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12-31-2012, 05:53 PM
:celebrate:Hi Happy New Year & New You!
This thread is for anyone who is up for a change and a challenge.
No matter your plan and no matter the number of pounds you wish to lose.
Its about small changes that will add up to big results and commitment.
Here we will post at least weekly, but daily if you wish and help keep each other accountable to our goals. Here we will NOT sugar coat any response, we will tell you the truth and offer support. You set your goals and let us know how we can help. Please post weekly weigh in, for each goal met; you will recieve a stamp of encouragement. Each stamp will be different with different prase,etc. You can't Fail! You set your desired results and tell us how you plan to reach it. Then we will do the rest. What Have You Got to Lose??? I will start it off:
My New Years plan is simple: I need to lose 60 to 80lbs.
I will start a life style change and try for a 1 to 2 pound weekly loss. Each week I will add something new that will challenge me and help me meet my goal. I will give help where needed and except truthful words of encouragement and accountablity. Good Luck to Everyone! Please join in.