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01-22-2013, 12:53 PM

It is in the 40ºs today and a might chilly with a slight wind blowing. I had an epic dream last night which would have made a good movie. Colorful characters were in it. My upper arm developed a pain in it and I could only think I may have strained it somehow. Anyway I suddenly realized that I have some of the red extra strength Tiger Balm which is a pain relieving ointment and is supposed to be for strains and such and I rubbed some on the areal and it took away the pain. I may have hurt myself doing some of my exercises with my hand weights.

Last night at WW we had fun with recipes building a meal under 10 Points+. I had gone prepared and had one worked up like we were supposed to. :cp: Plus I took along some other recipes that the leader wants me to e-mail to her so she can pass them along to everyone. Some of the gals loved that Jicama recipe that she had passed around that I sent to her for they had made it. I said I would e-mail her my Jicama salad that has watermelon in it so she could also sent it out also. Seems lately I am the “go to” person for a recipe. But I do have lots of them and don’t mind sharing them either. Here is that recipe for I do believe you Magnolias would like it also for it is a lovely recipe to serve in the warmer weather when the melons are in season.

Serves 4: 1 Point+ per serving
2 cups thin slivers of Jicama
2 cups cubed watermelon
3 Tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 teaspoon lime zest
2 teaspoons honey
1. Toss all together in a bowl; cover
2. Refrigerate 2 hours

This book I am currently going through is a hoot. Feasting on Asphalt which is the river run from LA to MN of three guys on motorcycles. It has a fold out map and tells about their exploits and includes 40 recipes they have tried along the way with pictures on every page. It originally sold for $27 and Will picked it up at the library for a dollar and a quarter. Folks donate books to be sold by the library ~ these aren’t books that have been checked out by the populace. He has bought some really good books down there. The publishers even rounded the corners on this book. Alton Brown and his motorcycle-mounted crew went on a south-to-north journey that follows American’s first “superhighway”: The Mississippi. Starting at the river’s delta on the gulf of Mexico and ending up near it’s headwaters in Minnesota. Alton and his buddies travel the heartland’s byways to scout out the very best of roadside food, and to get to know the people who spend their lives preparing and serving it. I am enjoying my trip along with these fellows though the pages of this book. I’ll let you know if I try any of the recipes they have in it. I know I want to make a jar of their “Koolickles.”

DONNA FAYE Interesting recipe ~ I may just try that one for a group. I think that had will be fine when you do it the way you have figured out you have to. Some of the methods of knitting or stitches you use are Greek to me. :lol: But you are the master knitter here for sure. Poor pooch. He is so tactical that he messes up your nice clean carpet in the process of ridding himself of his intake. What color is your carpet? I am imagining it being beige for some reason or other. Maybe because ours is with brown flakes in it and I call it’s color oatmeal. Yep powdered peanutbutter. You may find in your market there also in the "specialty foods" section.

JEAN I didn't do so well at weigh in ~ put on what I lost last week. Soup on a cold day is so good. Also chili on a cold day is delicious also. The deserts at the pot-luck appeared to all be homemade and yummy. I just knew one bite and I would be a gonner so didn't indulge. :no: I would succomb so there you have the why of it.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ Type at y’all later.

01-22-2013, 06:32 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It has warmed up to 12 degrees but feels like 0. I can't figure that one because the wind isn't blowing today. No sunshine either. I went for a perm this morning and thought I would never get home! My hair was long, for me, so she cut it first and then cut it again afterwards. This afternoon I had several cards I needed to get in the mail, and stopped at the grocery store on the way home. I went in for a # of hamburger and came out with $60 worth of fruit, veggies, meat then forgot eggs. *sigh*

"Gma" -- I think we got about 2" of snow, covered the ground but Bob just shoveled and didn't use the snowblower. The plows didn't come out and it has to be over 2" for them to do so. We got our toll pass at the grocery store in FL. The stitches you mention in knitting are clueless for me. :lol: I hope Jay's hat turns out the way you would like. Thanks for sharing your recipe. It's sounds delicious! :T

Maggie -- I hope the Tiger Balm helps your sore arm. I'm babying a knee because I tripped over my big piece of luggage that I left in the hall. I knew it was there but it was dark and I had other things on my mind. Your salad recipe sounds yummy too! :T We had wonderful watermelon, strawberries, and cantaloupe while in FL. Onward and downward for the scale this week! I haven't received my WW monthly pass and couldn't get into the site. :tantrum:

Guess I will bond with Judge Judy until Bob gets home. He has a meeting at 5 so could be after 7 when we finally get to eat. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

01-23-2013, 08:43 AM
Good morning to you all. It is still dark out so don't know if I am going to get any sun today or not. I don't think we are expecting any rain until at least tomorrow, but temps though cold at night are decent during the day.

I have the hat all finished so now I can do the duplicate stitch. I will bore you to tears with a little knitting lesson. Fair Isle is what you see on ski hats and scarves. With fair isle you use two balls of yarn for the two colors and as you knit to a color change, you swap to the other color then back again without cutting and starting over, etc. You will have little lines and dots on the under side of the hat . Instarsia is where you knit larger pictures or pictures and letters etc and you have a "bobbin" of yarn for each section but you knit it the same way as fair isle except you have to knit it only on flat pieces back and forth. Fair isle can be knit in the round like on a hat mainly because it is short changes like little dots and such. Lastly you have duplicate stitch. This means you finish your garment, then basically using a chart, stitch over the stitches with a needle and the color of whatever it is you want on it. In this case it is a shamrock on each side with the ND logo in the middle. I don't like to duplicate stitch on dark yarn as I don't see it well enough but it is the only thing I can do with this project so I am going to give it an ole college try. Here is an example of duplicate stitch with the CUBS done in duplicate stitch. I made this one year for Jay for his birthday. Here is fair isle on Fortune's sweater. I have done intarsia but really only doing stripes and not patterns.

Maggie: Did you know that the book you are reading was a tv show first? Alton Brown and his motorcycle buddies traveled from the south to the north and it was a great show, showcasing area foods and how they were prepared and such. That was in his fatter days. He lost about 40 lbs I think. Yes, we have beige carpets and so the messes are always very visable. We still have a few years until we can afford the wood floors.

Jean: I can rarely go in and get just one thing that I need without getting other stuff. Usually Jack stops on his way home from work if we need anything. I text him a grocery list, which I do so he won't forget and half the time forgets something anyway when he isn't careful enough reading the list. The prices for everything have gone through the roof. I buy those McCormicks packages of dry gravy and the last time I bought them they were something like 27 cents and are now 57 cents apiece. I was appalled to see a can of green beans was almost $1.25 and that's at the commissary. I don't see how people eat. Like I said before, we spent $385 for groceries at the commissary this time. Some of it will last longer than just two weeks of course and I always pick something up when I am using the last one so I don't run out even though I may not need it, but sheesh. One thing we don't save on at the commissary except for the sales tax part is on produce. It costs about what it does in a regular grocery store except I did get a great deal on 3 lb box of strawberries for $5 this last time.

Well girls, time to get out of here and sit and start on the sewing. Have a good day all. Faye

01-23-2013, 01:19 PM

My nose is a bit stopped up today. Some allergy has attacked me ~ something on the ever blowing wind no doubt. It is 37º with the wind chill of 33º. I get such a kick out of this cat for he is a character. I love it when he comes and taps me on the knee when I am typing at my computer. If I ignore him he continues to tap until I scratch his ears and give him some attention. I am just so glad he doesn’t like to get on my desk like he does Will’s. He will lie across whatever it is Will is trying to work on. I just received this advertisement for chocolate dipped strawberries. OOOO they look so yummy. A dozen giant dipped fancy strawberries for $29.98. Such a deal. Wonder how many points each of those delicious globs are.

