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01-18-2013, 01:12 PM
Hi Ladies;
My birthday is in August and I would love nothing more than to reach my goal before my 30th birthday. Anyone else want to reach their goals by the end of August?
I was inspired by the March birthday thread (which is much sooner, I know :)), but I though I would see if anyone else is interested.

Start: 186.
August 31st Goal: 135 :carrot::carrot::carrot:

January 31st: 181/
February 28th: 175/
March 31st: 168/
April 30th: 162/
May 31st: 155/
June 30th: 149/
July 31st: 142/
August 31st: 135/

01-19-2013, 02:28 PM
My bday is August 11th. Wow. I hadn't even thought about my goal weight for my birthday. I know it's bad but it just seems so far away. But I think it's a good plan. I have adjusted my goal weight to 135 as well! You have a head start on me weight wise and a little longer to get it done but I think we could be great support partners!!!

01-19-2013, 09:37 PM
Yay Ross! We can totally celebrate our birthdays as our slimmer selfs.
I will be reaching for goal by then, but even 140 or 145 would be great!

01-19-2013, 11:52 PM
Who are you telling. My original goal weight was 150 but then I started reading on here people my height complainig about how they looked at 150 and I was like whoa! I mean I really couldn't see myself upset with how I looked at 150 but I figured hey mind as well go for the gusto! I would probably get comments like I look sick or something because I already have a big head! LOL!!!! I am just daydreaming at this point because I couldn't really pin point a time in my life where I was 135 (

01-22-2013, 03:21 PM
I have never been 135 either that I remember. The lowest I got was 149 and I felt SO slim! I may reevaluate once I've lost. It's so hard when you don't really know how your body will look and what shape you'll be

01-22-2013, 06:33 PM
Yeah I know! I got freaked out by a thread where a woman my height was 166 and she was disgusted by her appearance in the mirror and she has an 18month old like me! I had to leave you unfortunately on the 180s thread but hopefully I will be back soon. If I am going to meet this August goal then I need to get it together. My mini goal is to be 185 by February 1st so I have six lbs to go. The good thing is that I can pin point why I gained the weight. I completely fell off the wagon with my diet. So I am crossing my fingers that if I can commit to being committed to my calories than I should see results. I saw that you are running. What is your program?