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Great Dane
01-10-2013, 11:47 PM
I've worked with my WI person to take me from yesterday safely to my vacation at the end of the month (Santa Fe) where I'll eat good but not stupid, then come back the Phase 1 on Feb 6. I am within about 5 lbs of my initial weight goal, 15 lbs from my 'would be nice" goal.

She's having me go to Phase 2 from yesterday until next Wednesday, Phase 3 until Jan 29, Phase 4 Jan 30-Feb 5 and Phase 1 on Feb 6. Phase 2 and 3 I will still be eating my lunch at breakfast, dinner at lunch, breakfast at dinner like I do now. Usual IP snack at snack time

So my question is, does it matter what I eat for that evening meal on Phase 2. Sure I could eat and then order more breakfast food. OR can I just go ahead and eat my other packets - my lunch ones, or some of my liquid snack ones??? Since it is my regular meal w/o veggies can it even be a protein bar? (I use either Premier Protein drinks or Pure Protein revolution or peanut butter chocolate as glove box emergency protein rations) As long as I once in a while eat a collagen containing packet on what ever schedule my WI person never told me!! Sure I could ask her this question but hey I have all of you to ask!


01-10-2013, 11:50 PM
I don't think the order for food matters much on Phase 2 but on Phase 3 you are required to eat the large breakfasts at breakfast and all in one. This is a daily load meal and won't work the same if you have it at the end of the day.

Great Dane
01-11-2013, 12:13 AM
I knew Phase 3 I was going to have to go back to regular IP order. I changed out to my lunch at breakfast etc schedule a couple months ago to have my "bulky" meals early in the day because by 7pm I was so grossed out and stuffed with all the food in my body I couldn't stand it!!! Now by eating my larger/bulkier meals earlier in the day I feel much better in the evening. It also helped for a while with my loss that had stalled out for 6 weeks and revolved around 153-156. Now I've been in a holding pattern in the 141-143 range the first week in Dec-ish.