the guy raises the horse from a colt was sweet. I always laugh at the M and M commercials and the one with "The Rock" about milk was kind of cute. We skipped the trashy halftime show.

Maggie: I bought a box of WW breakfast burritos and they are really good except the innards tend to come out of them when they are heating in the microwave. I have a whole freezer full of WW meals now. I found some more asian meals, which I really like and a few things I haven't seen before. Walmart has them for a good price so I scooped them up. I really like having them for lunch. Our trash pick up day is Wednesday and they didn't pick it up until Saturday. I guess they decided to strike in solidarity for the other trash people who went on strike here. It is kind of ridiculous because we are a right to work state and striking has no effect. The city just gives them an ultimatimum, go back to work or lose your job! We have unions, but you can't be forced to join (Jack has a union, but he won't join it which makes the shop steward hate him.) He said they have come to an understanding after having had a real knockdown drag out argument a couple years ago. So, the workers went back to work on Thursday and I guess they were playing catch up to get trash picked up on Saturday.

Well girls, I have lots and lots to do today and I am feeling rotten with cramping so I need to get things done. I hope you all have a great start to your week. Faye

02-04-2013, 12:57 PM

It is said that it will stay in the 50ºs this week with showers on Saturday & Sunday. Bring on the rain. :rain: This is weigh day and I have a feeling I will stay the same because my home scale didn’t budge. I really won’t know until I step on the iron monster at WW this evening though so no pining or fretting here. I got to hold the new baby yesterday at church and it is so tiny but has all the parts working as they should. Such a cute tiny little thing but her mother is very small herself. I am so glad she liked the gift we gave her ~ it was one of those little soft animals that has a heart beat like the mothers to help the preemies sleep. I think she was a couple months early. Babies are so precious and grow up so fast for you turnaround and they are teens.

My yellow-green eyed cat just tapped me on the leg so he needs some attention. He has turned out to be a real fun little furry thing. He is off now to play with “his” dogs down the hall and back again they romp.

Did you know that “they” say you should thaw meat and poultry in the fridge and not on the kitchen counter where bacteria could grow. Well, I usually thaw meat in my microwave and cook it right when it’s thawed. A turkey I will thaw in the fridge. I am thinking the next turkey breast I thaw will be thawed in our little drink fridge. I cook a roast in the crock pot starting when it is still frozen and it thaws nicely ~ just takes longer to cook it. :yes: When I cook one that way I have to wait to add the veggies because they would get mushy if they were in there as long as it took that meat to thaw and then cook so I really like to have the meat thawed first so I can put everything in the crock pot at the same time and leave it to do it’s job. The last roast I cooked came from the “used meat” bin at the market and went from the bag right into the crock-pot that day with some veggies and was done by dinnertime. Before putting the veggies in, though, I did dump an envelope of dry onion soup mix over the surface of the roast. It sure smells so good when it is cooking that way. We usually have some burritos with the left-over meat and some great low point+ soup is made with the veggies.

That cake I made turned out so moist and good and is today going in the freezer with each piece wrapped in freezer stretch tight. It is so good even without frosting and only 4P+ a piece. I’m thinking it would be good with some sliced fruit on top as a frosting. Right after it had cooled I cut it into the proper sized pieces the recipe called for. That 3-2-1 Cake is great also & is only 1P+ a serving. Here is the recipe if any of you don’t have it:

3-2-1 CAKE 1 Point +
In a zip lock bag combine & mix well
1 box Angel Food Cake Mix
1 box Cake Mix – any flavor
To make one serving
Mix together in microwave safe container
2 Tbsp. cake mix
2 Tbsp. water
Microwave on High for 1 minute
Store remaining cake mixture in the bag.
You can top each cake with a dollop of
fat-free whipped topping and/or some fresh fruit.
Try various flavors (i.e. carrot, red velvet, lemon, orange, etc)

I currently have a mixture of Angel Food and Chocolate and it is so yummy with some mandarin oranges or cuties on top. What is so neat about this recipe is you can make only one serving at a time if you want.

DONNA FAYE Wonder why it is that the commisary doesn't have more checkers for they do know when the pay days and special occasion days are when it stands to reason that they will be "the busy days." Sure makes it hard when folks are rude and cut into line during such times and the powers that be don't want to deal with the problem. They are probably afraid of a confrontation and causing a scene. I imagine you are so thanful that you did get all your shopping done before your female issues hit hard. Good thing you will be talking to your Doc soon about putting a stop to this ongoing trama you go through. :hug:

JEAN We are so glad we didn't even want to watch Super Bowl and when we were at Applebees and saw on TV that the lights went out in the statdium ~ what drama ~ and the dopey "talking heads" talked it to death.

Have a great Monday Magnolias. :wave:

02-04-2013, 11:58 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! The sun was shining again today so that made it a great day! We were $10 off at church this morning, double checked all the checks and cash vs. the written report; I found it when I posted as someone did a double entry for one check. I picked up the hospital money and will do that in the morning when my brain works better, well sometimes it works better in the morning. I had a P.E.O. meeting this afternoon, came home to change clothes, then went to do my cat chores. Bob had practice late this afternoon so that made supper later than usual. Part of our cable channels were off as well as our telephone late this afternoon and most of the evening. Our cell phones wouldn't work either; Bob wondered if everyone was calling to complain about the cable/phone lines and jammed the cell lines doing it. New sewer pipes are being buried along the highway and this is the second time they have cut the cable.

