Beck Diet Solution - Clearing the Way to Spring: Jan 1/Mar 20, 2013 Decluttering Challenge/Support Thread

02-28-2013, 02:48 PM
Hello Declutterers

Plan for today:

Old Clutter: do the 1st three boxes from my mountain obscuring light from the window ______

Current Clutter: break down empty boxes in middle of kitchen floor _____

Clean: clean surface of stove. It's really icky. ____

End of Feb. So great.

helping rachel
02-28-2013, 11:34 PM
:hug::hug:Lexxiss: Sorry to hear that you had a rough start to your day. I dedicated my art page to you today. My truth was this.....

All things change when we do.

Act as what you do matters because it does.

We have to get off our duffs and move.

Do one thing for yourself and one for the good of the whole.

How do you want to show up?- You only have today.

Thinking of how you are such a support to so many. It matters, your actions toward your mom and DH matters. Deborah was such a leader in the bible, you wear that name well in your own sphere of influence with the one's you influence. Hope you wake up tomorrow with a blessing and better start to the day.

OnebyOne: Love seeing your 1-2-3:carrot::carrot:sending good vibes your way.

Busy day with work. Made dinner, hosted a ministry meeting for 10 tonight. Cleaned kitchen and area when meeting was done. Will work on projects tomorrow. Maintaining the basics which makes my life so much easier! Ran on the treadmill today even though I was squeezed for time.

Ann: So glad you are back with us. We are here to support, listen and encourage you. We are not an illusion. Most of all this is a "Safe Container" to pour our process into.

03-01-2013, 06:30 AM
Hello Ladies,

Debbie, sorry to hear you had a tough day yesterday. I hope today is much better. I thought of you this morning before coming here. I woke up at 3 am, not sure why. I have been up really early. Oh yes back to thinking of you. I was thinking I don't feel like doing any thing right now but I thought of you mentioning that even 5 minutes of doing something could make a difference
Old Clutter- 15mins in basement getting more toys books for donation
Clutter - kitchen cabinet full of mugs that are never used - some put in donation bag.
Current clutter- sons shorts on the floor -he was trying them all on to see which ones fit, (we are going on vacation)- ones that fit folded and picked up off the floor, ones that are too small, in donation bag.

Clean- bathroom for 5 minutes, not done but a start.

Tami, I love it - "Soul Tending" - a truly amazing concept. Thank you.

Onebyone- I love your bathroom cabinet, seeing the towels makes me realize I don't have matching towels. I could put a bit more effort into making my house more pleasing to one's eye.

Lulu - welcome.

Bill- waving to you?

Where are you Julia?

Waving hello to everyone. Come and visit,

Have a great day everyone.
I need to go finish cleaning the bathroom now.

Take Care

03-01-2013, 11:14 AM
Hello friends!

Thank you for such encouraging words. I took those words to heart. :hug:

Ann(Newlifestyle), I recognized this morning the power of OUR online group. I was still in bed and DH was hollering at me from downstairs that coffee was ready. I'm still upset with him. I read the posts here from my Iphone and said to myself get up and get going. I doubt if my counselor would have taken that early morning call. lol As many years as I've posted here at 3fc I feel I have so many "true" friends and have met one in person. I'd gladly meet up with any of you any day.

Well, my morning has turned into a's snowing here so my mom needs a ride to all day process....she has a meeting 10-3.

Even so I've decided to move forward.
I didn't want to do anything this morning but I made the bed, tidied up the tv room, put some current clutter away in my office and did the dishes. credit. It will make me feel better when I get home.

Take care everyone!

Mountain Mamma
03-01-2013, 12:37 PM

Hello everyone, I am back. Oh how I have missed you all.
My counselor thought it would be best if I trusted real people as I went through my counseling. I tried to convince her you are all real people. She felt I was practicing avoidance because I didn't feel like dealing with phoney people. She thought that because I have never met any of you maybe I was hiding behind a computer. I agreed to try it her way. Did I mention I did not enjoy this one little bit. I missed you, and all the support you give each other and me too. It felt like forever. I am done with her for now and I am doing well. It felt awful because she asked me to give up one of the major supports I have, my beck coaches. Did I mention I am so glad to be back. I tried to explain that this exercise caused stress in my life, it did not help me, other than to understand I enjoy this site and I feel I need to be here.


Ann, glad you are back. I tried to respond in the other thread but it was closed (is it March already?!).

Not real people?! :chin::chin::chin: Does your counselor think we are highly trained dogs with opposable paws or something? Well, I am a REAL person! and I look forward to chatting with you and other real people!

03-01-2013, 02:52 PM
Hello declutterers,
I am back. After my short trip to Phoenix I just fell out of step with myself. I avoided this thread and you guys out of shame. Not that you would judge me, but I would judge myself. I've fallen back into my usual rut with life. Neglecting my home, neglecting my e-mails to my loved ones and on and on.
It seems I'm back to my old self-flaggelating (sp) mode. FAILURE! FAILURE! (imagine this flashing on and off.
Coming back and reading reminds me that this is a long process and baby steps are the way to making my home a comfortable, calming place to be. Thank you for being here to remind me that it is doable and a little bit each day will get me where I want to be.
Lexxiss You are my north star. I take it that this has been a year long process for you. I will take heart that I can get there too. I get discouraged because I don't have much buy-in from my DH and I am resentful when I spend time cleaning up after him, me and DD. I take it that you haven't had much help from him in the past but you are gently working on it. How did you get to the point where you forged ahead despite his lack of contribution? [forgive me if I've misinterpeted]
Tami thank you for the inspiring re-authoring post. I can rewrite my habits.
Ann Thanks for looking for me! I've thought about you alot while you've been gone. I identified with you because of our recent family losses. I'm so glad you are back. I'm a little perplexed about your counselor's advice. I know how comforting it is for me to come here and communicate with people who understand my struggles with clutter, disorganization and excess weight. It helps keep me focused. How can that be detrimental? Oh, well, glad you are back and I must say that your posts sound optomistic and upbeat.
OneByOne Love the bathroom picture. I so admire your insights on both threads.

I'm going to go get caught up on the weight loss thread and then dive into the day. I have today off so I am going to get some cleaning and maybe even decluttering done!

