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01-10-2013, 11:31 AM
Good morning everyone. Well, it is still raining here and will continue throughout the day. I want some sunshine!!!

I finished Alicia's slippers, now just waiting on the yarn to make Jay's hat then I can send it all to them. They are in Mexico for the week to visit with her dad so I will wait until they get back. Right now I am back to knitting on my socks. They get put aside everytime I have something else I want to get done. :lol:

I am finding only one problem with my eating and that is I get really hungry in the evening. I know we eat really early, but I can't change that. Jack has breakfast and lunch so early that he wants to eat around 4 or he starts snacking then doesn't want to eat dinner. I will just have to work it out, I guess.

I have been sitting here at the computer wasting time this morning looking at new chairs for the living room. We are going to get rid of the couch eventually and get two chairs to replace them and keep the double recliner since we paid so much for it. I have never liked it, but Jack loves it and it isn't that old so it stays. Nothing wrong with the couch, but I want to free up space in this weird shaped room. We have no solid walls in this room. One wall opens into the kitchen, one wall is the back door and window, the other wall has the fireplace on it and the other wall has the doorway into the hallway. Besides that, everything is wanky. The fireplace isn't centered but at the hallway end with a nook and closet under the stairs. It is just really hard to place furniture so you can see tv and it not look ridiculous.

Well girls, I need to get those ole chores done. You all have a great day! Faye

01-10-2013, 11:45 AM
Greetings from FL! I don't have time to read but wanted to say "hello." It's been in the 80s, sunny, and a little breezy -- so nice after cold Iowa. Have a great day . . . . whatever day this is! :dunno: :wave:

01-10-2013, 12:43 PM
Good morning, ladies! 65 and sunny right now.

Nothing happening today but the foot doc appointment and work so a boring day.

Faye, why not plan a snack in the evening into your day? There is nothing wrong with that. Try to include some protein with it and that should help with the hunger. We opted not to get a fireplace in our townhouse because it would have been in about the same position as yours so hard to arrange furniture.

Jean, oh for some warm FL weather right now. Enjoy it while your can.

Have a wonderful day, ladies!

01-11-2013, 10:51 AM
Good morning everybody. It is warmer here today but still cloudy and will start raining again tomorrow and Sunday. Sounds like a lousy weather weekend. I have to go to Walmart's tomorrow, but other than that, nothing going on here.

I got the yarn for Jay's hat so started on it last night. It will be blue and gold like Notre Dame's colors then I am going to duplicate stitch an ND onto the fold up part. It is like a watch cap. It will have blue and gold stripes in the head part and the brim part with be solid blue with a gold ND. I hope he likes it. I am not a hat maker much.

I am having oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast this am. I am really trying to increase my fiber between grains and veggies besides getting more water into me and more fruits and veggies. I have no problem with sugar or desserts, but carbs are harder for me to back off of. I am doing pretty good though.

Jean: Sounds like you are having very nice weather and I am so glad. It can get cold there in the wintertime.

Susan: How did your dr appt go? I am working on getting a snack like veggies and dip or something like that in the evening and see if that helps with the hunger. It is a struggle, period, and I knew it would be for me until my body adjusts to less sugar and such then it is much easier for me.

Well girls, nothing going on exciting here so I better get breakfast eaten and chores done. Have a nice weekend all. Faye

01-11-2013, 08:52 PM
Good evening, ladies. We had rain today but it's supposed to be 75 degrees tomorrow.

The doc knew as soon as he saw my foot, and the xray confimed it, a screw had come lose and was sticking out about 6 mm. Fortunately now that my foot is healed nicely it is no longer needed and its a simple office procedure to take it out so he'll be doing that on the 25th.

We had day quilt guild today and our group of 14 ladies went to lunch. I've been lazy today and had my nose in a book all afternoon. Tomorrow I'll be having tea with Glory and work at WW.

Faye, I know the hat will be perfect as all your projects are. I wear the slippers you made for me all the time.

Have a wonderful evening.

01-12-2013, 11:55 AM
Good morning all! Hohum, it is raining here again. I sure would like some nice bright sunshine. At least it is warm here today in the 60's may creep up to 70 which would be nice. Saves on the utility bill not running either AC or heat! :D

I am getting ready to head out to Walmart to see if they have my hair color back in stock. When my hair grows out I don't have dark roots, I have white roots! :lol: If I knew my hair would grow out completely white, I would let it grow out in a minute. Until I can be sure, I will color it. I am also out of bananas, want to get another box of Pepsi One, some lunchmeat ham for sandwiches, and a couple other things. I have been looking for my eyeliner forever and can't find it anywhere. Maybe WM will have restocked it by now.

Susan: I bought Jack some orange and blue yarn to make him a Boise State watch cap. He has never even been to Idaho, but love's that school's football team. :) They are going to be able to see him in the dark I think. It cost me nearly $35 for the darn yarn alone so he better wear it. He drove me nuts last night making sure I picked out the exact color combo. He even went into official website to get the colors. Luckily, I found yarn in the same weight that had a zillion colors and found just the right match, but I had to take the picture of the two squares of colors from the official site, open another window with the yarn then match them up with him sitting here. Sheesh! :lol: They have a website where you can buy kits, but they are outrageously expensive. Ouch, just thinking of a screw working it's way out sounds painful. Glad the procedure is fairly easy. I always worry about the mesh I have in my abdomen where they did the hernia surgery. I watch all these lawyer adverts for the vagina mesh errosion and it makes me nervous. :lol:

I guess I better get out of here and get to WM. Have a nice weekend everyone. Faye

01-12-2013, 10:35 PM
Good evening, Flowers! I'm in the resort lobby tonight. It was 85 today and set a record. We went on a dinner cruise and then visited the aquarium where Winter, the dolphin with the prosthetic tail lives. Long day in the car. I think tomorrow is a do nothing day. I don't have time to read tonight but hope all is well with all of you. Enjoy your Sunday!

01-13-2013, 10:29 AM
Good morning all. I sound like a broken record. It is raining gangbusters this morning. It rained all night so there is flooding in low places I guess. It is going to rain for a couple more days at least I guess.

I went to Amazon and ordered replacement blade thingies for my electric shaver. I didn't know you could do that and sort of fell over it looking at Amazon one day. I have tried everything and the electric shaver works best on my legs. I get ingrown hair bumps and not much hair on my legs and shaving cuts them up and waxing doesn't work because even waiting weeks the hair doesn't seem to be long enough. Anyway, did that and like I said yesterday, ordered the blue and orange yarn.

