Depression and Weight Issues - Saturday, May 3

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05-03-2003, 11:46 AM
Good morning everyone.

Cloudy & gloomy here. I live in a cul-du-sac, and several of the neighbours have garage sales on - so there is lots of traffic in and out this morning :dizzy:

This feels like one of those "energy-less" days. Made my coffee, am playing my online game, and hoping some energy suddenly surges, miraculously, out of me.

Have a great day everyone.

05-03-2003, 05:53 PM
Hi Judo Mom.....I feel like I don't have much energy today either. It is a cloudy & overcast day here. Earlier in the week....I had more energy....I even cleaned some of the kitchen cupboards....2 of the upper you think the weather can have an effect on how much energy we have?

I did use my lite box this morning....since it is cloudy today.

We are having our neighbors in tonight to play I do have to do a bit of cleaning later.

Not much else happening here....DH Is going to go to Sears in about an hour to help DS pick out his 1st lawn mower.

I am going to read my book now.

April:) :smug: :dizzy:

05-03-2003, 06:47 PM
Hi April and Judo!
I haven't been online for a few days and I missed the site. The opening page has some great new articles this month. I was especially interested in the one about HGH. As a long-term vegetarian (I was 9 yr old) I do supplement a lot. If I was a savvy businesswoman I'd have bought stock in GNC. I'm SURE I've brought the profits up as I buy so much stuff there, LOL. ANyhow, the claims about HGH were a little far fetched, so I resisted temptation.
Thanks for the kind support regarding my back injury. I have decded to wait until June until surgery as I have a big exam at school and I want to take it before surgery,'s been really tough not being able to do my usual exercise. It really took me so many years to get into a good program. I thik I'm being impatient with myself, but mostly I'm a little frightened. The surgeon has told me not to worry about my weight, but, to be honest with yo and myself: I don't know how to not worry about my weight! Anyone ever feel that way?
My son's birthday tomorrow and family dinner. My birthday Monday night and a famiy dinner. My husband ( aka "Beautiful Timothy") and I are going out tonight for dinner (first time out in almost a year as he's totally disabled and finds travel tough).
Since I cannot do much exercise I'm being REALLY careful fortonight. We got menus from a few of our favorite resturants and made our diet choices before even going out. Pretty smart, isn't it? I'm really proud of that move. Timothy is on a low fat/low cholesterol, so we are in this together.
Thanks for being here, everyone.
Weather in Connecticut is sunny, bright, breezy, beautiful. Newither Tim nor I was born here, but we are glad that we chose this place to raise our family.
God Bless AMerica! God Bless Canada!