Does it Work? - WW not healthy for a certain group

05-05-2003, 06:26 PM
WW made me obsessive about food! I was even diagnosed with bulimia and then binge eating disorder. I never purged regularly until I joined weightwatchers. I think assigning values to food made food the end-all be-all of my existance. I began purging when I went over my points total. Whether or not I was a good and deserving person was completely tied in with whether or not I went over my points total. This went on for TWO years before I sought treatment. I am no longer bulimic but I do still suffer from binge eating disorder. Oh yeah, I have never lost the weight and in fact, I'm still gaining! I now realize that I do not need a diet. I need to work on emotional problems because when I'm happy and active I loose weight and when I feel sad, helpless and powerless I gain. Hubby and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years and for 5 years I have struggled with weight. We actually had a baby placed with us for a week (her birthmother chose to parent) and during that week I was so busy being a Mommy that I never once binged - a BIG accomplishment. As soon as she was taken away I had a massive week long binge that resulted in a 7 lb gain. I feel certain that once we become parents I will again have that happy sense of fulfillment and won't need to fill my emotional holes with chocolate. Until then I struggle - I'm seeing a specialist next week. I also now work out daily on my new treadmill that they hubby got me after the baby was taken away. I'm just trying to keep it all under control but I also know that I will never again try to diet. From now on I'm going to try to eat for health instead of weight loss.

WW works for some people and it is one of the more psychologically healthy plans out there but for someone like me who is prone to eating disorders it is best to be avoided.


05-06-2003, 08:09 AM
I am sorry you had such a bad experiance. I too found parts of WW tough. The calorie count is very low and i also find it sad that one can only earn 4 extra points a day. I did loose weight on WW, but i found it very hard to keep up the low calories and amount of exercise to maintain 145 lbs. i never could have reached the goal of 125 I was supose to.

The only think you said in here that I think is a little scarry is that you think having a child will change your bad habbitts. While it may put them off and chane your routine, you can an will find the time for the bad habbits. babies do take up a lot of time but also bring with them a whole load of stresses.

I hope you find what works for you. I did leve WW knowing that low fat and high fiber is a good plan for me. i am 15 lbs hevier now, my moods have gotten better (DH demanded that I eat and get in better moods) and I am finally learning to be happy with myself and disconnect the food from the emotion.

I wish you well, keep posting and you will find that the people here have lots of really good things to say.


05-06-2003, 01:01 PM
WW is NOT a low calorie plan. You can make it that by your food choices but if you eat a balanced diet like it tells you in book 6 - The Right Mix - it provides a healthy amount to lose. Adding an additional 4 activity points is a lot...I have a lot of problems with people who say they are on WW but actually have no idea of the whole plan. They think eating a certain number of points is all that it is about.

You can always get your goal weight changed with a doctor's note.

Some of us have problems that go way beyond simply losing weight and really need the help of a professional to get our lives in order.

05-06-2003, 02:25 PM

Thanks for your thoughtful post. Yes, I do know that having a baby is not the cure. I recognized that I need to address feelings of powerlessness and helplessness with means other than food. You can fill emotional holes with chocolate, much as I have tried. That is why I am seeing a specialist next week.

I attended WW in England and they gave me a weight range as my target. I'm not sure if it is the same here in the US but I thought the idea of a range instead of a specific number was pretty good. I think the range was determined by BMI - perhaps you should be below a BMI of 25. For instance I am 5' 6" so my max weight based on a BMI of 25 is 155 lbs which for me seems acheivable and sensible (I've got 35 lbs to loose!). I think that 3FC offer a BMI calculator to help you figure your ideal weight range.


I agree that WW is a pretty good and flexible plan for the average dieter. But for people who are prone to bulimia it baaad news! I noticed within the last couple of years that WW has put a disclaimer on their website saying that you cannot join if you have an active diagnosis of bulimia specifically (no other eating disorders are mentioned). I firmly believe that they should change that policy to state that you cannot join if you have EVER had a diagnosis of bulimia. Using points just fits in to that whole bulimia mindset of assigning value to food and can easily trigger a setback.


05-06-2003, 02:48 PM
I am glad you are going to see a specialist. It sounds like it is well within control for you.

