Beck Diet Solution - Clearing the Way to Spring: Jan 1/Mar 20, 2013 Decluttering Challenge/Support Thread

01-01-2013, 08:52 PM
:welcome3: to the New Year, with its :dust:New Hope &
:cheer:New Energy to keep us, or start us, moving forward with our decluttering plans.

Imagine getting to "spring cleaning" season only to discover a lot of it is already done.

If we make a plan and set some goals we can turn any stuation around.

All are welcome to commit to changing and rearranging their environment(s). Beck says it is essential for our weightloss success to deal with our environment.

And if your environment is a cause for concern join us to lessen the stress and support the feelings of success and confidence as we experience things changing and we maintain those changes.

Please feel free to post your goals for this first quarter of the year and/or your daily progress.

01-01-2013, 09:22 PM
Hi Everyone:

I come to 2013 knowing I have some serious issues to tame. At the end of this year I hit the half century mark and I am completely unwilling to get there with a mountain of moving boxes in my dining room, or a home that has no comfort or joy. It's just not acceptable. It's also something I have never managed to do: deal with the clutter and KEEP IT dealt with. Much like losing the weight and keeping it off if you ask me... which is another old issue I have to get serious about this year.

Last challenge I made some progress. Much of it is an interior shift. Though I am sitting on a couch that's cushy as I write this and my living room has several seating areas now. And I have a new bedroom that's cleaner.

Having these things come true, I now truly know I want this and don't want a messy uncomfortable makeshift home anymore. It was okay for decades. I'm not interested in the feelings of shame and depression and guilt and inadequacy that my home brings up in me when I think of people dropping by. I can do better. I have to put the work into it to bring it into my life.

helping rachel
01-02-2013, 11:14 AM
Thanks OnebyOne for starting this 2013 thread. I am grateful for a place to share my process. I am picking one area to work on for the month of January. It is my office.

I am going to let go of stagnant, draining things that are of no revelance. That means separating books, teachings, files, cd's and some leftover craft items.

The questions I am asking myself...."Will this help me or give me energy for the future"? Does it have true value for my life now. The last consultanting project I completed, examined a part of self called "conceptualized self". Getting stuck in "an old story" and not living in the moment----connected to specific values. I cared for other parts of my house but not this specific area. It is my catch-all of things that I don't want to deal with.

I am enough without having to keep some of these stagnant boxes of ????? I found it interesting yesterday as I journaled about my word for the year.....It ties directly into this new discovering and letting go of what doesn't fit for me anymore.

Looking forward to moving a bookshelf today.
Planning on purging 4 more boxes and moving a 3 drawer storage unit into the utility room that is very spacious.
Planning a birthday dinner for my DH and trying to figure out where to put my kitchen appliances that I use. I am making homemade pasta with my pasta maker. I also received a new food processor from my sister and I love it. I think the cookbooks need a new location if I am going to use the processer often. I store the pasta machine in the utility room as it isn't used as much.

LEXXISS: I received this post today and it reminded me of your process :

Freshly Organized added a post from January 1, 2013 to their timeline.
Today's GO (Get Organized) Month Tip: Write down your top 3 tasks to do each day and tackle them. Nice short to-do list are much easier to accomplish. If you get those three done you can repeat or you can be done for the day. Up to you :-)

Intending on having a successful first quarter with declutter, organizing and re-authoring some parts of my life and home.

01-02-2013, 12:00 PM
This is just what I need. I have 2 rooms upstairs that have become very cluttered. My dh was very ill and I was his sole caregiver for 6 years and I just stuck things in these rooms that I didn't want to deal with right then. He passed away 5 years ago and I still haven't dealt with the situation. I have made a little progress, but there is a lot to go. It will be good to deal with the clutter while I am dealing with my weight.

helping rachel
01-02-2013, 04:25 PM
Welcome QuilterinVA: Looking forward to hearing about your decluttering journey.

01-02-2013, 06:07 PM
Hello declutterer friends!

:welcome2: QuilterinVA! We'll be here to support you as you open those rooms and go through your process from start to finish!

Tami(helping rachel), great new goals! Yippee! I think I'll go check out the website you mentioned.

My sister reappeared in my life and she wants to use one side of my Grandmothers little houses. That might mean a very specific declutter is in my very near future....I'll wait and see.

In the meantime I will continue my 1-2-3 dance since I have found that the day to day consistency (very Beck) works really well for me, in that the daily routine is about forming a lifetime habit.

We traveled over to our other home this morning. We'll just be here two days then back. We got up early but it was important for me to leave a tidy home.
1. old clutter-put away all photo project items
2. new clutter-folded and put away laundry, did dishes, picked up around the house
3. clean-cat box, upstairs bathroom sink, kitchen sink

01-03-2013, 11:29 AM
Thursday 1-2-3 :dancer:

1. current clutter-Picked up!
2. old clutter-went through some more old photos, pulled several small drawers (looking for something) and pitched as I went.
3. clean-washed and treated my leather couch and chair...vacuumed inside the couch then took the hand vac to my bathroom and did corners.

Ok, now I'm motivated to "keep looking" when I get home (and continue pitching/organizing). What I can't find is a little marking stick for the leather couch. I could go buy another one but I know I have one here. It came with the couch and we've never used it. It will motivate me to look in some of the cubbies I just never get to.

helping rachel
01-03-2013, 12:34 PM
:dance:Hey Debbie: What ever it takes to motivate us. I feel that same way about not buying something new.

Laundry done, Son #1 packed to go back to school

Bookshelf was moved yesterday. I took a picture of my office that is so cluttered so you can see what I am dealing with. Will post later when I figure that out.

Purged 4 boxes, cleaned and dusted top of desk.

Off to work so I will check in later.

01-04-2013, 12:05 AM

Welcome all you guys to the new thread. So happy to read that people are just moving right along.

I am feeling great reluctance to *just start*. I think what happens with my thinking is that I get this thought: "once I start I cannot stop until it is done (right/perfectly/completely)" and that thought makes me feel defeated before I have even begun. So I stall, until I am motivated by anger at myself for not doing what I know I need to do and then I just start and then I am going along again.

I'd like to skip the 2-3-4-5-6-7 days run-up time to the getting down to what I know I need to do part.

So, I did not do any declutterng today. Nor did deal with any dishes, or get to my studio to box up my paintings and ask Chris the landlord there to put them where he said there was space for me to store them so I can get my studio into working condition.

My plan for tomorrow morning is a morning trip to the studio to move stuff around to get it into working condition.

01-04-2013, 10:33 AM
This morning we're traveling back to our other home

1. old clutter-went through my little rainbow set of drawers and pitched alot of paper-stuff I was reluctant to get rid of the last time. credit.
2. current clutter-picked up everything so I'll arrive next time to a clutter-free environ. Washed/dried clothes and put away
3. clean-simple but moves me forward. I cleaned the screens on my computer, ipad and iphone. Will clean the kitchen sink before we leave.

onebyone, can you think of any Beck strategies that would help ease your discomfort regarding the sabotaging thought of having to finish and be perfect. I connect the declutter process to weight loss in that it isn't a magical overnight fix but that we make consistent progress when we formulate a realistic long term plan which is broken down into small daily tasks. I can't begin to tell you how much progress I notice in the long term by just doing tiny tasks every day.
I also notice that it is difficult for me to organize stuff when there's so much and that the organizational process has become much easier as the "stuff" has gone away. Just a few things to think about....

gotta run! BBL

01-04-2013, 10:41 AM
good morning and Happy New Year. I need to keep checking in here! Lexxiss, I do like the 1-2-3 thing and will try to adapt that also :carrot:

01-04-2013, 11:12 AM
Ok, taking a cue/clue from Lexxiss :hug: I am going back to my early Beck days and writing down my tasks for the day and I'll be back to update this evening.

1) get to studio done
2) box and bag up canvases for storage done
3) remove canvases into outer garage area and see what my space looks like without them in there done
4) move the big piece of wood for the guild sign to the very back of the studio space, out of the way done
5) move the big grey table and the smaller blue table into a place where I can use them to work on done
6) put my rainbow drawers somewhere handy done
7) put the printer/cart somehere handy done
8) put the whiteboard up <NOTE: need to switch whiteboards=new one is smaller so better for house--bigger one goes to studio (*buy another whiteboard*) done
9) set up my printmaking table so I can just start when I do get back again.done
10) bring home some wood for carving and my conte crayons for transferring images onto the wood (I think I'm getting sick so I don't think I'll be back to the studio if I get sick--would like that stuff here in case). If I can print out and transfer to the block then I have started to work on my prints again. done

Also brought home a few canvases to sketch out toward applying to profitable summer show.

OK I am off to buy another whiteboard and to re-arrange the studio space. I'll check in later. done

Now off to bring car in for scheduled thingamabob replacement. Then home again.

YAY. *multiplecreditday*

helping rachel
01-04-2013, 12:44 PM

Here is the picture, I think! Not a pretty sight but I wanted to be honest with my process. I have 3 more steps to take today.

1- Set up the cube for back wall
2- Purge 4 more boxes
3- Dust and clean off both bookshelves that are now together.

helping rachel
01-04-2013, 12:50 PM
OneonOne: I admire your plan and steps broken down. Plan your work and work your plan!

Lexxiss: Isn't there a sense of freedom that comes with having an organized space....ahhhhhhh.

VermontMOM: What are you working on? Any new projects for the year or are you working the 1-2-3 groove with the rest of us.

Speaking of 1-2-3....:carrot::carrot::cb::hat::dancer::cheer2::cra zy::cheer:Old clutter, New clutter, Clean, Cha, Cha, Cha!

OC: 4 boxes from office
NC: Mail purge and front of the fridge with outdated pictures and papers
Clean: Bedding stripped from boys room and dishwasher run.

Hi to anyone else I missed, Welcome one, Welcome all!

01-05-2013, 09:25 AM
On my way to work

1. old clutter-didn't address
2. current clutter-picked up/unpacked travel stuff
2. clean-DID clean the cat box despite not wanting to

helping rachel
01-05-2013, 09:59 AM
Good Morning!

Cube set up for back wall.
Cleaned and dusted top of desk and book shelves
Cleaned inside of desk putting like items together.
Purged all files in desk and made new files.
Purged 11 out of the 20 boxes. Filled a 5 gallon trash can. Whew!

I need a break the office space today as I need a "new set of eyes" to see what the next few steps will be.

Clean- Kitchen floor and sweep garage so the dirt/snow/leftover muck doesn't get tracked in.
Vac. and Dust 1st floor.
Clean out frig, clorex shelves and go grocery shopping.
No old or new clutter movements planned.

I am realizing that I want to keep things just to have them. Not to use them, not to store them properly but to have them. I am using my Beck Statement....NO CHOICE, if it isn't useful, it is gone. If I want to keep it, how easy will it be for retrieval. (Change in thought---not for storage, but retrieval for use!)

Off to make coffee, I have a long list today to accomplish.

01-05-2013, 05:49 PM

DH is sick and I am so unmotivated it's incredible. The kitchen is a comoplete and total mess: almost all dishes are dirty. Half are in the sink, and now need to be taken out of the sink cause they've been in there too long. The rest sit near the sink waiting to be washed. My stuff that I moved from the other rooms spills into the kitchen area completely blocking the walking path into/through the dining room. My summer craft show tent is there. Where does that go? No idea. I have a short bookcase there. Where does that go? No clue.

Thought I'd get to my studio to do some work but I never made it. I noodled around instead. wasting time and money.

My big problem? Can't make a real decision about this year and where to focus my energy. I think I need to do some more writing on the subject.

I'm going to commit to clearing the kitchen floor today. That's driving me more nuts than anything else.
this means: 1] garbage out back to the bin done
2] recycling gathered into bin done

3]cardboard broken down so they''ll take it done

4]dirty dishes in one place done

5]other stuff moved out of there to somewhere else done

6]one sinkload of dishes done done

Then some quiet time with the whitevoard to try to sort myself out a bit more.

will update my progress.

helping rachel
01-05-2013, 08:17 PM
OnebyONe: Using your whiteboard sounds like a great idea to gather thoughts and excute. It looks like you got a lot accomplished in your last post at the studio. Could your tent go to the studio space as it won't be needed for months? What about that bookcase. If not needed can it go to the studio to hold your art supplies? Just thinking out loud with you.

Sounds like your list you have is doable. I bet after you get that done, space in your mind will open up.

01-06-2013, 12:14 AM
helping rachel I ended up making room for the tent in the hall and that works for now. I also put the bookcase in the hall and that's ok too for now. Thanks for your thoughts.

It's not so much that I don't have space but it's more that I haven't had a lot of success in getting thigns organzed, nor have ever felt like I *could* do this. I appreciate your support along with everyone else's as well.

01-06-2013, 10:48 AM
Hello Declutterers!

The more you have, the more you are occupied. The less you have, the more free you are. -
Mother Teresa

The grand-dog is gone and so today launches a major cleanup. He was a major shedder. It got me thinking that while the upkeep of my home is important that as I continue to post on this "Decluttering Challenge/Support Thread" that I have a personal responsibility to continue to focus on going through things and letting go of items that clog my energy/space.

I like Mother Teresa's quote because it reminds me that I do feel much freer now than when I first started. I need to get back to basics and start letting go again.

My most effective way of letting go of physical items has been to have a designated box where I can put things as I come across them then take the box away when it's full.

Today I will start a new box. It's essential to let go of more clutter.

helping rachel
01-06-2013, 11:14 AM
The more you have, the more you are occupied. The less you have, the more free you are. -
Mother Teresa

Thanks Debbie for this truth. I woke up this morning and the first thing on my mind was about emptying out. Not to be buried under the things that are of 'low value". I asked my husband to finish the final part of the utility room. Old paint cans, boxes of his tools that he hasn't used for years ect.....I gently shared that if we release our attachment to obsolete, tangible items, our reward will be energy insight and clarity. He worked for about an hour and then took a nap. I had complete empathy for him him as I know this process of letting go is so emotionally draining, until you get in the groove of the reward of doing it. This helps me understand why I avoid doing it.......hard to make decisions--easier to avoid. We had a few good laughs about having carpet pieces that were from the original house 22 years ago. I am realizing that there is an emotional cost to avoiding these things.....being stagnant with unusable stuff.
On to the good news, My daughter brought a friend over last night and showed her my office. I am working on an Art Project that embodies my word for the year....the word is F L O W. Her friend loved the set up in here and DD said, "You don't understand, we couldn't walk in here freely a week ago." I will post pictures sometime next week as I have about 6 boxes to go. When I posted the original picture, I felt embarrassed as the room was so overweight and it was my fault. This is true. I just piled things in here and avoided dealing with them. Kind of like weight. I am realizing after I took 2 boxes to Goodwill, it feels good to release things that have been weighing me down. Similar to overeating, it will not be helpful to bring things back into the house unless I need them. I don't want to clean or store something that isn't useful or needed.

I will end with a quote......

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. -Andy Warhol

01-06-2013, 12:49 PM
Hello Declutterers

I decided upon waking to *just go do some dishes*. I did two sinkloads. *credit*

My new mission this week will be to do some dishes when I wake up until they are done. And when they are finished, to clean something else in the kitchen, to be decided when I get there. I am practicing MODERATION. Big word for me this year. I want to CONSISTENTLY bring my attention to the areas that need work: work on myself, work in the home, work at work.

I'm going to give myself a smiley of some sort when I have tackled something on my list and then sum it up at the end of this weekly challenge to myself

The work has to be attached to a GOAL and so I will say the goal here is to have a "clean orderly kitchen ready to be used for cooking at any time with minimal fuss", which means:
1) dishes clean and put away :smoking:
2) counter tops cleaned off and ready for use in cooking
3) applicances cleaned (big job) - will break it down into steps
4) drawers ccleaned out
5) shelves cleaned out
6) top of fridge cleaned out
7) need to make a curtain for the back door -- actually I WANT to make a curtain for the back door.
8) keep floor clean
9) store unused appliances
10) clean kitty bowls and water fountain

That will be a daily to-do for me as well this:

GO THROUGH A BOX, or TWO. Not more.
this means: look at everything, make decisions, put it away, give it away or throw it away. come here and ask if I am stumped by an object. Break down the box if it is cardboard.

Boxes done today: 0

Will update this evening.

01-06-2013, 02:40 PM
:dancer: :dancer:

onebyone, moderation is key for me, too. Creating doable chunks by making lists is such a motivating/inspirational way to move forward with decluttering.

Tami(helping rachel), thank you for the Andy Warhol quote. I really think hearing others' words of wisdom help me to recognize it's not just a few of us doing this....that there are some universal thoughts/principles which embrace this task at hand.

So, via MTeresa and AndyWarhol...there is a freedom which awaits but I/We need to do the footwork.

I talked DH into helping this morning since it was his DD's pup staying with us. He participated as far as getting all the rooms vacuumed which helped me greatly. I am getting better and better at observing his actions/reactions so as I don't push too much and send him over the edge where this process of caring for our home agitates him. I understand that for now I will literally pick up where he leaves off. So he is in the shop now and I now get to make the choices as to where I go today.

Funny, onebyone, I had already decided that today it would be good to pick a room. I picked our bedroom....partially because the bedding needed to be washed because the pup was sleeping on/in our bed AND the cat had barfed on the carpet.
~wash bedding-Done
~remake bed-in process
~drag carpet cleaner upstairs/clean barf area-Done
~dust/put away everything-in process

My sis wants to go bike riding in Denver this afternoon. On the one hand I don't want to go, on the other hand I get some exercise in. I am leaning towards going....

I said earlier that I would put some items in a box for thrift. I need/want to do that.

After I reported that I did current declutter yesterday I looked at my office and there was still "current" stuff. I need/want to complete that, too.

Tami (helping rachel), I look forward to your office pics. Neat to hear of your progress from another family member.

Ok, back to work.

01-06-2013, 02:43 PM
I enjoyed reading this from another site. It's not ground-breaking but I find the visuals food for thought.

01-06-2013, 04:16 PM
Very nice visuals, onebyone! Thanks for posting. The article definitely gives me food for thought. I acknowledge that my home is a work in progress right now. As I am letting go of items that no longer serve me well (and some that never did) I recognize that I am making an effort to keep my spaces clearer and cleaner. At this point, I have no idea exactly what many of my spaces will look like down the road but do know that I tend towards a maximalist environ in some spaces and minimalist in others.

Living room/dining room/office...maximalist


I have so much beautiful art, from family and other sources. Right now it is all in a specific closet. As I am still finding so much stuff that I don't want/need with rooms in transition I don't have inspiration as to where I would put things. I look at these pictures and understand that the inspiration willl come when the time is right and until then I just need to keep working on letting go and hauling out.

Ok, so I passed on the bike ride recognizing that the trip to Denver was pretty involved and that it was going to be a avoidance event for me. Avoiding the fact that I haven't had a day at home to take care of things since before the holidays and that it's important for me to get some things done.

Bedroom-100% done

Office-working on

Kitchen-needs work

Will take a break and eat lunch.

helping rachel
01-06-2013, 07:59 PM
Thank you OnebyOne for sharing this article. I wrote out the questions on a notecard to reflect.

Does it resonate with your sense of style and beauty?
Does it get in your way?
Do the colors, textures and patterns inspire you?
Does it call up warm memories?
Does it give you creative ideas?

Some great questions to ponder while I declutter and organize! I have the following rooms as

Minimalist: DR, Living room and Family room, all bathrooms.
Maximalist: Kitchen, closets, office and new craft room (switching since 12/1)

The saying it gets worse before it gets better is a good description of how my basement looks. I have faith if I keep taking steps everyday, it will look different by the end of January.

01-06-2013, 08:33 PM
My basement is pretty rough right now and will wait until after the photo project and company books. I did venture down for the box I pledged to locate and fill with discards for thrift. I pulled two pieces of copper and a cake pan for the box before I even came upstairs. I spen about 15 minutes and filled it with things I could live without...realistically not even miss. A book, 4 CDs, more cassette tapes, 2 needlepoints unfinished, 2 pair of shoes (1 really nice-never fit right)...can't remember what else.
I pitched/recycled numerous things ties marginally useable, my stepdads boy scout card, pictures that don't matter anymore.
All in al a good day.
It feels good to be downsizing again.

Work tomorrow. I'm glad I stayed home today.

helping rachel
01-07-2013, 11:00 AM
Good morning declutters!

Debbie, it looks like you had a good day to make some "Space" for yourself since you didn't have to work. I like your empty box idea. It occurred to me yesterday that I have an overweight house that needs to lose a few decluttering pounds. I am heading downstairs to work on the boxes that are left. Not my idea of fun on a monday morning, but I intend to take committed action towards the goal of having a clean office. It doesn't matter what I "feel". If I waited to "feel" like it, I would remain stuck.

Here is my completed list from yesterday. I have added a sticky note to my desktop to keep track of daily movements. I appreciate the following things that I got done yesterday:

Cleaned out freezer.
Wrote out food menu for 30 days, made a shopping list to go with it.
Modpodged my letters for the year: FLOW. I decided since I have the creative space why not use it to make something fun. I also repurposed a picture frame to go with it.
Hung new bulletin and whiteboard.
Cleaned 3 boxes. carried carpet away.

Today I plan to work on the kitchen for 1 hour.
Work on 4 boxes.
Grocery Shop and start preparing meals to freeze.

01-07-2013, 06:12 PM

*credit for doing 1/1+ sinkloads of dishes in the morning. I'm maybe two dys away from done. I haven't touched the rest of my list, but I will. I have been clearing away projects lingering from December so that's good, and my inability to set some goals for myself is also lessening. Things are beginniing to bubble up.

I have a potters' guild meeting tonight. I do the snacks this month with another member. I am ready. *credit*

Will check in again tomorrow.

01-07-2013, 06:31 PM
Hello declutterers!

When I came home from work today and saw my box with items to leave the house it was a real pick me upper! As I came upstairs to check in and post I reflected on how much easier it is for me to clean and organize yet the feeling I get when more items go away is really amazing! I will continue to focus energies on "letting go" of items that no longer apply in my life. I will remember that letting go allows someone else to put them to use (perhaps someone less fortunate than I).

Last eve I found a mess on my couch as I was turning in...DH had dropped a piece of chocolate and had apparantly sat on it and there was a 3x3 inch area covered. I was a little ticked and wanted to leave it for him but reminded myself that it would be more respectful for me to find out what it would take to get it off and just do it. I took an hour. There was a possiblity of damaging the couch in the process. credit for not waiting.

This morning I:
made bed, folded laundry and picked up as best I could. I counted cleaning the couch after midnight. I may try and find several more items to fill my thrift box later this evening.

01-08-2013, 06:40 AM

An early check in. DH and I took a "nap" after I got home from work yesterday which turned into almost our full night's rest assuring we would be wide awake in the middle of the night. Our decision, finally, was to get back up and accomplish some stuff then catch a few more hours of rest before I head out to work at 7am.

I was going to take down the C. tree but once downstairs decided to listen to the holiday CD my sis gave me and enjoy a few more days of the tree....there is always plenty to do.

This morning I:
~IMMEDIATELY threw away a pair of reading glasses that broke. They are not fixable and I said NO CHOICE to wearing them around broken. credit.
~cleaned out the cat area...complex because we have to have a "fence" for the litter box/food area because the pup likes to eat from both. I took down the gate, cleaned and resurrected it. credit.
~prepped recycles which go outside before work. I came up with a handy solution yesterday. I brought a big box home from work, filled it then the box gets recycled with everything else. A handy solution which I plan to do every week now.
~I found more items for the thrift box, including two victorian statues which I had to negotiate with DH to let go of. They were from my stepdads basement and only came here because I was going to sell them. The antique store has now closed. I wish to have "my" collectables on the mantle-not my stepdads deceased wife. credit.
~I pulled out the two beautiful pics I framed last summer. I know where I want to hang them but need DH to use a mortar bit to put the hangers in the brick wall in my kitchen. I think he will do it today but I must remember to ask him if we can do it together since I have a better eye for placement.

ETA-I called our satillite co. and asked them about the 4 receivers I have in my basement. They want one back and are sending me the box/etc. The other three I can recycle. Good to deal with they have been sitting down there for years.

I'm going to nap for two hours and will pick up "current clutter" before I head to work.

It feels GREAT to take those two statues off the mantle and put them in the thrift box. It leaves a space for something that DH and I might enjoy. :dancer:

helping rachel
01-08-2013, 09:48 AM
Good Morning Ladies with homes and bodes that are getting "lighter" this year:

Worked on cleaning yesterday. Moved trash boxes outside as I kept tripping over them in the kitchen. This created the opportunity to mop the kitchen floor. I am moving my cookbooks to a file drawer in the basement. I decided I wanted the space for appliances, (my new handy dandy food chopper) that I am using almost weekly.

OnebyOne: Way to tackle those dishes. Sounds like you are making great progress.

Debbie: I loved what you said--->>>"I wish to have "my" collectables on the mantle-not my stepdads deceased wife. credit."

I have been journaling before I go to bed as it is a "non-threatening'" time to process my attachment to my clutter.

Here is my journal entry:

"Letting go of things is really a process of detaching your identity from things that don't represent you. You can have things/stuff that are attached to someone else's identity or your past identity.

Ask yourself....... what is this object representing to me? Some of the files that I am keeping have great information but I can find that information on the internet, so I can let it go. Special cards or letters from my deceased Mother, I can keep and treasure. I am finding that I have kept things that are not useful or represent who I am NOW. TODAY. A lot of this clutter has to do with me not making a decision. That is the good news because I am making decisions daily on how to turn the tide. I love that I picked the word "Flow" for the year. It is helping me realize that I don't want old stagnant things sitting around here. I want the joy of the flow of creativity and to be able to find things with EASE.

Another great question....I don't want to let go of that item because it represents this part of............ Aha! That is why I don't get rid of my jeans that are 2 sizes too small. It is my tie to my thinner days:))). Anyhow, I have a full day of work Friday and Saturday so I need to keep my focus on the next 3 days to make progress. I had a great conference call with several therapists last night. It was so nice to hear about their process of self care and how we all have our "stuff" to deal with no matter who we are. Never gets old reminding me of my humanity and that a little self-compassion goes a long way.

Have a great day ladies and gents!

01-09-2013, 11:40 AM
Hello declutterers!

Tami (helping rachel), best wishes as you productively move forward during these days before your schedule returns to "busy"! I could really relate to things you said in your journaling...and I think it helped motivate me to;
1. finally hang two pictures in the kitchen that have been sitting in the LR for months! :dancer:

2. take down a victorian wallhanging from the TV room that I bought when we first got here because it "matched" the peach walls but I never liked...all it did was fill a hole.

Thanks! It's downstairs to go to thrift and I replaced it with a piece of our art which is just temporary but is something.

DH was still bummed about the statues but we talked about it and he finally agreed, they do not fit in. Thanks again, onebyone, for posting the link. Looking at those pictures somehow motivated me to let those statues move on!

I have to leave for Boulder in an hour so it's time to get to taking care of myself...shower, dress and morning smoothie.