03-01-2013, 05:48 PM
Decluttering Coaches:

It's March. I was reding on Flylady that they are working on 40 days and 40 nights of decluttering and dreaming big. I read there ( about the whole doing one box a day and 40 boxes would get done and I heard my :devil: voice saying one box a day is nothing. :?:

Sheesh. I always always always want myself to *suffer*. I think it has to be hard, difficult, a chore. One box doesn't sound very tough, therefore my :devil: says, this suggestion can't possibly work.

I'm not always so skeptical. I don't always believe this. I used to. So there is progress. It's one of those many things that you can't think your way out of, you just have to do it, try it, and then decide. Put your skepticism aside and give it a shot.

So I'm going to try this until I leave for my residency on March 15th. 15 days=15 boxes. That's over 1/2 of my pile done before I leave. I'd feel pretty good.

03-02-2013, 07:52 AM
Good morning all,
I am posting now because somehow the days go by so fast and then I don't have time to post later. Yikes.

We are going on holidays starting on Monday so I am not sure if I will be able to post much. I will try. I need to come here to keep on track. You all keep me accountable. I thank you for that.

Today my plan is to clean the kitchen.
Find more things for the donation bag. I have a basement to find stuff in. It is overwhelming when I look at it but when I spend 5-15 minutes there it doesn't seem like a big task.
Thanks to you Onebyone for reminding me one box a day will accomplish many things.

Welcome back Julia, I find when DH doesn't buy into helping around the house I sometimes think why should I bother. I know this is a sabotaging thought. I just need to keep focused and worry about this place being organized so that I enjoy living here.

Debbie, wow, look at you go, even though you didn't feel like doing anything you sure got a lot done. You are so proactive.

Mountain Mama, I feel more connected to the people here and on other threads than I do to some of my many acquaintances.

Waving to everyone else and have a great day.

03-02-2013, 08:32 AM
Hi declutterers

An early morning at work...should already be out the door. Didn't feel like doing anything but picked up the kitchen, picked up some clutter and cleaned a coffee mess DH made.


03-02-2013, 11:46 AM
Hello and good morning.

Heading out to Seedy Saturday this morning. Going to look at ... seeds! LOL.

*credit for doing laundry already (now in the dryer).

Off to attend Seedy Saturday then a drive to Hamilton to meet a guy (DH stuff) at the original Tim Horton's, inventors, they claim, of the apple fritter and the dutchie.

Once home, I will tend to one box of old clutter.

See you later.

update: just got back. walked a lot. sick kitty asleep on my lap -- decluttering/boxes in the morning. gonna enjoy the sleepy girl cat for now...dh making dinner.

03-02-2013, 05:54 PM
Hi all,
Today is going to be doing as much cleaning as possible and putting away new clutter as much as possible. The house is baaaaaaaad.

helping rachel
03-02-2013, 07:23 PM
Hi all!

Out of town, so just a quick drive by. No decluttering going on but thinking of all of you.

03-03-2013, 10:50 AM
Good morning everyone,

Just a quick note to say hello, and let you all know I am thinking of you.
As I was packing my clothes for Florida, I realized I have so many clothes I never wear. I will put them in a donation bag in the garage for when they call once again.
I cleaned the main floor bathroom today, it didn't take much time at all. Yesterday was the basement one.
Last night got rid of that King bed and mattress we never use. Hopefully the new owners enjoy it.
I feel like I am getting rid of so much but I keep finding more....yikes.
Hello to all of you and have a great day.
Take Care

helping rachel
03-03-2013, 07:02 PM
Hi all!

Just got home from being out of town. Going to craft room with egg timer to see what I can get done in one hour.

Glad to connect with You all, especially Ann and Julia. We start where we are day in and day out. Every little bit counts:)

03-03-2013, 09:06 PM
I tried to check in this morning...Internet continues to be poor. On my iPhone now... Perhaps it will get better later. I had dealt with my current clutter and old clutter this morning, In very small ways.... But I needed a small cleaning project. Upon returning home I cleaned out the toaster. Very baby steps today but I move forward.
I made a mess in my office this morning as I found a birthday card etc. For DH. Looking at it now I'd love to leave it for tomorrow but will try to start before I sit down for the evening. I hear DH bringing up laundry now.
More tomorrow....

03-04-2013, 08:50 AM
Hi declutterers!

I slept in and am on the run. I made the bed and folded my laundry anyway. I wouldn't clean anything, except for the "accountability" today. I'm going to swipe the upstairs toilet before work which was bugging me. credit.

helping rachel
03-04-2013, 09:20 AM
Good Morning.

Cleaned kitchen and washed all dishes before bed. Credit for waking up to a nice area. On conference call in 30 minutes, so first load of laundry in and will be making the overall list for the week. Every little movement toward cleaning and decluttering helps. They really do add up over the long haul.

Blessings on your day, especially since it is Monday.

helping rachel
03-05-2013, 08:58 AM
Hi all,

After I posted yesterday, I dumped my coffee on my favorite chair and ottoman. Yikkes, I had my clean chore ready for me.

Today-Dining room, clean craft project off table and put craft stuff put away.

Wash kitchen floor.

Label and organize containers in office- 1/2 hour.

03-05-2013, 03:05 PM
Hi declutterers!
I had to go in to work an hour early this morning. I didn't feel like it but I did my chores anyway. Credit
I found both old and current clutter and cleaned the cat box...talked DH into taking out trash and I gathered recycle.
I'm at work gotta run .

03-05-2013, 03:23 PM
Well Decluttering Friends I am getting nowhere. No desire to open a box. Nothing. I am focused on my sick kitty and geez, not decluttering will not help her breathe easier or make her eat her food. *crazy* OK will commit right here, right now, to opening a box and dealing with it. Will report back.

I DO want to move forward I do! I do! I do!

UPDATE: emptied one large box, one flat-always-in-the-way box and one small box that isn't being emptied as it's storing ceramic work all wrapped up. *credit credit credit* Opened up 1/3 - 1/2 of my table by the window. I feel energized to do 2 more and then I am caught up with doing one box a day. March 5 = 5 boxes. Also started a donation box with a few things in it already. Garbage day is tomorrow night as well so I can get rid of some of the trash I discovered too.

Heard that my mini printing press has arrived! Off to pick it up when DH is done work. Yay! Found bits of stuff that will go into my work which will be derived from that press--also found two books directly related to the type of printmaking I will do with that press so all is good. Not sure if the press is coming here and then to my studio tomorrow or directly to the studio tonight. I think it depends on how heavy it is to carry. If it takes two of us, it'll go directly to it's new home in my studio.