Went out to WM yesterday in the rain, had to park at the end of the lot, but was first in line with a new cashier when I went to check out and she was fast too. Luckily, it had stopped raining when I came out and beat feet it to the car. I found my hair color, but they still don't have the darn eye liner in stock. I then came home by way of our CVS to pick up a prescription refill I did online at 9 and they said I could pick up at 10:15. Well, 11:05 and they hadn't even started it. The little snot at the drive through first told me they were working on it, then they didn't have that medication but she would ask the pharmacist, then after sitting there for 5 minutes, she came back and said to give them another 5 minutes. I asked her why they weren't ready when they said they would be ready and she just looked at me stupidly. I told her I was going to pull out so the guy behind me could get their stuff since he had been sitting in line with me for 10 minutes now. I went and parked, called Jack and complained then got back in line. I got, "I'm sorry about the wait Mrs. Wilkinson we have just been really busy." I told her she could tell them I was transferring my prescriptions back to Walgreens and drove off. It wasn't that they weren't ready, I can understand being really busy, but the excuses, they really make me mad. At least be honest with me and frankly, they could have had the prescription done, but I doubt they even looked at their online stuff.

Jean: Glad you are having a nice time. We miss you and can't wait for you to be back with us.

Gotta go and get some breakfast. You all have a great day! Faye

01-13-2013, 10:49 PM

Howdy we got back last night fine from a quick trip out to CA to deal with a family emergency. It was a quick turn-around trip and I am a bit tired from all that riding now. Three days out and three days back didn’t give us much time to be “Lookie Lous”. Gracious sakes and when I got back my e-mail had gone bonkers because when I opened my computer I had every e-mail that I received while I was gone 20 times. 20 copies of everything sent to this computer took awhile to delete. We were able to pick up our animals after 4 o’clock today when someone was down there to feed the animals and check on all of them and be at the office so we can settle up. I didn’t sneeze once when gone but have started sneezing now when we got back. I am allergic to something in the air in this part of the country.

I’ll not do “personals” this post but will come back tomorrow.”

Have a great night Magnolias

01-14-2013, 11:31 AM
Good morning girls! It went from 70 to 26 degrees! We are supposed to get more rain and it is going to be freezing and icy and we could be in for some trouble. I worry so much about Jack having to drive on the interstate with these idiots for 20 miles to get home in bad weather. I told him this morning just to leave a lot behind you and a lot of room in front! :lol:

Today was first week weigh in day. I had a good week last week and only went over pts by 1 the second day and even then I didn't eat any sugar or dessert stuff but stuff that was good for me. I have increased my veggie eating 100% too. I found these wonderful whole grain sandwich crackers with pbutter inside at Walmart's and they are a nice snack. I had a fuji apple and reduced fat cheddar cheese stick last night for a snack. With all that bologney being said, I am down 3 lbs! :carrot:

I am so mad at myself. I bought navy and gold yarn to make Jay at Notre Dame hat and should have bought 2 navy's and one gold. They don't sell this yarn anyplace here in town and there seems to be a run on the navy online. I finally found a place that wasn't sold out and ordered another skein, but I am 3/4 done and can't finish until I get the yarn, hopefully by the end of the week. I want to get it done and get it and the slippers color blocked, washed and blocked so I can send them to the kids next week. I should get Jack's Boise State yarn by tomorrow or Wed so I guess I can start his hat while I wait. In the meantime, I still have my socks and scarf I can work on.

Maggie: Good to see you get home ok and so sorry you had to do such a rush job. I hope all is ok with whatever caused you to have to pick up and go and the doggies and kitty are ok.

I guess I better get my chores done and get my oatmeal eaten before it gets cold. Have a great day all! Faye

01-14-2013, 12:23 PM

It is weigh day and this morning I weighed on my :goodscale: and am down so I am hopeful that I will still be down this evening at WW. I am still weary from that trip ~ just don’t bounce back as quickly as I did in my younger years. I don’t feel bad or anything like that ~ just weary. Maybe after I finish my first coffee this day I will feel better. I’ve looked at the news and there isn’t anything good there to speak of.

The animals are sure hanging around close to us today and wanting attention. They will quickly settle back into their old routines. I know they were all treated real well at the vets while we were gone. That is a wonderful place to have a pet taken care of. The collage kids that are “wanna be” vets are so caring that work there. It is a family operation ~ the father takes care of the large animals ~ cattle and horses and the two children that are also vets take care of the smaller animals. When the Dad retires the two children will run the business quite well for they will have had so much experience. The whole lot of them look after the small heard of buffalo that live in a large fenced in area at the edge of town. The four calves that were born this past spring are sure growing fast.

I think today I will make a big pot of stew. I have all the ingredients and it should be a go and smell the place up so nicely while it bubbles away in a slow simmer.

Will just left to take the dogs to the groomer and to run some other errands. I am still easing into the world. Since we got rid of that TV I have been going to bed earlier and consequently getting up earlier which is kinda nice.

It looks like tonight at the WW meeting we will be discussing what is in our fridge. That will be easy for me for there aren’t any “enemies” lurking in mine.

DONNA FAYE:congrat: for being down 3 pounds! It's cold here also. It seems like it is the younger drivers that cause more freeway accidents especially in snow and ice conditions. We saw wreck after wreck coming home through NM in a storm. The roads on the opposite side going the other direction were plowed but the ones on our side hadn't been plowed yet and it was 25 MPH for an hour. We saw trucks jacknifed and cars in the ditch but we were able to make it through without any trouble driving our Jeep. Folks in cars were not so fortunate to get through it. I think the snow plows were behind us somewhere. But when those big semi's slow down other folks need to take heed and not try and pass them for they don't just slow down for the fun of it. Some of those folks that whizzed by were in the ditch further up the road. We toyed with the idea of renting a car to take that trip but then decided just to go ahead and take the Jeep and we were so thankful we did. :cp: I hope you get the navy yarn in a close enough dye lot that will match well with the yarn you have on that hat.

JEAN Sounds like you have nice warm weather to have a good time with your activities while there. Believe me I know how you feel with that long day in a car.:p

SUSAN I had a nice chuckle :D when you said you had a "screw loose." It is good that it is an easy thing to remove it now that your foot is all better. Sounds like a fun luncheon with 14 other quilters.

