Mini-Goals - I'm saying hello to the 120's with first pics

01-23-2013, 05:14 PM
Ok so I hit a major mini goal last Friday I hit 129.8, but decided to wait to share my news cause I knew I would bounce around a bit. Well I am gonna make it official having hit 128.8 today. Woo hoo I am over the moon.*
My pictures if I posted them right are a sideways and front view of around 150 and then of 128. I didn't really write the date of the first ones I am assuming that was my weight.
I want to live in the 120's, but maybe rethinking 125 is not enough. But time will tell.
My arm one is just cause I dislike my big arms, what do u 3fcers think?
I want them to be smaller.
Please let me know if I did the picture thing right.

01-23-2013, 05:33 PM
You look incredible! Congratulations! Gorgeous tat, by the way!! I've got one in a similar spot and I can't wait for it to look as good as yours!

And I love how you 28 for sure makes it official! Well done and thanks for sharing with us!

01-23-2013, 05:34 PM
Great transformation!

01-23-2013, 05:43 PM
Ha ha forgot about my tattoo. It's so old and it says my exes name underneath. A no no. Lol gonna wanna have that part covered up. Thanks katrinakit and Northernchick.

01-23-2013, 05:45 PM
You look great, awesome job on your weightloss! Be proud of yourself!

01-23-2013, 06:55 PM
Nice progress! Congratulations!


01-23-2013, 07:23 PM
You look fantastic! I'm happy for you! I have to ask. Which plan have you been on? :)

01-23-2013, 07:41 PM
No plan I just pretty much make chicken breast everyday. I found like 15 differnt ways to make it, gave up soda, pasta, bread and sweets. I will enjoy something from that list on Saturday. I also use my elliptical and bike everyday for 45 mins, cheat days r 20 mins. Thanks everyone for your sweet words.

01-23-2013, 08:41 PM
Thanks for posting. Your pics are very inspirational. I think us shorter people have a harder time. Good Job. I wouldnt go too far below 125 if I were you. Just focus on being fit and toned. Again good job!!

01-24-2013, 05:18 PM
Oh yeah I do need to tone up for sure. I an just not completely sure how to tone up at home. I can't lift weights right now. I want to have my muscle mass checked so I could have a new goal to work toward after hitting my weight goal

01-26-2013, 09:24 PM
What an inspiration! You look fantastic!!! YIPEE!

01-26-2013, 10:48 PM

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01-28-2013, 09:04 PM
You look sooo Great!!! Keep going Girly!

01-28-2013, 11:49 PM
Yay! Short people unite!

01-29-2013, 03:40 PM
So inspirational. You look fantastic, especially your arms!

01-29-2013, 04:10 PM
What a differance. You look great.

01-30-2013, 05:05 AM
You look great, grats!

01-30-2013, 11:09 PM
What a victory!! Congrats!! You look awesome.:D

02-04-2013, 04:17 AM
Oh well unm thanks everyone (face turns red lol)

03-11-2014, 12:57 AM
Really great to find this post (yes I know it's very old!) because you are the same sort of size and shape as me and I can see that YES, it totally will make a difference when I get down, out of the 140's and (whoop) into the 120's!
You look fantastic, very inspiring.