So, all this good stuff and the sun is shining. The only dark spot is Looloo who is really creaky, moving slowly and hiding today. She has eaten twice today, each time three or four big chomps of cat food and a few licks b efore the chomps. It's not unusual for her to eat like this and we have to always tap the bowl to get her attention and to re-focus her attention on her food bowl (I know. I have never met a feline like this.) The vet called and said we can bring her in for a free follow-up appt but I am reluctant to subject to her to too much added stress. I think I'll ask about appetite stimulants (another cat of ours had that for a while) but I'll bet he wants to do a blood test/urinalysis before he prescribes anything. He seems like a very cautious, thorough, vet.

Must go. Off to get DH soon. I have time to do another box so I think I'll go get it. Bye. Last Update: Did one more box then had #5 out and it was.... the box witht he dolls that stumped me last time. It doesn't stump me today but that box is all over the map so I closed it back up. I have several easier ones to deal with and will take the liberty of postponing the doll box one more time. 4 boxes emptied so far. *credit.* Also: cleaned: washed pedestal sink/taps in bathroom down. Used shampoo I loathe. *credit* So grundgy. Very shiny clean now. Threw out two bars of soap I bought from a fellow farmers' market vendor in October that are really not good bars of soap. *credit for letting them go* Also Looloo has totally disappeared after Caesar (other cat) sniffed her butt while she was standing in the sunshine, and then I picked her up (hates that) and put her back in the sun. She jumped down, I turned around, and she is gone. I hope she's just hiding. Sad that she's missed out on the sun though.*sigh*

03-05-2013, 07:44 PM
Kudos, onebyone! By the time I got home from work you had made LOTS of progress on your progress report. What great strategies you used today...saying no choice to your desire to not do anything and instead making a choice to move forward! Reclosing the doll box is really effective when you have many other boxes to choose from. The time will be right to deal with it. Great, too, to find something to clean and something to just get rid of. I'm pretty picky with soaps and have just gotten rid of some handmade ones I didn't like, either.

Recognizing that your decluttering process will ultimately help LooLoo is very realistic...and perhaps a very effective thought for your continued progress forward. I hope she finds some more progress forward.

Ok. nap time/

03-06-2013, 08:35 AM
Hi declutterers!

Work today....

So 1-2-3:dance:
old clutter-paperwork! I have several unfinished projects sitting next to the computer. They all require phonecalls for more information. I organized them and wrote the #'s on paper to take to work...perhaps I can deal with a few this morning during slow time. If not, I pledge to complete them all tomorrow on my day off.

current clutter-off to do right now....I'm going to start upstairs making the bed, picking up in the office, tv room...downstairs to dining room table and's not too bad today.

clean-I am going to pull out the vacuum and do the entryway carpet. I noticed this morning that it's got a collection (good) because it doesn't get tracked to the rest of the house if I keep it clean regularly.

helping rachel
03-06-2013, 08:53 AM
Taking my DD to the cardiologist the morning, will check back later.


03-06-2013, 10:10 AM

Off to my studio for most of the day today. Will be taking a fresh look at my space to see what can go where. It felt jam-packed last night when we dropped off the press (!). It's sitting in a crate on the floor right now. Some presses need access on both sides of the machine as your roll your print under the rollers in one direction and then take the print out. And then the next print can be made but you are rolling the machine back again and so turning the wheel to roll it from the other side of the machine = needing access on both sides. My space is quite narrow so this may mean a total re-configuration. Whatever my press needs, it will get. It is priority #1.

At home I plan to do two boxes, to catch me up to 6 for March 6th.(old clutter)
Would like to do dishes as well (new clutter)
and I plan to clean the outside and inside of the toilet today done as well as the mirror in the bathroom. (clean)

Helping Rachel: yikes on taking your daughter to the cardiologist. Hope all goes well! Thinking of you :hug: and her :hug:

helping rachel
03-06-2013, 11:21 PM
OnebyOne: So happy for your new press and the artistic endeavors ahead. What fun to have a new piece of equipment to express....

Crazy day. EKG, ECHO......waiting for reports from a cardiologist that looks like my own daughter! On to the endocrinologist to find out what is going on with insulin, metabolic issues and talking PCOS. A journey to find answers that is for sure. Not much else going on. Met with a friend who is healing from deep sad abuse since the age of 3. Realizing we all need a little more compassion in this life and let it begin with me.

Hugs and Sweet dreams toward your life's values.

03-07-2013, 10:15 AM
Hi Everyone

Forgot to take *credit for dropping off a box at the Salvation Army yesterday. They gave me a coupon for $5 off my next $25 purchase. I didn't expect that.

Today I am looking at emptying the four boxes that obscure the rest of the window inthe dining room Caesar was fascinated by a squirrel on a tree right outside that window and I can use the light to start some seeds in soon. = old clutter

new clutter = dishes and maybe a general floor pickup. Lots of stuff, mostly papers, boxes etc lying on the floor. They need to go in the recycle bin.

clean=bathroom mirror and window/window sill. Maybe one tiled wall of the tub/shower. Will probably set a timer for 15min and see how far I get and stop.

See ya!

03-07-2013, 11:30 AM
Hi declutterers!

Tami(helping rachel), I hope you are finding helpful/hopeful answers with your DD and cardiologist. I send out supportive thoughts today. :hug:

onebyone, Credit for moving forward and posting today's 1-2-3 :dance: even amidst stressful times on the home front. Extra credit for dropping stuff off at Goodwill. I think it's such a helpful strategy to take the stuff out of our space as soon as we are able...once we have decided it is leaving. It just frees that space so much sooner.

Me, at home today. It's beautiful out but I have some serious paperwork I'd like to make progress forward with. I found out yesterday that I was not taking a deduction on state taxes that I could have been. I can go back 4 years. IF I do that I will get approx. $200/year which will mean I can use that money for DH's DD's wedding expenses instead of having to budget for it.
I really feel that the only reason I finally found this out is because I could take time because everything else is in very good order. Credit for daily progress which has made this possible.

Even so, I will 1-2-3 today

old clutter= tackling old taxes

current clutter=pick up, make bed, do dishes and put away

clean=I "noticed" the bedroom needs a vacuum so I'll do that and dust while I'm there.

03-08-2013, 10:08 AM
Hi declutterers!