"Gma" -- I noticed the snacky type things were in short supply at the grocery store Saturday. Since we don't Super Bowl party I never gave it a thought at the time. You'd think stores would stock up on things when they know a holiday, or something special, is coming. Our one store has a pathetic bread selection. They have a bakery and want their stuff to sell; it isn't the best either. I thought the Budweiser ad was cute too. I couldn't understand a word they were singing at the half time show; what a waste imo.

Maggie -- I hope the iron monster was kind to you tonight. I usually thaw meat in the fridge or sometimes the microwave. I remember my mom just putting meat in the sink to thaw and I've done that too, but not in the last few years. Thanks for sharing the cake recipe. It sounds super easy that even I can do it!

I am tired and going to head for bed. Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow! :wave:

02-05-2013, 10:41 AM
Good morning gals. It is lovely and sunny today. It is still cool, but at least the sun is shining. I am tired of all these gray gloomy days. I am certainly ready for spring.

I have to play catch up with chores today as I didn't feel well over the weekend and Monday either. I am having daily female cramping and "stuff" and it usually starts late morning so I try and get my work done before I feel too bad to do it. When I get done here, I am going to tackle it and get it done right away.

I am almost finished with Jack's hat. He doesn't want anything on it so it is just two colors, which makes it a faster knit. I purchased a sleeveless sweater pattern yesterday for the cruise and the yarn for it too. The color is lemon, but on the pic you can see it looks more like orange sherbet or something. Either color will be fine. I have black, gray and navy slacks I can wear with it and a black skirt too. I am anxious to get it and get to knitting it. I actually was able to purchase my size in it and I have enough yarn to go down a size, which I am thinking of doing since I am determined to get enough weight off to get to where I was when we went to Vegas the first time. Then all those clothes I wore then will fit and the sweater will fit too.

Maggie: I saw this on facebook and wondered whether or not the cake would really work. I am going to have to get some mixes and try it for Jack. He is the big sweet eater in the family. I buy ff redi whip and it would be good on it I would think. Even if you did put some canned frosting on it, unless you glumped half the can on, the small amount shouldn't be a big deal I would think and canned frosting will keep. I am trying to keep my sugar level low so am trying not to eat sweets, but I may just have to try this one. Thanks for sharing it. The commissary is run by a dunderhead. I have complained repeatedly and get every bologney excuse in the book.

Jean: Glad you found the mistake. I have to say, though it can go out with storms, I really like having satellite. We have had it now for about 10 years and we had to have it repaired a few weeks back. Something about the wiring, but we had the protection plan, which is like $3 a month so it covered all the repairs. We always had so much trouble with cable being out all the time and I got fed up with it and we switched. We get a lot of channels and options cable doesn't offer too. We no longer have land line phones so that is a worry we don't have with them going out. Funny thing though, Memphis is this huge metropolitan area, but hasn't buried their phone lines, electrical lines and such like a lot of cities have. We have lines all over the place.

Well girls, I better hop to it and get some breakfast in me. Fiber one waffles and fruit this morning. Have a good Tuesday and hope the sun shines where you are today! :sunny: Faye

02-05-2013, 11:52 AM
Good morning, ladies. We might make it to 55 degrees today, but cloudy and grey day.

I have certainly missed all of you. I had the surgery to remove the screw from my foot. It's healing nicely but I still have some stitches in it. I have to wear my ugly boot and hope to get rid of it when I go back on Thursday. I really hate not being able to do any weight bearing exercises.

Faye, I am so sorry those female problems have reared their ugly heads again. What a disappointment for you when you thought they were over. I know you will get to your goal by cruise time for you are a determined lady.

Jean, I always have mixed feelings about the senior living centers. It sure would be nice in one sense, but there would be a lot of funerals, too. I hope I can stay at home and die in my own bed. We are required to put trash in the can and wheel it to the street because the driver doesn't have to get out of the truck. He has a metal arm that picks up the can and dumps it. Our recycling is now in little bins but they are changing that to big cans and picking up bi-weekly. This is such overkill for one person like me. I doubt I'd fill either receptacle in a monthj.

Maggie, I've made the microwave cake, too. A little Cool Whip frosting is great on it. I also like fruit on it. I have a vase of silk flowers on the table in the foyer and Casper has discovered them. He gets up there when I'm not around and pulls one flower out (usually upsetting the vase) and then when I'm watching tv he brings it to me and drops it in my lap. He wants to play fetch. I think he must be part dog because he brings me things to through and then he fetches them back. He particularly likes a straw and will carry it around in his mouth for quite a while.

Have a wonderful day.

02-05-2013, 12:43 PM

Well at WW I was up just a piece of a pound last evening so it wasn’t a big surprise. Yesterday I was thinking of kicking up my exercise a tad bit and what did we talk about but exercise. I bought a copy of WW’s latest book Veg Power! which has some very interesting yummy looking recipes in it. I am going to try the one called “Tofu Parmesan” today. I have never worked with tofu and thought I would give it a try and Will surprised me and said he would also give it a try. There are lots of interesting veggie dishes in the book. “140 recipes to pump up produce, use less meat.” I found it interesting that when I went in to the meeting last evening there were 3 copies of the book on the table and when I left there were 2 copies on the table. Looks like I am the only one that bought one for the leader told me they only got 3 in to begin with. All of the recipes don’t have tofu in them. :lol: I do want to give it a try though. No way would I ever become a vegetarian but I love fruits and veggies and was really surprised at the number of WW members that don’t eat fruits and veggies at all. It is a challenge for the leader to get those folks to even try them for they are very resistive.

DONNA FAYE Having a nice sleeveless T to wear under an over blouse can make a really nice outfit with a nice pair of pants. Thans for posting the picture. I have several nice T’s that I do that with. I have one black silk one and a hot pink one that are luscious under a black silk shirt. Other ones I have I think are rayon but nice to have none-the-less and last forever. :lol: Mine are all too big now and I am going to have to figure out how to take them in or buy some new ones. I like to wear my clothes loose though but not sloppy.