JEAN That Tiger Balm is great ~ it took the pain right away and when I woke up this morning it was still gone. That really hurts when you run into things like that in your hallway. Gotta watch where you are going. It sure makes it easier that you can buy those toll thingies locally before you start your trip. In Los Angeles they have the left lane on most of the freeways reserved for those workers with two or more in a car heading to work. They just all get in that lane and motor right along on their way to wherever it is that they work. No tolls to pay just get in that lane.

DONNA FAYE Thank you for the knitting tutorial. When I was in my knitting mode I never used such stitches. I admire your ability to do such work and produce such neat knitted attire. Have you set a goal for how much weight you plan on losing before your next cruise? It seems to me you are right on track with your losing now that your system has settled down. That little dog of yours has such silky hair that it makes me want to touch the picture. I can see from that book that it would have made a fun TV program. I am having a great time going through that book.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ Type at y’all later.

01-23-2013, 02:54 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A balmy 27 degrees right now. I'm freezing and my pansies are sure drooping. They may be done for. The snow we were supposed to have wasn't even a dusting. There were numerous school and business and meeting cancellations the night before so that was a total bust. Now the schools have to make up a snow day and there was no snow. You'd think we lived in a wilderness instead of paved streets in town.

I'm working every day this week while my boss is in Belize. I got my nails done yesterday. Feels good to get a little pampering. I had lunch out today with another lady who works in our building. That was a nice change.

Faye, all you knitting is beautiful, no matter what stitch you use. It sounds like you could use a Little Green Cleaning Machine. It's like a little spot cleaner for carpets. We have Easy Pass here for the Coleman Bridge and it is good in may other states as well, FL being one of them. I have it because Sandy lives on the other side of the Coleman. The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel had tolls, too and when it was paid for they removed them. There is talk now about putting tolls on all the bridges and tunnels in the state as well as the interstate so the roads can get fixed. I'm glad I got my pass when I did because I was grandfathered in at the old rate when you had to start paying a deposit and monthly free for the transponder. If you pay in cash it is $2.00 to cross the Coleman but if you have Easy Pass its 80 cents.

Jean, I ran into Food Lion to get some k-cups while they were on sale yesterday and came out $50 poorer from the other stuff that was too good to pass up. LOL It takes about 10 minutes to get your eyebrows waxed. They spread warm wax on what needs to be removed, cover it with a gauze like strip and then yank it off real quick and then finish by tweazing anything the wax didn't get. It really doesn't hurt. It's a lot better than me trying to do it without my glasses.

Maggie, Casper lays on the floor near me unless he wants attention. Then he jumps on the desk, sewing machine, my lap, etc. If I ignore him to long, he starts pushing things onto the floor. I enjoyed that Alton Brown tour as a tv show, too. I like programs like that. Our libraries have books for sale all the time, too, from donations and those the library will no longer carry. The Friends of the Library have a book sale twice a year and I like to go the last day because you can fill a grocery bag with books for $2.

Have a wonderful day!

01-23-2013, 04:30 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's hazy, windy, and cold again today. If the sun would come out and stay out that would help so much! I worked in the gift shop this morning. The only customer was me! I needed a couple of cards and bought a snowman that was 40% off. When I went to get the keys from the main desk, they weren't there! :hyper: Finally a maintenance man came to let me into the store room, and "someone" had left the keys in the money box key hole with the lid wide open. I need to do another load of laundry and that will be caught up, dust, vacuum, and declutter this afternoon.

I am so mad! Before Christmas I got an email, from WW, saying that according to IA law I had to respond if I wanted to continue to have WW use my credit card for the monthly pass. I replied "yes" and now find out that it was cancelled. :tantrum: I was on the $39.95 rate so suppose I will have to pay more if I go that route again.

"Gma" -- Thanks for the knitting lesson! I wish you could give me lessons. Your projects always look beautiful no matter what! I agree with Maggie that Fortune looks so soft and cuddly. :D I was surprised when we went to the FL grocery store as their prices were pretty much the same as ours. We just bought fruit, meat, cheese, crackers, popcorn -- snacky stuff.

Maggie -- Our wind chill is 6 right now and it just looks cold outside. When we lived in Ohio they had the car pool program. One of our neighbors had a blow up doll that he used; I think he got caught because the doll disappeared after a short time. :lol:

Susan -- I thought you meant your had permanent eyebrows done. :lol: I've never done the waxing but have seriously thought about doing the permanent makeup. Our library is looking to expand and someone brought up the point of whether or not printed books would even exist in years to come. I suppose with iPads, Kindles, etc., there could be fewer books but I'd rather have a "real" book any day.

I have bell choir later so need to accomplish something before I leave. A guy from here is going to be on Wheel of Fortune tonight so I'm anxious to see him. I remember his name from school but don't know him. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-24-2013, 11:29 AM
Good morning ladies! Still cold here this morning and back to being overcast. Think we are going to get some rain today. I slept in this morning as the dog had we up 4 times last night to go outside. Getting old stinks for dogs too! :lol:

I am having a dickens of a time with the duplicate stitch on the dark navy yarn. You can't see the stitches for one thing and I took them out 6 times yesterday. I have one "leaf" done and the stem and will work on the rest of the first shamrock, actually clover as this isn't 4 leaf I couldn't find a pattern small enough. I need one of those lighted magnifying glasses that fits around your neck that cross stitchers use. I told him on Facebook it would fit better than the CUBS hat did, but if he hated it, wear it once, even to bed, for his mom then stick it in the closet with my other failures! :lol:

I think I am going to fix salmon patties for dinner tonight. I fixed pork tenderloin in the crockpot with onion gravy last night and Jack loved it. I told him I thought crockpot bbq with the pork tenderloin would be good too. I took the tenderloin and cut it in half so that each half was about a lb and froze the other half so I can use it and make bbq sometime down the road. I am trying to get more fish into us. The only fish Jack likes is salmon unless it is Long John Silvers, so I fix crab cakes for him or scallops. I eat some fish like talapia, but hate fishy tasting anything. I do like tuna, salmon is ok if it is canned or smoked, and I love shrimp. I always have cold shrimp when Jack has crab cakes. Jack and both like lobster and crab legs are ok too.

Maggie: We have this family owned chocolate shop called Dinhstals. They sold it awhile back but they still make these amazing chocolate covered strawberries. They wrap them in a fondant then dip them and when you bite into them the strawberry has released it juice and they are magnificent. I imagine they would set you back a few pts for each one though as they are huge. Jack had chocolate strawberries delivered to out stateroom for my birthday and they were crummy and expensive. I was really disappointed and Jack doesn't eat them so they were all mine to eat.

Susan: When I fail at a knitting project, I fail grandiose! :lol: Believe me, I have lots of things I have made that did not turn out well. Fortune will bark at me when I sit at the computer too long or on the weekends if I am knitting or away from my chair and Jack is at the computer he will bark at Jack until Jack gets up and comes back to the recliner. :lol: Otherwise, except needing to go out, he never barks and believe me, we have a lot of noise around here for him to bark at.

