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01-14-2013, 09:26 AM
Hello all,

I want to write down how I'm feeling so that when I start to struggle I can look back and see how good it can be!

One week in to my new routine and I feel great, I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 6lbs :carrot: I know that it won't be this good every week but I was so happy looking at the scales!

I always find that if I try and cut everything out, I end up massively craving everything that I shouldn't and binge! To try and stop this, I'm being really strict with my diet and exercise Monday to Thursday, and then letting myself off the hook a bit on the weekend (not excessively, just so I am allowed some treats in moderation) and so far it seems to be working, no overwhelming urge to eat everything!

I think I'm sleeping better because I'm exercising in the evening and so I have lots more energy and generally feel better! So bring on week two!

Any tips/advice about how to keep it up would be greatly received! Or just anyone wanting a chat :)

01-14-2013, 09:35 AM
Hi! We are VERY similar! Both 5"6, both finished our first week, and both lost 6 lbs! Congrats! My name is Sarah and I'm new to this game as well! I put on a lot of weight in my first year teaching and moving far up North so this is my way of retaking control!

I hear ya about not making yourself feel totally deprived. I'm following the last chance work out dvd, and letting myself eat what I want on Saturday.

I hope we share more success this week! Keep it up!!!

01-14-2013, 09:41 AM
Congrats Sarah! It feels so good seeing that 6lb on the scales doesn't it? Brilliant incentive to keep going!

My name is Becky by the way!

And good luck! Let me know how you get on with week 2!