I do think if you do the calculations that 18 points in the low range can be as low as 900 calories. There is flexability within the program which is why I follow it. I do know the program. I do find that the winning points seems to push for faster loss rather than slow loss, which in reality works better. The cap of 4 grams of fiber did me in and a day at the gym can be a burn of 700 or more calories and the 200 extra calories left me hungry and ready to binge. my goal these days is to maintain and to eat healthy. I find that 35 points keeps me full and happy and not craving food. I eat tons of fiber and have swithed back to 123. Healthy is what WW is about, but it also has to leave room for the non average person. A newbe can find it very hard to follow if they are exercising a lot and not meeting the calorie needs. Looking at the raw numbers can give a preson a better sence of what they need.

I also did have a dr's note, but again it was not realistic for me to weigh less than 155. I am big boned and carry a lot of muscle.

I agree it can be an easy program to follow, but as with any diet, not everyone fits the mold. I don't think that any diet plan is the end all be all for everyone. It does take time to find what you can do for a lifetime and not what will work for just the here and now.


05-06-2003, 03:29 PM
I believe you are erroneously assigning a 50 calories to a point when you say 18 points = 900 calories. That does not take into account the zero point foods and the extra calories taken care of by the fiber . 18 points more nearly equates to 1200 calories - if you spread it out the way it should be. You also add more points when you reach goal.

I don't think anyone with any food related psychological problems should be on any food program - WW, eDiets, Jennie Craig or any of them. WW doesn't cause it and neither do they, but they can make it worse. That's a whole different ballgame.

05-18-2003, 07:32 PM
First off, Weight Watchers does not allow people with eating disorders (e.g. bulimia, anorexia, etc.) to be members. They recognize that people with these disorders need more than just an eating plan and group support, they need professional psychological help.

Second, you CAN earn more than 4 activity points per day, but you cannot BANK for than 4 per day.

I agree with Susan that if you make the right food choices (which is what WW encourages) you can eat 1200 calories or more at 18 points. And that's the bottom of the points range, so you could be having more than that still.

Best of luck to you, but I want to correct some inaccuracies about the WW program.


05-21-2003, 11:30 AM
If you have a eating disorder you shouldnt be on any weight loss program, you should be seeking help. Also, I do not believe it is fair for you to come here and thrash one of the most respected programs that is out there, because you had a PERSONAL problem. It is not WW fault. If you have deeper problems then losing weight isnt going to make you happy, you first must be happy.

05-21-2003, 08:37 PM
My, those of you who use WW and are successful are being very harsh towards happyness. She was merely giving a synopsis of her situtation. This may help someone in a similiar situation. I don't think she was trying to "trash" the program. This beauty of the 3FC forum is that all views are presented. There is no harm in disagreeing, but please try to respectfully disagree. :-)

05-23-2003, 11:39 AM
I think it's great Happyness, that you are trying to obtain the professional help that you need. It is good that you realize that WW was not for you with the type of eating disorder that you have. It's just unfortunate that you didn't realize it sooner.

I wanted to add something about those who mention that they use the activity points for additional food each day. I personally don't do that. I know that WW currently endorses that. But for me, I used food as a reward all my life and that's one of the reason I was so heavy. I decided that if I exercised, then it was just a bonus for me in that I would feel better and be more fit. I never keep track of the points I could have used. I have lost over 100 lbs. so I am doing well despite not eating the extra foods. I have gained a certain will power from being able to reason through these types of decisions. If you had asked me if I even owned any will power 106.4 lbs. ago, I would have said no. In fact, I was so sure of that I threw away every stitch of clothing that was a smaller size. Now it's the other way around. Who knew?!?!?

05-24-2003, 01:32 PM

In my own humble opinion....I agree with you whole heartedly!

The original WW was a very balanced remains one of the best in it's own right! BUT the new and improved version in the later years DOES give a dieter PERMISSION to eat what they want....THIS IS NOT GOOD!! There are some of us eating disorders or not, that this is not good for. I'm one of them...
There is so much cardboard junk available with ANY DIET PLAN now days, and it's just not healthy! Perservatives are evil
and will be until the end of time~!

I'm not preaching, please dont flame me...I've given enough money thru the years to WW that I could own my own franchise!
One must find what helps them the most....


