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01-29-2013, 09:50 AM
We were getting very close to 500 posts so here we go again :)

We are motorcycling chicks (and one dude so far) who love our bikes and want to be fit and happy on them!

Just finished shoveling the driveway so it is clear for the septic tank pumping person to arrive today. I don't have to be here when they are here so that is good. I hope to HECK everything goes smooth and no unpleasant surprises are found, and that the SMELL is gone! Can't blame all this odor on me! :devil:

I'm on Day 6 of South Beach and doing very well. Not a speck of flour or sugar all these days! :carrot: I'm keeping off the scale for now because it just messes with my head too much.

Colleen sorry about the head cold, did you beat it or is it winning?

Hi :wave: to everyone else!

01-29-2013, 09:24 PM
Thank for the keel thread Holly. :carrot::carrot: congrats on the 6 days OP!!!! You are on the right track!!! Over the first couple days.

I hate you are still shoveling snow. It was 75 today.... But it comes w a price. We are gonna have tornado warnings. And it will be cold by this weekend.

Well--my first arm day back at bootcamp and I injured back "popped"..... And I have been walking like a 90 year old since.

Colleen, I hope you are better... As well as your husband.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

01-29-2013, 10:40 PM
Aw Tammy I am so sorry you popped your back!! Advil or Aleve and a heating pad or long hot bath??

You had 75 degree weather?! OMG!! but tornadoes, yikes. How real is that threat?

Well the septic odor is gone! yay for a successful pumping-out. It was "only" $75 more than what we paid 6 years ago, guess that's acceptable.

I decided to do official things and measured and weighed today ( I could not bear to not weigh any longer) My measurements are just about what they were exactly one year ago, right when I started South Beach then. Well here we go again. :p

I have the next 2 days off, whew, I am happy for that! On the way home I stopped at the store and found lots of Lemon sugar free jello which I haven't been able to find lately, i LOVE it stirred into my fat free yogurt, and they had Sugar Free Cool Whip on sale for $1 a tub..i see some delicious lemon desserts being made tomorrow! i have 7 or 8 little to-go containers that I'll put them in.

Also gonna cook a large pot of my 'stewp' - tomato, bean, veggie soup/stew that I'll bring to work for lunch all week.

talk to ya's tomorrow!

01-30-2013, 08:29 PM
No Aleve or Advil due to tummy issues..... But I did get a steroid shot :devil: I had to.... I couldn't stand up straight... I am much better today.... And knock on wood.... It appears my tummy might be on the mend...... But I did hear a lot of negative remarks from the doctors I work w about the roughness and body trauma from bootcamp.

Holly---:carrot: good job on the WL and inches. You are on the hot track for summer..... Can you send me a sample days food diary?

We missed the tornadoes..... But they were about 35 miles away.

Hope everyone else is good.


01-30-2013, 09:38 PM
Oh jeez Tammy, 35 miles away still sounds real close!

I'm glad the steroids are helping your back pain :hug:

Okay, here are some samples of daily food -

Breakfast - sauteed onions and 1 cup egg substitute, when cooked that makes alot for only 120 calories for the egg substitute.

Lunch - heaping cup of my 'stewp' (sauteed onions, green peppers, some kind of meat either lean ground beef or chicken, multiple cans of tomato products like peeled, whole, diced; multiple cans of beans like red kidney, pink kidney, white canneloni) strips of red and green peppers. And three tablets of Beano!

snack - 20 almonds and 1/2 cup sugar free jello and 1/2 cup non fat yogurt

Dinner - chicken breast, cut up in chunks and pile in romaine leaves like rollups, with a drizzle of dressing; some kind of cooked veggie on side.


Breakfast - 1/2 cup cooked steel cut oats, 1/2 cup non fat yogurt

Lunch - slices of deli turkey breast, one piece low fat cheese, big green salad

snack - Cup of non fat yogurt with sugar free lemon jello sprinkled on it

Dinner - Sauteed veggies, chunks of chicken breast, little balsamic vinaigrette for sauciness, tiny bit of pasta

dessert - 2 Tablespoons natural peanut butter with 2 Tablespoons sugar free cool whip


Breakfast - 1/2 cup egg substitute AND 2 real eggs

Lunch - 2 cans water packed tuna with yellow mustard and sweet pickle relish, it's all about 450 calories but all the protein keeps me full

Dinner - Chili or soup stuff.

snack - sugar free jello with yogurt, or sugar free pudding .

01-31-2013, 11:27 PM
That doesn't sound bad. I may have to try it.

02-01-2013, 09:07 AM
I see my last day of food had hardly any veggies in it, but some days I have alot, so I hope it all balances out.

Happy February!! I always think of Feb. as a month 'just to get through' on the journey to spring for us up here. I know I shouldn't wish the days away but I will use the month to focus on diet and weight loss.

I am also doing my once-a-year teeth whitening with the strips, at least I know my dental hygienist does not disapprove of them, and said the Crest Whitestrips were what the office recommends, if asked.

Teeth whiter, body hopefully tighter and smaller, maybe some tanning next month...sheesh the things we do :devil: I was reading up on gel or acrylic nails, I LOVE pretty nails on other ladies, I do not have them but I wonder about the cost and maintenance and that in my line of work, it would not be good to have something come off into food or pastry.

Have a great day! Hey is Reda in Cancun now??

02-01-2013, 09:26 AM
Hey I think today is Reda's birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REDA!! :bday2you::balloons::hb::celebrate:

02-01-2013, 11:00 PM
:bday2you::woo::woo: Happy Birthday Reda!!!

Btw, did I miss the hole posting thing... is this the Holly and Tammy forum? Lol

Holly, I am not a "froo froo", but my "thing" is nails. I LOVE THEM!!! I love french, I love dark colors, I love hot pinks..... but I feel your pain on the cost of maintenance... and the whole "drilling" them that you have to go through to have them done..... eventually it hurts when they are so thin. BUT, I have gotten mine to grow out so I don't have to get the acrylic. BUT, I would suggest to you if you love nails like I do, just go to Wal Mart or somewhere right before your day off.... put some of the nailene or kiss nails on.... love them on your days off..... then maybe remove them at the first sign of them getting weak.... OR, there is a brand at Sallys beauty supply that you can do the "tip" but it is not acrylic so you can just keep them short.... they have black ones too!!!!! I will look tomorrow at the name brand.

Anyway, I love nails. Lol. When we go to a Rally and I don't have to be "professional" I usually have sparkly hot pink or black or something. Lol. It looks cooler when you wave at other bikers (like they are looking at your nails).... lol.

Well, I have some research to do b/c I am doing ANOTHER test..... will gab more later.


02-01-2013, 11:52 PM
Tammy thanks for the nail input! And I think Reda has nice nails too, I think I remember her having her nails done in HD colors for a rally? or was that you?

I was inspired to research nails, because a young woman who comes into the store, she is gorgeous with very blonde hair, tan, slim, nice makeup with false eyelashes AND a sweet personality (and a British accent, she's got it all goin on, lol) ...and her nails..!!! She had the tips done in golden sparkles and they look and flash like 24k gold, they are gorgeous! Besides waitressing at night, she also works with HORSES during the day so she is hard on her nails, but she says they get thick with the treatments? I dunno...

I wish I had never bought that sugar free cool whip! OMG it is good. Last night I had lemon sugar free jello with the cool whip (about 50 calories worth) then a sugar free pudding with the cool whip (another 50 calories worth) Then an out-of-control big spoonful of the stuff.

I know, less than 200 calories of a big splurge when I've been on program is not that bad.'s calling to me :devil: The other night, my allowed dessert was 2 Tablespoons of natural peanut butter with a spoonful of the cool whip, OMG it was like peanut butter mousse, it was so good!

02-03-2013, 03:07 PM
Hi girls- looks like you been keeping the thread going :)
Just got home last night from Cancun- wow what a great time BUT
i forgot my camera at home so I had to take over another couples camera and it looks like he is getting them downloaded today :)

Sample menus look great- Holly sounds like you are doing a great job and I may have to copy some of your menus as well!!!

Nails yep I get mine done- got them done before leaving for Cancun and I do tips usually red with silver stripe but yes I have done the HD colors for rally :)

Got on scale this morning and I gained 2 pounds while on vacation but I did go to gym every morning while on vacation only did 2 miles on treadmil but I figured it was better than nothing........ especially since it is all inclusive and we do lots of drinking and eating and more drinking and eating!!!!

Tammy sorry to hear about your back- will DR let you continue to go to bootcamp when your back is feeling better? I will be back full force tomorrow for our biggest loser workouts- don't think my body is ready for it after vacation but I would like to be close to 10 pounds lighter before going to vegas in 6 weeks :)

Well going up to see granddaughter in a bit then off to super bowl party for more drinking and eating......

Oh and Tammy 75 degrees that was warmer than one of the days in cancun???

02-03-2013, 10:44 PM
Hi all!

Reda, tell us about Cancun! Hope you had a happy birthday!

Holly and Tammy, thanks for keeping the thread going!

I have horrible thin, frail, brittle nails! I keep polish on them to thicken them more than anything. I have had acrylics, but don't like the maintenance to keep them pretty. Heaven help me if something comes loose. I can't manage to leave it alone!

Diet is hit and miss. No loss.

It's been about 10 - 15 degrees here. Too much snow too. I'll be ready for vacation come April!

02-04-2013, 09:28 PM
Reda, do tell of the sun and sand.... Lol. And 2 pounds is not a lot.

Colleen, how is the job? Better I hope.

Holly, it doesn't sound like your mini cheat was bad. Hang in there.

So..... I have decided I need to be more accountable about weight.... Going to WW to give away $ to,lose weight.... I have committed to myself and DH, and a friend.... No quitting until my 40th bday.... Every Tuesday I will go, lose or gain..

Hopefully I can get back to goal by July 11.

02-05-2013, 07:07 AM
Reda, welcome back!!! Gosh only 2 pounds up is hardly anything!

That's kind of funny that Tammy had a day of warmer temps than Mexico isn't it.

Tammy well congrats on the WW decision, spending money will always make us more accountable won't it!

Hi Colleen, oh my nails are just the same. And I'm sick of winter, it's 0 F here now. But hardly any snow. Too bad, skiers. They still come anyway.

My husband's car died yesterday, grrr. Yeah it was a used beater but we had assurance that it was a wonderful, dependable car, yadayada. Private sale. BUT the seller, is the ex-wife of a local mechanic whom we've had work on our bikes. And she was selling it from his garage property. With the assurances that her ex-husband would not let her drive anything unsafe. Well this POS has been nothing but trouble in the few months we've owned it. I am having very uncharitable thoughts about both of them!!! Now I have to drive him to work today, one hour there and back. And then figure out what we're doing to do. Oh well it's only money right :devil:

I'm glad you chicks have faith in me becuse I feel like a failure...two days now of off-program bad choices. So I had 9 days on, 2 days off..I gotta try to think positive and just get back OP!

*added at 9:30 am - get this - I weighed at 6:30 this morning and it showed 153 :eek: then I weighed 3 hours later and it shows 150 :rolleyes:

02-05-2013, 10:59 PM
I went to the grocery store tonight to pick up a celebration cake for DS and wife. While there I saw they had smoked paprika. Have any of you used that spice? My DD told me yesterday that I needed to get some. She uses it in everything! So I tried it. It was really good! Chicken, noodles, Alfredo sauce, and some cheese, with the smoked paprika on it was my concoction. It kind of lends a bacon taste, without the bacon! Now, I've eaten it all, and am STUFFED!

The job is not better. It's only been confirmed that I need to consider something else to keep my sanity!

Sorry about the car Holly. LOL at your unchairitable thoughts of the sellers. You are hardly a failure! You gals have all done so good!

Tammy, good luck with WW. I tried going to WW a couple years ago. I was quite amazed how grown women (including me) would get so wrapped up to get their next award....the little sticker to go in your book. It was like getting a gold star in first grade!! It works. That is why they are a success! They quit having meetings in our little town.

Hoping for a break from snow sometime soon!

02-06-2013, 10:57 PM
Holly, I am sorry your DH car died. I hope relief is on the way.

Colleen, sorry about your job. I know the sucky job feel from a previous job. WW was good..... The leader was an older lady... But she was a hoot!!!!! A little spit fire she was. Lol

I will have to try the roasted paprika.

I hope everyone is doing well.....

Btw, I am moving my ticker to reflect my WW weight...... My ticker is gonna move WAYYYY UP!!!!! :yikes::yikes::yikes::yikes::fr:

02-06-2013, 11:21 PM
My ticker is much more stable than my scale!!

Tonight I cooked up an oversized batch of veggie soup! It turned out really good! I bought a BIG bag if frozen vegetables with aisian sauce. I put everything in with canned tomatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, some salsa and chicken broth. Now if I can just eat the soup instead of other goodies, I'll have it made!

More snow on the way tonight. Oh, goody! ;)

It was a crazy busy day at work. At least time goes fast!

02-07-2013, 01:43 PM
Hello chicks! we were without Internet nor land line phone for 24 hours, :eek: but all's well now.

Tammy, glad you like your WW leader!! you will impress her with your steady losses I KNOW!

Colleen, so sorry about the sucky job!! I hope you can keep your sanity :D And that somehow things improve. Thanx for the info on the smoked paprika, sounds goood!! (well the chicken, noodles, alfredo, THAT sounded good :devil:)

Well we looked at cars in the freezing wind and snow yesterday, and it came down to another Subaru Forester, or....a Caddy Seville :devil: and we bought the Seville! It will be DH's car but I would look good in it with sunglasses :devil: It's white. We test drove it up a hill in the snow and that sucker seemed glued to the road. Has traction control or something..and it's heavy.

I went today to the garage of the POS dead car origin..and spoke to the owner and the mechanic. Kinda stunned them I think, when I calmly asked if they wanted to buy my POS car instead of me junking it for $50 . THey'll call me, once they collect themselves :rofl: "Boy, that Holly was always so nice before" i can just hear them saying after I left, hah!

02-07-2013, 03:47 PM
First off let me start with Thanks for the BDAY WISHES!!!

Holly glad you found a new car, hope this oe will be way better than the last! Oh ya I can hear them saying that as well - because you usually are always nice and takes things in stride.....

Colleen sorry to hear about job hope it gets better or you find a better one :)
:rofl: My ticker is much more stable than my scale!! :rofl:

Tammy - I always like WW but it gave me way to much flexiblitly and I would always overdue it- and I don't right now llike the leader in my town.
But you will rock it!!!

Well after last nights workout class I am one hurting biker chick- from thighs to shoulders, even still this afternoon hurting.....

Well I will check back in later

02-07-2013, 08:49 PM
:rofl::rofl: it's a good thing we don't all live in the same town as much time as we :rofl::rofl: as each other. Holly, I can see u strolling in the POS place w shades on :dancer:.... And requesting if anyone would like to buy back a POS car!!!! That's funny stuff. Also, I bet u rock the caddy!!!

Colleen, lol :rofl: on the scales.... Trust me... My personal one is ready for a break it has been stepped on, :goodscale:goodscale:club::club::yikes::yikes::cen sored::censored::tantrum::tantrum::stress::dz: sooo darn much so, I am just going to use WW scale.

CC, it sux to be sore..... But wait til you rock Vegas!!!

Well, getting sleepy....

02-08-2013, 03:45 AM
Hi, everyone sorry I have been gone. Looks like alot has gone on while I been MIA. Lots have been going on here. To some it up I am back on nights at work. I like it better cuz its less BS & drama then during day. BF & his brother moved in due to issue with the ex landlord who is also my roommates EX. Yes you can imagin the drama with this story. DS got married on Christmas day. His Medical discharge has been started this last week, dont know when it will be done & he can come home. I helped his wife (DIL) find an apt. Her parents are kicking her out of house & her mom didnt even go looking with us. Dont know what with her folks seem like they are doing everything thy can to help their child fail. Yep again more to story. Been to Dr for a few different stuff in the last few months. Found out I am at 124lb. I will be having some procedure done at end of month to find out if I need a hysterectomy or not. On a good note BF & I have a hotel booked for 2 nites next weekend. Cant wait. No plans on what to do just wanted to get away the 2 of us for a bit. The room has a tub for 2 so I know where we will be spending alot of our time at. ;)

02-10-2013, 10:19 AM
Dawn, good to hear from you...tiny you..124!! I hope your lady parts are found to be in good shape when you have the dr. visit.

I have completely fallen off the diet wagon :( I am just a liftime yo-yo dieter!!

We did not get as much snow as the rest of New England, 'just' 10 inches.

02-10-2013, 07:40 PM
Wow Holly..... Just 10 inches? Lol. That is a blizzard, shut everything down exept police and hospitals here.
I am sorry you are off the wagon. I am trying to stay on.... otherwise I am just throwing $ away... so I am hanging in there. I can't wait to see the first weigh in (Tuesday night).

Dawn glad you are back... hope the doctor goes well. Why is your son medicaling out?

Reda, how is BL? I know what you mean about WW giving free reighn... I guess the thing that helps me with the "new WW" is fruits and veggies are FREE.... so, if I run out of points I can knaw on some trees or something. :broc:

I did find something beneficial to the WW (and I am not pushing or plugging it)..... but since you have all the fruts and veggies for free (their theory is no one ever got fat on veggies... lol), I have been using them as fillers. Such as the other day I got brown beans for lunch, but I did not want to spend all my points on other items.... so I mixen in cauliflower (like potatoes) and had them.... I was stuffed by the time I was done. And, I read that you can put mushrooms in with hamburger meat and use it as a filler.... for much less points. So, we will see. Now, if I end up gaining weight this week after sticking to it to a "T".... I won't be so generous w the advise. Lol.

I am going to lurk a little and then do some studying for my next test in March. Gab at you later.....

02-10-2013, 11:11 PM
Hi Ladies

Dawn hope all goes well with DR... Glad to hear you are taking a few days off with BF - couples always need away time together :)

Holly sorry you have fallen off wagon, you will get back on -
I am a weekly yo yo dieter it seems lately!!!! But 10 inches of snow I would have taken that here- could maybe get the snowmobiles out for a bit....

Tammy glad to hear WW is working well and you have stayed OP this week! The scale will reflect it on Tuesday

Well BL - I haven't even went back since Wednesday night because I was so sore I haven't been able to move- till finally Saturday I could move but barely, today though much better- I don't think exercise should keep me in bed for 3 days so I am going to talk to them tomorrow about just slowing it down a bit for me...... Seems like I am being a baby but man I literally could not move from Thurs through Saturday :(

Well I have to find some time to get to work on my new bags- need to get them blinged up so that we can put them on- still trying to figure out what I want to do with taillight because I am defiantly taking the stock RK assembly off .....

Well gotta get lunch and stuff ready for tomorrow

02-12-2013, 10:20 PM
Ok.... I know it was just the first week WOOSH..... but I lost...........

And.... I had a huge epiphany..... I am NOT quitting at my Bday.... Iam gonna finish this one up.... yep..... I am not sweating the 2 plus pounds every week..... I might as well do this one right, while I am here... right? Even if it is longer than July 11...... Now, I am not going to give less than my all..... but I am not gonna reagain all this back (like I always do) just b/c I am a few pounds shy of a goal.... I am gonna need you to remind me of this sometime in the future.... I am almost certain.....

I hope all is well.... the weather bug is gonna get us tomorrow... I will be glad when it is riding season again....

02-13-2013, 11:21 PM
:carrot: WHOOO HOOOO Tammy :carrot: Way to go!!! I wish I could lose 6 lbs all at once :) I am really trying this week, so time will tell

Well whether the bags are ready or not they are going on Saturday- I am excited but need to get the bling figured out.....

So with that I am going to get off here and dig it all out so that I can at least maybe get that far

HI Holly, Aaron, Dawn and Colllee

PS Colleen does your DH still drive for GLF? I passed one of the trucks on Monday I believe in teh Yankton, SD area

02-17-2013, 09:43 PM
Reda, let me know what type of bling you come up with to put on your RK.

Holly, has the weather made you any busier?

Colleen, how are you and the dredged job and getting back on the wagon?

Well, knock on wood..... the tummy medication seems to be working which is AWESOME.... but the down side is... not matter what, I can't have dairy. I am not sure what made me lactose intolerant.... but at some point along the way with my tummy problems I became that way.... I LOVE CHEESE... and now I can't have it without sever consequences. It is definately an adjustment having to ask for no cheese.... I do forget sometimes and end up trying to scrap it off:(:(

So, I had an thought a few months ago.... and it has grown into a possibility now. When I went to Florida last year, I loved it.... as did DH. Well, we have been talking about moving there. We have no reason to stay here..... my kids are grown..... my oldest (who graduates next month as a PILOT) will not be back here to live... the youngest still doesn't care.... he lives with my neighbors and will not even talk to me most day.... unless he wants $. My MIL is gone..... we have no "strings" here.... so I am actively looking for a job in FL. Even though I LOVE my job here.... that is all we have. So... I am looking.... and we are planning. I want a simple life there... just home, dogs, bikes, and DH.

Hi Aaron and Dawn....

I am hanging in there with WW.... I actually see me living like this for life.... having fruits and veggies to count on if I have eaten my alotment. I may not like it if I don't lose this week.... lol. However, it is my fault b/c I have not exercised much.

Well, gotta go... I have a TAX appt tomorrow. :mad: Gotta get stuff together.

02-17-2013, 11:44 PM
:?: I swear the kids are out to kill me. All the crap we have told them & went threw. Me helping DIL with finding a place. She has now posted on FB that she will be going back to Janesville & they will be getting a divorce. What happened who knows. He is trying to make me believe he is in dark about it all too. They have not even been married for 2 months yet. On top of it looks like there is a problem with the bank account. Not from her but something that I don't think he realized is automatic. So I need to try to talk to bank about it tomorow sometime. Told him if I put hold on account he won't be able to put $ in or out till its figured out.

I had my pre op on Friday. I will be having the Conization prosedure done on Friday. They are putting a rush on the result cuz depending on the results I will have historectomy done on monday but if it comes back with the cells then I will need to go to IA City for a historectomy. My understanding is the hospital here is not equipped to do it with whatever special thing will need to be done. I will be off work for at least 4 weeks. Which is fine with me I need time off with all the stress going on. On Monday my dr will also remove my right ovary as I have been having issues with it & leave the left in so I still get all the hormones that the produce.

I have not told DS about my issues cuz he has enough stuff going on with DIL & his back. Which still not sure if they're gonna give him shots or not or what all they plan on doing. He is also seeing a phycotrist To help him with everything that is going on. The last thing he needs to do is worry about his mom too. He'll be mad at me afterwards but I'd rather that then worrying him more.

02-18-2013, 12:39 AM
Dawn, I am sorry u are going through so much. I will keep u in my prayers... Hang in there.

02-18-2013, 07:47 AM
Hey chicks - Dawn, i am so sorry about the grief with the kids :( :hug: sometimes seems kid's purpose is to make parents crazy. Best wishes! and with your operation if I don't check in before then.

Tammy - I'm so glad the tummy issue is better except for the no dairy! no cheese, no milk in coffee?? but I guess one has to chose over the other for benefits. The thoughts on moving sound exciting ! warm year round, who would't love that!

President's Week is what I DREAD retail wise and we're in the thick of it. It's even crazier than Christmas, New Year's and MLK weekend, because it just goes on and on and on (started getting nuts Fri. the 15th and will go through Sunday the 24th)
Have to go in an hour early today, oh joy. I've got 2 bloody cuts on my left hand, granted they were because I was hurrying, but that means I can't wear bandaids at work (because they might fall off into a sandwich) and I have to be so careful not to knock them because they break open AGAIN and bleed all over. :devil:

Hi Reda! and Aaron.

I was doing so well with the first 9 days or so on South Beach and now I'm terrible again. Down to about 2 pairs of jeans that I can wear to work, I hate that!! just 7 or 8 pounds make the difference that I can wear anything in my drawers. I just can't do it. Hopefully I'll have some head change and will be able to soon.

02-19-2013, 12:26 AM
Dawn sorry to hear about issues with son and DIL - hopefully everything will work out just fine with them- As for you make sure that you are taking care of yourself as well, and get the rest that is needed and required.

Tammy oh how FL sounds great right about now especially since we are now below zero and windy as crap.......

Holly I do have to agree 7-8 pounds does reflect in the jeans and it really sucks but you will lose it in no time- hope the cuts on your hand are doing better and healing.

Well we ended up having the grandbaby all weekend but we did get the rear fender and stuff off my bike because to take the ugly light bar off my fender will need to have body work done and painted- I will take pictures of my new bags when I get something figured out, I have already spent about 10 hours and still haven't come up with anything :( hopefully by the end of March it will completed-

Well we are suppose to be getting some real bad storms later this week- and I hope so because then if I get snowed in I should be able to hopefully come up with something!!!

Well girls off to bed I go - have a great day

02-19-2013, 10:03 PM
Holly, I hope your finger gets better. I know it is rough to try to be conscious of your finger and fix food and take care of customers.

I agree with Reda, 7-10 pounds really does make a difference in jeans.... either way.

Reda, I hope you don't get it as bad as you are forecasted. How was the weekend with the grandbaby?
I bet you will figure out what you are gonna do with the bags in no time. I just cant wait to take RoadQueen and get used to her.

I know you all won't feel "sorry" for me..... but it is 75 one day and 25 the next with storms to bring it down. I sooo wish it would just level out. We are supposed to get some ice tomorrow night, I just hope it is not like the ice storm of 09 when we were without power for almost 2 weeks. With the weather like it is... one day you think about riding.... the next you are worried about ice.

Colleen, how are you?

So, the WW thing seems to be helping me..... I guess it is the accountability thing. But, I weight in tonight and I lost another 3.6... so my two week total is 9.8!!!! I am excited.... and I know it will level off.
I also signed up for a "clinic" for running. I want to start that again... since bootcamp almost killed my back. Lol. Running will help me shed some weight so I can get back in bootcamp--somewhat.

As for Florida, I really want to live there..... but I like my job here.... so we will just see.

Dawn, Aaron, hope you all are well.