SUSAN Now you can't say you have a screw loose for it has been removed. :p Cats that play fetch are so fun. What a sweet one you have to bring you a flower. Cecil isn't one to want to play fetch but he also loves straws and q-tips. He gets the q-tips out of Will's shop where he keeps a container and I find them strewn about. He loves going downstairs and objects when that door is closed.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave:

02-05-2013, 01:34 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's 37 degrees according to the Weather Bug. I've finished counting the gift shop money and wrote checks for new merchandise. I need to drop the checks off, make the deposit, buy a wedding gift for the daughter of a former teacher who resigned under pressure, cat chores, and make some phone calls for church.

"Gma" -- Your sweater will be very pretty! :yes: The yarn kind of looks like it might be two shades; it reminds me of spring. I know you have probably told us, but when is your next cruise? I am sure that the house where I am cat sitting has cable plus a dish. There are lower channels, one being the weather forecast coming from quite a ways east of us which is stupid. There are several channels with nothing then lots of larger numbered channels with a - between numbers like 51-13.

Susan -- It's good to see you today! :cp: I knew you were having the screw removed but forgot the date. I hope you can kick the boot soon. There are so many activiites at the different senior living places, one could be busy every day. Being around other people would be a plus for me if I wasn't able to be out and about on my own. Casper sounds like a fun cat to have; Sonny goes to the vet tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to getting him in the carrier.

Maggie -- I put tofu in the sponge category. :lol: I bought some many years ago and I can't repeat what Bob's comment was. The kids both looked at it and refused to eat it. You will have the "piece of a pound" gone by next week!

I need to keep moving and put my gift shop paperwork away. Have a great day and enjoy! :wave:

02-05-2013, 09:39 PM

JEAN I have been resistive to even trying tofu for years and after buying this Veg Power cookbook with good sounding recipes that have tofu in them I decided to take the plunge. (All the recipes in the book don't have tofu in them.) :nono: Will even said he was willing to try it so he bought the tofu. I made half the recipe “Tofu Parmesan” that would make 4 servings because I wasn’t totally sure we would like it but we both gave it a 4 star out of 5 rating. I will make that recipe again. Now I have enough tofu to try another recipe. :cp: It was funny when he was buying the tofu a priest asked him what he was going to make. Will said his wife was planning on something. The priest went on to say that the neat thing about tofu is that it is tasteless and takes on whatever flavors and spices you use when you cook with it. That was definitely the case with the recipe I used for it tasted a whole lot like lasagna. The next recipe I am going to use the rest of the tofu in is called “BBQ Tofu.” I won’t be resistive to start using it on occasion now that I have tried it.

Have a great evening Magnolias

02-06-2013, 10:16 AM
Good morning to you girls. I hope your day is starting out well. We are going to have a beautiful sunny day and finally cracking into the 60's today. It was nice yesterday even in the 50's.

I am reading a Sidney Sheldon book I haven't read and it is pretty good. I got to thinking about old authors that I may want to reread their stuff and found this book on my library site. I finished Jack's hat (the color on the computer is off, the band is really a bright orange sort of like a traffic cone) and so am back to working on my stuff inbetween reading some.

My body is betraying me this week as I am up in weight. I have stayed with my WW and not gone back to bad habits but I guess I must be retaining water with this stupid female stuff. It will all work out, but it does get discouraging when you are working hard. It isn't Monday yet so we shall see then.

Susan: Oh, I am so glad your surgery went ok even with the ugly boot for awhile. I am sure you will feel better overall when it is completely healed. I guess you will just have to do some seated exercises for a bit. How cute! I don't think I have ever heard of a cat that plays fetch so to speak. I had to giggle at him carrying a straw around.

Maggie: Ahh, weigh in. You will have more off by next week. I have used the crumbles in chili and find that you don't know you aren't eating beef. I am not sure I would use the cubed stuff though. Who knows?

Jean: The yarn does have what they referred to as "marling" in it so I am anxious to get it. They haven't shipped it yet though and they are taking their sweet time getting it ready it looks like. Our cruise leaves Oct 11, which is a Sunday. It is Mexico bound this time along with Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and one other port that I can't remember at the moment. We are doing a glass bottom boat trip in Grand Cayman, a salsa cooking thing in Cozymel and probably high tea in Jamaica at one of their mansions. We haven't decided on the high tea thing yet.

Well, work calls as does breakfast. It is oatmeal with fruit for me today and pot roast, carrots and new potatoes for dinner. Have a great one! Faye

02-06-2013, 03:37 PM

Partly cloudy day in the high 50º today. I feel a chill in the air and I am debating on putting on my sweatshirt jacket or not. I think not because the heater will recycle itself on any second now. I slept in later today then I have been doing lately but we did stay up later than usual watching some old Arnold Swartsnagger (not sure that is the correct spelling) movies we hadn’t seen before. They are certainly action packed.

I am greeting this world slowly and thoroughly enjoying my coffee. The dogs are asleep in the front room and the cat is asleep on the bed and Will is downstairs working on a saddle and I am waking up to a new day. Life is good.

I am going to go through a new book I just got that is Your Brain & Body Answer Book which looks to be quite interesting. I just opened it and here is what I read on page 219 “Pick perfect foods. Certain foods are not only good for you, they’ll make it easier for you to lose pounds. Generally, choose fiber-rich grains, fruits, and vegetables.” I am going to like this book. :cp: So far it goes hand in hand with the WW way of losing weight and maintain a healthy body along the way. It also has things to say about what benefits we get from exercising to music. Yep, I am going to like this book.