05-31-2003, 01:20 AM

I don't have an eating disorder, but have been on WW many times. I think it is a good plan , but for those who are disciplined enough to eat within their points healthily.
I know I was not. After the first few weeks, I always stopped losing weight, and I got lazy. Breakfast become cookies and coffee, lunch was fast food, and dinner was whatever, and snacks were whatever junk I could fit in. My meetings (and many others I have heard about) were filled with different ways you could get your sinful goodies into your points - blue bunny bars were 2/1pt, silhouettes were 2 pts, dunkin donut holes were a point a piece, and so on.

I think the point system can work, but WW really needs to focus more on changing people WOE, not encouraging them to fit their current eating habits into the WW system. They also need more on exercise.

I follow a high protein/low carb weight training plan (Body Rx) and it is great!! I am never hungry, I get to eat occasional treats, and I have already lost weight and inches (only been 6 weeks) and I eat way more than on WW or any other low fat diet.

Good luck to you all!!


06-02-2003, 12:31 PM
WW is a fine plan but is NOT for everyone. You need to find a good HEALTHY eating plan that works for you. Allow yourself at least 2 months of staying on a program before deciding it isn't working for you, then look into something else. I am on a cal/fat counting plan that has worked well for me. I have lost 90 lbs so far with a lot more to go. Obsession/Compulsiveness of any kind can be a danger so where that is the case, you need to get that worked out before starting an eating plan or you will fail miserably. You may lose weight, but I guarantee your health will suffer and weight loss is fine, but a healthy body is more important.

If you would like to know how many calories you need to lose a safe 2 lbs a week, go to and she has a calculator to help you figure it out.

Good luck to you!


06-05-2003, 12:33 PM
I am sorry bout ur experience. i to have had my share of eating disorders. i have anorexia/bulimia..and i am in treatment.i was never a part of weight watchers.i was just on a simple diet.funny how ed's start out as a simple innocent diet...i'm glad ur better and got the help u need!

06-08-2003, 02:32 AM
I have never had an eating disorder in my life. I would overeat and underexercise which = fat.

But I had to quit WW because I developed compulsive eating disorder!!! I would eat 30 points worth of food in 15 minutes. I would journal from dinner to dinner, allowing me to eat "as much as I wanted" as long as I had about 6 points for breakfast and lunch.

I got out of there, and quit dieting for awhile. I read a lot of books about compulsive eating, and ONE YEAR LATER I finally have a better view of food (eating to fuel the body- I even have days where I eat because I know I have to not because I want to).

I think WW is a great program for a LOT of people. But happyness is right- for those who assign so much value to food, it could lead to very dangerous things. I never binged on Jenny Craig (I just got really bored) or any other program.

I binged so much I actually really really wanted to purge, but I never could.

Yay for finding help and getting on the road to healing! :)

06-24-2003, 04:05 PM
You are all right ww isn't for everyone. I personally love ww, but I do suffer from COE and MIA and usually can't last more than a month on ww. When I do use it it is wonderful and I love the support I get. I don't think the person who was originally posting was trying to bash ww, but a lot of people got really defesive. I think she was trying to open up about her illness and was shut down. Sweetie, I'm sening you a pm.

06-25-2003, 01:58 AM
Having been a long time in and out member of WW, I think their new plan requires far more discipline than any other of their older plans - the price of freedom of choice I suppose.

I liked the older, more regimented plans myself and didn't use this one. The thing that surprised me ALOT was reading posts of people here on the plan. Many admitted to obsessing over the food choices to get the maximum volume of food they could - 1 apricot or 3 apples kind of thing. I've also seen others who ate completely unsound nutrition - a bag of popcorn and a hot chocolate with mini marshmallows for dinner and they'd admit they ate badly but always ended it with BUT I STAYED ON POINTS FOR THE DAY. Ugh. Not exactly real food for a real world kind of thing.

I know for a fact that WW does not advocate this kind of eating. It still requires the basic core of the program of portion control, good foods and the right balance of the food groups. Treats are earned by either allocating food portions or by stepping up the exercise.

I would just have to agree with what I've seen from others and Happyness' remarks. Not bashing the program, but be aware of what you're getting into and make sure you follow the program as it was INTENDED. For some, maybe this isn't the best route.

06-25-2003, 12:52 PM
Well, it has been quite some time since that first post and I have to say I am thoroughly surprised to see that it is still getting read. Obviously I have touched a nerve with some of you. Most of you who have posted have got my point - that if ever you have suspected yourself of being obsessive about food then you should probably avoid WW and all diet plans that stress weight loss over healthful non-emotional eating.