Gab at you later.... I am going to change my ticker.... :D

02-23-2013, 10:26 AM
Hi chicks! and Aaron :)
Tammy, almost 10 pounds gone!!! :carrot: and YES I feel sorry for you that you are teased with 75 degrees, then winter again! did this latest storm hit you?

Reda, how are you :)

Hi Colleen and Dawn :wave:

I'm doing TERRIBLE eating . But still working out. What is wrong with me :?:

Entering the last weekend of President's week, thank goodness!! the wound on my finger is being weird. It gets a scab, then with all the time my hands are wet during the day (washing stuff) the scab fall off and there is a HOLE. Sorry for TMI, :devil: My Rat B*stard boss yesterday, whined (yes actually whined) "Holly I broke a nail opening boxes" . I did not say what I wanted, which was 'you big (other word for kitty-cat)" but I did show my MY injury and said he had nothing to complain about. Boy I'm mean :devil:

A friend of ours suffered a horrible tragedy. He lives in NC , he is a motorcyclist also. His son is a part time police officer in TN. On Thursday night ( think) he and his wife and 3 young kids (all under 10) were in the car and collided with a truck. His wife and little girl died at the scene. His older son died yesterday after being taken off Life support. How can so much bad happen :( please keep them in your thoughts. I guess his town is rallying for his support both emotionally and financially which is wonderful

02-24-2013, 06:18 PM
Holly, sorry about your friend. That is a horrible tragedy. I feel so badly for him. My thoughts are with him and the family.

And.... yeah, your rat bas***d boss is a "kitty". I swear.... he never seems to amuse me.

We got to take a small ride today around town. It is 55 here today.... it was good to get out. But, never fail, tomorrow will bring storms and possible snow and ice on Tuesday :?: We never know what it is going to do around here.

It seems like my schedule is filling up quickly for the spring, which is good. Until we can make a good move to Florida (not foolish move, which is very tempting), I need to stay busy. So, last Monday I signed up for a course called "Women CAN run", it is a woman's only running group who start at the bottom..... and work their way up to a 5k in May. So, since I have not ran in so long, I am going to do it. Then, two days after that..... I got nominated to start the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) local chapter back up and be the president. So, I have that on my plate to start up..... I am still studying for another test two weeks away.... and then my son graduates flight school.....

I hope you all are having a good weekend.... I am going to study...

I have to weigh in on Tuesday, I am a little more hungry than usual. Not sure how the weigh in will go.


02-24-2013, 06:51 PM
Hi Gals. Not much to say other then I am stuck at 249-252lbs I need a good week to lose. I hope to be down to 220 or 230 by the end of may. We are on WW but cheat to often.

02-24-2013, 10:01 PM
Hello everyone!!!!

Well went on a quick roadtrip into Illinois left about 5pm friday night and got home about 6pm Saturday- but I did get my new extended fender with light bar and license plate light and only $200 great deal!!! Just can't wait to get it finished!!

I am still going to the gym but my eating has been well not so great- but I am seeing a difference in how my clothes are fitting so must be tighting up somewhere :)

Tammy you plate is filling up awfully quick from the sounds of it.....

Holly how many weeks do you have left with the rat ba**ard? I am sure you are already thinking about the summer fun job :) I am sending out lots of prayers to your friend in NC that has to be rough very rough-

Well I suppose I better get off here talk to you later

02-26-2013, 12:00 AM
Hi guys! I checked in once and didn't post. :devil: I'm feeling mighty guilty! It's WAY more fun to post when things are going great, weight is falling off, the job is great, everyone is healthy, and there is NO stress! Well, that hasn't exactly been MY life lately! My "wagon" is lost and gone...I just can't find it. I'm certain that it wasn't located in this weekends double batch of brownies, but I ate them all, just in case I guess! WHY must I do stupid stuff like that?! At first it was a few out of control.

Glad that you are all moving along. Dawn, sounds like some rough times. Too much to address each of you tonight. I do think of you all often, but am going to call it a night very soon! Take care.

Lord, please help me find my wagon! I need to crawl back on. Again...

02-26-2013, 08:29 AM
Hey everyone, good to hear from Aaron too, wish my DH would do this with me, it sure would help me, but sending :dust: to you and your wife.

Hey , I'll send :dust: to us all!!

Colleen, sorry your wagon is temporarily lost!! you were sailing along, guess a little falling off happens even to the best.

Tammy, congrats on the nomination, that sounds like quite an honor (though a commitment too) and WTG on joining that running group too, that is admirable!!
BEST WISHES on your weigh-in today. OH and very kewl that you had a quick ride!! Are you getting this snow today, that I saw on the news??

REda, Yay to that great deal you got on parts, so exciting to have bike goodies and we are getting closer day by day to riding season :cool: And super -yay to your clothes fitting looser, WHAT a great feeling. And yes, my fun summer job is getting every day, what a relief!!

Hi Dawn, did you have your weekend getaway yet?

I am doing so terribly eating. I'll be at work, feeing SO self conscious with my tight pants, THEN eat a 400+ calorie cookie or whatever. I guess somehow I will 'get it together' but usually i am on the losing track by this time in February. oh well!

Had a lady yesterday express shock at our price for a half gallon milk. "Really?" she asks. I just said 'yes' very neutrally. She says, 'but it's so much less at the grocery store'. Well, duh, woman. All I said was, 'this is obviously not a big grocery store'. I don't want to defend the Rat B's high prices, yet I don't want to listen to people's crap. I'm so conflicted :rofl:

well gotta get the garbage and recyling out, then work out. At least I am strong under this cushy fat :devil:

Had some lady exp

02-26-2013, 10:51 PM
Well had our last assesment last night and I ran an 8 minute mile :)
Did 25 push up and 20 sit ups - so everything is up for the 8 week challenge
My offical weigh in is tomorrow along with meaurements!!

Colleen I hear ya about finding that stupid as* wagon and getting back on....

Well we are keeping Karly tomorrow night - it really is good getting to see grandbaby a couple times a week :)

So can't wait for summer riding season to get here, but while I am on here I should be working on my bling bags....So with that I am outta here
have a great Hump Day!!!

02-26-2013, 11:11 PM
Colleen, I think all of us have been lurkers... sometimes you just want to check in, but don't have the "umph' to post. You will get your groove back when it is your time. Just don't do like I did and gain a HUGE amount back. I mean who besides me can gain 25 pounds since August?

Reda, girl you are rocking! I don't think I could do an 8 minute mile.

Holly, sorry to hear about your rat B boss's prices.
We did not get the snow yesterday...... but they say we are supposed to get it tomorrow.

Well.... I gained .2 pounds...... But, I ate out a lot.... and did not exercise. I will get my head back in the game.....

02-27-2013, 11:56 PM
Wow you are all doing great! I'm very impressed with the exercise stats Reda!

Horrible mood tonight!

Cycle riding seems quite far into the distance. Tonight we got another email regarding our cycle trailer we got last June with missing parts and horrible paint job. The company has been sold, they aren't honoring any issues from the prior owners it seems. We are really ticked! Probably not worth a lawsuit. Grrrrr...just made my night yucky!

My old boss is really struggling with cancer. Only about 75 pounds, not able to stay wake. So weak. Sad.

DS took a tumble and is laid up for now.

All is well with folks, DD and hubby.

Pizza for lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and supper! (There was a lot)

Holly, I may need you to through a willpower BRICK at me instead of the DUST!

Thanks everyone for being my sounding board!

The weekend is getting closer! :carrot:

03-03-2013, 03:34 PM
Tammy was it you that was going to try WEN hair care products? If so how did you like it? Has this week been better than last week for being OP?

Colleen that is sad about your old boss- we have a good friend that will start chemo tomorrow for breast cancer- she shaved her head yesterday along with her DH and her BF also shaved her head as well :)

Not much going on with me - kept grandbaby all day yesterday and today well I have been working on my saddlebags still have lots to do - it is just so time consuming when you free hand everything :) my fender isn't done yet so I do have the rest of this week to get them done....

Well my eating has been OK but I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday :(
tomorrow back on track!!!1

03-04-2013, 08:59 AM
Colleen that is very sad about your former boss, :(

and so sorry to hear of the crappy customer service from that company!! and that you have no recourse? very frustrating.

lately i have been 'good' with eating maybe ONE day then have three days of bad, can't get my head together!

Also a very frustrating day yesterday at work, we were SO busy, and the girl (20 yrs old) that I had to work side by side with, was just making things NOT run smoothly and my Rat B*st*rd Boss did NOT say anything to her, just waited til she left to say things about her to me!

I exploded at him! I said "do NOT give me a reason to walk out, I am serious!" He is the most ineffective 'boss' ever. I 'get back' at him by making people's sandwiches really huge with lots of meat, that hits him where it hurts him most :rofl:

Riding weather seems SO far away for us too!! We're getting daily snow, not a lot, just a couple inches each time, but enough to accumulate and have to shovel and it just adds up.

My DH gave me his Kindlefire to use, as mine has a damaged port and doesn't charge. I was typing something in and autofill filled in something sleazy sounding, yes it was a site 'reddit' that has all kinds of discussions but also of course a place for smutty pics. I am not a prude but it just shows that he looks at these pics without caring how it bothers me (ruins any self-esteem) I really don't think he would like it if I constantly looked at pics of handsome fit 20 yr old guys.

ok enough complaining, I'll work out now and get some of this negative stuff out :devil:

03-04-2013, 10:16 PM
Colleen, I am very sorry about your boss too. That is heartbreaking. How are you doing with the new job? I hope your family is better from falling and such.

Reda, it was me who used Wen. The first few days it was good, but about 2 weeks it made my hair appear greasy. My stylist said a lot of people has problem with that.... BUT also, it takes so much of it each time. To do what it says it took me 32 pumps each time to wash my hair.

Holly, sorry about the 20 your co worker..... and the rat boss.... what a jerk. I know you live in a small town..... but can you get a better winter job? He treats you so badly. More importantly vent away.... I can understand what you mean about the computer situation.... it tears a woman down when your husband looks at another woman.... even if it is just on the computer.

Riding season is sooooo up and down here. One day it is is 30, the next it is 75..... grr....

So..... big news.... You know how I was looking at Florida? Well, I "Skyped" an interview last Friday and THIS Friday I interview in person. I have passed the tests.... so we will see. It is scary to think we maybe moving across a couple states.... but also exciting.
I will let you know more when I find out.

03-05-2013, 10:17 PM
Well just wanted to stop in real quick and say HI!!!!

Tammy how did WI's go this week? I am sure good and WTG onm interview you will rock the face to face interview as well :) GOOD LUCK!!!

Holly great job on keeping on track- you just have to remember you look good girl :)

My fender is done and we get to go pick it up tomorrow so that we can get it all put back together this weekend - just so excited and can't wait- get to add my pink/purplish glow lights as well :)

Well better get going need to work on bags tonight as well

Have a Great Hump Day !!

03-07-2013, 11:05 AM
Hi everyone. Still kinda crazy here. I had my surgery about 2 weeks ago. Im doing good. I do have to say it has been harder then I expected but I am finaly getting to the point that I can move around & get out more. Ive been going stir crazy here in the apt but everytime I go out & get home I am just wiped. But then I guess living on the 3rd floor & dealing with those stairs have a lot to do with that. I dont see the Dr till the 25th. Next week BF & I have another funeral to go to in Atlanta. This time we will be sharing a hotel room with 1 of his EX wives & her sister. 1 of BF other EX wife did my taxes for me. She does his every yr I asked if she could do mine too since this was my 1st yr being divorced & being able to claim DS yet. She did great, she got me back more then I expected. Spent it already. Paid off 2 credit cards, 1/2 of another & used the remaining for a down payment on a 2007 Jeep. I am very happy/excited cuz all during my marriage my EX made me feel like what I made & my credit was crap so everything we go was cuz of him. All new cards & loans were in his name. I guess that might have helped me as nothing was put in my name other then what was in my name before we got married. I talked to the bank guy & I actually qualified for more then what I was asking which is nice to know. I still have the stress of DS but I am trying to stay quite but I do keep checking his account to make sure they do not over draft. I can tell by looking at it they both have a lot to learn. More her cuz he takes out a large sum for him but I see what she takes out & Im not sure why she spending what she is but I gotta keep qite & just let DS know when it gets down low so he can tell her not to spend any more till next check.

03-09-2013, 11:39 AM
A quick hello from sunny FL!!!! I interviewed, got the job.... Not sure I will accept... In fact almost sure I won't. Money was not what it was supposed to be. DH won't have a job.... Housing issues. I will let u more later.

03-09-2013, 09:46 PM
Congratulations on the job interview even if you don't accept- that was the same thing with me but not sunny FL it was AZ..... some days I wish I would have taken the job though

Dawn glad to hear you are feeling better from surgery and that you were able to get some bills paid off with your tax return- it sure is nice when that happens less payments whoo hooo

Well it was a late night and I am going to bed early tonight besides we also have time change as well :(

03-11-2013, 08:51 AM
Hey chicks and Tammy congrats that they want you! too bad the money is not what you expected though.

Hi Dawn good to hear from you, as always best wishes to the son and DIL.

Hi Reda, yay for your fender, and can you tell us about the pink/purple glow lights?

My DH got his bike out for a quick ride yesterday, he said it felt great. I'd be very tempted; but there is still so much sand/gravel on the roads and at intersections and corners you can just see it in piles, too dicey for me for now.

Yesterday at work a guy pulled up on a BMW that had a sidecar that had the cutest golden retriever as the passenger!! it was the kind of sidecar that looks like a pointy capsule, and is completely enclosed (top lifts up) What a kewl thing :cool:

03-14-2013, 11:45 AM
Hey everyone :cool: We had rain all day on Tuesday, everyone at work was all :( because they want SNOW and I was all :carrot: on the inside, lol. So much snow was melted and snowbanks disappearing from all that rain. but this morning a fresh white coat of the white stuff. It's only the middle of March so that's to be expected for weeks more.

Nothing new with me, I want SO MUCH to work on the flab around my hips and overall..just weighing 145 again would be so great. I start out each morning so good and by evening I feel I've wrecked again. Same ol' same ol. But usually by this time (mid-March) I've started or been on South Beach. I have two months until my summer job, when I have to be able to wear tee shirts and not feel like everyone is commenting on my fat arms. God i'm vain :devil:

I keep pluggin along well with my exercise, though, I will give myself a pat for that. I am really diggin this website for their full length workout vids. It takes me a couple minutes though to punch in the address on the dvd remote (I view them via youtube) , I haven't figured out how to mark it and zoom right to it.

Well today is my Sunday and I need to do laundry, clean up, all the things I blew off yesterday.

I have been researching new m'cycle boots, I kinda melted one of my boots last year by putting it too close to the heater to 'warm up' before a ride :devil: I got these X Element boots a couple years ago; can't remember why I switched to another pair, did they wear out or maybe a strap broke? can't remember.

03-15-2013, 10:06 PM
Holly, I like the boots!!!! I have started reusing some of my out of season boots for riding... DH calls them my hooker boots... Lol. I think they look hawt tho!! And if my body can't be hawt... Why not at least have not boots??? Well I fell off WW stress eating over Florida.... The final verdict... I will stay in Arkansas. I couldn't pull off the move now. Maybe one day....

So, tomorrow I am starting WW over...

Today was 75 and sunny!!!! Too bad I had to work.... Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. I can't wait to ride. Now Monday maybe snowing... Gotta live it here.

Holly, I can't believe it's close to your summer job time... That's a good thing tho.

Read, I can't wait to see the bags!! And I know I will regret not taking the job in FL... But my job here has awesome benefits.

So.... Just an idea... I think we should try to plan to meet in person somewhere centrally... Next year... Maybe early spring??? What do y'all think? Or maybe late fall???

Colleen, Dawn, Aaron... How are y'all??

03-16-2013, 10:17 AM
Tammy I would LUV to meet you guys!! I hope it can come together somehow :carrot: BEST WISHES on starting WW fresh today. And OMG sunny and 75! we got fresh snow overnight, grrr . And if you decided the FLA move was not the thing for you, then that is good.

I also would LOVE to be able to ride in some hot boots, something with a definite heel! are you able to manage riding with a heel? I've searched and searched for something that is a blend between functions and fashion but have to always go with something with grippy soles and solid protection in ankle and toes. I have had a bike fall on my foot and good boots will keep you from getting even a scratch.

HEY - I've done good with eating for 2 days in a row! that is fantastic for me lately :devil: and I did a LONG workout yesterday with my new fave site (I really don't receive anything from them for pushing them, lol) today I am SORE in my arms and pecs from yesterdays pushups. I haven't been sore in years so it shows I need variety!! I do drip sweat and pant each time I do my favorite Gilad and Cardio Force but I am never ever sore from them anymore.

I have my personal deadline of 2 months from now, back at my GOOD job, and I have to be able to wear t shirts without being self conscious of my arms or the extra weight around my middle, I WILL work towards my goal of rockin my midriff for anyone to see, if I have to reach up for something and tummy gets exposed. So I have to melt off this extra weight for my good abs to show.

AND as of today, only four weeks of the sucky winter job left!! Last day is Sat. April 13th. I ... will ... make ... it... without...hurting ... anyone :devil:

03-17-2013, 10:01 AM
Colleen - you lucky girl, you!! congrats on the bike !!!!!!!!

03-19-2013, 12:53 AM
Hi ladies and Aaron--- Well just got back home today - it was a great few days away, left Vegas with $30 more than I went with and I usually pay for all food and shopping :) then onto Phoenix we went for a few days and boy being there was great to, actually got to go lay in the pool for a couple of days, but also realize time to get back to the gym immediately and back on the watch what I eat plan!!!!

Yes it would be great if we could all meet up somewhere- even if we can't ride and we have to fly, there are some good cheap flights out there - shoot my travel agent sent me an email today flights to Hawaii $119 non stop, now thats cheap!

Holly less than a month before summer job, you can make it
Oh and my pink/purple LED lights that I will put under my tank, saddlebags, and also under seat by motor, I actually got on ebay 4 strips for $20 and they have sticky back, DH installed a switch and attached all of them to the switch so that I can turn off and on with a flip of the switch, he placed on the right hand side kinda under seat so noone else will see it. We have checked it out with others doing it and it was going to cost any where from $350-$600 doing it ourself is way cheaper and easy as pie :) Looks just as good as well

Tammy time will come that you will decide the time is right to move, we are in the same boat, it is winter and warmer weather always looks better when we are in the height of our winter months.

Got a few more parts while gone will hopefully get done later this week and then I will try to get outside to get some pics posted

Well this time change is not going to be good it is already 11 and I should be in bed but not tired because for the last week we have had a 2 hour advantage :)

03-19-2013, 08:45 AM
Welcome Back Reda!! you must have had a GREAT time and oh boy to lay by the pool!!

Hey those lights sound awesome, yes I have seen the LED's for sale and boy are they is so great you got them for a freakin fraction of the price and your DH installed them with an easy switch!

Well this morning we already shoveled / blew the 4" of powdery white crap :rolleyes: and much more is to come. I just hope the worst of it holds off til I get home tonight, then I'll deal with shoveling tonight and on my day off tomorrow.

Work is getting SO hard to get through, my patience is GONE. With customers, with co-workers, with my rat b*st*rd of a boss. A co-worker told him that she knew I had to wait 20 minutes on Friday night for the credit card machine to spit out it's batch report (so I could bundle the report with the credit card receipts for the day)

He acknowledged that I don't have to wait for that anymore, that I can leave it and the girl in the morning can take care of the slips..but not a word about my 1/3 of an hour that will not get paid :mad: You must all be sick of my rants against him :devil: I hope Karma takes care of him in this life or another! My only revenge is to make people's sandwiches with a ton of meat and cheese, to know that would make him freak.

I've gone FIVE DAYS without a cookie or pastry from work!! Haven't done that since early February. Hope I can keep it up :rolleyes: And trying to do a different FitnessBlender workout each day to challenge myself. AND keep off the scale for as long as I can! Actually going to ask DH to hide the scale in the house (or outside) because it just crushes me to not see quick results. I can certainly use my tight jeans (again with the :rolleyes: ) as a guide.

Hi Tammy, Colleen, Dawn and Aaron :wave:

03-19-2013, 04:28 PM
Hi everyone. I am doing better. Soon I will need to go back to work :( My check up is on the 25th but Im hoping to talk the Dr into letting me go back after Easter weekend if not later. The 1 incision I scratched in the middle of the nite & it ended up getting infected while I was on a trip to Atlanta for another funeral. My Dr faxed a prescription me so maybe that will work in my favor in getting a little more time off. I have not jumped on a scale or worn any real pants other then sweat pants. I feel like I have gained so Im afraid to find out the results.

I have some good news (surprising but good) BF & I have talked about marriage for the last few months. A couple weeks ago we ordered a ring for me. It came in yesterday. He made it official my getting down on 1 knee & asking. During our trip to Atlanta we talked about what we wanted. We have decided to take our 3 weeks vacation next yr & drive up to Niagara Falls. We sat here last nite looking on Ebay at dresses (nontraditional) we saw alot of nice ones but couldnt make up our minds what we like best. We want something with color. Needless to say planning a wedding again I will do my best to not gain anymore weight.

03-25-2013, 08:46 AM
Dawn - sorry so late but CONGRATS!! on your engagement :carrot: that is so nice. Many many years of happiness to you and your guy :)

Well I broke my streak of being OP on one day, but am right back to the strict wagon. Have also been working out harder/longer (as you have seen on my FB page, been posting about my daily FitnessBlender workouts).

And I took the bathroom scales and put them out in the garage. My theory (!) is that if I stick to my plan, the weight WILL come off eventually and jeez, it just slays me when I hop on the scale to see something good and it shows a gain. You know how it is!! :tantrum:

We are still deep in snow and ice and cold, grrr.

Well I am procrastinating on my workout :devil: so I'd better choose sometihing and do it. have a great day all :cool:

03-25-2013, 11:08 PM
Congrats Dawn!!!!

Holly I have noticed you have been rocking the exercise :) WTG
I seen fitnessblender has an 8 week program are you following that?

Well I have been lazy just to lazy so tonight I am getting my clothes together and heading to the gym in the morning - I just have to go one day then I am back in my routine

Snow today - sucks but we are suppose to get in the 50's Friday so hopefully I will get to ride :) will have to be careful because of sand but so ready !!!

03-26-2013, 11:50 AM
Thx You.

Had my checkup yesterday. Dr removed my stitches. She said everything looks good. Shes not worried about my belly button that had gotten infected. I get 2 weeks off then 2 weeks working from home before having to go back into the office. I need to get up to par again on being able to carry my computer bag around again. I lost muscle & feel very week that I dont think I could carry it if I had to go back to work now. I cant even wear normal pants yet cuz they rub at my belly button. Each time I try I end up up unbuttoning my pants & unzipping them. Then I sit there & keep pulling my shirt down so no one sees I undid my pants. 1st thing I do when I get home is change into my sweats. Found out that I only gained 3lbs this last month of being home. I could have sworn that it was more then that so I am happy that it was only 3lbs.

03-26-2013, 09:45 PM
Dawn, I'm glad the doctor is pleased, but I'm sorry about the belly button issue! sure hope it heals up SOON.

Hi Reda! Yes I'm been blogging about my daily workouts, it's keeping me accountable. Had one naughty eating day, but that's all! and I don't know if I told you all here but I took our bathroom scales out to the garage!! I have to stay off it for at least 3 weeks, to keep from going crazy with up and downs.

You asked about FitnessBlender's 8 Week Program, I would love to get it, but it's an e-book and I can just see myself not understanding how to access it or deleting it by mistake or something, lol.

DH is VERY stressed about work and threatening to quit, that scares me!! I am pretty sure he wouldn't quit unless he had something else lined up but it is also scary how intense he is feeling about hating his boss. :( And he doesn't tell me much, but I can tell he is impatient about me asking, so what the heck do I do.

Well tonight is my Friday night, YAY. And yes the countdown is getting closer to getting out of the stinky winter job. :devil:

03-27-2013, 11:41 PM
Sorry. It's been a month since checking in here! So much going on. So rotten at the WL and dieting that I've been totally ashamed of myself!

My old boss passed away. :( Funeral was nice--many people there!

Grandson just turned 1. Really a cutie! Grandbaby #2 will be here in June.

I quit my job. Last day is tomorrow. I gave 3 weeks notice. I have another job starting on my birthday, Monday. It is still 17 or 18 miles away, but still way closer than what I have now. I will be working for a medical equipment company. I have Friday off in between jobs for a break!

2 weeks from Friday we go on vacation. A cruise. Sure hope we don't have that horrible luck that so many others have had recently with their cruise vacations!

I bought a motorcycle again. 2011 Harley Davidson Heritage. Has 3700 miles--so nearly new, with the benefit of having someone else spending the fortune on the extras! Buying a cycle wasn't in the plans, but I really took a liking to this one! I'll need to relearn to ride! Been a while.

Lots of news from you all for me to catch up on!

Congrats to Dawn and fiancé! Hope you are on the road to recovery too.

Holly, I hope your time at the icky job goes quickly! Also hope that thing get better for DH. Stressful for everyone!

Reda, anytime you can come back from Vegas with ANY money, it's a good vacation! Welcome back. The LED lights sound awesome! We recently saw a trike with the lights. Very nice!

Tammy, a visit would be fun. I have no intension on going back to Arkansas in the summer again anytime soon, although 75 degrees right now sounds very inviting! LOL at your hooker boots! Congrats on getting the job offer, even if you have decided it's not a good time for a move right now. And yes, I can gain back 25 pounds! You weren't alone on that one!

Hi Aaron.

I'll try harder to check in more often. It's sure a lot more fun when on a high, feeling good, and not feeling so sorry for myself, tired, cranky and out of control.

Hope you all have a happy Easter this weekend!

03-28-2013, 02:40 AM
Holly, great job on the exercise and diet. And I am sooo sorry about DH and the job situation. Mine was part of the reason I got the job in FL, but when it came down to it, he could not let go.

Reda, How is your job going? I haven't heard much about it.

Colleen, I am sorry about your former boss passing away. It must be tough. And CONGRATS on the new job and bike!!! Look at you go. You should be fine learning to ride again... its just like riding a bike.... lol. I couldn't help myself on that one, especially since you are our jokester.

