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01-05-2013, 10:25 PM
Hello everyone!

Since falling off the wagon somewhat since moving back to Asia and now being further away from my goal rather than closer to it, I've realised one of my biggest problems is just starting to let the 'bad' foods creep back in and telling myself as a treat they're OK, every now and again it's fine, one chocolate bar/pack of crisps/cake won't hurt, but then one becomes two, two becomes three and you know the rest....

So, my biggest tool in 2013 is going to be my own accountability and honesty. This is a place I'll log each day at minimum what I eat and drink but also my exercise/moods etc if I can keep it up.

Please feel free to log your own stuff here too, whatever that may be and of course comments and tips on my lists are always welcome :)

01-05-2013, 10:30 PM
5th Jan - Saturday

breakfast - instant rice porridge (need to check the nutrients of these!)

Lunch - Ice coffee - no milk and not very sweet
- 4 pork skewers and sticky rice (lean meat)

Dinner - pad grapow gai (Spicy chicken with holy basil and veggies) on steamed rice.

Snacks - a few satsumas and a portion of cantaloupe. one bottle of lager.

Day one of no crisps, choccie, naughty snacks survived. I was meant to do no beer too, but we went out to the bar where all spirits are import and expensive so I had to drink beer, but just had one with tons of ice to make it last! Then came home and had an early night. Damn dieting wreaking social lives!

01-06-2013, 10:48 AM
6th Jan - Sunday

breakfast - scrambled eggs on wholemeal. Ate them out so probably not cooked very healthily, but kept me full until mid afternoon and I didn't butter the bread.

lunch - sushi

dinner - mama noodles made at home with added veggies (beans and babycorn)

snacks - satsumas and cantaloupe.

Exercise - 30 day shred day one, and some cycling to and from the pool and to town and back. No swimming, water is too cold just now!

Good day all in all.

01-07-2013, 10:09 AM
Hey I am up for keeping track of what I eat-I am counting cals I hope that's ok?

Breakfast and lunch were together as I am taking new meds and they knocked me out last night!

Big bowl of porridge with skimmed milk and a banana and coffee 530

snack 2 satsumas-80
Green tae

01-07-2013, 10:15 AM
Of course counting cals is fine! I wish I had more of an idea of the cals/ nutritional value of what I'm eating, but unfortunately it's not possible right now, so I'm just doing what I can!

Here's my Monday 7th Jan

Breakfast: Yoghurt, no fat but 9g of sugar which seems a lot, tons of water and three cups of black coffee.

Lunch: Somtam Khao Neeow or papaya salad and sticky rice, order with less sugar.

Dinner: noodles, cabbage, beans and corn in a spicy soup with some bbq chopped beef on the side.

Snacks: Satsumas, parmelo and cabbage

Exercise: 30DS day2Level1, 10 lengths at the pool (freezing!) and lots of cycling around.

Still no 'bad' foods, long may it continue!!!!!!

01-07-2013, 10:28 AM
Thanks Hun, you are doing great with the no bad foods. I must admit I guess the cals in fruit, veggies I weigh out.


01-07-2013, 07:45 PM
@Taking control your diet seems yummy lol

I'd like to log here too as I'm also on a, no snacks and accountability challenge :)
@topsy81 hi!!!

01-08-2013, 10:24 AM
Great the more the merrier!

Tuesday 8th Jan

Not my greatest day, but still, not terrible and realistic. Sat here fighting urges to go and buy crisps from 7/11..... I will win, because once logged I'm eating no more today and getting into my PJ's so I defo won't leave the house!

Breakfast - yoghurt and parmelo

Lunch - Chicken rice and I believe it was stirfried in spices but other than that not sure, was given by my school, with a fried egg and broth on the side. If I was choosing would have left the egg off, but in the circumstance I can't leave it.

Dinner - noodles cabbage and beans in a water soup

Snacks - two handfuls of peanuts at the bar, a Burmese coffee at work (again, really hard to get out of this!) and two lean meat sticks in the mid afternoon, some oranges.

Also had two small G&T's this evening, but that's OK, I'm being realistic and thinking lifelong here.

I turned down donuts with my coffee, took the meat snack over somethng less healthy and beat the 7/11 crave so even though not perfect, not all bad!

Did the next day of 30DS and 20 lengths at the pool.

01-09-2013, 11:06 AM
9th Jan - Wednesday

Breakfast - four small meat sticks :/

should have been three and sticky rice but she was all out. I know this sounds like a terrible brekkie, but here it's so cheap and convenient and yes I could and probably will go spend a fortune on cereal but that will still only be for some days as it's not as filling, more expensive and full of sugar so I'm not sure it's that much better. Yoghurt and fruit and my less active workdays though.

Lunch - was at a teachers house, and I have no choice over what I eat and have to eat a big portion. Today was steamed rice with coconut shavings and then a delicious, but oily pork curry, followed by two small red bananas.

Dinner - ate out, had Burmese tomato salad. Which is essentially a plate of sliced tomatoes with some yellow beans and cabbage. So a light dinner after lunch and brekkie.

Snack - satsumas, maybe four tiny ones. Went out tonight and only drank soda, go will power go!

Exercise - walking, cycling and 30DS Day 4 level 1.

Tomorrow I'm aiming for more balance, I think!

01-11-2013, 11:11 AM
THurs 10th Jan

Brekkie - rice porridge

Lunch - Khao Mork Gai (CHicken, rice and spicy sauce)

Dinner - sushi with some veggies on the side

BINGE - a packet of oreos :(

Friday 11th Jan

Breakfast - cereal

Lunch - bamboo and yellow bean dish and an aubergine currry with rice (shared with friends at a traditional Burmeese place)

Dinner - (My treat meal of the week! which I was going to take away after the oreos last night but realised that would be silly and not long term) So went to the itialian and had 3 delicious courses.

Starter - shared a brushetta (wanted onion rings!)

Main - taglliatelle arriabatta, delish and not too unhealthy

Dessert, brownie DEVINE!

Not the 'best' two days ever, but realistic, and all in all a good first week for me, only one binge and only one treat meal. I can live with that!