Have a great day Magnolias

01-15-2013, 09:48 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's going to be another sunny day in the 80s. We are heading to Epcot in a few minutes. I'm thinking it will be another day of walking. Enjoy your day! :)

01-15-2013, 10:58 AM
Good morning ladies! It is another very cold day here for us. I think it might be 30 right now. Jack bought all the ice cream salt the store had last night and put it all over the deck and the walk to the garage. He left and got to work the same time as always so I guess the roads aren't bad.

Whoopee, I got the replacement cutters and foils for my razor. They sent me purple ones and mine is mint green, but I don't care. At least my legs won't get hacked up everytime I shave them. I always shave my legs the day before a dr appt and go to the dr's looking like I was attacked by an axe or something. :lol: My sister says I ought to be thankful as she has to shave her legs daily. I guess I am since I only have to do it about once every 6 weeks or so and then not much.

Maggie: I know your WW meeting will show you are down. Didn't they raise the prices recently? I looked at the online site and it is more expensive than the last time I had online service. It isn't worth the expense for me to even do online. We just have to take the time to read labels and such. We are still doing the old style pts system and like it just fine. Jack made an app for his phone so we can do pts in the grocery store since my pts calculator went belly up about a year ago. Fortune is like that when he has been kenneled. We will have to kennel him for the cruise. I can't ask Kelly to keep him anymore since their dog has passed. I just wouldn't feel right about it.

Jean: Don't rub it in! :lol: I want spring so bad I can taste it.

I had scrambled eggs with mushrooms and a tbl of salad crumbled bacon for breakfast. It was really good. I try and change up my breakfast so I don't get bored. I eat a lot of oatmeal, have nutra grain eggo waffles and sf syrup and eggs with veggies most of the time. I bought 3 really yummy ww meals last weekend. I really hated their meals, but they must have reworked them because these were great. I got a mexican rice and beans medley, mac and cheese which I put a one serving can of tuna into it, and spag and meat sauce. Since I have pretty much quit eating mash pot and pot in general at dinner, the carbs for lunch are ok. I am going to leave here and find a nice salsbury steak recipe for dinner tonight.

I guess I better go. I don't have cleaning or daily chores done. Hope you all have a great day. Faye

01-15-2013, 11:40 AM

Did I tell you awhile back that I had made an order from the King Arthur® Flour catalogue of some “Mini Measuring Beakers” by OXO and some “Lemon, Lime & Orange Juice Powders.” Well, they all arrived and those little measure beakers are a trip. There are 4 of them and the smallest beaker is 1 teaspoon then the others are 1Tablespoon, 1 Ounce, and 2 Ounce. They are all the same height but the larger they get the bigger around they are. I will keep them on the shelf below the window above my kitchen sink ~ they are so cute. The different juice powders will be used in different things I cook and bake. They are great to have on hand when one is out of the fresh citrus fruit when a recipe calls for some juice. They also have a pineapple powder that I am toying with the idea of ordering. :yes: These concentrated juice powders boost all baked foods, glazes, fillings and frostings. They deliciously intensify and brighten marinades, spice rubs, corn on the cob, Mexican foods, and beverages, too. They are a definite addition and welcome to my kitchen arsenal.

I was up earlier than usual again and it may be the way things will be from here on in. This all started when we ditched the TV. We both get better rest now. Interesting. From the looks of our yard we got a skiff of snow during the night. It is currently 19º and not said to get above 25º this day.

Today I will make that stew because Will wanted to eat elsewhere and use a coupon that we got at Christmas at Applebee’s. I certainly didn’t mind for I made good choices. I used my capture thingy and now have that chicken that is at the bottom my post showing I am half way there as a book mark. :lol: I am quite happy to be half way there and am looking forward to being on down the road. I showed a 1.2 loss last evening.

JEAN O you are having lovely weather. I am sitting here shivering and you are frolicking about in the sunshine. I know you are having a lovely time of it. Stay safe. When do you plan on being back home?

DONNA FAYE WW has improved their frozen entrees quite a lot. LQ makes some tasty ones and so do Schwan’s®. I like to put tuna in the mac and cheese ones also. That one that has broccoli in it especially. I eat all those packaged meals in a bamboo bowl with my chopsticks. Weight Watchers is pushing chewing every bite and swallowing it before taking another bite and I certainly do that when using my chopsticks ~ works for me. :yes: However, I have always been a slow eater ~ even as a child. I think back then it may have been an attention seeker move on my part. I like to put the points+ value on the containers before putting them in the fridge or the cupboard. The lesson at last evenings WW meeting was how to arrange the food in our fridge so it is plan friendly. Made sense to me and I think I will re-arrange my fridge contents today. I haven't noticed that the price has gone up that much. When one goes to WW meetings then the web site is included and not a separate price. The ActiveLink does cost a little and is added into the WW price that is taken out of the bank account. If you are able to lose weight without a meeting or doing it on line then go for it for you do have Jack as your partner in losing weight. I am one of those type folks that need the meetings. :p I am able to quit for awhile and maintain but it is hard and I have to get back to the meetings before I start gaining it back. Since I have reached the half way point I am more determined then ever to keep losing and get to goal. I imagine that I will continue to attend the meetings after I do reach goal ~ If I maintain the meetings will be free then. :cool:

Have a great day Magnolias

01-16-2013, 10:19 AM
Good morning ladies! 38 degrees and its still raining. We might get snow - up to 4 inches - tonight. If we get 4 inches, it will definitely be a mess around here.

Our applique bee on Monday was quite depleted in numbers due to the flu but we still had a good time. I have bee at the library tonight and tomorrow night is Ladies of the Evening so lots of stitching going on.

Faye, prices at WW haven't gone up recently at all. I really thing WW 360 is the best program that has ever come out from them because it focuses on not only eating but all the reason why we eat and what we can do to overcome them. Points Plus also took the emphasis away from processed foods and simple carbs and put it on the healthier choices. I have learned this year that snacks aren't things like crackers, sweets, chips, etc. They are treats for one or two times a week. A snack is fruit or vegetable with protein or dairy. I now make sure I always have a snack with me when I leave the house, usually a piece of fruit. That was our routine last month. People are giving me positive feedback on the 360 program at the scale.

Maggie, sorry you had to make that rush trip to CA and very glad to have you back with us. I'm with you on needing WW meetings. I need to be accountable to a someone. All my friends are overweight and of the "one little serving won't hurt" variety. I'm going to get some chopsticks and try eating frozen entrees with them. I've always been a slow eater.