Today's Dance 1-2-3 :dancer:

1. old clutter-took funky wallhanging off wall put in pile for thrift and hung photos that had been hidden behind a chair in LR
2. current clutter-picked up in LR, DR and kitchen (office not so much) Made bed.
3. clean-cleaned kitchen counters and sink...cleaned up after we drilled the walls to hang photos in kitchen.

helping rachel
01-09-2013, 06:51 PM
Hey Declutters:

Pulled my "No Choice" card out when I was looking at the 10 boxes. I pulled some more from the storage space to go thru. I swear its like rabbits around here, they multiply. I started on one box and before I knew I was done with all 10. Trash day was today so that was part of the motivation. I found a bowling trophy that my son won on a "hot dog" league...when he was 8. Now he is 20....has been away for 2 years at college. I am pretty sure, I can part with it.:rofl::rofl:

Time for my dance 1-2-3

old clutter: trip to Goodwill
new clutter: Organized binders in my office, purged and updated info
clean: The stove and burners.

House is feeling lighter---makes it easier to clean and find things...:cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:

01-09-2013, 08:04 PM
Yay Tami (helping rachel)!!! Sometimes I need moderation when I'm decluttering and other times I'm able to just rip and go! Kudos for going through all those boxes and taking stuff to goodwill.

I completely is SOOO much easier to find things....cook dinner....clean the house...relax...organize....


We went to the CelestialSeasoningsFactory today near Boulder. We were going to tour but my mom wasn't interested in sitting inside so we cruised the gift shop and enjoyed the wonderful smells and eye candy...lots of pretty things.
I really enjoyed looking but came home with one box of tea...nothing else. I'm brewing some for iced tea. I had a sample which was heavenly. I'm thinking it fits into my decluttering.
If I enjoy it iced I could quit buying the natural sodas which require recycling...crossing another task off my weekly list.

helping rachel
01-09-2013, 09:12 PM
What a fun excursion to Boulder. What kind of tea did you get?

Don't tell anyone but I am experiencing pleasure from decluttering! Who knew!

I like your forward thinking about your soda/tea exchange. I am already thinking of my "Big February" project. I am not finished with my office, but so enjoy sitting in there and working now.

I remember you putting up your border for you office. Did you have to take a border down? I am planning on taking down Sam's border that has been up for 15 years. I don't know what to use to take it off the wall. Let me know, if not I will google.

My favorite tea:
I brew vanilla maple decaf and add a drop of chocolate and a drop of vanilla stevia. It really helps curb the need to eat at night.

Have a great night! Enjoy your new tea.

01-10-2013, 08:37 AM
Tami(helping rachel), I'll let you know about the border when I return from the airport. It was pretty easy. I've already attacked my hotspots this morning and I'll formulate my plan for the day when I return.

01-10-2013, 01:02 PM
Tami (helping rachel), I got AcaiMangoZinger tea...pretty good iced.

Re: take down of was super easy. I started with a wet washcloth and a spray bottle with water. I sprayed the wallpaper and rubbed on it while making sure I didn't get excess water running down the wall. Then I started peeling with the trash can nearby ...spraying and rubbing as I went...still making sure water didn't run down the wall. Since I had put up the old stuff and was going to reapply a new pattern I already knew I had marked my walls to ensure I could put the new on without measuring. Once I took off the old there was no visible difference in the wall. I could have just left it "as is".

So on to my day:

I have a SUPER BUSY day for "a day off". I've already been to the airport and back...a 2-1/2 hour trip. This morning as I was getting ready to go I definitely had a sabotaging thought:
"This is too hard....this is so much work every day....."

Then I looked at my living room as I walked downstairs. It is clean, organized and beautiful. I was reminded of my several months on FL-Lady's routine. I was reminded I learned two very powerful things from her:
1. You Can Do This

2. The importance of consistency and regular baby steps.

So I told myself "You can do this. It is important and it's important that you DO SOMETHING TODAY.

Reminded of Tami(helping rachel) and journaling I sat down and wrote these feelings on paper:

It's hard to let go of things and it's hard to keep up because it's not my normal but when I look down the stairs at my living room, ITS WORTH IT.

I took my notebook and started writing down ALL the things that need to happen today...some for business, some for family, some for planning ahead, and SOME FOR ME. I am going to make my best effort to get this stuff done.

1-2-3 Dance :dancer: (in addition to extensive list)
1. old clutter-take box AND wallhanging to thrift store
2. current clutter-pick up today (AFTER) I get list done
3. clean-I have already had to pull out the carpet cleaner and do a spot where the Lasix pup peed while I was gone. credit. Today I will also do my bathroom toilets/sinks

I love hearing from you all...I am not alone in this process.

ETA-Am in the office and will put my favorite music on. It is so quiet here right now and I find a little bit of inspirational/favorites on the ipod really help me focus on finishing.

helping rachel
01-10-2013, 01:42 PM
:hug:Thanks for the tips and connection. I am glad I am not doing this alone. My DH is happy with the changes but he really doesn't care about the details. As you shared your integrated wisdom,,,,,We can do this and it really is baby steps.

I was feeling overwhelmed with my kitchen today. Not because it is a huge mess but I want to get going on heaving some stuff but I don't' want to start that before the office is done. Automatically a mantra popped in my head.... DECISION+ COMMITTED ACTION, DECISION+COMMITTED ACTION. So back to finish the last of the boxes and make a list.

Many areas of my house are in order,organized and clean. Those rooms house things that only are useful or make me or others happy. The fact that I have ignored the "clutter cemetery" aka office, has opened my eyes to other parts of the house that need attention. I am grateful for the reality check. Kind of like facing the scale.

Sending good "work confidence vibes your way" May the energy and knowledge that you have within be released to accomplish what is needed just for today.
As you told me in last email....moderation. What is doable for today.....

Off to work.... I like the idea of good music. I usually listen to an audio book or a podcast while I am doing the decluttering, Instrumental for work-work. It is a great companion to the process.

Welcome any lurkers that want to jump in with thoughts, projects or ideas for shedding things that no longer are needed to function in home:D and tips for keeping the organizing behaviors in motion.

helping rachel
01-11-2013, 08:38 AM
Up early and out the door in 45 minutes. Woke up to a clean kitchen that made breakfast easier. I am realizing as I continue to put things in order and trim the excess in my living areas, I am finding EASE. I am grateful for the inner transition between my part that was in avoidance and overwhelmed, and the emergence of a new part that feels confident and active to get the job done. One of the reasons I can remind stuck is the fact that I don't feel that I have the support or knowledge to change a pattern. A big shout out to onebyone for starting this thread and all that have commented on it. It truly has given me a place and space to work thru the transition of being capable with clutter and excess. My weight is down as well, interesting to see the tie in.

Have a great day, declutterers, shedders of the old stuff. Whatever that may be!

01-11-2013, 01:51 PM
Thanks for posting Tami(helping rachel) before you headed out the door this morning. I'm on my last day off with things to do and it really helped me just now to have contact with another human sharing the path.

I accomplished everything on my list yesterday...but did have to give myself a push to finish. My last task left undone was to go through the process to order my pup's expensive heart meds online. Last month I ran out before I got this done so I was determined to finalize everything. I did, and I set up for autoship so I'll receive his pills every two months for the entire year then I set it up again. credit. It saves $40/month...$480/year. That is substantial and I was encouraged to do this by his vet.cardiologist.

Today I was going to start a new list then my "job" for the morning appeared. DH informed me that a little spring for our very nice coffeemaker was lost in the coffee/laundry/pet room. We looked and couldn't find it but what I did find was that this room was again...very dirty. I decided that it really did need to be cleaned and that perhaps I'd find the spring in the process. 2 hours later the room is spotless and the spring was found. I also found several items I was willing to relocate AND a few I was willing to let go of. credit.

While I was spiffing up the coffeemaker the word that came to mind was
When I take care of what I have I take ownership of my posessions I have chosen to keep. Cleaning in my home is taking ownership, for me.

Today: 1-2-3 Dance :dancer:
1.old clutter-let go of pretty teapot I brought from HK 30 years ago...Put several other non essentials in the thrift box, as well.
2. current clutter-yet to do after a rest
3. clean-laundry/pet room

01-11-2013, 02:59 PM
Hello everyone,
This is such a great thread. A few months ago, I was happily procrastinating living life as it came and then I got a call telling me my brother had passed away. The police man told me that they had gone into his house to get the dog and the dog would be at the animal shelter. When I got up to his City I found out I had to wait until morning to get the dog. I went over to his house and went inside and I could not believe the clutter. He sure was a pack rat. After weeks and weeks of clearing out his house, I realize I do not want to leave this burden for others. I have made a commitment to keep my house in order so that none of our relatives would be going through this. The local agencies were delighted with all the stuff that they received. He even had new items that were purchased months, and even years ago that had not been opened.
I feel overwhelmed and I realize I need to come back to Beck and keep on a path, it is so easy to shut everyone out and just go about your business. I hope this is not to much to ask for your support.
Thank you for this thread, I am sure it is what the doctor would order for me.
Thanks for being here.

helping rachel
01-11-2013, 04:38 PM

First of all, I want to say I am sorry for the loss of your brother. I think it is kind and considerate of you not to want to pass a very cluttered house on to your family. Compassion for the part of your brother that was a hoarder as we don't always understand all that goes into keeping things. I am sure his things blessed many people as you gave the items to agencies that received them.

We are here for support. You are welcome to share your journey and your story . There are beck principles that line up with decluttering so if you know them, share them or as you can see from Debbie's last post, "Ownership" is her new thought. I am writing that down for my card. I want to own and connected to the things of my life that matter.

Each day is about "authoring" our life and "reauthoring parts that we want to change. We need each other to hear us and our journey. It really is about the journey and not the destination.

We don't follow a "set of rules" but you will find that Debbie's 1-2-3 step is a great framework to do the daily steps. It is all about decisions and taking steps.

Feel free to comment or share as little and as much as you like. :)

helping rachel
01-11-2013, 04:44 PM
Debbie: Love your new thought. It is going on my in my Beck Deck. Appreciating and caring for what we have is really Grounding. I am realizing this process is keeping me mindful of my life and the things I want in it.

:dance: Happy Dance on a clean utility room. Do you hire out:joker:

Had a great day at work, surprised that I feel that way. I will post my office picture tomorrow. In process, 80 % done but it about progress not perfection. Have a good night!

01-11-2013, 06:38 PM
Hello Ann (Newlifestyle) and welcome back!

I'm sorry to hear that you are returning in the wake of your brother's passing but anyway I am glad to see you. Whenever/however we return does not matter. The fact that we return is what counts. credit.

You had mentioned more than once that you read here and knew you needed to do some decluttering and now that you are ready we are still here and happy to have you join in.

My own decluttering start came from experience with a family member. I had tried to help my mom for years to no avail. Finally, it happened that while we were all out of town her neighbors got concerned about her...called the police...then the neighbors from both sides and local police went in and looked in every nook and cranny of her house...expecting to find her somewhere. She was embarrassed and I was mortified. I was so ashamed that outsiders had seen what was inside.
It was my lightbulb moment. I had high blood pressure and had recently been hospitalized for 10 days with pneumonia...on a ventilator. I could not change her (and still haven't) but I could change myself. Like you, I did not want my relatives cleaning out/up my stuff.
I am so grateful that I have stepped up and started creating my day at a time.

Take care!

(PS Tami (helping rachel), I do not think I am ready to hire out ;)

helping rachel
01-11-2013, 07:22 PM
Debbie: I joked about hiring out, as you picked up on. But it is a new day for all of us to take care of what is ours.

I was talking with a friend today about her "exiled" part. I told her that even though the resources were not there when she was young, she can call on new resources and help for a part of self that feels powerless. Many people struggle with many things. A little compassion goes a long way for change. It is an inside job.

01-12-2013, 05:56 AM
Hi Declutterers/

Such great progress and consistency Lexxiss and Helping Rachel.
And Hi Newlifestyle! Happy to see you again Very sorry to hear about the loss of your brother.

I've done some work in my studio but nothing has progressed here at home It's one or the other for me it seems Never both--or rarely both. I'm really having a tough time getting my footing. I am still super-resistant to following any plan for longer than a day. I'm just not feeling very good or very optimistic, reflected in my weight which will not go below 250 and my home which I am maintaining in this state. I'm not giving up.

01-12-2013, 09:10 AM

Checking in....I'm coloring my hair and should be out the door in 15 min. Oops!

onebyone, sorry to hear you are feeling down. I always try to remember, this too shall pass. :hug: What about resuming things very slowly? Just an idea...take it or leave it (as always)
Perhaps a daily 1-2-3
1. Pick one item in your home to put in its regular or new place
2. Pick one item in your home to put in a bag to let go of
3. Pick one item in your home to throw out.
This could take less than 5 minutes and would get you on a plan of daily progress which would add up.
one week-14 items gone and 7 organized
two weeks-28 items gone and 14 organized

My thought...sent with love and support

I gotta get cracking

1. old clutter-put items in thrift box...yesterdays purge still sitting around
2. current clutter-I picked up in kitchen, made bed, folded laundry and opened mail
3. clean-I cleaned upstairs toilet and sink while DH made smoothie

helping rachel
01-12-2013, 09:47 AM
OnebyOne: Sending hugs your way regarding your frustration with home and weight. I am glad you posted and connected. I have ignored most of my clutter for 10+ years, so I do understand the stuckness with making progress.

You are incredibly talented as an artist. I am sure you need lots of supplies to create the different artistic pieces. Can you open up some boxes to see if you can put like items with like items. As you are doing that is there anything in those boxes that you can let go of?

We are here to hear your story and support your experience. Thanks for checking in.

helping rachel
01-12-2013, 05:22 PM



Here is office from cluttered to de-cluttered.

01-12-2013, 08:03 PM
Thank you for all the kind words, it has been one of those days, the kind where you have two steps forward, three steps back.
I thought I was doing good and then I went to work and proceeded to have a breakdown, my boss asked me how anyone could help and then the tears started and just wouldn't stop, I then went into a fit of laughter, I am sure it was nervousness and the rawness of being human. I have just been putting one foot in front of the other to fake it until I make it...yikes.
I came home and then the coffee maker broke, I was heating pitas in the oven and they burned, I went to get something out of the car and a lady was letting her dogs poop on my sidewalk, when I mentioned I could get her a bag she told me it was my sidewalk and not her problem, I just wanted to scream.

One by One, I am so sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. Hugs to you.

Helping Rachel, your office looks great.

Lexxis, How does your hair look? I am going to try the 1,2,3, baby steps until I get there,

Have a great night everyone.
Take Care

01-12-2013, 09:13 PM
Ann, I promise I'm not stalking you.....

For the declutterers:

My house is a horrible mess of stuff, stuff and more stuff. I KNOW I'd feel better about everything if it was orderly.

Can someone give me some quick ideas to get started? It's so overwhelming I don't know where to start.

helping rachel
01-13-2013, 10:58 AM
Welcome Julia!

I would start with baby steps. Look at some of Lexxiss(Debbie)'s post and see her 1-2-3- Dance. It makes it simple and doable.

You will have discomfort with the process at some point. It is part of the experience so I would ask yourself, "Can you have this feeling of _____________, and still take action toward your value of have a clean, organized home?"

I am realizing in my process, I have enjoyed it and hated it, depending on the day. Good luck if this is your intention for change. Feel free to share your process here.

helping rachel
01-13-2013, 11:07 AM

I understand the 2 steps forward, 3 back. I think grief is like a tangled ball of emotions and sometimes I didn't know what was going to come up & out and if I could even regulate them. On a raw day, I might have picked that poop up and flug it back at her. I remember when I lost my Mom --I got a call from my daughter's 1st grade teacher. She told me that my daughter poked another student with her scissors. I went up to school as they wanted me to come get her and the principal asked her what was going on. She didn't break the skin of the boy but told the principal that she felt like she was losing her mind since losing her grandma. She felt that boy just got too close to her and she needed space. Then they told me that she was off track and falling asleep. They were aware that she had lost her beloved grandmother. I realized that we were on a roller coaster ride of emotions until we were able to come to terms with the loss. We implemented some time to journal and make a memory album to keep the connection to my mom.

Anyhow, maybe too much information but I do remember the emotional highs and lows of grieving. If you have a trusted counselor that can hold space for you, I highly recommend it. A grief support group could be helpful to hear others language their grief and process. It is nice to know you are not the only one experiencing this sadness or experience. Just my 2 cents.

01-13-2013, 11:36 AM
Good Morning declutterers!

First off...

Tami (helping rachel), Congrats! Your office looks (and feels) spectacular! What an accomplishment to carry through. PS-I acknowledged after looking at your pictures and after processing some things you had said-that my office, too, ends up being a kind of dumping ground and I acknowledge that my office is where I also get lots of things done. I believe it will continue to be a high maintenance room.

:welcome2: both Ann(Newlifestyle) and Julia! Please share your progress..frustrations...anything you wish right here.

Julia, you said, "My house is a horrible mess of stuff, stuff and more stuff. I KNOW I'd feel better about everything if it was orderly." I have a you have too much stuff? Do you have things you no longer want or use? Or, is your horrible mess of stuff, stuff and more stuff all stuff you want to keep and wish it were orderly?
Things to think about....
The reason I ask is that I've been with this process for multiple years now. I came to the Beck forum originally because I saw onebyone's decluttering thread several years ago. I had already decided I wanted to declutter and was often both discouraged and perplexed. In MY process I have found that it is much easier to declutter the items you don't want before you try and organize the things you want to keep. Letting go first frees up space both emotionally and physically and makes the organizing process a bit smaller.

The 1-2-3 which Tami (helping rachel) mentioned was not entirely my creation. The website, Flylady, helped get me started in that direction. She has daily/weekly tasks/chores but I have found it's much easier to work with the support system I have here.
My 1-2-3 is an everyday thing. It helps me establish routine. Whether dieting or decluttering I believe that routine is very helpful.
My 1-2-3 daily is:
1. deal with some old clutter (pitch/thrift/recycle
2. deal with my current clutter (mail/laundry/stuff I leave out instead of putting away)
3. I clean something.

1. old clutter-find 5 items to pitch or recycle and continue on my old photo project
2. current clutter-picked up around house, took down christmas tree and put it all away in basement
3. clean-I cleaned both down my basement stairs and in the space underneath them before I restored the christmas tree.

My suggestion for getting started with a routine was a simple 1-2-3
1. Pick one item in your home to put in its regular or new place
2. Pick one item in your home to put in a bag to let go of
3. Pick one item in your home to throw out.
This could take less than 5 minutes and would get you on a plan of daily progress which would add up.
one week-14 items gone and 7 organized
two weeks-28 items gone and 14 organized

Anyway, I love hearing from everyone. I'm off to walmart to scan photos will check in later.

01-13-2013, 05:19 PM
Hi All,
Debbie Thanks for the questions you asked Julia, it made me say, hmmm, I need to decide if I am just holding on to stuff for the sake of holding on to it, or what need it fills for me. Thank you for being so supportive.
Thanks for the 1,2,3, those can be a start to my baby steps,
1) folded laundry sitting in a basket from a week ago
2) emptied dishwasher and washed all current dishes
3) took a bag to the Salvation Army.

Julia, please feel free to stalk, I am glad you are here, it is nice to have people on his journey with me. I think I am so used to do so many things on my own it is nice to have company.

Tami, Thank you for sharing with me. You may only think it is two cents but it is priceless info for me so thank you for sharing. I need to accept help from others, funny how I only realized that recently. I do appreciate your words.

OnebyOne, thanks for your honesty, I hope you can take little steps to get back on track. I know that when feeling overwhelmed, I just shut down and feel like I am not worth it anyway so why bother, as I read all these posts I now know that I will get by with help from all of you. I hope one day I can help you as you have helped me with your honest words.

Thank you to all of you, you are all very important in my journey. I hope one day I am of sound mind and I can help others. Sorry if I am being sappy, I just appreciate you all so very much.
Take Care

01-13-2013, 09:04 PM
Yay Ann(Newlifestyle) :cheer:

It makes me smile to see another take the step forward. Especially during a difficult time. :hug: How did those baby steps feel? Manageable? I am constantly amazed at the transformation in my home which (mostly) has been accomplished taking those same baby steps day in and day out. P.S. Nice credit thinking about the questions I posted for Julia. One thing I have definitely found is that I worked better starting out with less emotional items and yet now the more emotional ones are much easier to let go of if they fit into the category of "just holding onto it for the sake of holding on to it."

Well today my "old clutter" project became cleaning out my files of the old clutter of 2012 *credit* and making new files for 2013. I took a little extra time and made a new file for the pup and his medications. Tomorrow morning I will sort through several other old files...shred/organize and take all the stuff to the master file in the basement.
A small project which I can easily complete before work.

01-13-2013, 09:16 PM
Hello all

If you are willing to add more to your group, I would love to join. I was originally looking at Beck and saw this thread. It seems my success at dieting and clutter control go hand in hand. This seems like a great place for support and guidance.

I really struggle with clutter. I am not the most organized person in the world. And my husband is a pack rat. Any removal of anything from the house has to be done behind his back. It makes the whole process more challenging than it already is.

I am wanting to make 2013 count in my life.


helping rachel
01-13-2013, 09:43 PM
:welcome3:Michele! You can jump in and start wherever you feel lead. We are here to listen to your process and give support along the way. It is nice to have others working toward the same goal. Feel free to ask questions or share insights.

Way to go Ann. Every movement helps to keep things clean and in order. I am glad you could let go of a box to Salvation Army. One less box of "Stuff" to clean or organize. Continue to separate your treasures from the "stuff".


01-13-2013, 10:08 PM
Debbie, thank you so much. I needed a starting point and I can do 1-2-3. I look at the big picture and don't even know where to start. But does doing one thing a day work with everyday clutter? OK, I'm not going to question right now. I can see that taking care of everyday clutter one piece a day would beget taking care of more of the clutter (if that makes any sense). I'm seeing my everyday clutter for example: empty soda cans on all the end tables, sunday paper on the coffee table, dirty dishes on the coffee table, shoes left in the middle of the floor. If I only do one thing a day, it isn't going to be much cleaner. One thing thrown away though, I can see that working.
I have a you have too much stuff? Do you have things you no longer want or use? Or, is your horrible mess of stuff, stuff and more stuff all stuff you want to keep and wish it were orderly?
Answer: I have too much stuff I don't want or need. Duplicates cause I can't find the original. Stuff that could be useful for someone, just not me. Plus the stuff I want and need and can't find because of the other crap.

Anyway, thank you for the starting point. I LIKE IT! I'm not going to question it, I'm just going to do it. No excuses, no rationalizing, no resistance. Simple stuff first, emotional stuff later.
Thank you. I'll start tonight, I'm sure I can find 5 minutes. (maybe more!)

Tami/helping rachel: I've written your statement down on a card. I imagine the most common feeling of resistance is going to be I don't feel like it. Guess what, the other side of the card says? You can spare 5 minutes to do this.
OK, I'll get started and report back tommorrow
Hi Ann, yes it's nice to have the company. Thanks for being here.
Hi Michelle, we can do it together!
Off now 1-2-3

helping rachel
01-13-2013, 10:15 PM

Just a thought. Look around a room and decide what you want in that room. What should be in there functionally. What should be there because it will be the "home" of that item. Start releasing what doesn't belong. Sometimes I play a game with myself and set the timer to see how much I can get done in 15 minutes. I am always amazed at how much I can discard, wipe down and vacuum. Just do something.......

01-14-2013, 12:12 AM
:welcome2: Michelle! Glad you found us!

Julia, I suggested starting with just one item IF this process is something uncomfortable starting out. No, 1 thing a day does not work with everyday clutter. Where it will really make a difference is if you start designating 1..or 2 or 3 items to send to goodwill and/or the trash every single day.
You might find your comfort level for starting out would be:
1. old clutter-5 minutes recycle/thrift/pitch
2. current clutter-5 minutes "what did you not put away yesterday?"
3. clean-clean upstairs bathroom...or another 5 minute chore

As I mentioned, I kind of got my 1-2-3 from Flylady. Her motto is "you are not behind...jump in where you are." It seems by starting somewhere and creating the routine then down the road a week or two you will really start to notice a difference. She really points out the "burn out factor". She says when we try to "catch up" all at once it's too much.

Re Current Clutter: one concept that really helped me was to teach myself (cognitive skills) to skip the middle point. For example, I come in the house and take off my hat, scarf and gloves. I can take them off and set them on the table (clutter) or I can take them off and put them in the drawer. If I put them in the drawer it's done, if I put them on the table there is an added step. If I bring a pop can from upstairs to the kitchen I put it right in recycle instead of setting it on the counter (clutter). I'm still amazed at how many times I catch myself wanting to put something down on a counter/table.

I seem to notice that it's in our nature to want to "clean up." Clean the dishes, clean the toilet, vacuum the rug, etc. but what is not as natural but makes a big difference is taking time to identify items that could be eliminated...thus freeing space...through recycling/thrift store/trash.

I found it great to start cleaning/picking up on a daily basis but I have found a new freedom and happiness by taking items out of my home that don't serve me now.

01-14-2013, 08:28 AM
Hello declutterers!

Today's 1-2-3 :dancer:

old clutter-put relevant photos back in albums, went through files on dresser and took to basement. (20 min)
current clutter-picked up entire house (5 min)
cleaned-(and organized) inside refrigerator (5 min)
30 minutes

Have a great day everyone!

helping rachel
01-14-2013, 11:12 AM
Here is my 1-2-3.

OC: Finish one box, I started last night--- take out trash of 3 full boxes sitting in kitchen.
NC: Go thru one new box.
Clean: Vac basement for Morgan's school meeting on Wed.

01-14-2013, 11:39 AM
Hi There.

Lexxiss reminded me of why I started this thread a year or two ago. I was moving from a three bedroom townhouse, with a basement, to a 2 bedroom apartment, with three closets. I was facing everything on my own. My DH had already started his new job and I was left with everything else. He regualry tod me that it was "all my stuff anyway" when we got into it--which we did casue I was so angry! I had enormous sympathy though for what he was doing and that tempered me most of the time. It was all he could do to succumb to a *harsh* office environment and to drive back and forth 200mi every weekend to come home for a visit and then head back again. Our income, for the first time ever, was high enough that we would need to do our taxes. Huh.

I was sooooo stumped. I have never been a "good housekeeper". Whatever stereotype you can think of for that phrase, I was the opposite and I had ZERO interest in anything to do with that stuff.
I can function in chaos.
I like to see everything I own at all times.
And on top of that, clean clean spaces unnerve me. They feel "scary" lots to deal with eh?

Anyway, given all of this I had to figure out a way to approach my task. The Beck Diet Soution gave me tools and the desire to try to move forward in this part of my life as well. Fly Lady was already on my radar too, and her 15minutes of planned cleanup/sorting/decluttering/tossing whatever it is but PLANNED really dovetails nicely with Beck, so what truly helps me and helped me when I had that whole house to deal with, was making a master list and then breaking it down into manageable steps and then breaking that down into what I thought were "ridicuously small steps even a baby could do". I really did that and still do that when I am serious.

