Metabolic Research Center - Weight Loss has never been so FUN!

01-05-2013, 07:46 PM
Wow. I am REALLY loving my Metabolic Research Center! I headed over this morning to go to a bootcamp. We did lunges and high-knees up a hill- and even did some jogging (EEEEEK!). I couldn't do everything, but I made modifications and was kind to myself- and forgiving. This was a large non-scale victory for me, because a year ago I would have been so mad and disappointed that I couldn't keep up with the group.

I decided to weigh-in today, because they were having a drawing for some free protein drinks? (I'm still on pre-conditioning, so I don't know much about them). And the center was rocking!

Many people were hitting 10 pound marks, which is cause for CELEBRATION! They pour fiber shots for everyone in the waiting room. They play "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang and we all cheers to the "Loser." How incredibly fun and motivating is that?

I met with a consultant that I felt like I really clicked with. I'd like to find one consultant and stick with them, because I found out that not only do they make a base pay, but they make commission on their client's weight loss.

What fun things do your centers do?


ETA: Oh- and I lost 5.5 pounds!

01-06-2013, 10:44 PM
Oh wow - that does sound fun! I never went to one of the bootcamps - I had no idea I was missing out on all of that. Phooey!

Our center does a different contest each month. Usually something simple like earning stickers for pounds lost, bringing in your food journal, 2nd weigh-in of the week - they change it up each time. Every now and then they'll have a balloon pop or bean bag toss or just some random way to get to win a free week on program, box of HNS (my favorite prize) or some other thing. I really do appreciate when the center does this stuff.

ETA: Oh, I just saw your edit! 5.5 lbs - incredible! Good for you! And congrats on your non-scale victory. I make modifications when doing my Jillian Michael's DVD's. We all gotta start somewhere.

01-07-2013, 11:01 AM
Thanks, Going4Fit! I didn't know how good it would feel to be congratulated on weight loss here. :) It feels wonderful and encouraging. I'll have to remember that when I hit a challenge.

I'm not particularly looking forward to going in on Tuesday. It feels so close to Saturday and it's at a different time of day (lunch)- so I expect a weight gain. However, it's really more of an accountability check. Like "you might have been a bit off track this weekend, but let's shift gears."

Going, Are you out of maintenance now?