Jean, enjoy the sunshine!

Have a wonderful day.

01-16-2013, 12:23 PM

Did I give you gals my recipe for Jicama ~ Orange salad which is yummy? Here it is and if I did give it to you before you can just ignore it this round. :lol:

Whisk together:
¼ cup Vinegar
½ tsp. sugar (I use Splenda®)
¼ tsp. pepper
½ tsp. chili powder
1 Tbsp. canola oil
Add & toss gently to coat:
1 peeled julienne cut jicama
1 julienne cut red bell pepper
1 red onion thinly sliced
2 navel oranges, peeled & sliced in rounds
Refrigerate for 2 hours
Serves 4: 1 Points+ per serving

I made a batch of it yesterday and it was so delicious with some of the stew I cooked. I also have a “Jicama ~ Watermelon Salad” recipe that is yummy when the melon is in season. The store here that we find the Jicama is Wal*Mart. I also like to eat it just by itself for I like the taste and the crunch.

The temps today will be a bit higher in the 50º area and we are ready for warmer weather. This cold weather dries out my nose something fierce. I sure don’t dawdle when getting dressed after my morning shower. Burrr. Will likes the heat set lower than I do so I wear a sweater when he is in just his shirt sleeves. I have this neat sweatshirt type material, but heavier, jacket that I keep handy to throw on when I get chilled just before the heater comes on. I think losing weight has made me more chilled because I used to be warmer all the time.

I am getting lots of junk mail telling me my credit rating has gone way up. I never knew it was way down to have to go up anyway. Folks are trying their best to get us to buy stuff and since prices are up they want people to charge things. I refuse to charge anything. If I don’t have the money to buy something I wait till I do if it is something I “must” have. :yes: I use my e-mail blocker a lot for those kinds of e-mails. They just pop out of the wood work it seems ~ new ones every day.

I think for dinner we will have a re-run of last nights fare. It was so good we will enjoy it once again. I may make some little biscuits to go with the stew tonight.

Will just called and said he is going to look for a TV that we can watch movies on. Not one nearly as large as we had though. We are not getting it hooked up to “use as a TV” for sure but it will be a bit bigger than our computers to watch the movies on. Our home theater so to speak.

SUSAN I agree with you for this 360 WW program is wonderful. Fits the person better and gives a fresh look at losing weight the healthy way. I love the fact that they want us to have lots of fruits and veggies for that is right down my alley. :p Sounds like you are having a good time with your quilting friends. That flu has really taken a toll of folks across this country. I bet you will find you will like eating with chopsticks. Fast eaters would surely slow down if they learned to use them. :D Don't ya think?

DONNA FAYE and JEAN Hope all is well with you this wonderful day.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ Type at y'all later.

01-16-2013, 04:08 PM
Afternoon gals. I was positive I came in here this morning and posted but it isn't here. I guess I will do this again.

I am hoping one of my yarn purchases gets here tomorrow so I can either finish Jay's hat or work on Jack's. I work on my stuff, but it is more fun to make something for someone else.

It was so icy this morning that Jack took the day off. He goes to work in the dark and these people drive so dangerously that he doesn't trust them hitting black ice and crashing into him so he stayed home. He is upstairs playing Risk I imagine and I am finishing cleaning the kitchen. I am almost done, but I have been cold all day. Our house is so drafty that when it is so cold like this I can't ever get warm.

Susan: I don't disagree about the new program and the last one too, but I know what I need to do and have heard everything for 30 years about losing weight and why you eat, etc, etc, so I don't feel I need to pay to hear it again. I am also trying to make my snacks veggies, cheese, fruit that sort of thing though I still eat carbs, but have cut way back on them. I understand WW is trying to get people healthy not just lose weight, but frankly, it is way too expensive for me to spend that kind of money each week for things that for me are rhetorical. I think it is great for someone who is "new" to the weight loss game and well worth the money to them or for people who need someone "watching" them so to speak.

Maggie: I have looked all over for jicama and that includes WM and haven't found it anywhere. I would really like to try it as a change of pace. I keep hearing how good it is, but can't find the darn stuff. I have gone to Fresh Market, Super Target, Walmart, a couple of Krogers, and Whole Foods with no luck.

I need to finish up my work so I am outta here. Have a great middle of the week. Faye

01-17-2013, 08:42 AM
Good morning to you all! It has warmed up a bit and should be in the 40's today and no rain. I am now going to have to get out on the deck and sweep up all the salt that didn't melt when it rained.

Jack headed out about half an hour ago for work and I have my daily chores done already so just have to get to my cleaning chores for the day. I have a load of laundry in the washer and have to clean the upstairs bathrooms today and dust up there. This weekend is commissary, shampoo carpets and have dinner with the kids. It should keep us busy. Jack has Monday off of course so that gives us an extra day to get things done.

I hope all my yarn comes today and I can get Jay's hat finished and laundered and blocked and start on Jack's. I have a lot of duplicate stitching on Jay's so that might take awhile.

My WW is coming along fine. I am running out of stuff though so sure have to get to the commissary on Saturday instead of Sunday. I try to buy enough to last but things like bananas and stuff like that spoil so I always have to make trips to the grocery in town or Jack does as he usually stops after work.

We have been working on colors and such for the downstairs. I am hoping we have enough money after the flooring, countertops, paint and a couple of chairs for the living room to at least get unfinished cabinets and put new cabinets in. If not, we can survive with what we have stripping them down and repainting them, but we have to find a couple drawer replacements. What idiots thought it would be a good idea to use plastic to hold the drawers to the fronts, I don't know, but they did as cheap as they could get in this place. The countertops are pressed wood for heavens sake and at they age they are, the undersides will just flake off in your hands.

Well I guess I should get out of here. I hope you all are doing well and keeping busy. Have a lovely day today. Faye

01-17-2013, 01:44 PM

I had another good night’s sleep and am up early again this day. I am currently making a loaf of Ricotta Bread this day and have it going in my little bread machine ~ it is so yummy & well worth the 3P+ per slice~ especially toasted with a skiff of WW cream cheese on it. It may not even be that many points since I lighten it by using beaters for the egg and Splenda® that measures like sugar. I don’t eat much bread unless it is really good but I don’t pig out on this either. It is Will’s second favorite since Sour Dough Bread is his most favorite. Makes my mouth water to think of it. :lol: The Cuties we got at the market are now so good and a bit larger & juicer than the last batch we had. I love those little things. I peel a couple and separate the sections and have them on a paper plate to snack on. A definitely “good for me” snack which I enjoy. They are so incredibly easy to peel. :yes: I also got some of that WW cheese with jalapenos that will be great with celery sticks which I have cut up and ready to be munched.