Dawn, 3 pounds is great! I am sure you are well on your way of getting back to par. Those surgeries knock the wind out of ya for awhile.

Well, I have had a lot of stressors, but I guess that is just life. I am diet yo yoing again..... not exercising, yada yada yada..... We tried to buy a house... it fell through. I am just disgusted.... cranky, etc. I guess it was not the best time in the world to try to switch my "happy pills", although they were making me more sleepy than happy.

Well, I am gonna get off here and try to get some sleep....


03-30-2013, 10:26 PM
Colleen, it was so good to hear from you :) sorry about your former boss though..I guess what my grandmother would call 'a blessed release'.

saw your bike on FB but congrats again!! It'll all come back to you, fer sure!

And you will get back to your weight loss groove again I know. Oh and gosh you start the new position on Monday! not much time off!

Tammy, oh so sorry about the house deal falling through, that is major. And jeez you're having problems with a med not doing what it should? sucks!

Hi Dawn, Reda, Aaron :)

Has anyone been on their bikes yet?! (Tammy you have already at least once, right?) Our driveway (not paved) is a muddy thick mess right in front of the garage. And of course there is still a ton of gravel and sand and salt on the roads. When I feel it's safe for me, that's when I'll hint to DH or DS that I want my bike out :D But we've only had a couple days when it's been sunny and near 40. Today got to about 44 with sun! warm! :devil:

I've been burning with up with the workouts! still loving the site. And been doing SO well with eating too. Weird for me :p

I have to work tomorrow :( from 11 am to whenever!! Rat B*stard Boss 'has not decided' what time the store will close tomorrow. Could be 4 pm, could be regular 6 pm. Jerk. Well today marks 2 weeks that is all I have left there, YAY.

03-31-2013, 01:38 AM
Hi girls and Aaron

Well we got into the upper 50's so we went riding yesterday and then for just a bit today- not quite as warm or sunny- whoo hooo

Collen nice looking new bike you have - you will get right back into the groove of riding just as Tammy said just like riding a bicycle :)
Sorry to hear about your boss- but good luck with your new job on Monday :)

Just in case I don't get time to check in tomorrow
Happy Easter!!!!!

04-01-2013, 10:24 AM
Reda I am happily jealous that you have gotten out to ride!! :) :)

Well yesterday at work, at 3 pm, was when the Rat Bustard decided the store would stay open til regular time, 6 pm. I think it just sucks to do that, leave an employee hanging and not knowing when they're gonna go home on a holiday. AND he bailed at 5 pm, his wife bailed at 5:30 pm, leaving me alone :tantrum: Maybe it's easy for me to say, but if I owned a store, I would NOT ask an employee to do something I was not willing to do.

SIGH but just 12 more days...

We had some rain last night which was nice to hear, but still lots of snow to get rid of.

have a great day :)

*edit Oh yeah my main reason for posting, was to confess my Easter treats!! I had 3 Rees's peanut butter eggs, 2 Cadbury eggs, one russel stover egg, and macaroni and cheese that took up half my plate :D and it was all so good!!! My first 'no-no's' in 2 weeks though so I am back on the strict wagon today.

04-01-2013, 02:17 PM
Reda, I am glad you got to ride. How did it feel? Isn't it so refreshing?

Colleen, How did your first day of work go?

Holly, I have been on a binge since I can't tell you when..... but it sounds like you have been rocking it. And I TOTALLY agree with you.... If I owned a business, I would NOT ask an employee to do something I would not. And, it SUCKS for him to leave you hanging. It is bad enough you had to work all day, but even worse you were left hanging. Holly, you are so customer service oriented.... why don't you have your own café?

Dawn, hope you are doing well, especially with your return to work upcoming.

This week, (tomorrow night), I leave for Ft. Rucker Alabama to watch my oldest DS graduate as a pilot.... I am sooo excited and I cannot tell you how proud of him I am. I wish DS2 would follow suit.... but I will just keep praying. I don't expect him to be a pilot... but a productive member of society would be great!!

So, I have something to discuss with you all. *This is long and whiny** Things are HORRIBLY Rocky with DH and I.... A small part is him... a lot is me. I have decided to stop taking my "happy pill" Celexa, b/c of the side effects. It is supposed to be weight neutral, but since I started taking it... I have gained 30 pounds and I cannot stick to a diet to save my life.... They switched me to Wellbutrin.... and I cannot handle it. It makes me horribly aggressive and mad at the world. So, I called into work today to try to get through some of the w/d.... but DH took off work too. I am sooo in need of alone time and he just doesn't get it. I try to explain about the medication but that does not mean anything to him.... I try to spare him from my horrible attitude, but he insists on being right by me 24/7. I think it is b/c he had other wives cheat on him and leave him behind his back... but it is driving me batty. I don't want to be around why would anyone else b/c I am so cranky. I tell him I am cranky.... but he still insists on acting like everything is normal and he is glued to me. I just don't know what to do. So, just a bit ago, I told him I did not want him to go to graduation with me b/c I am too on edge and he seems to make it worse. I think some of it is his issue dealing with his mom dying..... but inside... I am dying. Ok, I am done ranting.... :mad:

Ok... I am done. Hope yall have a good day.

04-01-2013, 02:41 PM
PS..... Holly, I did not know you were into the Walking Dead..... I could not believe the finale..... so I wonder what next year will be like with everyone in the prison.... Guess we have to wait to find out.

Maybe by the time the next season starts, I will be back on track with eating and exercising.

04-05-2013, 10:36 AM
Tammy, first HUGE congrats on your son's graduating, I know how proud you must be, what a great young man :carrot:

second..i am so sorry about your strife with DH and the dissatisfaction with the meds!! gawd, weight gain or feeling mad at the world, sucks!! and I don't know how to advise about DH being glued to you..i would hate that also especially after trying to explain how I felt. I guess he is trying to show his support and love and how awkward to try to say 'back off'! I hope with all my heart that it gets better for you :hug: :hug:

HI to everyone else :)

Only 8 more wakeups and I will be done with the winter job, YAY. Tammy, i came So very close about 15 years ago to having my own place, even got the Small Business Admin. loan acceptance but getting to that point had taken so long, i got discouraged.

Yeah, I took our bathroom scales out to the garage 2 weeks ago, thinking that I was going to be so happily surprised next time I weighed. I have had a *few* no-no's but mostly on track, so I was so very disappointed when I caved yesterday and brought the scale back in the house, and I am the same. Even more than my ticker ,I am 152. and I did measure 3 weeks ago, and NO changes. It makes you want to :yikes: then :( then many :tantrum:

04-05-2013, 11:24 PM
I got to ride today!!! It was COLD, but worth it! You will all be out and about soon too!

Tammy, I can relate to the drug change situation. I was on Celexa too. With an insurance change, I needed to change medicine. Welbutrin was the next choice. I'm okay now, but I sure didn't think it was helping at all! It also has been no help with WL. Good luck. Everyone reacts different with medication. Quite a long time ago I was on Paxil. I am happy to be off that!! I was very aggressive, and really not myself when taking that. (nobody died...)

Week 1 of work is done. I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing. I question if I made a good choice when I found out there have been 5 gals in my position in the last few years. Something isn't right! I have another opportunity, but the shift is 11-8. Not the best shift in the world, but weekends off, and similar pay. Apply or not? Haven't decided.

Holly, I agree. You should have your own place! You would be a great boss! You are an exercise queen it sounds like too. Maybe have a bake shop, with exercise place attached. Everyone can eat hardy, the go work it all off!

Reda, glad you are having some warmer weather to ride in! I'm gonna have to check on the LED lights. They would be fun!

Dawn, hope you are feeling better and able to tolerate work okay. Things getting back to normal?

Hi Aaron.

I am getting a bit too big for my britches! Literally! Uncomfortable! I MUST start to behave!

04-06-2013, 10:01 PM
Reda, how was the ride????? Did you get the new bags finished and on the bike?

Holly, GREAT less than a week left of wake ups. How long do you have between jobs?

Colleen, I have been in your place more than once in reference to the jobs with high turn over. One turned out to one of the best learning jobs I had and I worked there for years. The other was right down the drain and I had replaced a supervisor that had been there 14 years.... It was pretty tough. I hope you find resolution.

Dawn and Aaron, how are yall?

I got to ride some yesterday. It was beautiful and 70ish. I am getting used to Ms. Road Queen. If it warms up to 59 in the AM I will try to ride like I used to in what it seems like eons ago.

So...... we are trying for the house again (the one here in town). We both want out of this house pretty bad. It is a depressing dungeon to me..... and it is hard on DH b/c of his mom. So, wish us luck. We put our house on CL for a quick sale. I know it sounds "brattish" but I really just want a different house in a different side of town. At one time this was a good part of town.... now all the houses are rent houses. We had a guy try to hook up cable from our pole last night.... DH caught him and stopped him, but today DH walked outside that guys shades were in our yard.... which meant he did it after we went to bed. Ok, how brazen do you have to be to try to steal Especially since you know the house is armed to a "T" and there is a 120 pound lab that does not like strangers in HIS yard. lol.

Well, I have gabbed enough. I hope I have good house news when I get back on..... hopefully we are knee deep in a house deal. Btw, the reason the house is so important is b/c it has all of our storeage needs..... its hard when you have as many "vehicles" as us. 2 HD, 1 car, 1 truck, and police car... not to mention if my DS comes over.

Rambling again..... but I gained all my weight lost at WW back plus .2 pounds.... so I am back on the program..... :(

04-08-2013, 02:02 AM
Have to go back to work Monday night :( Not looking forward to it. I had an interview on Tuesday that hopefuly they will call back for a 2nd this week. Normal hours again would be nice.

I went to Acute care on Saturday cuz I woke up with no voice. I wanted to make sure it was no biggie since I have to go back to work. Just laryngitis, no strep. My room mate also has the beginning of the itchy throat which is how mine started out as. BF is coming down with something too, not sure what hes getting though cuz he has different symptoms. When I was at Acute care I hoped on the scale. That scale said I gained 10lbs since being off which is completely different then the one from my checkup. I liked what the one from my checkup said but I think the acute care is more accorate. Hopefully after I get back to work I hope I can get back on track & loose what I gained.

04-09-2013, 11:10 PM
Dawn, good luck heading back to work.

Tammy, hope you and DH are able to make the move to a different home. Storage makes a huge difference! It's amazing how we can manage to fill it up though--no matter how you start with! 70 degrees sounds nice. Snow/rain mix here today.

Winter job is nearly over Holly! Hang in there!

We're counting days until vacation on Friday. New place had some nerve regarding vacation. Reminded them that I told them before I was hired that I was taking vacation regardless of my employment with them. Grrr... I also requested 2 days off around July 4th. They informed me I was low man on the totem pole. I hate starting at the bottom again.

Hi Reda. Hi Aaron.

Hope everyone is able to get some riding time in!

04-10-2013, 01:55 PM
just a quick HI to complain and whine that I've got the worst head cold ever :tantrum: serves me right for bragging that I haven't gotten sick in so long, lol. But i feel awful. thank goodness for 2 days off to try to recover. My head feels like concrete, my ears are ringing, my nose is squirting :devil:

our weather is cold, wet, dreary, but OMG I see one of our friends is SD has had almost 2 feet of snow!! Reda, did you get hit by the white stuff??

04-11-2013, 12:13 AM
Worked 2 days this week (24hrs) Glad its done. Not much has changed & really wishing that I could just do what I do & not need to go to the meeting or listen to the BS from the other people. I did not get the position they offered it to someone else. But I guess in away thats best since we plan on getting married next yr & want to use our vacation for it. I am trying to get transfered into a different group not that it will be any better but atleast it will be new BS for awhile.

04-11-2013, 12:51 AM
Wow I got some catching up to do - but real quick yes we are getting rain, sleet, ice and now we are suppose to get a foot of snow :(
This morning literally I had over 3 inch thick ice covering the car so let the car run for over an hour and still have to bang and scrape......

But now it is already 11pm adn I am so ready for bed- but I do have to say this last week I lost 5 pounds and seriously I have done nothing but eat and eat junk like ice cream sandwich every day- fried chicken, lasagne, potatoes, burritos etc.... but need to stop because I am sure that 5 will come back in 1 day!!!! I will check back in and read up tomorrow have a good night

04-12-2013, 02:54 PM
Well I had to go back to work this last week. I worked 2 days (12 hour days) 1st nite I did ok for not having much of a voice. The 2nd nite my back up dispatcher was out sick. Sounds like he had been sick awhile but never called in sick cuz I was off. Another guy was late cuz he has asma real bad & had to get a new inhaler. My voice was much better but I still didnt want to talk on the phone more then I had to or it would go out on me again. By the 2nd nite I was sore. Glad I was done for the week. By Thur. I was sick again. My immune system isnt up to where it should be. My neighbor gave me some ginger tea. Its very different. The smell & the taste is very different. I could only drink a little of it but I do admit it did help my belly. After I drank some tea I decided to take an epson salt hot bath. Oh that felt great. BF says I should do that for the next few nites till I am back in the swing of things again. It is so weird having someone to take care of me (who wants too) But then its the same for him too. We both are used to taking care of ourself cuz no one else would (except for when DS was around then he would do what he could) I feel much better today which I should seeing I went to bed early & didnt get up till 11.

I did do much better watching what I ate this week at work. Took in healthy snacks. When the guys at work ordered dinner I only got a sandwich & not the frys & drink that go with a combo. I also took in juice to drink after I finished my coffee. Drank a gallon of cranberry juice in 2 nites. I hope next week is easier on me.

My medical bills are finally starting to come in. Mercey Hospital came in yesterday. 4 days before my surgery I got a letter from them saying they wanted me to pay them $3200 on day of surgery. Thats what they figured I would owe after my insurance. I said no way & gave them $200. The bill is no where close to what they figured. I also have to ask them if the bill I have includes the $200 I gave them cuz it dont look like it. The bill says I owe less then $1200 which is a huge difference then what they figured. I'll have to be a good girl for awhile till I get these medical bills paid off. Specially since I now have a car payment & the insurance went up with the new car.

04-12-2013, 10:01 PM
Dawn I'm sorry you had to work while you were still sick and your voice was giving out..and wow about the medical bills, and that different in price! Regarding payment, all I know is that if you contact their billing office and are upfront about a reasonable payment plan, I think they have to let you do that. And that is so nice that your guy shows you how much he cares for you :)

Reda, ugh!! I am so sorry about your weather! we had about an inch of snow today, then sleet, then ice..all white again out there and cold. But CONGRATS on being down five pounds!!! I hope it stays away :)

Hi Tammy, we will be positive and happy here :D :D :devil: But on a serious note I hope things are maybe better with the DH situation you mentioned the other week. Is your weather cooperating that you can be on Ms. Road King? I hope so!

Hi Colleen :) I think your vacation is coming right up? Hope the new job is going okay.

I am so fed up with my weight, I tell myself I am trying, and work out so much, and I weighed yesterday, and I'm up 4 pounds. And I haven't worked out in 4 days due to the world's worst head cold. And have wanted to eat everything I see. Trying to lose, then gaining four sucks!

But tomorrow is my last day at the yucky winter place for almost 3 weeks, so that will be great!! I will work a couple more days for him the beginning of May, and then the second week of May I'll start at the good summer job, then do just one afternoon a week at the yucky place for spending money :devil:

So with today's snow and cold, who knows when my first bike ride of the year will be :?:

04-20-2013, 09:19 PM
hey everyone! :) I've been enjoying my days off SO much and hardly done anything productive :devil: STILL haven't had a ride yet, am getting so antsy.

Had the worst head cold for about a week, and didn't work out for 6 days in a row, which is awful for me! But I am back in full workout mode, doing those FitnessBlender workouts to challenge myself. Also found Jillian Michael's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism on youtube, and OMG that one is hard! I was a stringy-haired, sweat-running-into-eyes-mess afterwards.

Doing fairly well with eating, though the scale isn't showing it. But I am a slow-ish loser, unless I'm doing South Beach strictly, and I just don't want to restrict myself that much. But I know I am eating less calories, if by even a few, and definitely burning more with the workouts.

Reda we haven't heard from you since you started getting snow :(

I am kinda :?: at my summer job's office manager lady, i emailed her on Monday asking if she could please contact our Dept. of Labor and give them the form that shows I am promised back to their employ as of May 8th, so that I don't have to go on 3 documented job searches a week, so I can get 2 weeks of Unemployment Insurance. I can't beleive it but she hasn't gotten back to me, which is very sucky. I even asked someone else to see if she was out of town but she is not. What gives :?:

we've had about 2 days where its gotten to 60 degrees, more 50 degree days, but today was high 40's and no sun. But the lawn is just starting to green up, that's a start.

04-22-2013, 12:18 AM
Hi girls

Haven't been online much lately anywhere.... Been getting up evey morning to go to the gym and by time I get home from work then get supper ready, like this week we were home 1 night this whole week..... Hopeing to be home more this week just so I can get some **** done at home on my bike :)

Holly hope your summer job lady gets back to ya soon!!!

We had Karly all day today it was nice only get to see her on weekends if we are home- and once the weather starts getting nice we won't be home near as much- snow again tonight but come Friday Saturday and Sunday 70's so we have plans to go out riding this weekend :)

Off to bed if I am going to get up at 530 to go to the gym :) even though my eating has really sucked majorly

04-22-2013, 11:18 PM
Reda huge kudos to you for getting up so early to go to the gym! :carrot:

The office lady never got back to me. So I went ahead and applied at 3 places for work...'yeah, Im looking for a job, but I'm promised to work somewhere else in 3 weeks' :rolleyes:

today it was finally partly sunny and got up to about 55, first I did about 2 hours yard work...then...


and promptly backed it into the ONE mud hole in our driveway :rofl:

I swear to Godd I was trying SO hard as I was backing out of the garage to tell myself 'stay CLEAR of that friggin hole' and there I go right into it (rear tire) .

I tried with all my might to rock it out..then tried to go ahead a few inches, by this time the front was churned down to mud and I was fishtailing the rear :(

So I tried to put my sidestand down...AND I CAN'T because I am so low into that friggin hole that physics had me almost topple to the right with the sidestand down :o

SO...I sat on my bike for half an hour until our son came home and helped :devil:

by this time it was a little chilly to ride so I gave her a bath and wax she's ready for me tomorrow!! I know there is still a ton of sand and gravel at intersections and in town, so I'll be extra careful.

04-23-2013, 10:21 PM
Hi Girls

Well we had to have one last ice/snow storm yesteday and on my to way to work I go through the ditch, barbwire fence and wooden post- so I called DH to come get me and take me back home- today everything is clear and this weekend we are forecasting upper 60's :) already have a bike ride set up for Saturday and Sunday :)

Holly to bad you didn't get to ride but hey I bet your bike is looking good and ready to go!!!! Did you get to ride today?

Well I have a sore throat setting in which sucks because I don't want anything to be keeping me home this weekend-
with that I am off to bed - it is only 8:30 but so tired
Have a Great Hump Day tomorrow

04-23-2013, 11:22 PM
wow...i never expected to find road sistahs here!! I know you'll understand that my biggest concern is about looking good on my bike....and ok, the health reasons blahblahblah.

I ride local w/ a group here (nor cal) and ride solo on long trips. Latest was to Sturgis last year. Been cross country and into Canada. Just got new hard bags for my bike and can't wait to get them on. My bike's name is Frank (03 HD deuce).

Anyhow....greetings! Now, i'm going to go read all your posts =D

04-24-2013, 07:42 PM
Hey Sunster!! HI and welcome!!! :welcome:

Oh definitely the #1 reason is for us to look good on our bikes :D

as you read you might see that every chick here rides her own!! I think that's awesome :cool: though of course we would welcome passenger-only chicks also.

Hi Girls

Well we had to have one last ice/snow storm yesteday and on my to way to work I go through the ditch, barbwire fence and wooden post- so I called DH to come get me and take me back home-

:eek: that sucked!

I came here tonight to dance :dance: that I finally got out on my bike today!! Just to Stowe and back, about 35 miles, but it was great :cool:

I am doing so mediocre on weight loss!! I work out so well, have varied my workouts and increased intensity in the past 4 weeks, yet I am up one pound from almost 3 months ago. and I measured and I am not smaller in inches. Very discouraging, and I know all fault is mine, I start out the day so well and then because of other factors that I'm using as excuses, fail in the evenings.

04-27-2013, 09:54 AM
:welcome: Sunster2- Kudos to you for taking on long solo rides :) DH
wouldn't like it to well if I took off on my own for along ride- I do go on short rides but usually not much over 60 miles one way :)
Tammy one of rider friends on here just sold her Duece and got a Roadking, if I remember right she was wanting hard bags as well- boy are they nicer and more room :)

Holly whoop whoop on riding - I also got to get my bike out friday for a bit - that would be SD weather ice sleet snow on Tuesday then 70 on Friday- which today we are now forcast upper 70's and just waiting for 1 person to get off work at noon and we are off :carrot: so ready for some wind therapy!!!

Hi Tammy, Dawn and Aaron- hope all is well

Going out to get my bike all shined up and ready to go - maybe today I will finally get a few good pictures of the work I have done on the bike

04-28-2013, 10:13 AM
Thanks for the vibrant welcome!
Yesterday I weighed w/ clothes and BOOTS on (what a nut!?). thought I'd be in the 190's but it showed up 187. And now this am...180...i'm a happy gurl... =D ...and plan to weigh again next sat.

Rode Frank on errands yesterday and took some pics in a patch of poppies. Posting a photo here from shutterfly isn't working...think i have to go thru flickr or photobucket, right?


04-28-2013, 07:12 PM
WELCOME SUNSTER!!!!! And, I love the name of your bike! Lol. Great job on weighing with your boots on and still weighing less!! That is awesome!!

I ride a 2010 RK, I caller her Road Queen. Lol. I wanted the tag to say Rd Queen but my DH was afraid he would have to ride her. Instead, she has diamond ice everywhere. I want men to know they have been passed by a girl.

Sorry for being MIA for awhile... I went to FL again... took the drug test for the job that they re offered.... but I bombed on the house.... so I guess we are going to stay in AR..... for a few more years. We are going to do the Dave Ramsey program and pay everything off.

I LOOOOOVEED drinking my coffee on the beach. But, all good things must come to an end.

Holly, Reda, I am so glad you are getting your bikes out. I might start riding mine to work tomorrow..... I want to get back into that, like I used to.

My weight is crawling up..... but I am going to nip it in the bud... I WONT be at goal by my 40th bday.... but I will be a work in progress. I guess it is just life?

Hi Dawn, Colleen, and Aaron.

Holly, I am sorry to laugh at your mishaps..... but the bike in the mud was pretty funny... but I know if anyone can overcome it you can.
Have you started the summer job yet or are you still getting the shaft by the manager? I hope it works out.... cause you deserve that job that you like.
Maybe you should start an internet baking business?? You are sooo good at it and you have EXCELLENT customer service! You would rock it.

Reda, how is Carly? I bet she is getting soooo big.

Well, I have things to do since I have been in FL for the past few days.

Will gab more later.


04-28-2013, 10:23 PM
Hi all.

Welcome Sunster! I'm from Wisconsin. Been on this forum, hit and miss for a couple of years. While doing good (as in behaving/dieting), I'm on a lot. So...that is my explanation of why I haven't checked in much!

I was thinking of you gals this weekend though. We got out to ride Friday night, Saturday morning, and most of the day today. I'm feeling comfortable riding on my own bike again. Today I had a turkey fly in front of me--everyone survived!

I have not been enjoying my new work/job. Training is sparse and inconsistent. I really like cut and dried answers to questions. This job is NOT like that! It is not black and white... more like dingy grey! :p

Vacation is over. It was wonderful! (the scale said I ate too good) So happy there was no cruise ship incidents! Worst thing that happened was someone stealing my new HD backpack with my sunscreen and swimsuit cover-up. I checked 3 times at lost and found... I had my eye out for anyone with my orange backpack!

I too got a kick out of you Holly...waiting it out in the driveway on your bike for help! That sucked, but you sure tell a funny story! Hope your headcold is gone by now.

Reda, I'd love to see pictures of your bike! I'm not sure I'm going to ride to work just yet. Kind of chilly in the mornings. Been in the 30's for temps.

Tammy, glad you enjoyed your trip to FL. Good luck with the finance plans! Easier said than done!

Dawn, hope things get back t normal for you! Feeling okay now?

Sunster, that is awesome for you to have gone on those long rides alone. Yes, it would be nice to look a little better on the bikes! Sounds like you are doing great!

Aaron, you out there? Busy?

Take care to all. Ride safe!

04-29-2013, 09:49 PM
Hi Colleen! welcome back from vacay and YAY that it was not a floating horror show. Sorry to hear you are not liking the new job :(

Sun, congrats on being less than you thought! :carrot:

Have been out on the bike almost each day, soooo great. I borrowed a tin of "Never Dull" stuff from my son, my bike had a few winter-grown rust spots which came right off, then I saw how insanely sparkly those areas were after buffing. I used that stuff on my footpegs, WOW they have not been so brilliant since new! I have Kury Zombie pegs which have all these crazy tiny spaces but I used a thin cloth between them like I was "flossing" the spaces, all the dirt came out and they look so great. I used that stuff also on my poor cheap aluminum wheels :devil: and they look so much better too.

Tammy sorry to hear about the house thing...stuff will work out for the best for you! because you deserve it :) oh, morning coffee on the beach sounds so nice!

I am doing so terrible with my eating, I swear I am even worse when I am trying to be better!! up another pound :?: crap! lol

04-30-2013, 12:01 AM
LOL at the floating horror show!!! Holly, that never dull stuff sounds wonderful!

Bad weather again this week...snow, hail, storms. It's almost MAY for cripe sake!

I behaved for breakfast eating, and it progressively got worse with Taco Bell for lunch, bagels, and then chips... Oh boy!

05-01-2013, 09:36 PM
Hi girls

Well my eating not so great :(

Colleen glad to hear vacay was good- we have been checking into planning our January trip we are thinking Domincan or Jamaica- who knows
Weather well we got 6" of that crazy white stuff today, what the heck!!!
30's are our highs for this week and into the weekend :(

Holly seems you have been enjoying your time off from work, even though you will be going to the job you love :)

Oh almost forgot you know racing season has now started officially Sunday night and DS went out there and kicked some butt and got 1st- whooop whoop

Hi Sunster, Dawn and Tammy

05-02-2013, 05:14 AM
Hi everyone! Welcome Sunster.