For those of you who have said that anyone who has an eating disorder should not be dieting, you are correct! One should not diet while suffering from an eating disorder. However, in my case, I never had the eating disorder till I started WW. When I was 20 I lost 30lbs on Nutri-System. I gained 15 lbs back within a few years and then lost those 15lbs at the age of 24 using my own knowledge about healthy food. I was able to stay on track for many years. Since beginning our efforts to conceive at 28yo I have gained 35 lbs. Since beginning WW I have gained 15 lbs. My problems with bulimia, obsessiveness and BED only really began AFTER beginning WW. The WW concept of assigning value to food made my tendency toward obsessing over food blossom into a full blown case of bulimia. My head was filled with POINT, POINTS, POINTS!!! The other diets I used previously did not cause a flare up, I think, because they took a more traditional approach to weightloss, namely that you should eat for health and not concentrate completely on numbers. My psychologist said I was not the first she had seen with this same problem after starting WW. WW is just bad news for people who have a tendency towards bulimia.

Since my last post I have visited a specialist. It turns out that I am anemic and am not getting enough calcium so I have been taking supplements. What a difference! I feel tons more energetic and positive. I think that actually DOING something besides dieting has helped raise my spirits considerably. My doc is funny and not at all grave or disapproving of me. I feel able to open up and spill all my secrets. Since vowing to never diet again and only eat for my health I have lost 7 lbs. Ironic, eh? That I should start loosing weight only after I stop "dieting"?

I probably won't be coming back to 3FC's because my life is about more than what I eat these days but I do wish you all well and hope that you each find success.


06-25-2003, 03:38 PM
i agree with happyness' original post. I was overweight by about 30 # and went on WW. Yes, I think the plan works because I did lose weight. But I became sooooooooooo obsessed with food, i think I eat more now and feel WORSE about myself than I did before WW and I think it only because I exercise a lot that the weight stays off. it is not for everyone and if you want to lose weight you need to seriously consider all the reasons why and make sure you are in the right mind set, do a reality check, see your doctor, consult your friends & family, etc.

I am just now realizing I am eating because of emotional issues and I am getting help for it.

For everyone having continued success on WW, congrats. For those like me, keep your head up and get some help!


06-25-2003, 04:28 PM
Erm. I couldn't help but wonder... so... that I post here at 3FC means all my life is about is what I eat?


Forget my kids, my dogs, my working out, my running, my boyfriend, my job- IT IS ALL ABOUT WHAT I EAT! And don't you forget it!


06-29-2003, 02:28 PM

I couldn't agree with you more. I love the old program of the 60's and 70' was a much more balanced program...

As for HAPPINESS...good luck on your journey and I'm so glad you've found what might be the root of your evil..

RAVEN...totally uncalled for comment...


08-05-2003, 02:56 PM
Actually, I don't think Raven's comment was uncalled for. The poster's implication was that people who visit this site do so because their life revolves solely around food. I take issue with that and found it quite condescending, but since the poster professes that she isn't likely to visit the site again I won't waste any more words on it. :ziplip:

08-16-2003, 08:51 AM
I think it takes a tremendous amount of courage to admit that you have an eating problem. It takes even more courage to say that a program is not for everyone--especially when so many people are on that program.

First, I am glad that you are seeking treatment, as having a child might make you happy, it won't 'cure' you.

Second, I hope you find something that works and I believe you will. Your doctor will probably be able to help you find the perfect game plan for your weight loss.

Third, I don't think you were downing the WW program, you just feel that it's not for everyone (and obviously WW agrees since they clearly put the disclaimer on their program). To be fair, I think there is a perfect game plan out there for everyone and not everyone out there will be perfect for everyone. No shame in admitting that and definitely not 'dissing' programs for speaking the truth.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that I'm hear to offer a listening ear to you or anyone who just wants to get things off their chest--not for a problem to be solved, not to be judged, but just to be listened to.

The best of luck to you.

08-22-2003, 01:08 PM
What is with the Raven comment??? As far as I am concerned, I think about food a good amount of the day, but decided that I was going to stop limiting myself to certain foods. It took a while before I could eat certain things again, but now that I eat what I want IN MODERATION, and exercise regularly, I feel the best I have in years. I also do not constantly think about my NEXT MEAL like I used to . I enjoy it rather than worry about it.