Our new “movie box” will be delivered tomorrow and we have a place for it in the front room. Some things won’t fit in the Jeep with the top up but we don’t want to put it down this time of the year so we are having it delivered. Time has come to put all the holiday decorations away that are on that bench and around the room so I will do that this afternoon. I would have done it last week but we were out of town, but now I need to really get it done. I’ll have Will pull the boxes out of the closet and put the things away in the proper containers to be gotten out again next holiday season. It is so much more fun to decorate :cp: than to put it all away again. :eek: Some of the little things I bought will stay up with the houses though for they are not holiday oriented. That little glass cow looks so cute by the barn next to a small bale of hay and the glass sun hanging over it all.

We have an invitation to attend the County Historical Society annual meeting where new officers and trustees will be elected. They are putting Will forth as a trustee which will be voted on. That will be good if he is on the board for they deal with the museum where he is a volunteer and he will have a “say so” of what is decided. It is at 7 pm on Monday the 28th so I will weigh in only at WW that evening and not stay for the meeting.

DONNA FAYE I thought of you when I was looking through one of the many catalogues I get ~ there was a pair of knee sox that were georgeous with different colors of yarn in them. Now if I can remember which catalogue I saw them in I just might order them. I mostly just wear black knee highs but those would be fun to have. Anyway I have to find them again so I can order them. Sounds like you are getting your ducks in a row and are back to some serious weight loss measures. Ask Wal*Mart to stock some jicama and they probably will look into doing so. One of our local markets and Wal*Mart have it here. Maybe becusee it is a root and looks like a turnip somewhat folks don't buy it not knowing it is so good after you peel that brownish cover off. The markets here will stock items that we request. My WW leader sent that recipe I posted out to all members that she had e-mail address to. Now the stores around here will be asked "where is the jucama." :p

Have a great day Magnolias ~ Type at y’all later.

01-18-2013, 09:09 AM
Good morning everyone! It is cool this morning but going to be up in the upper 40's today and yay.....:sunny: It is supposed to be nice tomorrow too with the temps up around 60 so that will be nice to go shopping and to go to dinner at the kids. I am taking crescent rolls and sopapilla cheesecake, but though I will probably have a roll, no dessert for me.

I asked Jack to find me some cherry cordial sf ice cream that Kroger's carries last night and he found some lowfat vanilla too. He likes root beer floats. :lol: Anyway, this was exceptional vanilla ice cream and only 2 pts for a serving. Jack can have a root beer float with diet IBC and the ice cream and it only costs him 2 pts. Now that's a way to have a sweet without mucking everything up.

I am working on Jay's hat trying to finish it and then get the duplicate stitching done. I may look online and see if I can find a clover chart and put a clover on each side of "Fighting Irish" if there is room. I love the internet! :lol: I sure can get things I used to have to hunt around in stores for. Cross stitch patterns are the best for using on knitting too.

I got the nicest compliment from my dd on facebook. She says she has been wearing one of the hats I made her since it has been cold and she gets lots of comments about it and her socks (which she probably has 6-7 pairs of as I make her a pair for her birthday every year.) I really love to knit for other people and have them enjoy what I knit. It is much more satisfying than knitting for yourself. :lol:

Maggie: I have some of that jalapeno cream cheese that WW makes. It is great on all kinds of things. Sounds like yummy bread. Jack despises ricotta cheese though or I would get the recipe from you. I really need to fool with my break maker and see if I can get it to work properly. It is pretty much brand new. I always hated taking down the decorations. You have to search for the proper box that this or that goes in and make sure everything is packed correctly, etc. I am just glad we are in the new year. It is that much closer to our cruise. :lol: I found a website to buy a dress for formal nights and am hoping that by Sept I have lost enough weight to have one made for me. Jack and I picked out several styles, but I really like the one I saw that had the little bolero jacket with it. I love color, but Jack wants me to get a black one. I compromised with navy blue. :lol:

Well girls, I need to start on chores. I hope you have a great weekend. We are going to be busy. Faye

01-18-2013, 01:18 PM

While out on the west coast some nut job stole our locking gas cap that came with the Jeep. Guess he had a key that would fit to unlock it. Anyway we bought a cap that wasn’t an expensive locking one to have a cap on the way home. When we got back we ordered a gas hatch cover in black from Quadratec® that Will installed on the Jeep last evening and what was so neat it used the existing holes so he didn’t have to drill any other holes in the Jeep to get it installed. It came with keys that aren’t generic and is a door over the existing gas cap installed with those locking screws. I imagine with the gas prices so high these days’ folks are getting gas out of lots of vehicles since it is so easy to do. I wonder if the person who took our cap was fixing to get some gas and got interrupted or if he just wanted the cap. Whichever ~ I am just glad all he got was the cap. We always try to keep at least a half a tank of gas in that vehicle. When I was quite younger I owned a Pinto car that was screaming green. One day I came out of wherever I was and noticed I had a yellow gas cap. Next week I had a red one and then a blue one then a green one that matched my car. I then bought a locking cap and threw the green one under the seat. One day I saw a man with a green car with a yellow cap and asked if he wanted a green cap and gave it to him ~ then I had a yellow cap under my seat and on it went. That game never stopped until I traded that car in on something else.

Also Will had ordered on an auction on line some carbon steel knives and got me some nice kitchen knives for great prices and they are sure pretty. There are swirls on the carbon steel and designs of that sort and the handles are made of pretty wood and bone. One of them is so cute it is a small dagger type that will be a great paring knife. My knife block in the kitchen now has a different look. :lol: All of the handles don’t match anymore and I am slowly getting rid of those stainless steel ones I have had for years.

I ordered (with some of my Christmas money) a round grill press by Lodge which is cast iron that will be great for it has a stay cool handle on it. The one I have had for years is square and has ridges on it for panini's to use in my square cast iron pan with ridges when I make them on top of the stove. The new one is round and will not have the ridges and is good for bacon, steak & other things besides sandwiches and can be used on the outside barbie. And another good thing about this press is that it can go into the oven where the one with the plastic knob could not. I season all my cast iron pans then dry them real good in the oven after washing them so they all have to be oven proof for that process. I have uses for both styles.

