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01-13-2013, 11:55 AM
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration, we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on by using the skills and techniques we have learned from experience to keep us on track. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
Itryharder (for Lin and Lauren)

01-14-2013, 09:46 AM
Morning, turtles

New week - lets get moving and on track. Lets all make sure we have some fruit and extra water today.

Lets all have a great week & be down at the scale

Good luck!

01-14-2013, 09:57 AM
Good Morning Turtles and Happy Monday to you all!

Things have been strange for me lately but today the hubs went back to work so it is a turning point for me to get back on track with a lot of things that have slipped lately.

I hope that everyone is doing well and and staying warm and healthy... lots of flu bugs going around right now...

I will try and catch up with the old posts to see what is going on with everyone...

One step at a time for me...

01-14-2013, 07:15 PM
Hello Turtles!

Apologies for the lapse in posting....I missed checking in on of all of you and so happy to be back. Over the holiday, my husband and I noticed how much our kids were dependent on their new leap pads hardly coming up for air or conversation. So we decided to give up technology as a family for the remainder of the holidays and get up and go outside to play or learn a few games not involving computers. So no Internet for me! Bought Nordic skis last week, enrolled in yoga classes and helped my mom start her walking regime.

My weight is still teetering around 210 but with exercises I am sure it will come off soon.

01-15-2013, 01:14 AM
Hey everyone so my I gained a little bit this week. But I have realized salty foods is not my friend. I am still trying to track and avoid fast food. I have two job interviews tommorrow. So hopefully one of those pans out. Because if I go through another one of those you have a job but we no longer have a position open again. I am going to loose what is left of my mind.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Hope everyone is well. Well try to check in more regularly. Excuse any typos I am a little tired.

01-16-2013, 08:02 AM
Hey Gals!

Keepin at it, food pretty good, but I cant get back in to the exercise routine!!! I need to get moving!!! My December slump has run into January!!!!!!!!!! Help!

Welcome to the new gals, we are glad to have you!!

Life salt is not my friend either!!! I am trying more of a low fat, lower cal, I have to figure what eating plan works for me!! So many challenges right now!
But I will keep at it!

Have a great hump day!

01-16-2013, 08:56 AM
Morning everyone!

I made some yummy soup yesterday about 5 points for 15 oz. I could have made it a free soup but I wanted to put protein and complex carbs in it to make it more of a complete meal (gr.chicken breast and lentils). Great to have on hand when in a rush.

Terri, when I hit a exercise slump, I reach for walking off the pounds and just start with a 1 mile walk...it usually snowballs from there. Good luck!

01-16-2013, 11:07 AM
Hi ladies

Princess - glad to see you back with us, missed you!

Terri - I have been struggling to get exercise as well. My knee is abit better
but still has fluid on top which is causing the pain. But I could still be doing something although I have been using my little weights when watching TV and walking in place on commercials.

Bigmomma - I love soup, especially when it is cold/damp outside and yours
sounds really good. I made a big pot last week & basically it is a "clean out your fridge" soup - whatever veggies need used up with some broth, then pureed up, thats it. Different everytime - but always good.

Judy - hope you are having a great week and staying on track!

Life - I am same with salty food, scale always goes up if I have something really salty like chinese. Hoping your little gain is gone

Still struggling since the holidays - really hard to get back on track EVERY day.
As they say: It is easier to stay on track, rather than get back on track.

All - good luck at the scale this week!

01-16-2013, 01:57 PM
Princess, so good to hear from you. Having dh back at work will put your life into a more manageable routine and you'll be fine. Just stick with it and stick with us.......we are always glad to hear from you.

I've been MIA myself a bit this week. Turned into a big brat baby because I was unhappy with last week's weight loss. Did everything right and the scale was paltry. So, in my biggest brat mode I overate this week. Was that a good idea? Well, I gained back the pound. Duh. Always good to hear what you are doing . I'm relaxing a bit, stopping beating myself up, and going about what I know works. If I lose slowly, well, that's the way it is. Even one pound a week gets me to goal within this year. Duh and double duh.

Big Momma, I like your activity goal-----smart to go low tech for awhile. :exercise:

Terri, you'll get there with the :tread:. It is weird how this after holiday slump is affecting so many of us.

Life, I just know you will get the next job from your interview. You are good and solid and I know you'd be good at your job. Keep up your spirits and chime in here when you can. Salt is absolutely the worst for me, so I know how you feel!