For lunch I am going to have half a can of Progresso potato soup for 2P+ and some cuties, sliced jicama and drink a small bottle of Perrier water. For dinner Will has requested chili mac so that will fit nicely within my points+ allotment for the day. Easy enough to make this day’s allotment of food.

DONNA FAYE The colors showed true on my computer if that orange is as you said. :p Hope your next visit to your doc will get you going on getting those problems taken care of. Seems like you have been suffering long enough. Losing weight is very difficult when ones body isn't functioning like it should.

Have a great evening Magnolias

02-06-2013, 05:56 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is a REALLY gloomy day in my corner of the world. It looks like it could rain any minute, which we do need but it isn't in the forecast. It's not so cold but the wind is still blowing.

Well, Sonny knew something was up this morning and I couldn't coax him into the carrier. My two big mistakes were that Ernie was trying to get at Sonny's bowl and I had fed the squirrels so Sonny was more interested in watching them than licking tuna/cat food juice in the carrier. So, we will try again . . . and again . . . and again. Next time I will have Bob put Ernie in the basement; Bob was gone this morning so was no help for me. Score 1 for Sonny and 0 for me!

I made a WM run this morning and my blood pressure is still up just thinking about it. I had just a few things; mainly went after kitty litter and there were two 50# boxes both shoved way back on the shelf and I wasn't about to crawl in after one, so came home without. When I got to the check out the self-service ones were empty, and the two 20 items or less were the only other two open. Every you-know-who in town was there shopping for groceries! :tantrum: When it was finally my turn, I asked the checker if all the others had called in sick. She said, "no, they cut all of our hours!"

Maggie -- Glad you enjoyed your tofu. It is a damp type cold here today, definitely doesn't feel like spring is on the way. Fiber seems to be the name of the game these days.

"Gma" -- Hope you are feeling better! Did you see on the news where some tourists (women) were raped in Acapulco? I didn't hear the whole story though. I think going in a glass bottom boat would be so fun. I am surprised about the high tea in Jamaica.

I have bell practice in an hour and should go shred some more of the 2010 paperwork first. Have a nice evening and enjoy! :wave:

02-07-2013, 12:39 PM
Good morning, ladies! Sunny and 43 degrees right now.

Spring is coming! My daffodils and resurrection lilies are up about 5 inches. I do love spring, even though I'll be sneezing when the trees start to bud.

I have First Thursday Bee tonight and tomorrow I have to work since my boss in on vacation again until the 21st. I'll be working every day and while the money is nice, I not into working 40+ hours a week anymore.

Jean, the cat can sure evade getting into the carrier in more ways than we can solve. Casper doesn't mind so it isn't too hard for me.

Maggie, ups and downs are a part of life, it's how we deal with them that makes the difference. I know you'll have that tiny gain off by next week. I like tofu. I have a recipe that combines the silken tofu (used for dips and smoothies) with peanut butter and honey and it is delicious, too. The new veggie cookbook is great. We're pretty big on fruits and veggies here - its a southern thing - but the cooking methods can be pretty bad so the problem is getting people to try a new way of fixing things such as steaming instead of cooking with bacon or hog jowl, adding sugar to veggies, etc.

Have a wonderful day!

02-07-2013, 03:59 PM

I received my March/April copy of the WW magazine and it has some interesting reading in it. They showcased several folks who have lost mega amounts of weight which is encouraging to me anyway. I love that picture of Jennifer that is on the front ~ she looks great in that outfit. Get happy now! Well, by in large I am a happy person.

I am currently eating a cup of soup which is made by Progresso and it is yummy. Chicken and dumplings and 4 points for the whole can. The wind is howling outside and it seemed like a wonderful day for soup. I took a couple of pork chops to thaw for dinner. I will fix some kind of veggies to eat with them when I decide what it is I want to fix. :lol: We have a couple of plastic wrapped potatoes ready to be baked so I may just do that and toss a salad. I will run that by Will when he calls to see if it will suit him. Since he didn’t make any suggestions of what he wants then he usually just leaves it up to me to decide which suites me fine.

In April when the weather turns nice we are planning on taking a little trip down to Texas and visit our friends and do some shopping in a great boot store down there. They claim they can fit any foot so we shall see if they can fit Will’s extremely high arched big feet. Most places can’t fit him and he has to end up ordering them special and they are very expensive to buy them that way. But we hope we will be surprised if that store in Texas stands true by their saying they can fit any foot. If not we will just have to special order him some. He has a pair of White’s lace up packers that he had special made and they are guaranteed for life ~ his life ~ not the boots life. Anytime he wants them repaired or resoled they will do it ~ no charge. He had a pair of these before and gave them to a dear friend who had feet like his and was a logger in TN and really needed them. Good friends do things like that. As I remember he also gave him a nice heavy wool jacket. It is fun to gift things to folks who need them isn’t it. We have so many good friends in TN.

Will purchased the neatest cell phone charger gadget I’ve seen. It is about the size of my Blackberry and will charge it quickly without being plugged into anything but the phone. You plug the charger in to the wall to recharge it but it will charge a phone several times before it needs recharging. It will also work in the Jeep and can be recharged there also. They are coming out with some neat gadgets. I tried charging my phone with it and it was actually quicker to charge it than when I use the charger that’s plugged into the wall.

