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05-04-2003, 01:14 PM
Hi All,

My "boys" are sleeping, so I had a few minutes to check in. Poor DH, think the cough medicine the Dr. gave him is making him dizzy. Hope he's alright, we've got a lot of work to do at Mom's!!

Peter's doing better, his egg is getting firmer again, and I think it's a little smaller. I haven't taken a pic, but I will...have to put new batteries in the camera!!

Karen, hope you're having a better day today! I'll tell you the same annoying thing my FIL told me...it'll get better, when he's 3 months...that's the magic number...90 days! It was soo annoying to hear all the time, but you know what? Aside from occassional outbursts, he's a pretty happy, funny baby now! :lol:

05-04-2003, 01:16 PM
Here's the link to the pics that Karen posted in last week's thread:

Alex's Website (http://www.ajk.apkweb.com/)

05-04-2003, 06:04 PM
Hello...rough night last night..Kaylee had the vomits and the diarrhea all day yesterday and then she got better..Around 7pm, I started vomiting..OMG..poor DH..I threw up until 3am this morning..We almost went to the ER because I was soo weak and unable to move...I have been drinking diet coke and eating crackers and soo far soo good..Now, SD#2 has been vomiting since 6am..She is laid out on the kitchen floor, poor baby..I think Kaylee brought some bug from the daycare and we assumed it was from the Augmentin....My supply has really hit bottom,due to dehydration..She has had frozen milk twice, and then I have nursed her a few times and she had her 2 tbls cereal...No vomiting or diarrhea at all today thank goodness..Her little 13lb body couldnt handle too much of that!!!!

Karen:Great pics!! He is sooo cute!!!

Off to bed...still having the high fever and feeling miserable!!

05-05-2003, 11:06 AM
Hi guys,

My little guy is having his first stuffy nose!! I feel so bad for him. If I sit and hold him he breaths better so, do I hold him and reinforce what we've been trying to get away from *or* lay him down and let him get stuffy? This is the first day I am allowed to drive so I am going to have to go out and get him some saline drops.

RR: I am so sorry you guys aren't feeling well. I hope it passes soon. I thought you were supposed to wait until six months to start feeding anything other than breastmilk. Have I just been reading the radicals too much?

Lauren: I hope Petey's bump goes away quickly. Did you get the garage cleaned out?

Have a great day all.

05-05-2003, 11:23 AM

Oh Karen, that sucks that he's got a stuffy soo soon. :( Peter's all stuffy again today too. He was last week, then got better. I'm wondering if it's sinus', like I get. DH gets sinus' too, but he also had bronchitis last week...heck, he's like Vicki, you look at him the wrong way and he gets sick!! :rolleyes:

Karen, I would say don't worry about holding him soo much right now, he's not even 2 wks. old, it's OK!! If he feels better that way, that's all that matters. Look at Peter and Kaylee, both were in bed with parents in the beginning, both are in their own beds now, and fine. (Actually, I'm not sure, is Kaylee in her own bed all the time yet??) If you'd rather put him down, try the bouncy seat, or carrier, so he's sitting up a bit, and less stuffy.

And no, you're not reading too many radicals! Some Peds. will recommmend rice cereal, and I guess even baby food, if the baby is small, or seems to not be satisfied with just breastmilk/formula. They also recomment adding rice cereal to the bottle sometimes for babies that have bad reflux.

Yeah, we got a lot of the garage cleaned out...still have a lot of bags to go through though. There are probably about 10 contractor size bags of "stuff", and I made it through about 4-5 of them yesterday. Had to make piles of "keep", "garage sale", and "garbage".

Vicki, I'm soo sorry you all are soo miserable!! :( Man, I hope you're feeling better soon.

Karen, I sent you an email re: Alex's pics, but I'll comment here, so nobody thinks I ignored them!! Alex is soo cute...he's almost as cute as Peter!!! :lol:

05-05-2003, 02:39 PM
Well..the daycare called to pick up Ms Priss..She had diarrhea and they said the policy is....if the diaper doesnt hold it, U must pick them up...I used size 2 diapers this morning and I knew the darn thing was too big but she is 1 lb from the size and I thought it would work....soo I must get some more 1's!!! SHe was excited and giggling when I got her...Her stools are just normally loose..

We are all better...but now mom in law has vomited all day...Dont know what is going on here..

Karen--My pedi recommended at 4 months to start rice cereal to increase their iron consumption...I follow just what she says..She said some moms refuse until 6 months but I do what she recommends...We are up to 2 tbls working up to 4 but now quite there yet..We dont start orange veges until 5 months...I say follow the md advice!!!
Driving??? I couldnt drive for 6 weeks!!!! U take it easy girl!!!!

Lauren==U R correct!!! I dont even look at Kaylee anymore and she gets sick!!!:lol: :lol: Knock on wood....PERFECT!!!!!
And the sleeping with us did not affect her sleeping in her crib.IT doesnt matter to her where she sleeps as long as nooney is close by!!!!!
Take care!!

05-06-2003, 07:30 PM
Well..stayed home with the Princess today....she was soo irritable last night with fever...Guess what...another ear infection.
she had perfect ears on friday and now the worse one yet..SHe screamed louder than I ever heard her when the Pedi dug out wax and yuck..She is talking tubes at 6 months if things are not better.>We are now on Omnicef...of course, the side effect is diarrhea soo I will be home tomorrow..I did buy her some diaper covers and the pamper swaddlers, soo hopefully it will stay in this time..We started back on the yogurt soo please cross the fingers on this next 10 days..
WElll, off to feed her!! Hope the boys are better with the mucus yucks!!!

05-06-2003, 08:01 PM
Hi guys,

I did my first pumping today and got 2 ounces. As soon as I got done Alex woke up and wanted to eat!! I put him off with a bath and diaper change. He seemed OK when I fed him so I hope he got some!! He eats so often I don't know how I am ever going to be able to put some in storage.

RR: Geeze, I feel bad for her. Poor baby. Thank goodness you BF. Can you imagine how bad her ears would be if she weren't a BF baby.

Lauren: Thanks for saying Alex is cute!! I think so. DH is definitely won over. He was so sure he wouldn't be able to love him and he's completely in love!!

OK, Mr. Man is ready to eat so I guess I gotta go. Have a great evening!!