BAndit, isn't it weird how tough it is to get out of the Christmas slump? Well, we've still got half on Jan. to work with. :bravo: for posting and working to get on track. My aim: one pound down /week. I went over to the weekly WI site and posted my weight.

Talk soon.
234.6/200/180's and thinner :cool:

01-17-2013, 07:53 AM

I got off work a bit early and went to gym!!! I did it!!!Got on treadmill for 30 minutes!!! Its a start!!!

Yeah me!!! HEHEHEHE

Glad everyone posting! Good to hear from you all!!!!


01-17-2013, 09:34 AM
Hey Terri!!!! You are the best. Weigh to go! :bravo: and :tread: leads to
:goodscale: Isn't it great how you turned this around?
All the best to you,

All Turtles, we can do this. We are doing this. A slipup here and there is nothing. It happens because we are human. The main thing is to keep on going and get on track. Again, we are doing this!@

01-17-2013, 10:47 AM
Morning, turtles

Terri - great job on getting your butt to the gym, hooray!!!!

Judy - thanks for your encouragement, much needed right now.

Well, I was up 1# last night at ww. So wasn't too happy with that.
Really, need to do better over the weekend. That is my downfall.
And my friend that I went to ww with has moved and is no longer going
to my centre, so I was thinking of moving my weigh in day to Sat & that
really might help keep me on track better on weekends. Plus I wouldn't have to wait around an hour Wed evenings for the meeting.
So could be a win/win situation.

All - keep warm and lets all try and get some exercise of some kind.

01-18-2013, 09:45 AM
Bandit, I think what you are saying makes sense. A WI as the weekend starts makes sure that Friday will be a good day. Then you'll also get the pep talk on Sat. to get through the rest of the weekend. Let us know what you decide.

I am thinking :tread: today. Thanks for the pep talk.
234.6/200/180's and thinner :cool:

01-18-2013, 11:01 AM
Morning, turtles

Another sunny, cold, white day up here but since I don't work Fridays don't have to worry about driving far - yippee! Lately, I have been going through my freezer and using up things instead of constantly buying more food I don't need, so my grocery bill has really dropped, which is nice.
Still need my fresh stuff but really makes a difference when you use what you have.

My goal this weekend is to do my walking tapes, there is no excuse for not doing anything when I can do it from home, at my own pace and just what I am capable of right now.

Also planning on dropping by the Sat ww meeting and probably will change up my w/i day and was looking online and they have meetings 3 times on Sat with my Wed leader, so really think that is my next move.

Anyone cooking up anything yummy this weekend? Always on the lookout for something new to try.

All - have a great weekend & keep warm!

01-18-2013, 11:20 PM
Hello Turtles!

So I am still hanging on to a few extra pounds from the holidays...I am so close to saying so long to the 200's...oh well....today I was on plan and I just got in a 25 min ski in before our area experienced a flash freeze system. I went out in - 5 and an hour or two later it was - 15!

I am enjoying my walk away the pound videos too...my mom and I are work out buddies.

Here is to all of us getting up and moving that scale down a few!

01-19-2013, 10:07 AM
Bandit, I like your plan. It makes the most sense. :bravo:

Here in the states, WW is opening new "stores" and our center will move to another local space. Change isn't fun and some of the girls in our group are going to go to another WW center. For almost a month we didn't even know if our leader would be the leader in the new store. Turns out she will be, but there was a lot of stress about what WW is doing. Hey, I understand there will not be a wall between the meeting room and where people can come in an dWI and buy foods. I'm not happy about the idea because of loss of privacy----we say an awful lot of things at our meeting that I wouldn't want just anyone to hear. WW's explanation is that if a member comes in to WI and hears something good going on in the mtg. they might just pull up a chair and stay. They have statistics that members who stay and get involved in a meeting maintain a better weight loss. WEll, we'll see how this all works out. I am very happy my leader will be there . She is very caring and a good role model.

Big Momma, love that you are getting exercise and that you're doing this with your mom as a buddy. Weigh to go! You are so close to onederland and You'll be there as you keep on treating yourself right. :goodscale:

It's the weekend. We can do this!!
234.6/200/180's and thinner :cool:

01-19-2013, 11:25 AM
Hello, I'm checking in. I am following WW Online, and my wi day is and always has been Saturday. I think I will stick with that, which is why I didn't post on the other thread this past week. I don't want to obsess over the scale too much, so I avoid it the rest of the time.