08-25-2003, 05:21 PM
I really dont know what to make of this post :shrug:

First and Foremost I think that somethings may work for some, and somethings may not work for others. I don't think however, that WW causes someone to BINGE. Slimfast, LA Weightloss, Atkins, I've tried all three!!! Those Three can make someone Binge because you DEPRIVE yourself of certain foods. The Difference with WW, is you eat what you want however you control your portions, and how you use your points. It takes some time getting used to, but it works!!! Anyother diet I've been on I feel deprived, starved, not on WW. They Have great recepies and so many foods that are 1 to 2 points!!!

I say if you Binge eat you're going to Binge eat no matter what Program you try. Its mind over matter, learn to say enough is enough, control how much you eat, and eat better foods. I am enjoying learning about the good foods vs the bad, and think in the long run I am going to be heathier in the end!

08-25-2003, 05:31 PM
IrishGirl, That is exactly what I am trying to say. The OTHER diets are what can cause problems. Once one can stop thinking about WHAT they are putting in their bodies, they will be better off. I am not saying you should eat junk all day, but if you try to maintain healthy daily habits, you can not freak out about an occasional candy, sweet or soda. This is what WW allows you to do. The binge comes from mental problems that can be spurred on by constantly thinking you cannot have something. Good point Irish!

09-04-2003, 11:11 AM
Hi everybody! I am new to 3FC and would just like to put my 2 cents in. I went to WW all of last year and lost about 20 pounds. That is all I needed to lose. I felt so terrific because it taught me a new way of looking at my food intake and got me exercising, even running. I stopped going to WW in Feb of this year. Then I started getting really lazy and eating whatever I wanted and gained back the 20 pounds I lost. I am back on the WW plan but without going to the meetings because I don't want to pay the money anymore. This was the only diet program I ever tried and I am lucky to have not been overweight until in my 50's after I quit smoking. I am a recovering anorexic and I talkied about this at my meetings. I did feel a little jealousy coming from others since I did not have a lot to lose but I feel I brought a lot of information and good comments at the meetings and my WW leader used me at time to get a perspective of eating disorders which I am sure some of the women had and just did not tell her. I have never been bulemic but feel I understand it and I can see why that would make you crazy about the points. People with eating disorders need counceling to get help with that and any diet plan will not help them unless they get help with their disorder first. I haven't been anorexic in 10 years but still know that it is always with me. The WW point system worked for me because I totally followed the program. I am sure it is not for everyone because I saw a lot of people come and go. I also saw a lot of women reach their goal in a safe manner, and learn how to eat and have a better life and feel better about themselves. I also had a wonderful leader who was open to anything we wanted to discuss. She was very intelligent about all diet plans and products and feel she was a big reason for my success. I hope all of you with eating disorders find the help you need to make yourselves happy. Good advice from all.

09-05-2003, 09:02 AM
Hey gang

I think Raven made her comment in jest.......note the smileys. She posts in a forum I post in regularly, and she is a fun person. So don't read so much into it :)

I am glad WW is there for those who need it, and it has worked for many. However, if I were to ever do it again, I would definitely concentrate more on eating whole, clean foods to get my points, using perhaps a few for treats. I did just the opposite when I was on it before, and it never worked.

I no longer follow Body Rx......I am on a program called Physique Transformation. It has a tracking system that is very learn a ton about food, and you know exactly what is going in your mouth!! I have also learned that your fat LOVES certain foods, though this can be very individual. Once you are willing to let go of certain foods for a time, the fat comes off. The foods which I lived by in WW were definitely not good for me!!

Robin :cb:

09-16-2003, 08:33 PM
About Weight Watchers, I was on it for 7 months but only went to meetings for 4. It was a good program essentially but I also began to eat very little in the day in order to cram all of my points into one meal. For instance if I was going out to dinner or having pizza and wings at home I would not eat all day in order to have as much as I wanted at night. I guess that's not very healthy but it's healthier than weighing 272 lbs. !
My problem was that in the weeks that I would not lose weight or gain a pound my meeting leader was very rude. She would pointedly ask me why I had not lost that week and honestly this was before I started fasting all day to save up for the nights so I had no clue what to say. She basically accused me of cheating and I felt very badly about myself those weeks. I suppose some people think that sort of thing motivates but for me I grew up with my mother criticizing every bit I ate (and I was a skinny child!) and criticism only leads me into shame eating in secret. I also was not given the rules up front so when I lost my 10% and kept it off for six weeks I asked about lifetime membership (i.e. free meetings) and the same leader rudely told me that I had a long way to go. No one had even discussed a goal weight with me and I had no idea how things worked.
Hopefully this new flex points thing works, I have wanted to start up again but am intimidated from going back due to my past experiences and feel like it will be the same no matter where I go to my meetings. Frankly, I am considering gastric bypass but it totally frightens me, next week I am going to an info seminar on it. Well, that's my two cents.
P.S. : I should say that my grandmother has been a lifetime member since the mid-70's and still practices the old diet when she needs to and uses maintenance almost everyday and looks fabulous.