I persisted until 830pm last night, with a short break to Denver. I'm headed down this morning with 3 years amended taxes which will put over $1000. in the slush fund. credit. I really credit my finding the glitch to being more organized.

Today's 1-2-3 dance

old clutter-"special" recycle is in the car, which includes the final old laptop I took apart last week.

current clutter-will deal with when I return

clean-cat box and dust dining room.

helping rachel
03-08-2013, 10:46 AM
Whoo hooo! for you Lexxiss! Wow, what a reward to your organization. I am going to sit with that for a moment............................................ ..............

OnebyONe--way to go to get the box off to SA. Sounds like your cats are enjoying the view and space as well.

Hi Julia and Ann- Sending hugs your way.

Hi all others who read this thread, may you find an unexpected blessings in your day.

It doesn't mean that what we are doing to declutter isn't hard, but boy is it worth it!

Off to Children's Hospital this morning. Did my cleaning last night while I was making dinner. Used my no choice card. I have a list to work on when I get to fill my car up and wash it, before we take off.


03-08-2013, 02:37 PM
Decluttering Friends

Made no decluttering progress yesterday. So more modest list for today
1) clean off stove top
2) gather all cat food dishes and clean them so the are ready to go
3) toss out opened cat food Looloo snubbed in our quest to get her to eat this week
4) old clutter-next two boxes by the dining room window
5) B]enjoy[/B] a peaceful bath this evening

03-08-2013, 10:44 PM
Hello declutterers!

Tomorrow is my long day at work and this evening I found myself thinking ahead. I seem to have done the majority of my Saturday dance tonight. Kudos.

old clutter-finally took down the wreath (which I had committed to do two weeks ago). It's stored in the basement ready for next year.
current clutter-I picked up downstairs and enlisted DH's help for a few household chores. I did dishes and spent 10 minutes in the office going through mail/etc/even though I didn't feel like it.
clean-ongoing...did the cat box

I'll check back after work tomorrow....if I can log traffic rules with our cell towers here.

03-09-2013, 09:52 AM
Hi Everyone

Just reporting in that yesterday *credits* I returned my waaayyyyy overdue library books and I cleaned the mirror in the bathroom, and wiped off the window sill, the wall under/around the window, the mirror, the light switches and the door knob-anywhere there was dirt or smudges that I could find. Ready to start the tile in the shower/bathtub area next.

helping rachel
03-09-2013, 09:58 AM
Hi all,

Trying to regroup after a long week of medical tests and trying to find some answers for DD. She has one extra vein in heart but that isn't what is causing the fainting ect....We start a new process of Endocrine tests next week. I think she has PCOS and something with her metabolic system, in addition to wearing this heart monitor for a month. So the journey for answers continues.

Don't know what I am to do around here, but I will start my egg timer and do whatever I see for an hour.

03-10-2013, 03:28 PM

On my agenda today is a bathroom cleanup. This means:

1) washing down tiles in bathtub/shower area done
2) cleaning the inside of the bathtub done
3)cleaning the edge/outside of bathtub done
4)removing cat litter box, garbage can whatever else is on the floor done
5) sweeping bathroom floor done
6)wet mopping bathroom floor done

(Time elapsed to get it done=1 hr)

OMG coaches. We have THE WORST low flow toilet in the world. And after the umpteenth toilet clog from "regular use" this morning I could not get it to unclog with the plunger. SO i googled it in frustration, like almost in tears frustration, and seeing the 5 star rating (41 reviews) I went out and bought a Rigid K-6 Toilet Auger. Pricey but not as pricey as having to call my fusspot landlord who told us that if we clogged the toilet again he would ask us to pay the half of the last (and 1st) plumbing charge and the full cost of the plumbing charge next time. So, wanting to avoid this I paid the $70 for this heavy duty tool which did the job. OMG. SO GLAD to have found a solution. (If any of you have this issue go get that tool. Do not bother with anything else. JMHO)

Needless to say I added another 5 star review to the home depot site for that tool. Anyway, even with this, there is clean up to do from my effort before I went out and bought the thing. It was time to get to it anyway.

I'll set the timer and do it Flylady style: dressed to lace up shoes and in 15min chunks. done

03-10-2013, 10:49 PM
Hi declutterers!

Wow, onebyone! When I read your list this morning from my iphone I thought what an ambitious coming back I am so impressed and amazed that was a one hour job. Kudos.

I, too, tackled a 1 hour project today....I took down all the items from the top of my kitchen cabinets...washed cabinet tops/all items then put them back up.

old clutter-fixed a broken necklace sitting on my dresser for a month

current clutter-picked up

might see you tomorrow or not...internet is down to nothing here these days. It happens every Christmas and spring break season with ski traffic.

I can read with my iphone but am not good at any extensive typing.

03-11-2013, 08:56 AM
I went to the office immediately after getting up and got my necessary paperwork taken care of while DH made coffee. credit

current clutter-laundry folded, tv room picked up. Still have dishes to do...will do while DH makes smoothie.

old clutter-?? Federal time now but will see if I have internet when I get home from work.

clean-(just did) upstairs bathroom sink and counters.

03-12-2013, 09:22 AM
Got up late and did what I could....did my usual picking up, making bed, etc...felt very tired today but did it anyway.

Thinking of my friends here who are going through difficult times. :hug:

helping rachel
03-12-2013, 10:00 AM
Hi all,

Up early- started laundry as coffee is being made. Glad some movements are automatic these days. Get a chore done before you even wake up.

Heading out to a new set of Doctor appointments. I have to send in the heart rhythms from DD fainting on Saturday.

I have been exercising solidly since last week. I found that once my stress hits a certain point, I have to do a "routine" to bring things back into balance.

Lexxiss: Sounds like this week is a busy week for you with Spring break and taxes. Exciting to be getting some cash back. I hope you reward yourself for all you hard work. (Non food of course!)
OnebyOne: Well, you are doing what you name means.....Great job on knocking out so many chores in one hour. You are rocking the cleaning boat. Have a great time this next week as you go away and have time to release your artistic gifts. Sending prayers for the healing for your kitty.
Way to problem solve avoiding your landlord. $70 sounds like it was worth not having to dealing him!