I have learned that when someone says "Clean the kitchen" I have no idea what this truly means. How do you go from dishes out everywhere, cupboards poorly used-some empty, some overfull, stuff in them but not what I actually use (just stashed in there-used to be from an emergency clean-up cause someone was coming over) floors looking bad, drawers hard to close cause there is too much stuff in them-so how to go from this to a "clean kitchen"? I decided to work for 15minutes only. I wrote out a detailed plan on a BIG whiteboard. For this example I would ask myself first, before I even started to actually clean anything "what does a clean kitchen mean to me? What is important to me? what would it look like? If my kitchen were what I wanted it to be, what would I want to do in there? How woud it feel when I was in there? " I would write this statement out. This is my "statement of intention". It is my end goal. It is my ideal. It is what I want for this particular space
Right now it needs to do with
1) nothing on the floor
2)sinks clean and empty
3) dishes in the cupboards
4) countertops cleaned = stuff tossed out/wiped down/extra stuff not used often put away in cupboards (NOTE: may need to take a look at the cupboard organization)

I have done these three steps and now know I need to add another and I need to do it soon: clean the major appliances. this means:
1. the stove: clean= wipe down the a) dials on stove
b)stove hood
c)glass top
d)oven door
e)glass in the door
f) clean out the drawer in the bottom of the stove = toss-give away what you don't use/don't want
g)clean inside the oven
So you can see the stove is BIG DEAL to me. Lots of steps.
I can tell you when I decide to do this task I will write this all out on my white board so I can have the PLEASURE of running a line through that task on my list when I am done it. Sometimes I just erase that task off the board leaving he empty space on my whitebaord which is also visually and emotionally satisfying to me. I need to see my progress because it is so easy for me to dismiss what I have actually done. It seems like *so little* given that I have a 7' stack of boxes in the dining room, stuff in the hall, dishes in the sink--whatever. It's just like my weight and my accomplishments. For example: I did an artist residency in February last year in Key West. I was chosen on the strength of my work, by a jury of my peers, and given the gift of a month there to further my work which they deemed valuable and they fully supported it... but I am the same weight I was when I left there. I can't get under that 250 and now, if I go back again, if they let me come back, I will still be fat. I am a failure. See? Really easy to dismiss one by the other. I may be compartmentalizing, but just cause I have a pile of boxes in one room doesn't mean the sink ain't clean and I can't celebrate it. In fact I HAVE TO.

I share all this cause I truly deeply at a soul level know how difficult this is. My weight and my disordered home have been with me since I was a child. I make great strides and move forward and then it's like an internal backlash happens and I just stop dead. I am striving for moderation so I can keep going inbetween the urges to "get something done already". This thread is a GREAT PLACE FOR ME as I see the consistency and the coping and the re-thinking that we all do to deal with this issue which I do believe impacts my weight and my ability to stay on plan. I believe in a plan rooted in success. If all I can do today is clean out that sink or clear off that coffee table ok. *credit moi* But if I make a decision and I know I am doing this within the context of a larger vision for the living room or the kitchen or the goal of a certain ideal living environment in my home, then this "small" step means so much more given that context. I need that. I need to remember that, hence this long message.

Anyway, really long rambling share this morning, but I needed to remember that I too have done this and I too am moving forward and I too know and have skills to approach this. *credit* and THANK YOU ALL for coming here and feeling free enough to share your thoughts on this.

My goals for my place today are:

1. put the shelves into the living room bookcase DONE
2. clear the shelves in the hallway bookcases. DONE
3. open AND DEAL WITH three boxes today from the stack in the dining room *modified this to ONE box which is now DONE
4. get the styrofoam packaging that I shoved into the dining room from some xmas stuff into garbage bags DONE
5.find out where I go (and how much are they) to purchase extra tags for extra garbage bags so the garbage man will take my stuff next garbage day. DONE
6. to do one load of laundry DONE

note: have decided to aim for one box a day. it's enough. *credit

01-14-2013, 12:33 PM
znaoic :welcome3: My DH is a collector. Lucky for him, alot of it is in digital format, but he has boxes of comics, shelves of "classic" video games, vintage movie posters, some toys, some books, computer components. I am NOT ALLOWED EVER to move/remove his stuff. I am a visual artist. I have many mediums I work in. Much of my stuff is now offsite in separate studio space but things that spark me are still here in abundance: books, magazines, artwork, weird things/objects. What I have noticed is I truly do have enough to occupy myself with trying to sort out my own stuff and I leave DH alone. He often comes around to cleaning up on his own when he sees that I am doing it. I know his mom always threw away his stuff behind his back so I only do it in terms of things that are not in any collection. It's too emotionally charged for me to want to go there, especially when my own stuff is not dealt with. I have given him 90% of the back room for his stuff and I take no ownership in its state. What gets me ticked off is *feeling* that I am 100% responsible for all the common areas of the house: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, hallway. I accept this most days and he never bugs me about it. When I try, he helps. When I ignore it he does too. It's always better when I just accept that I am home a lot more than he is and so I have the opportunity and the energy to clean up more often than he does. And since I spend more time here it gets on my nerves more too. Maybe. Thanks for joining us.

Julia150:welcome3: You wrote this I've written your statement down on a card. I imagine the most common feeling of resistance is going to be I don't feel like it. Guess what, the other side of the card says? You can spare 5 minutes to do this.
OMG. Thanks so much for sharing this. I never even thought about writing on the back of a card! OMG.:rofl: BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing.
When I was starting to clean my living room getting ready for our move I broke my space down into quadrants that made sense to me. For example my living room went from A)coffee table = 1) top of table and 2)shelf below it. Then B) stuff between the end of the couch to the wall on the right. Or C) corner of the room beside the tv stand and the wall. If there was a piece of furniture I broke it into shelves, D) tv stand = a) top surface all around the tv b) shelves = 1)4 on the right then 2) 4 in the center then 3)4 on the left c) clean under the tv stand. I would even break down the "4 shelves on the right" if I had to and mark them off. I needed the PROOF for MYSELF that I was making progress. I am *easily* overwhelmed by feelings of despair in regards to household cleanup/decluttering. Somedays are better than others and I don't need all this detailed documentation. Right now I am back there needing this reinforcement. I don't judge this. I notice it and accept it and know it changes over time -- but not if I don't face it. I can only change these old patterns by encounrtering them, by facing them, by acting on my desire to have the house I want and deserve to have. You only get from here to there by going through it. We all must find a way to do the work. Thankfully we can do it together and help each other when we get stuck and encourage those who are lighting the way (Lexxiss! Helping Rachel! a nod to you both;)

Newlifestyle :hug: SO GRATEFUL you are here with us. I *know* what to means to have friends to talk this kind of stuff overwith. It's like one of those "obvious" things that "everyone knows how to do-DUH" what's there to talk about? Well, lots. In my growing up years I was actively discouraged from cleaning with lots of reinforcement of how I couldn't do it right and what I did was re-done in front of me to show me how poorly I had done it. On top of that, this person always took great pleasure at every opportunity of this kind of thing. Eventually I stopped doing any of it. I was also actively discouraged from doing artwork or from even reading books. Look how that turned out? :rofl: Anyway, of course you are sad. You honour your relationship with your brother by the depth of your feelings. I am sad for you as well. You honour him by living a good life as well. *credit* for moving forward and for lookign at your stuff wth new eyes. Thanks for posting.:hug:

helping rachel
01-14-2013, 01:11 PM
:hug:Hugs sent to you OnebyOne. So glad to see you post where you are. I admire your knowledge and understanding of your internal process as related to your external process. I witness the formation of where this .....desire not clean came from. Who wants to hang out with their "inner critic" to do chores that we don't like to do anyway?

I also appreciate you sharing why you started this thread. It is hard to downsize and it is hard to do it by yourself. It just is.

I am here to hear your up's and down's and to support you in your process. I love how you have broken down the steps and that you know what is workable in moderation. Isn't it amazing how much this ties into Beck for weight? I have been on a "No choice" focus on shopping or ignoring small stuff. I have a part that is emerging that says I want to take care of what I have and I have enough.

I think it is wise to honor that part of us that needs pleasure after we have done something that isn't that pleasurable. Using the distraction technique from Beck that doesn't involve food or red wine for me.

Anyhow, I sent you a pm ....I will share my internal discovery and the power that has shifted and what part of me was protecting me from changing if you want to know. If that isn't helpful to hear my story, no problem.

I am glad to see you here! Credit! Glad to see a plan! Credit Glad to hear of your creative giftings and admiration from peers for being awarded to go to Key West! Credit---True Self shared. (Sure don't have that gift;)

I am glad that you started this thread or we won't be sharing our process. Credit!

01-14-2013, 05:48 PM
I am done for the day. I am here struggling as my brother's dog passed away today. The vet thinks she was so lonely without him. I am coming here to confess I did eat over this. A package of toffifee. It did not make me feel better. I am just very overwhelmed and emotionally drained. Please forgive me if I don't post. I will try to but no promises.
Take Care

helping rachel
01-14-2013, 06:07 PM
:hug: Ann: Sending hugs your way for the loss of your brother's dog. Another loss can make your brother's loss come back in a fresh way. We will hold space for you, so don't feel pressure to post or not post. We are here to listen and support your journey.


01-14-2013, 09:14 PM
Everyone: I am working on a computer with a hiccup but I want to post quickly.
I am so glad I found this thread, my house chaos goes hand in hand with my weight, I'm glad I can work on both and I appreciate all of your combinded wisdom.
New clutter: recycled pop cans laying around
Old clutter: Can't remember but I know there was one (must not have been to big, but I did SOMETHING
Clean something: Washed dishes and loaded dishwasher


helping rachel
01-15-2013, 09:24 AM
Julia: How was the 1-2-3- dance? Is it doable? Some women on the thread have read Peter Walsh's book "Does this clutter make my butt look fat?". I think he shares the tie in with weight and clutter.

I had a stare down with the dishwasher yesterday thinking someone else can unload and I shouldn't have to since I shopped and cooked dinner. I played this game to see how long it would take and it took me 4 minutes to unload it. Sometimes I spend more energy not doing a task than doing it. I am trying to change that groove. Noticing and Naming my process is to neutralize it to make best decisions for me......===Lifelong task.

Work today,

oc---pulled 20 items out of the closet that I don't use, wear or want. Bagged and put in back of car.
nc----Sunday paper and junk mail. separate and let go.
clean- kitchen floor. yuk!

I am paranoid about going to grocery store. Health Department reported 863 cases of flu reported last week. This compares to the number of 340 same time last season. I guess it is what it is, I have to go anyway....

01-15-2013, 12:58 PM
Hi declutterers!
This morn I wasn't able to access Internet from I am at work on iPhone...hence no novels or personals.

I started the company books this already feels more organized than last year . Credit.

Old clutter-is the 2012 paperwork!
Current clutter-picked up and put away....even one photo that didn't make it back to its album on Sunday...put away dishes, took trash/recycle out and made bed.
Clean-nothing yet

01-15-2013, 07:02 PM
Just checking in, I will be back, I know I will.
Thanks for supportive suggestions and thoughts.
Take Care

01-16-2013, 09:29 AM
I really wanted to respond to others' posts yesterday but I'm not that adept at iphone typing. My internet seems fine this morning.

Ann(Newlifestyle), thanks for taking the energy to let us know you'll be back. Intention is important and other steps you are taking during this difficult time are sure to help you day by day. :hug:

Julia, love that you are open to giving some daily effort to your decluttering tasks. JuliaLearningNewSkills! Love it!

Tami(helping rachel), yay for finding more items to take from a closet and finding the energy to get them all the way to the car. I appreciated hearing your commentary about unloading the dishwasher...timing it and recognizing it takes more energy to "not do a task". I agree wholeheartedly.

onebyone, I have read your post many times in the past few days and I still remember how difficult your move was. Because of the circumstances of your DH's new job you were left to accomplish a gigantic task all by yourself. I shared with you at that time parts of our move from Alaska where we did pretty much the same thing-pack before being able to "process" our "stuff". Because we moved into a larger place it was much easier to stuff everything in closets, basements, sheds, porches, workshops….but it was still the same old "stuff". I am happy to say it feels good to be going through everything on a daily basis now and letting go.
My DH is also a collector. I don't touch his stuff at all and have really worked at emotionally detaching from "his stuff". I don't even suggest he go through his stuff...not one word. When I come across something that is rightfully his I put it in his "area" and leave it's process to him. That stuff never comes down to the thrift box and I don't expect it to.
I, too, get aggravated from time to time that the effort in our home is mostly my effort. I have noticed that in small ways he is participating more in the daily process which fuels me to keep going and to keep my mouth shut.
You mentioned not knowing what cleaning is. I can relate there, too. Growing up we didn't ever learn what that meant and my recollection of cleaning was when my dad would get pi**ed off at all the stuff and just start pulling it out of the garage..into the car and to the dump. He was sick of it and got to the point he didn't care what he threw away.
I am learning that I can change that. I can mindfully sort through my possessions and make sound decisions about what is important to keep and what is not. By taking all the items out of my kitchen cupboards that I never use I can make space for the things that matter AND when I get rid of the extra stuff in the cupboards AND put the useful stuff in them I can learn how to keep my countertop clean. The key words for me are I can learn.
One thing that has helped me to "let go" of the stuff I just don't use (but my mind still says "this is useful") is to acknowledge that if I let go now and send that item away that it will be okay to acquire that item again if I find out later that I want it. Truthfully I can say that of all the many things I have sent out of my home there has not been one thing so far that I haven't been able to live without.
Anyway, I've got to get rolling this morning but I am so grateful you are here and we will keep moving forward together.
My motto today LIVE, LOVE, LEARN, CHANGE

01-16-2013, 09:31 AM
Today's 1-2-3 :dancer:

old clutter-I brought a small box home from work yesterday and have placed 3 items in it this morning-thrif
current clutter-traveling later today and will pick up 100% before I go
clean-I will vacuum the downstairs.

helping rachel
01-16-2013, 10:05 AM
Our power lies in our small daily choices, one after another, to create eternal ripples of a life well lived-Molli Marti

01-16-2013, 12:22 PM
Our power lies in our small daily choices, one after another, to create eternal ripples of a life well lived-Molli Marti

Thanks, Tami(helping Rachel), for a powerful quote which really puts into words how I feel when I get up every morning and make a daily commitment NOT to save my home TODAY....or to make a lengthy list which is unattainable....but to do my simple 1-2-3- :dancer: which is easy, manageable and very empowering. Everyone I know is already commenting how fast this year is already going and it is very powerful for me to acknowledge that with my baby steps I create eternal ripples as quickly as the time passes .

Sitting waiting for mom after a nice drive to WhFoods for honey tangerines...two enjoyed while I drove in the sunshine. Wow, as I drove I noticed by all the businesses how we are constantly and blatently encouraged to buy buy buy consume consume consume. I truly desire to step away from that loop both with food and possessions.

helping rachel
01-16-2013, 12:32 PM
Manageable and Moderate. Good things to think on. I so agree about the hoodwink of the marketing ploy of American. If you buy this will be ........if you have will........ Ba hooey. I bought very little for my children this year for Christmas. We had one of the best Christmas's ever. We worked together and made Lasagna to take to my extended family. It was a 5 part process that involved everyone doing something to make this come together. This is what we will remember.....decorating the tree, sitting in front of the fire, making dinner to take to my family of 16 in Illinois. Not the stuff... I didn't fill stockings or do extras. On my 50th birthday, my kids said the greatest things that I have taught them were compassion and how to love. Beautiful gift that weren't wrapped.

Your Honey Tangerines sound delightful. I am off to the store to get berries and more vegetables. I am picking up momentum with eating and exercising on plan since the first of the year. I don't miss that baggage either!!:rofl::rofl:

01-16-2013, 03:08 PM
Hello everyone,
Thank you for all your kindness and compassion. I appreciate you all.
I am taking baby steps. I know it is a long road but with baby steps it is doable.
I went for a walk today. I have been on plan so far today.
I loaded the dishwasher, got three bags to donate and that is it so far.
I will keep posting, fake it til I make it.
Have a wonderful day.
Take care

01-16-2013, 03:37 PM
Ann(NewLifestyle), in my book 3 bags to donate is not faking it until you make it that is dancing :dancer: Take care :hug:

helping rachel
01-16-2013, 06:31 PM
Ann, I laughed at the same thing! I must still be faking it because I don't love to clean or declutter!

01-16-2013, 11:57 PM
Ann, umm, I too just want to say that the three bags are REAL! Pat yourself on the back and if you won't....I will.
JuliaWhoHadALateClassAndGotLockedInAParkingLotToni ght

01-17-2013, 09:34 AM
Hi declutterers!

We traveled yesterday and once again I was pleasantly surprised to see and feel the continuing lightness/cleanliness of the house here.

Today's 1-2-3 dance :dancer:

Old clutter-put away the Christmas decorations and :dancer: at the fact I let go of the "bell wreath" which didn't have a good storage or hanging space. I also emptied my office wastebasket into a recycle bag to drop off later today.

Current clutter-unpacked, picked up, made the bed.

Clean-I pulled out two things from the freezer(to pitch) and reorganized. I cleaned between the washer/dryer where I had noticed an abundance of cat food when I was here last time. Cleaned out the dryer lint catcher and determined the thingie is broken. Washed down DH's coffee spills on both. Looked behind them (very dirty) and accomplished a giant step-
"I do not have to clean behind them today. I can do that another day. It's ok because this is an ongoing process." :dancer:

Today's extracurricular task is to see if I can order a new dryer "thingie".

Everything today was accomplished while puttering around with morning coffee. Now off to enjoy my day off with baby tasks accomplished which move me forward anyway.

01-17-2013, 10:10 AM

Just a quick update/check-in. I did go through that one box of old stuff. The other two boxes I pulled out still await my attention. It's ok. I feel I can do this.*credit for not catastrophising*

The universe continues to answer my call as the evening I took those boxes out to start the sorting process from my move I got a call from the Diabetes Society who are once again going to be in my area on January 24th and if I have anything to donate to put it in bags marked with a D for pickup. I have 3 items in my donate box and saved the one good big empty box that I emptied for another donation space so I will have at least those two boxes or the 24th of January. I couldn't believe the timing!

I have done dishes once more so the pile is diminishing and am coming to figure out a way to do them that suits me. Basically I do all the flat dishes first: plates. Then all bowls. Then cups. I like to know that my efforts have FINISHED something up. Like I can say "ok all the plates are done." That feels good to me. I also only like to do dishes in a dishpan. DH hates the dishpan, but then they sit in the sink, cluttering it up until who knows when we get around to it and the water/bottom of the snk gets ll cruddy. YUK. But when they are in the dishpan, I can lift the pan out to reveal... a clean sink. Even though I am no master dishwasher or kitchen cleaner, there is solid progress. *credit*

*credit for finishing the pan of dishes last night before I went to bed. Happy to see a clean clear sink this morning. Will put those dishes away now (DONE-*credit) and check back later. Today I have work to do at the ceramic guild and hope to be back here by 1-1:30. I want to get through those two boxes and get at some other work-related projects I've been putting off.

Enjoy your day everyone.

01-17-2013, 10:23 AM
onebyone, Yay for going through your first box! :dancer:
Yay for a plan to go through two more! :dancer:
Yay for getting boxes ready for thrift pickup! :dancer:
Yay for coming up with a plan for dishes! :dancer:
Yes, you can do this!

I have good news, too! Credit for continued organization!
~pulled out dryer manual from file
~found the part from sears($33. plus shipping)
~found the part on ebay for $17. total
~ordered it
Credit for a followthrough!

ETA-put the dryer manual back in the file!

01-17-2013, 10:37 AM
I went to put something in my "thrift box" this morning and noticed it felt good. It's not too big and I just keep putting items in until I fill it. Then I take it out and bring in another small box.

helping rachel
01-17-2013, 02:45 PM
OnebyOne; Credit for movement that you completed - both cleaning and decluttering. Double Credit for moderation. I don't know about your boxes, but I have found they breed like rabbits when I am not looking.:o I am glad you have a ceramic guild to connect with. What fun!

Lexxiss: Love your breakdown of your dryer task and completion. I have many more starts than finishes. I needed to see that with my own eyes. Thanks for the modeling.

I went to goodwill and decided to go in. I found this old picture frame holder, brought it home, spray painted it bronze and have been writing my beck cards out so I have a reminder to put in the kitchen of these new truth statements. Trying to expand the neuropathways with truth.

I had a meltdown with myself in the grocery store yesterday. I went to the little debbie aisle and was so pissed off that I couldn't buy all that crap anymore. My reaction surprised me. My food manager part took over and reminded that angry part that it was ok to grieve the movement of feeding myself with junk. As the people who came past me picked up the boxes, I was mad at them. ( PROJECTION) Mad that they were able to eat those cakes.

At that point, I took a few deep breaths--grounded myself and realized that I didn't want to put that junk in my body anymore. It was my decision, not a forced decision. Below these 2 battling parts I realized a part of me has been so cared by food--especially sugar for many years. A reward, something to make me feel special. I am grieving my relationship with food right now.

I am calling food --substance.

What substance am I putting in my body and why? This is going to be a long journey for rewiring my brain, but my intentions toward myself are caring and good. One day at a time, one meal at a time.

01-17-2013, 03:04 PM
Hello everyone,

Funny, I felt like I hadn't completed my 1,2,3, because I only had done 1, and 2, didn't realize it was okay to give myself credit for having 3 bags of
Thanks for pointing that out.
I have a counselor on line and was told she might not have time to get back to me for a little while. I requested a new counselor.
Onebyone, I am glad the diabetes people called you because once they call you I get a call so it will give me incentive to get more bags ready. Funny part is the salvation army is less than 15 minutes away so I could drop stuff off at any time, I find I am more motivated when the diabetes truck people call.
Julia, some times I don;t need a pat on the back I need a kick in the
Lexi, you are a very busy lady, how do you do it all.
Rachel, wonderful choice you made at the grocery store.

Thanks for all the support you all give.
Have a wonderful day.
Take Care

01-17-2013, 09:31 PM
Hello All

I am still here. I had to spend some time going back and read all the previous posts. I found a lot of good advice and guidance. I also realize I need to get my Beck book out again and reread it - for both weight and clutter. I am driving with my son to DC tomorrow to visit my other son. I have added my Beck book to my packing list.

I haven't jumped in there too much but trying to hang onto the 123 approach or new/old/clean. I haven't had much of a chance to do much at home but trying to apply some of it to my work environment. I think the advice of jumping right in is good. I think I am too much of an all or nothing person and feel like I have to have everything all lined up perfectly. And of course, I never do and so I never get anywhere. Like I said, lots of good guidance.

And love the use of the word 'substance' vs food.


01-17-2013, 09:57 PM
Decluttering Coaches, hello.

Really wintery night out there tonight. Windy, frosty, snowy. :brr:

I managed to complete more dishes last night nad today's goal was to get the breakfast dishes done today ie. if we dirtied them today we clean them today. Seems minor but it rarely happens here so I take *credit for getting the breakfast dishes done. Will do the same with the dinner dishes. At least this way I haven't made the dirty dish pile any bigger today. *credit.

My two chosen boxes remain unopened. Now there's a towel on the top of them and Looloo my cat is jumping up to sit on the towel. She is finding the box useful. *credit to Looloo. I have been at the ceramic guild during the day then home and relaxing, then the day is almost gone and it's dinner and it's some tv with DH and it's bedtime.

I will schedule decluttering for the weekend. DH will be lost in hockey all day Saturday so it'll pretty much be a free day for me to do as I wish.

Bye for now.

Lexxiss Thanks for the jpg of your box and hey! We do have the same set of drawers!!

Also helping rachel loved seeing the jpg of your advantage cards. nice. Makes me want to re-do mine as I have said I need to do new ones, and now your jpg makes me I think I want to do that

Newlifestyle Is it true that the Diabetes people in your area are the same as in my area? I'm in Richmond Hill. Are you in Ottawa or is just your DH in Ottawa? where in Ontario are you (if you don't mind saying...?) BTW good job with those bags of stuff. Don;t you just love it when someone else takes that stuff off your hands? I sure do and spent $20 getting 10 garbage tags so the garbage men HAVE to take my stuff away.:carrot: Money well spent.

znaoic I am 100% an all or nothing person (haha -- don't think anyone could be a 65% all or nothing person could they :?:) Anyway I am on a quest to live in the middle. HARD for me. VERY HARD. My work spaces seem to be much better organized than my living spaces... but if you develop good routines in one area I think it helps you transfer these skills to other more challenging situations. It's all good. None of our efforts/experiences are ever wasted! Make sure you give yourself credit for all of it. CREDIT to you for posting.

helping rachel
01-18-2013, 08:26 AM
OnebyONe: Credit for daily dish washing. Hope you are staying warm and cozy.

Michele: Love that you are packing your book ---so relate to the all or nothing thought. Just in as you see fit, share your credits for baby tasks as it matters.

Ann: :hug:Sent you way and you journey thru grief process. Glad you are posting and connecting. I hope you get in contact with a good counselor that can help guide you thru the sadness and sorrow. Treasure yourself today.

Lexxiss: I love your adventures of work and "going over the hill" to enjoy. Thanks for continuing to connect and share your journey with us.

Julia150---Love your #-tags. Sorry about locking yourself in your car. I sure have my own stories about that and running out of gas in a high traffic area. my humanity gives you a wink. ;)

Off to work this morning.

Clean-Kitchen sink and counters
Old- 20 more items out of closets----any closets.
New- My daughters much neglected bedroom. I will be joining her to see if we can make any type of progress in this tornado zone. Baby steps!

helping rachel
01-18-2013, 08:29 AM
Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.
Brene Brown.

I have this on my new whiteboard in the office. Sending love to my decluttering friends. May you find some new treasures today. :hug:

01-18-2013, 08:56 AM
Hi Everyone! Just joined yesterday after reading all your encouraging and supportive posts. Bought the Beck book and it makes so much sense...I guess it's the just sticking with it. Sometimes I feel like the old cartoon where the angel and devil are sitting on your shoulder encouraging/discouraging you in the decision process. I picture Richard Simmons on one side and Homer Simpson on the other...unfortunately, Homer usually wins. But I am 52, newly single and starting over...I want this next chapter in my life to be one of fitness and health. Thank you!

01-18-2013, 11:30 AM
Hi declutterers!

Yesterday I went back through some items under my bathroom sink. I set out many bottles of lotion/shampoos...mostly samples. This morning I was able to just look at them and throw them all away. credit. They've been opened (probably stale) AND the shelters/food banks won't take stuff that has been opened. My old self wants to keep them and use them someday.

My new-current-self "knows" I will never use them. I have my current stuff, which I LOVE, and that is what I will use. I am a little sad when I have to waste something.