Jean: On my first appt with this new stylist I had my eyebrows done. It isn't bad at all, though if you have a lot of eyebrow hair it might be. I hardly have any, but wanted them shaped for the cruise. I didn't see much difference when they were done because my eyebrow hair is sparse as is my eyelashes. I barely have anything to put mascara on. :lol: What an idiot to leave the cashbox open and with the keys. Don't you wonder who did that. They should have a response to your email so I would contact WW and explain to them and see if they will keep you at the lower rate. I got a call on Sunday from CVS about that drive through experience and the supervisor called and fell all over herself apologizing and such. She was really nice and never excused what the girl had done except to say she usually didn't work there and was a first year intern or whatever. I told her flat out my dil was a PIC and she would never have done such a thing. She promised to go back and make sure they were trained in how to handle a customer properly and she hoped I would give them another chance. I don't know that I will simply because we have a Walgreens directly across the street and they have gone back to taking express scripts again. The CVS is about 3 miles from here.

Well girls, I have a load of laundry in but need to unload the dishwasher and reload it and today is upstairs cleaning day so I better get to it. Have a great day today. Hope the sun is shining where you are. Faye

01-24-2013, 02:44 PM

I am making a pork recipe in my crock pot today which will be served over some rice for dinner. I didn’t have a can of cranberry sauce that the recipe called for so I substituted some raspberry sugar free jam for that and had to mix my own French dressing but the sauce tasted great so I believe that it will work. :cp: Those pork steaks I thawed yesterday had to be cooked today. I like to start out my crock pot on high for the first hour then turn it down for the duration of the cooking. My honey wanted to go to I-Hop last evening after class so I didn’t cook them as planned. :yes: Since I have the time before dinner crock potting them was a good idea I do believe. Today is his day to work at the museum so I can have dinner when he gets home then we can watch a couple movies. He left a bit early so he could stop by the library and see if they have any more books that were donated put out on the table that we might enjoy. I am still enjoying going through that Feasting on Asphalt one. I don’t know what is going on in the neighborhood but I hear several dogs barking in a choir ~ not ours for they are in the house. I think they have finally gotten it in their heads that barking is for outside and then they can let loose. But no barking in the house is the rule and they can easily join the choir by using their pet door. Each dog hits a different key and it is rather amusing to listen to them.

I have some things to put up and re-arrange in my kitchen this day. I want to make it more user friendly for the winter months. Seems I use different items according to the season and I like to have them handy. I am going to get some things out of that room that I no longer use also. We have some shelving downstairs that can hold them till we have a yard sale.

I love learning new words and heard one used that I had to look up today. Coterminous an adjective: Co-ter-mi-nous ~ \(ˌ)kō-ˈtər-mə-nəs\ . It’s like a pen of sheep with one goat in it so they are considered coterminous. Using the same pen at the same time for different animals. Don’t you Magnolias just love new words. You do know to keep our minds active we are supposed to learn 3 new things each day. Now if you haven’t learned anything new yet today that is your first ~ unless, of course you already knew the meaning of it then it doesn’t count. :no:

I am eating my lunch as I type and I fixed myself some tomato soup and spiced it up. I put some of the “hot” sauce that they gave me when we last at our favorite Mexican restaurant and it is sneaky. I take a drink of my soup then the heat hits later. I love it. :lol: Mo hotta mo betta.

DONNA FAYE Lots of sewers and knitters use those neat lighted magnifiers ~ I do suggest you get one for it will surely halp you and you will wonder why you never got one sooner.

JEAN Do you suppose they meant for you to contact your credit card company to let WW deduct your money from your account? I have seen cars in that employee only lanes with those blow up dolls ~ even in the back seat when there was a passanger in the fron. :D I guess he had it "just in case" he didn't have a rider one day.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ Type at y’all later.

01-24-2013, 06:21 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another cold, windy, gloomy day in my neighborhood. I'm tired of it "feeling" like it is below 0 outside! :brr: I decluttered, dusted, and vacuumed this morning, then after lunch went in search of a birthday card for a church lady who turns 100. She and her son were/is customers of Bob's; she dearly loves cats and I managed to find a cat card for her. The "100" birthday cards are $3.50 and up! I did find a cat card for $2.49.

I did receive a standard response, from WW, that I had closed the account, which I didn't do. I did go this morning thinking maybe the leader would have a suggestion; she did and that was to rejoin at the higher price. :( I'm wondering if that's why it got canceled in the first place. :yes:

"Gma" -- I had to :lol3: at your telling Jay he could wear his hat to bed! I think back in the old days men espeically wore night caps to bed to keep warm. What are Walgreen express scripts? My mom used to make salmon patties but I never have. What all do you put in yours or how do you fix them? Have you read any books by Wendi Corsi Staub? I read Nightwatcher while we were gone and thought it was good. I was disappointed our library doesn't have any of her books. I'm reading Playing With Fire by Nancy Price right now. It's kind of different but has held my attention. We were in a store where you can dress up in costumes to have your picture taken and there was a pile of books with a sign that they were free. The book jacket says she is from Iowa and winters in Florida. She has several books and the library has several of them.

Maggie -- Your pork menu sounds good too. :T Anything I don't have to fix sounds good. I need to do some rearranging in the kitchen, and get rid of some dishes I never use. My car will be getting a new windshield tomorrow so I will be home all day. I will have to think about what I want to accomplish as each room could use some attention. I've never heard of your new word for the day, so thanks for the lesson.

Guess I will think about something hot for supper . . . soup of some sort for sure. Hope you all stay warm and enjoy your evening! :wave:

01-25-2013, 08:33 AM
Good morning girls! We are getting some light rain this morning and since it is dark don't know what the day will bring, but doubt it is sun with the rain. Ahh well, it is one day closer to spring at least. I noticed this shrub we have off the deck already has buds on it. It springs some kind of tiny white flower that only lasts a very few weeks then they all fall off. We have a holly bush too, but don't get many pretty red berries on it. I guess I should be thankful as they are poison and I don't know whether Fortune would try to eat them or not. You never know with him. His biggest love is anything potato. He loves chips, tots, you name it, if it is potato he wants some. He likes those Bugle snacks too.

I have one clover almost completed and will move on to the ND today. I really do hate doing duplicate stitch! :lol: I think maybe I will start Jack's hat today too. Since it is just two colors, it will knit up fast. He is surely going to be able to be seen in the dark with this hat. I need to work on my scarf and get it done. I am almost halfway and almost done with one sock. I definitely have enough to keep me busy. I want to make a sleeveless top for vacation, but am hoping I am down a couple sizes so I need to find a pattern that will fit multiple sizes.

Maggie: You ask me about losing weight for the cruise. I would like to be down around 70 lbs by the cruise and with me losing 3 lbs a week, I will be more than that. If I lose just two lbs between today and the day we leave, I will have lost 74 so I should be able to do it. I would like one of those magnifiers but don't know how much they would set me back. I may look into it. One of my favorite knitting tools are actually these little stitch markers I bought. They are little plastic safety pins so they don't fall off the knitting or off the needles like some of the other markers can. I am thinking of buying more for big projects that I need to mark every so many stitches. They are really inexpensive, under $5 for a little bag of them. My crockpot is ancient, but until it poops out on me I am not buying another one. Mine has a removal stoneware container that is big. You can put a whole chicken in it easily. Once the electric component craps out, I can keep the inner container to bake in. I like the removal kind. I had one that was oblong and just sat on top of a long griddle like think and I hated it. I got it years ago when I had a Tupperware party and who has those anymore??? You can buy Tupperware online nowadays.