09-17-2003, 02:01 AM
I'm sure the Weight Watchers organization would not be very supportive of a leader that was belittling to the paying clients. I would have reported her.

I was in and out of WW several times. The overall program is good, but in my opinion, the meeting leaders have the ability to make or break your enthusiam and justify the weekly expense of the meetings. I had one terrific leader and several so-so leaders. I must admit, after a string of not so great leaders, I was hard pressed to join up again.

Sometimes we need the old finger shaking :nono: to keep us on track, but no one has the right to belittle a person. Hope you have better luck in the future. I guess it's like finding a doctor, keep checking out meetings until you find a leader you like. There is also the online WW option too.

09-17-2003, 11:33 AM
Interesting thread. I remember WW of the '70's and watched a friend do miraculous things.

I belonged on-line for several months, but found it too easy to spend my points on the very things that made me fat in the first place, mostly junk carbs.

The one thing about this thread I note is that no one has mentioned how WW has grown into a rather large business.

I attribute my success to me and the elimination of "stinkin' thinkin". Just wish I had back all the money I wasted on other people's ideas of what they *say* would work. Experience is what we gain from our mistakes. It's all in the head.

Just my 2 cents.

Rowan Bailey
09-25-2003, 12:01 PM
I believe that any diet works if you want to lose weight. My friend lost her pregnancy weight on WW, but she doesn't have an eating issue. Happyness can just tell herself that her life isn't revolving around food, but I will bet my bottom dollar that it is still nagging at her and it is still a part of her life in a big way...I say this from experience....I know that place of takes years to deal with these issues, and 3fc is one place to get the support you need.

I think that emotions got touched here and there is an undertone, but ultimately I think everyone understands the sensitivity of the subject as we are all truthfully dealing with this...I do every second of the day, whether it is at the forefront of my thoughts....I have an eating disorder I began last month 80 pounds overweight and I am still 70 pounds up.....I would be crazy to tell you that it still does not take up all my time, it may get better, it may get worse. I know lots of beautfiul thin gals here in LA..models and actresses and they think about food all the time...ALL THE TIME....but because they are not overweight, it is not a looked at as a go figure...

I loved the community with WW, but I am sugar sensitive and I lost 12 pounds in six months, but I was more obessed with food, but that was because of me....

I respectfully say that those were real truthful comments that were shared between Happyness and Raven, at least the way that I read it, and I have all the acceptance and no judgment for anyone --we all get to feel anything we want....bless us all for being able to feel these things and express them.!!!

Too bad Happyness cut herself off, she will need the support, I will be thinking good thoughts for her!!

09-26-2003, 06:16 PM

I want to respond to HAPPYNESS. I have been in weight watchers on and off for many years. My first time was when I was a sophomore in high school. I lost 30 pounds, looked great, gained it back and then went to Jenny Craig. I lost 30 pounds with Jenny Craig, stoped eating their food, and gained it back plus 10. At that point I became bullimic.

Being bullimic is a mental problem - not related to one diet or another. I understand how you feel, I blamed Jenny Craig for my bullimia for years. After being bulllimic for a year, I told my sister and mother and decided that I would never go back to that. After years of not binging, but still yo-yo dieting, I finally realized that it was not Jenny Craig, but my desperate need to feel control over my weight.

Emotional eating does not result from one diet - it is not from Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, but from our own minds.

I beg you to seek some help and not have a child until you are healthy yourself. Depending on a child to control your binging is not the answer - after a few weeks or months with the new child the binging will continue...forever if you don't seek help and a solution.

Bulimia is a serious disease and I hope that you will find the help you need to get through this!

Best of luck,