Reality: I waste very little and the universe will continue if I pitch 7-8 small bottles AND
I am not picking up any more samples. credit.

old clutter-pitched lotions/shampoos. Worked for an hour sorting pictures on the computer for my photo projects.
current clutter-made the bed, picked up bedroom/bathroom. Will pick up the rest later when I pack to travel.
clean-I will clean my toilet today and vacuum the bedroom.

helping rachel
01-18-2013, 06:12 PM
New Chapter::welcome: I love your comparison of Richard Simmons and Homer Simpson. I have been "Homered" myself. This is the declutter thread and you can post here with your experience. If you would like the Beck Diet Solution for January, you can post there for a Diet Coach. Best of luck to you!

helping rachel
01-18-2013, 06:13 PM
Sorry, I meant Next Chapter! May it be a good one!

01-19-2013, 04:59 AM
Hi all, I am here to acknowledge, today I just looked at the clutter and thought oh well and then had a great walk.
Have a great day.
Take Care

01-19-2013, 05:07 AM
Hi declutterers!

Ann, I think even looking at it is a part of the acknowledgement process. For years I existed and functioned in and with my clutter and rarely ever looked. Glad you enjoyed your walk!

I traveled yesterday and returned home to a pretty organized home. I had an inkling, though, that I did not follow through with the laundry which includes my work shirt. I didn't so it's in the wash now. I was looking for extra lipsticks last eve and looked in my knitting bag. WOW! Was I was all organized and cleaned out. Apparantly I had dealt with it during one of my 5 minute stints. credit.

Today 1-2-3 dance :dancer:
1-old clutter-back to company books, file 10 pictures with photo project and clean off my little desk in my office
2-current clutter-pick up pop cans in tv room, do dishes and laundry
3-clean-I will dust my living room; a 5 minute project

01-19-2013, 08:59 AM
good morning, just wanted to say HI and that I have not forgotten you ladies :hug: My living room has NOT accumulated any new clutter which is amazing, and I have such simple enjoyment by just sitting here.

I bought 2 new eyeshadows yesterday, and did throw into trash can two old ones that were still usuable but could do without them. That was a really small declutter wasn't it :devil:

One habit I have kept for a few weeks is, on laundry day (I just do it once a week) I take a sock or small towel and dust my bureau top and bedside stand top/lamp. Dusting regularly is something I can not seem to time right, usually I do not think of it til there is a coating.

helping rachel
01-19-2013, 09:21 AM
VermontMom: Something in Something out is a big deal regardless how small it is. I was walking in the house yesterday from work and realized that it would not keep getting overweight if I didn't bring new things in. Great notion to get rid of what it is replacing. This thought came after going on a shopping trip with a friend where the merchandise was on 25% of the original price....I so love a bargin but was so overwhelmed by the racks and racks of clothing. I decided I just wanted to continue to organize my own closet. It feels good to like what I have and know where it is. I am more of a tightwad with my money so I have never been a mall rat chasing the latest fashions. But I do love a good bargain after
christmas. My friend found 5 new work outfits from this nice department outlet, I came home with none. Credit---

Ann- I am glad you were out in open space and had a good walk. A walk can sometimes can clear the head.

Came home last night from working and made cauliflower crust-zucchini pizza. It was sooooo good. I then watched a chick flick with my daughter. We cleaned up the initial mess but I have a sinkful of dishes to wash before work. So I better get off of here.

OC- Work on 2 boxes from Utility room.
NC- Kitchen tuperware is ready to take over the cabinets
Clean- Well, when I get home at 12 today--I am just setting the timer to see how much I can get done as there is so much to get back in order. Sometimes if I challenge myself I can get on a roll to get lots done.

Lexxiss: I love to hear how you go to a space and find it in order. I am experiencing the same thing here. A reward for doing the work.

01-19-2013, 09:21 PM
BIG success declutter day!
Old Clutter: DD and I bagged up her old clothes together. Four garbage bags have been dropped off at Goodwill!
Current Clutter: Dining room table covered with miscellaneous junk. Clutter returned to it's home or thown away, Tablecloth left on table from Christmas cleaned and put away. (How embarrassing, nearly a month ago)Plus miscellaneous papers, receipts, mail found in random place in garbage.
Clean: Will vacuum a couple of rooms within the hour

Reward: Wow, do I feel good about what I did. Yes, there are miles to go but every little chip will add up.

Thanks for the motivation!
Helping Rachel I love your quotes. You are an inspiration to me. I use the timer sometimes too. It seems to be when I make a goal to just do 10 minutes of cleanup I usually do more.

Lexxis Oh man, I can identify with the small old bottles of samples, half used, 5 years old, not my type, sitting there taking up space. I have plenty of them myself. I'm done for today but I'll think of you when I pitch those useless things too. I was raised by frugal savers. I'm slowly learning that I don't need to save things "just in case". If "in case" ever comes, I probably won't be able to find what I need.

AnnThe walk is form of declutter, you are decluttering your brain so take credit for that.

Next ChapterWelcome, I look forward to getting to know you. I am new to this group and the January group but you won't find a more supportive, open armed group.

VermontMomLove your dusting method. I wait until the dust is visible most of the time. I see the dust and think "I should go get a dust cloth and dust", look around and see the rest of the mess and feel overwhelmed and do nothing. This group is sure helping me to recognise that all the little steps will eventually add up and anything I do helps me get there.
Happy Saturday Night because:

01-20-2013, 06:58 AM
Hi declutterers!

I had an amazing experience yesterday-one that fuels my fire to keep going on a daily basis. I was upstairs watching TV after work and got a phone call. The couple we were going to meet with on Jan 29 regarding the remodel of my grandmothers house called. They were driving through our town on the way home from Denver. I asked if they wanted to stop and they did. I gave them directions and went to the front porch. They arrived within 3 minutes. I was able to give them a tour of the entire house-every room-and there was nothing to be embarrassed about....bed was made, dishes done, stuff put away...It was an incredible moment for me. credit. credit. (PS-a year ago I might have just told them I wasn't at home...or even in town since my cell wouldn't reveal my location)
So today:
old clutter-take old paperwork to basement and do two more months of company books.
current clutter-make bed, pick up, and specifically take new coffee stash to basement (15 # fromcostco)
clean-clean out fridge and upstairs freezer/organize

Julia, great job!

Holly (VermontMom), kudos on keeping your living room decluttered and for creating new habits!

Tami(helping rachel), yay for an enjoyable shopping trip where you recognized you don't have to bring new stuff home!

01-20-2013, 04:08 PM
Lexxiss- whoo Hoo on being about to greet unexpected people to your home! What a good feeling you must have had!

helping rachel
01-20-2013, 06:23 PM
Hi Ladies,

Still in my pj's at 4. One of those days.

Julia150: Way to go on the cleaning, decluttering and giving stuff away....neat modeling with your daughter to let things go that are not needed.

Lexxiss: Wow- Now that is a payoff! It's a new day with a new way of doing things.

I am glad you shared that.

Holly: Great job for keeping your living space clean and in order:) I like your dusting idea.

My son called from college and I told him about working on shifting my energy into things that I want to get done. I told him that I cleaned and organized my office. His reply "Bulls***". I said the proof is in the pudding and sent him the pictures. He said "Mom, I don't ever remember your office being clean and functional." I was smiling from the inside out...

Hi to all if I missed anyone. Here is a quote I started my day with.

What a feeling to have my values align with my actions. Grateful to God for change.

"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself". Ralph Waldo Emerson

01-20-2013, 09:54 PM
Tami/helping Rachel: Wasn't it nice to show off your clean office to your son. I think my son would respond the same, my office is a pit. However he would still be right.

New Clutter: will p/u newspaper and cans in family room
Old Clutter: DH and I cleaned our bedroom. Between the 2 of us we had 4 garbage bags of clothes too miserable to donate and a half bag that will go to goodwill in a few days.
Clean: We vacuumed the bedroom for the first time in months. I am very ashamed at how bad it was. I will probably vacuum the family room before the night is out.

helping rachel
01-20-2013, 10:44 PM
:cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:Julia: I am glad for you. I hope it feels great to wake up in a clean bedroom. I treat my trash as a weigh in day or a trip to Goodwill. It just is a way to let myself know that the house is getting lighter. I have to remind myself this is a long process just like weight loss and maintenance. Small steps everyday-toward desired values. I do have my days that I go 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. But overall, progress is being made. I have to get off of here to put clean linens on 2 beds.

helping rachel
01-20-2013, 10:49 PM
Julia: I forgot to answer- Yes! it was great to show him my results of many daily tasks and efforts to bring it to order. The majority of the stuff in there was pitched so I realize that it was lack of making a decision. He texted back how impressed he was. I love the fact that my kids love me warts and all.

01-21-2013, 06:58 AM
Hi declutterers!

Today's 1-2-3 :dancer:
old clutter-company books I spent 2 hours this morning and made monumental headway. Chose to stop and not overdo. credit.
current clutter-picked up office and kitchen.
clean-wiped off shelves on refrig. door and wiped out microwave.

Regarding cleaning, I used to always have to clean from the end of the spectrum which was overwhelming…45 min. to clean the microwave, for example. I am now working from the opposite end of that spectrum which I'm finding is sooo much easier. Wiping out my microwave regularly is so much easier. It's another new habit I'm creating.

Julia, kudos for you and DH teaming up in the bedroom! Leave the shame….remember you are not behind just jump in where you are!

Tami(helping rachel), what wonderful reinforcement coming from your DS!

helping rachel
01-21-2013, 02:44 PM
Hello All!

Working around the house. I have been blessed in the last 2 weeks by losing weight and making good choices. The reality is, I have lost easily in the first 2 weeks of a diet plan. It's the 3rd week that is hard--( and 4-5-6-7.)

I was willy nilly all through the holidays. I wondered why my weight came back...Someone hand me the clue phone right now! I am in this river of denial.

So Writing my Plan for the week.
Just made roasted brussel sprouts, roasted Kale with spices and coconut oil, and made crab cakes to freeze.

I am cleaning my Master Bedroom that looks like a tornado came thru. It should only take me 20 minutes start to finish. I do carry an egg timer with me sometimes, as I think I am all that if I beat it. (I know a boring life:)

Feeling congruent with some internal values. Glad my outside actions match my inside desires. My daughter made me change my beck card that read I want to be thinner to I want to be healthier. Good catch, DD.

I am choosing to be lazy today.....if it gets done it does, if it doesn't I won't. Regroup tomorrow with clutter, planning on staying on eating plan.

01-21-2013, 06:47 PM
Hello, still going through the fake it til you make it motion.
I came home and was feeling sorry for myself and in my pity decided to clean the kitchen. Yikes, I couldn't believe the dust on top of the cupboards or on top of the fridge.
Also a bag of stuff to give to goodwill or diabetes. I will keep going through things and then I will place them in bags and leave them by the door.
Cleaned the front entrance way and put hats and mittens that no one wears in the bag.
Walked for a half hour only.
Counselor asked me things I wasn't comfortable answering, I need time, she wasn't too worried, said "this is good." I thought, not for
I have to go grocery shopping to get more healthy food.
I am thinking of you all. you are doing great through your journeys.
My husband has been working on the house all week and he will be home tonight, that will be nice. We are hoping to get the house done soon.
Take Care

01-21-2013, 10:12 PM
Debbie- When you said that you used to spend 40min on the microwave by now wipe it more often reminded me if a bad habit that has let to my failure getting the house in order. I will start on a room but do a thorough job with taking down light fixtures, washing windows and getting into the cracks and crevices. I then end up discouraged because I have one clean room and the rest of the house a mess. 1-2-3 I think will put that into perspective.
Tami- That's my reality too-the first weeks are exciting with easy losses. I have had a good one week loss. I need to remember to be patient.
Ann-Your faking it is looking pretty good!
My 1-2-3 is going to be quick today but I WILL DO IT

01-22-2013, 07:26 AM
Hi declutterers!

I travel early tomorrow morning and my neighbor will come in to tend to my kitty while I'm gone. I took some time this morning to really "look around" and pick up/clean a few extra items.

This morning as I worked on my "dance" I had a very strong sense of how these daily tasks connect to my food plan. For me the "routine" in my home and the daily/weekly/monthly progress connect very strongly with the daily/weekly/monthly progress I find with my weightloss. As the clutter keeps disappearing I am finding so much less stress and increased time and energy for "dieting." The daily connection with my "stuff" reminds me, too, to have a daily connection with my evolving food plan.

Today's 1-2-3 :dancer:
old clutter-I got a fantastic deal before xmas on the dark choc. we enjoy in moderation. It's been hidden from DH or he'd eat my profits very quickly. This morning I pulled all the bars out (30+) and vacuum sealed them for the freezer. That lead to rethinking the waxed paper/parchment paper stored on top of the vacuum sealer....I found a space where they'd fit in another kitchen drawer which held lots of gadgets. I sorted through and identified 3 which I will never use. They are in my thrift box. That lead me to look at the contents of my china hutch. I am not ready to deal with that yet and that's ok.

current clutter-picked up, washed dishes and consolidated laundry for after work-so my work clothes will be clean when I return home next week.

clean-looked at my beautiful lacquer teaset which I brought back from HongKong 37 years ago. It is an item I have chosen to keep even though I have no use for it. I brought it into the kitchen and washed each piece and put it back in it's (for now) spot. Eventually it will have a better home.

Julia, I relate...I used to attack one room full force then run out of energy for everything else. I am now finding that all rooms progress a bit at a time which seems more "balanced". Yay for a 1-2-3 no matter how small.

Ann(NewLifestyle), yay for movement of "stuff" even as you continue to be very gentle with yourself.

Tami(helping rachel), how wonderful to be feeling congruent with internal values. Nice, too, that DD could support you in transitioning with a change to your Beck card. My big shift was from "I want to be healthy" to "I want to stay healthy".

Ok, long winded this morning....have a great day everyone. I am going to do a bit of packing this morning before work. Last trip I forgot my ipod which is something I really enjoy having over there when I have time to go to the gym and ride a recumbent bike. This time I won't forget.

01-22-2013, 08:16 PM
Yesterday's report:
Old clutter: random papers that needed to be tossed.
Current clutter: Folded laundry and put away
Clean: washed dishes, cleaned countertops and swept kitchen floor.

For now my "old clutter" is really current clutter that hasn't been attended to when it should have been. I will eventually get to more of the really old stuff but I'm OK with that right now, I will get to it with 1-2-3

Thank you all for being on this thread, it has helped me so much.

Lexxiss- have a wonderful and safe trip.
Tami and Ann- I hope you have had a good day

helping rachel
01-22-2013, 08:47 PM
Hi Ladies!

Ann: Your kitchen sounds like mine. I am always shocked to see how much dust has collected on the frig. and cabinets. Glad I don't have to look there very often.
Hugs to you regarding the steps to process with your counselor. I am sure that it is hard to find words sometimes. I bet you are looking forward to seeing your husband. What house has he been working on?

Julia: Look at your bad self getting all that cleaning done. I think what I like most about this thread is that you guys support me in some of the most boring tasks. It's nice to share progress doing these very exciting chores:group hug:

Slow and steady wins the race!

Lexxiss: You would have to hide that chocolate from me too! Sounds wonderful and what a good idea to seal/freeze. Have fun over the hill. I hope you get lots of self care time in. I also like your proactive approach to have a clean work outfit and to remember your iPod.

Snowed last night- shoveled drive, did laundry-grocery shopped.

I wanted a 32 oz. beer today about 3pm. I am more of a red wine drinker so I was taken by surprise at the desire for a beer. I went to the grocery store and placed right by the oranges was a 12 pack of BLUE MOON. I wanted to belly right up to the bar in the produce aisle and have a cold one. I then remembered that it wasn't about me! I came home threw a container of cottage cheese into the food processor with cappella cake batter drops, vanilla and some monk fruit sweetener. Voila! :hat::dancer::dancer: vanilla ice cream. I put one 1T of carmel vodka in it so it would be soft. My daughter was dancing around the kitchen as she couldn't believe that it was so good. Found a plan B for cravings... Only 80 calories for 1/2 cup. The grocery store is a trigger for me. Looks like I am going to need some time to re-wire this brain.

Have a blessed night !

01-22-2013, 10:04 PM
Decluttering Buddies

Not much going on here. I am still in a slump. I just can't get any momentum going. However, I just need to keep starting because it's not going to happen any other way.

Today's a write-off but tomorrow is another story. My diabetes society excess clutter pick-up is the morning of the 24th. I have about 6 things ready for them to take. I can do a few boxes tomorrow if I make it a priority. I would like to see some progress before the month ends.

Bye for now.

01-23-2013, 08:50 AM
Hello all. I am back from my trip and started off the work week (Tues) with a 12 hour day at work. I did one clutter item at work at the end of the day. And even though I was so tired and pre migraine, I forced myself when I came home late to pick up some home clutter. Not really sure how to classify it in regard to new and old clutter - I just picked up what I saw. Emptied my suitcase and put the luggage away and picked up a bunch of other things. Started going through the mail which is a chore I hate. I have trouble filing, so anything that I need to keep gets put into baskets until I force myself to deal with it. I am hoping to get the filing aspect under control as part of this program. Paper clutter overwhelms me. I keep reminding myself to just 'jump in' when I start to over focus on the wrong things. It is funny how something simple can make such a difference in attitude.

Didn't have time to read Beck on my trip but I am borrowing Beck on CD from the library. It is in today and I can pick it up this afternoon. Since I have a half hour commute time, I can listen to and from work.

I have not commented on individual posts but I really appreciate reading them. I keep picking up ideas each time I read something.

helping rachel
01-23-2013, 09:17 AM
OnebyOne: Glad to hear from you. We are in the middle of 4 degree temperatures that make me want to hibernate. Sending hugs to your creative-caring self.

Zanoic: Wow, what a long day. Credit for putting things in order even though you didn't want to. I loved what you said about something so simple can make a difference in attitude. I am at a loss for paper filing as well. Maybe there is a lurker out there that is a paper filing/organizing wizard that will give us some advice. If not, I will research. I need to be taught on how to keep paperwork organized. Better late than never to learn.

OC: Kitchen table has paper, stuff that needs to find it home. DH has been away for 1 week and gets back into today.

NC: My oldest son's room has a few boxes that need to be put in the attic. They are labeled and the job should take 20 minutes at best. I have been procrastinating for 14 days. Time to shift the focus and energy.

Clean: Kitchen floor. Snow tracked and my daughter dropping a bottle of hot sauce makes this chore a must do.

Hi to all, hope you day finds you living out your values.

01-23-2013, 09:51 AM
My tiny contribution: When out walking yesterday, I passed a FREE box on the curb with two books on statistics and 12 books on bridge. I was in heaven thinking about all I might take.

Then I rationally evaluated the two on statistics to realize that they were less current than others that I have. Then remembered that I no longer play bridge and don't have time to amuse myself reading about it.

So, I left them all on the curb - every single one - and didn't add them to the clutter in my house. Failure to increase my clutter is a small step forward.

helping rachel
01-23-2013, 01:11 PM
BBE: I am blessed to hear your process. The ole "It's not about me card" comes in handy even when things are free. I am grateful for this site and the opportunity to hear people's stories and internal/external experiences.

01-23-2013, 04:36 PM
Hi declutterers!

I woke up early this morning (travel day) and really really really resisted doing anything. I just wanted to take the cat and walk out the door leaving everything is. My reality:
The kitty absolutely hates the travel AND doesn't really like the space of our smaller spot here, either. So I remembered that I can do this.
Good news-once I GOT STARTED it was automatic. I made the bed, picked up, enjoyed coffee, got everything set up for the kitty and walked out the door. Once out it made so much sense to me to wash the car before hitting the interstate so I could clean off the windows/lights and see better in the dark. Yay.
Today's 1-2-3 dance
old clutter-made myself take the vacuum sealed choc to the basement freezer
current clutter-everything picked up and put away!
clean-as I unpacked at the "other" house I saw all the dust on my desk. I cleaned it before setting up my computer.

Motto for today "Just do it!"
I called and made a long procrastinated dental appt. I have to leave NOW. bbl

I have worked hard on an pretty simple paperwork system if anyone is interested.

01-23-2013, 04:59 PM
Hello Declutterers

I emptied 5 old moving boxes this morning*credit & see attached jpg*. Very little has gone to the donation pile for tomorrow. I was stumped about where to put the contents of the boxes (all art-related: jewelry, book-making material, painting, pastels, a variety of papers-eek) so I just designated the drawers in the new furniture as their temporary home. I figured emptying boxes vs. filling new drawers. I opted to empty the boxes. It's not perfect and that's ok *credit*. I also opened 2 small boxes (emptied), one cooler (temp storage for ceramics I've made-ok) and one larger box with my in-process aluminum can recycling project. Wow. Since I took the jpg I've broken the boxes down. I had to talk myself into that as my inner saboteur :devil: said:
keep the boxes
you paid for those boxes
they're good sturdy ones
you can use them for craft shows/storage/when you move again
you can find somewhere to store them in here/in your studio
you should give them away/put them online for someone to take them who cant afford to buy them

ARGH. All those thoughts=me keeping boxes that are neither rare nor unusual. I need the space more. I need the act of getting rid/dealing with my stuff from beginning to end more.

I might do a sink of dishes. I might do a load of laundry. I will pick up my charcoal and continue working on my newest painting.


helping rachel
01-23-2013, 07:14 PM
OnebyOne: Great decision making on where to store the art supplies for retrieval.:cp::cp::dancer: Thinking about using your empty drawers sounds like a great plan. As far as your boxes, the question I would ask is what are you GAINING by giving them up?

Thanks for sharing your picture, yay! for empty boxes.

01-23-2013, 09:42 PM
Kudos, onebyone, for deciding to break those boxes down. It sounds like a great solution for now to put things in drawers. As you progress you will intuitively know where you want certain things. I trust your process.

BBE, yay for leaving those books on the curb! Resisting the urge to bring home more stuff is such an important part of the process for me. How did my home get so cluttered? Duh, I brought it all in piece by piece.

znaoic, great job attacking what you could see to deal with. Anything picked up/pitched/put away reduces clutter. I just use the old clutter/new clutter concept on a daily basis because it reminds me to keep delving into the old stuff which is where I really reduce quantity of stuff that I have.

Tami(helping rachel), yikes for cold weather! Thought I'd share that the grocery store is becoming less of a trigger than it used to be. Some days are better than others, too, but recognizing those triggers is so helpful.

I hit lots of stores today looking for a certain kind of gloves. credit. I didn't buy any substitutes and will wait until I "find" the ones I really want. I wouldn't be buying any but last week I lost my favorite gloves. I've called everyplace I might have left them to no avail.

Interesting observation....I walked all over many stores and "looked" at lots of stuff while I got some spontaneous exercise. Looking was enjoyable and I absolutely had no urge to buy anything other than what I went in for.
That is a good sign.

Good night. See ya'll soon.

helping rachel
01-23-2013, 09:49 PM
LEXXISS-DEBBIE I was wondering if one of these days or in the next few weeks you would share insights in how you lost 92 lbs and have maintained. I am interested in your mindset. What are some new truths that are alive and well in your neuropathways! A favorite saying of mine is neurons that fire together wire together. Doing and believing the same things over and over. Thanks for considering this.

Good luck in finding just the right gloves and not settling.

01-24-2013, 09:43 AM
Hello on a frosty morning:

I woke up gathered up my donation stuff and it's on the porch waiting for the diabetes donation truck. Only 1 bag this time. But, more importantly this might be the third or fourth month I've donated stuff to them so that's good, persistent work. *credit*

cha:carrot:cha:carrot:cha:carrot: .


declutter more boxes, max. of 3 = old clutter.
doing 1 sinkful of dishes=new clutter
clean & put away the toaster we rarely use; wipe new exposed counter beneath it.=clean

bye for now.

helping rachel
01-24-2013, 09:59 AM
:grouphug::flow2: OnebyOne! Yay, for donating to a great organization. I am glad to be in a "Line Dance" with all of you on this site. Cha-Cha-Cha- is right!:carrot:

helping rachel
01-24-2013, 10:49 AM

Not sure what I am going to do today. Woke up to zero degree weather with a cold. Just sipping on my cinnamon roll coffee with almond milk.

I know that I a have a date with my journal sometime this morning. My Father called my older sister yesterday and told her that he was thinking of remarrying. My Mother was a constant anchor in my life. She was diagnosed with cancer at 37 and passed away at 60. She kept the calm in our home and presevered so we would have family connection despite a chaotic environment. She was a phenomenal cook and wrote a cooking column for our local paper.
When she passed away my Father promised that he would be true to me and my siblings, continuing to carry out her legacy. He married 4 months later without contacting any of us and letting us know. His 2nd wife took him to the cleaners and divorced one year later. He broke down crying and asked that we would open up to let him back into our lives. We all did and until around March when he stopped calling or making an attempt to see us for another 6 months. I saw him for the first time at Christmas even though I made several attempts to see him or invite him to see our family-at least his grandkids. He refused to come for Thanksgiving even those we were only 20 minutes away. (We traveled 7 hours) He threw a fit and called a family meeting between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I saw him for the first time all year on Christmas. He asked who I was and I told him "I don't know, you named me." I connected to him and let my love for him flow from a place within me that knew I could love him without forcing him to give back. It was an interesting time. The truth is I love my Dad even though he doesn't show up in my life. I am grateful that I have "other resources that flow to my heart" that help me to know that I am enough.

Wow- guess I won't have to journal later, since I released it here. I am learning to express my grief when it happens instead of lugging it around with me for years to come. My truth is this...I don't have to feed that sad little girl within with junk food or wine. I can care and listen to her sadness that wonders how another new wife will affect my connection with my him. He doesn't know how to connect and love his 4 kids. He says that we won't forgive him for a lifetime of hurtful choices. The truth on my part, is that I have forgiven him, but there is a difference in learning to MAKING AN EFFORT and trusting again.

My whole point for me is to get this up and out. My decisions to take care of myself are not disloyal or wrong. Loving myself and caring for myself is a brave act. I can unblend/defuse from being emotionally neglected. I think I will write a new beck card. "Even if no one else will take care of me, I have permission to care of me by making life giving choices."

That's all folks.

01-24-2013, 05:06 PM
Wow, this is an awesome thread!! So glad I came across it!! I'm moving in a few months and literally need to let go...yes let go...of half my stuff to move successfully. I really am a clutter bug, first rate hoarder.... been here over 3 +1/2 years have so much stuff, no idea what's here. I sort it, still keep a lot just because it "might be useful to me or someone". So, would like to join this thread if I could. Long way to go....already dumped 10-15 bags/boxes of things in December, still looks pretty much the same.

anybody else have this?

01-24-2013, 10:40 PM
Helping Rachel
I am glad you were able to share about your father. I have not experienced having a parent remarry but I think it would be very challenging. We are so connected to our parents, in both good times and bad times.

I made it through the day. I am going through a migraine phase and once again came home from work with a migraine. I ended up on the couch as soon as I got home. Still at the end of the evening, I went into my home office and dealt with some of the paper clutter. I am learning to take credit for these small steps. Thanks so much to this thread. I feel so at home here and it is so motivating to keep going.