Jean: Express Scripts is our mail order prescription plan. Walgreens supposedly takes Tricare again which uses Express Scripts. Some nitwit at Walgreens who makes decisions decided to dump express scripts. A lot of medicare prescription plans uses express scripts and they found out they lost a lot of business so they are back to taking it again. I like it because our mail in prescriptions we can get 90 days at a time. Aren't greeting cards just ridiculously priced anymore? I mean it is a piece of paper with an envelope and I doubt the writers of the poetry and such make big bucks doing it. Just another way to take our money from us. I think they purposely make the 99 cent ones as awful as they can so you will buy the more expensive ones. I am tempted to be like my dil and just get note cards and write notes in them for birthdays and such.

Well, I guess I will get back in the recliner and sew on that hat some more. I really want to get it done. Have a great weekend. It will be quiet around here this weekend as nothing is going on. Faye[/COLOR]

01-25-2013, 01:30 PM

It’s another chilly day here in the ♥Land. I woke up with my hip hurting and don’t know what is going on there except maybe I slept on it “wrong” somehow to cause the upset. I’m just getting old is what it probably is. Maybe one of my exercises caused it to act up. Hopefully as the day progresses it will “go away.” Sure makes it hard to walk as it is but sitting it is OK.

The substitution to that recipe I made last evening in my crock pot sure did turn out tasty. We ended up having some stove top stuffing with it. I like those boxes of stuffing and always put chopped up celery, onion, and mushrooms in it and use chicken broth instead of butter. Lightens it up and leaves it nice and tasty that way. I have yet to decide on what I will make for dinner this day.

I ate up all my cuties and Will has those on his shopping list. WW wants us to eat fruit or vegetables with each meal and that isn’t a bit hard for me to do at all for I love fruit and most vegetables. I have been known to eat a tomato along with my breakfast when I do eat breakfast that is. I generally am one of those ~ two meals a day ~ people. If I eat a “breakfast” type meal it is at one of those times. In the morning when I get up it is coffee for me. I’ve never been a breakfast eater and even as a child I didn’t eat much breakfast. I would grab a piece of fruit when I headed off to school. Not eating didn’t affect my grades any for I always made good ones. I’m just not a member of the breakfast club. It always seems that when I do eat something for breakfast then I have a hungry day. I didn’t get FAT until later in my life and the fact that I was not a breakfast eater didn’t cause that. Lack of constantly being on the move was the key factor in my weight gain ~ along with eating the fatty fried foods of course. What I have become is my doing and I am currently undoing some behaviors that were counterproductive. I have learned Splenda® and low fat products, portion control and am a loser now days. Life is good.

DONNA FAYE That would be wonderful if you are able to lose 3 pounds a week on a regular basis. :cp: Just think of the reward from that much of a loss ~ your body will thank you. The longest losing stretch I ever made was that for 6 months I lost one to 1½ pounds each week with only one week having a “maintain.” I would love to repeat that record for sure. :yes: I currently have 3 crock pots and all their crocks are removable. I use one of the smaller ones mosty but have the largeer one for bigger amounts I cook for a crowd or for the freezer. One of the smaller ones has a plug in for the cigerate lighter port in a vehicle. I had it for when we were "full timers." :p I have had the other two since we moved in here years back. Crock pots do seem to last a long time. I don't remember ever having one that went ka-poot.

JEAN Those greeting cards do cost a lot now days. I have a program that I use with my computer to make my own cards. I can use their sayings or my own in them and make them anyway I want. I don't often ever buy a card anymore. I did get some Christmas cards but they were marked down way low. :p That is a rip that you have to re-join at the higher price. I am not sure just how much I pay for it comes out of our checking account automaticaly and that is our main banking folks out in TN. I'll have to ask Will for he does that book work. :D We have never changed our bank after leaving TN because they have really treated us nice and we have never had any trouble with them at all. My check from CA goes to that bank automatically. We put money on our Wal*Mart money cards for our purchases so folks cant get into the main account and rip us off. I only had one Wal*Mart money card ripped off and they didn't get much but the company Wall*Mart deals with put the money back and went after the person in another country that stole it. So when we want to buy something we load the money on that card then spend it quickly now days.:p Right now on my card I have enough to cover a back order I had made and then that leaves me a whopping $8.54 on that card. Before I load anymore on a card I will get a new one and destroy this current one. If the $8.54 is still there they will transfer it over to the new card. That's how we work it.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ Type at y’all later.

01-25-2013, 05:09 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's 32 degrees outside . . . still feels cold though. The streets are wet so the sun is helping to melt the snow. I have been very lazy today. I made chili for lunch and did some much needed ironing. I'm carless since I am getting a new windshield today. Because of the cold weather they are keeping it overnight to make sure the glue sets correctly.

"Gma" -- I keep telling myself that spring is on the way. I did check the newspaper this morning and the sun is setting a minute later at 5:32 :cp: and is rising a minute earlier tomorrow. Fortune and I should start a potato lovers club; I could eat potatoes every day! You are coming right along on Jay's hat. I thought maybe I was missing out on something since I didn't know what express scripts were. I can never figure out why "they" try to fix something that isn't broken. I buy most of my greeting cards in the hospital gift shop. I don't remember the brand but they have a rainbow heart with a paintbrush on the back side. They average between $1 and $1.50 with appropriate verses and drawings that look hand painted.

Maggie -- I hope your hip is feeling better as the day goes along. :yes: I know what you mean about "getting old" with aches and pains. I always think of Bob's mom saying that getting old isn't for sissies. I sometimes skip breakfast if I'm not hungry, but know I can have something later in the morning if I need to do so. I always had toast with peanut butter when I was in school because I usually ate lunch either at noon or 12:30; 6 hours without food was too long for me. Bob's secretary makes all of her own cards also. I had a program at one time and just never felt very accomplished using it.

I am hungry and need to find a snack of some sort. Think I will make a grocery list and talk Bob into going with me later. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-26-2013, 01:49 PM

It’s another wonderful day in the neighborhood. I got the neatest sounding chicken recipe from my WW leader this morning that makes me want to round up the ingredients to make it one of these days soon. I imagine that it would be good with a nice fresh tossed salad. I’ll share it with you also my WW friends ~

4 servings, 8 points+ each
Lightly brown in skillet:
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Puree in blender:
½ cup water
1 cup fresh basil
1 Tbsp olive oil
5 cloves of garlic
Place chicken in a baking dish.
Pour puree over the top.
Place the following on top:
1 cup fresh cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
½ medium red onion (sliced)
1 cup fresh sliced mushrooms
Bake at 375º for 40 minutes.

Not much happening around here this day except the regular Saturday cleaning we do. Not much to do really since we like to keep it picked up all during the week. Just making sure the bathrooms are all clean and the kitchen is in order. Mostly the clutter that exists is the dogs toys strewn all over the front room but when that happens, guests can understand. They have mostly deposited their toys under Will’s desk lately so they are not in the front room. They take turns on which room they invade and now it is his office ~ all those things around Will’s feet plus 2 animals on the floor and one on his desk. :lol: His office still has carpeting so they like it better to hang around in I think because mine has wood floors. The cat gets interested on what Will is doing on that desk top.

JEAN My hip quit hurting after I walked around a bit thank goodness and my arm quit hurting shortly after I rubbed it with that Tiger Balm and hasn’t hurt since. The muscle in my upper right arm has been giving me fits for it was hurting for several days. I could kick myself for not thinking of using Tiger Balm before for I tried other things. The balm comes in a cute 6 sided little jar. Small jar but a little goes a long way. Something that has been used over 100 years all over the world has got to have merits I would think. I have the “ultra strength” and “red extra strength” jars of it that do what they are supposed to as a pain relieving ointment. There is also a “white regular strength” jar but I don’t have that one. Today I don’t have any aches and pains. What happened to your windshield that you have to have it replaced?