I'm back to work :( I so need a new job with normal hours. When I was working 12 hours during the day it wasnt too terribly bad but this nite time stuff gets harder & harder everytime I do it. It probably wouldnt be so bad if I stayed on nites but in the last 2 yrs of being at IBM they keep switching me no matter what my prevence is. I dont even know why they ask when they just put me where they want me. I have made it very known to my manager that I want to move to a different group. She said she would back me on trying to get on a different group I just need to keep my ear/eyes open & keep applying internally for new positions. The last time I spoke with her she said she had an idea for me but she needed to talk to the the next manager up from her. She didnt give me any details. All I know is I'm getting very tired of the BS in my department & no one listening to how to help fix some of the issues. They keep making things more difficult instead of listening to the more experienced people on how to work things (etc, etc) The good thing about me being back to work is I have been able to do better on my eating habits. I have 4 lbs to go before I am back to what I was before the surgery.

This weekend its suppose to cool off again & rain for 4 days straight. I plan on going & getting a new battery for the bike even if the weather is crappy. I need it anyway you look at it when the nice weather comes about again. We had a few nice days here & everyone got their bikes out. Gave me the itch to get mine too. Bad thing though with my schedule I wont be riding much cuz on my days off I sleep during the day. I dont like riding after it gets dark but that may change just so I can go for a ride once in awhile.

05-02-2013, 08:59 PM
FYI....tomorrow is International Female Ride Day (May 3). I'll be riding for you road sistahs who are snowed/rained/sleet/hailed out. We're in the 90"s today (sorry) and prob same tomorrow.

This is a very special group!

05-02-2013, 09:39 PM
Hey chicks!

Reda, Booo to snow! that is HORRIBLE. you have my deepest sympathy! congrats to son acing the race though :)

and Colleen, sorry for your crappy weather also!

Dawn, real sorry you're not happy at the job, the night hours thing is so hard, and then to have them switch you around, and having to sleep during the day, ugh.

Hi Tammy :wave:

Hi Sun, kewl that you will represent for the ones who can't tomorrow :cool: and I will be riding to work!

I will be a grown-up and tell you that I volunteered to work the next 5 days for the Rat B@stard boss :rolleyes: they are short-handed and I can use the money. Then sometime next week I will start at the good place :)

I've been out on the bike lots in the past couple days, it has been great! and enjoying the new sparkle I got from that Nev'r Dull stuff.

Had to soul-search a bit and ended up selling to a jeweler, some items that were from my dad and mom. I figured the pieces were doing nothing for me, I could certainly use the money, and I have plenty of other mementos around.

05-05-2013, 07:04 PM
Hey! I'd like to see all of our bikes! I see ChopperChick's bike in avatar but need closer up pic if you have one. I have to join photobucket or some such, i guess, because shutterfly doesn't want to upload here.

Excitement on fridays International Female Ride Day....thought we saw a biker pulled way off or highway and looked like he was leaned over bike taking a nap. Came back same way about an hour later and same position. We pulled over at next offramp and called hiway patrol...don't know what happened. THEN, as we're pulling back on hiway, a ton of sirens and firetrucks whizz past because there's some kind of field equipment fire just about a mile away.

Just another day in the life of a biker, hey. Puddles, gravel, turkeys and wildlife galore, wild wacky weather. I'd like to hear some of your stories here, too. Pics and stories stories, please....i know ya got em!

Been to zumba 4x this week. Have become very serious now w/ this board in my life and summer around the corner. Main priority is no gut and/or Hi Janes (arm wings). At least make them smaller since i'll never be rid of it/them totally.

05-05-2013, 10:21 PM
Sun - lol @ Hi Janes :D I guess I call them 4th Grade Teacher Arms..and I got em! ugh.

When you joined, I thought of us all doing a quick refresher bio :D

Vermontmom- real name Holly, road name Cupcake, age 52.

Learned to ride my own in 2002.

First bike was a new Honda Shadow VLX 500cc, put about 52,000 miles on it in a few years, then in 2006 a cager left-turned into me. I was fine, just bruised, but it effectively totaled the bike. With the bike coverage, and the settlement from the cager's insurance, I bought a new 2007 Honda VTX1300cc. Put about 40,000 miles on that, and then my dear husband :D wrecked on it in late 2010 (it was scary, he got a fractured skull but is OK now ) Hardly got any insurance money for that, but bought a very nice, hardly used 2004 VTX in Massachusettes in spring of 2011. And that is my current bike.

this was my first ride on it! I now have a windshield, have to have a shield.

Husband rides a Kaw Vulcan 1500. I don't have anything against Harleys, just the metrics were priced right and are fine. I rode a Heritage Classic when in AZ and it was great!

I'm married, we have 2 sons, older one (30) came back home to live (but might move soon-ish) and younger one (almost 23) is currently in MI but moving back to Vermont in June with girlfriend. I have 2 seasonal jobs; winter/spring one I hate but it just ended, yay; summer one starts this week (I'm a pastry baker for a private fly fishing club hidden deep in the woods) and I commute 50 miles a day on the bike in beautiful Vermont countryside.

weight story - highest was 176 (except when preggers) and I can maintain around 155 easily, but WANT to get down to low 140's. I don't mind working out, have done so consistently for 10 years now; but i love to eat and hate to be hungry so I suck at diets!! or even trying to do better I feel deprived. Size wise, I have jeans in size 10, 9/11, and one 8. Crazy in sizing!

We have gone to a few bigger bike rallies (Harley Rendezvous in NY; of course Laconia in NH; EasyRiders @ Chillicothe, OH) I don't mind wearing little at the rallies :cool: you know how it is when the booze is flowing. We have ridden to those, my longest day was over 500 miles.

who's next :)

05-08-2013, 10:14 PM
2times2much 'cause that's what I weighed! Real name Colleen. Forty-somethin'. From SW Wisconsin. Married (2nd time), 2 kids--all grown up and married too. Daughter and son. 1 grandson, and grandbaby on the way next month.

I lost 85 pounds, went on vacation, gained. Went on vacation again...gained some more! Now 250, trying to find my way back to my "plan" of losing 10 pounds a month. I was doing remarkably well, and then...??? I have no idea. Exercise is not my friend. It should be, I know, but I really hate it! Given the choice to have no supper or walk 3 miles...I would go with no food! Heck, I'd choose no food against 1 mile!

My cycle is a 2011 HD Heritage Softtail. (same V&H pipes as Holly has--I love them!) I have had my DH bike left overs several times, nothing for a year as his Ultra Classic is not easy for me to maneuver. This year I got my own again. I took it to work yesterday--first time out on my own with this bike. I did okay. 17 miles each way, mostly highway. I changed my avatar so you can see me and the cycle both.

I've switched jobs this past month. Still not sure I was made for this position. Medical Supply Company with insurance nightmares! I've spent the last 10 years selling insurance, not this end of it!

We like to camp, ride cycle, take vacations. We have taken several cycle vacations. Went to Tenn., Arkansas, way North Minnesota, way North Michigan... Some on our own, some with friends. We would like to go down to Anamosa, Ia again and visit the motorcycle museum and go to J&P's store.

Holly--love the video!

80 degrees here today. Back to lows in the 30's again this week though. Crazy weather!


05-11-2013, 07:51 AM
Interrupting the bios to say Hi :D I'm on my third day at the summer job I love, Yay!! Just doing pre-opening prep work. My boss told someone that it was my 13th season there, which is true, and I'm glad he knows how long I've been there too :)

I'm having a issue with my bike!! it is something that has happened twice before. It happens when I crack hard on the throttle. First time, I revved at someone to let them know I was there, they pulled out in front of me and then we were in slow traffic, so I revved, fell back, revved, fell back to let them know I was pissed :devil: BUT immediately, my bike started to hesitate and pop and falter. And it did that the whole way home, at any speed. Sounded like an old school chopper, popping, farting, hesitating. I worried about it for a couple days; made sure I had a tank of fresh gas, DH did check my spark plugs; and then it just stopped occurring and ran smooth again.

Next time was when I accelerated hard to pass someone and the same thing happened immediately afterward. That time, I waited a day, while still riding ti to work and back, experiencing the same (and stalling when trying to start out in 1st, which sucked at intersections) then made an appt with mechanic and on the way riding to mechanic, it smoothed out :rolleyes:

Well a couple days ago, I was on the way home (bike has been running perfectly for weeks now) and completely forgot about NOT doing this, and revved hard to have fun getting up a hill at 70 mph and damn its happened again.

It's got to be either fuel or air intake related, right?

05-12-2013, 12:36 AM
Hi Girls

I suppose my turn :)

My name is Reda (Rita) just spelled differently- anyways I am 43 been with my husband 27 years and we have 2 boys 24 and 22 with 1 granddaughter 10 months old- such a cutie!!!! Should change my avatar because I no longer have the chopper sold it and bought a 2010 Roadking back in 2011
have been working on blinging it out and yes I need to take pics and get them posted- I started officially riding in 2000 started out with a Vstar 650 had it for about 30 days before going to a Vstar 1100 then in 2007 I bought an Ironhorse Legend chopper the one in the picture again sold it and bought the HD Roadking
Well I never had weight issues of any kind till about 18 years ago - well I gained well over a 100 pounds while prego but lost it all with 6 months but for whatever reason started gaining and here I am - I did lose about 25 pounds last year and have pretty much maintained ever since- I am much like Holly don't mind putting in the exercise but just can't get the eating under control, and summer well it sure doesn't help with riding and racing! Oh yes my oldest son also drives a race car so that keeps up very busy every weekend.... I do have to say he is 2-0 right now!!! whooop whooop
I am an operations manager for a convience store chain -- very stressful some days but others not so bad, I am pretty spoiled actually
I have been president/vice of our local Eagle Riders Riding Group for the last 4 years but decided this year someone else needed to take over for a change so they voted DH in - probably cause they know I will step up :)

Well we had our 3rd annual spring poker run today and only 20 people showed up because of our crazy weather - high 55 with 30 mph winds with up to 50 mph gusts and yes it was freakishly windy- I hate it......
Oh ya we do also like to take vacations- we always take a tropical vacation in January/Feb to get away from these South Dakota winters- and we always go to Sturgis in August but its only 450 miles away from where we live=
plus then we usually try to take a weekend vacation once a month somewhere even if it is only 120 miles away :)

Holly that is great news that your summer boss realizes how much time you have put into your job there :) It sounds like maybe air intake - If I remember right I do believe my 2000 yamaha vstar had same issue and we had an after market intake on it-

Off to bed kept the grandbaby overnight last night and she slept but she moves around alot even in play pen I could hear her moving so then I would get up to make sure she was still sleeping, so needless to say I didn't get much sleep last night

Have a great night ladies

05-12-2013, 06:45 AM
Hi everyone. Well I'm a happy camper. I got the new battery installed on my bike today. Took it for a very short ride cuz I was not dressed for riding but it was great none the less. It started up with no problem after sitting all winter with no battery in it for me to start it up once in awhile to make sure nothing got plugged up.

I'm on the look out for a new helmet. I bought one last a yr & half ago but I dont really care for it & my origanal helmet is a fullface that is a bit scratched up. It also gets pretty hot during the summer.

05-12-2013, 10:56 AM
Happy Mothers Day- you are all great moms and biker chicks!! :)

05-12-2013, 10:12 PM
Happy Mothers Day to you all!!!!!

Well, I guess it is my turn. My name is Tammy. I live in Arkansas. I have two grown sons, one just graduated from pilot school in April, the other is graduating from HS this Friday. I have been riding since 2006, I started out on a 1996 Honda shadow, then a 08 Sportster Roadster, then 09 Dyna (which I rode to Vegas and got married on), now I have a 2010 Road "Queen" or technically it is a RoadKing.
I am a medical coder at UAMS where I attempt to teach new doctors how to code correctly.
This is my 3rd marriage.

Reda, Holly, Colleen, Can you believe tomorrow is FOUR years ago that I rode to Vegas and got married? Time flies. I remember yall helping me getting me prepared to go. It has been an adventure for sure.

I went to New Mexico this past THursday, it was NOT a fun trip. You all know I have told you that my Mother was not the mothering type, she was a raging alcoholic.... well, she passed away Thursday. She was holding on and they believe it was for me to get there. I did get there in time to talk with her (she was not verbal) but she did cry when I told her I was there and I knew she did the best she could while raising us and that I loved her. She was dead 3 hours later. I have had an emotional few days over that..... and staying with my sister was CRAZY..... I won't go into details.... but I thought I was depressed before I went down there..... turns out I don't have anything to be depressed about and life is great in AR. Lol. I am just thankful I don't live down there in that "drug infested mess". I came home with a new perspective.

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day. My oldest son fixed my home office up..... it is AWESOME! I am very thankful.

Holly, I am glad you are at the job you love!

Colleen, we are both on the sucky part of losing weight.... but I know we can do it. I hope you find a job soon you like.

Reda, How is the bling coming? And when you first got the RoadKing was it a bit heavy in the front end for you? Mine seems like she is soooo heavy up top.... maybe just me.

I will gab more later.

05-13-2013, 10:28 PM
Tammy, so sorry to hear of your trip to New Mexico. Glad you got there in time to have a lil' chat with your Momma. Happy Anniversary to you and DH!

Dawn, great that your bike started right up, and you got to take a ride. I bot a 1/2 helmet this year. Not as safe, i know, but thought I might actually WEAR it if it wasn't so hot!

Reda, sounds like DS is right on track for an awesome race year! Too funny about Dh being President of the club!

Holly, hope you get the bike issue figured out. Happy for you that you are back in your good job! Nice to be appreciated!

Hi Sunster, hi Aaron.

I'm kinda on track for diet...salad one day, noodles the next! Down a couple of pounds. I HAD to finish off the Oreo cookies to get rid of them! Now it's safer around the house!

05-14-2013, 06:47 AM
Tammy - sorry I am days late in responding, I am sorry about your trip to say goodbye to your mom, but I am glad you were able to do that...and yikes at what it was like to stay with your sister, LOL @ your new perspective! Hah! Hey that is nice that your older son fixed up your home office :)

If I had to guess how many years it was when you rode to Vegas, I would have said 2!! that is crazy that it's been FOUR! Happy Anniversary to you two :cool:

Yes I am loving being back at the Club, and I went ahead and signed on to work in the dining room for Wed, Thurs and Friday nights, which probably means I'll spend those nights sleeping there too, last year the Club was so booked I had to share a tiny room with another co-worker (young girl) and one night slept on the floor, hah!

We had such fine weather for a couple weeks, now it's been COOL and cloudy and yes there were a few of those darn white flakes around yesterday! go away cold weather! I want to get my annuals and get the deck nice so I can be out there in the mornings with coffee and computer and listen to the birds and love the month of May :cool:

DH tinkered with my bike and says it's OK at least for a bit, and for me to get it to the mechanic, unless it solves itself which it did last year, ON the way to the mechanic. But its too cold for me anyway (low 50's and no sun in the day)

05-14-2013, 09:42 PM
I was contemplating riding the cycle to work today. I think I would have made it home--but barely, before the thunder and rain hit! Hoping for tomorrow.

Todays adventure was stepping on a BAT in my flip-flops as I went out the door to turn on the sprinklers this morning. OMG! Scared the dickens out of me! Creeped me right out! I smucked it with a snow shovel and ran. Yes RAN. Funny exercise plan huh!?

Anyone go camping in the summer? We have plans for Memorial Day weekend, and Father's Day weekend so far.

05-15-2013, 07:28 AM
I was contemplating riding the cycle to work today. I think I would have made it home--but barely, before the thunder and rain hit! Hoping for tomorrow.

Todays adventure was stepping on a BAT in my flip-flops as I went out the door to turn on the sprinklers this morning. OMG! Scared the dickens out of me! Creeped me right out! I smucked it with a snow shovel and ran. Yes RAN. Funny exercise plan huh!?

Anyone go camping in the summer? We have plans for Memorial Day weekend, and Father's Day weekend so far.

:rofl: Colleen I read about the BAT-venture on Facebook, you are so very funny with your writing :D

we only do a day or two of camping in the summer, we tent. Not that comfy for the over-50 set, lol.

Today is Opening Day at the club where I work, finally! and I (foolishly?) signed on to also work the dining room at night for the next 3 nights, (good money making opportunity) and i will just sleep over there, hopefully I can get a room either by myself, share with a female co-worker, or worst case scenario is on the floor in a sleeping bag in my walk-in closet! had to do that one night last year. Hey, that counts as camping :devil:

Too cold this morning!! its 30 . I WANT to ride to work but I would freeze for 25 miles at that.

i'm bringing my Kindlefire so hopefully I can get wifi from my closet to say Hey :)

05-18-2013, 09:50 PM
OMGawsh...... Colleen.... you should so be a comedy writer. Between you and your bat story and remembering Holly and her ab dumpster diving, me and my snake shoe lace, you could make the best seller list. I know Reda has some funny stories from the pits at the raceway or some funny Karly moments. It is just your spin on it.
That is some weight loss program.

Holly, I am glad you are getting extra work. I hope you don't have to sleep in the floor.

Dawn, glad you got to ride... even if a small ride.

Reda, how are you?


So, y'all get out the tissues..... yall that have been on here for awhile know that my boys have not spoken in 2 years b/c the youngest one referenced me as "white trash" b/c I had his brother so young (even though I was married before I got pregnant). I was married to their dad at 15. I had him a week before our first anniversary when I was 16.... anyway... when the oldest go home from Kosovo he beat the stuffing out of the youngest one in my front yard. Last night DS2 graduated from HS.... and the oldest showed up to see it right before they called his name... literally the person before is when he ran in the door.... afterwards they made up and spoke for the first time in 2 years and told each other they loved each other. I don't think I could ask for anything better.... It was a burden lifted from me.

I am really thinking of "throwing in the towel" on diets. I am so tired of dieting. I am not going to make my goal by my bday... which is my fault. But, I just want to be happy with myself and live. Cause, at the end of the day in the casket.... it doesn't care what size I am. I want to be healthy... and fit like I used to be. I just gotta get off my butt and get there.

Well, I am going to get going.... I think we are going to kayak tomorrow.


05-18-2013, 10:11 PM
Tammy - I got home this afternoon and was going to just post tomorrow morning to say hi but OMG I have tears in my eyes :) how GREAT that happened!!! oh my gosh. Hugs!!!!!!!

And you are echoing some of the thoughts I have had in the past month about dieting and body image. I am 52 years old, why am I sooo concerned about how I look?? I am pretty healthy, and strong, so why must I think I 'have' to weigh less?? But then I wonder if I am a quitter if I just stop trying to get to 140 or below. And there is the tantalizing thought that maybe I would think I looked great if i had that much less fat on arms, legs, butt..maybe I could feel I could wear shorts in public. Or a skirt!!

Well yay that my stint is over, it was 68 hours total workweek from last Saturday till today, but my longest day was 15 hours yesterday. Each night that I slept there (I ended up in a cute tiny room all to myself) I just did not sleep well and ended getting up super early (well, 4:30 to 5:00 am) and just started making coffee for the coffee service, slowly waking up myself, then heading into the kitchen at 6:15 or so.

But I still love my job :D and got TONS of compliments from dozens of members about my desserts, and a couple on being 'a beautiful motorcycle lady' :devil: (they're all over 70 yrs. old, lol!!) One man even said 'where were you 30 years ago!' :rofl:

I got home, and the lawn needed cutting, and no one had vacuumed, and the dishes were clean but not put away :p BUT we went for a nice ride, and I got my spirit back, then I tackled the lawn, weedwacked and washed my bike. DH made supper, thank goodness :devil: (and he does all the grocery shopping, i am lucky there)

05-19-2013, 12:16 AM
Tammy that is awesome news! I do hope the boys continue to get along! Best news ever for you and THEM!

Glad your long workweek went good Hollly. LOL at the compliments!

I have much further to go for body image than you girls, but I do understand the idea that it just doesn't matter at some point though.

We took a long cycle ride today. DH took his cycle and trailer, I took my cycle, and we went about 100 miles stopping at several rummage sales. We had a good time. Didn't get much for bargains, but it was BEAUTIFUL out!

Comedy, probably not. It's just my sarcasticness that comes out in me making fun of silly situations. I do sometimes have to apologize in advance to warn people sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain! My kids are very quick witted!

We got a couple lottery tickets...I'm ready to win my millions of dollars! I know money can't buy happiness, but it would sure be fun testing that theory. :D

DGS is coming over tomorrow. Looking forward to the visit! We'll have to get ready for camping a few nights after work. So much play, no time for work!

05-22-2013, 11:01 PM
Hi girls- Oh Tammy so happy to hear they are on the mend :) My boys just can't be together in a room for more than half hour and they start fighting as well- DS1 sees what and how DS2 acts and doesn't agree and therefore just doesn't get past it...... But they do all grow up some day and will hopefully get over it and maybe even laugh about it some day! We can hope

Yes weightloss well not so great here either - I don't even think that I am being unrealistic either but dang social life is just getting in the way- and I sure don;t want to sit at home while everyone else is out having fun :(

Holly glad to hear your long stretch is done with and kudos to the compliments-

Well we bought a new car last week- since DH works for our local Ford garage of course it was a Ford- we were looking at a used Taurus been driving it for about 6 weeks then we were watching TV and seen a commerical that they were giving a $5000 rebate with low interest on the Ford Taurus so after the rebate and DH's Ford discount we paid 19K but hey it was brand new and only a few thousand more than the used one we were looking at plus we got 1.99% interest. I said we would never buy new again but here we are - so now we have a $305 a month payment but it sure is nice :)

Been working crazy hours again but I do get 4 days off after tomorrow we are heading to Deadwood, SD for the weekend suppose to take the bikes but right now weather is not looking so good so we may all be piling up the excursion and going-

Colleen glad to hear that you are liking your bike and riding. Have fun camping hope you will have better weather than they are forcasting for us

Well 4:30am was early this morning and is coming quickly tomorrow morning so off to bed I better go

05-24-2013, 06:51 AM
Reda, congrats on the new car! :)

Rain, rain here, day after day! we're making up for lost time. It did dry up for a few hours yesterday, so after cutting the grass I got out on the bike just to down to pick up a few dinner things, and that felt great :cool:

It isn't torrential rain today, I could ride in it, but the temps are gonna drop into the low 60's and that isn't really pleasant is it.

hey to everyone and have a good day!

05-24-2013, 08:18 AM
Hi gals.

05-29-2013, 08:26 PM
Weather was HORRIBLE for camping! We about froze to death! And it rained all 4 days! Our big outing was going to a couple of graduation parties. I finally turned off the furnace (again) this morning. Now we are in a tornado watch/warning. So Holly...60's would be AWESOME!

Reda, congrats on the new ride! Sounds like you got a great deal!

Take care all!

05-30-2013, 10:39 PM
Reda, congrats on the new ride!

Colleen, sorry about the camping trip.

Holly, hope you are still enjoying your perfect job!

Aaron, hey.

Ok, so our weather here as been stormy and clear, stormy and clear. But, I feel guilty griping b/c it could have been us just as easy as OK that got hit, so I will stop griping. I feel so badly that they have had the worst things happen lately.

We did go out last weekend and put my MIL tombstone up. It was good for a couple "non laborer, non tombstone people". Lol. I got too hot... but I had fever on top of that from a sinus infection.

Well, I am officially 35 pounds heavier than August... but we think we have it pin pointed..... it is my "happy pill" Celexa, which was given to me for my stomach. It was supposed to help with my stomach, instead here I sit 35 pounds heavier and I could not run or do bootcamp now if my life depended on it. So, I am just "down" over that.... and apparently even though my mother and I were not close.... and you know she had issues.... apparently it is affecting me worse than I thought over it. I just cant think about doing anything but sleeping and eating. So, we did a medication switch today to see if that would help. I sure hope it does. I need to get up and get moving. Before we have to widen the doors.

Well, I have whined enough. I will gab at you all more later.... hopefully I won't be so darn whiney.

06-01-2013, 12:50 AM
Hi Girls and Aaron :)

Well I need to catch up and should have done that before posting but just wanted to stop in and say Hi- we had a great memorial weekend - we went to deadwood shopping (found some great deals on bling) gambling and drinking :)
Back to reality and my job- that is just way out of control but I do see light at that the end of the tunnel just going to be a few weeks away! WHY CAN'T I BE SUPER RICH!!!! where money is NO object.......and I DON'T NEED A JOB! OK enough pitty for me - dont even want to talk about weight and diet

06-04-2013, 11:38 PM
I'm a grandma again! Girl. We're proud! She's happy and healthy, 10 fingers, 10 toes...

The diet plan hasn't quite set in. I just can't seem to stick with the program. Yo-yo! As Extreme Weight loss was on TV I was eating brownies. Many brownies! Changed the channel to better enjoy them. :p

Work is still irritating. Wishing today was Friday instead of Tuesday! It all started this morning when I didn't want to get out of bed. The day got progressively worse from there!

Rita, when you get that Super Rich thing worked out, be sure to let us in on how to accomplish that!

We did take about a 150 mile benefit ride on Saturday. Was fun. I was 1 of 2 women with their own cycle. 204 riders!

Hope you are all able to enjoy some riding time!

06-08-2013, 10:17 PM
Well girls - just sat down to watch SNITCH- very good show comes out on Tuesday but I have an inside to seeing them early- so thought I would stop in and say HI!!!!

Congrats Colleen on the new grandbaby!!!

Have a super great weekend

06-09-2013, 09:29 PM
Hey riders! :) this morning I checked weather and satellite and thought I was 'safe' . Stepped outside...into the softly falling rain. Crap! well I was all geared up (tank top; long sleeved; 3/4 sleeve; sweatshirt; jacket; jeans/chaps) and I said "I'm not gonna change out of all this to climb into the cage!" so off i went, my first 5 miles were pretty wet but not cold so 40 minutes later I was a bedraggled-looking rat coming into work :rofl:

But if I waited for the sun to shine I would never ride! Fnally cleared up and a nice ride home; and was able to cut the grass. First afternoon with no rain in days and days.