Will picked up a book for me off the sale table at the library today that is a hoot. It is named Feasting On Asphalt by Alton Brown. What it is ~ is 3 guys that took off on a run along the Mississippi river riding their motor bikes and eating local foods. There are some really interesting different recipes scattered about in the book from their travels. One that caught my eye that I am going to try this coming summer is called “Koolickles.” It calls for 1 gallon jar of dill pickles, 2 packages of non sweetened cherry Kool Aid & a pound of sugar. I will cut the recipe in half and use Splenda® that measures like sugar in it. What you do is drain the juice off the pickles into a large container & add the Kool Aid & sugar to the mixture stirring till dissolved. Remove the pickles from the jar and slice them in half down the middle lengthwise then return them to the jar. Return the liquid to the jar of pickles ~ not all of the liquid will fit but make sure all the pickles are completely covered. Place in the refrigerator for one week before eating. They say, “Strange though they are, these bright pink beauties are extraordinarily refreshing on a hot summer day.”

DONNA FAYE I am not surprised that Jack wouldn’t like that bread if he knows it has ricotta cheese in it ~ however you can’t taste the cheese in it ~ the bread tastes like cake. :cp: I never eat just “ricotta cheese” by itself for it does have a strange taste but I cook with it or put some sweetener in it or sugar free jam and use it as a spread on toast. It is a good feeling when someone really appreciates and likes what you knit for them isn’t it. Don’t you just love gifting things you have made for folks. I located that catalogue that offers two different pairs of stripped knee sox and ordered both. They have cashmere in them which should make them very soft and work well under my brace. The catalogue is The Vermont Country Store and they say they are the "purveyors of the practical and hard-to-find." Interesting items are lurking in their pages. :yes:

Here is a PS:
For some of you that don’t know how to pronounce Jicama in the recent recipe I posted ~ this is it from Meriam Webster: \’hē-kƏ-mƏ\ . I hope that is helpful in finding it in your local market. I find it pays to know how to pronounce something that you are looking for. It is an edible starchy tuberous root of a tropical American vine (Pachyrhizus erosus) of the legume family that is eaten raw or cooked. I personally have never cooked it because I like it raw so much. I like the fresh crispness of it. There now you have a tutorial on jicama. :lol:

Have a great day Magnolias ~ Type at y’all later.

01-19-2013, 09:51 AM
Good morning ladies. We are heading out in about 45 minutes to the commissary. I have lots to do today running errands and have to get the cheesecake and rolls baked so we can be there around 5 pm. I may have to put some of the errands off until tomorrow or Monday even since Jack is home on Monday.

Doing well on WW. I have to get a couple new batteries for our scale as it klunked out on us this morning. It takes those disc type batteries so we don't have any at home. Jack says you can get them all over the place so I hope in my errand shopping I can find them so I can weigh in on Monday.

Maggie: I sure wish I could find the jicama. I would like to try it. I know it looks similar to a turnip except not the pink on the outside, but I have scoured every place that has produce and nuh uh. I will just have to keep looking for it. I noticed gas prices creeping up again. We have a refinery here in town and they have quit refining the more expensive oil so it keeps prices down more so than other places I guess.

Fortune is over her barking at me because Jack is upstairs and he isn't getting attention. :lol: He is one spoiled pooch.

You all have a nice Saturday. I am out of here to get myself some breakfast befor we leave. Faye

01-19-2013, 03:52 PM

Getting up so much earlier I have started eating a brunch ~ mostly of fruit and veggies with a bit of protein called a boiled egg. I love those little Kiwi fruit globes and peal a couple of them and slice them and they are so yummy and slice a nice ripe tomato. I like to sprinkle some ground up Italian spices over the tomato slices.

The mail today brought us a new “Best Loved Bluegrass” CD that I am currently playing and it is a good one. There are two more that are supposed to have been mailed so that is a start on buying all that they have offered in this series. I think Will said there were hundreds of them in all that he is going to be getting a few at a time. :cp: These old artists really knew how to sing and harmonize well without all the new enhancements they use these days for singers. The wonderful sound of the banjos, guitars and mandolins is candy to the ears.

I haven’t decided yet what to cook for dinner but it will be a simple meal for sure with lots of fruit and veggies in it. Maybe a stir fry with fruit as a dessert. I’ll need to decide soon so I can get the meat thawed.

DONNA FAYE Have you asked any of the stores there to stock some jicama? Usually they will oblige a customer and at least check into the possibility of stocking it. A health food store would have some of the things the regular markets don’t carry so that would be a good place to check for it. I find it odd that a huge place like Memphis that you live in does not have any and this little po-dunk place we live in does. When I was in college and studied marketing that wouldn’t have been the case in our studies. The larger places usually have more choices to offer customers then the small towns do. OH ~ I can just smell those rolls baking in your oven. What kind of cheesecake are you making? I haven't made one of those in awhile and have quite a few yummy recipes for making them. I still have some of the pumpkin cheesecake I made for Thanksgiving in the freezer come to think of it.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ Type at y’all later.

01-19-2013, 04:46 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining brightly and it's 45 degrees in my neighborhood today. Even thought it's good to be home, I'm feeling like the hamster running in his wheel. Have piles of laundry to do, and "stuff" to put away. I sorted through a USPS box of mail last night and have our local papers in a pile to read at my leisure. Jason's Kdg. teacher died while we were gone, and he he came for the funeral. I noticed headlines that there was a murder in a small town close by. Most of our snow is gone but it is supposed to head below 0 tomorrow. After two weeks of 80+ degrees that will seem extra cold!

I haven't taken time to read the back posts -- hope to do that tonight or tomorrow sometime.

"Gma" -- Hope the commissary trip was an easy one and you found the batteries you need for your scale. Are you doing WW online or going to a meeting. Congrats on doing well! :cp:

Maggie -- I can see I need to read up on your adventures! :yes: I was surprised to see two pages and only 22 posts here. We also have jicamas in both grocery stores and I imagine also at WM. FL gas prices did go up while we were there but here they are the same as when we left.