Have a wonderful weekend Magnolias ~ type at y'all later.

01-26-2013, 04:22 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun has been playing hide 'n seek today, wind has settled down to a breeze, and it is still cold at 18 degrees. I've been sorting through drawers looking for a credit card. I cleaned out my purse before we went to Florida, leaving credit cards and "stuff" I knew I wouldn't need while gone. I debated about this card because I knew the bill would come after we were home, put it in my purse, and then took it out again. I don't usually carry it, so decided against taking it, then stuck it somewhere stupid thinking I would deal with it when we got home. I know it is here somewhere!!!!! Otherwise it is laundry, litter boxes, and reorganizing gift shop paperwork from 2012. I need to get back to Beth's afghan too.

Maggie -- The chicken recipe does sound good except for the mushrooms. ;) Sonny likes to clean out the toy box. He isn't good about picking up though. Ernie always comes running when he hears his toys rattle. :lol: Glad your hip and arm are back to normal. I've never heard of Tiger Balm, will have to look for it. We had a rock chip at the very center and bottom of the windshield. Bob was going to have it fixed but when the weather got cold enough to run the defroster it cracked sideways in both directions. The estimate was $800+ but they gave us a discount and it was "only" $600. The body shop guy said fixing the chip wouldn't have helped because of the location and vibrations would have made it crack eventually.

I hear the dryer buzzing so need to change loads. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-26-2013, 10:53 PM

The order for my striped knee sox came today and they are so pretty and soft with that cashmere content in them along with nylon, virgin wool, viscose, and angora ~ made in the USA. With this brace they told me to only wear 100% cotton knee sox with it and you can’t imagine just how hard it was to find those at first. I do have a couple of sources now where I can get navy blue, black, and tan 100% cotton sox from but it took a lot of searching to find those sources. But on occasion I do wear the blended kind but not on an everyday type thing. I mostly wear black knee high 100% cotton sox. If I am wearing my nice tan pants then I will wear the tan sox. I did find some thigh high 100% sox that the reenactment folks wear that pose as old gold panning folks and have a couple pair of those in different colors. One striped pair has stripes of blue and green and another striped pair has black and red stripes. The stripes go around the leg on both pairs as do the new sox I just got today. :yes:

JEAN That was one expensive piece of glass to get the windshield replaced. Before we moved here we had glass covered in our policy and they call it different here so I am not sure how much glass we do have covered anymore. I hope you find that card you hid from yourself. It must be frustrating to lose things of that sort. Believe me I do believe we have all lost things in our houses.:p One time Will was helping a man solder something in his basement and then they came up for a drink of water then when they went back down the flux had disappeared. Will had seen the man put it down on a table before they left the room and neither could find it anywhere. Spookey for sure but I think they must have had a pack rat that lived down there somewhere. They had to go buy another tin of flux.

Have a wonderful sleep Magnolias.

01-27-2013, 11:02 AM
Good morning ladies. It is in the low 60's already this morning, but gray skies. I think I need to get out of the house, but don't know what I would do. Maybe we will go for a drive or something, who knows?

Here's Jay's hat. I am so glad I am finished with this thing. It drove me nuts. It sure did teach me a lot of patience. :lol:

I have lots of things to do today but it is one of those lazy days I am not sure much will get done. There is always tomorrow I guess.

Maggie: My dd used to have to wear cotton because she had some kind of disease that would cause her to break out badly. Over time and with medication it quit and she hasn't had problems since then, but boy this stuff was awful for her. We use our bank card mostly though we do have 1 credit card for things like car rentals and such, but we don't use it a lot. I know one thing that I check my bank account every day.

Jean: I love mushrooms but Jack won't eat them under any circumstances. He says one day they are going to kill me! :lol: He is kidding of course, but he hates the things. I didn't take my handbag with me at all on the trip. I have this neat skinny little bag that fits crosswise over my body. It is very small and slim and on the cruise I was able to get my iphone, cash, credit card, my ship card, passport and id in it. Most of the time on the ship, I just gave Jack my ship card to carry in his pocket. It was kind of nice to be free of it. I did bring it on the trip, but left it in the car covered with a couple towels or a blanket or something.

Well girls, I need to get to work. Have a good day all. Faye

01-27-2013, 04:11 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We got up to ice this morning and now it is drizzling, cold, and just gloomy. We "skated" to church only because there were no cancellations on the tv nor radio and Bob was ushering. He was the only one when we usually have at least three; we had some elderly people show up who had no business being out and about. There was only 45 there. I have to do cat chores for the next two weeks so need to go when I finish here.

"Gma" -- Jay's hat looks pretty spiffy! I'm impressed as always. :) Bob tells me to leave my purse home but then he is the one who wants nail clippers, a toothpick, or Kleen-x. :rolleyes: I have been working on Beth's afghan this afternoon. I will be glad when it is done, wish I hadn't made it quite so big.

I need to go do my cat chores. The gal, another retired cat/dog mom, who just finished two weeks called to tell me the cat isn't eating any dry food so I am going to try some of mine. I know she used to eat this brand. "Boomer" is very lonely and has another month before her family comes home. The sitter started leaving the tv on 24/7 so there would be some noise.

Enjoy the rest of your day, hope you are all warm and dry! :wave:

01-27-2013, 10:27 PM

It is another ho hum day with the temperature but other than that it is a great day. All my aches and pains are gone when the humidity is up so it must be a low humidity day. :cp: When I ordered my new sox in order to bring the order up so I could take advantage of their shipping free offer I added a bag of Walnettos. Any of you remember those penny candies that we used to get as a kid? Well this place has lots of those old things you can’t get any more in stores. They are one point+ a piece and really good. I can remember my teacher sending me to the corner store to get each kid in class one for being good that day. It was just a block away so not a far place to send me. I look back now and wonder why she always chose me to go to the store. Could I have been the “teacher’s pet” back then? She did borrow things from my mother when she wanted to bake something for the class. She was just a young married teacher and my mother had lots of kids and things to bake and cook with so it stands to reason if she needed something she knew who to ask to borrow it from. Plus she lived just right around the block from us and my mother was president of the PTA. :lol: Walnettos sure brought back some old memories. They are chewy chocolate squares with chopped up walnuts in them wrapped in wax paper and very good.

Will bought a program that is speech recognition software by Nuance called Dragon and his computer wouldn’t load the disk so he gave it to me to try and ~ bingo~ my old laptop loaded it and now it is mine. I don’t have a use for it though but it will be fun to play with for it will type when I talk into a microphone on a headset plugged into my computer. I’ll have to play around with it before I use it much or any at all though. But really, what use do I have of it if I can type 110 words a minute. Will is the one who needs it. :lol:

I put a roast in the crock-pot this afternoon and it sure smelled the house up with good odors for I put a package of dry onion soup over the top. The plan is to shred the meat and make some beef and rice burritos. It is done now and I have it out and cooling so I can then get it into the fridge and deal with making the burritos tomorrow.

I won’t be going to WW tomorrow but that is probably a good thing because I would surely show a gain for I had a very hungry week and ate too much. We have a meeting to attend where we need to vote on things to do with the museum. I will try and have a good week and show a loss or maybe a “maintain” but I surely don’t want to show a gain next week.

DONNA FAYE That hat turned out great! You did a lot of work and it turned out to be worth it didn't it. Well maybe you don't want to make another real soon like it. :no: That's good that your dd isn't alergic anymore for that must have been miserable for her and you keeping her in cotton. I am glad I am not alergic but the reason is that if the sox aren't 100% cotten then my foot slips where the cotton keeps it to stay put on the brace. These casmere blend sox were a delight to wear today though for I didn't do much walking and they felt so good. It's good you keep a close watch on your account for there are folks learning more tricks all the time to rip us off.