I am running errands after Dr. appointments. Need paint for a bedroom that hasn't been painted in 19 years. Pillows to go with the bedding from Kohl's are on sale. One of my rewards from changing my habits is that I don't have returns to take back. Such a good feeling to have things in order and not out buying things to buy for boredom or entertainment. Again, activity not wrong but is it in balance and what I really want. The value of Order is high on my list.

03-12-2013, 05:19 PM
Hello All

Everytime I go into that bathroom I marvel that I can see my reflection in the bathroom tiles. OMG LOVE THAT. The bathroom stay clean and is a testament to my ability to clean things. I *can* do this. I *will* do this.

As this challenge draws to a close, with one week left I actually only have 2 days left here at home before I am gone for a week. I think I will make it my priority to get the boxes completed that are sitting in the dining room window so that space is freed up for starting seeds and for existing cats and plants to share the growing sunlight. For me the next challenge will focus on, one more time, getting my place "landlord ready" and between Spring and the onset of Summer he will be in my apartment to unlock the thermostat (yes, he keeps it under lock and key) turn off the heat and turn on the air conditioning. MY kitchen appliances need cleaning. The hallway wand the new furnitures needs to be used and set up properly and the living room/dining area needs to look "normal". We're not there yet but it all starts with the decluttering and the removal of unnecessary items.

For today I will deal with one cardboard box and the long plastic storage box-that I really don't like very much-that the cardboard box sits on.

OLD CLUTTER *set timer*
1) cardboard box
2) long plastic storage box

CLEAN*set timer*
3) cat bowls/cat spoons cleaned
4) cat bowls piled near cat food with cat spoons

NEW CLUTTER*set timer*
5) gather up all old newspapers into recycle bin
6)clear out stuff from along the wall of the hallway just around rhe corner from the kitchen

TONIGHT: start making a list of what to bring with me to my residency for the week away

03-13-2013, 10:05 AM
Hello all!

onebyone, yay for that wonderful feeling when you walk into your spiffy bathroom....and especially for your personal testament that you *can* clean something and keep it that way. I found that once I got into more of an everyday mentality with the bathrooms that it became much easier to just keep them clean. Good, too, that you are thinking ahead both for packing for your residency and where you're going to focus for our next *segment* of 1-2-3-ing.

Tami(helping rachel), yay for exercising solidly while you deal with all the day to day *stressful* medical stuff. I, too, am noticing that I don't have the returns that I used to. I tend to think out purchases more and will often "not buy" until I think it through a little more.

We're packing up for 2-1/2 days away. I don't really have much to do to get ready...and ready our home. I am grateful and give credit to myself today and voice my sincere gratitude for my friends here. I really thrive with this accountability and have made so much progress forward. My values "are" changing and I am learning to enjoy the way the new stuff feels.

So: Today's 1-2-3
I already have laundry in, dishes done and bed made. Tv room is picked up. The office doesn't look too bad but I'll pick up current clutter before I go. Cleaning will be both toilets, which these days is just a 4 minute job. creditflylady for practical solutions.

I'll check in if I can. Last year we enjoyed going through multitudes of antique stores with our friend. I came home with one picture for our bedroom. It is hanging and I enjoy it. (Oh, and I bought an old pyrex bowl with pouring spouts on both sides) It's small but I mix eggs in it and it has a place, too. I won't bring anything home unless it has a specific purpose. I'll just enjoy the experience of looking and spending time with our friend.

helping rachel
03-14-2013, 09:32 AM
Lexxiss: I want to "voice" my appreciation for support from you as well. I know the change from the "cluttered, avoidance, lack of resource part of me" could not have changed without support. One of my favorite quotes from my Art Journal says : "the resources that I had as a child are much different than the resources I have as an Adult". It is nice to be connected with other caring, compassionate and like minded friends. Lots of people don't give a hoot if I get my internal and external house in order. I am glad that we have a place to share our process and encourage change.

OnebyOne: I loved reading your experience of seeing yourself in your clean bathroom tiles. What a wonderful reward! I hope your time away brings inspiration, reflection and fun. I will be praying for Looloo to get healthier.

We are in our next series of medical tests with DD. Will return heart monitor today at Children's hospital.

I had a victory yesterday in my thinking and action. I was thinking I need to dust and vacuum the Master Bedroom. I AUTOMATICALLY THOUGHT it will only take me 15 minutes to have it done. So off I went to get the supplies and voila! done in 15 minutes. The reward was mine when I came up to bed and rested in such a clean, decluttered area. My brain landed on the truth on the first go- around. So happy for that. My confidence is increasing.

I had a few girlfriends over Saturday night. One of them commented that I have so much stuff in my office. Wow, this pinched me a bit as I have made such strides. I decided that I like my stuff---books, art and craft supplies. I facilitate classes at our counseling office that require much of my material. I keep it updated and focus on how to integrate concepts. I also facilitate a healing retreat for women , once a year so those supplies are in there. I am saying that I am happy that I have lots of stuff to help me understand and cope with life. I especially like that I take the time to give what I learn away and to help others grow into their own authentic self. I just did::D

Lexxiss as you are out and about, with your friend, I was wondering if you would let me know if you run across any old fashion postcards that fit in a stereoscope. I have one that I keep my truth cards in as a creative way to see my daily truth. I am curious to see if it would be reasonable to buy more.

Hi to all my other supportive sisters in cyber-land. I hope you find the truth that will set you free today.

03-14-2013, 10:43 AM
forgive my ignorance, but what does decluttering our homes have to do with the Beck Diet Solution?
thanks in advance for the insight!!

helping rachel
03-14-2013, 12:35 PM
Lulu: I am in a meeting until 2pm, I will post later with thoughts about this.

I see it as being curious not ignorant.

Mountain Mamma
03-14-2013, 02:53 PM
Tami/Helping Rachel - so sorry to hear about your daughter's heart tests. Hope all goes well. :hug:
1x1 - can't believe what you accomplished in an hour! :carrot:
Lexxis, you always inspire.

Sorry for the long post. Recently had the flu, & while camped on the sofa thought a lot about why for me some things are efficient and organized & others . . . not. :chin: Mostly it’s routine, and

1) Part is reflected by 1x1's post way back in Jan (with link to - about the style of home you want. One person's clutter is another's comfort. Personally, I THINK I like clutter-free, but you would disagree when you see my bookshelves. Yet I live with someone whose books are in perfect alphabetical order but thinks several pairs of size 15 shoes lying around the living room add to the decor. :rolleyes: So some of this is relative.