Doing great with my Fitness Blender workouts but sucking on eating. Same ol' same ol'!

have a good night! Season finale of Game of Thrones. Last week's episode.. OMG.. google Red Wedding if you haven't heard :eek: :eek:

06-10-2013, 02:42 AM
Been busy here. Went to Milwaukee for the weekend. It was my BDay on Wednesday so we celebrated this last weekend. On Wednesday we did go out to dinner with DS & DIL. Friday was her BDay. After dinner we ran to the storage unit so I could start my bike. I hopped on it in my dress I wore to dinner & BFs brother hopped on back of it too. I'm finally fitting back into my pants again. I had bought all those new pants before my surgery & after being off 6 weeks I had gained 10lbs or more & didnt fit into them very well.

06-10-2013, 08:19 AM
Dawn what a great pic, you are SO slim and I love what you're wearing!

06-11-2013, 07:17 PM
I fell off the wagon, it ran me over, and I got all caught up in it's wheels.

The good news is...I'm back! Thought about y'all and even missed you! I'm determined to lose more and get ready to hit the road. In about month I'm riding from nor cal to chicago area followed with visits to Santa Fe, Park City, and Sturgis. Yeah, crisscrossing all over, but there are reasons. So, I gotta be biker chick ready and at 182, that aint it! 170 would be sweet.

So, I'm trying The 100 (Jorge Whatshisname) and so far so good.

Well that's all for now...nice to read everyone's stuff and thanks for being here :)

06-12-2013, 08:45 PM
Sunster, I guess you can have my wagon, because I haven't been using it. It's stuck in the mud all dusty and dirty! You're too funny!

Sounds like a great ride you have planned!

Hope you had a happy birthday Dawn! You look very happy in the picture!

We're camping this weekend--in the rain again I'm thinking. I should be getting some stuff done for that... packing, food, cooking... bet it will all still be there to be done tomorrow!

Also Fathers Day this weekend... hmmm, DH would probably like a little special treatment. Trying to think up what to do. Ideas?

I've been avoiding the possibility of riding in the rain! Good for you Holly for not letting it slow you down! LOL at the bedraggled rat!

06-13-2013, 04:07 AM
Thank you everyone. I also found out this week that I am back into my work pants that I had gained too much weight while I was off after my surgery so Yes I am happy I was able to get back down again. Sad thing is I thought I was getting cought up on my Medical bills just for a few new ones to come in this last week too. :( Plus here is IA your BDay month is when your car tags are due plus this yr my drivers licence also expires so a double wammy. My new Jeep is most of the cost, the newer it is the more tags are. My old Jeep & the bike is less then $100 but not the new Jeep. But I love the new Jeep, we have put on 1000s of miles on it already. Ive been riding my bike on a permit for the last few yrs but since its expires this month I thnk I might go bite the bulet & do the driving test for the bike licence too.

06-17-2013, 07:36 PM
Wow...weird virus warning/3FC shut down and all that.
Anyhoo, I'm finding success on The 100 (jorge cruise) diet. Easy for me and so far so good. Think I see a diff....I surely feel diff and energized. Weighing tomorrow. ;)

06-18-2013, 06:15 AM
Hey everyone, yay to sunster for sticking to diet and getting results! i weighed yesterday and am UP four freaking pounds so I am doing horribly food wise. but can't seem to do better. I am doing great with the Fitness Blender workouts but suck at dieting :p

Riding to work today, yay~ yesterday apparently was International Ride to Work Day and of course it was nonstop rain here. As Ive ridden in the snow, I felt I had nothing to prove :devil: and drove to work in the car with the heated seats!

06-18-2013, 10:45 AM
Hee hee....nothing to prove...i like that! What's it like riding in the snow??

So, I'm back to 178 and ready to finish this at last. Ya know what it''s like when NOTHING can make you go off-course? Like something goes "click in my head and I'm on the wagon more falling off and getting it "stuck in the mud" (LOL 2times2much!).

So, how about some more road stories here? Like that moose i slippeded by in Idaho. Like when I ran over that roadkill skunk and the stink stayed on Frank for days. Like the 16 bee stings I got (in about a 2yr period) and nobody in my group got one! actually, that all stopped when I got a windshield on my 2nd more stings since.

I'd love to hear about some of that wildness and fun you've encountered out there (that you can share!), animals, drivers, parties, cool towns/bars/restaurantes. C'mon I know you've got oodles of them!

06-18-2013, 09:23 PM
Hey Everyone.... been riding a little more than I had been. My DH took my pic while I was on my bike.... it is a good pic.... BUT, not posting it b/c I look like a linebacker for the Arkansas Razorbacks.... hence me being under Colleen and Sunsters wagon. lol.

Sunster, I may look into that diet... LOOK.... lol. JK I am having tummy troubles.... so I need to see how it is.

Colleen, Happy Grandma again.... so are you having a good time camping?

Holly, I feel your pain..... I just keep gaining :mad: I used to be so motivated..... the bootcamp days are soooo far in the past. I have to get motivated. I turn 40 in less than a month.... and GAINED instead of losing.

Reda, How is your world?

Ok, sunster.... the funniest story I can think of off the top of my head... is a few months ago my DH and I were on a ride. Let me first start by saying he has an incredible talent of "throwing" snakes up on me since he is the first rider..... or making them really mad. So, we were riding. I saw the snake draw up after he passed it, so I instinctively pulled my legs up when I went by. Well, just a little bit down the road something caught my eye.... it was on my leg and it was long and skinny...... so I start screaming like a little "b" trying to make it to the side of the road without laying the bike over..... as my DH is still going down the road. As I am almost stopped.... I look down and realize it is the shoestring on my shoe that came untied that was flopping.... not a snake.

That is all I have right at this moment........

Hope y'all have a good night.......

06-18-2013, 10:31 PM
:rofl: Tammy!! :devil: that is a classic :p

sunster, thanks for the topic suggestion!! very very good idea. Oh and about riding in the snow...didn't mean to imply that there was inches of snow on the just happened that it was late fall and very cold but dry; but snow started developing and we had to get home, so I take that as snow cred :devil: So here are a few from me -

um..last year..I went wild and took my bike into the Bikini Bike Wash tent at a rally fundraiser...okay I had pounded a couple drinks before going in; and when I rode my bike out of the tent, amid the raucous cheers of the crowd, I "tried" to park my bike and tipped over :rofl: MANY muscle-y guys came running to my rescue, oh my my :devil:

Riding along the Kankamagus Scenic Highway in New Hampshire ( with a small group, in early spring a couple years ago, a moose appeared in the woods right near the road, he was running along with us in the deep snow; i gunned my engine and my BuBs JugHuggers made so much of a roar, he startled to the side back into the woods and my friends cheered me :D

We were meeting for a ride and introduced ourselves to some others there. One guy said to others, about me, "I know her. She's the one that yells at everyone who cuts her off in the intersection in town" :rofl: (I love that one)

I will try to think of more!

Sun, I am so glad for you that you are 'in the zone' and I hope you can zap me with some of that juice !

06-19-2013, 09:47 PM
Holly..... I know it is not on motorcycle..... but you gotta tell the classic dumpster dive....

And, Dawn... I forgot to tell you how good you look.... you are sooo super skinny!

06-20-2013, 01:39 AM
Got the bike out today. It was so nice out today. Went for a ride by myself. I realized that I need to ride more cuz I was a bit uneasy again on my turns & corners like I was when I 1st started riding. Due to my work schedule I didnt ride much last yr & I want to ride more this yr even if I still am on nites & sleep during the day.

Weight wise I am doing good. I am back down to what I was at before the surgery. Just a few of my pants are a bit tight but those are the ones I just recently bought before & were a little tight anyway. Sometimes I have my fat moments but when I look at the people at work & listen to them cuz they all talk about how they have gained after starting work there I feel better cuz I am 1 of the very few that have lost since working there. When you have a desk job it is very hard to loose cuz your stuck sitting all day.

06-24-2013, 09:30 PM
Hi all. Just checkin' in. Funny stories! Love the snake one!

Just learning how to ride on my own several years ago, I took the motorcycle through a ditch, up the bank, back down, and back back through the ditch and on the road again! THEN I learned about downshifting and how to use the foot brake! (quickly!)

The only time I've dumped the bike I was standing still! Foot slipped on pea gravel. We were on a ride with a huge group! Uggg!

DH wrecked his bike a few years ago running into the back of another friend who decided to turn into a place for lunch. I got the blame because he was looking in the rear view to see where I was. (because I was the newest rider and tailing the group) 2 totaled bikes, a broken thumb, sore back...2 of the 6 riders were EMT's and I was the insurance rep!! The other 3 were IN the accident. Happy ending...we are still friends!

We were riding home on a beautiful 4th of July weekend. The clouds started to form so we put jackets on. In another 10 miles we were in flash floods and drenching rain on the cycle. In efforts to "save" my phone I put it "up front", buried in my shirt. Not a good idea. It was just like a funnel somehow. The phone drowned. The water was up to the exhaust. Quite an experience!

We are flooded around our area after having 8" of rain this past weekend. Many homes flooded. Roads closed due to mudslides and others closed to just being washed away! I can still get to work. (darn!)

I ordered some cycle stuff from Jafrum. Good deals, and quick shipping!

When I was "losing" we bought HD cycle jackets. Both Men's, so mine fit a little tight around the hips, little big in the shoulders. Figured I could work with it though. Still brand new, never worn. Got it out the other day. No zipping it NOW! Can't figure out how to "fix" the coat so I'm gonna have to fix ME again! Awesome coats though. The whole body has a zip-off exterior, leaving just the top part of the sleeves, and the rest is mesh. If I wouldn't have ruined it, I'd have taken the scissors to it just to wear it! Hmmph.

The week of the 4th we will have camping at our house. I did manage to get the time off work. DH is off all week too. We have ordered lots of landscaping stuff to do prior to camping. Not sure it will all get done as planned. Lots of rock to haul, patio to lay, and brick to be put around flower beds and patio. THAT is what happens when you find a good deal on thing leads to another!!

Hope you all have a good week!

06-24-2013, 10:15 PM
:rofl: I knew Colleen would tell of some funny stuff! :D Day-um you have alot planned for your yard, it will look so nice!

I got drowned on the way home today :eek: but that was quite okay compared to the progression of the storm once I was safely home! Flashes of lightning with immediate cracks of thunder and raining so hard, cars were going s-l-o-w. By this time I had made a cup of tea, put my boots and gloves on the boot drier
(like this ) and hung my jacket in front of the heavy-duty fan (gale force!) to try to dry out.

A 'feel good' biking story - we were riding in either North or South Carolina, and a FAST heavy rainstorm popped up. There were inches of water on the road so quickly! a lady saw us and waved us (four of us on bikes) into her yard, under her carport, to wait it out. Wasn't that nice of her? :)

Also in South Carolina (we were on our way to Myrtle Beach) we were gassing up and a lady approached us and said, 'would y'all like to see my husband fire up his custom bike? it's just down the road, he just finished it, and y'all can have a cold pop on us". well how could we refuse that :D she didn't seem like the wife of an axe murderer so we followed her. His shop was called Custom Creations and it was pretty darn kewl to be invited into his shop and see this beautiful chopper up on the lift, plus he showed us the trophies his crew had won, and he admired my relatively cheap Honda and DH's Kawie Vulcan :D along with admiring that we rode from Vermont when there was still snow on the sides of the road.

In the 12 years I've been riding, I've only met ONE real a-hole biker, he would dis my bike by saying with a smirk "when are you gonna get a REAL bike" however this piece of crap was a convicted felon, convicted petty thief, and a rotten personality so that's that :devil: (he was the husband of a co-worker, he was not anyone I'd ever associate with because of his creepiness!)

doing great with my FitnessBlender workouts, doing horribly with eating. What can I say. nothing! :devil:

06-25-2013, 12:02 PM
OMG...I'm having so much fun reading your stories...smiling and LOL, too...thanks so much! I've been racking my brain for a good one, to keep up with your stories and finally thought of one.

It was July 4th in Cody, Wyoming. The motel I was staying at was on an intersection right next to the parade route. There was a short down slope parking zone in front of the rooms with a teeny tiny drainage ditch at the bottom where it met the road. I had stayed there a week and done this maneuver many times. But! There was a cop car parked right behind me. I looked and figured I could do it and make the cut to avoid the cop backed out like always...but the slope+ditch+cut+cop car combo brought me down and Frank's front end landed UNDER the cops back end! Luckily no cops were around (they were setting up cones etc) and the motel maid and some guy in his skivvies (!) came over and (you know the drill) "on the count of three..." except Frank wouldn't budge. On the third try, I saw I was standiing on the fringe hanging from Frank's left grip. Then we easily picked him up......sheesh! The only damage was a tweeked left mirror and some missing fringe.

Love, just LOVE your stories.....this is way fun for me! I'm totally OP w/ The 100. Been afraid to weigh because I get pissed off when the damn scale doesn't cooperate after all the hard work. Getting weighed @ drs appt today (crossed fingers). But whatever...I have to stay OP. Doing Zumba 2x today.

Thanks're my heros!!

06-25-2013, 04:51 PM
ok...2lbs less! I'm on the road on the 5th and need to be looking good on the 11th. So that's 6 days on the road. Think i can lose some weight while on the road? I have to eat right instead of coffee and a gas station sandwich and then munch out at night. I never eat in restaurantes alone. So it's gotta be subway or something. Ideas?

06-25-2013, 04:54 PM
Oh...and what about the dumpster story?

As Tammy said it wasn't motorcycle related but it surely impressed her :D I was helping a girlfriend move, and she needed more boxes. Her apartment was next to a small convenience store, and the owner said we could fish out whatever boxes we could from his recycling dumpster. Well, I could climb up the sides of the dumpster (there were slots to put my feet in) and I could hang over the top edge, hinging at my waist, but if I were to pick up a box or two, there wasn't anything on the inside of the dumpster to brace my hands against. So I reached down (having friends hold my legs so I wouldn't topple INTO it) and grabbed handfuls of boxes and brought myself up with the strength of my abs ( have always been lucky to have relatively strong abs) and got as many as we needed :devil: I did feel pretty fierce because I was the oldest of the group at the time and the only one able to do something that physical :p

Your story is great Sun , lol @ standing on Frank's fringe :devil: and how I hate sloped parking lots!!

Here's a not-fun story - that involved sloped parking - DH, myself, and 2 friends visiting from CT (husband/wife riding their own) parked on a street in front of a tavern; really steep street but we parked in gear, pointing uphill, with front wheel turned correctly...however, when the male friend went out to get something from his bike, his bumped into DH's bike; knocked that downhill into my bike; my bike fell also and the windshield snapped in half :eek:

I can't describe what his expression was (terrible!) when he came back into the tavern with half my windshield in his hands. I did my best to NOT make him feel bad...because he and his wife both worked for a large pharmaceutical company that had laid them off about 6 months earlier, and neither had been able to get a similar high-paying job since; and I knew they were both on unemployment so I thought they were hurting for money. I did not accept a cent from him and I did not put in a claim to my insurance company...

However!! a few months' later they invited us and another couple to their house for the weekend (in CT) and when we arrived, I see this .. LARGE house, nice grounds, and inside beautifully decorated, a bar, fantastic kitchen, living room, 'fun' room, formal dining room, and upstairs master bedroom, many bathrooms, guest rooms, husband and wife each had their separate 'craft' rooms, I could go on and on..I never asked for reimbursement for my windshield because I thought they were on dire straights and couldn't afford the way our house is barely 1600 square feet, one bathroom, you get the picture :devil:

MOral for that story do not EVER park on a steep street, lol.

Oh this is funny, I pissed off a guy with a Corvette - I was gassing up, and some late-life Romeo :devil: was gassing up his 'vette on the opposite pump. He says, "if you give me a ride on your bike, I'll give you a ride in my 'vette" and without hesitation I said "no thanks, I'd be getting the short end of the stick of that deal". boy was he pissed :devil: Now that probably wasn't very nice of me was it :D

06-25-2013, 04:58 PM
ok...2lbs less! I'm on the road on the 5th and need to be looking good on the 11th. So that's 6 days on the road. Think i can lose some weight while on the road? I have to eat right instead of coffee and a gas station sandwich and then munch out at night. I never eat in restaurantes alone. So it's gotta be subway or something. Ideas?

congrats on being down 2!!

Hm I have to say I usually do lose on the road, because I know what eating heavily/ or heavy on carbs make me sleepy and I can not afford feeling sleepy on the bike. Subway is a good choice I would say! What are your travel plans?

06-27-2013, 10:13 PM
Hi girls! Don't really have any stories right now off the top of my head but will think of something!

great job on the WL Sunster and Dawn! By the way Dawn awesome picture you sure do look great and very happy!!!

Congrats grandma Colleen

Been super busy lately, hence the not being on the computer much lately either- I can keep up with Facebook through the iphone should figure out
how to get this one on there as well :) that way I can keep in touch with everyone more....

Oh karly will be 1 year old already tomorrow - bought her a Dune Buggy Power Wheels :)

Well we are leaving for Algona on Wednesday and not coming home till sunday afternoon - ready for a few days off - only about 35 days away before we leave for Stugis - that is a 10 day vacation - whoo hoo

Well added bling to the tips of my pipes - it looks cool and also blinged out
my fuel caps on my tank both of them, I also got my derby cover completely covered as well now- I will get some pictures here someday real soon

Well we are off - so I will try to start checking back in more often

07-05-2013, 01:30 PM
heading out for 6 weeks on the road in a few hours...tyiing up loose ends and well, this is one! i remembered a story but will save it for later when i'm sittin' in some lonely motel on I-80.

After reno, i head to illinois, then back to santa fe for 10 days, then park city thru monument valley and I want to see goose neck bend state park, up to sturgis and home to nor cal. Hey chopperchick....maybe we can meet up in sturgis, eh? I want to see that bling!! Are you doing the Biker Belles ride? I did it last year and waaaaay fun. It's $45 and you get lots-o-stuff plus at the end....really great food and free beer! I hope you's on tues the 6th and starts in deadwood. And anybody else here?? Let all biker gurlz know about it. It's for a really good cause...check it out..Biker Belles.

More later.....xo from Sun

07-07-2013, 10:31 PM
Sunster, hope you have a great trip! :carrot: Sounds like lots of riding!

This last week DH and I took off work. We put in a couple flower beds and patio like we planned, and also a streetlight (old time looking light) out beyond that. It really lit up the "camp sites" for our home camping weekend that started Wednesday. We had 5 trailers and a pretty good group of people over for campfires in the evening. LOTS of good food!

I have a huge cake (3 cakes stacked) in my refrigerator that I was too embarrassed to reveal! I made a very festive red white and blue layered cake! Just that it was slipping and sliding! The frosting was drooping. I held it together with 5 chop sticks--Not exactly USA--4th of July looking, awesomeness as I was hoping for! :dizzy:

We had a good time. People coming and going as they needed to with other events going on. We took 140 mile cycle ride yesterday. I got the tops of my hands sunburned! Saved a turtle, and saw areas that had so much flood damage, and the mudslides that had closed the local roads. 13-14"of rain over the course of a week about did our area in!

So we worked hard, and played hard. Back to work tomorrow. Hoping not to find a huge mess of stuff waiting for me.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

07-09-2013, 10:23 PM
Hi girls-

Sunster I may look into that - We actually stay in the condo in Deadwood but I have never done the Biker Belles ride- I think mostly because I just didn't ever want to go by myself- I was reading your post then told DH that I might just have to do it- he says "what am I going to do all day?" What day do you plan on getting into Sturgis? We will arrive the morning of Aug 3rd and will head home on Aug 11th..... I will send you my cell number- it would be nice to meet up :)

Well my son spun out at the track everyone made it by him but the very last car and boom got hit hard- so hard it bent his frame so he didn't race this past weekend, and now probably not for a couple of weeks - had to order a new car- he does have some really good sponsors which is good because the new car is all of $11,000 dollars with no motor, transmission, seat and a few other items but that can be pulled from old car and put in new car!

We went to the Freedom Rally in Algona, IA this past weekend- talk about crazy but we sure did have a relaxing good time- oh and Easy Riders was there
and took my picture with my bike, then asked if he could bring some other girls of course these girls were in bikini's and topless......

Well going to check out the Biker Belles run

07-09-2013, 10:54 PM
oh my gosh! so much to talk about :D

sunster, you are my hero for doing that ride alone!! so kewl. Talk to us from the road, if you can!

Colleen, wow you must have alot of lawn! sounds beautifully landscaped and how fun to have that many people camp! Whoa to that much rain, that is dangerous.

Reda, OMG that is so kewl that Easy Riders got your pic, was it John Greene? have met him and one of his wranglers, Mountain Mike. Do we get to see the pic somewhere?

I have been in a work coma, lol. I haven't had a day off since Saturday the 29th :eek BUt I do have this weekend off, it's our local little rally, Bare (or Bear) Bones Bash in Lowell.

Oh and I bought the 2013 Crossroads Motorcycle Rally calendar and I'm the featured person for December :D and here is a link to a commercial that will air this week and next, I'm in it twice :D :D

Took my bike for a tire yesterday, and found out the wrong tire was delivered, bummer! wasted trip. Will have to go back Thursday, in the rain, again.

Been terrible with working out, have missed almost 2 weeks (faint) you know how I am usually! but its been so hot and humid (well, warm and humid) I jsut can't seem to manage. I'll lose my muscles, yikes!

07-11-2013, 06:39 PM
Hello girls

Holly that is not like you to miss that much exercising- nice pictures in both - website (calendar0 and on youtube) :)

I hear ya about work coma- man I hope mine slows down real soon but don't see an end coming any time soon- but on a good note vacation is only 3 weeks away and during this vacation I tell them no phone calls for the most part will be on bike and can't answer the phone!!!!

Colleen sounds like your lawn and all is turning out great- and sounds like a nice ride that you took as well.

Well i supppose since I am home alittle early I better get off and get some supper going

07-11-2013, 09:36 PM
Great pictures Holly!!

We do have a lot of lawn. We've dumped a lot of money into fixing it up! Should have just covered the lawn with $$! It would be low maintenance and easier work! We have almost the whole block for yard. We do have a neighbor on the corner that has a tiny house on a tiny lot. Little ol' man that drives a '72 Oldsmobile! (not the classic kind either!)

I'm not sure that anyone did my "job" while I was off work for a week! What a mess! I chatted with previous employer that really wants me back. I asked WHEN the problem employee was going to be retiring. No commitment until I find that out for sure. It's a long way to drive. I suggested working from home a day or two to help me out. He's gonna find out some answers and get back to me on that. It will be interesting to hear the "offer"!

You gals sound like you put in lots of time and effort at work too! A person really does need a day off for mental health!

Reda, too bad about your son's race car. He sure does well in the races! You'll have to see if you can get a copy of that picture with Easy Riders.

It would be cool if you gals could get together at Sturgis! Good luck!

We have no vacation plans in place. I know I want to use some airline tickets to go somewhere! We got a credit on our tickets by taking the next flight out on our way to Florida for our cruise. They have to be booked in the next few months. Where to go....

Going Saturday for 5000 mile service on the bike. Seems to be running just fine. Friend thought maybe it was idling high. We'll find out!

Hope you all have a good weekend with good riding weather too.

07-12-2013, 11:23 PM
Hey gals, you sound super busy!

Sunster, hope you have a good ride the next few weeks.

Reda, wow that is a lot for a race car..... but I am glad he is ok.

Colleen, Hey, your cake sounds WAY more creative than mine would have been..... I hope you do get a good offer from your previous employer so you can dump the job you don't like.

Holly, the pic of you ROCK! I know you say you cheat a lot.... but I can't tell it.... so keep up the good work.

Well, I have been pretty busy. I turned 40 yesterday.... cut 8 inches off my hair.... and we just completed an offer on a lake house that we will live in as our primary house.... .we will have to do MAJOR downsizing.... and also we will have to find a place to store the bikes.... but other than that... it will be AWESOME to live on the lake.

I am back on the diet wagon as of today. I was off work (we get a day for our bday, so I took mine today). I took a ride on the Road Queen by myself...It was awesome. Tested out some stuff DH got me for my bday. I got a pink whip for my handlebar..... (thanks to a jerk almost hitting me in Memphis)..... The best gift was my two boys both came to my birthday dinner.... it was awesome for them to be in the same room and actually engage in conversation together.

Well, I have gabbed enough. Will gab more later.

07-13-2013, 08:41 PM
:bday2you:Tammy sounds like you had a wonderful day!!!! Oh a lake house so great right as we are close to a 100 degrees and humidity is awful- I hate it when your stick to ya.... Wow 8 inches is quite a bit and I bet it is very noticeable especially with the long hair that you have! We went to the Harley shop today to buy new handlebar grips for mine and DH's bike and my hair came out of hair tie and boy do I hate that because it is so hard to brush through when you get home- I put so much conditioner it in and it was still terribly- having short hair don't have to worry much but no I thouhgt I needed to grow it back out - today makes me wonder!

Glad to hear the boys are still getting along that is great news can't wait till mine get to that point

I think my diet wagon needs to show up real soon again as well- like maybe tomorrow it would be nice to lose the 10 pounds I have gained back since Jan last year

Hi Holly-Colleen- Dawn- Sunster and Aaron

Oh ya Holly how is Bear Bones going this weekend?

07-18-2013, 09:09 PM
Tammy, hope you had a happy birthday! Congrats on the Lake House too!

We have been doing lots of weekend riding. Going again Saturday. It's SO warm, I've been taking the car to work for air conditioning!

At the Harley shop, you can't leave without spending a boatload of money... DH wanted a new cycle! I talked him down to LED lights for his current cycle! I also ordered a bluetooth headset for each of us. They were expensive, but it's what our friends all have. We can connect together when we ride. Sounded like fun! Hope they work as good as we are thinking they will!