I only had one serious challenge this week, and that was a planning lunch out with our pastor at McAlister's Deli. I didn't give myself adequate time to plan my order before we went, and prior experience told me it would be 'deadly' if I wasn't careful. So I ordered the chicken caesar salad with the dressing on the side. I immediately set the dressing aside, and became so involved in the conversation I didn't realize the salad itself was already bathed in dressing! I had already skipped breakfast (foolish, I know) because of oversleeping, so I was hungry enough to eat the whole salad. I checked the online menu and calculated the points when I got home...22 points for a salad! Ugh!

Then Thursday night my small group met at a Pizza King for dinner. Let's just say I used every extra point this week. But the story has a happy ending ... I lost 3 pounds! Lesson learned. Progress, not perfection. ;)

01-19-2013, 04:42 PM
Hey everyone I am back again. I have had a crazy week so my eating has been all over the place. So I was offered a weekend position at a nursing home which I took, its easier to get a full time postion with your foot in the door. Not to mention my home healt job offered me a couple of shifts during the week.

I am going to be missing next week. I start orientation on the floor on Monday. I am not a morning person and I am doing two of days. The rest are nights which I am fine with.

Hope everyone is well. Have a good evening.

01-19-2013, 08:22 PM
:bravo: :balloons: :cheer: Oh Life4evr!!!! I knew you'd get a job. Weigh to go. I am so happy for you. Okay, get your training in and then come back to let us know how you're doing. Good for you!

Ladystarrider, so glad to see your post. You're doing great! How wild that you lost weight using the extra points plus. WW really works for you. :cheer: and :cheers: I don't blame you about obsessing about the scale. If you'd like you can post your mid-week WI results on Sat. or just ignore the group WI altogether. Whichever you think would be more beneficial. You're doing so well. Good for you!

Having a good weekend here. Dh and I went to fabric store and I bought the fabrics I need to make my dd a baby quilt. She is due in April and knows it is a little girl, so I am so excited. I'm making an "I Spy" quilt which has 200 hexagons of different features______a snowman, a stop sign, a squirrel, etc, a flower-----they are bordered by pink triangles and stitched together to make a quilt. The backing is pale beige with pink and deeper pink roses and I really am excited to get cracking on this.

Food has been good even though I've been hungry. I am so determined to make this work! Good luck to us all.

Chime in when you can and keep the :exercise: up too along with the good OP food, :chef:
234.6/200/180's and thinner to goal :cool:

01-20-2013, 11:49 AM
Morning, turtles

Judy - glad to hear your food has been good and you must be so excited with another grandchild on the way, nice you are crafty and can make special keepsakes for them.

Ladystarrider - welcome to our group and hope you are finding information here helpful. Nice job on your weight loss!

Life - congrats on the job situation, such good news

Princess - how are you doing?

Terri - you staying warm? Ready for the superfreeze coming Tues?
Apparently it is suppose to be -20 by then, and that is friggin cold.

Well, I did my walking tape Fri and then yesterday the vcr wouldn't work,
so that made me all crazy to be all dressed for working out and then not being able to but after going to ww centre and transferring there I went shopping and found the same tape on dvd for $5 and was very happy about that.
With vhs going out, I don't want to buy another one unless I see one super cheap somewhere.
But you know when the vcr wouldn't work I got so worked up and negative about: why is everything so difficult and challenging when I am trying to do better and even shopping having to read & check everything. But then I but it into perspective and realize things happen, get over it and move on.

So lets all do what we can, when we can and make the best choices under whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

Hope your weekend was fab!

01-20-2013, 07:06 PM
I have been off 3chicks for some time; started WW on January 2. Does anyone combine WW with low carb? I have always had more success with low carb diets. When I look up the plus points for many proteins, I am disappointed........anyone feel the same? and, if so, what are you doing to combine the two eating styles?

01-23-2013, 09:05 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday to you all. The scale is still way up but at least I am back to counting points and doing my home exercises. Still struggling though and see how far up the scale is a large hurdle to get over... ugh.

Super cold here 4 degrees... oh well, spring will be here soon right?

01-23-2013, 08:07 PM
Monica M :welcome3: to our group. I try and combine WW and low carbs since I know, even though I crave carbs, that I lose much better with a low number of them. I try very hard not to get too bent out of shape with WW's points plus for protein, etc. I must admit it's hard to do that. I'm sending :goodvibes: that you work something out. To combine the two eating styles, I just go as low carb as I can (which isn't very), count in the points and move on.

