Dieting with Obstacles - No Gallbladder & Issues with weight loss pills

hathor ronas
01-15-2013, 06:07 PM
Hello I've been a lurker of the boards for some-time and never actually joined until now as I want to get back into losing weight. Back in 2003 I had my gallbladder removed and two years ago I was told to try Alli by my mother.

I didn't see anything on the warning label about side affects if you didn't have a gallbladder.

Two weeks into taking it I began to have horrible sharp pains in the lower abdomen on the right side. I thought at first my appendix had burst. I panicked as the pains got worse and called to make an appointment for the Doctors the following day. I went in and got looked at and found out I cannot take those weight loss pills because I don't have a GB.

So my question is does ANYONE know of something that is SAFE to take if you lack the GB? I used to take Slim Quick years ago and it helped me out in trying to shed some pounds, but I'm afraid to take even that as none of the labels list anything about side affects for people who don't have a GB.

Any Help or advice would be great! ^_^

01-15-2013, 07:16 PM
Found this on the alli site

hathor ronas
01-18-2013, 04:51 AM
I'm afraid that didn't really answer my question. I'd never take that Alli again. Some people can handle it some others can't. I'm one of those who can't handle it. Thanks for sharing the link though.

Right now I'm mainly seeking to know if anyone who has had similar issue like me on here or knows of what else is out in the market I can take to help me lose weight without negitive reactions.

I've taken Slim quick in the past and had no issues, but I'm looking to see what else is around.

01-20-2013, 11:46 AM
The best advice I have for you is don't take any diet pills. They really don't work or there would be long lines at the pharmacy to purchase them. Follow a healthy eating plan and exercise and stay healthy.

01-20-2013, 11:51 AM
QuilterinVA is right! If any diet pill really worked, do you think so much of the US population would be overweight? It's understandable to want a helping aid, but the only thing those pills are good for is taking your money. You'd be much better off taking that money and seeing a nutritionist who could help you formulate a personalized diet for you that takes into account your specific health situation.

Good luck. :hug:

01-20-2013, 12:34 PM
I'm not sure how much you have to lose as there isn't a ticker or profile but I second going to see a nutritionist and/or medically monitored diet. I get blood work on a schedule and they check all sorts of levels. One of them is for issues with gall bladders (which obviously you wouldn't have now) but I like that I'm being watched close, not just on a scale but my overall health.

Good luck with your weightloss. Sorry you had to deal with problems of Alli.

01-22-2013, 06:55 PM
Wait.....I had my gallbladder out and my doc cleared me to use Alli? fact the possible link between alli and gallbladder disease seemed null because I didn't have one....hmmm... however, I too had side pains but after perhaps 6 months on Alli... my doc did all the testing, I still have them sometimes, not sure if it was the cause or not...apparently I was having intestinal tract trouble or something like that...makes sense, all that waste could be an issue... anyway...a safe pill, well supposedly there isnt a safe pill for anyone, none are really recommended.

I took something like xantrex 3 or a name close, blue bottle high caffeine content. Gives ya lots of energy but id bet that heart trouble would be possible as well as high with most high caffeine products...did lose weight though prob water weight...maybe that will help?

01-22-2013, 07:01 PM
oh also my pain was left side, slightly low sort of at bottom of ribs....doc said not much is on that side to worry about, I still researched it to death....most of the important stuff is on right, lower might be concerning but a blood test should show if there are organ problems. Alli has been linked to possible kidney problems I think....mainly overseas with people taking the prescription dose.

hathor ronas
01-24-2013, 05:54 AM
I don't have medical insurance so speaking to someone about Nutrition is out for me. I have a choice to keep my car on the road or my health...Sadly the car wins. That and I'm not going to lie even when that part was covered in my Medical Billing class it wasn't helpful to me at least to hear things in regards to it. I'm a picky eater so I have to find what works for ME and what doesn't, and its hard to curb that habit.

I know some of you on here posted the pills don't help. I actually find when I was taking Slim Quick it DID help me years ago. I found it on the forms here and at the time it was given praise about it. I just wanted to see if their was something else though besides that that contained in it something to help cut down that urge to go: Hey I'm out of work it's 9pm lets head over and grab a $5.00 hot and ready and eat more than I should. x.x; Which I will admit is hard to not do when you work in retail and it's stressful dealing with a bunch of hot headed men.

Night Angel: I wasn't properly educated after my GB was removed...Nor informed certain weightless pills that are met to aid you losing weight will cause harmful reactions. My guess is it's got something to do where the GB used to be and seeing as Alli is met to give you greasy's trying to stimulate the GB into secreting more juices to get rid of that food.(thats my thoughts on the pains from it)

Right now I'm taking the Saffron(and its helping me not binge eat) I saw on Dr. Oz and I've manged to cut my calories down to 1350 or less.(I don't eat a lot if I'm not hungry/stressed)

The past 3 days my diet dinner has been chicken broth with sliced chicken breast(half of it per 1 bowl serving), 1 whole leak, 1/3 cup of green onions, 1 cup of fresh spinach.

Before I go to work: 5 chips.

Drinks: Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey or water.

Pop I'll drink once a week.

I don't eat candy, I can't stand it.(Perhaps a blessing from the GB removal), I can't eat beef anymore it makes me sick to my stomach if I attempt to eat it.

I stick mainly to: Chicken, Pork, Turkey, venison, and snow crab(the only seafood I can eat)

I don't really like veggies. I'm forcing myself to eat the Spinach in my soup. I eat corn on the cob in the summer depending on my cravings...

To the comment about the weight goal, I would like to add it, but apparently noobs have to wait 20 days before you can put one in your signature. I'm weighing at 250, right now m goal is to TRY and lose 50 pounds before Oct 31st of this year. I do costuming as a hobby and I've been wanting to make the Titanic dress Rose wears in the sinking. Also I'm making the Corset that goes down to about the thighs. So I want to try my hardest to get down to 200 to make the garments fit me properly if I mange to lsoe the weight and keep it off.

I know its not going to be easy, but that's the downside to no GB and being a picky eater.

01-24-2013, 03:58 PM
hathor- hey, thanks for responding.... interesting about the gallbladder stuff. Maybe I;ll look into slimquick some time. You certainly seem like you're doing all the things it takes to lose weight....soup, protein, fiber...low cal...low carb.... it should work for you. I have a hard time keeping to things like that....tried everything. Doing mostly low carb, most days...trying not to expect too much from myself in this respect it makes me quit.

you're taking saffron? The herb? hows that going? Sounds intriguing.

I'm starting up taking capsaicin again but only in the evening because I dont eat enough to kill heartburn earlier lol. :smug:

How far till your 20 days?

whos that girl
02-22-2013, 12:37 PM
I had my gallbladder out one year ago...I still have what feels like gall bladder attacks fairly frequent..after going to prompt care numerous times and having many tests done one doctor said he thinks its bile duct spasms(theres a medical name for it..just forget what it is lol) and its very common after having GB removed....ive tried slim quick caffeine free and I gained a pound while on it and had no side effects..also recently ive been taking raspberry ketones and again no side not sure if my weight loss is from taking the ketones..or just a combination of everything im doing ...good luck to you :)