01-24-2013, 11:36 PM
onebyoneSo what did you end up doing with the boxes? I have a bad habit of saving stupid boxes too. "this on is a good size for mailing gifts", "this one is sturdy" arrggghh. Why do I spend time and energy on CARDBOARD? I am getting better but still keep a few after I flatten them to take up less space. Kudos on all the unpacking. Putting your things in temporary drawers is better than the boxes, eh?

TamiLoved your story about the beer in the produce section. "belly up to the bar amongst the oranges and bananas" lol So sorry about your dad. My dad passed away in December if I haven't mentioned it here. My grief is compounded by guilt for not making more of an effort to see him and my mom more often. (they live about 750 miles away). One friend reminded me that its a 2 way street. He didn't make much effort to come see me either. Another friend told me when her dad died she had to deal with was that her dad wasn't the kind of guy that people said "boy, we're sure going to miss him, he was always a lot of fun or a great friend" or whatever nice things people say when someone passes. (her dad was an a**). I guess what I am trying to say is that some people aren't good parents but we can love them just because they were our parents even if they disappointed us. I sounds like you were blessed with a wonderful mother. I'm sorry you couldn't have her longer. Big Hug from me. It sounds like he is not able to forgive HIMSELF for his parenting. It might be too much work to make amends or atone. But...what do I know? except that I understand the hurt of having less of a dad than other people do.

Debbie I'm impressed with your resolve to not buy gloves that aren't exactly what you want. And for enjoying window shopping without adding to belongings you have to take care of. I too would love to hear about your weight loss success and what helped along the way.

NightAngel I'm new here but I feel welcomed and I hope you will too. I think we all have some of the same "clutterbug", "keep it cause you might need it SOMEDAY" habits. It's really been helpful for me to read what works for other people and how others do it even if they don't feel like it. Debbie has a wonder system that I am using daily no matter how short a time I spend at it. Each day chips away at the big picture.

znaoic Kudos for your work on a day when you felt miserable physically. Yes, the small steps give you a feeling of accomplishment and moving in the right direction.
Ann I hope you are lurking out there and doing OK.

Clean something: delegated the dishes to DD tonight (does that count?)
Current clutter: will sort junk mail from "real" mail, throw away and straighted kitchen countertop
Old Clutter: will complete some paperwork for my job that has been laying around since OCTOBER for crying out loud.

01-25-2013, 12:46 AM
Today's 1-2-3 :dancer: Cha cha cha
old clutter-several more items in my "thrift box", which I will deliver tomorrow.
1. a coat given to me (free) that DH LOVES but I don't. I wore it today and caught myself in the mirror. It is not me why keep wearing it.
2. the two statues I pulled of the mantle weeks ago are back in my office HERE. I kept wishing I could get some $$ for them but they are going away. I am to the point I want them out of my life. They were not mine they are not mine.

current clutter-I made the bed this morning. I picked up in the kitchen during the day. I am going to pick up in my office before bed.

clean-I cleaned toilets (2) and cleaned my pup. He and I were at the do it yourself dogwash at 7am for a two hour redo. He looks handsome.

Tami (helping rachel), I'm grateful, too, that you "have other resources that flow to my heart" that help me to know that I am enough." I appreciate you sharing your grief here especially since it seems that there are others here who experience "less than perfect" family situations. Loving and taking care of ourselves is a brave act. Kudos for processing your experience through your Beck program. A beck card is perfect. I hope that your cold is getting better!

onebyone, Yay for a 1-2-3 Cha Cha Cha today! Great decision to clean and put away the toaster you rarely use. Now it will be clean when you need it!

NightAngel, :welcome2: I am learning not to bring the "might be useful to me or someone" items home in the first place and have progressed to enjoying the process of letting go. Great idea coming up with a goal/plan for decluttering and cleaning.

znaoic, I hope you start feeling better very soon. Credit for dealing with some of the paper clutter in your office anyway!

Julia, delegating dishes to DD :lol: Occasionally I'll pick a cleaning project then delegate it to my gets done, right?? Wow! A big accomplishment to get rid of some job paperwork that's been procrastinated since October. PS love your little "dailys" at the end of your post.

01-25-2013, 01:21 AM
I'm humbled that you ask but there is nothing extraordinary to tell. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I "knew" there was not a magic pill it was about getting healthy and staying that way. I changed my eating and started regular exercise. 3FC is my lifeline. I post somewhere here everyday. I've got lots of family issues and I intend to persist until I lose the rest. I started decluttering when I started my weighloss. I wanted to live differently in other ways...not just with weightloss. The decluttering has made such a difference in my life and I'm grateful you're all here!

OK, now to the GLOVES.
I cried today when I found out another water aerobics gal had seen I left my gloves at the pool last week and just left them on the bench. Duh. She could have turned them in (she knew they were mine) or put them in her locker. Anyway, now someone else is enjoying them.
Part of me cried because I "didn't take care of them" and the other part because someone else wasn't very thoughtful. I resumed my glove search and found a pair that were perfect except they were $50. I didn't buy them. They were too expensive.
I went home and ate some junk (and stopped) and took an extended nap.
I got up about 630pm. It was snowing out...I need gloves.
Lightbulb moment:
Why can't I justify buying myself a nice pair of gloves?
I could always justify dragging all kinds of cheap sh*t home from thrift stores. I had no problem wearing other people's clothes. I did it for years.
Do I think I don't deserve a few nice things I really like/want/need but think it's ok to haul home other peoples' discards....
I put on my hat and put the pup in the car. We went down and bought the gloves. They have a special tip on the finger so I can use my new iphone while I'm wearing them. I do deserve something nice, especially when I've lost a pair I have taken care of for years.
I can take better care of these gloves. I can draw off my new organizational skills and figure a way to not "lose" these ones.
So here's the picture. I have put a special clip on my keychain to hook my gloves to when I'm at the pool.

helping rachel
01-25-2013, 09:32 AM
:grouphug::high::high: Sending hugs out to my cyber buddies recovering from a bad case of the dreaded "clutter bug". I can't chat or reply this morning as my daughter's car battery is dead. Her car is blocking my car and we both need to be at work/school. I will be on later. Have a good day and pray I know positive from negative!

01-25-2013, 11:36 AM
Hi declutterers!

This morning I felt like I might be coming down with something. While I DO recognize the concept of "taking care of oneself" I could also recognize that my 1-2-3 :dancer: was not going to affect my health situation one way or the other. My progress forward continues as I :dancer: every day.

Today's 1-2-3 :dance:

old clutter-addressed an envelope with a check that needs mailing. I "looked" in my office closet and acknowledged that I was willing to put several items in thrift...reorganize another few, recycle several empty boxes.
END RESULT-More space. We are a world filled with cardboard boxes everywhere. If I need one it will be simple to find one. Today I don't need to use precious space to store empty boxes. credit

current clutter-picked up clutter in my office and made the bed.

clean-wiped down my kitchen stove, vent and wall behind.... Not some ultra perfect scrub down but enough to stand back and notice a difference.

01-25-2013, 01:58 PM
Hi Ladies,

You are all so inspiring! I've been following this thread for a few weeks and have started doing some dancing of my own :) I've also been reading the FL site/book - and it has also been super helpful. Lexxiss: earlier in this thread you mentioned you have a system for dealing with paper clutter - this is my nemesis and I love to hear more about your system.

01-25-2013, 05:29 PM
:welcome2: osaunt!

Regarding papers/paperwork....what has come in that isn't going out? Do you have a business or just personal stuff? Give me a quick rundown on your issues/needs and I'll give you a rundown on my system. Do you have years accumulated that you need to purge in a big way?
I've done the big purge and my system is based on getting rid of the "not neededs" right away then finding an easy filing set up for our personal stuff AND my mom's business stuff, which I keep track of.

helping rachel
01-25-2013, 06:35 PM
osaunt....:welcome3: Glad you came out of lurking. We are just a bunch of gals/guys in the process of changing. Good luck with the paper monsters. I will be watching and learning.

Debbie: I so enjoyed your story about the gloves. Yes- You do deserve it! I am jealous of them because of the fingertip Iphone feature. Thanks for giving voice to buying other people's junk. I am guilty as charged as well.

Julia: Thank you for the empathic connection. I especially loved your statement: "I guess what I am trying to say is that some people aren't good parents but we can love them just because they were our parents even if they disappointed us." Great truth for me to embrace. Yes, delegating is awesome and yes, it counts. I have been working with my DD on doing certain tasks weekly. It helps me to know that I don't have to clean up after everyone since I am not the only one who makes these messes.

OnebyOne: I like about what you shared ....."But, more importantly this might be the third or fourth month I've donated stuff to them so that's good persistent work. *credit*" Reminds me to keep my weekly or monthly donation process going.

NightAngel: Welcome and share you journey with us. We are here to cheer you on or listen to your struggle/ process. All experiences are welcome! Now is the time if you don't want those things to have to move with you. Sounds like you have made good progress.

Zanioc: Hope you are feeling better. I am impressed that you took committed action toward your office paperwork. Wow! That is a Beck- Do it anyway card.

Getting ready for Friday Happy Hour---that means out of these work clothes and plopped in front of the fire place to watch TV and chat with my hubby. Who knew so much pleasure could be experienced by wearing fleece!

01-25-2013, 11:31 PM

Lost my last post. argh. Of course it was detailed and fantastic but it's gone.

So a recap then:

*was out today with two new friends at a store called Snob
K bought a piece of pottery and I bought 11 porcupine quills. They are used for decorating in the context of the store, but in the context of my life, they will be used for drawing and writing with. Just a hunch but I think they'll be great. I have zero regret buying them as they are rare and unusual. And 5" long....

*could see myself with new furniture/new styles/new environment more and more as we visited a few more furniture/design stores in the area. Was taken with the thought that my home really can be a reflection of my own choices. Imagine. I can choose my life--I need only do the work to bring it into existence --hello weightloss parallel....

osaunt Welcome to the group. Paper clutter is a big bad bugaboo for me too. I need to track my receipts. Do I? 60/40. I used to have a shoebox. Now I shove things into pockets! I am devolving with that. These days I am more focused on my pile of boxes in the dining room Probably I should do a bit of both.

znaoic*credit* for acknowledging the steps you take with dealing with your clutter and BIG CREDITS for deaing with it while not feeling 100%. I am glad this group is helping you feel supported. :hug:

NightAngel26 Welcome as well! I started the decluttering thread here over two years ago because I had to move from a 3 bedroom townhouse to a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 closets and it was all on me to do it. have never been able to "keep house" and I am an artist who works in a variety of mediums and I tolerate chaos and clutter pretty well. In the end I was still shoving things into bags and boxes and overfilling the car at the eleventh hour. My primary clutter today are the boxes I moved here with--still not all unpacked--but I did do 5 o them this week so we keep movng forward. I believe there are several of us here dealing with whole houses of clutter --Lexxiss even had MORE than ONE house to deal with (yikes. She's a STAR!!!!). For me, a list was my best friend. I broke every area into small bits--smaller than I believed I would do--like for babies I thought--and I crossed off each area as I did it. Most of the house was dealt with by moving day--but like I say there was still some panic. Since then, I've been around 2 others moving and both of them had the last minute shoving in bags/panic set in so I suspect that's pretty common. Please stay in touch and vent vent vent and pack pack pack. We're here for you.

helping rachel I can relate to your feelings re: family/father. In the end, we do look after ourselves. I do not know why people make their own choices. I do, however, have to live with the choices I make. I choose not to subject myself to no-win situations too often. These days I don't fight for that stuff much anymore. I try to let them go and be whoever they are. Hard, not ideal, but, sadly, not worth it either. :hug:

Lexxiss :mad: to the woman who saw and did nothing about your beloved gloves. However, happy to read you got new ones, the ones you wanted and deserve to own. *CREDIT* I went through the same process yesterday with a kettle for pete's sake! I wanted tea. I had used a cordless kettle at the guild over xmas. Remembered I liked it. With DH's on-going flu (wk 3) and the cold weather I was wanting some hot tea and I have been using my coffee maker to make the odd pot of tea (clean filter/add water/tea bags into coffee carafe. I know. Not pretty.) So after WW I went to the grocery store beow the meeting and bought food, and socks and wandered to the appliances and saw a $12 kettle-nice and a $27 cordless *illuminated* kettle. ooooo! aaaaahhhhhh! But twice the price of the perfectly good $12 kettle? What about the free process of using the microwave to heat a cup of water? Or the coffee maker? That works. I confess, the illuminated body on that kettle really had me in its grip. I waffled so much and bought the $27 cordless illuminated (blue!) kettle. I've already had two cups of tea with it and feel great about it. I didn't clear the toaster or the foreman grill off the counter yet but will tomorrow. My kettle needs room of its own

I was contemplating my day today and unexpectedly realized that in choosing my food, and choosing to declutter and committing to a life of my own choosing -- it is happening. AND I feel hopeful about it. I don't want a second rate life or a second choice anything if I don't have to have it. I think that when I can go for it, the thing I really want, I usually do and now I can take that and apply it to my body, my health, my appearance and my home. It is incredible where this decision to "lose weight" leads you if you stay with it.

01-25-2013, 11:45 PM
Just popping in to say hi. I had a busy day so I'm going to just curl up with my book and give myself a pass on the clutter/mess.
I'll be back tomorrow.

01-26-2013, 12:33 PM
BBL...just heading out the door. I did want to report completing my jig this morning especially since I was resisting a bit.
old clutter-pulled out some cardboard boxes from the shed which I've "been meaning" to recycle for at least two years!

current clutter-did dishes, made bed and did a general pickup.

clean-scooped poop outside and dumped my bathroom trash. Washed out the compost bowl.

01-26-2013, 03:00 PM
OnebyOneThe tea kettle sounds cool. You need to reward yourself sometimes with something you really want.

Today's plan:
Old clutter: Today DH and I are starting on the basement family room. (a room from he!!. It has collected lots of crap for lack of a better word. It's supposed to be a room for peace and relaxation. It's not.
Current clutter: I will clean off the stuff on the kitchen counter that accumulated over the last day. Attend to the kitchen table if time allows.
Clean: I think I'll start the dishwasher :)

helping rachel
01-26-2013, 05:43 PM
Hi Ladies:

Taking the last of the christmas decorations down. Outside garland and lights, get the picture.

I need to clean off my kitchen table as it has been a catch all.

I will ask DH to help me carry a small hutch to the downstairs area. I plan on painting it when it gets warm it is just taking up space in a high traffic area right now.

My husband came home last night and we went out to dinner. We went to a Italian woodfire grill restaurant. It was cozy, warm and we enjoyed 2 glasses of Italian red wine while nibbling on prosciutto,coppa picante,mortadella (sausage with pistachio, goat cheese, riocotta with olives and gorgonzola cheese. The servings were only 2oz each but such a change from what I have been eating since Jan. 4. We also ordered a gluten free sausage and fresh mozzarella pizza. It was over the top good. I really enjoyed a night out and I am back on track today. I think for awhile my DH was thinking he was watching Sally from the Movie, "When Harry met Sally", as I was groaning at the taste of some of the food.
Made my heart smile and I enjoyed a change of scenery.

I have to watch the slippery slope of enjoying food too much as I can lose my footing rather quickly. I wrote my meal plan for the day and I am following it.

I went to Whole Foods today and bought coconut cocoa tea. It is so good. I about choked when it ran up $10.99. I then realized that it will make 36 cups.

Off to move my body to get this house in better shape. Ciao!

01-26-2013, 05:44 PM
Thank you all for the kind welcome:hug:

I going to post my planned 1-2-3-4 for today. This week it's been a struggle to keep my energy and momentum up and I'm determined to push through the slump I'm in. Oh and I added a #4 to my dance steps to include conscious movement. If I take the time daily to go on a walk, the gym or just dance around the house it really helps to keep the blues and the blahs away!

Old clutter: I put all the random piles of paperwork in the living room together on the table and will purge most and file the rest.

Current clutter: Fold laundry, empty and reload dishwasher, pick up LR and clear off accumulated clutter on kitchen island.

Clean:Stove top and microwave

Movement: dance central(guilty pleasure) & walk the dogs

Lexiss - To answer your question,I have a fair amount of paper clutter - some years old:( I get anxious when I go through it so I frequently put all in a bag to deal with later but of course that day never comes. I really want to get over this because logically it does not make sense. I'd love to hear about what works for you.

01-26-2013, 07:12 PM
osaunt, since it is the beginning of the year it could be a somewhat simple task to set yourself up to keep this year's paperwork in order while you made a plan to deal with prior years stuff. That is how I got started and I have kept several years organized while I went through numerous years of old stuff.

My mail/paperwork area is my upstairs office. I have a large petfood bag for recycle and a large trash can for shreddables. The trash can is under my office table...kind of hidden.
I made a deal with myself that all incoming mail would come upstairs for opening.
Before opening any important mail I sort through and all the junk goes directly to recycle. Then I open the mail sorting all the extraneous stuff to recycle.
What's left is important it is:
1. either ready for filing or
2. needs something else done with it.
I have a box on top of my office table next to the computer. It's 4 main files are labeled:
2013-Credit Card
2013-Bills Paid
2013-Tax Stuff
~If it's taken care of (I pay lots online) or it's a bank statement it goes right into those files. I'm careful to have the oldest in front and add the newer stuff to the back.
~If it's not taken care of I set it to the left of the with it then file it as above. That means no current stuff is floating around with the old stuff. The idea of filing right after I deal with it seems key...otherwise stuff seems to get all mixed up.

For the old stuff...depending on how much you have...ideas
~start with the oldest since you would not have to keep much but would just have to determine what needs to be shredded and what doesn't. You could set aside boxes for stuff that needed to be shredded. What I did was get rid of as much as I could through recycling. Alot of times I would tear items so as to minimize the amount needing to be shredded.
It's helpful in reducing the clutter to come up with a plan for the old stuff. Alot of areas have "free shredding" days. I personally paid to have a bunch of old travel agency stuff shredded. It was pretty inexpensive and enabled me to load 5 or 6 boxes in the car and say "bye" instead of spending days shredding AND then having to get rid of bags of shredded stuff.

So I just pulled out my 2012 files that I mentioned above. I took 20 minutes to sort each file....each credit card and each bank account ...just to make it easier to find something if I had to. I went through my "bills paid" file and got rid of things immediately that I don't need to keep for 7 years....water and gas bills, etc.... I bound up all the 2012 stuff in one file and took it to a basement file. It can sit there for 7 years.
What's left my 2012 Tax file. I put anything I needed for taxes in there....also stuff I'd like to keep longer since I tend to hold on to the tax tax stuff...renovations on the house, etc.

In addition to the yearly files I have started several other files:
~dog medical stuff
~our medical stuff (blood tests/etc)

I have one bank bag now that contains all the stuff for the safety deposit box.
~all titles to vehicles
~all property related papers
~birth certificates
~some valuable coins
These are all the things my DH would want to locate if something happened to me.

Stuff I'm really careful about right now, as I actively declutter...
~magazine subscriptions
~junk mail
I had two magazine subscriptions last healthy for me and one woodworking for DH. I looked at mine...took anything out I wanted (I made a healthy notebook) and the next month I took magazines to the local eye clinic. I decided not to renew this year..(either one) DH never even looked at his mags but won't let go of them.
JUNK MAIL-I used to get so many magazines. I've either called or emailed and have gotten off mailing lists. I don't get any catalogs anymore and it's so wonderful. They used to be everywhere. The reality for me is that it's all on the internet why do I need to have all the wasted paper coming in my home.

Anyway....that's a brief synopsis. I still have several cupboards/drawers with old stuff I just don't know what to do with yet. That's ok at some point I will.

I've enclosed two pictures
~pet food bag is kinda cute and is very strong. I fill it full and it never breaks
~pink mini file cabinet is cute and has a lid to cover it when it's not in use

Perhaps you could find one or two ideas to help you get going!
Best wishes

helping rachel
01-26-2013, 07:23 PM
:bravo::cp: Great post Lexxiss-Debbie! Thanks.

01-26-2013, 10:17 PM

Just popping by to report I moved the toaster and the foreman grill under the counter and DH's dehydrator isn't away yet, but is off the counter. My kettle and crockpot, both used regularly, now have their own space.

Have a good evening.

01-27-2013, 12:07 AM
My dear declutter friends,

I have great success to report. DH,DD and I all worked on the basement family/TV room today. It is nearly done with the exception of some dusting and vacuuming. The detailed Old Clutter written out is for my own satisfaction.

Old Clutter: Box ready to donate to the library (They have a fundraiser yearly and sell donated stuff) with old books and some DVD's. Several Bags to donate to good will. Discarded many old manuals, outdated computer disks and obviously old papers that were laying around. Made decision to take some old banana chairs to the dump. The saver part of me wanted to take them to goodwill thinking someone might be able to recover them. They are in such poor condition, it would be an insult to donate them :). Sorted DS's xbox games, PC games, some books, wrote an inventory to e-mail to him so he can tell me what he wants and what we can take in for possible sale/donate/discard. (We have a chain bookstore/video/music store that buys used books/music/DVD's and resells as used). If they won't take them and DS doesn't want them, they will go to the dump or to goodwill. Sorted DVD's to keep and resell/donate. Tomorrow we will make a run to the dump, goodwill and the library donation location. I am really tired now so I'll finish the vacuuming and dusting tomorrow. I'm laughing at some of the stuff that we held on to for ???? reason: a bowl of keys to who knows what, tiny padlocks that are useless, parts of the ping-pong table we gave away 2 years ago, a bag of screws for the pool table we donated 2 years ago and sooo much more.

Current clutter: cleared the stuff that accumulated on the kitchen counter over the last day

Clean something: the TV room obviously.

There is so much more to do but what a good start. The little things are going to add up but it was good to make good use of this winter day to tackle that nasty room. I looked in the closet of that room. It is so stuffed with ???? that the door barely shuts. That is a project for another day.

Lexxiss, thanks for the helpful post to help with paperwork.

OsauntI smiled at your description of putting the stacks of paperwork into a bag for later and later never comes. I do the same only I use a box. It makes me anxious too. Good work today!


p.s. A funny at the same time annoying thing-DH put some old floppy disks aside to run through the computer to see if it's anything he needs or wants. Big groan-are you kidding? What the heck could be on it that you need, it's been sitting there for YEARS unneeded. I need to be careful as I put aside some things that probably baffle him.

How do you all deal with other peoples junk that you see as useless that they balk at getting rid of?

helping rachel
01-27-2013, 09:25 AM
:carrot::carrot: What should we name this little decluttering mascot? Is there a better one in smiles that we could use. I am inviting you to choose a icon and give it a name for this thread. Bring it ladies, I know you have some good thoughts about this!

OnebyOne: Having a counter cleared to be able to use the things you love--sounds wonderful.

Julia: Make no mistake girl, when you said "The detailed Old Clutter written out is for my own satisfaction." It is for my satisfaction as well. I love to hear your process as well as others. I learn from what you are doing. I haven't touched our cd's/dvd's and I think it is time to go through them or at least get them on the list.
I loved the list of things you have kept that didn't have to do with the "NOW" action in you life. (Past keys, parts to ping-pong table). A while back I took a picture of an old bowling trophy that we had been saving for my son. He neither likes bowling or took pride in that activity. We saved this item that had
no value to any of us. It's nice to "laugh at the items" --makes the process a little more enjoyable. Or maybe I think it deflects my craziness about not making decisions on junky - outdated stuff:dizzy:.

Hope you enjoy your new clean area. You definitely lost "lots of clutter weight" in the basement. Your house must feel lighter. We have a 1/2 price book store that I love to take my books, cd's and dvd's to. Books are my hobby....ok let me get real....addiction. So I have been weeding them out, fired up my library card and only allow one new book a month. Big change in my office area. Love that feeling of having Space-opens up the creative flow for me.

Lexxiss: I am taking notes on what you have shared, in regards to paperwork. I will be implementing parts of your list this week. Thanks again for taking the time and sharing your wisdom in this area.

Osaunt: I do the same thing with paperwork. That is how I ended up with so many boxes in my office. One of the best lessons I have learned from this thread is learning to make a decisions and taking simple baby step actions. Day in and Day out.

Hi to all the other declutters out there, drop in and let us know what you are up to.

Grateful for the rain last night. It is supposed to rain all day. Very happy for the farmers and their efforts to bring us our food supply. I hope it rains for several days. :rain::drool:

01-27-2013, 12:54 PM
Hello declutterers!

:carrot: :carrot: everyone! Yay for basements counters freed....for paperwork piled for purging :lol:

I agree with Tami (helping rachel) the sharing of what each of us accomplishes is very motivating.

I spent alot of time working on a puzzle this morning...something I didn't used to have space for. credit.

old clutter-almost finished 2012 federal taxes
current clutter-put away the above mentioned until next time
clean-vacuumed bedroom/bathroom and wiped windowsills in both rooms.

Well today's success IS with the taxes. I had everything I needed in my file (which I traveled with), with exception of a W-2 still coming from my employer. It took only a few hours to determine what I'll need to pay(federal) and what I'll get back(state). For years I have filed extensions right down to the bitter end. I can really see how this accomplishment will relate to my having "time for dieting" and provide me with a more calm and stable personal space.

Now I'm running right to the wire...we're going to head to church. BBL

01-27-2013, 01:33 PM
Hello everyone
Many great ideas here.
I cleaned my kitchen, yeah,
One more bag ready to go to diabetes, I still need to remove so much clutter from this house.
Emptied dishwasher
I am just placing one foot in front of the other, it will all fall in place.
Have a great day and thanks for all the great info, sharing, and openness.

Take Care

01-27-2013, 01:41 PM
Good Day fellow Declutterers!

I hope you all have a :carrot::carrot: day. I'm thinking on a name for the dance.

Tami (rachael) Thanks for sharing in my satisfaction. I remember reading previously about the saved bowling trophy and smiling and thinking "I have soooo done that myself" I threw away a Seattle Mariners batting helmet souvenir of my sons without consulting him. I'm pretty sure Grandma bought it for him on a whim at a baseball game and he hasn't given it a single thought for many years. I am an avid reader as well. I got a Nook a few years ago and it has helped with my book clutter. I struggle sometimes with spending too much on books when I know I can get them at the library and even download electronic versions free from the library. I'm getting better though!

Lexxiss Way to go on almost completing the taxes! I know the feeling of stress when it gets down to the wire. Our taxes don't take too long but we usually put it off until the week before. Procrastination causes me so much stress, you'd think I would learn. I think I read somewhere in the old posts that you do 1-2-3 everyday even though it may be very small 1-2-3's? I think I need to make 1-2-3 a "no choice" part of my day. It reinforces the habit. I'm just thinking...will there always be old clutter?

Everyone have a great day!

JuliaGoingToTheDump (to the dump, to the dump, dump, dump, where's the Lone Ranger Icon?)

01-27-2013, 01:44 PM
Ann, we posted at the same time! Glad to hear you are sticking with it. It's been tough for you I know. I'm so proud of you for working so hard during this time.