2) Part is the necessity of mess at times. I’ve known moms who didn’t have art stuff or legos in their house because of the “mess”! We hated stepping on those !@#$ legos, but what’s a childhood without those things.

3) The last part is routine. Some things I learned young & do without thinking, like putting away my shoes (unlike DH – whose mom probably did it for him :)). Maybe routines are harder in a 24/7 world of convenience. My mother was a more organized shopper – maybe partly because in her day stores closed at 6pm and on Sundays. No dash to Walmart for toilet paper at 11 pm! A weight-loss example is the old saw about making exercise routine. It’s true – routine leads to habit leads to result, whether positive or negative.

Since Beck is a behaviorist, let me ask you Becksters – what do you find you successfully keep up with just because you've always done it? What have you started or stopped because of a big change, like a move or new job? What are your blind spots? What’s your ‘happy’ clutter and what makes you cringe?

helping rachel
03-14-2013, 07:41 PM
:bravo:^^^^Good post Mountain Mamma. I will think on those questions and answer you this week.

Lulu: I have always loved the Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

The courage to change the things I can

Since Beck is about changing one's thinking and behavior, I decided to not only focus on weight-health habits but on how I take care of my home. I have a desire for more energy, insight and self-care that involves both my physical being and physical environment. So I am in the process of using the Beck tips to shed old thought patterns that don't serve me anymore. Releasing habits that don't work toward the value of my health. Also, working toward letting go of my attachments to things that don't serve a purpose in my home. So as I let go of these old ways of thinking, I have new thoughts/habits reinforced by practicing the Beck cards both for health and home management .

Practice makes progress as perfection is pure fiction-Tami C.
They say the neurons that wire together fire together. (Formation of our thoughts and the more your think something the stronger the thought pattern)

By practicing cognitive statements over and over, it is becoming a routine/habit. In 12 step programs they have a saying "First thought throw it out". Just because I think something doesn't make it true. Meaning I can have a thought pop up and I determine if it is in my best interest to move me toward a goal. The thought is real but maybe not useful. Or as I say several times a day "Is this workable?"

I also like the fact that since I can't change my weight magically, I can clean out a drawer or organize something as a diversion to eating. Thus, "change the thing you can".

Do you have areas in your life that you are trying to change the way you think and behave using CBT?

03-15-2013, 12:20 PM
Hi declutterers!

We got to our friend's house and pretty much dumped everything in our guest room. Yesterday while the guys were outside I made the bed, organized our space and made a "list"on my iphone of personal items not to forget when we pack up. I forgot several things last year. Our space felt better and I "felt" like I could relax and enjoy our visit. This morning I've done some preliminary packing which will make things easier later today.

Several questions:
Lulu, I was introduced to BDS by a declutter thread here several years ago. I got the BDS books and started Dr. Beck's program. For me, my decluttering is a broader part of "Day 7-Arrange Your Environment. I had been trying (and trying) to work on my home environment for years. On my own, I was frustrated and gave up easily. What I found, as I decluttered, using many of the Beck strategies for successful dieting, was that it got easier and easier….much as Dr. Beck had promised me that the dieting would get easier. I have made so much headway by slowly and patiently teaching myself a daily routine while going through tons of old stuff. I notice daily how much less daily stress I have now that I have let go of stuff that no longer applies to me. As Tami(helping rachel) mentions, my values are transforming. I truly believe, for me, that keeping my home environment reasonably clean, organized and "current" will be beneficial in helping me to maintain my weightloss.

Mountain Mamma, you asked; "Since Beck is a behaviorist, let me ask you Becksters – what do you find you successfully keep up with just because you've always done it? What have you started or stopped because of a big change, like a move or new job? What are your blind spots? What’s your ‘happy’ clutter and what makes you cringe? "

1. I successfully keep my hanging items in my closet organized and sorted AND I am always current with the laundry...washing when needed and putting away when done. Why? My SIL taught me those techniques when I was 18-19 years old and living with them while in college. They felt good and still do...I didn't have much guidance growing up.
2. When we moved to a smaller house in Alaska, I put stuff in boxes and then work got busy. As I gained more physical weight I detached from alot of things and pretty much stopped trying. I hauled everything down to Colo. w/o going through stuff and put it all in the basement. I only recently started going through those items….most I have donated as they no longer apply to my current and future lifestyle.
3. My blind spots are similar to the "hotspots" that flylady describes….tops of dressers and desks, the corner of the dining room table and the counter next to the kitchen sink. I make an effort daily to keep those areas cleaned off.
4. My happy clutter is in my kitchen. I've found a way to incorporate a lot of beautiful items both above cabinets, on counter tops and hanging on the walls. What makes me cringe?? Unfinished paperwork.

So, what I stated above, now that I review it, is where I get my daily routine, my 1-2-3 dance. I keep my hotspots sorted (current clutter), continue to go through boxes (old clutter) and keep my chosen "things" and spaces (clean). As far as CBT is concerned, the longer I practice my "routine" the easier it gets. Yay!

I have chosen to take responsibility for my own stuff and will take my DH's stuff and put it on his desk. No judgement. I don't sort, organize and put his stuff away. If his shoes sit for a day I do put them in the closet. I notice he is getting better about things as our home is transforming.

How about you?

As Tami(helping rachel) also mentioned, the time and energy I have spent in my home has been a great "distraction" technique plus I have gotten lots of spontaneous exercise as I have sorted, hauled, moved and organized. My ongoing home projects help me to take my focus off food.

03-15-2013, 03:18 PM
thanks for your feedback about this thread and it's purpose in relation to the Beck Solution.
I understand.
I guess I really don't belong here because I am extremely organized, everything in it's place, zero clutter, impeccable records.
it's just part of who I am.

helping rachel
03-15-2013, 04:32 PM
Lulu: What is your process for zero clutter, I would love to know that!
Glad your home is in order and your routine is working for you.
Good luck with your weight loss.

03-15-2013, 04:47 PM
my process for zero clutter is:
1. regularly put things where they belong.
2. I donate a lot of things (I want order more than I want stuff).

helping rachel
03-16-2013, 11:29 AM
Morning Ladies:

Spent most of the day, cleaning and purging DD room. Moved furniture around, cleaned shades and organized drawers. She is gone so this will be a surprise for her when she gets home this weekend.

