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01-01-2013, 07:58 PM
So...I've watched "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and the weight loss results were indeed impressive. But, I'm still not sure why the juicing thing is necessary. I understand why it works- it's very low-calorie. But I don't understand why it's better for hunger suppression or long-term results than just eating a balanced low-calorie diet for that long. I heard some talk at the beginning of the documentary about the importance of getting nutrients and not being able to eat that many veggies, seems like the nutrients in THAT MANY veggies would probably just get excreted. Also, where do you get fiber? I guess you could add fiber/psyillium husks or keep in some of the pulp? Also- what about salt? I'd be worried about not keeping a sodium/potassium balance with this kind of diet. I guess you could make some more savory juices and add some salt?

Please don't think I am being rude, I am very curious about this and kind of intrigued. I was thinking about borrowing my mom's juicer and giving it a whirl (no pun intended!). If anyone has had amazing results, I would love to hear about them and how you think it works!

01-06-2013, 03:38 AM
I don't know much about juicing. I have friends who have done the juicing diet. One friend in particular wanted to do it for 30 days, but now she just does a green smoothie in the morning for breakfast. The only complaint that I have heard is that you are constantly hungry due to the lack of fiber. I believe that juicing can be a part of a diet, but not drinking juice alone. You could also try the detox diet, it's more for cleansing and not necessarily weight loss. It's basically following the juicing diet for 7 days.

But yeah, like I said, interesting kind of strategy for diet, but I believe it's more for health than for weight loss; gathering the necessary nutrition your body needs that leads to weight loss.

01-06-2013, 10:19 PM
I do best on a high veggie/fruit, minimal amounts of lean protien and lots of beans type of 'diet' than I do any other eating lifestyle. I just use a blender and keep the fiber in. Alternatively, just scoop the fiber bits out of the screen and toss them back in the smoothie. I use veggie/fruit juices ALOT in place of snacks and to replace my old soda habit while driving in the car. I don't know if I could do a 30+ day juice fast without killing someone, but once a month or so I do a 3 day juice fast. More because I have a gluten intolerance and right around that time of the month, I really struggle to avoid gluten products. Sometimes, I fail and the fast helps get it out of my system.

I don't think juicing in and of itself is inherently, bad, so much as I think anybody who attempts to restrict something from their diet, long term, is set up for long term failure. I watched the movie, and it completely makes sense that we're 'starving to death' in our world of overabundance obesity. So many of us are lacking, seriously lacking in vital nutrients and our body constantly seeks them out and we reach for those foods that give our mouth the feel good feeling we get from fattier foods and stay hungry. Adding some raw fruits and veggies, for me, is the most successful thing I've ever done for my 'diet'.

01-08-2013, 11:30 AM
My idea is not to do a juice only diet or even to do a juce fast. I have a problem getting enough vegies in my diet. I want to be able to juice them and I would only have that once a day as a part of my overall diet.

01-12-2013, 06:00 AM
I think it's a load of crap and waste of money! It goes against basic healthy eating. I had a few coworkers that tried it. They lost a few pounds but ended up gaining it back. It is basic calorie depravation. Problem with this "diet" is that it is almost impossible to stick to it very long. You are better off eating healthy to incorporate it into a permanent lifestyle change that is reasonable.

Eat your fruits and veggies don't drink them!

01-12-2013, 08:30 AM
I don't think it'd be considered calorie depravation, considering you are eating between 1200-1500 calories per day if you follow the plan. Of course not everyone would follow the plan. I don't think it's necessary but if someone wants to try it, go for it. There is no miracle there but it might work to get someone on the path of eating more veggies (the plan includes more than juices).

01-14-2013, 09:48 AM
To be honest, I saw that movie about a year and a half ago and got all revved up and thought, "I too could just 'juice away' the pounds in a couple months!" A few weeks later, my boyfriend bought the nice juicer from my Amazon wishlist, and we made a plan to juice together.

