UK Fat Chicks - Just something to inspire you on only loosing weight for yourself

Future slim jim
01-11-2013, 03:56 PM
Kim kardashian is not just a element of eye candy for the male species but a goal and a perfect exemplar of a to die for body for us females. Her perfect figure 8 and flat stomach makes us feel paranoid and small every time we take a glance. But is this really to die for?
I am in second year college and find it hard to believe that there is any critical points about Kim's body. In psychology, I have learnt the nature of why males are attracted to an hour glass figure, as it simply represents the fertility of the woman.
However, in the society we live today, is it every male who wants miss kardashian to bare his child, or is it just Kanye?
This topic is very controversial and this is just my opinion. Beyond the attraction of her physique and beauty, is simply fantasized about in a sexual way. This is not surprising as bums and boobs are more advertised than books in waterstones.
What my real question is, does it effect the way we live our lives as females?
Yes. It is not a lie that women some way or another do want attention from a particular male or female at some point or time. Although some more than others it does not change the fact of the more than common attraction amongst the opposite sex. We idolise those women who our future or desired spouses idolise, making us mimick their behaviours, attire and appearance to feel the requited attraction from our loved one. Myself, I am in a relationship of almost a year and I am constantly under the pressure to look good. As a healthy size 12 with an unfortunate large bum I am more determined than ever to lose weight. Education has always been my priority, but right now I am writing a blog on my health at early hours in the morning, this shows in itself its a very conscious aspect. In just a month I have lost half a stone and have never been so determined in something to carry on, but, I always ask myself the question of who or what is the motive for my weight loss and is it worth this constant working out and healthy eating if I was happier eating whatever I wanted? I still don't know the answer.

Ladies, let me tell you one thing, it's Kim's duty to look as good as she does, do not feel pressured by no male or no social influences to change the way you are unless you personally are unhappy yourself.
Your happy as long as you choose to be happy, so don't change if that's not you.
Be satisfied xox

01-12-2013, 08:48 AM
Education will always be separate I know there are many women who seem like they put their looks and male attention before their education but there are also a lot of women who don't value either.

I don't think men finding a body with the optimal amount of fat on it attractive makes losing weight as a women less pure or meaningful. Of course its for myself but there has been and will be knock on effects regarded how I'm treated in society and the attention I get, not that I care much for it anyway its just the way things are.

It's very easy to think well If I was "ideal" then I would be loved and adored and no its not very good to be basing your self worth on what the masses think of your looks!

Regardless of outside pressure what do you want to look like? Because I certainly don't want to look like Kim!

the shiv
01-25-2013, 06:54 PM
I consider my body a clothes horse, and a vehicle for getting around and enjoying this beautiful world, not a fertile breeding ground. I'm definitely doing this for myself. I'd hate to look like Kim. Her body looks good on her, but it wouldn't suit me. I just want to be myself, only smaller. I think all manner of people are beautiful, and the common denominator is not good fertile-looking genetics, but confidence in one's own skin. That stuff, to me, is in the mind, and is infinitely more powerful and attractive!

Just be the best you that you can be. True confidence and love for oneself comes from the inside, and is expressed outwardly.

01-25-2013, 07:05 PM
I really think Kim Kardashian is a healthy size and the only reason she looks so curvy is because other celebrities are so under-weight. Looking online I see that Kim is 5'2" and weighs 122 pounds. Her weight is just distributed in a way that makes her more curvy.