Exercise! - Body image, depression and motivation

01-28-2013, 05:15 PM
I've been working with a personal trainer who gets me to do all these wonderful things with kettle bells and vipr thingies and circuits. But I always feel such a fool doing those things without her around. Like with her driving me I don't think about anyone else.

Today I parked my car at the gym, went for a run (outside) and fully intended to go in and do circuits after. But I just couldn't face it. I've been feeling really down about myself and just didn't feel I could expose my body to the gym floor. Last week I felt the same way and had a miserable workout. This week I actually did some weight lifting on the machines - so I was nice and hidden away, so at least it wasn't a wasted journey.

I've gotten over my fear of running outside. My gym is not a mean place, I've NEVER had a bad experience there - in the years of my membership. I just feel like a fraud doing the plyometrics stuff. Funny thing is, I actually have a reason to train now as I've joined a sports team (women's rugby - all shapes welcome!)... and I have every confidence that my trainer is right that moving exercises are conditioning for sport than single motion weight machines.

How do others get past this kinda block??

Goddess Jessica
01-28-2013, 06:04 PM
I totally get that.

For me, it's just faking it. It's a lot of self-talk that "I am training to be strong. I need to be here to become stronger. I am Xenia Warrior Princess."

Honestly, most of the time I don't FEEL that way, but I repeat it over and over to myself. And then, one day, BOOM flipped switch and I believe it. I assume you did something similar to get into a position to run outside. I just recently overcame that battle (I ONLY ran on the treadmill because somehow running on the treadmill was cozy and other people wouldn't "see" me) and I had to do it will a lot of "This is my mission. I am here for a purpose."