JEAN It's nice that folks find others to care for their cats while they are gone instead of putting them in a kennel. But since we put Cecil in with the vet for that week he has stayed a lot closer to us after he got over his snit of ignoring us for an hour after we got him home. :p We are supposed to be up in the 60's somewhere tomorrow. :p

Have a wonderful night Magnolias.

01-28-2013, 08:28 AM
Good morning to you all! It is going to be nice and warm today, in the upper 60's but expecting some more rain according to the forecast. So far, it is dry here though.

I did find out with the hat that I could have done it in fair isle catching the floats, but I didn't know that technique even existed. Now I do, so next time I can knit it right onto the hat instead of having to sew it over the top. Everyone liked it a lot on FB though so I guess it turned out ok as long as Jay likes it.

This morning was weigh day and I am down another 2#'s. That makes it 8 for the three weeks and 11 since the doctor's appt so it is coming along.

Maggie: I can understand how acryllic socks would slide on that brace, but I wouldn't think superwash wool would though most socks unless they are expensive are a combo of acryllic and something else. Glad you like your new socks. I have big feet and usually wear mens socks when I wear socks, like around the house. Because I have flat feet, my socks shift around on my feet when I walk a lot. I usually end up with the heel on the top of my foot and have to take them off and put them back on again. I wear those tennis socks/footies in the house all the time and I noticed I am losing the battle with them and it is time to buy some more. Your roast sounds good. We are having turkey roast for dinner tonight. I try to have poultry, then red meat, then fish, etc and rotate. I am trying to get more seafood into my hubby's diet. We were talking about doing one of those steam pots in the future. Kelly does them at her house and loves them.

Jean: I know about the purse thing. Jack teases me about how big and heavy my purses are, but he is the one that says, "Donna, do you have aspirin in your purse?" It is that or kleenex, or clippers or whatever. I also have to carry wipes or hand sanitizer for the grandkids and me to use. I like using it instead of the sinks in the bathrooms especially when all you have are those blow dryer things. I bought this nifty little bottle a long time ago that attached to my key chain and I just refill it when it gets low. Aww, the poor little thing. Fortune can get that way when he is kenneled or at Kelly's but he is fine when we are gone as long as he is in his own domain.

Well girls, lots and lots of work to do today and I have Jack's hat to work on since I ripped it out. I found that 100% cotton yarn stretches a lot more than wool blend and I felt the hat was going to be too big so out it came. :lol: Have a great start to your week. Faye

01-28-2013, 01:29 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to very thick fog this morning; school started two hours late because of it. The ice on the streets has melted but there are still slippery spots in protected areas. Our church office is open according to the school schedule so the secretary didn't show up to count. The treasurer and I counted and there wasn't much there since the weather was so icky yesterday. I am going to the gift shop at noon (the volunteer director is buying my lunch) to mark new merchandise. Then I have kitty chores to do before dark. Bob is off ice fishing with his farmer friend. They went to a small nearby lake where the fish are supposedly biting.

Maggie -- I do remember Walnettos! :T I can't remember the name of the catalog off hand, but every once in awhile I get one that has all of the "old" candy in it. Memories of the penny candy counters for sure! I hate the hungry days and weeks! You will have a good week coming up.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 2#s! You are doing GREAT! I don't use the hand sanitizer because the dermatologist said that was the worst thing to use when I had eczema on my fingers. Every once in awhile I check to see if the ingredients are still alcohol. I try to wash my hands before my food comes when eating in a restaurant. One FL place had a dryer that you dip your hands in; it was really fast drying but not too hot.

I need to change clothes and head to the hospital. Enjoy your day, stay warm, and be happy! :wave:

01-28-2013, 02:08 PM

I weighed on my scale today and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I sure hope I can find a moment tonight to get in and weigh in at WW before that meeting or after. I’d really like to know what their scale would reflect. I checked my records and I didn’t eat as much as I had really thought. That is why I do write what I bite. I need to know. :lol: Silly me. I will be very happy if I do show a “maintain.”

The dogs are at the groomer and Cecil is wondering where his dogs are. He gave up looking so is now on the bed taking a nap. It is said we will get as high as 67º this day and I am glad the early morning fog we had has now dissipated. And a change ~ maybe ~ of some rain tomorrow. That would be marvelous if it would happen. I am so looking forward to spring and garden planting time. Will is going to put up a wooden fence along the chain link fence line in our back yard so folks can’t look in and see our veggies ripe on the vine and avail themselves of them. Someone relieved us of all our nice ripe tomatoes & melons from our last garden. If they would ask we would share but we don’t like to grow it to be stolen. At lest they left us our Bell Peppers and Scotch Bonnets and didn’t bother the apple tree any. I imagine with the prices of things going up more folks will be out on the prowl to see what they can glean. We put up a scare crow to keep the birds out of the garden and hung aluminum strips in the apple tree that flutter in the breeze that keep the birds out of that.

DONNA FAYE That is good that your friends on FB like that hat also :cp: I don’t know why they wouldn’t because it is great. Yep cotton yarn does stretch. I made myself a sweater one time out of cotton yarn ~ a pullover type with a slit neck and it turned out HUGE. I wore it over a turtle neck T shirt in a color that went along with the sweater and had a nice looking top without my bra straps constantly in view. I am not one of those gals that don’t mind underwear showing for I do mind. There was a gal the other day working at the coffee window that had a turquoise sweater on with a hot pink bit of satin showing at the neck on each side that looked so pretty. I commented on how pretty it looked and she blushed and said, “That is my bra straps showing”. They only showed about a ¼ of an inch and really did look pretty. :yes: It really just looked like a bit of satin on the sweater though. Who makes those steam pots?

JEAN How nice your money count went without a hitch this time. It’s nice that you cat sit and see to it that your friends felines are OK. We have never been gone overnight and left this cat here alone but we know he would survive a couple days or so without a sitter if we left out enough food and water for him. We might have to put but hut sand in another container though so he would have two places inside since he wouldn’t be able to access the back yard. As it is he leaves most of his deposits out back. The catalogue I got my sox and candy from is “The Vermont Country Store” in Rutland, VT. I imagine it may be the same catalogue you spoke of for they have lots of “can’t find any more elsewhere type” items.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias.

01-28-2013, 11:27 PM

I am a very happy camper :cp: for I showed a loss of 1.6 at weigh in this evening. I just had to come here and sing out my success. :lol: Rejoice with me. I am ♫♪ singing♪♫ a happy tune. ♫

Have a wonderful night Magnolias.

01-29-2013, 08:25 AM
Good morning ladies. Jack just left for work and since we were trying to fix a mistake in our tax return this morning that they sent back, I decided just to stay up and post.

We are supposed to get some high winds and nasty storms this afternoon and tonight, but the temps are going to be in the 70's today. Jack even wore a short sleeved tshirt to work this morning instead of his long sleeved one.

Fortune kept me up all night last night again so I am kind of pooped, but I am awake now so will just have to take a little nap later I guess. He just won't lay still and that might be connected to his heart from what I have read. It is tough to get old that's for sure and he is over 13 now.

Maggie: Congrats on the loss. I know you were a bit worried about it.:carrot: As for the steam pots, all they are is a deep stock pot with a basket in it to keep the food out of the water. I have included a pic and you can get them all over the place, just google seafood steam pot. You can get all kinds of sizes too.

