Looking Good, Feeling Great - Pretty & Sexy Plus Sized Bras ... ugh

01-28-2013, 06:12 PM
Hey ladies.. I thought I'd try my luck here & see where it can take me -- Im looking for Bras .. & Im not talking about granny bras that come in tan, white & black. Im talking about bras that are actually CUTE !! Ive tried my luck in stores around town & I have deduced that it may be easier to find bras in my size online. Does anyone have any suggestions for stores and/or sites that specialize in 48-50 C&D cup bras? :mag:

Song of Surly
01-28-2013, 06:36 PM
I wear Cacique bras and get them through Lane Bryant. I adore both their plunge and balconette bras. I'm having trouble with my kindle attaching a url here of one of them or I would. You can find a huge variety of sizes on Lane Bryant's website.

01-28-2013, 06:39 PM
I am going to second cacique bras. People have also recommended fredericks, but I haven't tried those

01-28-2013, 07:36 PM
I also like Cacique bras. Lots of colors!

01-29-2013, 11:05 AM
Hmm.. Ive never heard of that place. I'll try it out.. thanks ladies :)

01-31-2013, 07:39 PM
Remember, Cacique = Lane Bryant. They were the only place I'd buy bras when I was plus-sized; no one else fits a plus-size woman like they do!

01-31-2013, 09:38 PM
roamans.com they have some nice bras. onestopplus.com also has some nice ones.

02-02-2013, 04:36 AM
Evans in the UK ship internationally and go up to a 50F. They do prettier styles as well as more functional stuff. All of my cute bras come from there ;)

02-02-2013, 04:51 AM
I aagree with everyone else cacique is awesome. I just bought a bunch a few months ago. They had buy 1 get 1 for a dollar!