Bandit, sometimes everything goes wrong and it's frustrating. I agree that the best thing to do is to shake it off and move on. Easier said than done, but I love your attitude. You are doing this!

Princess, good to have you back. I'm in the same boat you're in. Actually my boat is a little leakier since I regained more than you did even when I was trying so hard to lose more. All I can say is that we, the Turtles, will prevail as we keep on working the program, staying OP, and exercising within our abilities. we can do this. I guess in the long run it's not what we were......it's what we are now and what we want to obtain.

Hey, I went to see Jersey Boys with dh last night. Oh my goodness, it was wonderful. So much singing and harmony and a fast moving plot. I loved it.

Okay, we can do this. If you're participating in the challenge, today is WI day. Good luck!!!
234.6/getting there :cool:

01-24-2013, 10:22 AM
Morning, turgles

Monica - welcome to our fabulous group of ladies, am sure you will fit right in. I am also on ww and if I keep on the programme it works.
I find I have to measure/weigh things (especially meat) to really do well.
If I eyeball things, they seem to get bigger very quickly.
So, for me portion control & tracking is key. Good luck

Princess - You are on the back on the right track & that is what we all need for success. So glad you back with us.

Judy - I seen Jersey Boys a couple of years ago with my dd and it was
great. Really enjoyed the music.

So, since my ww day is now Sat a.m. - I will post my results at that time.

Good luck, everyone

01-24-2013, 10:23 AM
Ok, too early for typing

I know you all know I meant Turtles :-)

01-26-2013, 10:59 AM
Hi ladies - I ended up going to ww yesterday and was down 1# this week,
so was happy to see the scale go in the right direction

Boy, we got a ton of snow yesterday - so today will be getting in lots of exercise shovelling my driveway, it usually takes me almost 2 hours to do it all. But it is nice & sunny which will make it more enjoyable.

So, with changing centres & ww day I got to listen to a different leader
which was nice. I love my regular one but still sometimes change is good
and listening to new people sometimes gives us some new perspective on things.
Made a beef stew yesterday and it was just what I needed with it being
so cold out.

Anyway, hope everyone is staying warm and I know Terri is also deep in

Have a good Saturday

01-26-2013, 11:24 AM
Hi Turtles,
Bandit, :goodscale: weigh to go! :balloons: :bravo: :cheer: I am so glad you headed the scale in the right direction! Good for you. I made stew this week too. It was delicious and is my favorite cold weather meal.

Turtles, hope everyone is doing well. We had a light snow last night, but it is very cold----at least for us.

I'm doing well and looking forward to a good WI this week.

01-26-2013, 02:54 PM
Happy Saturday, Turtles!
I had a good week and the scale is up a half pound. Not too concerned because today I weighed in much later in the day than usual. Happy to still be down since the beginning.
I have a health challenge, a skull based tumor/mass/lesion (whatever!) that the doctors have not yet identified. After 2 MRI's and visiting with both a vascular surgeon and a doctor of oncology/radiology, there is still no clear diagnosis. It is either a cavernous meningioma or a cavernous hemangioma. I will see a neurosurgeon this week to see if he can shed some light on what he thinks it is.
The real issue is constant headaches that nothing seems to help, expect Vicodin. I don't want to spend my days in a fog from that! Hard to get much exercise when your head hurts. I am hopeful that if this thing can be taken care of that my headaches will stop getting in my way, if it is even the cause of them (and it may not be)!
Today I will walk the dog, pray for the best, and leave it in God's hands. One day at a time.:dizzy:

01-27-2013, 03:23 PM
Hi Turtles doing a quick run through before I finish my nap and go back to work. So work hasn't affected my weight negatively. I do a lot of back and forth at the nursing home. Question I work 12 hr shifts 7p-7a. My question is what day do I track my meals both days? Thanks for the help hope everyone is well.

01-28-2013, 11:46 PM
Hello Turtles!

Just finished reading all the posts and I just want you all to know the support we have here for all of us is so special. When I feel like giving in and losing control, I just check in with the group and feel like you are all with me.

I am praying for you ladystarrider. I am sending good vibes your way.

01-31-2013, 10:54 AM
Hi Turtles,
Ladystarrider, I'm sending :goodvibes: that the doctors will be able to help you reduce your headaches. I'm also sending a :bravo: because you are doing so well with your weight while dealing with a medical issue.