Jean: There is an online store called nostalgic candy that has all the old stuff like mary jane's, kits, boston baked beans, candy cigarettes, etc. I used to get emails from them all the time because I bought Thomas a gift from them once. Hope the kitties are doing ok. Yes, anyone with skin issues shouldn't use the hand sanitizers that's for sure as it will make them worse or at least make them sting I would think. They will dry your skin out so I always use lotion on my hands too.

Well girls, there's nothing going on here today. I hope you all have a nice day. We are going to batten down the hatches I guess as we are supposed to get high winds around noon or so. Faye

01-29-2013, 12:05 PM

It is going to stay in the 30º area this day here in the ♥-Land. :brr: I do long for spring but it is down the road some yet. :kickcan: They winter weather advisory even said we may get some rain/snow showers starting at noon and going through 9pm. Rain will be quite welcome for sure. Snow does melt though and become water so that would be welcome also but I do prefer the :rain:. I am going to have to go get my jacket on for I am chilled. The heater must be getting ready to turn cycle on. Yep there it came on but I am still going to put on my light weight jacket.

I think we will have a repeat of those yummy burritos today. I didn’t get the meat all made up in to them because I ran out of salsa of all things but can get some today. It’s all in the fridge waiting for the salsa. But before that I will peal and section a couple of Cuties and enjoy them while getting in some of my fruit-veggie allotment this day.

There is a yummy recipe for Pineapple Upside-Down Cake in the hand out from WW last evening and I am wondering how well it freezes. It makes 10 servings and there are 8 that would have to be frozen for later enjoyment. Or I could make it for a pot-luck and have a piece because I imagine it would all be eaten for it looks so inviting. I remember my mother made them when I was living at home and they were so good but there were so many of us that it all got eaten up and we didn’t deal with the left-over’s. There being 8 of us in the family a dessert usually got devoured at one meal. I’m sure she didn’t make this lightened version but I bet this one is good. It just isn’t as pretty as mothers were for it doesn’t have maraschino cherries in the center of the pineapple rings. :lol: The cherries would probably add another point+ to the servings.

DONNA FAYE I get ya now ~ thanks for that picture of the steamer pot. I have a collapsible stainless little basket gismo that is used in the bottom of a pot to steam veggies with. I use it to cook my broccoli and other items I wish to steam. For just the two of us I wouldn’t need such a specialty pot for my little insert works great since it is collapsible it fits into several sized pots. :cp: I have toyed with the idea of getting one of the Ornamental bamboo steamer basket stacks though. I feel so sorry for your little pooch. Little precious guy just can’t get comfortable and then consequently it plays with your getting restful sleep so therefore I feel sorry for you also. Those nostalgic Walnettos are really yummy and only 1 P+ each.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias.

01-29-2013, 01:10 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another gloomy morning in my neighborhood with light fog and 32 degrees. I just finished counting gift shop money and need to take it to the bank. Otherwise it is cat chores and a grocery store visit after lunch.

The fishing trip was a bust with not even a nibble. Bob came home with one wet leg! They were putting things away and getting ready to leave. Rich said, "watch out for the hole," then Bob turned around and stepped right in it. He was lucky that all of him didn't fall in!

Maggie -- :congrat: on the 1.6# last night! I can be good about writing what I eat but then get lazy and quit. I write in a notebook because the weekly trackers are too small. The pineapple cake sounds good. I wish there were boxed desserts of just one or two servings because I sure don't want a 9 x 13" pan calling my name. Most of our snow is gone again. The temperature is supposed to bottom out on Thursday and then warm up again. Crazy weather!

"Gma" -- It's a good thing you don't have to be bright and bushy eyed for a job when Fortune keeps you up at night. Is there anything, like a sleeping pill, that you could give him? :dunno: I know how much you will miss him when he is gone as he is company for you. I hope the strong winds don't materialize; I appreciate the weather warnings so we can be prepared just in case they do happen.

I need to keep moving as I noticed a couple of fur bunnies on my way upstairs. Maybe I can scoop them up without dragging out the vacuum. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :wave:

01-30-2013, 10:38 AM
Good Morning. Flowers! Another cold (feels like 0 w/ 25 mph wind) gloomy day in my corner of the world. We got a dusting of snow during the night and it is blowing around although there was nothing to shovel on the driveway. I'm hoping the church newsletter is ready to go today, have cat chores, need to drop bills off at the hospital, and bell practice later this afternoon. I don't want to go outside :brr: so hope I can combine some of these into one trip.

I came upstairs to get an address since my iPad wouldn't/ couldn't do a search. I punched a hole in the invoice, and wanted to double check the street number before I addressed the envelope. Have a wonderful Wednesday, enjoy, and keep warm! :wave:

01-30-2013, 10:54 AM
Good morning to you all! We had one heck of a storm last night. We had high winds and a ton of rain in a quick amount of time. We have a lot of flash flooding around here this morning.

Jack headed out the same time this morning but had to go to Southwest Community College for some kind of thing for work. It lasts all day today and all day tomorrow. He says anything that gets him away from work he is all for no matter how boring it might be.

Jack is having chicken and rice casserole and I am having talapia fish sticks for dinner tonight. I don't like cream of chicken soup taste and that is what goes in the rice so I opt out and have the fish, which is very good. I am going to make one of my vegetable steamer bags to go with it I think. I think this one has cauliflower, carrots, potatoes and a couple other veggies in it. I had a WW Thai chicken with rice noodles in peanut sauce yesterday and it was delicious. Jack had picked it up from Krogers and I didn't remember seeing it at the commissary so will get a couple at Krogers over the weekend. I really like having the frozen meals for lunch with some fruit. It is easy peasy that way.

Maggie: You could use anything you want that is made to steam I would think. As far as the food, it is your choice, but I think most pots have corn, sausage, new potatoes, then whatever seafood they enjoy. I know Kelly puts shrimp, crab legs, and I think mussells or some mollusk in it. We would probably do shrimp, crab, and scallops, which Jack really enjoys. You sprinkle old bay seasoning on it and bring it up to boil for about 20 minutes I believe and voila, dinner. In New Orleans they make them with crawfish of course and they just take you table and put newspaper on it and pour off the water then pour all the food right onto the newspapers. No plates or anything and no muss, no fuss.

Jean: I should have put his thundershirt on him last night. He would absolutely not settle down until around 1 AM. So of course, I was pooped this morning and slept in until 8:30. That's the problem with fishing, you can't be guaranteed of anything so you can get cold, wet, and nothing to show for it. Glad Bob didn't turn his ankle or anything. I slammed my toes into the wheel on the computer chair last night and boy is my second toe sore. I looked at it this morning and it isn't black and blue, but it is really sore and sore to bend it. I set up an Excel program to log in my food and points. I have it broken down into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and have a column to add each meal's points and I can see how many I have eaten so far, etc. I then have a second page set up to calculate points and a third page full of foods I have already calculated pts and so I don't have to keep doing it. I can just look it up and put it on my pts page. I love doing it this way. Jack does it old school. He bought himself one of those school notebooks where he keeps pts, but he relies on me to figure them out mostly. He also made himself a program ap for his phone to calculate pts when we are out shopping since he knows the formula. He can do it in his head too, but it is faster this way.

Well, I am getting a late start this morning so I better hop to it. Hope they pick up the trash this AM. They have been kind of spotty about it sometimes even on non holiday weeks. Just one more thing we pay for and don't get good service. :( Have a great middle of the week. Faye

01-31-2013, 11:03 AM
Good morning girls! It went from mid 70's into the low 30's! It is cold here this morning and my feet are freezing even with socks on. I hope it warms up today.

