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01-13-2013, 12:08 PM
Hi Starting SB again for the 2nd time tomorrow.

Confused after looking at book & P1 list about syrups.

It says to count syrups as SF sweet treats.

Does this mean the SF syrups like Torani/DaVinci that are used in coffee? I looked at those labels & they are zero cal, zero carbs. So what would you count towards sweet treats? I'm thinking a few drops would be good while adjusting to no flavored coffee creamers.

Also what is the limit on AS we can have per day. I usually use 2 for my herbal tea at night. And wondering how much AS you all use and still have good result.



01-13-2013, 12:32 PM
I don't know the answer but I have been having at least 2 AF's in my coffee a day and using the SF Davinci syrup freely.. I am on phase one day 12 and down 12lbs. I just reread book and do not remember seeing limits on AF's and think maybe the syrup is like pancake syrup...but then why would you be eating that. Anxious to see someone give you a good answer

01-13-2013, 01:11 PM
I read the "syrups" to be like the sugar-free pancake syrups. I think anything in this artificially sweetened/no nutritional value category should be counted in the 75-100 calorie "sweet treat" limit, so the Torani/DaVinci syrups wouldn't count anyway if they have no calories.

I don't think there is any limit per se on artificial sweeteners, just moderation. I personally would love to get away from them altogether but there have been times that something artificially sweetened has saved me from going off the deep end :) So yes, they can be quite useful.

BTW, there are some Phase 1 mock pancake and french toast recipes that would be good with a SF pancake syrup! I often make pancakes from eggs/egg whites, grated cauliflower or zucchini, and a little ground flax seed (I think 1 T is permitted on Phase 1?). I don't know of a good syrup to recommend though. I bought one, which turned out to be almost 100% malitol, which does NOT agree with my belly :p

01-13-2013, 03:13 PM
+1 to what EmmaD said. They're referring to the SF pancake syrups. The SF DaVinci syrup is calorie-free so it's a freebie. I'm not a fan of the SF pancake syrups (too spoiled by real Quebec Canadian maple syrup to even like regular pancake syrup), but I use the da vinci syrups quite often -- in coffee, lattes, smoothies, plain regular or greek yogurt, etc.