Life4evr, hmmmm. I'd love to help. Do you eat dinner at work and then eat lunch somewhere in the middle of the night? Then eat breakfast when you wake up about two o'clock or so? I'm making up a schedule for you, but if you do the above, I would start tracking with my breakfast when I wake up on Monday, (let's say). Then have dinner at work continuing to track. Then have lunch in the middle of the night, still tracking. Then I'd go home, get some sleep, and start tracking again at breakfast on Tuesday.
Is this as clear as mud? Would that work? I'm not quite sure how often you get breaks at work. I do know lots of working people pack a bag of meals for the day at work. That whole cooler could be counted out and tracked even before you went to work. It could all be controlled that way.

Big Momma, glad you are finding the site helpful. We all do our best to offer support.

I had a gain this week----small, but not fun. I'm eating very well throughout the week but it seems that I will have to cut back more. I know I can do this and I am determined to do so.
Onward and downward!!!!
234.6/200/180's and lighter :cool:

02-01-2013, 11:01 AM
Hi Turtles,
I have a plan that may work. I am going back or close to the old Core plan where I lost 25# in one year and it felt good. My adaptation will be to add one serving of bread a day. For those who didn't join WW's when Core was in place, it avoids most processed foods and allows "healthy carbs" such as potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, etc. Pretty much that's it. I had gotten away from the Fiber One type of snacks, etc. so I'm hoping this will allow a weight loss that I am seeking.

Best of everything to us all. Onward and downward! We can do this!!
:goodvibes: :cheer: :bravo: :balloons:
234.6/200/180's and thinner :cool:

02-01-2013, 04:01 PM
Hi turtles - Hope you are all doing well & staying warm, very cold here today

I was down 2.2# this week so was super happy with that & this week my
goal is to stay on plan and do my walking tape 3x

Judy - Good luck on going back to core, I never really did that plan.
But whatever works is good. I need portion control and to know exactly how many points I am using. Even this zero points fruit/veggie thing I find unnerving - I usually have 2 fruits max daily.

You speak of different strategies - this week I made it a "policy" to eat only
fruit/coffee in the car (no other snacks) I have a commute to work and was eating junk in the car at times. So I think this helped & I got in my fruit everday.

Once again the weekend is here & gets extra challenging for us.
Tonight I have a games night & we are to bring a snack to share
Am taking whole wheat tortillas & making light cream cheese mixed with shrimp, cheese, veggie dip and you spread it out on a pizza plate and layer & it ends up looking like pizza. It is super good & not too bad for party food.

All - good luck

02-02-2013, 10:15 AM
Hi Turtles,
Bandit, weigh to go!!! :bravo: :balloons: :cheer: :goodscale:
Oh, you must feel so great knowing you can do this. I am so happy for you!
That is a great weight loss and puts you closer to another decade down. Yay! Being careful with what you eat in your car is a very smart thing. Glad you had good results.

My "new plan" seems to be working too. I'm slightly increasing my protein, and cutting back on bread. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. My WI is on Wednesdays and I have had a weight loss, so now I need to keep it off for Wed. Then onward and downward.

:goodvibes: for us all!
234.6/thinner at next WI/ feeling good :cool:

02-02-2013, 10:30 AM
Thanks Judy - your encouragement is awesome, you are our team
cheerleader for sure.

Glad your new plan is working - so keep it going and you will have a great week. Wonder why bread is sooooooo good? Actually there isn't much taste but we all love it so much. Maybe because we grew up with basically sandwiches only for lunch & bread on the table every meal. Not sure
but seems it is the hardest thing for people to control.
But now most people are having healthier versions of it (most of the time)

Games night was fun and my dip went over great - not a drop leftover
So was happy with that. I did well there, didn't do much snacking
Just abit of my dip, some pineapple pieces and a handful of pretzels.

Hey Princess - how are you doing?

All - it is still super cold here, so hope wherever you are it is warmer

02-03-2013, 10:25 AM
Hey Gals

Hope all are well! Computer is broken so have been missing checking in!!
Still here haven't been sleeping great, feeling stressed at work and not exercising!!!!! Ya I know the first 2 problems would resolve if I worked on the 3rd!!!!!!!

So still hanging in!!!1


02-03-2013, 10:45 AM
Bandit, great work at the night out. We can do it when we really plan and prepare. You rock!

Terri, glad to hear from you. I'm sending :goodvibes: the stress goes away.

Today is going to be a good day.
234.6/200/180's and thinner :cool:

02-03-2013, 08:11 PM
Hey Turtles!