Mountain Mama:
I appreciate you giving "voice" to one person's comfort is another person's clutter. I do think it is relative to each person's style. I have a wonderful husband that you can put one finger between each of his organized matching shirts in his closet. I am not "wired" like that and tend to take life in more of a relaxing-laid back way. He walks in my craft room and thinks "what is all this clutter doing here!" That is part of accepting our differences. I think that brings balance to our marriage and home.

Since Beck is a behaviorist, let me ask you Becksters – what do you find you successfully keep up with just because you've always done it? What have you started or stopped because of a big change, like a move or new job? What are your blind spots? What’s your ‘happy’ clutter and what makes you cringe?

1) One thing I do well, is plan for meals and keep my kitchen in order. I love to have "soul connection' around the dinner table while serving good food. This was modeled to me from my Mother as she wrote a cooking column, canned food and maintained a 3 acre garden. Some of my very best memories. I come from a long line of Strong women who cared for my family. My Father--not so much. I am getting ready to dive into the Paleo way of eating. Good news an Organic Store just opened up near our home.

2) In December I had a light bulb go realization....was to let go of things that no longer served me. As you might have seen from a past post, I needed to purge my office. It was time to make space for this creative part of me that wanted to express and find time for Art Journaling. We only have one child at home right now and we are going room to room and simplifying. Feels good to do that but also hard because of the emotional memories that are attached to the things that I am letting go.

3) My blind spot---Putting things in a box and saying I will deal with that later. Realizing that if it isn't useful or special, it can go. Not later--decision can be made now.

4) Happy Clutter, art journals, altered books, craft supplies, sewing machine, creative books. Love my books--separated into Spiritual, Soul and Physical interests. Non-fiction -pleasure reading.

What makes me cringe--a dirty bathroom.

Thanks for asking and sharing

It touched my heart when you shared this..... "Part is the necessity of mess at times." (referring to art supplies and legos)

---I like the saying "This isn't a mess, it is creative freedom". I also like the saying "sorry about the mess, we live here. I shared this saying that I made up in my other post..."Practice makes progress as perfection is pure fiction."-Tami

03-16-2013, 06:54 PM
Hello ladies

I hope you are all well.
Tami, it is so scary about your DD. We just returned from vacation and my son isn't feeling well, I find that difficult, I can't imagine what you and your daughter are going through. I will keep you in my prayers.

Debbie, while I was on vacation I couldn't access my home email because I couldn't remember my hint questions to verify it was me on another computer. I guess it is frustrating to have tourists but also great to have tourists for the economy.

Onebyone- Have a wonderful time on Toronto Island. I hope your kitty gets better soon, it is so difficult when our pets aren't well.

Mountain Mama- the flu sucks, I hope you are feeling better.

Lulu - Welcome, I was very organized until one of my sons told his friends our home looked like a show home. I wanted my house to look and feel lived in. I need to find a happy medium.

When I returned home from vacation my house was in order, I had done it before we left. It was so nice to return to an organized house now to keep it this way....that is the challenge.

Have a great night.
Take Care

helping rachel
03-16-2013, 07:57 PM

Good to hear from you. How was your vacation. What was the highlight of your vacation. Hope your son starts to feel better.

Isn't funny how what looks normal and organized to one person, might not be the norm for another.

Have a blessed evening.

03-17-2013, 09:05 AM
Hi declutterers!

Ann(Newlifestyle), I love coming home when I've taken time to accomplish tasks before I go.

Tami(helping rachel), wow! I'll bet your DD will be surprised! I love your quote. It reminded me, once in yoga our teacher mentioned Practice. Someone volunteered, Yes, practice makes perfect. Our teached quietly replied...practice makes practice

We returned from our days away and everything got dumped. It's quite a distance from the car as we haul stuff. I had to work yesterday and was tired from the drive. When I got home from work yesterday I immediately noticed that DH had not done one thing...
I could get irritated which only hurts me.
I could just do it. I started downstairs and went through every box to clean laundry to fold groceries/recycle from trip to put away on and on.
When I finished I felt better and that's what matters.
DH expressed a little "regret" he had not helped. Whatever. For me, it's about the path of least resistence.

My internet will be sketchy today (ski traffic).
I'll commit to a 1-2-3 (after coffee)

I was...organized enough to remember to get my internet paperwork done early. credit.


helping rachel
03-17-2013, 08:01 PM
Happy St. Patty's day to all.

DD was thrilled when she got home. If fact she had tears in her eyes. Truly appreciative. My DH took a picture and said this is to remind you when you start letting things go. She was elected Vice President of her State business club. Glad for her but as her Mother, stressing balance. She has a tender heart for helping the poor, elderly and special needs. Glad for her compassionate heart but sometimes have to remind, caring for herself is on the list as well.

Motivation to get the house really clean as I will have both boys home from college with 4 additional friends. Working on Menu and some additional cleaning.

Lexxiss: Your comment hit home with me about staying true to your plan and story regardless if anyone else is. Not blending into somebody's story is priceless. Sometimes you have to duck at what is swirling around.

Hi to Julia, Mountain Mama, Onebyone and Ann! As well as anyone else!

03-18-2013, 08:57 AM
Hello everyone

I have been exhausted, this vacation is
Not really, my brother came to visit and we had many late evenings and we got up very early...yikes, does not work well for me or DS, we definitely need our sleep.

Tami- what an awesome mom you are. Kudos to you for reminding DD she has to take care of herself too. When you mentioned about sons and friends coming home from college it reminded me of our house, we always brought strays home, it made for many fond memories.

Lexi, thanks for the reminder that even though someone else may not be on board instead of being disappointed I can just move on and get it done. 15 minutes of my time is better than no time spent on a task. While I was away I checked my telephone messages and the people who pick up donations had called. I called them back to arrange pick up, I told them I would have four clear garbage bags for them. Yeah done.

As I looked around my house with my brother visiting, I realize how easy it would have been to say I will get that later, clutter follows

Onebyone, I hear there is snow coming to your area. I hope you stay nice and warm.

Julia, how are you doing and where are you. I love the captions on the bottom of your posts.

Mountain Mama, Hello to you. Have a great day.

Lulu, How are you? Did you have a nice weekend.

Hello to anyone I missed.

Take Care

helping rachel
03-18-2013, 11:51 AM
It sounds like your brother's visit is keeping you busy. I will keep in mind that clutter follows houseguests and 20 somethings! I sat and pondered how I want the space of our home to be for their arrival and what can I do to make it special for them. My son and his girlfriend are going to see the broadway show, Lion King. I thought it would be fun to do the life lessons from Lion King with them. I think she might like that as she is an Art Major. My second son is just ready for some home cooking. I love that.