SUSAN I love dafodils ~ my favorite flower since I was a child. :p Ours and the lilleys are just peeking through the dirt but they will grow. I prefer my veggies steamed and always have. I'm not one that has liked sauces over veggies. I like my broccoli sprtzed with lemon juice. I have run into the way that veggies are treated "down south" and don't care for the heavy sauces and such they prefer and have been used to. Some folks find habits are hard to change when one is used to cooking "that way." I was at a friends house once and her teen daughter came in from school and promptly fixed herself a head of cauliflower, a half pound of butter and a big hunk of velveta cheese in the microwave and proceeded to sit and devour it. Needless to say she was overweight. "But it's a vegetable." I like steamed cauliflower with a dusting of lemon pepper over it. I'll have to try that silken kind of tofu since my resistance of it has been broken down. :p There are lots of other recipes in that new book I am looking forward in trying.

JEAN Mexico isn't one of the places we wish to visit very soon. I would probably end up being arrested. Anything I want that they have I can get off the internet. Even back in the 60's my folks ran into some trouble down there in thier motor home. There were five vehicles travling together and they were treated like they were criminals hauling drugs and not just the elderly retired folks out to enjoy the country. My mother ran into more trouble in the far eastern countries though. She collected hard rolls for they have some really ornate ones over there. What she did was bring them home and dry them then spray them with laquer and had a beautiful centerpiece for her diningroom table. They thought she was carrying "secrets" in the bread. As it turned out the American consolute had to rescue her from those holligans. They didn't mess with my father because he had a real dark tan and had black hair and they thought he was one of them. He went straight for the consulate when mother was arrested. Not any safer now to travel over there these days. I think I will stay right here in the good ole USA for my travels.

Have a great evening Magnolias

02-07-2013, 07:09 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Another gloomy, damp feeling, cold day in my corner of the world. The wind continues to blow which doesn't help. I ran a couple errands and even pulled my hood up which is very unusual for me. :brr: I decluttered, dusted, and vacuumed this morning. :cp: I don't know why I can't make myself declutter every day before the piles seem to multiply! I had to pay more gift shop invoices so dropped those off and have been to do my cat chores.

Susan -- Flowers coming up must certainly be a sign that spring is on the way! :cheer: Everything around here is brown and icky. At least with snow cover it doesn't look quite so drab. I don't think I could do a 40 hour work week any more. You are a peach to help your boss even though he pays you to do so. Have fun tonight!

Maggie -- A trip to Texas will be fun and something to look forward to. :yes: I hope Will can find boots to fit. Bob has a high arch and finally quit wearing cowboy boots. He has a favorite pair called Wellingtons, and they are no longer made for some reason. They have a flat heel and more room in the toe area, but are high enough to keep his ankles warm in the winter. No one could pay us enough to go to Mexico since I live in "Little Mexico" right here. We walked across the border years ago, on a trip to AZ to visit Bob's parents. Our kids were little and afterwards we could all say we had been there.

Bob had a meeting out of town today which included lunch. Not sure what is on tap for supper, maybe soup. Hope you all enjoy your evening, keep warm, and enjoy! :wave:

02-08-2013, 03:13 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! We had inches of rain during the night and this morning and minor flooding at intersections in my area. It quit around noon.

I'm telling you this filling in for the boss is not fun this time. I have to come in tomorrow to show office space to a lady who is moving here and is only in town for the weekend - at 2 pm so that ruins the day and I won't be able to go to tea with Glory, the toilet in the ladies bathroom wouldn't quit running but I was able to fix that, one of the tenants called me to let me know he couldn't get into his office this morning because his key wouldn't work. He wasn't there when they replaced the lock he had been having problems with and his key was just enough off it wouldn't turn. Luckily my master key worked and I called the locksmith.

Maggie, what fun to go to Texas and get new boots - as well as see your friends. In my younger days, I had a beautiful pair I got in El Paso. I don't think I could wear them now with my feet. When the doc took my stitches out yesterday he told me to stick with SAS or athletic shoes.

Jean, Only a month and we'll be turning the clocks forward again. I'm already dreading the hot and humid weather of summer. It looks the the NE is really going to get slammed with snow this weekend so I'm sure they are ready for Spring, too.

Faye, I hope you are feeling okay and just busy, not more "problems."

Have a wonderful evening.

02-08-2013, 11:44 PM
Good Evening! I thought I was going to spend most of the day at home but no such luck. I fixed a casserole for lunch which surprised Bob. Usually it's leftovers or soup with a sandwich because I never know for sure when he will get home. Beth and Will's anniversary is Monday and I spaced off getting a card so made a trip to the Hallmark store. The volunteer director was gone today so I stopped by the hospital to balance out the register, and make copies of the weekly sheets. Did my cat chores and ended up watching tv longer than we usually do so that made me later getting back home. There was no point in starting any projects before Bob got home.

Susan -- I'm sorry you are going to miss tea with Glory tomorrow! Bummer! It's good you know what to do when toilets run and keys won't work. Make a list of "above and beyond" to give to your boss when he gets back! ;) Can you wear your shoes again? Wish you could share your rain as we really, really need it! Bob figures we will need an extra 30' of board walk to get to the dock next summer. It will take years for the lakes to come back.

Guess I will head for bed and read. I have been cold all evening so think it will be a "socks on" night in bed! Have a nice weekend and enjoy! :wave:

02-09-2013, 12:24 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another windy, gloomy, cold day in my neighborhood. The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow but we are also scheduled for rain turning to snow. I wonder how that will work . . . a rainbow maybe? I just finished counting gift shop money and need to head off to the bank. Will do cat chores after lunch and then I am done with that for two weeks.