I need to fold some laundry and start another load. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-19-2013, 05:40 PM

It has warmed up to 60ºs this afternoon and feels like spring.:D

JEAN :welcome: home. I imagine the weather is a shock to your system after being in those wonderful Florida sunny :hot: days. Now don’t go and catch a cold from the shock to you system being back in winter weather. I do find it rather strange that in our small towns we can get Jicama and there isn’t any to be found in the Memphis area :shrug:. When we lived in TN we were able to buy it there ~ way back a few years ago even ~ but we didn’t live in Memphis though. :lol: I imagine all this talk about trying to find it will spur folks into a search for it. Growing up on the West Coast like I did ~ I remember it from my childhood as a snack food or sticks of it in my bag lunch to eat with my sandwich. To me it wasn’t any harder to find to buy than celery, radishes or lettuce. You name it and we had the veggies. It was a treat to see fields and fields of salad “stuff” growing when we were out there last week. I don’t envy you with all your laundry you have to do now.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ Type at y’all later.

01-20-2013, 10:43 AM
Food morning to you all. A little chilly this morning but should warm up and glorious sun again.

I am having nutra grain eggos with sf syrup and fresh sliced strawberries, yum! I found some great strawberries on sale at the commissary. You can get some great produce and some only so so. I don't buy oranges there as I haven't ever found them to be very good.

I put Jay's hat back on the needles after having ripped the whole thing out. I now have to set up the chart to intarsia the ND and the shamrocks onto the hat. Gonna be interesting to set it up since the pattern charts are separate.

We had a nice time at Kelly's last night. Kelly and Tom told us a couple of funny stories that kept us laughing. Next month is BBQ from the shop across the street from us. Kelly gets to do dessert this time and we buy the Q. I told Jack we would use it as our dinner out for the month so we could enjoy it.

Jean: Glad to see you back. Hope you had a grand time. I am sorry about Jason's teacher. Commissary shopping was wonderful yesterday. There was nobody there so we didn't have to fight people nor were they stocking so the aisles were clear. We breezed right through and no line at checkout either. The only thing I couldn't find was ff bologna I wanted. Guess I will have to get it at Walmart, which is the only place I have seen it. Brrrr, sounds like you have some real cold weather in store for you.

Maggie: My dd said her Kroger has jicama but that is clear across town. I guess next time we get together I will run to Kroger's first and see if they have any. She did say to try Whole Foods. I got the giggles over the gas cap episodes. Sounds like that traveling pants story.

Well, Jack is ready to start the rugs so I need to go. Have a grand day today. Faye

01-20-2013, 06:46 PM
Good Afternoon! It's 10 degrees here but feels like -5 with the wind. Bob sang at church even though he wasn't here for practices. Four out of the eight were out with the flu plus two of the subs that were to sing. It began snowing just I was leaving for church and continued into the early afternoon; we are "white" once again. I've been doing laundry and reading newspapers. I finally muddled through the gift shop money and called it good last night; I couldn't get figures on the daily sheets to match the money so it is what it is. I did go back and did a quick read of the posts while I was gone.

Maggie -- Several of the FL gift shops had huge barrels of marbles in all sizes and colors. I wonder why there is a shortage where you are. :dunno: Congrats on being half way to your goal! :cheer: I'm glad you had a safe trip while you were gone. The FL traffic was multiple lanes, exits, loops, and drive way too fast! My guess is most everyone was a tourist and didn't know where they were going; we saw lots of Garmins in cars. We'd still be sitting at the airport if we hadn't had one. We had gas stolen from our boat the first summer we left it at the lake so we bought a locking gas cap. It's good Will found something that will work on the Jeep. Your multiple gas cap colors story was too funny! I'm usually colder than Bob so often wear a couple extra layers. My little heater is humming along as I type.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on another 3#s gone forever. It sounds like you have your food plan working for you. I was under the impression that the Sandy Hook School was locked and the shooter shot through the doors. Our grandchildren are all in locked buildings but where there is a will, there's a way. Scary! :( I wish you could share your rain with us! We are so very dry. I had to laugh at your description of your "wanky" livingroom. We have no wall space either, with windows, stairs, and the stupid fireplace wall opening into the kitchen/tv area. We get text messages from Walgreens when our prescriptions are ready, or have to be ok'd by the doctor and not ready. Jason's teacher was 95 which really surprised me as she always appeared "young" to me. Over the years whenever I would see her she always asked about Jason, so I was glad he could come to the funeral. He got to visit with several teachers he had over the years, then went to the high school to visit with a couple of his favorites there, and ended up at Bob's office to say "hello." Bob's secretary has known Jason since he was about 7. Do you know what kind of mesh was used in your surgery? The ad was on tv while we were gone; Ann is a nurse and I asked about the mesh. Her husband had a heart valve replaced and has dacron mesh in him; she said the body will heal around the mesh. I'm sure Jay will love his hat and I really love Alicia's slippers! Red is my favorite color!

Susan -- Can you explain the eyebrow procedure? I am thinking about having it done but just haven't made the move. What kind of cheese do you put on your popcorn? :T That sounds good to me. I'm so glad that your screw can be removed in the doctor's office, and you won't need surgery. I hope it is as simple as he says it will be. :yes: From the sounds of the news on tv, every state has the flu bug. I was surprised at how many children have died from it. Maddie had it while we were gone, came on quick and Beth got her into the walk-in clinic after hours. Bad stuff!

I need to keep moving and get another load of laundry going. I have a luncheon tomorrow noon and then need to meet with the hospital accountant to see if I can get her to agree with my figures. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-21-2013, 11:00 AM
Good morning girls! It is cold outside this morning but nice and sunny. We did the dining room carpets yesterday and the living room this morning after breakfast they then are done for awhile again. We use a pretreater then shampoo so it works really well. We use the pretreater when he has an accident or throws up too and it works pretty good.

Today was weigh day and I am down another 3 lbs so that's 6 lbs and 9 since this doctors appt so I am pleased.

Jean: Sounds like LA with all the craziness. It isn't too bad around Port Canaveral except those stupid toll booths every 5 miles or so. Glad you had a good time though. You can keep your snow and you can have our rain too if you like. I just want spring to be here.

I have the "cuff" of the hat done and have started the body of the hat. As soon as it is as long as the cuff I will start the intarsia three rows up from that so that the intarsia work shows. I have my pattern all laid out, but I expect I will screw it up once or twice and have to take some of it out. I am going to go slow though so keep your fingers crossed. I just hope it turns out nicely. I have done fair aisle and intarsia is basically the same thing so I am not worried about doing that.

