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01-08-2013, 04:38 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Since I'm up :spin: I thought I'd get us started and perhaps catch another night owl or two.

First: :welcome2: newcomers to our daily chat! You will find we talk about almost anything and everything here. For me, it's been such wonderful experience to share with the others here on a daily basis...knowing that we have the common bond of a food plan and the desire to better ourselves. Sometimes these friendships are the only stable thing in my life...and that's just fine!

DH and I made the mistake of taking a little post work nap which turned into a sleepathon now we're both up and at 'em. He's in the shop and I'm going to take down the Christmas tree and work on some other misc projects. We'll probably take a nap somewhere inbetween then I'll head to work at 7. A screwy schedule but it works.

Coffee is definitely on :coffee: Stop by and chat :cofdate:

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

01-08-2013, 07:09 AM
Good morning Debbie, thanks for getting us started. I agree, this group, despite the miles apart, certainly keeps me focused. It is great being able to share and learn from others. I look forward to reading the daily posts.

What time did you wake up? I've been up since 4:30. Having Steele oats before I venture off to meet my traveling companion. I am so glad he is driving as I Would like to relax. We are going to Active Shooter training sponsored by NYS Dept of Homeland Security. The training is intensive and I hope to sharpen my skills.

Looks like pup number 1 is ready to go out. Thankfully my neighbor Jim will be looking after the furry boys while I am gone.

Enjoy your day

01-08-2013, 07:45 AM
Good morning, Debbie and Jennifer, and those to come. :coffee2:

I'm thankful I have time to relax with my coffee without having to rush out the door to make my way into the city. We left 2 1/2 hours early yesterday, and just barely made it on time.

Jennifer, I'm glad your first day on the new rotation went well, and it sure sounds like it will keep you in shape! Good luck on your training in Utica!

Debbie, I sure don't know how you manage to keep it all together on your crazy schedule. :dizzy:

Now I'm in the mood for steel oats, and I have just enough time to make a pot before I have to leave. That will make a great start to my day. :)

01-08-2013, 08:02 AM
Good morning :coffee2: It's a slower morning so I'm enjoying my coffee. I need to get some soup in the crockpot. We are doing a Meal Train for the friend who lost her son and tonight is my night. Making Kalyn's red lentil chickpea soup ( for them.

Debbie - I don't know how you two do it but it seems to work. I so agree about posting here. It's kept me on track and brought me back from the edge when I started slipping. Starting the day here is part of my routine now and I miss you all when I'm camping.

Jennifer - Hope the drive up is relaxing. I do like it when someone else drives, as long as they are a good driver. Say hello to Utica for me, lived there until I was 10 and all my Italian relatives were just a few blocks away.

Cottage - Enjoy your less hectic morning and those oats :)

I've got a few things to get done before I leave so time to start working on it.

01-08-2013, 08:03 AM
Good morning chicks! Debbie, thanks for starting us off. I think it would be way interesting to do a sleep study on you ;). I need my 7-8 hours straight!

Jennifer, enjoy your drive and training today!

Cottage and al to follow, hope you have a great day!

I just got off the bike (yay me!) and have a long day of work. Woo. Hoo. ;)

01-08-2013, 08:25 AM
Checking in a tad late this morning - the chatter woke me up. ;) My internal alarm has been set to 5:20 for years but is finally set to 6. I guess it did go off because I lay there wide awake for a while before looking at the clock and finding it was past 6:30.

Lexxis, you really do have a strange schedule. It just amazes me, particularly when I factor in the two hour time difference.

Jekel, sorry your Captain Marvel uniform weighs 20 pounds. I would never, ever weigh myself in it. Enjoy the trip to Utica - nice that you get a break from driving. I was in Utica once. DH who had a lousy sense of direction navigated me there when we were actually heading for Ithaca. :shrug: Sure was hard to find the hotel!

Glad you can relax a bit this morning, Linda. The trip yesterday sounds like a horror show, especially when you found out the bloodwork could have been done closer to home!

Cyndi, another delicious-looking recipe from Kaylyn. That women is on my list for sainthood. I love her soups. Between her recipes and my crockpot, life is good. Now I need to start doing steel-cut oats in the pot.

TwynnB, good for you doing the bike before you go to work. I wish you a good day with no anal glands.

My calendar says today is a free day but I doubt it will stay that way. Natalie is back at work at the Mill Office one day a week and will be working from here as she prepares an application for yet another grant. She needs budget info and I'm the only source since it's all on my computer and can't be exported to her PC. I'm kind of hoping she comes tomorrow instead as I really want to get my house completely back in order.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

01-08-2013, 08:59 AM
I did get several more hours of rest, thankfully.

I hear Kirk downstairs making smoothies so I'd better finish upstairs and get workbound.

01-08-2013, 09:05 AM
paydaymom - What do you think of the fitbit? DH got me one for Christmas thinking I could see my sleep patterns. But I already know I don't sleep well! And already have a gadget that tracks my calories burned that I no longer use.

I'm a big Kalyn fan too :)

This morning I work out with my mom and trainer. This afternoon I get my hair cut and colored. Tonight is book club.

My eating is OP but I am snacking too much right now and need to get motivated about that. And my grocery store stopped selling my favorite snack cheese :(

Have a great day. Thanks for reminding me that it's Tuesday.