I'm off to put a load in the washer and head off to the bank. Hope you all have a super Saturday and enjoy! :wave:

02-09-2013, 01:10 PM

O my goodness those poor folks that are still trying to rebuild are getting hammered with lots of snow now. My heart goes out to hem for they haven’t had a chance or the where withal to get their places rebuilt as of yet. Three feet of snow is quite a lot to contend with. I remember when we were in SD we got four feet on one Thanksgiving day and we were safe at home and just had to dig out. I don’t want to have to do that anymore. :no: We certainly don’t get much snow here. When we retire I think we should go to the desert out west. :lol:

Will decided to have some boots made to fit because that will be the best for his feet. Cowboy packers sound like the ticket. Those lace up boots are actually not as spendy as the pull on kind. Plus from this company they will have that great guarantee. They have his measurements on file and can build him a nice pair. One of these days I am getting myself a nice pair of Ropers that are also lace up’s and they can fit them over my brace. Life is good. Since I have lost weight I really need to get a new brace which will be a bit smaller. This one doesn’t fit snug around my ankles anymore. I’m trying to hold off until I reach goal before buying a new one though. So it will be awhile before I get my Ropers. That is really something to look forward to. Will is going to make me a fringed vest to wear over a silk button down shirt and a pair of jeans with the Ropers on my feet. I can just picture me now at goal in that outfit. I’m looking at a couple years now if I lose a pound a week. I have just got to keep plugging away at this weight loss thing. Don’t you just wish that there was a “magic” pill. I do have a nice canvas vest with lots of pockets to carry my necessary items in when I am out walking that fits me now and keeps my hands free of carrying anything. :yes: I like this vest a lot and am figuring out how to take it in when I get to goal. Him buying his boots now doesn’t mean we won’t be going to Texas though. Time to take a trip come spring before we get serious about planting a garden. We can always get the plants started here in the house.

Something is in the wind today that sure makes my eyes itch. Makes it most difficult to read anything. And I must have slept wrong on my pillow last night because my neck wants to be stiff. That kink should work itself out soon.

Today is a good day for sauerkraut and hot dogs. We picked up some of those very low point dogs yesterday and have a nice jar of kraut so that will make a nice lunch.

JEAN I think you sent some of your chilly weather this way. Burr it's cold and the wind has a bite to it.

SUSAN Sounds like you had a few challenges to face at work but got them done. I have been wearing SAS shoes for years for they work the best with my brace. I can wear other shoes though that my brace fits into for a change when "dressing up" but for walking and day to day living my black SAS are on my feet. The company is going to make me a red pair if I ever want them. :p I have a pair of blue Ghillie walkers which are a sandle with a back heel in them that also work ok with my brace. This spring I think I will order a pair of them in Khaki Nubuck. They also come in red nubuck and bone, & black smooth leather. Since they lace up and don't buckle they work fine.

Have a great evening Magnolias

02-10-2013, 09:13 AM
Good morning girls. Sorry I have been MIA, but I have been feeling really unwell for a few days now. I have a dr appt on Wednesday so we are going to have to make a hard decision then. I just can't go on like this. I was so shaky and in such pain yesterday I couldn't knit. I tried to start my sweater several times, but each time had to tear what I started out.

We are supposed to get a whopper of a thunderstorm today, but it isn't particularly cold. It is in the upper 40's this morning and will get into the 50's. I would gladly give Jean our rain as I am tired of gloomy weather.

The yarn did arrive and it is pretty much the same color as what you see on the computer screen. The yarn is mostly cotton and a percentage of nylon so it will be soft and cool for the hot tropical weather in October. It is a difficult pattern though until you get started and can see your work better as there is no waist band as it were, you cast on and immediately start the pattern. It is 4 rows of pattern, but you can get lost pretty easily so I am going to use markers. I am going to order me some more markers today as I don't have enough to separate each 9 + 7 pattern.

Looks like our tax refund will be here soon so I can pay off the cruise and such. I will be glad when it is paid off.

Susan: Thank you for thinking of me. Looks like being one of the "drones" sounds better. I would never want to be the "boss" or even the bosses assistant. You get driven nuts with unhappy, pushy, people who need immediate help half the time. Hope things get better for you soon and you can get back to your routine. How is the foot coming along??

Maggie: Boots, what fun! Kelly just got back from El Paso for some St Jude project and she was oohing and aahing about the food. She was actually born in El Paso at the Army hospital and we lived there for a bit while Jack was on recruiting duty. I saw on Facebook that Gloria has 30 inches of snow up there in Mass. I don't envy them, that's for sure.

Jean: I actually can't wait to go to Cozumel. The four places we are going are different so we shall see. We didn't have such a grand experience last time. :lol: Jack called Jay last weekend and they had gotten back from Mexico visiting her dad the week before. He told his dad he ate crickets! :eek: He said he didn't like them particularly, but they were crunchy! Jack said he would stick to escargot for unusual food. :lol: I did laugh though because we live in a large Mexican population here along with the blacks so we kind of look like the frosting in the oreo cookie when we are out and about! :lol:

Well girls, I need to put away dishes and try and get the sweater started if I can. I hope you have a nice start to your week next week. Faye

02-10-2013, 12:58 PM
Good Morning! It's another crappy weather day in my corner of the world. It was "crunchy" outside when I left for church at 7:15 but was :rain: as I got closer to town. Our gauge says we've gotten 1/4" so far, and we need it badly so I won't complain. Today I need to do some paper sorting for the tax man and plan to work on the afghan some more. It seems like I get 3 rows done and then see a missed or split stitch so rip 4 out and start again. :crazy: It will be summer, at this rate, before I get it done.

Maggie -- At least the people in the east has some warning that the snow storm was coming. It would be hard to dig out from that much snow! :yes: Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all lose a pound a week?! Wish there was some sort of hocus pocus magic for that!