Super excited for all the strategies...I am up a pound...but my clothes seem looser...I think it is time to check measuring my inches.

Have a great week!

02-04-2013, 08:28 PM
Yes, Big Momma, I think it's a great idea to take your measurements. You are very close to onederland and that will be so much fun. If your clothes are looser, that means something is happening that is good. Weigh to go.

I've had a very good week so far. Tomorrow is my challenge day since I WI on Wednesdays. Please send me good vibes to keep this going.

234.6/200/180's and thinner :cool:

02-05-2013, 12:58 AM
Hey everyone. So I got a little pop from weight watchers telling me I am loosing weight too fast. Not surprised I dropped about 3# alone this week. Work is fine they are trying to kill me. I am switching to full time. So my full time schedule starts tommorrow.

Itryharder I always pack a lunch. Now I may or may not eat during my shift. Things can get busy and food gets forgotten. I try to at least eat my snack I packed. Doesn't always work though.

Who needs a gym when you work nights. Alot of walking. So I am going to roll with this until my body adjusts to everything. Hope everyone is well.

02-05-2013, 08:46 PM
Hey Life4evr, you're doing great. Yeah, you're right. Who needs a gym when you walk all night at work. So happy for you . Keep it up.

02-06-2013, 01:53 PM
Hi Turtles,
Big Momma, Ladystarrider, Monica, and all our pals: Bandit, Princess, Terri,
Life4evr, Cherry, and all of us. I finally had a good WI this morning and I am so pleased. :goodscale: I'm not saying this week was easy, but it doesn't have to be easy; it just has to work. I used filling foods this week and gave myself one serving of bread a day. I have felt for a long time that by fooling around with my 26 points plus and eating 3 servings of bread a day that I would get nowhere. The thought of breaking my "love relationship" with bread was daunting, so then I thought hey, I can have bread but just a bit. Now I start my day with egg and bread, but if I want a sandwich then I save the bread for lunch. Today I had oatmeal and added in an egg white, blueberries and a splash of milk. I am so pleased with this loss and I am even tempted to get on the :tread: Lol.

Okay, sending :goodvibes: to us all from someone who had almost given up hope of ever losing a pound again.
234.6/196.8/180's and thinner :cool:

02-08-2013, 12:52 PM
Morning turtles:

Judy - I think you have a great statedgy for the bread. I also overdo
the bread and by only having it at either meal, that is a good thing to try
And your weight loss this week is absolutely fabulous.

I was down 1# this week, so happy with that.

Life - you are also having big losses, so good for you and getting in lots of walking is always a good thing. Keep up the good work

Bigmomma - every success counts. So clothes being looser is super exciting.
Whenever I put on pants that are no longer tight, really gives me the boost I
need to stay on track

Princess - OK, where are you? We miss you.

All - have another great week and remember we only fail when we stop trying.
Anything positive we do today is better than before.
So if you are not feeling enthused - start right now and do something good
for yourself. Be it tracking, drinking more water, preparing a good
healthy meal and lets everyone go for a walk no matter how small.

Lets go!

02-08-2013, 11:46 PM
Hi Turtles,
Bandit, I love your inspiring messages. You're really making this work.
Thanks for the kind words. I am making power foods work. Holding my bread to one selection a day makes me really think before I eat.

Onward and downward everyone!!!!
234.6/196.8/180's and thinner :cool:

02-09-2013, 02:34 AM
Hi everyone. So I have been spending the past two days resting before I start my three 12. So I have realized that my body doesn't like greasy food anymore. I tired to have something that was kind of greasy but my stomach did not like it at all. Hope everyone is well. Can't keepy my eyes open anymore.

02-11-2013, 10:07 AM
Hope everyone is well dropping a line before I get some rest. So I lost 0.9# this week. My body is adjusting to working and things are slowing down. I switched halls. So that hall isn't as active sometimes. Hope everyone is well. I have the hungry girl to the max cookbook which I need to try. So I guess since the weight loss is slowing no more stops at fast food for me. Okay let me go everyone have a good day.

02-11-2013, 03:08 PM
Life, that's still a weight loss. This will all come into focus with your new job, new hours, etc. You've got this on the run. :bravo: Keep up the good work and say so long to fast food!