First day at the "old insurance job" is Aug 1st. They offered $2.50/hour increase from current, and the possibility of working from home a day or two a week. Need to see how that will work out with the business, but I LOVE the idea. The problem employee is still employed, but we shouldn't see each other as often if she works from home too! I'll take the desk away from her so as not to have to look at her! :devil: Current employer was none too happy with me giving 2 week notice! I was none too happy with them loading me to the gills with work to do before I go. I'm working hard to leave them in good shape!

Reda, good luck riding that diet wagon! The road sure gets bumpy! ;)

Holly, hope the Bear Bones was a success.

How is the trip going Sunster?

Hi Aaron and Dawn.

07-19-2013, 01:34 AM
Hey ladies! I lurk this thread, always interesting. I don't bike myself but have lots of biker friends, locally.

Anywho, if any of you will be cruising by Sidney, NE headed for Sturgis, or where ever, PM me. Would love to meet up!:D

07-19-2013, 11:22 PM
Hi Janelle and welcome- It is summer time of course and we don't get on here daily like we do in the winter months to busy, we would like to say riding but you know life just gets in the way of having to much fun :)

Great job on the weightloss and maintaining for almost 2 years- so how did you lose your weight and what are you doing to maintain? Love your avatar :D

Colleen- whoop on the new/old job- a raise is always nice and even better if you don't have to drive to work everyday! Good luck

Hi Holly, Dawn, Tammy, Sunster and Aaron

PS Holly how was bear bones- did you do the slow ride again this year?

07-23-2013, 06:27 AM
Hello chicks!! Tammy I am SO VERY sorry I missed your birthday!!!! hope it was nice, and congrats on the lake house!!

will check back tonight for more personalS! and Hi to Janelle, of course your name and avatar are a familiar site at 3fc!

07-24-2013, 10:58 PM
Hi girls- just wanted to drop in real quick- working on bike every night since vacation is 1 week away- trying to get as much done as I can but man I am not accomplishing much - double stick tape bling on and take it off, then again and again- still haven't gotten anything figured out for the the back of my bags- struggling and don't think I will have it done before we leave :(

Well off I go as well- log day tomorrow and it was a long day today so off to bed I am going!
Have a great thirsty thursday

07-24-2013, 11:04 PM
I will be taking my basic motorcycle test in 2.5 weeks.

I will then by purchasing my first motorcycle. Either a Suzuki SV650 or a Triumph Bonneville SE.

07-25-2013, 06:04 AM
Hi everyone.

Holly you look great!

Been crazy here yet. This last Saturday I finaly went & got my license. I know I made 1 mistake on the driving test (possibly 2) We were allowed to make 10 before failing the test. I think that way too many for the little bit of a driving test it was. If I knew what it was & how many mistakes I could have had I could have taken the test a month after I got my permit instead of waiting (3yrs) before going. I actually did it cuz my drivers license expired on my Bday in June & I waited as long as I could to go in & renew it as well. Long story short I am now legal all the way around!

I am currently in the process of getting a job on days again. I have enough of my current group at work & went out & applied/interviewed for a different job. They offered me the job Mon -Fri 10 - 6. Training wont start till Sep cuz the 1st training they wanted me to go to was less then a 2 week notice the 2nd training I already had vacation set up. So come the middle of Aug I will call to confirm the Sep training. I also decided to see if I cant get transfered out of my group now seeing that they will loose me no matter what. Ive been trying for about a yr (or more) now. I went to my managers manager & wow got the interview for a team I applied for months ago (Feb) within a day. If I can get transfered I will not take the other job I dont want to loose my vac & extra days that I get. The new group is Mon - Fri 8-5. Much better then these 12 hours nights that I have been doing. I'll be able to have a life again.

07-26-2013, 09:49 AM
Welcome IanG and good luck with your class they are very helpful and worth every penny.... Nice bikes you are looking at, so have you always wanted to get a bike or just one day decided you want to try it out?

Dawn that is great news hopefully you don't have to change jobs but congrats on the new job in the wings

07-28-2013, 11:08 AM
Hey all....I've found the perfect diet! Haven't weighed but I know I've lost weight just from riding thousands of miles since July 7. Spent days on I-80, painted a bunch in Illinois, jetted down the Mississippi, and rolled on over to Santa Fe to paint some more and a sweet 10 day break. Tomorrow heading out thru monument valley, utah , sturgis. Hoping to connect with chopper won't that be cool! Wish we could ALL meet up because this is one specialized group and I appreciate y'all.

Hi to Ian and glad to see ya here! Congrats on passing that test...I failed my first bike class (blush).

Oh and here's a quick story from yrs past. I accidentally rode over one of those tire shreds from a semi-truck, know what I mean? Anyhoo...I thought it would be kinda soft, but no, it was WHAM! And then some kind of strange whistle started. I looked down on my left and my kickstand was out! I kicked it back in and pulled off at first off ramp. Luckily, Frank was fine and as I calmed down and was looking around.....I saw a miracle! It was that Cadillac ranch where the guy planted a bunch of them front end down in his farmland. Somewhere in Texas I think...on I-70?

Ok you beautiful people....take care!

08-01-2013, 07:35 PM
Hi girls well I am off to Sturgis tomorrow- and am planning on meeting up with sunster on Tuesday for the Biker Belles ride :) if all goes planned anyways.

Just wanted to drop in and say HI

08-02-2013, 04:57 PM
Sturgis is on my bucket list.:D

Not going to happen this year, gonna shoot for next year. Do have a cousin from Wyoming headed over. Hope he posts lots of pics on FB.

08-02-2013, 10:49 PM
Thanks ChopperChick. I have always wanted a bike but got a bit sidetracked with being too heavy, having a family and not having enough cash. I've still got the family but the other two obstacles I have started to overcome. So time for some wheels!

08-04-2013, 06:55 AM
Hello everyone and so sorry I've been so absent!!

WELCOME IanG! of course I've seen you on the forum for a while and congrats is too small a word to offer for your success! and YAY for the bike decision!! I hope your lady is on board with the idea also, it is very very helpful when the spouse likes bikes too :D and yes I'm curious have you ridden before the family came? The state courses are great, that's how I got my endorsement.

So by now Reda must be in The Promised Land :cool: and I hope she has some fun for us too :) sure hope she and Sun meet up at that ride.

Dawn I hope you get the position/hours you want!

Hi Colleen, congrats on your job shift also, 2.50/hour raise is fantastic. and always nice to see your posts on FB.

Hi Tammy! :wave: how are things with you and have you been able to ride alot? do I remember you and DH were looking at another house?

Sunster, WOW is all I can say, you are my hero!!! I never go anywhere alone on the bike (out of state I mean) so that is so kewl to me.

Hi Aaron!!

I've been riding alot just commuting which is great of course, my commute is about 44 miles a day of beautiful Vermont scenery with 6 miles of dirt road daily too (good for skills)
We had that long spell of hot weather and I perfected stopping at a convenience store, going into the restroom and soaking my tee shirt with water, put my jacket on over that, buying 2 waters, drink part of one and then pour the rest over my head, and soak my jeans (no kidding!! got lots of weird looks) then rode home . Acts like pure air conditioning, but it only lasted 20 or so minutes but enough time to get home.

Now we're back to typical Vermont weather, 50's at night and about high 70's to low 80's day, pretty nice.

Been SO lax with any thought of 'diet' :rolleyes: and my working out has dwindled down to almost nothing, ugh! too hot for a while (we don't have AC) and just so hard to do it early in the morning, and I have no ambition for it when i get home.

If you're on FB you might have seen I captured my Miss (Mrs.) Crossroads Motorcycle Rally title back :D with my Cherry Pie skit. It was pretty fun. Afterwards I was carrying my prop oven out of the tent, arms wrapped around it and it was blocking my view, I bumped into a biker, he was about 6'5" and he looks down and says "i'll help you with that" and tried to pick the oven AND me up :rofl:

DH and I were asked, along with our organization (UMV) to take part in a member's father-in-law's funeral procession; he bult and restored trikes. The procession was alot bigger than I thought; 3 trikes led; then about 30 bikes, and the cemetary was almost 30 miles away, I'm glad I had the whole day off! DH had to go back to work when we learned how far the ride would be, he couldn't take that much time away. The family was quite grateful for the show of support for a fellow biker.

We are entering our crazy busy month at work; we are booked every day so every day breakfast is at around 60 ppl, lunch a little lower and dinners at 70 to 80. Thats alot of pastries but its what I love to do right :D Our breakfast/lunch guy gave his notice which SUX because he knows how busy we are but there was some resentment thing going on. But we just hired his replacement yesterday so hopefully the dinner chef and I won't be stuck with doing extra shifts for long.

OK I should be working out instead of being here :D but I MISSED being in touch with you all and especially kewl that we're got a few new peeps :cool:

08-05-2013, 09:52 PM
Hi to everyone! Just checking in for a minute to catch up.

Congrats to Holly on the Miss Crossroads title!! Dawn good luck with the job(s).

We took a 620 mile cycle trip around in a big circle through Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa last week while in between jobs. DH took time off too. Had a good time!

Back to work...haven't got the bugs worked out of the system on getting the computer system going to allow working at home yet. Looking forward to a day without the long commute though!

Grandbabies are coming to stay with us for the day on Saturday. :carrot:

Funny question of the day... A lady asked me if I could sleep while on the bike. I told her I didn't think it would be a good idea, as I was the DRIVER! Funny how many looks women get on a cycle too!

08-12-2013, 09:43 PM
Hello Everyone

Well made it back from Sturgis, and yes me and Sunset got to meet up at the Biker Belle ride, hung out pretty much the whole day, it was great :carrot:
She is an awesome lady and an inspiration, she has been on her bike since the beginning of July traveling all over and is probably getting home today or tomorrow not sure which day for sure. She is a hoot and you will get that from the picture!!!!

Well before we left I got into some poisonness sumac (I thought it was chiggers) but nope then to top it off I had an allergic reacation to the poison
sumac- but DR put on steroids before leaving then I had to get another weeks worth while out in Sturgis- this stupid stuff keeps spreading for up to 21 days and it is still spreading- some popped up on the arm and legs in the last couple of days- boy does it itch like crazy, but I didn't let it damper my vacation (well maybe alittle as I went to bed early most nights which early for us on vacation is like 10-11pm) I just couldn't put up with itch any longer and needed to take some benedryl!!!!

Here are a couple pictures of Sunset and myself ( (

This photo is myself in the pink, spitfire (she is from deadwood), Sunset, and Hotlips (she is from Mitchell, SD)
Sunset and I met hotlips while we were visiting at the bar waiting for the ride to get started. Not a great picture of me because my eye had been swollen from the stupid sumac stuff and I just didn't even do anything with my hair before riding up there!

08-12-2013, 09:45 PM
I passed my motorcycle test.

08-12-2013, 10:06 PM
IanG congrats on passing your motorcycle test = that is awesome! so let us know if you bite the bullet and buy a bike

Holly glad you have been getting to ride a lot. I did notice that you got Ms Crossroads back - Congratulations, it was a cute outfit as well and you looked HAWT!!!!!

Tammy we may be planning a trip to the Bikes, Blues and BBQ Rally next year 2014- how far away is that from where you live? Hoping maybe we would be able to meet up next year possibly???? Check it out :)

shcerif welcome to the thread- again it is summer and sometimes gets a bit quite with work, vacations and hopefully just out riding :) I see you have been maintaining for almost 2 years, how did you lose your weight and what has been your secret to maintaining?

OH ya almost forgot that I got a fairing for my bike while in Sturgis- we took a day and looked at all the vendors then when I decided on one, Scott noticed another company across the street and I am glad he did that is the one I went with and ordered it will be here in 2 weeks, it has a jammin radio system as well :)

Ok well time to take some benedryl and head off to bed- have a great night

08-21-2013, 09:08 AM
HELLO!!! Reda, welcome back from Sturgis (weeks ago, I know) so sorry about the poison sumac but so kewl you met Sun!! GREAT PICS!! she does look like she embraces life, what a vibrant looking chick!


Tammy, HI and i'm a dolt, when you have time can you tell about the pink whip and the person who almost hit you?? (months ago now I guess)

Hi Colleen, and Hi Dawn!

my schedule changed, we did not get a replacement breakfast/lunch cook so we (dinner cook and I) are covering. so i go into work 2 hours earlier each day (except Wed, I have half day off) and stay later each day. So I have NOT worked out in so long. And eating more. So ignore my ticker :rolleyes:

I successfully led our local group from one town to the next on our Toy Run last week, then my bike's battery just up and died! Other bikers stopped to help, to no avail. AAA got my bike, and I got a ride with a nice stranger, I tell ya the looks I got from everyone as we pulled into the staging area, with me riding ***** with a stranger :devil: Got a new battery and now all is well.

Oh jeez, I had to question a member about why he deviated from the set route (during the Toy Run) and he WENT OFF on me (this guy comes to maybe one meeting every two years, I exaggerate not, he only participates if there is riding involved, or maybe being on TV, never for the grunt work)

All I did was ask if there was a problem why did not bring the group to the designated meeting area, and that maybe more back and forth communication was needed? Um, I am the Vice President of United Motorcyclists of Vermont, I think I'm allowed to question a change of routine, and this guy 'yells' at me on FB, he wrote..."Holly, I could say alot of things, but I will be nice and only communicate that I will never be a part of anything UMV does! Just who do you think you're talking to????'

What a jackass! :rolleyes: I am pretty sure that if a MAN said it to him, he would have taken it better, but I guess he only thinks women should make sandwiches in the kitchen and keep quiet.

okay so I am free til 2 pm today, then I go wokr for the Rat B. for a few hours :rofl: to get my mad money for the week. I WILL workout next, then laundry, then relax a bit.

SO very kewl , again, that Reda and Sun met and love the pics! Ride safe, chicks and dudes :D

08-22-2013, 04:26 PM
Hi ALL....geeze that was fun meeting up w/ Reda and straight away we headed for tomato beers! Hey, they're health drinks, right? But really, how cool is this board...dieting bikers...and meeting Reda was a kick. And then a few days later we found each other in downtown Sturgis. Let me tell ya everyone....her bike is blinged and tres *****in'!

I got back from 6wks on the road and only because I ran out of money. I could live out there forever. One of the best days was getting up before sunrise in Mexican Hat, UT. rode out to Gooseneck St Park and saw the awesome horseshoe bend in the river as the sun rose and eagles soared and screeched. Then, just as I was about to enter Monument Valley, i noticed movement to my left. A group of 7 wild horses were running wild and ran right accross the road in front of me!! No place to pull over but nobody on road so i slowed and watched them frolic off. then, just over the next hill was the exact locatioon of a picture i've been staring at for years. Parked Frank and took the pic with him in it. It continued to be a great day and finished it off by going thru Zion and landing in Cedar City, UT .

Wish I could meet y'all!

xo Sunset

08-24-2013, 08:45 PM
Sunset glad to hear you made it home safe and sound! How was your trip home by the way?

Holly you had every right to ask why someone would deviate from the route, especially if it would have been something that would need address for another route or a later ride. Some men (not all) should just lock themselves in their house and stay there, trying to be nice and all......
When does your summer job end and of course I know that means winter job sets in full time then? Sorry to hear about battery and thank goodness for nice guys out there, you were able to finish the ride even if you had to ride B**ch. I rode with DH on our supper ride the other night and everyone was like oh no whats wrong with bike? nothing just wanted to be lazy for a night.
But on our way home I have that sumac all over my chest now(popped out on Saturday my 20th day) anyways thought since it was dark I would pull my shirt up and let them get some air, told my DH that if our good friend starts to pull up to let me know so I can pull my shirt back down, well he wasn't paying attention and F. comes rolling up beside us, I guess at least it is one of best friends instead of just one the guys in the riding group :)

Ian have you decided on a bike yet?

Hi Colleen, Tammy and Dawn

08-25-2013, 10:10 PM
Hi everyone! We've been riding a lot this summer! On the new bike I've already got over 6000 miles! 3000 were on it. So about 1000 per month. Not too bad for weekend riding and once or twice a week to work and back. I'm really liking it, and love the "looks" from the loud pipes. DH gave me some crap about an ol' lady in her 40's with the loudest pipes in the bunch, and I decide to have a revving contest at a stop sign! Fun is fun, no matter what your age!

Sounds like you have all been having a great time, and a busy summer. Glad to hear of the fun times! Ian, hope you find a bike you like soon so you can enjoy it yet this summer!

I have gotten back on the wagon... 1st week. Still getting the hang of the diet all over again. My bother kind of kicked me in the rear, telling me I was HIS inspiration to lose weight--and I better get back on plan! I spent 2 hours cutting up fruit. Have salad in the 'fridge... Still went to the folks house for supper and ate! I took them fruit and salad too though! 5 pounds back down (they are always the easiest). I'll let you all know when my "tracker" is actually accurate! It won't be for a while. :devil: I lost 85 in 9 months, and gained back 40 over the next 9 months. It's still a loss from 1 1/2 years ago. I will remember through this next 35 pounds how hard it was the first time, and now I have do it all over again, because I was lazy!

It's just after 8:00. I put a load of laundry in, and figured, I may as well just wash these jeans I am I put on my PJ's. OF COURSE, this is when we get unexpected company coming over!! UGGGGH! How embarrassing! I opened the door, and hid behind it. THAT is enough reason to lose some I can wear some cute little PJ's and not look like a hippo in a dress!

Happy riding everyone! Take care!

08-26-2013, 10:05 PM
Guilt made me correct my tracker...I'll do my best to get it back to where is was, then after that, where it should be!

My short term goal is to get back to 225 by Jan 12, when it is vacation time. Hoping to get that vacation to Cancun booked very soon. Been waiting on friends' decision on if they are going.

Took the cycle to work. It is HOT, hot, hot!! Watered the plants as soon as I got home. So disappointed to see that several of our transplanted trees are dying. :(

08-28-2013, 09:45 PM
Hey all!!!! I have skimmed through the board.... so forgive me if I miss some events I missed.

Ian- Welcome... my name is Tammy.... I have been super busy but I used to be and plan to become a regular here again. Congrats on your test!

Sunster, I agree with the others on the board. You are so vibrant. It would be soooo super cool to meet up one day.

Dawn-hope you are not working yourself to death with the jobs.

Colleen-Girl... talk about weight gain.... I am only 35 away from my highest.... I swore I would NEVER be back there again.... so I have to get with it! So, after we complete the move (see below) I am going to get back to it.

Chopper- First of all.... Fayvetteville (Biker's Blues and BBQ) is about 4.5 hours away.... You bet if y'all make it there in 2014 I will be there! It gives me a goal to work for. Also, your flaring sounds awesome!

Holly- Congrats on your crown back. Lol. Also, I really think you have the right to ask why and in the future ask that people don't deviate unless they let someone know.... That is a scary thing. What if they wrecked.... it would take awhile to find them. So, my DH bought me a hot pink and white whip for my bday b/c the week before we were in Memphis and the lanes were merging.... and this BMW decided he wanted in my lane, even though the sign was posted a mile back the road (this is one of my pet peeves). So, I stayed where I was (right behind my DH).... he just kept edging in... all the while looking me eye..... I was shaking my head "no".... and he just kept edging in. He literally came about 1mm to my leg. So at that point I decided that I need a whip. I would never do anything out of spite, but I WILL do it out of necessity.

Ok, I have been gone for so long.... So you all know that DH mother died and she lived in a house behind our house. Well, the past year has been "h" "e" double hockey sticks on him, me, us, our jobs. etc. So, we were going to move to FL and he backed out twice on me. That obviously was not the right thing for him. So we were just riding around on July 4, and found this trailer ON THE LAKE. So went through the process. Found out the couple had "money" and the man had gotten sick and the woman had fallen down the hill the trailer was on.... so they just sold their main house in Jonesboro and moved to Texas. They walked off and left EVERYTHING in the trailer, which is a 2009, but is like brand new on the inside. They left top of the line EVERYTHING..... including riding mower, boat, furniture, new appliances, and everything except personal clothing. So, we ended up getting it for a steal b/c they wanted out from under it. In the meantime since August 2, we have been moving. It is like the move that will not end.... but remember we still had everything from MIL house, DH house, and then the stuff from the trailer that we did not want. So, we had an auction..... made a few bucks to buy a good building for the bikes (which we have barely ridden all summer). So we have been pretty busy. The bulk of the time was for the auction since neither my DH nor my MIL had moved in like 30 years and had JUNK that went on forever. We should be finished by the end of this week.... and we are renting the house out.

I cannot tell you the weight I feel has been lifted off me since leaving that house. I loved my MIL..... but the thing with my son and other things just bothered me about the house..... and now I am FREE and I feel great. Not to mention that I can look out my living room and see a LAKE!!!! I am lake front for less than 100k. I love it! Even though we have not been out in the boat (bass boat) or the kayaks we had bought before..... but we should be done this weekend.

So, when we are done with the house completely..... I am getting back on track. It is so hard to pack all the meals b/c we don't have appliances in the old house anymore.... so after we get that resolved, I am back to it b/c as my ticker will reflect... I am only 35 from my highest. I swore it would NEVER happen again..... but here I am. But, I think I am at a good place in life so that I can get it done again. Hopefully for the last time to have to lose this much weight..... I cannot express how glad I am to have internet friends like you all and to have this chance and weight lifted again!

Ok, my fingers are falling off. I will gab more later. I have a funny dog story since we are at the lake.


08-29-2013, 10:23 PM
Well of course on a time schedule tonight= still not packed and we leave tomorrow for Branson MO- last minute trip we are going on

tammy glad to hear things are finally going your way- and your new house sounds great :) Your whip sounds cool- I see some bikes with them and think they look so cool- Got my fairing today so now it has to go off to paint= can't wait to get it back and on!! Then of course more bling to come

Hello Holly, Dawn and Colleen

Oh ya Colleen I see you got your winter trip booked- you lucky girl, I have been looking but haven't booked yet- to jealous I am :)

09-07-2013, 10:02 PM
CC, I can't wait to see the new fairing blinged out! So, you have a little over a year until B-B-BBQ... I expect to see it blinged to the max.

Holly, how is the job? I know you are in the busy season. Are you getting to ride any other than going to work and back?

Colleen, How are you doing? How is the job?

Sunster, How are you?

Dawn, How are things with your son? And did you get a new job?

I have not started exercising yet..... but I am eating on track again.... this week didn't go too badly. Since I started on Tuesday I have lost 5 pounds..... I know it is the beginning..... but I needed a "whoosh" like that. I have not started walking, BUT, I plan to this week.

Drum roll please, I FINALLY finished the longest move in history. I am not just trying to get the final things unpacked. I am just glad we are done getting things out of the house. We had a HORRIBLE few experiences trying to rent it out.... but I think we finally got a good couple in there. Trust me, I would NOT do rental property for a living.

I am going to get busy a little bit. Lol.


09-08-2013, 05:43 PM
Hi girls and gals

Well glad to hear you got all moved Tammy! We had our big poker run this weekend and what a great turnout we had for having a rainy start......

Sinuses have kicked in and boy are they kicking my BUTT!!! Maybe even enough that I won't be going to the races tonight :(

Well I will check back in later

09-11-2013, 08:06 AM
Hello!!! Tammy thank you for that catching-up post, HUGE congrats on the lake house, for getting the load of the MIL house off your shoulders, and for your steely reserve when riding and NOT giving up your lane to that poo-filled BMW! I have done the same thing, shaking my head like crazy to someone and they just don't care. C*R*A*C*K goes Tammy's whip :devil:

Reda, sorry about your sinuses! hope you get some relief!

Hi to everyone else!

So yes I've had to pick up the shifts from the guy who quit on us on our busiest time. I have STOPPED exercising, you all know that even though i eat like crazy i have been a consistent exerciser for years and years but i have completely halted that, i have to leave the house by 6 am and have been getting home around 4 or so which does not sound that bad, but it's been too warm, I'm tired, blahblahblah :devil:

BUT I have to say I've enjoyed the summer as much as I can, I've ridden to work probably 85% of the time (except for the past week; we had temps in the high 30's for a few days; then today it's supposed to be near 90!) I see I've ridden about 6000 miles this season :carrot:

change of subject - fingernails! i have never had nice nails, they get to a short length and then just break, chip, tear, etc. I tried some Impress Broadway press-on nails back in July, to go with my Cherry Pie outfit..they lasted for days and looked so pretty, so I tried their French tips and Oh my nails looked SO pretty and I got so many compliments, no one could tell they were fake.

They stay on firmly (for me) for about 5 days, then I might need to add some nail glue. Then they start to look kinda 'not great' after a week. I wore them just about non-stop for over a month (taking off the week-old ones, then applying new ones) then decided to give my nails a breather for a week or so. I don't see any damage to my nails, they are still weak and brittle, but they always are.

I've been wearing the Sport length which is considered short but for me still look fantabulous. One did pop off at work (and I know you are going "UGH! into the cookie dough??" :devil: ) but it just fell on the floor, lol. I have been able to be conscious of them constantly and keep counting "10" to double check :D

09-12-2013, 12:50 AM
Hi Holly! I'm baaaaack! Couldn't log in under my old ID and password, so am back being a Newbie :-). After a hard couple of years, I'm at my all-time FAT. I'm not riding anymore, but I hope y'all won't mind me joining you for some much needed support and encouragement. :-)

09-13-2013, 01:11 PM
Hi everyone. Sorry been gone. DS is back home. Working things out with DIL. Took them shopping the other night for clothes, they both need interview busness work clothes so we bought them some. Thank goodness for 30% off at Kohls. DS started new job on Thursday. I dont think he cares for it but he is atleast working & getting some $ coming in. DIL had a couple interviews this week but no luck. Will be harder for her since she just got her high school diploma in May & has never worked, she is also pretty quite. DS BSed his way, the military helped him be able to do that.

I have quit my new job already. I called BF one night during training cuz I was so frustrated from the way the other people in training was so disrespective & the the manager/trainer let it go on. Plus I was seeing that most of the managers there started back in March. Makes me really think of the high turnover along with quite afew of the other people in training had already worked there before & quit & back again. I talked to BF about it & we both agree that my work ethics & what I expect back I will not get there. He told me to quit. He said take a few months off readjust to days get done what I want before start working again. He told me has been throwing me hints for months now to quit but I just have not been getting the hints. He is so different then my Ex. My Ex looked at the $$ in everything. BF & I are happy as long as the bills get paid. After we desided I would quit he says good now we can go to Utah for Grandsons 1st BDay. :) I knew he wanted to go & had tried looking for reasonable plane tickets (couldnt find any) for him to go but he didnt want to go by himself. So we are driving. Going for 2 weeks.