"Gma" -- I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. :hug: I hope the doctor has a solution for you this time. We did get a bit of sunshine yesterday afternoon, and are my windows ever dirty! I'm sure the resort areas in Mexico are very nice; we have friends who go every year, just wouldn't be my choice of someplace to visit. I couldn't spend a week sitting on the beach and that's all they can do without leaving the resort which is not recommended.

I'm off to change clothes and read the paper. Hope you all have an enjoyable day; do something nice for yourself! :wave:

02-11-2013, 09:02 AM
Good morning to you all! Today was weigh in and I am standing still but still up from when I weighed two weeks ago. I have to just try and keep positive and keep plowing along. I know I am doing stuff right, eating right and keeping to my points. I noticed my ankles are swelled and my hands so I am probably retaining some water, especially since it is only a couple of pounds.

I went into my bank account this morning and someone had charged something on it, so I had to call the bank and have my card cancelled and get a new one sent and then when the authorization comes through, I have to write up a fraud thing and send it to them so I can get the money back. It is kind of spooky because it was a small charge, but I called Jack just to make sure he didn't order anything and it looks like it could be foreign too. We have our tax refund going to be deposited soon and the mortgage payment hasn't been taken out yet, but that's all we have outstanding. I am terrified of someone getting into my bank account and stealing money so I look at it everyday and balance everyday. I guess it is a good thing I am so crazy about doing it in this instance.

I have started the sweater and done about 8 rows so far. It is a tough pattern and it is a sweater for me, so lots of cast on stitches so it takes a lot of time. The good thing is no sleeves in this one so it should not take as long as it would for a sleeved sweater. The color of the yarn that I showed you pretty much is the color that it is. I don't know how they got lemon out of that for a color. It is more like a canteloupe sort of color only a bit lighter. It is a great yarn, soft and cotton so should be nice and cool in the tropics. Some people complained about it splitting and it does do that if you aren't careful. You just have to be diligent in watching for it. So far, I haven't had any problems with it.

We get to pay off the cruise this week, which will be nice to have that done. You can't do any of the excursions or any drink packages or such until about 60 days before cruising. They have put in new drink machines where you can self service, which is nice. The cups they give you have a chip in them and somehow you just authorize and make your drink. These are coke machines that have something like 24 different types of soft drinks and syrups. I am a diet coke drinker when I drink Coke products so I doubt I use the others, but it is nice to have such a big choice.

Jean: I think that is why Jack and I never booked like a Beaches or Sandals cruise. It is a bunch of sitting on the beach and since I burn just looking at the sun, that wouldn't be a pleasant vacation. I think the glass bottom boat is what we are going to do in Cozumel and a bit of shopping. Jack wants to enter the ugly tropical shirt contest this year so we need to find him a really ugly one if we can. We bought him two on the last cruise, but they are both kind of cute and he had a simple one we bought years ago to go to Las Vegas which just has some kind of big tropical flowers on it with an aqua background. I told him he could always enter the belly flop contest, but he said no that he had enough of that when he was a kid! :lol: Besides, Jack doesn't have enough weight to make a big splash. Some of these guys have huge bellies and really splash when they jump in.

Well girls, I am going to knit for awhile then start in and get my chores and cleaning done. I am way backed up having been sick for a few days and just not feeling well enough to do it. Have a great Monday and week this week. Faye

02-11-2013, 11:51 AM
Good morning, ladies. Another rainy day here but headed for the mid 60s this day.

I got a call from the research center where I do the COPD drug trials and they have a new study beginning that will last a year. It isn't a drug, it's a study to see what effect diet has on inflammation and if COPD can be helped with an anit-infammatory diet. I think I'm going to do it. It requires 3-day visits 3 times and a week visit at the beginning in Bethesda, MD and then the rest of the time I would be monitored and tested here. I'll probably do it because it sounds interesting and I have some friends who have improved IBS and migraines by doing a diet of this type. It is not a weight loss diet but it can fit with WW nicely.

Faye, the Meyer lemon is and yellow-orange color. I just bought a bag at WalMart on Friday. It is not quite as tart as other lemons and its thought way, way, way back it might have mixed with a mandarin orange. I hope you and the doc can finally agree on how to fix things. You've suffered with this way longer than I would have. My foot is doing fine. I just have to keep a bandaid on it until the scab comes off. It's still a little sore and swollen, but that will go away.

Jean, I'd gladly send you some of this rain. I hope this summer is not as hot and dry as the last one.

Maggie, its good Will can have boots made. There's nothing worse than shoes that don't fit properly. My feet and back have been a lot happier since I got my orthodics and lift.

Have a great day!

02-11-2013, 12:31 PM

We found a great deal on a utility trailer and now we don’t need to borrow our friends when we want to haul something ~ like things for the garden. It is a military one and looks mew like it was never used and just the right size to pull behind the Jeep. The big plus about it is that it has regular sized tires the same as the Jeep and not the little ones that have to turn 4 times around to keep up with the ones on the towing vehicle. The military put bows on the trailers like this and cover them with canvas and make it kind of like a covered wagon look when hauling “stuff.” It should work out fine for what we want to use it for. We are thinking of leaving it camo painted since it looks so new. It will look good being pulled behind our yellow Jeep. :cp: We were so happy to find this one before we really need it for planting season so we will have it and be ready to get the “stuff” for the garden.