01-08-2013, 09:59 AM
I am not doing well with sleep lately, and like Twynn, I really need my 8 hours! Last night it was a CO detector with a low battery that started beeping at 2:45AM. I knew I had changed all the batteries in the fall and could not find the darn thing, wandered around the house for a while, until I found one tucked above the door of the basement landing that I didn't even know was there! No wonder I missed it. Fortunately I am working at home today - won't have time for a nap, but hoping for an early bedtime.

DD got laid off yesterday. She was expecting it, her company lost major contracts and was laying off a lot of people last week. They did her dirty though, no notice, effective yesterday, no vacation payout or severance or anything. Just you're done and we won't be paying you anything after today. She needs to look into it, because I'm pretty sure that's not legal. At least she's young and single, she'll bounce back.

I am easing back into SB, all the terrible Christmas food is gone, but I'm trying to use up a few things before I get strict - I hate to throw away food! Planned on chicken burrito bowls for dinner, but noticed this morning that someone ate the leftover chicken, so I'll have to come up with something else.
I am also interested in what people think of the fitbit.
Kalyn is a goddess.

01-08-2013, 10:49 AM
Hello all. I have finally returned from what feels like outer Mongolia. . .
But really it was just wayyyyyy far from the beach.

I hope to really recommit, as I started back at 188. The past few months really turned me upside down - first something massively wrong with my neck so no physical activity for almost 4 months, then DH got laid off. So, instead of maintaining over the holidays I ate my way back up. Good news: down 3 lbs as of today, but at least 20 lbs to go. Better to start now, eh?

I hope you are all well, and I can't wait to get back to reading and posting on a daily basis.

Be well -

01-08-2013, 11:19 AM
Day 7 on phase 1 for me! Day 4 was awful but I noticed yesterday when recording my food that day 5 and day 6 I didn’t have any cravings. Maybe it is because I am finally get some veggies in with breakfast. Can I say again how glad I am that I like tomato juice now?
I was doing good doing the Leslie 1 mile walk the pound video the past two days…I am not sure about today as I had a bad fall yesterday just walking to my laundry room. It was ugly and almost 20 years ago I broke my pelvis in several places. I am really sore today
Debbie– glad to know I am not the only one working on the Christmas tree today!!
Jennifer – my husband woke me and my daughter at 5 wondering around the house messing with the heat saying he was cold. He went right back to sleep and neither me nor my daughter feel back to sleep until after 6. I would have been better off to go back to sleep b/c it was not a good sleep until 7:30..
Karen – I like that it is showing me just how much I sit on my butt. I have had pedometers but I like the graphs on this one and since it is monitoring my sleep. I go ahead and try to go to bed when I go to the bedroom instead of reading, playing on tablet or something until 1 or 2 am…. I don’t want it to show those few hours as me sitting on my butt so I put it in sleep mode and go to bed…How very sad of me to admit!!
Schmoodle – sleep is always hard for me. On the nights I actually get 8 it is very disrupted… I am so sorry about your daughter. Ours birthdays for the family start mid October – one a week – birthday cake. They end right before Thanksgiving. I always fall of the wagon then, some years never to come back on it. Praying this year will be different!
Bea – I am so sorry. Stress and physical ailments are very big hinders when trying to diet…I know!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

01-08-2013, 02:40 PM
I just had to come to share that I did the walking video!! Of course my knee lifts were hardly knee lifts and I could not do the back kick (don't know what you call them) b/c I was so sore but I still did it. I figured just moving this almost 300 lbs is a good thing!

01-08-2013, 02:48 PM
Good afternoon,

Made it in here earlier than yesterday but I still have to run to a meeting now. I am trying to play catch up with all the work from last week...sigh

Hopefully tomorrow will be more normal and I can check in earlier.

Have a great day everyone!

01-08-2013, 02:51 PM
Karen – I like that it is showing me just how much I sit on my butt. I have had pedometers but I like the graphs on this one and since it is monitoring my sleep. I go ahead and try to go to bed when I go to the bedroom instead of reading, playing on tablet or something until 1 or 2 am…. I don’t want it to show those few hours as me sitting on my butt so I put it in sleep mode and go to bed…How very sad of me to admit!!

This is exactly why I like mine too :) I've had it for 13 months and it's my conscience.

01-08-2013, 05:24 PM

Hi all!!!!!

01-08-2013, 07:53 PM
*waves* Busy night at work. Hope all is well w/ everybody.

01-08-2013, 08:29 PM
*flailing wildly* Full tummy and warm blankey going on over here after a longgggg day at work. The morning flies by but the afternoon drags on! I'm seeing comfy pants in my future. Tomorrow is weigh in day... I'll let you know how the last week went!

Comfy pants time!

Lisa :D

01-08-2013, 10:17 PM
Lol I'm with you Lisa! Today was classroom training, tomorrow we "play."

Cyndi, we went to Delmonacco's for dinner and NO I wasn't a good girl lol. I did have a salad, small piece of Italian bread, shrimp scampi (ate the shrimp which which were prepared grilled (no butter/seasoning). I did splurge on angel hair pasta. I didn't over due it as it wasn't doing anything for me lol. Granted the cappuccino pie called my name, no shouted my name and I ate the whole humongous piece.

Rob, who I drove with is going through a divorce and is not handling it well. To make matters worse, he buried his dog this weekend. He and I left the group and had a quiet dinner. Having gone through it myself, i can appreciate not feeling very social. He did thank me for my company and understanding. Maybe i should have been a counselor instead of a police officer. The "gang" is out at Smitty's enjoying the nightlife. I am content relaxing in my room. Unfortunately I did not have enough room to pack work out clothes it I would be in the fitness center. Two off days won't derail me :)