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01-20-2013, 11:09 PM
Is anyone else a perpetual yo-yo dieter? Do you know why?

I need to understand what it is that causes me to sabotage my efforts.

About 3 years ago I made a real commitment to change and have lost about 30lbs and kept it off since, but I also just finished gaining back an additional 30lbs that I lost last year. I was in the 140's! I still felt disgusted with myself, so I gained the weight back. Is that why? What's wrong with me? I'm afraid that I'll never be happy with my physical appearance.

Did anyone else ever think they could never be happy with their body? Are you now?

I've been trying to lose weight for 20 years and I'm so tired of this battle! I've gained and lost more than 25lbs 6 times. That's a whole person! Gross!