We are planning to start a lot of our plants right here in the house but others we will purchase from the nursery. It will be fun to see if that “beef steak tomato” will grow on my window sill like they say it will which I ordered from a little gal at church that is selling things for her school. If it grows like her catalogue says I will give her a tomato from the harvest. :yes: The plant comes all potted in a container with the proper nutrients so we shall see. I have a shelf below the window that is above my kitchen sink with “grow lights” above it and that is where I will set that plant when I get it. The sun doesn’t shine through that window because it faces our covered backyard patio ergo the grow lights. We also have a long shelf below the big picture window in the front room that is there for the cat to sit and look out that we can put plants on. Cecil will just have to let us use it. :lol:

We are going to have to install some sort of a sensor light out by the garden plot this year and try to discourage who it is that was stealing our produce from the last garden. It was difficult to get it to grow in the heat to begin with and protect it then to have it stolen was a blow to the sensibilities. If they come at night a bright light to come on may do the trick. They won’t know but what their picture has been taken. Hopefully, that bright light coming on will be a deterrent and make them skedaddle.

After while we are going to our favorite nursery and see what our options are in making a good garden grow and maintaining it in this heat. We want to see what they offer now for starting plants inside, etc. Every garden around here suffered in the heat ~ not just ours. We may have to install some shade cloth over the garden area. We shall see what our options are and make a workable plan from there. Will is going to rent a big tiller and prepare the garden plot. He already has some bags of “good stuff” out there that he will work into the soil. We are determined to have a garden this year and reap the harvest. :cp: “Reap the harvest” has a nice ring to it.

Looks like my post has been all about our upcoming garden. You can tell what is on my mind today for sure. Spring fever. But there is no time like the present to get ready and gather up the necessary items and be prepared to make it all come together.

DONNA FAYE Yep that is the color of the meyer lemons. :p That is going to be a nice pattern it sounds like. That is how "they" work it ~ take a little out to see if it works then hit the account with much more of a withdrawal. Always someone out there trying to run a scam on us folks who just want to live in peace. It is good that you keep such a close eye on your card transactions. I have some money on a debit card waiting for a backorder that I am keeping my eye on. I am hoping the back order comes through before a thief does. :p Those drink machines sound like a good thing they have installed for the cruise.

SUSAN That sounds like a neat study they are doing to help with COPD. It is good to know what foods to avoid. It will be interesting for you to tell us what it is all about after you do the study. Or during it. When your feet hurt you hurt all over ~ at least that is in my case. I want happy feet.:)

JEAN That is good that you are getting some well needed moisture. Tax time seems like it came around very quick this go-round. I am not fond of doing that job.

Have a great day Magnolias :wave:

02-11-2013, 06:39 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers. The weather remains cold, cloudy, and windy here. We balanced on the first try this morning. :cp: I spent the rest of the morning tearing up 2010 envelopes and shredding check copies.

"Gma" -- A maintain is better than a gain any day! :D I'm glad you like your sweater yarn. I'm sure it will be very pretty. It's a good thing you check your account every day; that's why I get nervous about banking online.

Susan -- It will be interesting to see what develops with the diet trial. You are definitely diet conscious. :yes: What are you going to do with a bag of Meyer lemons? I sometimes buy a lemon to put in my water.

Maggie -- A new trailer will be fun to have available whenever you want or need it. Spring must be getting close since you are talking seeds and garden. I'll bet Cecil could clear off "his" shelf if he sets his mind to it. ;)

I need to fold some towels and think about what's for supper. Enjoy your evening. :wave:

02-12-2013, 09:01 AM
Good morning to you gals. I got up with Jack this morning so I could order a new rug shampooer. We were just going to have ours repaired, actually maintenance, but they wanted almost as much as it would cost to buy a new one so we just bought a new one. I had gotten this 10% off coupon that is only good through today and with my rewards 5% off, and rewards free shipping, I saved $60. I bought an upright one that has the removable canister so we can shampoo the car or the stairs. No one had this one any place I could find in town so we just did it online.

The sweater is coming along. I made a mistake somehow and had to take out 4 rows, which was time consuming, but am back at it.

Tomorrow is dr appt day so we shall see what happens with it. I can't say I am not worried about surgery again as I have already had 3 abdominal surgeries and she can't do laproscopic or vaginal on me, it would have to be cutting again, but unless she can pull a rabbit out of the hat to make this stop, I am ready to do something more drastic.

I got a call from the bank yesterday evening and after I talked to the lady again, I found out they had tried to charge three different phone calls, one of which was almost $100. I am surprised they even authorized one as they were all tried on the same day, the 10th, but the one on my account is still in authorization so probably tomorrow it will either drop off or I will fill out a fraud thing.

Jean: Great that you had an easy day at the church. Are you guys still getting snow?

Maggie: Sounds like you got a great deal on that trailer. I would love to grow those upside down tomato plants to have fresh tomatoes, but we have a squirrel that would rip them to shreds. Hopefully, your garden will do better this year all the way around. When my in-laws were alive, they used to have a garden out in the desert and boy they had more troubles with jack rabbits than anything.

Susan: Sounds like an interesting study. I had a friend post some interesting info on health using honey and cinnamon. I guess the combo can help with a variety of things. Glad your foot is coming along nicely.

I guess I better get out of here and get some work done before the cramping comes and rears it's ugly head today. Have a great day today. Faye

02-12-2013, 04:16 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and the snow is melting! I ran some errands this morning and have been doing laundry; also need to iron. Think I will make a lasagna list for Saturday so I don't forget anything.

"Gma" -- Your sweater mistake sounds like "normal" for me. :o Hope your bank mess is straightened out today. They are predicting rain turning to snow on Thursday. I could do with rain, and even though it hasn't been a "bad" winter, I'm tired of the snow. What little we've had doesn't last long and just makes the streets sloppy when it melts. Hope this is a 'no cramp' day for you.

I'm off to make my list! Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:'

02-13-2013, 12:53 PM
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