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01-24-2013, 02:34 PM
i have been looking for such a forum for so long
i want to share my story and it would be great if i get support to go on and reach my final goal

i was overweight all my since i can remember and on my 14 birthday i decided that i didn't want to be fat anymore so i went on a diet, i knew it wasnt healthy to go on a very low calorie diet so i picked a moderate diet where i eat healthy food and stay away from carbs and fat, i was 191 pounds when i started and i reached 161.4 in a year, after a while i was iron deficient and i was almost fainting so i stopped but managed to keep it that way. but i think that my rest is over (now three months) i gained 3 pounds now im 164, but i want to start dieting and be 140-143, i am not sure i can achieve it. but i will work for it the best i can !

that's my story and my goal i want to be 140 pounds and i am 5,7 feet

01-25-2013, 02:22 AM
R u only 15, I think u may need to consult someone to go about losing weight in a more healthy way. U don't want to be sick over losing pounds. U should still be young enough that no damage is done. Talk to your parent about healthier meals. Oh and try posting under introductions or weight loss support, u will probably get more informative responses! Best of luck