Jack wants to use the computer to file our taxes this morning so I have to go. Have a good day everyone!!! ;) Faye

01-21-2013, 05:02 PM

Yesterday Will preached for a church about an hour away and we had a pot-luck dinner with them after the services. Hallelujah someone brought a green salad with several bottles of dressing setting beside it. I made a bee line for that bowl and promptly filled my plate over half full of the salad mix and didn’t put any dressing on it and then was careful what I took to put on the other half of the plate. They had a table that groaned with lovely yummy tasting desserts which I declined. For my behavior I give myself a huge pat on the back for I felt good about my choices and was satisfied. The nice lady who sat next to me wanted me to take one little taste of some dessert she was enjoying and I looked her in the eye and said a very polite, “no thank you for it would make me break out in fat.” She laughed and said she had lost weight herself and understood about “food pushers.”

We just got back from running some errands even though the bank and post office are closed today lots of the stores are open. We found that a local market carries powdered peanut butter which is 1P+ per 2 tablespoons when it is reconstituted with water. I have not yet tried it but it has good raves from all who have tried it at the WW meeting I go to. I imagine it will be good in baked goods besides just eating with celery or in a sandwich. I am up a pound on my scale this day and know I didn’t go over in my daily points and even had some of the extra points left over so I don’t have a clue about the “why” of it. My body has done this before so I shouldn’t be all that surprised. I just don’t like it when it does happen though. I’ll find out the true skinny of it at weigh in later on this day. We are going to build a menu tonight and I am taking a whole bunch of recipes ~ it should be interesting for those who are going to participate will receive a WW cookbook.

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you have that hat pattern pretty much figure out now and will have it knitted in no time. I am sure glad we don't toll roads here in the middle of the country ~ they don't have them out west either.:D

JEAN You have snow and we have sunshine and need rain. I don't think Will has checked in Wal*Mart for marbles for they may have them here. I know I can find them on line in all sizes but I just want some for ammo for my sling shot ~ they don't even have to be pretty.:p I'll find some that will work.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ Type at y’all later.

01-21-2013, 06:58 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It was -9 when I got up this morning and has "warmed" up to 0. :brr: Too cold! This morning I counted money at church and then argued with the computer . . . the computer won. I don't like the new program and told the secretary to see if she could find the old one again. :hyper: Wishful thinking! I came home to pick up a friend for a short meeting and lunch with 8 other gals from the P.E.O. group, brought her back home then went to get my nails done. I have another load of laundry going and am trying to think of something hot for supper. I'm thinking soup of some sort. I have card club tonight; just hope I can keep from yawning.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 3#s! You have the scale going in the right direction for sure! :yes: I don't know about anywhere else, but in FL you can purchase a fast pass sticker, for the toll roads, and there is a marked lane that you just drive on through. The sticker is scanned as you go through. They can be purchased in several different places; you put money in an account and they will either text, telephone, or email you when there is less than $10.00 left. It's really slick when there is lots of traffic. Did you get some more yarn of Jay's hat?

Maggie -- You made good choices at the pot luck yesterday! :cheer: I admire you for passing up desserts! I can do that unless there are home made cookies or pie that looks "good." The bank I use for the gift shop was open today but the bank for the church money was not. They are right across the street from each other! Good luck at WW tonight; maybe you will have a surprise! ;)

The dryer is buzzing so I'm off! Enjoy your evening! :wave:

01-22-2013, 09:52 AM
Good morning gals. Going to be a nice day here today even if it isn't particularly warm today. I am going to do some cleaning and work on this darn hat.

I couldn't figure out why I was having so much trouble then when I looked stuff up found out you can't do intarsia in the round and the stitching is too spread out to do fair isle so will just have to make the hat and do duplicate stitch over the top for the logo and such. it doesn't look as nice, but nothing I can do about it I guess.

I think this morning is a nice 2 eggs, mushrooms and a bit of bacon bits kind of morning with a serving of fruit. The program is going a-ok for me and that's all I care about.

Jack finished the living room rug yesterday morning and not 5 minutes after he put the machine away, Fortune jumped down from the couch and puked on it in 3 places. {{{SIGH}}} So, I just spot cleaned it really well for now as we didn't want to haul the machine out again. Fortune licks on stuff and I stop him when I catch him, but I don't always and fuzz and hair from couches, pillows, blankets gets in his throat and he throws up.

Jack filed the taxes yesterday but the IRS has pushed the first acceptance date up to January 30th. It was the 20th before and would have been the 22 with the 20th on Sunday and a federal holiday yesterday. Ahh well, Royal Caribbean will just have to wait for the last payment to pay off the cruise for an extra two weeks I guess. At least they are done and we don't have to fool with them.

We are having lasagna for dinner tonight. It is higher in pts of course, but I cut way down on the cheese and sauce and such and only make two portions so no leftovers to dig into. Jack won't eat ricotta cheese so I use cheddar and mozzerella and I use heart smart prego sauce as it is really low in pts and ground sirloin. If Jack wants garlic bread, I will make him a piece and use spray butter and a bit of garlic on it.

Jean: Did you guys get a bunch of snow? I know Indiana got hit with snow yesterday and the schools are all closed today and such. You sure hit rock bottom with temps. I have seen the website for the stickers. Our groomer is from Florida originally and said you could buy guest passes but I couldn't find that it said they did that anymore so we will just have a bunch of one's ready to give to the toll booth guy I guess. You can but the same things in Indiana for the toll road and in the Chicago area for all their toll booths. We don't have tolls here anywhere. Years and years ago, Va Beach used to have a toll to drive down the main drag and if you didn't it took you forever to go from one place to another, but I guess after the road was all paid for, they didn't keep tolling as we went there several years later for my brother's wedding and the toll booths were gone. I haven't ever heard of that before. I did get the other skein of yarn for his hat, but have been going back and forth with it trying to get this logo thing solved.

Maggie: Powdered peanut butter? Now that is a new one to me. I have pb sandwiches for lunch sometimes, but I buy the reduced fat. It is a bit dryer than the full fat stuff though so you have to be careful about spreading it on bread. Since I "desugared" myself again, I don't crave it too much. I did have a taste of the cheesecake, but one bite is all I had. You ask me about the cheesecake. Well, it isn't cheesecake in the normal sense of the word. I am posting the recipe so you can see what it is about and maybe sometime you would want to cut the calories and such and make it as you can buy reduced fat crescent rolls.


½ CUP CINNAMON SUGAR (I just shook cinnamon in sugar and mixed until I got the consistency I wanted)

Well gals, I need to get to work. You all have a great day today and try and stay warm and dry. Faye

01-22-2013, 12:50 PM

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