01-27-2013, 05:34 PM
Ann (NewLifestyle), glad to hear from you! Baby steps will get you there. Take care!

Julia, funny...this morning I was thinking "will I ever not have old clutter?" All I can say is it's along way down the road so I won't worry about it today. :lol:
I am interested to see how this upcoming year feels. One of my exciting new goals is to do my mom's company books every month instead of leaving it all until the end. (Actually this year I tried and had 3 months done until my DH tore his quadracep and needed surgery +6 mos. recovery).

01-27-2013, 07:02 PM
Debbie, It's going to be a loooong time before I find out if "old clutter" comes to an end too! :)

01-28-2013, 01:59 AM
argh! haven't taken any time to do any decluttering really...just picked up my livingroom today and sorted a side table....better than nothing I guess.

01-28-2013, 11:11 AM
Hi declutterers!

Today's 1-2-3
old clutter-I took the written list of phone numbers I've been carrying around for 2 months and put them in my new phone. (10 min) Paper list recycled.

current clutter-picked up in general, specifically put away the cardtable and finished puzzle. Am washing a spice bottle from the counter to put another spice blend in. (10 min)

clean-since the little stepladder was handy I got up and washed off the living room fan...was so easy I washed two sconces on the wall. (10 min)

Julia, you had asked and I didn't reply. Yes, my everyday projects are most often very small. It's the daily routine and noticable progress without much conscious effort that I enjoy. I, too, get into occasional full blown projects, but they tend to be more detailed, such as my photo project, since I've done the initial and major declutter in all of my spaces now.

NightAngel, yay for checking in and for accomplishing what you did!
All accomplished while enjoying morning coffee!

helping rachel
01-28-2013, 12:45 PM
Hey friends!

Up at 5 am today. Early morning conference call that just finished. I am regrouping on my eating and decluttering. A good day to start my lists;)

I want to share from a book that I have been reading. It's called "50 ways to soothe yourself without food". An oldie but goodie book that I like to read when I want to start to look for a "lover in all the wrong places".

Susan Albers states the following. "Practice is your best life preserver." It is important to practice self-soothing techniques before you need them. You can't expect to put them in practice in the middle of a very strong urge, unless you have done some preliminary practicing. If you wait until you need them, it will be like trying to learn how to swim while you are drowning. You need to learn how to become a strong swimmer to deal with a huge wave of emotion. This might feel uncomfortable at first. But you want to get good at doing them so that by the time you need to use them, they will be like second nature."

I wanted to share this because that is what the Beck cards are doing for me. Practicing the new cognitive thoughts are helping me to come up against these uncomfortable feelings that want to be soothed with food. I am learning that I can be aware of that feeling to automatically hoard, eat or whatever. I am learning to listen to my internal experience without judging it and making a decision that would take me toward whatever my goal is for the day. If I let my feelings and random thoughts rule me, I would never act on my values.

So I made my green tea, had my egg white omelet. Started Laundry, I have to leave for office at noon.

So it is enough.

I decided that I like the name "DOBEE"
for this little guy:carrot: as he helps me see that action counts....every small step I take toward my goals/values (toward self and home)...counts:carrot:. Every Decision and Action.

I also acknowledge my humanity, that mucks it up. Yesterday my husband said he would clean out the storage cabinets and he was making progress. He told me that he was going to throw out a sterno stainless steel serving piece that he got from his stepfather's wife who does not like us. I said "NO!" We might need it for a graduation party or get together. He said We have had 2 graduations and several parties and have never used it. Then he asked me what the heck did I want him to do? Purge and clean or keep the clutter? I took a step back and realized I was thinking from an old mindset. Is that decision/thought going to take me toward my goal.... Regroup......pull the card "It's not about me" and let it go. I get in my own way sometimes. I don't think I am alone in this::)))

Hope you have some of these today:carrot::carrot::carrot:.

01-28-2013, 01:08 PM
Hello :carrot: Dancers!

Awful day out there today. We had our biggest fluffiest good-for-making-snowballs-snowy snowfall overnight. I was out clearing off the porch and it was raining/freezng rain. Yikes. Really bad for driving so I opted to let DH have the car. I doubt I will make the trek to the writers' group tonight either as the roads will certainly be extra slick as the mercury falls.

I took the time to declutter my purse. I have some receipts to gather up for my guild meeting on Wednesday night. I've been buying tea bags, milk, and jam for the tea room as I am the volunteer manager for it, and I've been doing this for two years and haven't submitted any receipts for reimbursement yet. Why? cause I mash up the receipt and throw it somewhere. So, with taxes coming due and us waaaayyyyy behind I thought stop it.
Just stop it right now.
So I cleaned out the purse. I have one tea room related receipt and several art business related ones which I logged into my online WAVE accounting program which I am sure I don't use "properly" but at least I have kept track of rudimentary expenses and income for all of 2012 (YAY YAY YAY) and now I am up to date for 2013. *phew* Then I had all these receipts-like the actual pieces of paper- and went hunting for a place to store them. I have a filing cabinet but it is no shape to receive the receipts! Perhaps this should float nearer to the top of my to-do list as I could use it. DH has a stack of stuff that needs to be filed (he pays our bills) and I should set that up so he can do that. I have no idea if he wants to use it though.

So for now I have opted not for a shoebox but a see-through plastic bin that I will empty at the end of every month. It has no lid so I can toss stuff into it. It'll be my collection box. I think it will work for me. I have written a W and placed a checkmark on the receipts that I logged online so I know not to do them again. YAY for tackling this. I feel the beginnings of being more financially organized already.
On top of the receipts getting organized, I tossed a giant fistful of paper crap from my purse. It's nice and light again. *CREDIT* DH gets a *credit* too for doing dishes yesterday.

TODAY's 1-2-3-cha:carrot:cha:carrot:cha:carrot::

1) put clean dishes away YES
2) do two more sinkfuls YES
3) put all dishes away and leave sink clean and clear of dishes YES

4) empty the two moving boxes sitting directly in the window so more light can come in onto my poor plants

5) clear off new desk in hallway that's full of ceramic work--either make more TODAY or put it away (stuff needs to be in the kiln room tomorrow night for loading)

gather up all my newspapers into one pile

01-28-2013, 05:42 PM
onebyone, yay for many credits! :dancer:
It was a really freeing moment for me to recognize that I could keep my current paperwork in order "while" I was working on the old. My brain used to think about starting at the bottom of the pile and working up....getting the old stuff perfect first. Your system sounds just right! Enjoy your decluttered purse.

Tami (helping rachel), I'm glad you were able to listen to the "voice of reason" with your DH regarding the sterno serving piece...making that choice to agree that you are moving forward. If you haven't used it by now you can rent it if you ever need one.

So you do remember the be a dobee...:lol:
My yoga teacher once asked about "practice" A classmate said "practice makes perfect". My teacher said, "practice makes practice". Ah, yes, however said when we practice the routine the routine becomes routine....easier...and more reliable when times get tough. Whether with food or with a home/life routine....
Sometimes when I recognize that at 91 yrs. my mom's life (and mine) are going to hit a tougher time...I want to have my life routine (and my food routine) in order. I acknowledge that they go together for me now.

01-29-2013, 10:30 AM
checking in to say hi this morning.
Clean: dishes and kitchen, screwed up DH's birthday cake.
Old clutter:
New clutter
Yes I meant to leave those blank. they were.

helping rachel
01-29-2013, 01:43 PM
:carrot:Hi Ladies,

Just a quick drive by, I will try to be back later after work.

:carrot: loaded and unloaded dishwasher.
:carrot: Washed all quilts from cedar chest. (at least 50 years old)
:carrot: Off to post office to mail insurance documents and a late arrival christmas present.

Work rest of day, dinner planned and grocery run as we may be getting some more snow. May it come for the farmers and their efforts~

01-29-2013, 02:38 PM
Hi declutterers!

A quick check in....I traveled very early this morning and the usual 2 hour commute was 3 with some pretty slippery roads. I was tired after lugging all my stuff into the house. Leaving it wasn't an option due to perishables and freezing weather. I AM remembering this trip is taxing on the bod due to extreme altitude fluxuations and I am more hungry on these days. I made a protein lunch and am going to try resting/listening to the radio for a bit before resuming.

old clutter-I will try to work on W-2's this afternoon. It would be nice to get them finished for my mom.

current clutter-I picked up all my stuff before leaving one space this morning and put everything away BEFORE doing anything else upon my return to my other space. credit.

clean-I will vacuum the room today where I had the cat boxes set out. I work tomorrow and everything else will wait.

helping rachel
01-29-2013, 08:46 PM
Hi Ladies,

Ann, I wanted to thank you for sharing this simple truth:"I am just placing one foot in front of the other, it will all fall in place." I made this a card to remind me to keep on keeping on with the day to day. Glad when you post to let us know how you are doing.

OnebyOne: Kudos for getting so much done. I like clear boxes and clear ziplock bags for receipts. I am a visual person that likes to see what I have. Hope you are staying warm and cozy in your home.

Lexxiss: Anytime a 2 hour drive in the mountains takes 3 because of slippery roads, deserves some down time from the stress. I love how you keep plugging away. I am doing the same thing pushing the ball forward. Small movements make the goals possible.

Julia150: Thinking of you today, hope your appointment was helpful. Hope you are taking care of yourself from your great purge this weekend.
Hi to anyone I might of missed. Blessings on your efforts.

Off to make chili and fold laundry. Have a good night.

01-29-2013, 11:27 PM
Hello :carrot: Movers and Shakers:

Short checkin:

cleaned the breakfast dishes so I didn't add to the pile-alos cleaned and cleared off counter for the evening

dealt with the old clutter of receipts in a bag. Sorted through the ones the guild owes me for tea room supplies. It wasn't much--like about 1/5th of what I have spent to supply the tea room over the last two years BUT I am re-starting so it's ok. It'll be more complete next year as I will be more organized with filing away the receipts this year.

Also discovered more receipts to do with my art business so will get to that tomorrow. Soon, if I keep this up, I will have made no money for the year. Oh well.

Managed to get some dishes done too-- could get them all done tomorrow. Yay.

01-29-2013, 11:27 PM
Thank you, the appointment went well. Something the counselor told me was kind of comforting. She said that some people like my parents who were born at the end of the depression/WWII are known to have not developed emotional intellect and aren't too good at nuturing. I don't know why that is comforting but it is.

01-30-2013, 08:01 AM
Hi declutterers!

I slept in and work early today. Days like these I use flyladys technique of getting dressed(including shoes) before doing anything else. That way when I realize I need to be running out the door...I'll be dressed. lol I also have a more realistic expectation of what I can get accomplished, too.

Because I slept in my saboteur told me I didn't need to do anything. Today I understand with me it's about a daily ROUTINE.


Today's 1-2-3 :dance:

old clutter-yesterdays current turned into today's old. I picked up my office desk of paperwork I unpacked yesterday. credit.

current clutter-made the bed, put away laundry, put away pile of shoes that had accumulated

clean-vacuumed kitchen and cleaned upstairs toilet

Julia, thanks for sharing your counselors insight. Coming from an emotionally detatched family it is a bit comforting.

onebyone, yay for continued sorting of receipts. It's really comforting to know that the past stuff doesn't have to be perfect because there is a plan set in place (and being executed) for current.

helping rachel
01-30-2013, 03:04 PM
Home today as we had school cancelled because of a snow storm. I wrote my menu out on a pad of paper (thanks-Lexxiss) as I was ready to go on an eating binge with everything that wasn't tied down. No awareness of hunger. I guess I think snow days = calorie free days. Made a batch of kale and stuck in under my 1/2 cup of chili to feel full at lunch.

Clean- MBR- Hang all clothes and put away the one basket that I have been walking around for 3 days.

Old Clutter: File my invoices and admin. work for my Jan billing cycle. Put it back in it's home.

New Clutter: Wednesday is grocery ad day, need to cut out coupons and make my list for this week.

In a funk:dizzy: from this weather. I was sharing with my husband how much nature de- stresses me. I may fire up the snow blower to get the drifts out of the driveway just to get outside. Boss has me on a call at 3 for "The psychology of willpower-great white bear experiment". Should be interesting or at least stimulating.

01-30-2013, 09:14 PM
Hello all. I am checking in. I don't get to read the thread every day but manage to get here once every couple of days and catch up. I keep trying to take away things from here that I learn and I think about these things lots. Right now I am working on skipping the middle step and putting it way at the moment I am done. Definitely a work in progress and a challenge. I am also trying to figure how to put it all together. Thank goodness for the advice of just jump in. Somedays I feel like I am a living breathing blob of chaos.

I am also realizing that working on this in conjunction with weight loss may be a good thing. I feel frustrated at my weight situation having gained since last fall and am now working on turning it around again. I have a long slow road ahead of me and focusing on the chaos (aka clutter) allows me to see progress when I might not see progress related to my body. And besides, I have always felt the two were related in my world.

Hope everyone is doing well.


01-31-2013, 01:39 PM
Hi declutterers!

I have an entire day off and also have some heavy thoughts on my mind. My brother let me know last night that his hubby is in the throes of late stage alcoholism and is having a difficult go. As a recovering alcoholic, myself, I understand the difficulty AND the joy of getting to the other side. I have written my brother back and am hoping he will update me (after dr appt. later today)

So, the best thing I can do is take care of myself. My summer-helper is needing some work and my initial thought was to get him painting my tv room. I really thought it through (he tends to be a somewhat sloppy painter) AND my conclusion was:
"I am not ready for this project yet and doing it "just" to accommodate his financial situation is not where I need to be right now."

So, today, I will move forward AND feel my feelings.
Michele(znaoic), reading your post regarding decluttering and seeing progress where you might not see progress otherwise rings very true to me today. a bit of a different context. Today, I can see progress at home while I live with the uncomfortable-ness of my DB/BIL's situation.
Tami(helping rachel), the weather this time of year is definitely "mood affecting" in my book. Yesterday morning's drive to work was quite miserable and my thought was to write a list of fun things to do when it was nice out again. Until then, I might as well keep forging ahead inside.

Todays 1-2-3 :dance:
Clean-cleaned in the kitchen including scrubbing sink.

Current clutter-picked up downstairs and WILL pick up in my office AFTER finishing my "old clutter" project

Old clutter-sometimes I just "get into something" and know it's time. This morning I opened a hutch next to my piano. It's been hiding piano music and an old vcr. I opened it because I was thinking about how I could put my small tv downstairs to use with my walking videos. I haven't figured it out but I have piano music strewn all over my dining room table.
It is a 1-2-3
1. Identify stuff I don't want-music I am not interested in but is destined for thrift.
2. Identify stuff that is recycle only
3. Put what I want to keep back in the cupboard and piano bench.

The bonus here was that I actually opened up the piano and played a few songs..."enrich your life" Dr. Beck says. It seems I never play because there is always too much undone "stuff" and because my music is a clutter bomb. It's a nice thought that my piano once again be used to it's true purpose instead of a giant catch all for clutter. credit.

helping rachel
01-31-2013, 01:49 PM
Will be back later for indies....

Lexxiss: It's a blessing to see you practice self care in the midst of feeling sadness and pain with dear family members. Throws co-dependency right on its ear. I pulled out my list of what it looks like as a sober recovering co-dependent aka as Queen of Caretaking to revisit movements and check to see if I need to tweak anything. A reminder is helpful that we must take care of ourselves before we take care of anyone else.

Michelle- I have lots of thoughts about this but I am out the door for work...Be back with my 1-2-3- list and some insight that I have experienced.

02-01-2013, 08:54 AM
Hi declutterers!

As is frequent with my "routine" (yes it is becoming routine) I start somewhere and one thing leads to the next. I got up early hoping to finish the company paperwork but a question which came up can only be answered by my mom during regular business hours. So I moved on to some cleaning and decluttering.....

Today's 1-2-3 :dancer:

clean-big bookcase in living room...quite dusty

old clutter-weeded out quite a few more books as I cleaned the bookcase

current clutter-I picked up the kitchen last night and 1/2 took care of my office this morning. I will finish once bookwork is done.

The bookcase looks and feels better. No need for outdated travel books...we'd acquire new ones if we ever decided to go anywhere. Weeded out a few more cookbooks which no longer synch with the way we eat.

I'm really going to try to get all the stuff to thrift's in piles right now.

helping rachel
02-01-2013, 09:06 AM
Up and going in this beautiful -5 weather. (Not)

Laundry in while coffee brewing.

MBR dusted/bed made before I go out the door.

Planning on filing when I get home tonight during my favorite Friday night shows.

Grateful that I am 10 lbs lighter than the 1st day of January. I need to fire up new thoughts and goals for February. I would like to include a consistent exercise routine as I am all over the place. I love water aerobics with a kind and encouraging teacher. They teach Zumba in the water as well. I looked up the schedule and need to put action behind that knowledge.

Hope you have a blessed day, Declutters.......Shedders of things to the real you.

02-01-2013, 01:54 PM
Greeting Declutterers,

Lexxiss/Debbie-so sorry to hear about your BIL. My dad died an alcoholic (probably a contributing factor but not the direct cause) Do take care of yourself and be gentle. Good choice on not hiring a sloppy painter to meet his/hers financial needs. I find when I do that, I end up kicking myself later. Peace with your decision..NO GUILT!
I've not been doing my daily dance for the last 3 days. You are so right that it has to be "no choice" for me. I need to do at least the 5 minute dance whether I feel like it or not. Thanks for being such a good role model aby reporting your "walking the walk" everyday.

Tami Winter sucks, that's all I have to say. Well done on the 10 January pounds gone. :carrot: That is such a milestone! Biggg credits. You are so right saying we have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. That's part of why I'm suffering emotionally now, as a family we went through a huge crisis lasting a year and a half. Dad's death was the straw that broke the camels back.

Michele I learn alot on this thread too. I also feel motivated and inspired when I read about other people's progress. Chaos is the exact word to describe my home. Little by little, step by step...

OnebyOne, IBelieveInMe2, Ann- I hope all is going well with you.


02-02-2013, 09:19 AM
Hi declutterers!

Quick check in..I'm drinking my smoothie and off to work. I thought I had a food event last eve and despite my best efforts the casserole was a flop; the eggs didn't set and even as I tried to fix it in my frying pan it was yuk. I came up with plan B and set out to p/u my friend. In the car I remembered it was Feb 1 and the potluck was last Fri. of the month. :lol:

Came home to the big mess...looked and absolutely pitched the entire mess. The old me would have tried to figure out how to freeze it for something later. It just wasn't going to happen. It was bad and nothing would fix it. credit for not cluttering the freezer with inedibles.

Woke up late this morning and decided to 1-2-3 anyway NO CHOICE

1. old clutter-took vita c packs from upstairs bathroom downstairs where they belong
2. current clutter-made bed, put away yesterday's clothes, picked up dining room table.
2. clean-washed my bedroom nightstand, washed the small drawer in my fridge, cleaned up cat barf.

I'm so glad I cleaned up the kitchen mess last night. I was very grateful not to have to wake up to it.

Happy Saturday!

02-02-2013, 12:54 PM
Lexxiss I got a laugh out of the flopped casserole that you didn't need anyway.
Today's 1-2-3
Old Clutter-Saturday project-dejunk basement closet under the stairs
New Clutter-get packages mailed to Mom and DS
Clean-So many choices

helping rachel
02-02-2013, 12:59 PM
Out of the door to watch my DD give a speech for a State DECA leadership conference. Dishwasher done, laundry done---will put it away when I get back.

My clean will be the floor in the shower/bathroom area-MBR. You could weave a small toupe out of the hair on the floor. And my husband is bald---Yikkes!

Have a good Saturday.

02-03-2013, 09:19 AM
Hi declutterers!

Julia, yay for getting back to a 1-2-3!

Tami (helping rachel), I used to gripe (to myself) because DH trimmed his beard everywhere. Then a few months ago I got down on the bathroom floor to give it a real was my hair that was all over. Now I try to be neater about it....stepping up to the plate, I guess.

After anticipating a quiet day at home I was called in to work. My coworker had a little too much fun last night and texted me a 130am. It works for me because she'll trade me for a Saturday after her DH returns to Alaska and I'll be able to spend an extended weekend poolside.

Recognizing I wouldn't have the day off I hopped into a brief 1-2-3
Old clutter-put away some old cassette tapes I had decided to keep. Washed a crystal candle thingie from the bookcase and put it in thrift. Threw away a multi plug electrical outlet I determined is defunct.

Current clutter-picked up, doing laundry right now

Clean-cleaned out the cat box.

I had a nice surprise this morning...I was looking on the floor for my work pants...discovered I had folded them and put them in the drawer. An automatic response I don't remember yet a good sign.

02-03-2013, 11:15 AM
Hey Declutterers:

Alert: Lots of detail here. I like to process my decluttering and dejunking.

Another busy Saturday project! DH,DD and I cleaned out the closet under the basement stairs. No treasures, just a lot of "Why is this in here?" Cleaned out the game/toy closet as well. We had a whole truck load of stuff for the dump and a big load for good will. We didn't put it off, we went as soon as we had a load. Also the library got a bunch of kids books for their sale.

I did keep some things that will probably not make the cut later. I used to do dried flower arrangements. (that hobby didn't last too long) My sister-in-law was able to get wholesale dried flowers for me. I have boxes of dried flowers that I don't just want to throw away. I'm going to sort through them and consolidate into fewer boxes if possible. Maybe they will get donated someday. I can think about this one for awhile. I kept some of my son's first duplo blocks, their first puzzles and a box of toy cars, barbie clothes (why?). I guess I kept some memories that I wasn't able to part with just yet. It takes up less than a shelf in the game closet. If I ever have grandchildren, they will be nice to pass on or have to play at grandma's house. I am crying as I write this, I miss my little ones now that they are 18 and 20.

On to a lighter note. My DH is an engineer. He has brought home so many electronic things from work and has always been a collecter of gadgets. I found a box of old portable dvd players (I think there were 4 of them-none working). Yesterday he sorted through 2-3 boxes of power cords and wires. I'm don't think that many are getting thrown away but I'm going to keep my mouth shut. They are sorted, bagged in ziplocks and labeled. We've already destroyed 3 computers (2 laptops) and donated for salvage. We've been through all the rooms and closets down there except for the storage room. I have decorations for all seasons that can be weeded out and lots of other unknown junk.

Old clutter: the basement project continues
New clutter: recycled pop cans around the house.
Clean: dishes

Today's plan:
Clean: family room (vacuum/dust/etc)
New clutter: newspapers, pay bills
Old clutter: finish yesterday's project (putting odds and ends away)

p.s. I just heard the cat barf. I can add that to my clean list if the dog doesn't get to it first. :)

02-04-2013, 06:51 AM
Yay Julia! Thanks for the detail, including the part about shedding some tears. This is an emotional process with great rewards. Glad that your DH is participating, too. There are sentimental things we will "save" and that's ok. There are also sentimental things we will choose to let go of and that's ok, too. Items like your dried flowers can sit until you have the right answer. When you are hauling so much stuff out you will have so much more space, anyway.

Woke up with resolve to finish the company books 100%. DONE! (old clutter)

I have done the dishes and will make the bed (current clutter)
I didn't make any messes yesterday!

clean-sweep the landing at the top of my stairs and upstairs bathroom. This will take 2 minutes.

helping rachel
02-04-2013, 08:31 PM
Hi All!

Plugging away at weight loss and de-cluttering goals for February. I cleaned my first floor in an hour today. I am realizing that that area is almost in "maintenance" stage. Most of the clutter is done from 6 rooms so it is easy to get in there and pick-up/dust/vacuum. I cleaned and organized my 2 son's room on 2nd level. Both closets are in need of a good decluttering.

Lexxiss: Wow! Reading "company's books 100% done" makes me happy to see the results from your consistent-staying power to git-R-done!.

Julia: You are making amazing progress in the basement. Sending hugs for those tears of memories with your kids. I have custom bowling balls from my deceased mother that I hope one day, a grandkid might like. I have a sewing project in the attic and I am not ready to give it up it sits......maybe someday.

I have out my beck book tonight and am digging deep for a new focus for February to go with my CBT thoughts. If I land on anything, I will post least my nose isn't in the ice cream.

02-04-2013, 11:37 PM
Quick check in
Guess What? I have lost 15.2 pounds since early November. DD noticed and commented (unsolicited)on my slightly smaller size this morning. Yesterday was a pretty good day. DH took 2 big boxes of electronic waste and extra cords to Goodwill. WhooHoo for him
Clean: vacuumed family room, dusted all but bookshelves, swept and damp mopped kitchen and laundry and powder room. cleaned toilet, counter and sink in powder room.
Old clutter: retirement statements left on coffee table for 2 weeks after they were entered on spread sheet shredded.
New clutter: newspapers to recycle bag, clothes washed and folded
Lexxiss-WTG on 100% done. What a great feeling! Were you really posting at 3:51 am? You must get up before the chickens.
TamiHaving a whole floor in the maintenance stage? What an accomplishment! I'm looking forward to the day...

Current clutter: put stuff back in place after using family room to work out to a video. (lame, I know)
Old clutter: Throw away some trash from the phone desk
Clean: dishes/countertop

See ya tomorrow.

02-04-2013, 11:50 PM
Hi! Oh gosh, I really need to do this challenge. Here's the deal, pickles. I live in a tiny Japanese apartment that got away from me about halfway through my first year, and it's been crazy trying to wrangle it ever since. It's not good. Not good at all. Some of the trouble comes from the fact I need to toss some big bulky items out--well, I keep putting it off, because I don't want anyone to see the clutter around the bulky items. Plus, I need to call a company to pick them up and each item costs money--so I have to time it right.

So, that's going to be a major goal for me. I'll make it February's goal: Get the bulky items picked up and out from the apartment.

The clutter needs to go. I know one way to do it... "Do I need it immediately? Is it easy to replace?" For stuff like craft/school supplies... "Is this going home with me?" For things I don't want to leave in Japan. "Can I give this to a friend? Will she/he actually want it?"

The other reason I need to tackle the clutter is because of my fridge. It's tiny. It's very difficult to get things sorted out (or will be) to a routine that will work with my diet plan. It's nutritarian. That requires copious amounts of veggies... right now, it's cold enough, I can keep them out on the counter and they're okay. Once Spring comes, so too does the mold. You can't leave ANYTHING out, unless you want to come back in an hour or two and see it start growing hair or turning colors. Ugh!

I may invest in another fridge. The place is tiny... so I cannot have bulky furniture in the way.

02-05-2013, 09:00 AM
Hi declutterers!

Welcome Nerdlass! Noting Japan, I'm certain your apt. is very small. Kudos for recognizing that you need to get to basics. We're here to lend an ear and it sounds like you're off to a great start.

Julia, yay for posting two days worth of progress forward! In my opinion, nothing we do is "lame". My 3 minute floor job yesterday DID move me forward. Congrats again on that scale movement.