Called a painter today to finish DS's bedroom. If I don't get a call back will tackle that on Wednesday.

Off to work and taking care of business.

Blessings to all, may you feel empowered to get the things done that are calling for your attention. Me included!!

03-18-2013, 09:50 PM

I think I may be trying to catch a bit of a cold...I'm headed to bed right now. This morning was rushed but I did my tasks anyway. credit. Tomorrow AM I won't get here. We're traveling after work and I have to pick my coworker up at 530.

Take care!

helping rachel
03-19-2013, 01:14 PM
Lexxis: Sending healing thoughts your way. Hope your day is filled with kindness. Safe travels after work.

Ann: What are you up to today? Your post encouraged me to make a goodwill run with DD's clothes.

Cleaned my kitchen, left the kitchen table to do with DD, as much of the clutter
belongs to her. Off to MBR for a quick 15 clean.

Sending loving thoughts to all who are reading, may you hold value and purpose in your heart today.

Mountain Mamma
03-19-2013, 04:47 PM
Hi declutterers! Several questions: Mountain Mamma, you asked; "Since Beck is a behaviorist, let me ask you Becksters – what do you find you successfully keep up with just because you've always done it? What have you started or stopped because of a big change, like a move or new job? What are your blind spots? What’s your ‘happy’ clutter and what makes you cringe? "

1. I successfully keep my hanging items in my closet organized and sorted AND I am always current with the laundry...washing when needed and putting away when done. Why? My SIL taught me those techniques when I was 18-19 years old and living with them while in college.
2. When we moved to a smaller house in Alaska, I put stuff in boxes and then work got busy. As I gained more physical weight I detached from alot of things and pretty much stopped trying. I hauled everything down to Colo. w/o going through stuff and put it all in the basement. I only recently started going through those items….most I have donated as they no longer apply to my current and future lifestyle.
3. My blind spots are similar to the "hotspots" that flylady describes….tops of dressers and desks, the corner of the dining room table and the counter next to the kitchen sink. I make an effort daily to keep those areas cleaned off.
4. My happy clutter is in my kitchen. I've found a way to incorporate a lot of beautiful items both above cabinets, on counter tops and hanging on the walls. What makes me cringe?? Unfinished paperwork.

So, what I stated above, now that I review it, is where I get my daily routine, my 1-2-3 dance. I keep my hotspots sorted (current clutter), continue to go through boxes (old clutter) and keep my chosen "things" and spaces (clean). As far as CBT is concerned, the longer I practice my "routine" the easier it gets. Yay!

How about you?

To answer - yeah, laundry & clothes are easy as is paying bills. Probably because I was on my own at an early age & was terrified I'd bounce a check. I guess I wonder why my bedroom is always tidy but my desk isn't. Like Lulu says - putting things where they belong.
My 'happy clutter' is also my kitchen - I'm cleaner than I am neat, so if I use a blender a lot, it is going to stay out conveniently on my counter: it may not look "clean" but it darn well is. I can't stand decorator photos of kitchens without so much as a knife out. I'd be afraid of messing it up & would never cook!! Like HelpingRachel said, family dinner is important.

Cringe - clothes on the floor, dirty bathrooms.

Blind spot - mail piling up (I no sooner get off of one mailing list than two more get my address) and packing/unpacking - I travel a lot but am usually beat when I get home.

I'm good at big sessions of cleaning & sorting & usu. don't have problems tossing stuff but not good at day to day. So I need to work at routines for everything.

helping rachel
03-19-2013, 10:31 PM
Mountain Mama, I relate to wanting to clean or have "big sessions" of cleaning. I am learning that it only takes X amount of time to get small projects done. Both ways work, thank goodness.

Thanks for sharing and asking the questions.

03-19-2013, 11:59 PM
Hello Declutterers

I'm away from home and managing to keep my shae of the stuio area clean enough and I cna find anything we need that I need to find and that is because I have been more mindful of keeping things together and getting rid of the clutter everyday of this residency. Alos, we are in a communal environment where we share the kitchen and the bathrooms. The bathrooms are not too bad cause we are all on different schedules, but the kitchen can be a traffic jam. Tonight 2 people were using all the burners on the stove so we retreated to our studio to eat cheese and bread and drink wine. Don't think this has happened everyday cause it hasn't! It was, however, awesome. the weather is not cooperating as it is cold and snowy and windy and this means I won't get a chance to paint the water from a spot on the beach. Oh well, I guess.

I'll be starting another decluttering challenge on the 21st. I will be back home and I am sure I will see all the tuigns I need to do with fresh eyes. I hope you can join me as we push on into summer.

Bye for now.

helping rachel
03-20-2013, 12:06 AM
OnebyOne: Wine, cheese and bread sounds lovely. I will be ready to join you on a new thread to push into summer. The crocus have sprung from the earth here. We are expecting more snow at the end of the week. Just a little tease that is making my heart long for sunshine and sitting on my big wrap around porch. Ready for the push as once summer comes I want to be outside as much as possible.

03-20-2013, 07:23 PM
I, too, look forward to continuing on here. I'm definitely looking forward to more time outdoors but during THIS challenge I believe I truly learned that I can keep ON TRACK pretty much every day no matter what else I wish to do. Thanks to all of you who hang here with me.

We traveled yesterday. I was tired last night but thought through the "plan" for our time here. The pup had a serious issue and needed an immediate bath and a home groom since he needs to visit his cardiologist soon. I bathed him last night so he'd be ready for a spiff up this morning. Done.

I went to the library and picked up several "fun" books so I'd be tempted to take some time off but washed my cutlery holder after lunch, anyway. It was full of crunchies I'd been staring at for awhile.

I'm going to keep my current clutter in check since we leave here Friday. I did notice at the pool this morning that I'd cleaned out my little locker the last time we were over.

Small things add up.

03-21-2013, 12:59 AM
Decluttering Friends

I say goodnight to you all on this First Day of Spring. N matter hw far you've come, if you are new here, or long time decluttering folks youa re welcome to join me tomorrow when we mve toward the summer. Thanks for being here. I did accomplish a few of my goals and more and more I refine and re-define what I want to live with. Thanks for that.