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01-10-2013, 05:14 PM
I am starting my process to have WLS. I know I do not want the lap band. My bmi is currently 43, I've been on the weight loss roller coaster my whole life. I had an eating disorder through high school and college. I have a 1 and a 2 year old, both were pregnancies that had multiple complications and were very difficult. I do want to have another baby but not for a few years and not until my weight is under control and I am able to have a chance to have a healthy pregnancy. I have been looking at the procedures and don't know how to decide what is best for me. I have no major comorbidities yet, but do have weight relates diseases/illnesses such as GERD and PCOS. I also have a mito valve prolapse which causes me to have a very high heart rate and was once controlled but as my weight increases it has gotten worse.
I just really need help and guidance to help me make the right decisions for me and my family

01-10-2013, 07:25 PM
ok. breathe. honest. it's ok. first of all, have you talked with your primary care doc? have you been referred to a surgeon? have you gone to a seminar?

ya see, we can tell you about our experiences, but having the conversation with your doc - who will advise you about the surgeries based on YOUR particular situation - is far more important. And some surgeons only do one particular type of surgery, so your best bet is to learn the difference between a restrictive procedure [lap band, sleeve gastrectomy] and malabsorption procedures [duodenal switch and gastric bypass].

the malabsorption procedures always go with a restriction as well. But the duodenal switch and the bypass give you different vitamin deficiencies and eating habits.

it all depends on what you're willing to live with.

gotta mention, though, you sound a bit nervous. has anything happened to make this surgery issue more important than it has been?

01-10-2013, 11:03 PM
I'm anxious to have it and get on the right path. I just woke up and decided it was time for a change and I was tired of feeling like this all of the time. My kids are growing so fast and I feel like I'm missing so much due to my weight. I have gone to a seminar.