We made juices for about a week, I've probably used it twice since, and it stays on the shelf as a regretable buy. Don't get me wrong, I think juicing is a great way to get nutrients...but unless you have a sizable kitchen (we don't) to keep it out all the time, it's kind of a pain and you have to plot out your juicing. I just wish there was an easier way to say, "I feel like a nice veg/fruit juice for breakfast" and just pop!...but no, toast and banana is easier. xD

01-14-2013, 10:03 AM
I think juicing is a great idea to start you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle ... I saw the film twice and would watch it again, I learn something new every time... Since the summer when I bought a Vitamix to make smoothies I have also started to juice with it... I use the blender and strain the pulp with mesh bag or a nut milk bag... I prepare my juices the night before takes maybe half an hour...

A green juice or smoothie is my breakfast and snack of choice now...I do intend to do a 3 day juice cleanse in the very near future, maybe even this week, starting today as I have no big plans for the next 3 days and I had a bad eating weekend and feel bloated...

Joe Cross after doing is 30 days of juicing went back to eating healthy and exercise...his 30 days showed him that all his health problems went away with good habits and encouraged him to continue on a healthy lifestyle journey...

01-15-2013, 05:27 PM
I saw Fat, Sick and nearly dead and it was very powerful. I don't think there is any problem with juicing except for the missing fiber from the stuff the juicers normally extract. My aunt has had a green juice for breakfast every morning of her life for as long as I have known her and she swears by it. She eats a sensible lunch and nicely portioned dinner and has kept a svelte shape her entire life with just moderate to no exercise besides the occassional walk in the park. I think to each his own. As for me, I agree with JudgeDread: Eat your fruits, don't drink them. Its much more fulfilling that way.

01-15-2013, 10:42 PM
Ive juiced before with good results but I wasnt doing it for weight loss I was doing it to reboot my health pump up on the vitamins/nutrients in my diet.
Mochalatte is right about the fiber BUT if you use a Vitamix like Ilene is but dont filter or strain the juice you are basically pureeing the bejeebies out of your fruits and veg and will get all the fiber I know some people who do this. So fiber doesnt need to be a problem. If your juicing regular style like I do then a dose of Benefiber twice a day is helpful. I didnt have any issues with constipation I had the opposite and I never used benefiber.
The thing is you really should juice VEG, make GREEN (or red if you use beets) juices with minimal fruit. If you juice primarily fruit your taking in a HUGE load of fructose and fructose if I remember right is converted by the liver very easily into fat instead of being used for energy. (Taubes says this). So IF you can do 2 veg juices and one veg/fruit juice a day and choke them down youll reboot your system. IF you do all fruit little veg then your overloading yourself with fructose and thats not so good in my opinion.
I felt great after juicing for 28 days. I didnt lose much but that wasnt the point for me. :)

06-30-2014, 04:04 AM
This is making for an interesting read.

I want to reboot / refresh my system - Ive been ill for about a year and my diet has suffered as I have issues with dizzyness and nausea so standing for any amount of time has made things hard and cooking very awkward.

Now Im feeling better Im considering going on a 10 day juice 'fast' but more to give my body the vitamin boost it needs.

07-19-2014, 12:17 AM
Hi, I'm on day two of a 60 day juice fast and it's going great. I prepped first by cutting out caffeine, wheat, sugar and so I feel pretty good. I used to eat lots of macro nutrients but I think I was starved for the micronutrients found in the juicing. Your body will turn to the excess fat stored and start to use it up. I have no thyroid function due to a brain tumour that injured my hypothalamus gland. 5 endocrinologists told me I would never lose the weight, but I'm down 11 pounds in the last ten days. I take some protein powder in my juice twice a day as well as coconut water for electrolyte balance. I also take a bit of sea salt in the V8 type juices. My doctor is following my blood work every 2 weeks. I think it might work for me.

07-19-2014, 12:53 AM
Mamabud, I'm so glad you've found something that works for you! Congratulations! It's awesome when we can defy the limitations our doctors sometimes set out. I wish you wonderful health.