Things going nicely here. We have 30" of snow which is not fun and we'll be looking at it for awhile, I'm sure. Making plans for a baby shower for my youngest daughter. It'll be in just a couple of weeks, so I've got a lot to do.
First time we're having a shower in a restaurant, so I hope it goes well.
getting cabin fever about all the snow, etc. but I'm still working hard on losing weight. Good luck everyone!!!
234.6/196.8/180's and thinner :cool:

02-16-2013, 01:20 PM
Hi everyone - hope you are all doing great and having a good long weekend.
We have so much snow & my drive is still single car - too much snow to
make it double til it melts.
Terri - you must have lots of snow as well, you aren't too far from me.

Well, stayed same this week at the scales. Not complaining and with 2 food fuctions this week, I was probably lucky not to be up.

Seems all these get togethers have food, so I am going to try and be more
selective when accepting these invitations. Some things I could still go to and just eat at home beforehand.

Anyway, had birthday dinner last night which was good and I ordered halibut cooked in parchment paper & it was delicious. So good choice there.
Tonight have hockey dinner & dance (no idea what will be served)

Hope you are all staying warm and don't have to shovel too much.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

02-21-2013, 06:21 PM
Hi. We're really quiet here again. Chime in when you can. Lots of people at the WW mtg. on Wed. commented on how it was a hungry week. That said, our leader mentioned starting the week with Valentine's chocolate can
make us crave more and more sweets. I'm doing well now and I'm using the Filling Foods WW plan.
Onward and downward. We can do this!

02-22-2013, 07:07 PM
Hi turtles:

Judy - glad to see you are still chiming in and the others must be in
hibernation mode. As I mentioned on other thread, was up .2# at ww
today but did have lots of activities last week plus away at hotel for 2 days
last weekend.
But, no excuses this week and only have 1 breakfast out this weekend,
so hoping that will help.
They are calling for more snow for us & actually it is nasty out right now and next week another 25cm coming, so more shovelling for me.

All - hope you are all keeping warm and post when you have a chance.

Miss the support and tips and thankful Judy is still our beacon of encouragement.

Have a great weekend!

02-24-2013, 03:49 PM
Hi Turtles,
Chime in when you can. Tough winter for many reasons, but spring will be here soon. In the meantime I need to find a way to exercise.

Bandit, keep on writing. I'm here and check in just about every other day.
This has helped us. Look at the weight we both have lost.

:goodvibes: and :bravo: to all who peek in here!
234.6/198/180's and thinner :cool:

03-03-2013, 06:54 PM
I am back. So I have been working way too much. My sleep schedule is not going so well. I am still loosing weight. Hmm I am tryng to figure out when I am going to fit exercise in since I work nights and 12 hr shifts at that. I want to say my days off but some days I am wiped out. I have to start tracking again. So even thought the scale is down I really can't tell whcih is starting to frustrate me. I was attacked by Girl Scout cookies. I should have looked up the points value first. Other than that everything is going well.

Hope everyone is well. Well try to chime in more. Which may be at weird hours since I take my break between midnight and two am on good nights.

03-03-2013, 11:21 PM
Hi turtles - nice to hear from Life again, and great your scale is going down.

Busy weekend and had way too many snacks. Trying to keep warm, still very cold up here.

Scale stayed the same again this week, so have to change things up.
Maintaining is great, but really need/want to lose this weight.

Have a great week, everyone!

03-04-2013, 07:32 PM
Hi Turtles,
Hey, check out our WI thread since Princess chimed in with a nice long post over there.

Life, so glad to hear from you and that your weight is going down. I know you're working hard, so that's got to have something to do with it. :goodscale: and weigh to go! :bravo: We always love to hear from you whenever you can.

Bandit, yes, I know about maintaining. I'm glad you're down and closer to goal. I had that upward tick and I'm having a really tough time changing that up. Using Simply Filling/Core works the best but sometimes I just need to break out. Haven't stepped on the scale this week after my very good WI, so that's usually a sign that I know I'm not doing all that great. I'll WI on Wed. and let you know.

On the up side, I gave a baby shower for my youngest daughter. It was a really good time. We had it at a restaurant this time and it was very pleasant and, I must say, a lot less work. So, she was very pleased. My other dd helped out and we all had a great time. Good to see some relatives we haven't seen in a bit. the food was good, and I didn't overdo.
However, the next day when I was resting wasn't the best----food cravings hit me pretty hard. Okay, onward and downward. I really want to get some more weight off.

Princess, so glad to see you back. Glad you've been sucessful online and that your dh is working this with you. The desire to do well together helps to fight some cravings and I'm sending you :goodvibes: to continue your good streak! Love to hear from you!!!