Tami (helping rachel), I'm interested to hear what you find in your Beck book! Yay for a downstairs that is almost to maintenance stage! (me, too)


old clutter-hauled the trash, recycle and bag of cat box (stuff) out to the porch while coffee was brewing. Final destination: car for transport to the upper street. Too heavy and bulky for back stairs walking when I'm home alone.

current clutter-picked up 70%

clean-cleaned out my compost container and am hoping to have time to swipe down kitchen cupboards and countertop before heading out to work.

I reflected over my cup of coffee, that it's been exactly one year since I sent DH away so I could sand and finish the hardwood floor downstairs with the final goal of having the new carpet I had dreamed of for years. Now that it's done I marvel everytime I look at it. It would have never become reality except for my commitment to declutter. I'm grateful.

It seems that finishing the company books was the end to that "year". I feel more relaxed and am looking forward to a new goal for 2013.....the first time ever since starting that bookwork in 2003.

In 2013 I will do the books monthly....All I will need to do in Jan. 2014 is run reports. credit.

Gotta get ready for work!

02-05-2013, 05:43 PM
Hello Decluttering Buddies:

Well I've been busy cleaning up and prettifying/reclaiming a space I don't live in but am (voluntarily) responsible for. I planned, arranged, and participated in the painting of the 15.5' x 20' tea room for the potters' guild I am member of. I am the tea room manager and OMG who knows when that room was painted and the colour in there sucked all the life out of you. I chose the paint colours, bought all the supplies, asked for volunteers (who came through for me) and I started last Wednesday and the painting was completed on Saturday with a 1st stab at putting everything back into palce yesterday. I had some kidn of a delayed reaction to the stress of the whole thing and my mind just went NO CAN DO and I left after just simply getting the tables and chairs back into their spots. The final straw was that the last two tables (there are 7 total), all of which have a layer of glass on top of them, well the corners of the glass kissed ever so gently and a 1" piece just cracked off. OMG. Another chore to do I thought. And that was it. I went home. Prior to this I had alos had a long conversation with OMG so many Big Plans that I want to implement, that I've started to work on. Why the HECK am I DOING all this I ask?!? On "good" days it's effortless but when I am feeling like I can't get myself righted, let alone sailing off into some kind of direction, the thought that all this other work is more organized just drives me nuts.

I am not taking care of myself.

And if I am not taking care of myself then I am sure to fall off that wagon which has been travelling the rut in the road for far too long. I am taking steps to change course but geez louise it's not easy.
Oh well.

DH did do some dishes and with the tea room painted that's one big project done and gone. *credit* My next goal is to remove the boxes from the table under the dining room window so I have a place to set up my seed trays since soon I'll be starting seeds for my community garden plot. I have also started another donations box with 2 items in it so far. *credit*

Thats all folks.

02-05-2013, 10:41 PM
Well, I'm checking in and mostly have read posts of all you awesome people who are doing something to declutter your lives, you are an inspiration! :carrot:

So, for the first time in a while I managed to clean up and declutter with enthusiasm....still had to take down my Christmas stuff, finally did! Then I sorted a stack of boxes that's been lurking, sorted and took care of most of my random clothes, and took 2 bags and 2 boxes to thrift....all in all, pretty good. Made at least one bag of trash too!

Still have the clothes in my room to do, that can be done tomorrow!! Will look so much better!

02-06-2013, 06:35 AM
Hello declutterers!

NightAngel, kudos for progress with decluttering, especially finding "enthusiasm". For me, participating with others here has fueled that enthusiasm which has been life changing.

onebyone, kudos for completing the tea room project. carrot: I'm sorry about the chipped table...don't be too hard on yourself. It's really ok. Perhaps you could transfer your success at the tea room to an "I can do this" at home (and with your food plan).
As a "recovering volunteer" :lol: I can share this. There are infinite opportunites for going out in the universe and accomplishing many things for others, and don't get me wrong, these are all good. What I finally had to do in order to start the process of "learning" to "take care of myself" was to finish the outside commitments I had made to others then start saying NO CHOICE to the new ones in order to free space so learn to take care of me. The difficulty with the outside projects is that because I was responsible to others' my home and food life suffered. Now that I have whittled it down to "basics" (a bit painful) I am able to have more of the 12 step mindset First Things First.
Anyway, you did a great job and I wish I could visualize the finished results a bit better.
I hope you have a more settled day today and can find yourself a little more grounded.

Me, I have success to share today. This morning I really felt the "freedom" of being decluttered, organized and clean. I work today then have 4 days off to go over and hang with DH and the pup. I do think they'll return with me on Sunday eve.
I don't have anything "to do" other than to pack. I am going to put my stuff in the car before work then walk out the door at 330 and head right over. I truly feel today that my daily progress has finally shifted me from dysfunction to functional. I am grateful.

So Todays 1-2-3
old clutter-nothing today
current clutter-entire house picked up laundry is in bed is made
clean-scrubbed my kitchen sink

For me, my daily 1-2-3, forces me to learn to take care of myself on a daily basis.
Thanks for being here everyone!

02-07-2013, 11:06 AM
Hello declutterers!

Sometimes I think I won't post when I'm the only one here but in my journey here it seems it's important for me to keep making that daily plan and this is where I do it. credit.

I traveled yesterday then went grocery shopping as soon as I arrived. Everything got plunked down and we went to bed early. I woke up early...restless...and came out of the bedroom to a big mess...everywhere.
I had some big emotions around this...this used to be my home base and now I just visit. DH may or may not come back with me and I'm already very sad to leave my pup behind since he's sick and we don't really know "how long he has".

I knew I had two choices:
1. leave it all "as is" and live out of a tote for 4 days
2. pick up, put away and enjoy my time here.

I chose #2 and put everything away...cleaned out the fridge then went back to bed. When I re-woke it all felt alot better....even knowing I'll have to leave soon.

I'm going to ENJOY some old clutter today. When I was on the other side I noticed some missing knitting needles....circular not cheap. In the old days I'd just go buy more. Instead, I decided I'd relocate them. As suspected, they are on some unfinished hats in a container from ??4 years ago. I could rip them off or finish the hats. Today I'll finish the hats and my pup can snuggle with me on the couch. Yay!

old clutter-finish hats
current clutter-Done
clean-cleaned out refrigerator...there's always more to clean but it can wait until tomorrow.

helping rachel
02-07-2013, 02:02 PM

Your posts are a ray of bright sunshine in my life. Thank you for sharing your journey as I witness your story it helps me to know that I am connected.

You shared this the other day..... This morning I really felt the "freedom" of being decluttered, organized and clean.

That was gasoline in my tank to know if I keep doing the small stuff I will get to the other side. Wisdom from experience is the only way that can be shared.

I have had a very touch week, my Dad called and said he was getting remarried and plowed right over my feelings. I reminded him of what happened in his last marriage (she took him for a ride) and he disconnected from everyone of his kids. I struggle with the feeling of abandonment and lack of provision from him. I shut down for a day but now I am back moving. I have not eaten off plan but wanted to pull into every McDonald's that I passed and dreamed about eating a whole pan of brownies.

I have a saying "What is it about you that I am using as an excuse not to live my life by my values" ? Meaning -that I can be affected by people, (humanness) but I don't have to let them derail my sense of self and my values.

I have kicked in some self care movements like going to bed early, reading a book, keeping the house picked up. Too overwhelmed to add a big declutter project right now. The stormy sea will settle or at least I am adjusting my sails.

:hug:OnebyOne: Glad to see you posting again. What a beautiful expression of caring for the community by painting and keeping the tea room running. If I lived close, I would love to come by and buy you a cup of tea.

:hug:Julia150: 15.2 lbs! since November. I hope you are holding your accomplishment with joy. I wonder how much declutter weight you lost....5 lbs for each box, 10 lbs for each bag. Let me know!

:hug:Welcome Nerdlass! I love that you use the word pickles. We are here to support you as you work toward your Feb. goal.

:hug:Hi NightAngel: Way to trash and thrift! Less clutter to clean up. I have our christmas tree still up at the cabin. I told my husband I would take it down in March....:)

:hug: Sending out good thoughts to Ibelieveinme2, Ann, Michele. Michele, I am still thinking of how weight loss and decluttering go together.

Off to do something. Basement stairs vacuumed, Kitchen floor mopped. Counters wiped clean. That is it.

02-07-2013, 02:12 PM
Micro de-cluttering: I just said 'No' to a three-year renewal for a magazine at a REALLY GOOD PRICE. Hated to miss the bargain but, actually, I don't like the magazine and only get it because some three years ago I subscribed for a REALLY GOOD PRICE. Methinks I see a trend here.

Anyway, CREDIT moi for 36 issues that won't stack up waiting to be read.

02-07-2013, 03:20 PM
Decluttering Buddies

Actually that greeting is entirely *inaccurate* as I don't have any buddies I want to declutter... so, instead, let me say Hi!

Well, I am *thrilled* to have found a solution to my in-home composting dilemma. Ever since I moved here the garbage rules of this town have confounded me. I still can't figure out where/how best to place my garbage can, but nevermind that as I solved my composting troubles. I have large green bin that I bought from the town when I moved here. It's required. It's for all compostables. The problem with it is that the composting bags (and the town will only take away compostable bags) are really big and by the time you have used them for a few days, the bottom falls out of them, leaving you with a smelly mess and/or a yukky bin when they've emotied it. So I bought a small compost bin, with a lid that you pus in with your hand but DH HATED it and said the lid is always open ie. smelly and we have very very little counter space so, where to put the thing? I liked the smaller size cause it was more manageable but then we started composting the kitty litter and we were back to the big green bin. The small one ended up without the swinging lid in the new pantry holding all the garbage bags and such. Well, this morning I pulled out the small bin and lined it with a small compost bag and used it to gather the scraps from my veggies today. And then I PUT THE WHOLE SMALL BIN inside the big bin. *amazing* I get to use the small bin, it gets to stay intact inside the small bin and the smells get contained int eh big bin and if the small bin fills up, I pull out the bag, drop it in the bottom of the big bin, and sit the small bin on top of it--maybe on a cardboard "shelf"/insert. SO GREAT. I feel like a genius.

And on that note, the dishes are waiting for me. Almost done and will be done today *credit*

A new decluttering plan is coming for me. Spring is coming afterall.


02-07-2013, 03:34 PM
Checking in and so encouraged to hear from my buddies :lol: This is often a lonely process and the keeping each other company is priceless to me. I am knitting and taking care of phone business....typing from iPhone ...not gray for long posts. bbl

Ps attaching pic of pup helping w/ knitting

helping rachel
02-07-2013, 04:14 PM
OBO --Glad I am not being decluttered.

Love the picture of your knitting and your companion-helper-snuggler!

02-07-2013, 10:40 PM
..typing from iPhone ...not gray for long posts. bbl
:lol: ...not GREAT for long posts....I'm also not great at catching the auto spells, either, although I do find them useful for texting.

BBE, I think NOT renewing a 3 yr subscription is a BIG DEAL! Kudos! Realistically, I do not find the mags as interesting as they used to many ads....

Tami (helping rachel), I am glad you are taking care of yourself during this rough emotional time. It is so hard to accept some of the seemingly obvious kooky things our family/loved ones engage (no pun intended) in...especially when they have further reaching consequences. I guess the thought popped into my head (which is what I'm doing in my own home) is "all the more important to make MY home an OASIS (thx onebyone).

onebyone, Yay! for finding a solution to your composting dilemma. I, too, compost and it's always been about finding that solution that works between the kitchen and it's final resting place. I find it's a big part of having a workable kitchen.
In Alaska it was too cold to compost very well and here we have an issue w/skunks/raccoons/bears. On the East side I have one of those plastic fancy rotating ones in the yard to keep the critters out and on the West side I just pitch it into a little fenced pile out the back door. More than once, I have opened the back door to a skunk...pretty cool as long as the pup is in the house.

Well I finished the brown hat...but it was pretty imperfect so I just took it apart. Saw some boo boos in the green one before I even started so took it apart, too. Needles are reclaimed and I'm enjoying what I wanted to knit in the first place.
Had a nice afternoon browsing the RESTORE upvalley. It's incredible...gets all the Aspen rejects...absolutely incredible furniture . I bought two pillows and may purchase several more. (credit for not buying the rest until I make sure they'll work) I have been looking for replacement pillows for the antique couch for months now and think these are the ones. Shimmery gold...will connect with the brass fireplace cover and large picture frame above the mantle. It will be another piece of the puzzle as I reclaim my "space".
Well goodnight...

helping rachel
02-07-2013, 11:15 PM
Thanks for the supportive response, Lexxiss. This I know the resources and the provision that I had as a child are quite different than the resources and support that I have as an adult. A grown a$$ adult that I choose to be!! That is ok with me, I will journey on and prepare for care and competence with what I was put on earth to do. Connection is in the mix. Thanks for getting me!!

Blessing sent out to all my friends who are struggling with life and focus. May you find peace within. Your story matters and you matter. Each and everyone of you.

helping rachel
02-08-2013, 09:46 AM
Quick post, hope to get back here after working all day.

Cleaned Utility Room, Mopped, Dusted, Wiped down washer and dryer. I also organized cleaning products.

Made DD breakfast this am, cleaned sink-dishes and off I go.

02-08-2013, 03:46 PM
quicky here, too.
Current clutter-done
Old clutter-went through a kitchen cupboard and pitched
Clean-will clean mentioned cupboard

02-08-2013, 08:51 PM
Greetings declutterers,

I have been reading but not posting the last few days. I've had a tough work week. I had to make a CPS referral on a student today. I was one of a group of staff making the call so I wasn't alone but it is a horrible feeling. The child in question is not being abused physically but the situation is just sick. I don't know if anything will be investigated but it would have been negligent to not do it.
I haven't been doing 1 & 2 but I have been keeping the dishes done (3). The big weekend projects have made progress both in the house and my mind.
Tami, a big hug to you. I'm so sorry your dad's choices have set you on your heels emotionally.
OnebyOne Kudos on all your recent project! It's hard, I agree, to put yourself first. I will give my job my best efforts and settle for what ever I have energy for for myself. This week, work sucked the life out of me.
Debbie, you may feel alone here sometimes but I am reading everyday and your success inspires me.
I just want to order some comfort food, watch a silly movie and relax tonight. I marinated salmon for DH and DD, so comfort food is probably not in the plans.

helping rachel
02-10-2013, 08:09 AM
Good Morning.

Julia150: Sorry to hear of your stressful week. Glad our school systems have advocates like you in place. It matters to provide help.

Not much going on here. I plan to work in my office and craft area today. Labeling and putting like items together. I was working on an art project yesterday and couldn't find metallic pens. Made me frustrated which leads me to a new project to get organized.

Decluttering involves our minds as well. Planning on mid afternoon nap today.

02-10-2013, 12:22 PM
Hi decluttering friends!

Julia, I hope the weekend has found a little relaxation for you!

Tami(helping rachel), best wishes with your project today. PS I hate when I have an idea than can't locate an important piece.

Me, had a big shut down yesterday. Today, back at it. I had to bake a cake for an auction and CREDIT didn't have to clean the kitchen first. I picked up the mess right after.

I travel later today so current clutter will be packed or put in place. No old clutter this trip. I'm sure something awaits for my return. lol

02-10-2013, 01:10 PM
greetings declutterers,
I did nothing around my house yesterday. I just took a day to vegetate. I am feeling better about the CPS call. I am hoping that CPS doesn't just set it aside as a report (as they do sometimes when physical abuse or neglect isn't involved) This kid is vulnerable because of his disabilities.

Actually I did do something. I paid bills for the month (hence cleaning a stack of papers off the countertop!) and worked out a budget. Having 2 kids in college next year is going to be a shock to our system. DH has been resistant to being careful but I think I got his attention.

Tami Oh I so understand the frustration of not being able to find something. It happens here daily. Just yesterday DH and I went to the hardware store to get a tool he is pretty sure he already has but is unable to locate. And I agree, sometimes the mind needs to be decluttered also!

DebbieKudos for not having to clean before you bake. And cleaning up afterward! As I say to you everyday, you inspire me.

Today's plan:
Clean kitchen, dishes have been neglected.
Old clutter: finish the stuff left over in the basement from last week
New clutter: Weed out last weeks mail for junk vs important stuff.

After the last few weekend's big projects I need to remember to just bite off small chunks of dejunking. Otherwise, I run out of time and energy and end up with more mess to have to work around.

Four days until we leave for Phoenix. The weather forecast is for sun and temps in the upper 60's. I am so excited to get out of this gloom and to see my SIL.


p.s. weight is at 197.5, lowest I've been for at least 4 years. I've lost a total of 12.5 since January 10th!

helping rachel
02-10-2013, 06:04 PM
Just finished taking the wallpaper off my son's wall. It has been on my list but I didn't want to do it until I had the energy. My hubby followed behind me with a scraper to get the little bits of the leftover scraps. So glad it is done and ready to go on to fun step of getting paint picked out. This room has not been painted in 19 years.

Thanks Lexxiss, for the advice. I would have used that score tool to make those dots to let the water in. I did not use it and the hot water and spray bottle worked great.


helping rachel
02-10-2013, 06:06 PM
Julia: I am available to carry luggage to Phoenix if needed. Just say'in.

02-11-2013, 08:52 AM
Sending a Monday hello. I have to go back read old posts but will do so later today. I have been sick and things kind of fell apart for me. I am back on track and back to decluttering, one step at a time. : - )

02-11-2013, 09:41 AM
Hello declutterers!

I traveled last night...thought if I left at 530pm I would miss the worst of the ski traffic. wrong. My two hour trip was 4.5 hours. I resisted the urge not to unpack the everything in and went to bed. Credit for putting away food. I slept late yet I made my best attempt this morning to get alot of stuff put away. That will be a bonus when I get home from work.

helping rachel
02-11-2013, 02:00 PM
Thought for the day.....

"The one thing you can't take away from me is the way "I choose" to respond to what you do to me. The last of one's freedoms is the ability to choose one's attitude, in any given circumstance. --Victor Frankel

02-12-2013, 08:51 AM
Hi declutterers!

znoiac, I hope you are feeling better!

Tami (helping rachel), thanks for the quote...I am choosing my attitude today!

I am struggling a bit this morning which gives me the opportunity to reflect on just what "my routine" does for me. What my routine does is transform me to the NO CHOICE mode regarding my home/personal surroundings. I am finding that after many days away from here I have temporarily misplaced the JOY I find in taking care of my home on a daily basis. I do, however, still find joy in looking around and observing what positive progress I have made. AHA, the motivation is found to continue!

Today's 1-2-3 :dance:

old clutter-I really need to finish sorting the photos on my laptop to their proper category so I can call that DONE

current clutter-picked up kitchen already, made the bed (didn't yesterday), picked up tv room...have my office to go. Office is always last because it's always the worst. I DID do some necessary paperwork for mom and it's ready to take to work with me.

clean-(gets up from computer...locates a rag) DONE I went over and dusted in the TV weight equipment.

helping rachel
02-12-2013, 10:41 AM
Hi Declutters:

I realized my mojo for decluttering isn't where it has been in the past months. Maybe that is a maintenance mode, I don't know.

CC: Take travel tv to goodwill. Case and parts are in good condition, not sure of dvr. Extra box of knick knacks will try to fill it.

Clean: Need to finish vacuuming the stairs. Will clean my Daughter's bathroom as she has been so busy and it is a mess.

OC: Craft room beckons me to give some TLC so I know what is what. I will try for 1 hour today.

Hope some type of movement is rewarding to each and everyone of you.....letting go, finding a home for truth, practicing self-care as we take care of those around us..

02-13-2013, 10:25 AM
Hi declutterers!

Tami(helping rachel), I'm finding myself in a bit of a maintenance mode, too. While my decluttering efforts have become far less urgent I still have many goals yet to accomplish. I'm recognizing that it would be a good idea for me to go through each room again and make a new list. I tend to find that every time I do that I'm able to identify another layer to peel off and more items to let go of.

Today is a day off yet it's filled with appointments with my mom. I found myself taking care of some of my chores last night so I could have a quieter morning today before we leave. My laundry and dishes are done. I've picked up all my current clutter especially in my office. I am certain I can find something to clean. LOL. Whoops the old clutter I'll try to work on my photos which I didn't do yesterday. I continue to be keenly aware of my propensity to procrastinate.

ETA-One of the skills I learned fromflylady was to get dressed right down to the shoes in the morning before doing chores. I find I often do that....not always. As I just noticed time ticking away I was reminded to do that. If I'm dressed and all packed up I can fully engage in my project (photos) right up until it's time to leave instead of running around at the last second trying to "get ready".

Today's mantra: My routine is important

helping rachel
02-13-2013, 10:30 AM
Lexxiss-Debbie: Well said about making a new list. I am fooling myself if I don't see or identify the next steps..... I cleaned a full bathroom today, put away clutter and am ready to clean floors. I have appointments the rest of the day as well. No Choice card is out on the table to figure the next steps.

Hope you day is full of peace and blessings in all you do---fellow Beck declutters.

helping rachel
02-13-2013, 10:32 AM
:write::kickbutt:::running::exercise:Today's mantra: My routine is important
__________________YES IT IS!!! Steady as she goes toward her goal!!

02-14-2013, 09:31 AM
Hi declutterers!

Tired today but remembered my routine. Some days ARE tired but my "stuff" just keeps piling up unless I CHOOSE to act.

current clutter-hung two pictures I bought at thrift yesterday. I'm very selective these days and the two botanical roses in gold frames ($6 ea) are perfect in my formal dining room. I'll get the bed made, too.

old clutter-I DID work on the photos yesterday and have the laptop out where I can sort at least 10 more before I leave this morning.

clean-I did the pet room this box clean waterbowls switched maker trays switched/cleaned.

I KNOW I'll feel better when I return home later to my accomplishments of the morning.

helping rachel
02-14-2013, 01:09 PM

Happy Valentines Day to my fellow declutters,

Thanks for helping me grow in so many ways these past few months. Shedding what isn't me and helping to support what is. Old weeds/habits pulled up and new seeds of organizing, cleaning and taking responsibility--planted. Growth has happened. I would not have the results that I have without your kind support.

Thank you.

02-15-2013, 11:58 AM
Thanks, Tami, for the sweet message :hug: As I continue my journey of progress forward on my home front the support and friendship here is my foundation!

After a long day in Denver, I plopped the laptop on my lap and spent over two hours FINISHING the photos. This morning I loaded all 4200+ onto a joystick and completed the process of putting them on the photo frame downstairs AND persisted to get the time/date right on the device. CREDIT
This project 100% complete for now. I still have some reorganizing within the files but it is nothing that is necessary. I might do some reorganizing as I start to share some of these photos with family members.
SO: Old clutter-DONE

current clutter-picked up...noticing my procrastination again. Went to the tv room for something....looked at my dishes from dinner..."I'll do that later." Stopped....thought.....(CBT at work). Why would I not take them downstairs now if I'm going down anyway? I took them down. Went to the bedroom for voice said make the bed now....I'll do it later....why not do it now. OK. NO CHOICE Washed the tangerines sitting on my counter so I could put them away. credit

clean-cleaned in the kitchen, took out the compost and cleaned the bowl.

I added two pictures....the first is how my 4000 photos look in the computer file. The second is a photo on the "slideshow" downstairs. It's amazing how it feels to have daily access to these physical representations of our family. This is a favorite of mine...dh with the pups.

02-16-2013, 09:28 AM
Hi declutterers!

I sure added some current clutter yesterday and have made a noble attempt this morning to put some stuff away.
~washed the veggies from yesterday's shop
~sorted receipts and recycled
~made the bed even though it seems pointless since I'm by myself.

Clean??-after work

Old clutter-took time to sort all my vitamins that have been sitting on kitchen counter into the little weekly box...put bottles in the cupboard.

Small stuff today which still moves me forward.

I really thought about time management this morning as I was doing chores. I took care of work essentials before coming upstairs to check in.
~smoothie/vitamins finished
~lunch packed
~dog stuff packed (pup goes to mom's today)

Happy weekend!

Lately I've been forgetting to :dancer:

helping rachel
02-16-2013, 10:04 AM
Lexxiss: WOW, you certainly have the mojo going. Way to go! I bet you are glad you photo project is done and in the frame.

I worked yesterday, made a pot roast, cleaned kitchen and read a book. I have to leave for work in 1 hour.....

Will clean out the kitchen sink of dishes from yesterday, spray it down with cleaner.

Kitchen floor needs mopped when I get home. Another snow last night has carried in sand and dirt.

I will work on files, late afternoon to prepare and organize all that is laid out on my son's bed. Like items are already with each other, just need to get them in file folders and in file drawer. Should take me 1 hour at best.

02-17-2013, 10:16 AM
Hi declutterers!

I wrote this on a sticky yesterday before I left for was on my mind.

"Taking time to look around..."

Before decluttering, I seemed to (exist..function..dysfunction) in our home space without ever really "looking" at things...rooms...tables...drawers...closets. I understand that for me it was a very effective avoidance strategy because I lived that way for years. The only time I ever looked was looking for the car keys...looking for a receipt....looking for a phone number.

Today is my one day off before I drive over and p/u DH on Wednesday. Today I am really going to every room in every closet in every drawer. I'm going to make a new list with things to work on...projects to finish....places to declutter.

I'll report back....
today's dance:
old clutter-finished knitting a hat I started last week
current clutter-will work on today
clean-I already cleaned in the kitchen...wiped cupboards (not perfect), cleaned countertops, swept floor.

My goal from now until I leave:
To get all my chores done today and leave everything in place every single day until I leave Wednesday morning. I am TRYING to eliminate the current clutter for just two days...Mon. Tues.

helping rachel
02-17-2013, 02:43 PM
Off today .....23rd then taking my DH out for a late lunch......don't know if I will focus on specific tasks. Separated shoes that are in baskets at end of steps to be sent upstairs. Done......

Lexxiss: I love that you reward yourself for the "feeling and order" of your house upon return. I get that.....

I will be posting new lists on need of focus and a committed action plan.

02-18-2013, 09:20 AM
Hi declutterers!

Happy Anniversary (belated), Tami! Yay for planning for a new list!

Me: did well making no new clutter yesterday. credit. I continue to find myself more organized and am getting packed up for my trip over.

old clutter-picked up an old knitting project and put a few stiches on. Good, because it means I'm now committed to finishing it. It's been sitting in a basket in the living room for at least two years now.

current clutter-worked on it this morning...noticed how nice the dining room table looks when I keep it clutter free.

clean-cleaned a few veggies that were in plastic bags and cleaned the downstairs bathroom.

While I was cleaning/organizing this morning I reflected on a few of my best NO CHOICE items which help me so much
~washing/rinsing stuff in the kitchen that gets stuck on and PITA when I leave them...specifically my smoothie knife/cutting board and blender I use every morning.
~folding laundry right out of the dryer and putting it away...not leaving the pile somewhere.
~ continuing to say NO CHOICE and doing something every single day(no matter if it's seemingly small).


helping rachel
02-18-2013, 10:26 PM
Busy day. Worked till 4. Dinner made, cleaned kitchen. Put away my daughter's clothes as it she had all the baskets in her room with clean clothes. Told her 30 items had to go by Friday as she has T-shirts/clothes that are 5 years old-too small. Worked on floors-credit. Preparing for next 2 days as we may have 12-15inches of snow coming in. That will change my work schedule for the week.