Last day for Jack at the community college. He only has to be there half day today then he will just come home. I ask him if he was going to come home, change, and then go out to work. He looked at me like I had two heads.! :lol: So, I guess he will be coming home early.

Darn it girls, I have started cramping, spotting, shaking, etc again. It started a few days ago on and off. I am at a quandry whether to just wait for now and not having more done to see if possibly my weight is causing my hormones to be all screwed up and losing weight will even everything out. I have a pap smear appt on the 13th so I guess I will have to talk to her again about it. It isn't heavy or really even red more pink but I shouldn't be doing this. The thing is, the other symptoms seem to come with them almost like a mentstrual cycle. That's what it has done over the last 6 months so I keep thinking it maybe my weight screwing with my hormones. On top of that, my weight is up a few oz even keeping strictly to points which is stressful for me. I also have a problem I have to deal with outside of all this and it has me stressed out. I am the ultimate worrier. I worry about stuff that hasn't even happened yet and always have been that way. So, today is one of those blue days.

I cleaned the kitchen and now have to get out there and mop all the linoleum. I have one load of laundry in the dryer and one in the washer then I finish all that and I am done for the day I guess.

Hope everyone has a good day today. Faye

01-31-2013, 11:04 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The weather is same old wind (25 mph), cold (-2, feels like -26), BUT the sun is shining! We are in a "cold" advisory until midnight. I have laundry in the washer, balanced one checkbook, need to pick up a couple things at WM, cat chores, and meet a friend for coffee this afternoon. Tomorrow we are going to visit my "mom" in her new home.

"Gma" -- I sometimes exchange cream of celery, chicken, or mushroom soup in a recipe if I don't happen to have the right one on hand. I really can't tell much difference. I must admit our WM seems to have a better selection of WW frozen dinners than either grocery store. I will have to check and see if they have the ones you mentioned. How are your toes today? I rarely go without shoes after breaking a toe. When my feet hurt I hurt all over. :yes: Like Jack, I use paper and pencil to keep track of points. I think I am heading to a new cell phone. I checked mine this morning and it is showing no battery life although it isn't red like happened one other time. I text more than I talk and know that takes more energy, but I had 3/4 battery life showing yesterday and hadn't used it. I know the kids put their phones on the chargers every night but they don't have house phones any more. Don't think I would remember to do that or if I did forget to take the phone with me the next day.

My washer should be done so time to switch to the dryer and start another one in the washer. I can't imagine using a wringer washer; I wouldn't have made a very good 30s and 40s wife! My mom had a wringer washer when I was little; did any of you have one in your house?

Have a terrific Thursday, smile, and enjoy your day! :wave:

01-31-2013, 12:49 PM

It is currently 25º here in the ♥-Land and not expected to get out of the 30º area today with a high of 34º ~ with a chance of snow flurry. Today being the last day of January it is no wonder for it is still winter. Did this month go by fast for any of you ~ It sure did for me. I am sitting here at my computer with my sweatshirt jacket on this morning. Just a tad chilly in this office but I will warm up as the day progresses. Will has gone shopping to fill my list of things we are out of or fixin’ to be out of shortly. Today seems like it would be a nice “soup” day. I’ll have to see what we have on hand for making a nice pot of it.

Maybe you remember my saying I took everything out of my fridge last week and cleaned it so it sparkled. Well yesterday Will got a soda out of the fridge and dropped it on the floor and it exploded up all over the inside of that nice clean fridge and most of its content. I felt so sorry for him but just had to laugh. :lol: His pants were also soaked with soda as was the inside of the fridge. I never realized how much one small can of soda could cover. I stopped what I was doing in there and helped him clean up that mess ~ and it was a mess. Well that episode gave him the idea to bring the very small fridge home he had bought for his office in the church building to keep his bottles of water to use as a “soda & bottled water” fridge here at home. That will surely free up some space in our fridge. He can take a bottle with him to the building if he wants and really doesn’t need that fridge over there.

I ended up making one of those hamburger helper type meals last evening and it was quite good. It was a Salisbury Steak one and I added some chopped onion which I cooked with the burger meat. It is nice to have those on hand to make a quick dinner once in awhile. They have certainly improved those types of meals from when they first came out in years past for they were kind of awful back then. I was really quite surprised how good the taste is now. I think this is the second one we tried, the first being that Stroganoff one which was excellent also. The box comes with everything in it needed and you just add the meat. However, I always add other things also like last evening I added the chopped onion but it would have been good without the onion. I think I added a bit of sour cream to the Stroganoff one but there again it would have been good without that addition. Anyway if you are in a hurry or don’t have time to make a meal try one of these ~ they make several kinds ~ and they are all quick to make.

DONNA FAYE :hug: Your weight may pay a big part on how your system is working and the more you lose it would seem the better it will function. Keep on losing weight and you will surely improve I would think.

JEAN I never text and hardly ever use my phone but it is sure nice to have a phone. We don't have a land line either. They sure make a good variety of soups that are good to cook with. I used to have a book with recipe uses for soups and probably still have it but don't see it right off hand in my bookshelf. Makes me wonder where it is.

Have a great last day of January Magnolias. :wave:

02-01-2013, 09:08 AM
Good morning to you ladies! It is really cold here this morning, down in the low 20's and my hands and feet are freezing. I will be glad when it warms up again, but it is going to be chilly this weekend it looks like.

We have commissary, Walmart and Krogers this weekend so it will be busy. Sunday afternoon we are going on a "date" to see the new Al Pacino film, "Stand Up Guys." After all the vampire, horror and stupid movies, it is nice to see a couple that are filmed about older folks. I watched "Calendar Girls" again the other day and looked up some info and found out they did a second calendar to raise money for something else, but there was friction between some of them and about half didn't participate. Poor gals from a small village just couldn't deal with all that publicity and such and it caused tension between them I guess.

I have the bathroom upstairs to clean today then I am done until Monday as I did laundry yesterday too. Of course, commissary day is always crazy and since we need to go to both Walmart and Kroger to get things we can't get at the commissary it will be a full day tomorrow.

I ordered the boys Valentine's this morning. I got Thomas a gift box full of buttercream frosted cookies in a variety of different shapes and flavors at one place then bought Jackson this adorable metal lunchbox full of nostalgic candy that has the Avengers on the front. I thought he could put his legos or matchbox cars or whatever in it as no one uses metal lunchboxes anymore. Talking about candy the other day reminded me of this place and when I went there, found the gift lunchboxes.

Maggie: I hope you were able to get all the mess cleaned up. Soda is so sticky unless it was diet and a real mess to clean up. We had a glass shatter in the dishwasher a couple years ago and we ended up having to have the repairman come out and take it apart to get the glass all out of it as it kept backing up even though we thought we had all the glass out. That was a real mess to clean up.

Jean: I am a texter for sure. I would rather do that then call on the phone. It is easier connecting with Jack through texting then trying to get a phone call through out there. They have terrible cell reception and it isn't great here at the house either. Combined, half the time I can't get through to him so texting is the best way. Jack will not eat anything with cream of mushroom soup in it, though I love it, especially on pork chops. It is too much trouble to always have to put it through a blender to "hide" the mushrooms so I just don't use it. Boy, it isn't cheap to buy a can of soup anymore, that's for sure. My tootsies are still sore from klunking them, especially when I try to bend them at all, but they will get better with time. I just wish it would hurry up and get warm so I can go back to wearing sandals all the time.

Well, girls, I need to go. You all have a great weekend. Faye

02-01-2013, 02:44 PM

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