Everybody-----our newest members, chime in when you can. Let us know how you're doing. Terri, and Cherry Autumn and all the gals, drop us a note.

234.6/??/180's and thinner :cool:

03-05-2013, 09:00 AM
hey gals still here!!!

Computer is dead! we have a tablet but I"m not so great with it!!
Hope you are all well! My weight has been pretty much same but not giving up!!!!!!
We are off to Costa Rica for March break it is the Mom inlaws 70 th birthday, they have just finished building down there, so we are going for party and some sun. So lots of fresh fruit and walking!!!!

Talk soon

03-05-2013, 04:20 PM
Opps! I posted on the wrong thread! So sorry about that! I am on the right one know though I think!

Terri: Costa Rica! Have a great time!

Life: Sounds like you are busy!

Judy: Another grandbaby! Congrats!

Bandit: Are you having a good week? Are you still going to TOPS?

Have a great on plan day everyone!

03-06-2013, 09:46 AM
Hi Turtles,
Princess, yes---this is the right thread. Bandit and I have been using the other one for WI. So glad to see you back!

Terri, sorry about the computer, but glad to hear from you. Have a great time in Costa Rica.

Hi to everyone. Heading to WI at WW mtg. Tough week. Sure wish I could keep OP to see real results.

Wishing you all the best!

03-06-2013, 01:50 PM
Hi turtles

Princess - yes, I go to Tops Thurs evenings and for now WW Fri am.
But will only be going to WW until April 1st - my friend quit going
so think I will just stick with Tops and save some $$$. I have all the material and get support here as well as Tops which should be enough.
If I find I am having too much trouble will go back to WW

Judy - good luck at your w/i today. This losing weight is tough, but
when you make up your mind you can do it.

Terri - Costa Rica sounds absolutely marvelous right about now. Have a great trip

Life - nice to see you back posting with us.

Week going pretty good, went to bingo last night & didnt' win.
Have a get together tonight with some ladies and we are going to
make fasinators, so that should be interesting.
Tops tomorrow and hoping to be down at the scale.

All - have a great weigh in!

03-06-2013, 04:49 PM
Happy Wednesday everyone! Snowy day here in Indy, had physical therapy today but no trouble getting there and back on my lunch break.

Things are chugging along here, I do not do any exercise on PT days since I am usually pretty sore when I get done with that so I take the day off from walking.

Food is good and I am on track for the week so we will see how it all goes.

Bandit: totally understand - I have not been good about going to TOPS since my husbands second round of surgery but I go when I can. The group is so small these days and to be honest I don't get what I need from that meeting but love the ladies so don't want to leave. Any good books or movies lately? Have a great time with your outings, they sure sound like fun!

Judy: the very best wishes being sent your way for todays weigh in! Hope it is very successful. Have you made any new baby blankets or anything lately? Very thankful for the Leslie Sanson DVD's to walk at home, they are better for me then the treadmill, keeps me motivated better I think.

Life: How are you doing?

Terri: Warm weather! White sands and warm breezes! So jealous! The hubs works for a company that has a plant down there, I hope to travel with him someday to go there when he gets the opportunity, but not sure if that will happen... I can hope though!

Have a great day all!

03-07-2013, 10:52 AM
Oh, it's great to have us chiming in again. Yay and :bravo:

I decided not to WI at WW since my stepping on the scale at home wasn't encouraging. However, with everyone here being positive, I was able to turn it around once again. My aim is to have each WI be on the way down---even if only a fraction of a pound.

Princess, so glad to hear from you. I know what you mean about friends in TOPS since I really don't get much out of my WW mtg. anymore, but I love the leader and the friends I've made there. I think once I start losing again and earn stars I'll feel more engaged and more positive. It's so great to have you back here posting. Glad you figured out the phone/connection.

Bandit, how did the fascinators turn out? What a fun project!! Yeah, I think we are good support for all the turtles and I can see dropping a more expensive program to take advantage of TOPS. It is interesting to me how we all find our own way. I had been tracking well and not losing anything on WW's. I had to come to terms with the fact that bread doesn't work for me. it sets up cravings. I can eat the whole grains and still lose, so that's what I'm doing with simply filling. Still have enormous issues with emotional eating, so I need to handle stress better.

Terri and Life, thanks for helping keep us going!!!!

See you all over on #286 Bale of Turtles Cranking It!!! since we've gotten long here.