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01-01-2013, 06:34 PM
I'm about 100 pounds overweight, weighing in at 229 and standing 62 inches tall. I can not find clothes for fat short girls that look decent, and I'm tired of looking like crap.

Top that off with the fact that I've been struggling with acne again, after dealing with horrible acne issues as a teen.

My hair on my head is thinning a lot, and I have started growing more facial hair. The hair on my arms is dark and thick, very noticable.

I'm tired of feeling ugly. I haven't been able to get the scale to budge, and then adding acne and hair issues in just makes me feel all around ugly and disgusting.

I am in need of advice, and maybe more so understanding. Am I alone in this?

01-01-2013, 06:47 PM
Have you been tested for PCOS? Sounds like your hormones are wonky. I'm soorry that you're having these troubles, that's hard to deal with. ((hug))

01-01-2013, 07:12 PM
Hairthinning happens sometimes with weightloss because of nutrition deficancy's...Prehaps get your levels checked out by a doctor or start taking a multivitamin(which is what I did)...
And I agree with Cattails about getting checked for PCOS...getting your hormones in check would pretty much solve most of those problems if it is PCOS
I'm not sure about clothes, since I'm 6 feet talll, but have you tried stores like lane bryant and fashionbug? Even goodwill if your strapped for cash usually has a few nice pieces in every size

I'm sorry your feeling like this :( Wish I could suggest more....

01-01-2013, 08:30 PM
hi I understand some of the things u are dealing with. I struggle with acne sometimes its basically like cystic acne but it makes me feel horrible my hair is starting to thin out to maybe do to medication. all this makes me feel really bad. Its really hard I try and not focus on these things but sometimes its hard trying to change thinking. I spend alot of time worrying about how i look when i was younger I was thin and did promotional modeling and was a personal trainer. Quite different from what I am today. I really like Maurices clothing they have plus sizes that are really cute. I shop there alot. Its my fav store. Good luck to you I kinda feel like your hard on yourself please remember how special and beautiful you are

01-02-2013, 04:40 PM
PCOS sounds like the culprit to me!

I have PCOS, and even if Im eating "healthy" by normal standards, it can still mess up my hormones. I also have experienced all of the unwanted hair that you are experiencing. PCOS makes that happen!

The only thing i have found works for me is to eat a high lean protein diet, and the only carbs I can have are fruits and veggies! No grains like oats or quinoa until im in maintenence, and stay away from flour and sugar! It has helped immensely! The tiny bit of facial hair I had is thinning out and dissappearing, my hair on my head is getting thicker, my arm hairs are thinning and lightening up, and my acne is gone! The trick with PCOS is that it really has to be a lifestyle change. I have known I have PCOS for years now, but Im only just now deciding to actually change things forever. I promise that if you go and get diagnosed, if you DO have pcos, that if you follow what they tell you to do then you will feel much better!

The great thing with pcos is that our bodies have a specific way they want us to eat, and when we eat that way-- BAM-- the weight just falls off. YOU CAN DO IT!!!