Lexxiss- Hope you have an enjoyable trip. I loved hearing that you are completing a knitting project that is 2 years old. You continue to pine away--love that:).

02-19-2013, 08:00 AM
Hi declutterers!

Tami, I think it's great that you are nudging your DD to do her own decluttering. I wish I'd had a bit more guidance in that area early on. That sounds like alot of snow! I know we're supposed to get it, too, which is why I'm leaving today. I'll deal with coming home Friday...well after I get over there. lol

I'm pretty much ready to go. I don't usually do much after work but yesterday I made the effort to get the cat box cleaned and to outside trash, got recycle ready and outside and got the dishes done. credit. I already have the bedroom shut down (no kitty barfing on carpet while I'm away.)

Even so, I remembered that my routine is important.
Current clutter-finished picking up in office and addressed/stamped an envelope for mailing instead of dragging it over with me.
Old clutter-put the old knitting away for now.
Clean-cleaned the upstairs bathroom (down to about 3 minutes now) and got down on hands and knees to wash the spot under the sink (kitty related, I'm sure).

Have a great day everyone!

02-19-2013, 04:42 PM
Declutterers, hello.

Whatever I wrote the last time I wrote everything is still the same on my end. DH did some cleaning up and some keeping it clean in the kitchen while I as away. I'm actually away at an artist residency starting March 14th, so the spring deadline for this particular part of the challenge comes early for me. I need to re-think what I'd like to accomplish.

First, an update. My cats have no discovered the box toer in the dining room and each of them has taken to climbing it to the top. Dangerous as the boxes are apt to tip over. They aren't all solid and the tops of the bookcases and the pantry here they are heading to (the absolute tallest objects in the whole apartment) are not secured to the wall and I am just waiting for them/some of them/all of them/all of them in the middle of the night to come tumbling down.

This *should* spur me on to get at those boxes and bring my tower down but I just ignore it.

And with that I will go make a short list of what I am willing to do today. I do have dishes soaking in the sink to keep up the kitchen that DH has been maintaining.

Bye for now.

helping rachel
02-19-2013, 04:54 PM
:hug::grouphug::grouphug: Glad you checked in- Sending you a gentle hug and am glad that you are still connected with us. Sending compassionate vibes just to do what you can to make your day more peaceful and grounded. No pressure here to get things done. Are you looking forward to your art residency in March? Do you have any creative ideas regarding this? You are very talented in areas that I couldn't even begin to do. That is what makes you SPECIAL.

Hugs to your heart and creative soul.

02-20-2013, 10:04 AM
Hi Everyone

Today I am removing items from the guild's porch that have to do with our mosaic sign project. It will not be easy gathering up the broken ceramic but I am going to complete that today and transport the material to my studio which is where it needs to go. I am buying some garbage bags (extra strong) or some heavy duty re-usable grocery bags for this task and bringing my snow shovel to shovel the pieces into the bags. I look forward to seeing the different colours and shapes people have tossed in the box so I can start to envision our new guild sign. Much reserch to be done on this yet and we have time to do it too.

Also at the guild, well, this is lesson I needed to learn. In my guise of wanting to be helpful (ie. MAJOR people-pleasing phase I was going through--it's passing thank goodness) I volunteered to buy the craft gallery (attached to the tea room I manage for the guilds) some display stand for the work the weavers do (flat things/shawls/table runners/blankets) and there was a department store closing selling all their fixtures so I picked up three lingeries displays which worked perfectly and then I saw three iron sign displays. Big rectangular metal things-just a rounded corner rectangular shape with welded feet and two hooks you can hang things off of. $5 each. OMG. I wanted them for me, for shows, for the farmers' market this year for my display then I offered them to the guild as I am not 100% sure they will fit in my car and I could really see them as useful for new signage. Well, I was the only one who could envision that. People/members just see them as too big, awkward and no one wants to move them and no one wants to deal with them if they are stored in the back room. So I was asked to take them away. Hopefully, they will fit in my car today. If not someone will have to get them to my studio space for me or will, I guess, just put them on the curb.

In my enthusiasm to please others I messed up here. Lesson learned. Again.:dizzy:

Other clutter to do today is to get on the road with starting/finishing a ceramic project for someone. It's not a tough thing to make but I am replicating someone elses' design and I have been resisting this so it's taking up valuable brain space. Must just get it done and oh! Take another lesson here: I don't replicate other people's work anymore.

And for myself, since I am in the ceramic room today, I am going to create at least one newspaper form that will be the inner support for a figure made of clay. You ball up the paper and push it/add to it/take away from it until you get a shape you want to drape the clay onto. I use masking tape to hold the newspaper the way I want it. Not sure if I am making an animal a bird a fish or a human. Don't think it matters. Just want to make something bigger than usual. I have my clay at home so I think I will work on the clay part here.

helping rachel Thanks for your kind words of support yesterday. My March art residency is with my drawing group. The three of us will be sharing one large studio together and staying in three separate bedrooms for a whole week. We're going there to see if we are going to continue to work together and if so how. Things are much different for us since I moved away--but I think we still all get value out of coming together as a group. Anyway, that's what we are going there to find out.

Have a great day everyone.

02-20-2013, 06:07 PM

I get Flylady emails and while a lot of it sings to me, I haven't ever been able to just follow her system BUT in this post she lays out a gentle, effective strategy that can be personalized and I thought it worthwhile to post a link to it. Any tools to help us get a handle on decluttering are welcome.

Someone asked:

Dear FlyLady,

I have been procrastinating because I don’t understand how it all works together. What is a Basic Weekly Plan, Morning Routines and Before Bed Routines. I don’t know why I procrastinate.

Overwhelmed FlyLady

But my favorite part of her answer was this:

Our perfectionism is what causes us to Procrastinate.

Stop, take 15 minutes to write down those little buggers, you know, those tasks that you need to get done, want to get done, but NOT RIGHT NOW done. Yep those tasks. Get a pen and lined paper and don’t forget that timer. Set it for 15 minutes and write down everything that comes to mind that you sure would like to get done. Now I’m not talking paint the outside of the house done…I mean sew on a button, trim the dogs nails, re-pot a plant, those tasks. When the 15 minutes are done look at all you have to choose from. Choose at least one a day to work on this week. On your mark get set GO FLY.

My BRAIN gets cluttered with doing this, that, and the other thing until I feel so overwhelmed and so hyper-aware of how much I need to do that ANYTHING I start/finish seems meaningless. I have never done a writing like that on this specific topic. I have done it for artwork and for getting redy to do artshows, but never for decluttering/tasks around the house.

Anyway just thought I'd share.
Full answer to ths question is here:
And this was the answer:

helping rachel
02-20-2013, 07:07 PM
OnebyOne, I like the 15 minute list. Sounds manageable and doable. It reminds of Julia Cameron's morning pages from artist way. She suggests that when you get up in the morning, write 3 pages to clear your mind and express your thoughts.

Perfectionism and Procrastination are both types of critics. Both can freeze a person from doing what is needed.

Just got back from grocery store. It was wild and crazy. You would think we have never had a snow storm before. I wanted to get fresh fruit and ingredients to make fresh salsa. The bread and ice cream aisle were almost empty.
Finished mopping kitchen and foyer, laundry done, and now getting ready for my night class.

Lexxiss: Hope you have an enjoyable time 'over the hill".

02-21-2013, 10:33 AM
Hi declutterers!

onebyone, thanks for the link to the flady post. I relate....I'm not to the point of choosing to follow Flady everyday but do find lots of stuff helpful. I really came up with my daily 1-2-3 from her site. Small things really add up over days and weeks as long as I stick with small things every day.

Tami(helping rachel), yes! Both procrastination and perfectionism tend to freeze me, too. Using a list for procrastinated items has really helped as well as allowing myself to let go of the perfectionist...I'm able to acknowledge today that even a half-a**ed job moves me forward. lol.

Yesterday, I didn't post but accomplished a 1-2-3

I'll pick up current clutter (already started)
old clutter-I have several pairs of shoes that have been sitting out-I will put them away in my closet.
clean-I'm going to clean my shelves above my toilet...they are very dusty and I'm sure I'll find something new to pitch.

02-21-2013, 04:29 PM
Hi Everyone

I *credit* decluttered my purse last night. I just did it about a month ago. Looks like it needs attention every month. It was nagging at me to find the receipts for the paint and the painting supplies that I bought to paint the tea room a few weeks ago now. I bought a certain kind of paint cause I was getting a $rebate for each gallon and I anted to claim it and good thing I found the receipts and the rebate coupon as it expires March 1st. I'll get $28 back. This is on my to-do list for the weekend not today. I also retrieved the receipts for tea room supplies and put them into an envelope. I found several large bills for art supplies for my own stuff too and put that into my little container--but I can't for the life of me figure out how that's organized or what my thinking was with it(?) I'll need to read back in this thread! LOL. At least I know where it is *credit for that I'd say!*

Did not get to the guild. Was still not feeling right about my art proposal this morning (yesterday the weather turned bad so I let DH keep the car. I stayed home to do my art submission). My ideas, (I had a second one btw), just weren't quite right. On a hunch I phoned old art friends in Ottawa and through a brief discussion *boing* there it was. Simple, effective and satisfying made with LESS than hat I thought I would do. LESS. Even my ideas were too cluttered! LOL. I feel good about it now and can go ahead and write the thing up. AWESOME. Whether I get it or not it almost besides the point. For now I am thrilled to have been up to the task of submitting something.

This means guild pottery decluttering tomorrow; possibly working on ceramics at the guild as well.

That's it from me today. See ya!

02-21-2013, 04:37 PM
Lexxiss I've been meaning to say how AWESOME:carrot::carrot: it is that you have decluttered, re-organized and are now *enjoying* 4200(!!!!!) photographs! This must be just so immensely satisfying. What an accomplishment. I think very few people manage to get a handle on that one.

I am wondering, what is your strategy going forward for new jpgs/photos so they don't get out of hand again?

helping rachel
02-21-2013, 04:39 PM
Hi Ladies!

Snowed in, sitting by the fire, typing up work documents. I made a big pot of chili last night and will work a little in the craft room. I plan on doing one hour of cleaning sometime today, not sure what that will be. Maybe shoveling snow.
House in good condition so nothing screaming for me to attend to it.

Take care all.

02-21-2013, 08:46 PM
onebyone, here's your post...I was rereading old ones just the other day! It sometimes helps me to revisit my progress.

Thanks for the kudos on my pics. In answer to your question about new stuff my only word right now is vigilance. I'd say 90% of the 4200 were actually old slides/prints. I don't take tons of daily pics but when I've loaded them on my computer I've tried to take 5 minutes and go through and delete no keepers. I have already scanned all the prints DH's DD gave him of the baby...After all the work I put into this I really have an investment in keeping this all together. I truly believe that with this daily 1-2-3 that I do now there is always time for everything.
BTW-great job going through your purse again...which brought up the receipts....I notice I often "forget" the new plan, too.

Tami(helping rachel), I had a wonderful vision of you by the fire typing away...feeling calm because you've accomplished so much. credit. I think we both know there's "always more" but it does become more manageable.

I have not involved DH in this process whatsoever, up to this point. I have let him do what he felt like and I have done everything else even though I acknowledge he is a part of this...part of the old clutter, the current clutter AND the stuff that needs to be cleaned.
I went into my office this afternoon....he was using the copier AND had left a big pile of receipts on my desk. I gently showed him how to go through the receipts before recycling. He did it.
He was putting away some stuff from the kitchen just putting them on a top shelf. I gently suggested that all the plastics go in the bin under the microwave. He put them there.
He wanted a ride to lift weights early tomorrow....I said fine and that I'd just make a list of stuff he would need to accomplish before leaving since we travel. I included walking to the mailbox and emptying it. I always do that.

My word is "gentle" but I'm really starting to notice that he has received great benefit from all my months of decluttering and I believe he can start to help with maintenance. Credit! I have thought about it lots and he is already helping more but I just felt the time was right today.

02-22-2013, 11:52 AM
Hi Declutterers!

I drove hubby to the club early this morning for weightlifting and I've been enjoying some knitting. I'll meet him soon for water aerobics.. Then we'll drive over the hill together.

I got myself up off of the couch remembering no choice.

Old clutter I pulled an old cookbook off this shelf which no longer applies and put it in my thrift box.

I cleaned out the three drawers in my refrigerator which took less than five minutes.

My current clutter will either be put away or taken with me.

Each small step moves me forward credit for doing a little bit when I didn't really feel like it.

helping rachel
02-22-2013, 03:08 PM
Lexxiss: Thanks for sharing your journey, daily. It reminds me that we can take action, committed action toward what we value. It is a daily choice. Valuing health, eating choices and what doesn't fit us anymore. I gave a Travel TV away that hasn't been used in years, DH asked where it was. I told him I let it go. He wondered why I did that. I told him, our kids had outgrown it. My hopes is that someone who wants a travel tv and kids will stumble upon it. It was just collecting dust in the closet.

I want to keep things that are of value and needed in the NOW. If not, release them to someone who may need them or want them.

Working on my office today, papers and organizing stuff. Feels good to make progress.

Weight is down 14 lbs. hoping that trend continues.

02-23-2013, 08:28 AM
Hi declutterers!

Nice job, Tami, with the scale moving down as you continue your journey. Mine isn't moving down much but not moving up, either. I'm happy with that.

Today work comes early and I'm trying to be mindful of DH as he tries to work back into a routine here. Thus, I slept later than usual. Everything is pretty clean since I left it that way credit. I'm trying to get my travel box unpacked before work. Tomorrow is a day off which I'm looking forward to. Perhaps I'll be able to locate a little more "old clutter". lol

02-23-2013, 10:17 AM

I'm sitting wondering if I have a "clutter mentality"? Or maybe a pre-disposition to clutter things up? I say this because my art submission was cluttered. TOO MANY ideas and arms to the proposal. After sorting it out with 2 trusted friends over the phone the idea shone through. I had it, but it as waaaay too complicated with too many layers. I stripped it back and proposed something much simpler and therefore more direct, which is what you want in a proposal and in a project.

And no I have an opportunity to show work to a gallery owner via a connection my sister made for me on Thursday. I need to contact her asap, but my blog, which is my website, the one that showcases my artwork, is incomplete and not updated. I have to go through my jpg files and find the right ones and post them there.

And, finally, I am off to guild to drop off tea room supplies (it's open today and tomorrow) and to see if I can remove the pottery from the porch and get it into the car. Yesterday I bought heavy duty grocery shopping bags just for this purpose. Will report back later.

Thanks Lexxiss for locating my post! Apparently 3fc runs a good site where we can find things easily!

UPDATE: guild porch cleaned up. 4 bags worth of donated pots now in my studio.
Car trunck also relieved of many items. Now to donate 3 winter coats that were too small for my mom. *credit*

02-24-2013, 11:35 AM
Hi declutterers!

Yes, onebyone, I notice that I do have a clutter mentality. Where I notice it the most right now is as I am continually trying to keep that current clutter at bay. My office is always the worst and looking around it seems I haven't done anything for weeks when the reality is I had it picked up Friday when I arrived back here....

So...I will continue to persist!

Clean-already sink FL style.

Old clutter-picked up the old knitting project. I am going to make a big dent in it today.

Current clutter-I am going to get dressed (FL style) and time myself....the goal to have all the current stuff picked up. I will report back.

helping rachel
02-24-2013, 05:34 PM
Hi to all,

Not much going on my way. Made food to send back to college with my son. Cleaned mess and then have dinners made here for 3 nights. Will work on upstairs office even if I don't want to. No choice.

Talk with you all later, in funky mood since son left. Happy for him , always sad to see my kids go. All part of life's process.

02-25-2013, 09:42 AM
Hi declutterers!

I once again pondered on the power of routine as I completed my daily stuff. I actually enjoyed putting everything the cat box and working on the old knitting project, even if for just 5 minutes. Progress is progress.

I noticed, too, how much DH is pitching into the morning routine. He made smoothies and picked up in the kitchen. When I went to get the laundry he had already taken it upstairs AND had made the bed. I think the more I stay in routine the more he is finding that he wants to be a part of it.

Back later....gotta head off to work.

helping rachel
02-25-2013, 09:58 AM
Good morning all!

Cleaned out pantry and organized food. I have the refrigerator on my list after morning conference call. Getting some mojo back to push to the next project. I like waking up finding the house picked up. (credit) I did that before bed last night.

Progress is progress. Not perfection, as perfection is pure fiction. Carry on, decluttering friends.

02-25-2013, 09:58 PM
Decluttering Folks

Made a dent myself in organizing my computer files so I can take advantage of unexpected opportunites to pursue opportunities. What's that saying? Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I am get ready to be lucky my friends!

I also added new work to my art blog and my reg. blog and am considering finally setting up a website again. I like the blogs a lot. Super easy to do and to add to. But I can't show all the categories that I work in. You need to search it to find stuff and older posts are tough to get unless you search.

For me, this falls under decluttering. You wouldn't believe how many places I have files related to artwork I have done. And I have big files and smaller thumbnails all depending on where they will be used. I really should get a dedicated portable hard drive just for my artwork. Actually this is not a bad solution. Gather them all up onto one hard drive. Hmmm.

House-wise I bought a small white table (16" wide) to go between the useless pedestal sink in the bathroom and the little wall that juts out cause that's where my linen closet is. We don't have a medicine cabinet, just a closet with shelves. No shelves anywhere else in the bathroom, just the pedestal sink, the edge of the tub, a holder for stuff in the shower, screwed into the tile (!) and the window sill of the small window. One small bar for hand towels. Two ceramic hooks for one towel each. It's a poor set up. I got really tired of having my toothbrush hang around here and there. DH keeps his in the closet, the thought of which drives me crazy. So I found this little table with a drawer and a door with two shelves inside. Bought a little vanity set: toothbrush holder, soap dish (a bit too big) and a hand soap pump. Then I got new towels, which was the catalyst cause DH could not find a clean towel this morning. I'm tired of living like a student, y'know? Using everyone's hand-me-downs. So I bought 2 face cloths, 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels, not great quality but everything goes together for the first time in my life. And as a bonus I got 6 fake battery operated candles (cause of cats) and an inexpensive white dish to put them on so I can move them when/where I want to. Now I can have a bath without having to listen to the overhead fan cause it's on when the light turns on. Makes having a bath NOT relaxing. The cashier saw my stuff and said "You must have a very sophisticated bathroom." "I'm trying," I said.

Still not sure how to best use the space in the new table though. I think if I can free up one shelf in that linen closet for, oh, linens, :rofl: that might be a place to start.

I'm aiming to get a bunch of decluttering stuff done this week and next. Need another list, but not tonight. I am ex-haus-ted. Bye for now.

02-26-2013, 07:59 AM
Hi declutterers!

Nice onebyone! I wish I had a functional bathtub.

In a rush this morning....will still find time to pick up current clutter...make

02-26-2013, 08:50 AM

Just wanted to say out loud I will put the clean dishes away and clean the dirty ones before I leave this morning.

UPDATE: all dishes done except those in progress-having breakfast now. 1st batch put away, new ones drying.*bonus surprise* DH decided to store his dehydrator above the cupboards so I now have a cupboard space that is easily accessed (the key here) to store :stir:cooking pots in! yay!

I also took a jpg of my new bathroom corner.

Rock:dancer: on decluttering buddies.

helping rachel
02-26-2013, 10:21 AM
OnebyOne, Your bathroom sounds wonderful. Good job on starting to organize all your art files on your computer. What talent to have a website and blog.

Lexxiss: Way to do the 1-2-3 even in a hurry. I loved hearing your DH is doing the dance with you!

Had a fantastic day of cleaning yesterday. I scrubbed showers, bathtubs, floors, toliets and vacuumed the entire house. It feels good just to sit here this morning and have a cup of coffee. I am starting to work on a personal art journal today, so I made space for that. I already started laundry as the coffee was brewing and just a have few pick me ups.

Talk with you all later.

02-27-2013, 09:25 AM
Hi declutterers!

It's a snow day. As I look at the calendar it's less than a month until Spring and the wind down of this decluttering challenge. It is a good day to stay home and make some more progress forward.

onebyone, I love the pic of your new cabinet! It is really beautiful and I can see why the store clerk commented on your purchases! It is very clean and stylish!

Tami (helping rachel), wow! That's alot of cleaning for a day! I'd be interested in hearing more about your personal art journal.

"Linens" and linen closets...etc. Since onebyone mentioned purchasing the new and matching towels....I've been thinking it's time to go through my kitchen/bath towels AND my bed linens. It's time to look and reevaluate.
1. to keep 2 sets of sheets/pillowcases AND put all the rest in thrift!
2. to sort out any bath towels that are stained/torn/worn and either turn them into rags or donate to the local animal shelter.

In addition this morning I;
~ looked around
~ made a list
Today I will focus on that list and probably add some more to it. With the FL procrastination list in mind, I have already disassembled my final defunct laptop. IT's now ready for recycle. :carrot: I'm going to try for a few more of those procrastinated projects today. (BTW- that one took less than 10 minutes)

Interesting work experience I thought I'd share. Monday when I got to work our "main" waitress cooler had broken and all it's contents emptied out. It houses lots of stuff to be super accessible; all juices(apple, orange, cranb., grapefruit, tomato), milk, bloodymarymix, creamers, choc.milk, cut lemons, whipped cream for hot choc, and indiv.sour creams. Well, Monday was very busy and all these items got spread between 3 other coolers. Milk and OJ in salad cooler, lemons and sour cream in beer cooler, everything else way back in the big walk in cooler.
It was such a difficult day....when you made a hot choc. you had to run to the back cooler to put whipped cream on top...then again for a was just crazy. Same for a here, vodka there, garnishes in a 3rd much wasted effort (of course, out of necessity for the day)
It got fixed Monday night and I put everything back in place yesterday morning. It was such a powerful reminder of the power of routine and the importance of having "stuff" organized and accessible.
With everything back in place, work yesterday was a breeze. I transfer that information to my home environment. When I declutter and in the process find permanent locations for items I choose to keep my daily routine is so much more manageable.

helping rachel
02-27-2013, 10:20 AM
OnebyOne: I love your new cabinet and towel colors. The candles add an extra touch.

Lexxiss: I needed to hear your story about work. It reminds me of how much anxiety I get when I don't know where something is. It does take so much longer to go on a wild goose chase to find the basics vs. knowing where the designated home is.

I am constructing a project for work via my life.....What does it look like to take care of the Soul. As I call it-- "soul tending". I am working on the cover right now and will let you know of the insights and parts that come forth. My journal entry started out with a request to my Master Carpenter that knows the condition of my soul and what needs restoring, cleaning out and simply the parts that are blocked from the flow of agape love. Flow is my word for the year so that ties into letting flow into the parts of my self that need resources.
I take daily time to tend and hold compassionate presence with a friend each week to process issues.

I was thinking how this ties into the decluttering process we have been in. Things that I have absorbed from others that aren't needed. I painted a box yesterday that hold my beliefs. I am preparing truth cards to go in there as I have a foundational amount. What is important for me is to take it from truth to belief. Candace Pert, a Ph.D.who was in the PBS series, ]What the bleep do we know? and Healing and the mind, talks about how we can be stuck in old behaviors from unexpressed negative emotions. She goes on to say that by learning to bring your awareness to past experiences and conditioning--memories stored in the very receptors of your cells-you can release yourself from these blocks, this 'stuckness'.

To put in simple terms, recognize the "storied conceptualized self' from the past and challenge it with how you want to show up today. We re-author what it looks like to live as a healthy person vs. someone who eats when and whatever they want. We re-author what is looks like to live as a cluttered procrastinating person to one that has a daily routine with actions that support what it looks like to have a functional home. thoughts are now my beliefs with actions to back them up. I am living a new "story" with new neural pathways (habits/thoughts/actions) to support my values.

I bet you wish you never asked!!!!!

Hope you have a blessed day.

helping rachel
02-27-2013, 10:25 AM
Old Clutter: Labeling plastic bins in Craft Room.

New Clutter: Put my new stamps, paints, and craft items in the proper storage space.

Clean: Frig-- pulled a bag of spinach out today that was nasty. Time to clorex that bad boy.

02-27-2013, 10:49 AM
hi everybody!!
I've just finished reading the Beck Diet Solution and I really enjoyed it and I'm excited to dive into it.
I began reading it a few weeks ago, before I went away on vacation, so it really wasn't a good time to start (I went on a Caribbean cruise!!).
now I'm back and I've made my Advantage Response Card.
I've got my Weight Watchers meeting at noon today, here at work.
I need a Diet Coach and wonder if that is what this thread is about?
are you all coaching each other?
or is the moderator the coach?
I would like to be a part of an current active thread on the Beck Solution and hope this is it.
thanks for listening and I appreciate your guidance on getting started.

02-27-2013, 09:39 PM

I am back.
I missed you and look forward to chatting again soon.
I am off to read all the posts.
This is what I posted on the other site. I can explain more if anyone is interested.

Hello everyone, I am back. Oh how I have missed you all.
My counselor thought it would be best if I trusted real people as I went through my counseling. I tried to convince her you are all real people. She felt I was practicing avoidance because I didn't feel like dealing with phoney people. She thought that because I have never met any of you maybe I was hiding behind a computer. I agreed to try it her way. Did I mention I did not enjoy this one little bit. I missed you, and all the support you give each other and me too. It felt like forever. I am done with her for now and I am doing well. It felt awful because she asked me to give up one of the major supports I have, my beck coaches. Did I mention I am so glad to be back. I tried to explain that this exercise caused stress in my life, it did not help me, other than to understand I enjoy this site and I feel I need to be here.
I will try to catch up on all the posts.
Have a great night and I look forward to being back.

02-28-2013, 07:01 AM
Hi LuLu (LuLu01801) -

Yep, the monthly check in thread ( is where we serve as Diet Coach and Diet Buddy to each other. It's a group thing. The moderator (me) is just one of us for coaching - except that he has the power to remove all the Spam that shows up from Nigeria and the world.

This particular thread we're posting on now is about decluttering - one of the Beck Strategies that affects a bunch of us. Feel free to join it.

And also do come over to post on our Monthly Thread where we do our Diet Coach/Buddy thing.

02-28-2013, 09:05 AM
Hello all.

I shoveled for an hour this morning
emptied the dishwasher
folded laundry
Found some toys and books to put in for donation.
Now I am off to help out at school.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Take Care

02-28-2013, 10:57 AM
Hi declutterers!

A rough start to my day. I asked DH for some help this morning and he stormed gratitude there. I'm not sorry I asked because some of this IS his responsibility but he broke my very old and favorite coffee cup in the his sister made for me years ago. My reality is that NOT doing stuff is not going to move me forward OR replace my mug.
old clutter-must put disassembled computer in recycle's sitting on a counter in the laundry room
current clutter-will do my best today.

Ann, welcome back!