I have gotten more done in the couple weeks I have been out of IBM then I have gotten done in the last several months. Since quiting the other job too I have been getting my "spring" cleaning done. I am down to 3 1/2 rooms. I only have to mop the floors in the 1 room then I am done with it. The kitchen will be the worst room & will leave it for last. We dont have hardly any counter space so thats one reason why its the worst.

Havent gotten bike out much this yr. My friend hasnt had time to ride. I am legal now to ride on my own but I like to ride with someone just incase something does happen. Which did any of you make it to the DC rally? My cousin went. I am so envious of him. I wish I could have gone but there is no way my 250 (or me) could have handled the ride. BF & I are hoping that we both have new bikes to go next yr. They plan on making it a yearly thing.

09-17-2013, 10:23 PM
Hi girls

Dawn hope you have a great trip to UT and getting to see the grandbaby they are so precious :) Hope you get some riding in soon before the weather starts to change and you won't be able to ride - shoot we already fell down to the 40's - yuck not ready

Holly I found some great stuff at walmart- because of the fake nails that I have gotten done in the past my nails have been so weak and brittle but using this stuff for they have gotten strong and look amazing! I got it at wal-mart it is called "Nutranail" Nail Essentials - Power Growth Treatment! it cost right around $5, you should give it a try

Congrats Colleen that is one nice NEW HD your DH got!!!

Well better get off here have tons of stuff to do and I am already beat

09-22-2013, 05:29 PM
Just a quick hello.

I hope everyone is doing well. Gosh Holly and CC.... I can't believe you are in the 40s already. Do you have a "fall"? It seems we don't have a "spring" b/c it goes from cold to HOT.....

I have not been riding. Just unpacking and truthfully I think the depression monster has me by the hair of the head. I am trying to give the monster a fight..... so I am going to watch my calories very tight starting today..... I have got to get some of the junk out and some sort of balance and control in my life again. But, I think it is an issue most people face sometimes. Especially when you have a sister as nutso as mine..... but that is a whole different post.

I do need to get out and ride. I will post more later.


09-24-2013, 06:52 PM
Hi girls

Well how is everyone???

Not a lot of time but wanted to stop in and see if everyone is still as busy as I am and yep it looks that way!! We got our winter vacation set - we are going to Cozumel Jan 18th so Colleen I am with you about getting my butt in gear and losing some weight and not much time left because it does sneak up on ya very quickly!!!! When is it again that you are going to Cancun?

Trying to get our last good rides in before we start getting to cold which will be soon but DS is also trying to get in last races which is taking up a lot of our weekend time :(

Tammy I will keep you informed on Bikes, Blues, BBQ for next year- a few of us say lets do it and then I got DH who is holding us back!!!! Go figure

Well off I go - have a great night

10-01-2013, 09:59 AM
Hi girls

Well stopping by the wellness center this morning to start my membership back up and getting my butt in gear- I need to start exercising without it all I do is maintain and I am not good with just maintaining!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well-

10-02-2013, 02:44 PM
Hello everyone. In Utah at moment. We are staying with BF (now DH) daughter & EX. :) Yep I said DH. We made a road trip to Vegas. He didnt want me to be without health insurance till we went to Niagara Falls. Only a few select people know that we tied the knot, we still plan on going to the Falls in May. Whats really cool is the guy who married us used to play Big Bird in the early 80s. It was such a nice day. We also got good news. Before we came here for GS 1st Bday we filled out rental application for a house tha we found out yesterday we got approved for. It has 3 bedrooms, a fireplace & a yard that we will have wildlife visiting us. DS had called yesterday too telling me they will be moving into a house as well. They will be breaking their lease but I am doing my best to keep my mouth shut cuz they need to learn on their own & doesnt do us any good since they think the world is done completely different then it really is.

10-02-2013, 09:23 PM
Congratulations Dawn!!!!! You are looking and sounding very happy in your life :)

Well I know Holly is without a computer right now- so I am sure that is why she hasn't chimed in lately :(

Well watching Survivor but that I would check in real quick

10-03-2013, 01:25 AM
Hi everyone. Been a long time since posting. Like a month!! That month hasn't been particularly good to me/us. Weight loss...Hahahahahah! Yeah, right! That hasn't happened! DH father passed away unexpectedly. Kids lost a Grandma too the day before. Work is stressful. I am strong and probably a little more stubborn and set in my ways than they expect. :devil: Vacation is planned for Cancun Jan 12-19th...just across the water from Reda in Cozumel. I'll wave at you!! I have a favorite store in Cozumel to buy purses...$20 name brand, genuine Mexican Coach with free tequila shots with every purchase!! Next vacation is next spring/summer to Colorado on the motorcycles--2 weeks in Colorado and the Rockies. At least that is what DH wold like to do. He did get a 2014 HD Ultra Classic Limited--he likes it. (I would HOPE $o)

Wow...I've caught up a bit--I was way behind! Congrats Dawn!!! You sound very happy!! Everyone else sounds very busy! Summers always are! Looking much more like Fall around here. Leaves are changing. Chilly in morning and evenings. Beautiful all during the day while I'm working! THIS is why some people like second or third shift I bet!

Heading to MN this weekend for a wedding. Just had a Thirty-one show. Sold $800 got $300 free with double bonus month! SCORE! Had a good time wildly picking over-priced goodies for myself with no regard to the cost!! :D DD got a couple things she liked too. It was great incentive for me to clean the house and rearrange furniture they way I like it. :p DH and I have a difference of opinion on furniture layout. I like it all open to the kitchen/dining. He likes the windows without any furniture in front of them. Can't have it both ways with the furniture we have! Only 2 choices--my way or his.

Take care. I'll check in sooner next time. Shower and bed calling me!

10-03-2013, 11:10 PM
Hi you Beautiful People you...

How great does Dawn look!!!

I've corrected my ticker to make it read true, sadly. The best way for me to lose weight is take a long road trip! I should go out there and LIVE on the road...I'd be thin, even. But since coming back in, I've put on enuf to go on....gasp....the dang slimfast diet. 2 shakes, 1 bar, 3 snacks, and a full blown meal. Well, I made it thru day 1. Yeah yeah, I know it sucks but, i've done it how many times. I've done EVERY diet at least 3x or more. My goal is to lose 18lbs by Dec 8. anything close to it will make me happy.

Frank got his 70k service. I wore out his grips this last trip, so I have a new pair of Avons. The girth is smaller (and we all know it's about girth!) so I have the cure: throttle fringe grips! Anybody have some laying around? I have brake/clutch cover fringe and they are very worn out (I like 'em). I'll either get used throttle grips or a new set of both.

Packing, moving, jobs, bosses, travel, grandkids,'s all here. You are all truly beautiful and I'm so glad you're here. Hope we all get to meet up this coming summer. Reda and I will be on the Biker Belles ride, right?! If you can't be there, maybe some other town/event? You name it...I'll be there!

PS found a GREAT pic of Reda taken on the ride :)

10-04-2013, 10:43 PM

I live in a college town, and this weekend is homecoming and boy what a crazy place to be- we will enjoy the festivities tomorrow starting at 7am with a couple bloody Mary's and breakfast :) but of course it doesn't compare to our winter trips in January.

Colleen we will be getting to Cozumel the day before you leave Cancun- but question I take it you have been to Cozumel so what shop are you talking about it and what resort have you stayed at? Any tips - I do know we are going to Playa Del Carmen for a day, want to check it out anyways

Sunster yep I know you what you are talking about as I am back to the gym and watching what I am eating, as I would like to loose 20 before January 17th-- Not sure about Biker Belles next year only because I think if we go to Sturgis next year it will probably only be Thurs- Sun- we are going to save some vacation time to go to Bikes, Blues and BBQ in Fayatteville AR
That is the plan anyways

Well I suppose I should get off computer and get a few things done since we won't be home all day tomorrow

10-05-2013, 12:27 PM
ok Reda and all...let's lose 20 for the new year...we can do it and have plenty of time if we start now. :)

I'm riding frank to Sacratomato today...nice and in the 80's. Been watching Sturgis web cam....yikes. Sorry...sounds like I'm, maybe a little..but then we have 116 heat iin the summer...yikes.


10-06-2013, 11:07 AM
Oh shoot we won't be riding - western SD got up to 45" of snow and
south eastern SD where we live got tornados- 1st part of Oct this is just crazy!!!

Sunster glad you get to keep on riding :)

But I am with you on the losing 20 pounds before my vacation in January-
I just need my self control to kick in real soon!

10-06-2013, 10:19 PM
Reda, 45" of snow and tornados???!!! THAT is not good for cycle riding at all!!

Cozumel, yes we were there in 2011 for a week and 2013 for a day during the 5 country cruise...tequila factory tour goes all around navigable portion of the island to the North and East side. Ruins are neat (DH likes that stuff--I like shopping and bargaining with the locals at the street vender/shops near the port (not the big one downtown) with purses and nicknacks--lots of jewelry. This next vacation we are taking 14 friends with us, and have decided on going to Cancun for a change. We have been there too on a vacation I earned through work several years ago. All expense paid--wish I could do THAT again!! DH is kind of planning a trip out West. Wondering if maybe we could catch up with you (Sunster and everyone else too for that matter) in South Dakota for a bit...details as plans get made.

Sunster, losing 20 for the New year shouldn't be any least if I put my mind to it! Been being food-naughty lately. Chips and cheese for supper would be a prime example!

Tammy, I hope the stress of moving goes away and you start enjoying yourself again soon!

Holly, you sound busy too! You have inspired me to make my fingernails pretty. Note to self...don't do it before spending hours in the kitchen working and messing in hot water. Ruins all the pretty's!

Hi Dawn, Aaron Jillie, Ian, Shcirerf and anyone that would like to join in our fun.

10-08-2013, 09:11 PM
I've already fallen off wagon 2x this week. So, ive decided I have a choice when temptation strikes. It's either choose the comfort food (it's ALL comfort food to me, by the way) or choose to be thin. I've said this often today, "comfort or thin". Well, this mini-mantra is helping..... I just reeeeely want to be one of those thin chicks on our bikes, ya know?!

Comfort food yummy now or thin eventually?

We're losing 20 by new year....everyone in? How about 10 for the holidays!


10-09-2013, 01:01 AM
I really need to be in!!!!!! I am in the same boat only just started and blew it already today- Mc Donalds on the road- but tomorrow I already have my salad ready for lunch but we do have a supper ride planned tomorrow night- we are actually going to hit 81 tomorrow so better ride while we can :)
Didn't make it to the gym this morning ended up going to work instead and not getting home till 7 but not really home went and got my hair done so really didn't get home till 9- of course I had to watch SOA, then decided to log on real quick but I really need to get by butt to bed

So off I go

10-13-2013, 08:30 PM
Hi girls- well not so good this weekend = DS was racing about 180 miles away so we stayed in motel for the weekend which meant eating out and with a group of 16+ we usually did buffets- I lost all control!!!!!!!

So hopefully back on track tomorrow

How is everyone else doing??

10-14-2013, 11:04 PM
Hi gals I am still here. I am mad at my self, I have gained more weight this summer. I was down to 230 when my dad died 2 years ago and I have gained weight each summer. I was 245 last year this time and I am at 255 this year. My wife and I started our diets today. I hope to be down to 220 by april next year. When I started my diet 2 years ago I was at 275, so I am not back to wear I started. I would love to do the 20 lb weight loss for the new year with you gals.

10-15-2013, 01:28 AM
Hello Aaron, sounds like you are in the same boat as most of us are= with the exception of Dawn she is looking way awesome!!! But that is good she is in a good place in her life :)

Well today was no better than this weekend!!! So hopefully tomorrow I will get back on track- aren't these the famous last words???

10-15-2013, 08:02 AM
I am almost back to 255, I am at 256 today. Yesterday I weighed 260, after a wedding party.

10-15-2013, 10:49 AM
HI!! I just went through and read all that I've missed.

Dawn - CONGRATS!! you look soooo great and pretty and happy! nice looking husband too and that is TOO KEWL about former Big Bird j/p!

Reda - I read everything but I mostly remember trying to get air to the sumac :devil:

sunster - Oh isn't it easy to lose weight on the road! my longest trips have only been 3 days each way but I always drop real pounds (not just water weight) because my focus changes so.

Tammy - I see it was a month ago that you mentioned it but I am soooo sorry about the gosh-darned (I am censoring myself) depression hitting you! that suxs so bad and I wish I could make it disappear for you.

Colleen - I always see what you have on FB even if I don't reply :)

Aaron - hi!

well even though I rode alot, the past few months have just been a blur because of the added job at work, because of having to be at work at 7 a.m. 6 days a week, the 2 or 3 additional hours a day because of covering the breakfast position, really was a load.

So last week I got up my courage and asked for a meeting with the manager,for some kind of extra compensation for 'stepping up to the plate, being a team player' and all that, and for whatever reason I had to wait almost 4 days; and then finally we had a couple minutes of his time to talk, and he was SO freakin condenscending and a jerk to really was awful. It's just real life :rolleyes: and I should just focus that I know I was a good employee, and did a great job. #$%& them!

I did make sure to tell him that the additional responsibilites caused me to 'lose sleep and gain weight' and he even questioned that..he said 'it's usually the other way around, people sleep more and gain weight' WTF?? I then stated that having to be at work so early and then more hours, made my usual 7 am workout time impossible. So he finally says, 'what are your expectations?' (money-wise) and I tersely barked "ANYTHING?!"

So my beloved summer job changed to wanting to get the he// out of there. The last day is this Sunday and this is the first time in 13 years that I have wanted the season to end! :(

so sorry I took all this space to complain! grrr.

So I have worked out ONE day a week for 2 and a half months, instead of working out 6 days a week! I am still in size 10 but they are tight. and I can see the softness in my midsection . I should be glad that soon I will work for the Rat B@stard and can work out every morning again :devil:

today is an unexpected day off ,my chef boss (who was astounded at learning what the idiot manager said to me) arranged it, so I am so glad at being able to do nothing all day if I want :) the temps today might make it to 60, but it is real foggy now (mid morning) so I should do indoor stuff and try ot get out on my bike this afternoon.

Tammy, yes we had some cold temperatures already, down to low 30's and finally a killing frost the other week, but then we had sun and high 60's which was beautiful! the foliage was really great this year too. Probably about more than half the leaves are off now, some trees are completely bare but others still have nice yellow/orange but all the reds are gone. which reminds me I have to rake leaves, ugh.


10-15-2013, 10:53 AM
* and I know my ticker is not correct but I am AFRAID to weigh myself, it would be devastating to me to know what I have gained *

oh and I was without a computer for a bit, and was waiting for my new device, then I got crazy and took a paring knife to this computer and unstuck the finger / key pad and got it working again :devil: yay me! :carrot:

10-15-2013, 08:33 PM
Hi Holly

So sorry your FUN JOB summer job has turned out to be not so fun this year- and from the sounds of it you have put in lots of hours, some bosses can be such jerks and they should see all the extra work you put into your job...
As much as you hate going back to the winter job you will at least get some normalcy back into your life hopefully!

Me I have been working way to many hours as well- and then you add personal life fun stuff, I am ready for winter for life to slow down some :)

Well Biggest Loser and SOA are both on tonight so I get to lay on the couch and watch some TV

10-16-2013, 09:24 AM
Hi gals I am at 254 today not bad. I hope I stay on the wagon this time.

10-18-2013, 04:10 PM
Thank you everyone. I am slowly gaining but trying not to (lol) I'm not working yet. In a way its a good thing as DS has had to go to IA City (1 1/2 hours away) to the VA hospital/clinic. The VA clinic here in DBQ wont see him till Feb. He was doing good till he slipped in shower & had to go to the VA hospital ER, Then this last week was his check up. Sounds the Dr. he saw is decent. He was concerned about what he saw with DS feelings & mobility in his legs & lower back so he is trying to get an MRI & everything needed to push the surgery forward instead of waiting. I'm glad I'm not working so I can drive him there when needed plus if they push the surgery maybe I wont be working & wont have to worry about taking time off right away.

I am trying to get unemployment. IBM isnt fighting it but the job that I only worked 3 days is. Kinda pisses me off as unemployment will be drawing from the $ paid in by IBM not them. Thought I was doing the right thing by quiting 3 days in instead of wasting everyones time by training me on a job that wasnt right for either one of us. I quite IBM cuz the 12 hours were killing me. I thought sitting for so long was why I was always hurting. Since then I have gone to acute care mainly cuz my hand swelled up & didnt know why but at same time I complained to that Dr how Im always hurting & the Drs I have seen hasnt done anything other then instructing me to do yet more excersizes that do not work. He said it sounds like fibromyalgia & did some lab work to rule out some other stuff which came back just fine. So at this moment thats the best answer I have so far for the pain. I have an apt with my blood Dr that I like & helped me with other issues other then my hypoglycemic. I will talk to her more about it & see if there is yet a different Dr to see then the ones I have already tried to help me figure out the pain.

Cant remember if I told you guys/gals that we will also be moving the end of month. We will be renting a house. Its a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath, all wood floors w/ a fireplace. 2 bedrooms are on the 2nd floor but the stairs are much easier then the stairs here at the apt. We will put my BIL in the bedroom downstairs. That way when he gets drunk we wont need to worry about him falling on the steps plus he will be starting his blood thinning meds again soon. He had to stop the meds so he can have his teeth pulled & this way his gums will clot up like they need to. Last Thanksgiving he was in hospital cuz he had blockage in his legs. When hes on the meds he gets scraped & bleeds alot & he doesnt even know hes bleeding till we see drops of blood on the floor or walls.

The house is in a much better neighborhood then the apt too. The bad part of town seems to be getting closer & closer to where the apt is & its to the point that I dont even like taking the dog for walk outside when there are people walking around. At nite DH carries his gun with him cuz of everything that has been going on in the neighborhood. It'll be nice having a yard for the dogs & for when my GS & daycare boy comes to visit.

10-22-2013, 10:02 AM
Hi everyone, Dawn I'm sorry to hear about your pain/discomfort and I hope your U/I claim goes through easily, I think you were considerate in quitting the job early instead of going through the motions, knowing that it wasn't right for you.

My last day of the summer job was Sunday, and the JERK manager/president didn't even show for the last day, that is the most irresponsible thing I think, not even there to thank his employees for a successful season, he went moose hunting instead :rolleyes: He was supposed to hand out the cash tips to the waitstaff so they were left hanging. I used to like this man but not anymore. And my check will be mailed to me, so I have to wait til at least Wed. or Thursday to find out what the Club decided to 'do' for me money-wise.

But yesterday was a great first day off, I did some indoor stuff first, I did work out for almost an hour, :carrot: then raked leaves for an hour, then rode to town a couple times, real glad I took advantage of it, because the rest of this week is supposed to be maybe showers, definitely cloudy, and daytime highs in the 40's! ugh. Reality time.

10-23-2013, 06:33 PM
Hi Holly!

It's Jill! Am Baaaaaack....had to sign up again since 3FC didn't remember me. You know I'm not riding anymore, but I thought I'd stop by and say HI :wave:

Logging my food and exercise with MyFitnessPal....trying to walk some each day. So far, so good!

Spent our summer, riverside, in beautiful Western it there so much! Back in Central FL for the winter, but it's a rat race for us with all the family and holidays. BahHumbug lol.

Glad to see you're still out there riding...can't believe it was 4 years yesterday that I lost Mike....and it will be 3 years Feb. that I lost Brian :-( But I'm a survivor, so I keep on keepin on!

Hugs!! Jill

10-24-2013, 08:51 AM
Jil!!! Hi :) really nice to see you here, I have seen you of course on FB. Wow four years and then 3 since your life was changed so much but it is so wonderful that you have love in your life again!! :hug:

I'm on my fourth day off and the days are going by TOO FAST!! I really haven't done too much of the constructive type, have gotten maybe 4 boxes of books, and shoes I never wear, and some clothes, out of the house and into the car. My closet is a disaster :eek: and the kitchen pantry is a joke so there is definitely stuff to do. I did rake leaves on Monday, I think.

I might get my last paycheck in the mail today, from the summer job and I have been SO antsy wondering what they decided to compensate me for the 2 1/2 months of extra work.

Watched the last episode of Breaking Bad finally last Now I have to watch the whole thing over again :D

Chilly here this morning, right around 32. I am never ready for cold weather but at least I made an appt. with mechanic to see if my car is winter-ready.

have a good day!

10-24-2013, 09:36 AM
ok...finally got to update my tracker and add that first sun (agaiin). I went to a website that prepares a person for a diet....i know i change. Anyhoo, it encouraged a couple pages of writing and led me to answer questions and prep myself mentally for the pitfalls ahead. I see it as good and helpful, since I've never tried THAT before.

Ordered some tribal decals for Frank and going to bling it like Reda did hers. Whee!!


10-24-2013, 12:56 PM
Thanks for the Welcome, Holly! Hope you get good compensation for your summers work. Know u hate the too, but at least it's only cold every now and then here in CFL.

Hope y'all don't mind me riding vicariously with you while I try to lose a little poundage!

Still counting calories and walking some, but haven't weighed since arriving back in FL. I think I'm ok though...been sticking to the plan :-) Might weigh tomorrow.

Hope y'all are staying steady and having fun!

11-02-2013, 10:00 PM
Hey y'all.

Dawn, congrats on your wedding! I hope they get your pain resolved soon, and your unemployment.

CC and Colleen, I bet you both can still get off the 20 pounds by your cruises.

Sunster, by yours and CC's picture at Sturgis, you will kick what little weight you have in the butt soon.

Aaron- Its so awesome that you and your wife lose together.

Holly- I am sorry your stupid manager at the GOOD job was a jerk to you. It seems like all businesses these day are about the bottom line and not about people..... and they quickly forget that the bottom lines come from dedicated people like you.

I did not ride much as I normally do. In fact, I am ashamed that I did not even ride 1k miles this year. Maybe next year.

I have gained sooo much weight. I am only 18 pounds from my start. I was having chest pains so I went to the doctor and had a stress test. It was ok but I have high cholesterol, which is not a shock since I have been eating soooo badly. But, I am back on it now. I know it is the holiday season, but if I don't start now I could be larger than I started to begin with.

Well, not much more..... other than I love the new house. LOVE IT. It is nice just being away from the other one and being able to look at the lake every day after work.

I will gab more later.

11-03-2013, 08:56 PM
Hi girls-
Well I finally got my fairing and fender painted and installed so of course I wanted to ride today even though high in 40's and horrible winds so didn't go to far but I love it.

Just catching up and realized I posted right before halloween and it is missing so I will have to catch up later again :(

Have a great week

11-04-2013, 08:57 AM
Hi chicks, and Aaron, a sunny but frosty day here. I did have the chance to ride one day last week, I think Wed. but the weather changed and I wussed out. We usually get an occasional mild day this month so there is still hope for one..more...ride :D

Reda congrats on the painting done! and Yay to you for braving winds and 40!

Tammy, I love that you love your house!! :) Glad the chest pains were not a worry.

Jill it's good to have you here and you can ride through us :D

Hi Dawn and Sunster!

I'm back at the winter job and already finding it so hard to stick to sensible eating. I pack my homemade lunch and a yogurt and bring it, but I get SO very frustrated at the boss looking at what I'm eating, making comments on it, etc. He also must have a food disorder because he never, ever openly eats anything, he'll hide in his corner and eat, what is the big deal? we are human, we have to eat! but he makes it a secret for himself, and then makes my eating a point to talk about. I know I should not let it bother me but I can't help it.

Oh and can you believe, he gave me a $2 an hour raise! out of the blue. THEN he's ruminating out loud...' extra $2/hour times 35 hours a week..that's $70...that's alot of money! maybe I should have waited til it gets busy'....WHAT? You don't tell a person you're giving them a raise and then say its a bad idea! I said, 'do whatever you need to do' and he hastens to say, 'oh, it will start right away'. Jeez :rolleyes:

11-05-2013, 08:41 PM
Holly congrats on the raise- that is awesome so he must realize what a good dedicated worker you are :) WTG
I am struggling with my eating and exercising---- grrrrrr I am so frustrated beyond words
So with that I am off the computer feeling kind of crabby!!!!

11-05-2013, 09:14 PM
Holly congrats on the raise- that is awesome so he must realize what a good dedicated worker you are :) WTG
I am struggling with my eating and exercising---- grrrrrr I am so frustrated beyond words
So with that I am off the computer feeling kind of crabby!!!!

I hear ya, Reda!! :hug: I'm so sorry for your frustration and crabbyness. I'm back on the exercising bandwagon but as usual I can not stop thinking that I'm always hungry, about what I'd like to eat right then, what I'd rather eat, etc. It is a daily, no; an hourly or even a minute-ly struggle!!

but on more positive, I made an appt to ride to bike mechanic tomorrow for one last oil change before the winter, supposed to be 50-ish and partly sunny tomorrow, YAY! and I have off (now have off Wed. and Thursdays all winter) On Thursday, I take my Forester to have my brandy-new and EXPEN$IVE Nokia Hakkapolita snow tires put on.

11-07-2013, 08:23 PM
Hey friends! Yesterday I had a great day off, rode to my oil change appt. Used my $75 gift certificate than I won being Miss Crossroads :D towards the $99 cost ( I always use synthetic oil) THEN I used my wedding cake payment money to shop in the moto store, and the store was having 50% off everything!! I got -

new helmet! half helmet, flat black, it has a little visor and those kewl pull down mini visors in the brim, a clear one and a shaded one. An empty canvas for me to bling with cupcakes, rhinestones, and bullet holes :D

cute little leather, studded bag that you clip onto your belt loops.

leather shoulder bag

long sleeved thermal shirt with kewl moto graphics

two pairs fingerless gloves, one leather for me, one textile for hubster

three pairs Milwaukee Biker socks, one for me and two for him

with the discount, $120 and that is exactly what I received for making that wedding cake :D

THEN today, I took my car to get my new winter tires put on, 4 Nokia Hakkapalita snows, very expensive. When I got home and checked the mail, I found a check from my summer job place - A BONUS CHECK!! Three friggin weeks after the club closed, I get a bonus check. I am very happy with the amount though. So I have been feeling crummy about this for almost 5 weeks, feeling unappreciated and shunned and even thinking about a different job next it's all happy and glowy again, lol.

