Weight Loss Support - Mini-goal rewards: what do you promise yourself?

01-24-2013, 11:37 AM
I'm new along this journey--but have lost 5 lbs in 2.5 weeks, and 5 lbs was my first "mini-goal". I've actually put together a roadmap of mini-goals (it's the project manager in me). What I haven't done, though, is figure out if and how I'm going to reward myself.

I have to confess that I am totally spoiled, so that makes it harder to come up with rewards for myself. Regular nail appointments and monthly massages are already part of my world.

I've picked out a couple of really big possibilities--a new computer monitor, DH agreeing to agree on a new dining room table, and if/when I hit a 100 lb loss (my goal), diamond earrings. (Or I might skip that and promise myself something nice and expensive on May 2014 cruise.) [the cruise isn't a reward--it's just something we've got planned] But those are for bigger goals--25 lbs, 50 lbs, 75 lbs--that sort of thing.

So, what are you doing for your 5-10 lb level mini-goals, if anything? What about bigger ones--10%, 20% of original body weight, half way to goal, etc.?

01-24-2013, 11:57 AM
I am going to buy a Nespresso coffee maker and aerocino milk frother, if I ever establish an exercise routine. When I first started I bought some fancy socks, walking shoes and light weight hiking shoes. I worked really hard to get back in shape and was really happy and motivated. Then we got some terrible cold/bronchitis in December, which left me in a weakened condition mentally and physically and I just quit. I am fine now, but can't seem to get myself moving again. No coffee maker until I know in my heart that I am ready to make exercise part of my life. Ya know how you just "know" things?

In the back of my mind, I have a cruise to the Galapagos Islands on Celebrity Xpediton on my list. This is an expensive cruise and it would be an appropriate reward for, say, a year's maintenance.

Another largish reward would be to have a skylight installed in our living room and/or one of those doors with the built in blinds installed in our utility room.

I have most everything I want, so sometimes virtue has to be its own reward. LOL.

Lesser goals might merit some clothes from somewhere more upscale than Wal-Mart.

01-24-2013, 12:49 PM
I'm going to be totally honest here. I've never liked the idea of a big physical reward at the end, like diamond earrings or (once I remember someone getting) a new car. Because... G*d forbid I regain weight, how will I feel about wearing my gorgeous earrings or driving my fabulous car. I'll feel lousy each and every time.

I love the idea of a trip or a fabulous new piece of clothing, etc. Something that gaining weight won't make me feel miserable each and every time I still have to use or see it.

Just my personal opinion, and from reading these boards, probably a minority opinion at that!

01-24-2013, 01:44 PM
Interesting point about physical rewards, as opposed to memory rewards.

Maybe I should set my sights on an African safari (one of my dreams) or the Egyptian pyramids (another dream, but only if tension decreases). Or a weekend in New York (where I've only been once?) Or a warm weather retreat next winter? (Yeah, most of dreams revolve around travel.)

I'm assuming I'll be buying a lot of new clothes, as well as finding what I've saved fits again.

Or perhaps the right answer is Virtue is its own reward and I should look within for rewards!

out from under
01-24-2013, 01:56 PM
Well... When I've gone to about 135lbs I'll have a nose job done.

Other than that there are small things that I've promised to reward myself with. There's a particular bracelet I've been wanting forever and I'm going to buy it the minute I look in the mirror without feeling fat lol! NSV ftw. :) Then I'm going to go to the hair dresser and get an actual hairstyle. I might dye it as well.

Then, when I hit my UGW I will buy so many new clothes. I've never been able to wear normal, cute clothes and I'm so stoked for that to happen!

Angelic Fruitcake
01-24-2013, 03:36 PM
I want to reward myself for every 10 pounds lost. I chose something small for my first reward (a cute cup shaped like a camera lens) and I'll buy myself a flash for my camera after 20 pounds. I haven't decided on the big reward for my final goal though. A trip somewhere warm (where I'd proudly wear my bathing suit) sounds nice and I'd also like to get professional pics of my family. We'll see.

01-24-2013, 03:51 PM
Now that I think about it I've never rewarded myself with anything physical or edible throughout my journey when I reached my mini-goals. No reason why...seeing a lower dress size was more than satisying for me. If there's something I really want I just get it. lol

Even now that I reached my final goal I didn't do anything special. Guess I'm low maintenance, but I'm definately going to make up for lost time when spring/summer clothes come out and I treat myself to multiple shopping sprees! :D