I have gotten back into my exercise groove, and have been trying to have 'sensible' portions and NOT eat after dinner and to prepare low carb-type foods to take to work and for here. Have made big pots of veggie filled chili and spaghetti sauces, portion and freeze them for quick thaws. Now my motivation/focus for losing flab and tightening up is on the thought of being more visible as...President of United Motorcyclists of Vermont! the current prez is resigning in February; I'm VP, and I don't know of anyone else jonesing for the position. Whaddaya think? :D

And i saved the biggest news for last, our younger son called this evening, he proposed to his girlfriend last night! :D :D :D

11-12-2013, 10:03 PM
Holly congrats on the upcoming wedding, have they set a date yet? Glad to hear that your summer job did do something special for ya!!!! Wow you got some great buys and boy a whole half helmet to bling out, I would be going crazy, I took an inventory of different things I am going to do this winter and it will take all winter to do I am sure.

And Holly I think you will make a great President!!! Go for it

Well a group of us headed West on Friday and came home yesterday boy what a weekend
Us girls were dressing animal print on Saturday but while Diane was in the shower Fred put on her leopard panties and leopard vest and paraded up and down the hallway, it was so funny - thank goodness no children were staying on our floor!!!! Oh ya and another thing there was a bloody mary bar and the bloody mary came with a slider hamburger on a straw I will try to post a picture- it was a meal!!!

How is everyone else doing? Tammy how is the new house going still are you all settled in yet?

My youngest son just bought a trailer house for $800 yes it is old but he could pay cash and lot rent is only $200 per month so very doable for him but the couple he bought it from smoked in all rooms so the carpet needs pulled, and it needs painted, and the bathroom needs totally gutted and re-done. So he decided to just put hardwood (cheap stuff) in place of the carpet. Going to
Go cheap because once the girlfriend graduates in 2.5 years they will move.

Well better get going- have a great night

11-16-2013, 03:43 PM
Wow totally scored the good stuff! I like the sound of the clip on bling bag...i wear a fringie one and become married to it on the road.

Hey the Bloody Mary escapade! And hey, tell us about Deadweird. Also, what glue did you use for your bling on bike? I've got some tribal slashes that I'm putting on Frank and adding some bling, doncha know!

And now, sigh, the weight issue....what do y'll know of the IP diet?


11-16-2013, 08:04 PM
I am so glad you got the bonus check. That is exactly what I went through with the doctor that left town.... the same feelings and all. I am so glad you got it though. And I love finding deals, but you got the BIG score.
I think you should go for the president position!!!!
CONGRATS on the upcoming DIL!!!!!

Reda, I am sooo enjoying the house. I love it out here. Sounds like your DS has a good head on his shoulders about getting the older trailer..... it may not be the best.... but they can make it a good home and not be in huge debt.

Sunster, I have tried every diet under the sun (excuse the pun)..... but I have not tried the IP diet.

I do need to do something. I am almost where I started... That means I have gained about 80/100 pounds I lost back :( No since crying over spilled milk.

Colleen, Aaron, Dawn.... hope you are all well.

We all seem to be too busy to post like we used to. I am glad we are still together though...... even if some of us are back to square one....

11-17-2013, 06:53 PM
Ok...I'm stoked over the discovery of my new, and last, diet! So, I've been checking out this entire 3fc site in search of what is working best for the most people. Also looking for the solution that fits my style. I start strong and then cheat and then fall off the wagon, get caught up in the wheels and axle, get depressed and pack on a few more pounds, and then look for another "fix". Usually, at this time of year, I think, "uh come the holidays. I'll start a new diet in January."

So, I found the Ideal Protein diet. Tammy, I thought I had tried them all, too! I've read everything possible here on the boards and the web. This one is easy for me to do, and here i am on day 3...full and happy. A big plus is the "100% in" aspect of the program. I'm buying in to it since the ones who did had The most success. My head needs to be all in and when I decide to do something, nothing can stop me. Even booze. I'm planning my attack for all the upcoming events and parties. Yep, my plan is to drink water and bring my own food!!! Im telling myself that when the holidaze are over I'll be so close to the end and i won't have to start any thing up. Already, the week ahead has challenges and a party on fri. Then, here comes the mother of all monster food days....thanksgiving. I have my food plan and my head screwed on straight. I'm in this 100%. My biggest challenge is booze and cheese/ food!

So, u nice peeps are kind enough to read this and thanks so much for being here. I only post on this board since I feel the love. But, yeah, I'm reading IP and 100% ! I'm bound and determined to look good on my bike!
Ok, im off to play w/ this new food chopper thingie...the Tower Slicer!


11-17-2013, 07:58 PM
1) I'm doing the alternative IP program since the original is too pricey for me.
2) I'm making a paperclip chain next to for each pound lost.
3) Got this quote in kitchen, car, bike, wallet...."Nothing tastes as great as thin feels"
4) My Bday is mid Jan...this is my gift to me :)

11-17-2013, 08:47 PM
Go for it Sunster!!!!' Btw.... What is the alternative IP?

11-17-2013, 10:55 PM
Holly thats great news about the bonus! $$ at this time of year always comes in handy.

We got moved in & are loving the new house. We still have some boxes to unpack but am waiting till I get the rest of my stuff from the EXs house. Then I can rearrange here a bit more.

DS is moving as well. We gave him all our boxes that we had emptied plus I picked up more boxes from someone else who had just moved. Told DS we will not be helping them move boxes or furniture. There is a reason why we paid people to move us. I did offer to drive the jeep though but moving stuff is a different story.

We have decided that Christmas will be for the grandkids. We will not be buying others gifts since we have helped them out the last few months. I also told DS that whatever we by will stay at our house so we have toys for when the grandson comes over.

11-17-2013, 11:13 PM
Hi girls and Aaron

Sunster what is the alternative IP plan? I have checked into the regular IP program and yes very expensive.
I wish I could just wave the fairy wand and be skinny right now but noooo I will have to work at it--- alcohol (beer) is my downfall because we usually go out 3 times a week for something or another which usually includes beer..

Tammy and Dawn glad to hear both of your new homes are great! And that the boys are getting lives on track and happy!

Well went to the gym tonight walked 4 miles will start going in the mornings but need to get my food and portions in check as well

Oh Sunster I use E6000 glue and it holds permanently

Well better get going - I will check back in later

11-18-2013, 09:23 AM
Alternative IP is using products not sold with the IP brand, but similar. I've found items at various shops around town + plus they can be purchased online. Here's a link on 3fc:

woweee...i just weighed and had to stare at the scale.... -5lbs! That's going from 185 to 180 in 3 days. Yeah, I have to adjust my ticker. Well, I know it's water weight...but I likeeee!!! I'm on-board and nothing is going to stop this. Not t This string has helped:

11-20-2013, 09:49 AM
Hey chicks!

Sun, CONGRATS on feeling good on a plan that is working for you!! :carrot:

Dawn, great decision on paying someone to move you!! lol. Very great you are enjoying your new house. Good, firm decisions to tell son, about Christmas purchases also.

Reda, saw your 4 mile walk posting, WTG!! and that is kewl about son buying the trailer.
OMG at your description of the hotel fun! :D Hey may I ask you 2 things...which E6000 do you use, the 'industrial' or the 'craft' tip ones? I'm gonna put it on my Amazon wish list and there are lots of choices.

also, can u tell me again about the nail polish treatment stuff you told me about months ago? my nails are really in bad shape from wearing those press-ons for too long.

Tammy, Hi :wave: Sigh I have to do 'something' also. Maybe South Beach again?

Haven't ridden in 2 weeks now, nightly temps are mostly in teens and daytime high 30's or low 40's..we might get one or 2 mild days until Christmas but for the most part, the biking is over for the season.

My ticker is NOT correct, I am afraid to weigh. I think I'm around 160 which is not the end of the world i know but even to lose 5 pounds nowadays seems impossible.

I have 2 new co-workers that are TINY, and I feel soooo big next to them. I know I am demented and I am probably my own worse critic but you know how it is. One of them (a little younger than me) is very very nice, but when she was saying that she is 125 and her 'best' weight is 118 :eek: :faint: you know :rolleyes:

BUT I am back to working out 5 times a week, and i do have functional fitness, in that when I spend an hour or two hauling TV's, computer towers, heavy stuff outside and back, I am not sore the next day. And I think my heart is pretty good. So yay for me for that :rolleyes:

11-20-2013, 09:49 PM
Hi girls

Holly the nail stuff is great--- boought it at walmart it is called NutraNails Nail Essentials Power Growth Treatment it is .45 fl oz
E6000 is industriial strenght in a grey tube wiith black outlined in red lettering

It sticks good - I did my taillight housing but since changing out rear fender thiught I would sell it but was thinking better c!hances without bling but I can't get it off

Been going to gym but missed tonight as I just got home and no motivation

11-23-2013, 09:38 AM
ok...minus 6 lbs this week...that doesn"t bother me at all! Took me forever to adjust ticker. I think it was me :)

Good old too well sometimes! I"ve decided to completely bling and encrust the mohawk on my helmet. Each winter I put more and more crystals on it.

Hey all...I'm selling a brand new pair of Spyder Empress rain/snow pants (google pic/description) size 14. Ordered a 12 and 14...selling 14, never worn. These are my newest rain gear pants and really really like them. They have a full side zip...very easy to put on over boots when thars a storm a-brewin' and cars are flying by. No luck on ebay. Trying craigslist today. $50 on CL but $25 (+ shipping) for a sistah here on 3FC. Originall $200, I bought on sale $159.99. Such a deal!

Happy Weekend All!

11-23-2013, 08:16 PM
omigosh...i was out running errands on Frank and thought about my last post. Sh*t, if somebody here wants them (rain pants), they're yours + free shipping. Sorry my nickle nose stuck out there for a bit :(

11-25-2013, 09:52 PM
Hi girls- throwing darts tonight but wanted to stop in and say Hi-
Sunset sound like great pants but I am good to go with my rain suit and all
Well I am up next so gotta go

11-26-2013, 12:27 AM
Besides the protein, I'm eating 4 cups of veggies and unlimited lettuce daily. Leaves are flying around my kitchen like never b4! There's a gal who took a pic of her freezer and it's full with bags of broccoli! So, I'm full, have more than usual energy,, sleeping better, and waaaaay happier (cuz I'm in control). Pants are getting looser. Alternate IP working!

11-26-2013, 08:58 AM
Besides the protein, I'm eating 4 cups of veggies and unlimited lettuce daily. Leaves are flying around my kitchen like never b4! There's a gal who took a pic of her freezer and it's full with bags of broccoli! So, I'm full, have more than usual energy,, sleeping better, and waaaaay happier (cuz I'm in control). Pants are getting looser. Alternate IP working!

AWESOME!!! :carrot: :carrot: way to go Sunster!!

very generous offer of the rain gear, too. i am set otherwise I'd go for them also.

Our bikes are in the garage, pretty sure it's to stay :( Oh well it had to come sometime. Just remembering last year, we did ride on T-giving day.

Hey many thanks to my Candy Crush friends who have been giving me lives and extra moves ! :D

Trying to clean up a portion of our 'dining room' which used to be husband's work center, he just abandons areas and leaves them :rolleyes: but I want it to look nice and be useable for Thanksgiving day, I tried to remove some things but got frustrated cause its a 2 person job, can't describe how many cables and wires go from the desk, behind the desk, down to the floor.

got a printer out by myself and that's all :( DH said that between him, me and son, we can do it Thanksgiving morning because our 2 guests wont' arrive till late afternoon...i want it done NOW but I guess i have to compromise) He was pleased though because I found 2 handguns that he didn't know where they were, lol. The S & W 357 is a heavy little thing!

My young little criminal co-worker has finally stopped snubbing me, for me 'taking her hours'. But yesterday, i discovered she emptied the tip jar and pocketed it. You will laugh, because it was only three one dollar bills..but she took it all anyway. I will be charitable and say, I guess she needs it more than I do :rolleyes: for her to buy cigs and pot.

Am making evergreen wreaths with the Fire Dept. auxiliary ladies tonight, we are allowed to bring 'adult beverages' so if I drink enough it won't seem like a chore, lol

have a good day!!

have a good day!

11-28-2013, 08:26 AM
good morning, we had some snow overnight, on top of the sloppy rain, now it's crusty underneath.

I got my courage up and weighed, it's not as bad as I thought, I'm at 157, was sure it was closer to 160, my gosh if I was down 10 that would be pretty kewl, I dont' know why I put 135 as a goal, I haven't been that weight since I was 19 I think :rolleyes:

11-28-2013, 11:29 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Beautiful People!!

12-01-2013, 12:56 AM
Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! I did but most of all enjoying the
4 days off :) even though today we went looking at new Harley's for DH he didn't come home with one but the couple that went with us did :) Bought a street glide and they will love it! We had great weather to be riding today but instead as stated we were at the Harley shop from 9-5 (well 2 hours of that was driving time)

Went shopping with my sister T- Day and also Friday as we do every year that is our day together- we usually leave about 4pm and get home sometime around noon on Friday- we shop all night :)

Well it is getting late and I am tired so I better get off here and get to bed as I have some cleaning to do tomorrow

Have a Great Sunday

Sunster glad to hear that you are rocking the alternative IP plan that is great news

12-02-2013, 10:44 PM
Hi everyone. The computer and I are not getting along well tonight... Been thinking of you, and caught up on all the posts. Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good, and keeping very busy. I'll try to catch up soon when it's easier. I can't even get to the post right. I have to reply???? Goofy!

12-02-2013, 11:03 PM
Okay, I'm back in business! I have no idea what the trouble was! Even my keyboard quit working right!

In a nutshell: I've been Christmas shopping a little and my tree is up! Had the family over for Thanksgiving on Sunday. Grandkids are awesome! Work is still sucky and the office grump is still employed. Weather is freezing rain. Grandkids are a pleasure. We ordered a new bed. Decided to switch to DISH vs cable TV. Grandkids are such a hoot! DD was off work for a month w/gallbladder issues. DH had had terrible luck with the semi lately. My folks sold their farm and moved because it sold in 3 weeks! (not what anyone was expecting!) Grandkids are doing great! I've packed on more pounds, even though my plan was to lose them! Have I mentioned my Grandkids? 'Cause they are pretty special!

Take care everyone! Smack dab in the middle of the holiday season! Hope all is well!

12-04-2013, 09:48 PM
Hi girls-

Colleen glad to hear the grandkids are doing great- they are such a blessing :-)

Been trying to help get DS and girlfriends trailer done so they can get moved in.

Getting the Christmas shopping done but no tree up yet

Stsrted with trainer this week and I am one hurting body but it will be worth it

Ok Survivor is getting good so gotta go

12-05-2013, 06:53 AM
Hi chicks! Colleen, sounds like you love your grandkids :D I know Reda does with her cutey C. :)

I've got some Christmas gifts, no wrapping yet, no tree yet. Some cookies baked though, some eaten :p

Took my birthday money and went to the big city (population 7,800) to shop; I went to Big Lots for some cheap but effective winter booties and gloves, suitable for when I have to shovel snow, and then TJ Maxx and scored a Calvin Klein coat and a Steve Madden handbag at TJ Maxx, I have never cared about designer stuff but these both make me feel fabulous :D

Unless we get some serious scary global warming I guess our bikes are in the garage until spring, the driveway is now packed snow and icy in spots. Oh well...

today is my second day off so i need to do all that I put off yesterday.

12-05-2013, 09:39 AM
11 lbs in 3 weeks! This is an unbelievable ride since I'm having no probs sticking w/ this diet. NONE. You know that focused feelilng where nothing and nobody can deter ya? Parties, thanksgiviing, cupcakes where the icing is as high as the cake, even...gasp...booze. I can see now that this is the easy part. I'll need to stay diligent on phases 2,3,4 and keep control on maintenance. But, that's then, and this is now! Wasn't happy w/ new grips so, ordered new Avon Velvet Air grips for Frank yesterday. The Toy Run is this sat and I can't wait to get in the jacket and chaps that are already loose again!

Reda! I'm meeting Diva in Vegas on sunday for the rodeo thing. Now that will be a total diet challenge (never been dry in vegas!) and I'm determined to do it =)

Sound of Music tonight! Am I a sap or what?!!!

12-09-2013, 11:32 PM
Hi girls

Sunster - Vegas + Dry I don't think those two words can even be said in same sentence can they???? Tell Diva I said Hi for me- sure do wish I wass some where warm instead of -6 brrrr
Great job 11 down- so can your post what you eat per day? or what your menu looks like
Holly glad you bought stuff for you with your birthday money and that you love it :)

Well I got all my presents wrapped and the tree up over the weekend- just a few more gifts and I am done with my shopping!!!

Hi Tammy adn Dawn- hope all is well for you both

Watching Full Throttle is anyone else watching?

12-12-2013, 11:13 AM
Hi chicks! things are good but COLD here, but at least no awful ice storms or anything. Just a little snow on the ground.

Presents wrapped and tree up? OMG good job Reda :D we have no tree yet and i haven't wrapped a single gift, lol. I've been doing cookie duty every night, the freezer is getting full, andyes I've been sampling :(

today's my "sunday' so I gotta do today what I've been putting off.

Oh my gosh - this is funny ( I guess, better to laugh than get mad) my boss said I was going to get a $2/hour raise, over a month ago? I JUST looked at one of my paycheck stubs, i have Direct Deposit so I just get the sealed envelope each week? and I haven't received the raise yet!!! He REALLY deserves the title Rat B@stard Boss doesn't he. Maybe it was Payroll's error, I don't know. But he owes me that $2 an hour for 140 hours! pay up, buddy! :devil:

12-15-2013, 08:35 PM
Reda ...there is a link for Alternative Ideal Protein in today's weekend chat and another in stickies #34 or #35 in Ideal Protein. Sorry, I can't seem to link it up here on this page. Bottom line is I've lost 13 lbs and (?) inches in less than a month. My boots were looser today since my calves are smaller. Even sitting on Frank today felt know that thigh squish...ugh. Clothes are way loose.

So, yeah....staying dry in Vegas didn't happen! But I did stay OP with food and gained nothing. Interestingly, it was super easy to continue program upon return.

Today's food:
B -omlette
L - EAS Advantage RTD + 2 cups veggies
S - Quest bar or Pure protein bar
D - Chicken + cups veggies

There are oodles of yummy recipes for veggies and i like them! I feel full! Oh, and oodles of water.

12-15-2013, 10:02 PM
Thanks sunster, I am going to go look- need to do something - working out with a trainer has been great and I think I have been eating OK but haven't lost any weight, clothes are fitting better so much be inches but it is just
not motivating when the scale doesn't move!!!!!

Holly that would be a great Christmas bonus if you got your raise and your back pay that would be awesome!!! Praying and hoping you see it soon :)

So went back to Harley shop yesterday with another couple that has been thinking of trading their Victory Cross County for a Ultra Limited and yep another all day excursion, left at 9am and got home at 9pm- but our friends did buy a new bike, and guess what a year and 4 months later DH just had to buy a new bike as well, it was a good thing we only lost $500 and well he rode a bike for a year and 4 months for $500 plus we got a $1000 in accessories which meant new pipes right away, and we also got the extended warranty for years 3 & 4 for only $700 and with all this new technology that Harley came out with we bought it this time.... He bought the whiskey/black Ultra Limited and we have to go back this Saturday to pick it up - yay another probably long day!!!

Well I suppose Survivor Finale is on so I am going to go -

Happy Holidays Ladies - I hope each of you are enjoying your holidays!

12-16-2013, 10:07 AM
I just had creamy chicken soup w/ fresh mushrooms for breakfast! Weird huh? but oh so delish :)

So, this is working for me only because the thing in my head went "click". It's really just the same old ketosis thing and we all lost weight on Atkins years ago, right? The thing I like is the 4 phases that will help me get back to reality eating.

Wow, Reda....DH gets a new bike!!!! Where is this dealership that you have to ride so far? Glad you're still riding. Do you have heated everything?! I have heated gloves and that's all I need here. Weather man just said we might hit 70's today. We had high's in the 40's in that cold wave and that blew everyone's minds!


12-18-2013, 08:49 AM
15 lbs in exactly one month!! Since this has become an easy program to follow, I adjusted my goal weight back another 5. Being a big girl (big boned...that term always cracks me up), I chose 165 as the upper end of the goal zone. But really, 160 is the real goal. I'll happily stay there.
Having fun playing with the tracker...that's what drew me to 3FC!

12-18-2013, 09:01 AM
Since most of you are married, the IP board has loads of recipes that keeps you OP + cooking for other family members. They talk about their DH also losing weight and friends/fam joining in because of the results.

12-18-2013, 10:01 AM
good morning! at least its 30 degrees warmer than it was yesterday!! -24 and our pipes froze but DS stayed home and took care of them.

Sun - CONGRATS!! on your :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

Reda - CONGRATS !! to DH's new bike :D

Hi Tammy! Hi Dawn!

I have to workout, then do laundry, then pack and deliver a ton of Christmas cookies (or might do that tomorrow) and I have't started wrapping yet! and no tree, lol. We might just drag out the small artificial that horrible :devil: Our younger son and fiance will be coming over Christmas afternoon/evening, it will be like our usual Christmas eve tradition but just 24 hours later (to accomodate his work, and her family)

have a good day!! I'm thankful for good health, that I CAN exercise even though I don't wanna :p and for running water and heat!

12-22-2013, 11:47 AM
Hi girls- this really sucks not having a computer and having to use DH's because he never wants to give it up!!!! Getting a new one tonight though

Wow way to go Sunster that is awesome - I still haven't gotten on and checked it out but will be soon-

Holly I put our little artificial tree up this year and DH was like you need to put the bigger one up - not happening because I am the one that has to do and I don't have time..... Little one looks just fine

Well Christmas it tonight with the kids and girlfriends- still have a few things to get finished up before I am ready so off I go

have a great Sunday Funday

12-23-2013, 02:48 PM
Happy Christmas Eve eve! Been riding Frank in my skinny jeans tucked into my new tall that's a first. Also, have a pair of jeans I haven't worn in a long time getting loose on me...saggy butt and all. Have to even put them in the drier after wash. It's a freakin miracle and seems to have happened so fast. 9 lbs to go.

Merry Christmas Beautiful People!

12-23-2013, 11:27 PM
Hi girls -

Well got my new computer up tonight finally- and windows 8 is very challenging right now!!! Christmas was super great last night, the kids all got along for a change- they are growing up and hopefully realizing its just not worth it....

I got a cool Harley Davidson bracelet - gonna wear it tomorrow night as we don't do anything on Christmas Eve so we go to our local hangout, it is pot luck night so we usually take little smokies and cheesy hashbrowns and of course we have a few drinks as well :)

Ok well getting off here and heading to bed! It was defiantly a Monday

12-25-2013, 01:18 PM
Merry Christmas!!!!!

Sunster glad to hear that you are sporting the skinny jeans with room to play :)
that is so awesome....
I will be getting my butt in gear after today again- back to the gym I go and now will be watching more of what I eat and how much!

Hope everyone is having a super great day with family

12-28-2013, 11:21 PM
Ok well my last post was 3 days ago and guess what I haven't been to gym or watching my food :( yes I need a big swift kick in the a*s!!!! I was going to go to the gym today but grandbaby came alittle earlier than I thought and didn't go home till 8pm tonight, boy was she getting tired and cranky..... but love her to pieces :)

Well hope everyone had a great Christmas- and New Years is coming real soon, whats everyone plans?

01-01-2014, 11:15 PM
Happy New Year!!! Well besides last night I have been doing really well since my last post- and already have lunches planned for next 2 days and supper as well- also been back at the gym since Sunday everyday but today since they are not open :(

Hope everyone is doing well

01-02-2014, 03:52 PM
Hi and Happy New Year back atcha! Th holidaze turned out to be easy as far as sticking to the plan. Hardest part was visiting daughter in Oregon. They are vegetarian and tend to serve up plenty of carbs. But I was careful and even packed celery and cukes for the 8 hr drive each way. Didn't gain or lose. I'm weighing this Sunday ...hoping to get in the mid 160's.

Geeze Reda...good girl staying on plan and exercising. Ur about to head for Mexico...lucky puppy! Hey I'm heading to Arizona for bike week in April ...consider it? Anyone up for warm temps after ur long cold winter? :)

01-02-2014, 08:23 PM
Hello! Hey Sunster you are ON FIRE! I love the visual of you riding Frank with skinny jeans tucked into tall boots!! *HAWT*!! :D congrats on your wonderful success!!

Reda, yay to you for sticking to it!

I have NOT been good, been a free-for-all on all the Christmas goodies :( Trying to re-start as of yesterday.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

01-03-2014, 12:43 PM
What kind of weather are you all dealing with back east? By the way, I consider anything east of the Rockies to be "back east"!

01-03-2014, 09:36 PM
Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year's ladies!
SO, obviously I have been MIA for awhile. I was working two jobs for a bit... .then decided that life is too short to do this for a lifetime . So, I will just chip away at debt the old fashioned way.

Its been a good Holiday season until last week. My brother died unexpectedly. He had the flu, then a heart attack, he was airlifted to a bigger hospital where he had a stroke, resulting in brain death. So, I drove 24/36 hours to be there. But, I am glad I was there.

Sunster I see you are having a great success at WL. I am trying to get back on the wagon. I am looking at the Alternative IP program.

Reda and Colleen, You know, I bet you had a BLAST with the little ones at Christmas. That is what it is all about!

Holly, Has that Rat B^%$*rD of a boss given you your $ that he promised yet?

I will try not to be MIA so long again..... I need to get back to the days we logged in every other day so I can be more accountable.


01-04-2014, 11:55 AM
Oh My Gosh, Tammy....I'm so sorry for your brother's tragedy. Such sadness...I'm so sorry for you and your family.